my hair looks weirdly blue here

Daughter of hades, son of zeus - part two

To scare me you have to be incredible stupid or very brave and by the look of it this Michael guy seems to be the first rather than the last.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t think he was hot, I mean Calum is a good looking guy but Michael he was definitely something else, there was just something different about him that I couldn’t figure out. But I had a bad feeling about him that told me to stay away from him and that is exactly what I’m planning on doing.

“Dude do you really have to do that every time” Calum laughed and fist bumped the red headed boy
“What can I say, I love my thunder ” Michael said with the most arrogant smile that I’ve possibly seen.

Michael looked at me like I was an unsolved puzzle “can I help you” I asked clearly annoyed
“Yeah.. No I was just wondering who you are, I’m usually good at guessing which god someone belongs to” he looked so confused.
“I don’t belong to anyone thank you but apparently my father is Hades”

He looked at me and bowed down “Daughter of Hades it’s a pleasure to meet you” he looked up with a mysterious smile that gave me the creeps.

“yeah well whatever. If you’ll excuse us, calum was just about to show me my cabin” I said coldly as I just wanted to get away from him “I can show you the way, I don’t think Calum would mind” he looked at Calum and by the look Calum gave me he felt just as uncomfortable as I did “ ye-yeah sure, no of course I don’t mind” Calum said and if I’m not mistaken he sounded a bit unsure and nervous, like he was actually scared of Michael.


“so daughter of Hades huh?” Michael asked and looked at me waiting for an answer but sadly for him he didn’t get one “so what’s with the blue hair?, oh but don’t get me wrong I like it” he chuckles softly

“look umh I don’t mean to be rude but can you just not talk about all this right now because i’m still trying to comprehend everything that is going on at the moment.” I said tired of hearing his voice. “oh if i’m bothering you that much i guess i shouldn’t say anything, would you prefer if I were quiet?” he asked, making a hurt expression that faded to a big grin.

“no I just… Ugh I’m just tired okay”
I mumble just loud enough for him to here it. ” hey I get it, I didn’t believe this bullshit either in the beginning” he said and this time he sounded somewhat more genuine “you never really get used to it” he continued
“The craziness, the power, the idea itself that Zeus is my father” he looked down at his feet and put his hands in his pockets.

“so you can create thunder?” I asked actually a bit curious about this boy “yeah, it makes me feel powerful” he said and the arrogant smile once again visible on his lips. “So can you please tell me about the blue hair now” he smiled and I sighed in defeat “I don’t really know why it’s blue, I just woke up one day and it was there” and to be honest that was the best explanation I could give him.


“Here we are, if you need me I live just over there” Michael said breaking the silence and laid his arm around my shoulder and pointed at a the cabin right next to mine, it looked somewhat cozy I guess, it was big but compared to mine it was nothing.

He left me standing there speechless, and I weirdly enough disliked the feeling of his absence.

Since I was a kid me and my mom moved around a lot, we never stayed at the same place for longer that 2-3 months maybe, I never really had a place to call home or friends but for the first time ever I felt like I belonged somewhere.

The porch was made of some type of dark wood and it looked like a big tree. branches climbing the walls and the railing. In the hall there was a big mirror the frame covered in gold leafs, I looked at myself, trying to find something more than just plain simple me, my curly dark blue hair was the only odd thing about me.

“okay y/n breathe, this is absolutely nuts but you can do this” I whispered to myself. I needed to find a bathroom so I could get rid of these muddy clothes.


When I finally found the bathroom and got undressed I almost cried of happiness when the hot water hit me.
All my worries disappeared, the craziness outside faded and everything felt okay.

I slowly made my way to my bed, longing for a good night sleep and the last thing I remember before closing my eyes was the sound of thunder


I woke up by the sound of glass shattering and some profanities, I looked at my phone and saw that It was literally in the middle of the night.

“Luke you are such an idiot” I heard someone say, the voice sounded so familiar and if I remember correctly Luke was son of Poseidon? But what is he doing here.

I sneaked downstairs to see what they were doing, when I got to the kitchen I saw two black figures. I turned on the light and realized why the voice sounded so familiar when I saw Calum and Luke.

“what on earth are you two shit heads doing in my kitchen in the middle of the night” I asked annoyed and tired, hugging myself.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Calum asked smiling. “we are kidnapping you” he continued and after that everything went dark and I woke up next to a big metal construction


“You are probably wondering how you got here, well my friend Theo here is a son of Hypnos in other words God of sleep”

That voice?

