my hair looks super cute today

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Okay so I went to Walmart today with my dad and little brothers to get groceries and to check out some video games. While my dad was getting food he sent me and the boys to look at the ps3 games they have. On the way to the game section, we walked past this girl and Oh. My. God. She was so pretty and cute and gorgeous and my god like that should be illegal. And she had on the coolest bomber jacket, and her hair was super long and pretty, and just wow man I am super bi (1/2)

And she was so pretty I just couldn’t help but stare. But then she looked up and saw me staring and i just internally started screaming “oh shit I have been caught!!!!!!!!!!!” But then she smiled at me???????? Like a genuine smile?????? And it was fekin beautiful. So me not trying to be an awkward gay I smiled back, and she stopped and said “I like your jeans” and let me tell you the jeans I was wearing weren’t anywhere near cute they were just your generic jeans (1.5/2)
So you know me being nice I said “thank you! I like your jacket (I meant her face but I couldn’t really say that)” and she said “awwww thank you!!!!!” And then somebody called her, and she told them that she’ll be there in a minute and she turned back to me and was like “hey uh this might seem weird but could I have your number? It’s okay if you know you don’t want to give it to me” and was like “holy shit!!!!!!!!!!” inside (1.75/2)

Anyways we traded numbers and she texted me like 5 minutes after and apologized if it was weird for her to do that and I was no it wasn’t and we talked for a bit and her name is Claire and wow I think I have a crush and I really hope she isn’t straight (I know she probably isn’t cause she asked me my number but still) but after she left I might like squealed and my little brothers looked at me like I was crazy lol (also this is okay to publish just so you know soz for it being wayyy long) (2/2)




The next week’s Friday morning, Alaina is dragging her feet as she picks something to wear. “Honey, we need to hurry,” I call out, slipping into my flats.

“I can’t find my shirt!” she shouts back.

I hurry down the hallway and peek my head into her room. “What?”

“My softest shirt!” she says, and I see clothes being thrown out of her closet at a rapid speed.

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Okay, okay, how about this one??? During high school, s/o has been best friend with a chocobro for a long time, and they have this big, BIG crush on s/o. However, s/o is ridiculously absent-minded to notice the chocobro is trying to flirt on them, get their attention, even the biggest try So... How would that situation be??? And how would the chocobro manage it??? PD. I'm so happy you like my requests!!!

(Sorry this took so long!)

Clueless (Gladiolus x Reader)

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The paper hearts were cut out and in place, and the roses were fresh and thornless. Everything was perfect. “No need to panic.” Gladiolus combed through this hair and cleared his throat as he fidgeted with his bowtie.

You had been asked by your long time friend Gladiolus to meet by the fountain in the front of the school you both attended;along with Ignis. You looked super cute today…..well you looked cute everyday but today especially. Your jeans hugged every one of your curves and you were feeling great. You continued to walk towards the fountain and you saw Gladiolus standing there looking rather nervous. “Hey Gladio what’s up?” You smiled and waved, he smiled back and rocked on his heels “Hey (Y/n) how ya been?” You beamed brightly.

“I’m fine, I was nearly late for third hour,” You rubbed your arm “And why is that?” You didn’t say anything “I got lost.” Gladiolus chuckled “Of course.” You lightly hit his arm, and he blushed. “Come here.” You motioned for him to lean down and you placed your hand on his forehead, “You okay? You feel….hot are you sick?” He muttered something and leaned back. “Yeah I’m fine…..I asked you to come here ‘cause I wanted to ask you somethin’.” Gladiolus rubbed his neck and didn’t look you in the eyes in fear of you completely enchanting him with your supreme cuteness and beauty. “What is it?” You rolled on your heels as you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “Well you see,” He chuckled “I wanted to ask if you’d go out with me.” Gladiolus whipped out a bouquet of red and white roses “Please?” You gasped and took the roses “Oh, Gladio of course……..I would love to grab lunch with you!” You tapped your chin “I have been wanting to ask you.” You began to ramble and Gladiolus sighed. You stopped and giggled, sniffing the roses “But you know….you didn’t have to do all this to ask me out to lunch silly.” Gladiolus’s shoulders slumped and he let out a long sigh, “I know.”

(Lol I guess this part is more of a headcanon)

-Dis buff boy would hate and worry about how absent minded you were

-Like he loves you but stop giving him heart attack’s 

-If you ever got hurt because of it…he’d have a mini panic attack

-He’d lecture you about staying safe and such

-Maybe give you some self-defense lessons (and a whistle)


My hair was the first thing to get done today, and it looked better than expected! Even though my zipper broke I managed to get into the dress and all was fine (and I was fine af). There was sparkling at the wreath-weaving supper! Featured also: my Napue G&T and my ambrosial tiramisu in its cocktail glass. Got home around midnight, looked cute dismantling the party look! Now off to sleep for a super long day tomorrow!


omg! tons of new followers..HEY GUYS ^_^ thank you for following me hehe here is a screen of my hyur…I got bored of my cat again and changed back today.  My cat is super cute but this one I made in my own image