“And now you probably wonder why you’re here”

After my eyes got used to the darkness I saw him standing there, in a leather jacket, black skinny jeans and yeah of course the same stupid, arrogant smile like earlier today.


he continued and raised his pierced eyebrow “Andra here will explain for all of you. Listen carefully because she is only gonna say it once!” He pointed at a blonde girl, with some sort of mark on her left cheek.

“Okay listen up, you are all going to climb that metal construction to your left, or as we call it, the obstacle tower. There’s a ring up there, the first person to get to it can go back to sleep and we are going to be here until there’s only one left, and what happens to that person… Let’s just keep that as a surprise” This girl was good that I have to admit.

I looked around and noticed that all the kids from the bus was here, even Alex.

“I want to make this a little more interesting” Andra paused and gave us something that I would compare with the-evil-queen-in-every-Disney-movie smile.

“my father Erebus is the god of darkness and shadows maybe you have heard of him, let’s just say that I know a thing or two about darkness” as she said that a dark fog surrounded us and I felt like I’ve definitely had enough with this shit for today, and I was not staying for the show.


As I was half way back to my cabin I heard Michael shouting after me, I tried to walk faster but He was faster than me and eventually caught up. He grabbed my shoulder and made me turn around to face him

“Why did you leave” he asked and actually looked confused and a bit annoyed. I started to laugh and he started to look even more annoyed

“I don’t know about you but I do not enjoy being woken up in the middle of the night, getting kidnapped and I definitely do not like to be bossed around” i said coldly

“I’m sorry if I ruined your stupid fraternity game or whatever you want to call it but I’m not like you, I don’t believe any of this and I don’t know what I’m doing here” I said trying to not scream at him as he just stayed quiet and if I’m not wrong I think I saw a glimt of hurt in his eyes.

“Are you going to shut up now, are you done?” He asked me with a hint of frustration in his voice

That’s when I felt it, the burning sensation in my hands, I have only ever felt it once before and it didn’t end good.

Blue fire raising from my finger tips making its way up my arms like a snake.

typervoxilations  asked:

YO OKAY SO I HAD A THOUGHT but you know how MC has default appearances? I played mista trust fund kid's route with an original image, so here's a thing: RFA members + V reacting to meeting an MC on Jumin's route with white hair and blue eyes.

You have no idea how much I love this ask. I also played it with a Custom MC, and I honestly just fucking love this idea of my husband dating someone that looks like his fucking cat. -Admin Rina ;3c


  • HE is PISSED
  • He knew that the guy was weirdly in love with his cat
  • But come on???
  • This person is beautiful don’t get him wrong
  • But every time he sees them he can feel a sneezing fit coming on
  • He is suffering honestly
  • “Can you color your hair maybe?”
  • “Why would I want to color my hair? I like it the way that it is.”
  • Zen buys them colored contacts as a gift.
  • They never wear them
  • Zen may actually die


  • He thinks that it is endearing
  • He is really just happy that Jumin was comfortable with someone
  • He can see how happy they are together
  • And that makes him happy!
  • He doesn’t really care that they look like Elizabeth
  • He also just doesn’t understand the big deal everyone is making


  • She just doesn’t understand
  • Can this man not get enough of this cat?
  • Honestly she just wants Jumin to be happy
  • And they seem nice!
  • She is just hoping she will never have to baby sit them along with Elizabeth


  • This boy thinks it is the funniest thing in the world
  • Out of the billions of people that are in the world
  • He chooses the one person that looks like his fucking cat
  • “You know your a fucking furry right?”
  • “I’m a what?”
  • “A furry.”
  • But when he meets them he thinks they are SUPER FUCKING PRETTY
  • “Shit does this mean that I’m a furry too?”
  • He just sits there and thinks about if thinking they are pretty makes him a furry
  • He may never know


  • Honestly V isn’t too surprised that he is seeing someone that looks like Elizabeth
  • He is really happy for his best friend though!
  • Jumin has had issues with emotions ever since V has known him
  • So he is just happy he found someone to open up to!
  • He is just get a little frustrated when the person shakes his hand and says
  • “Hi! You can call me Lizzie!”
  • V now wishes that he was deft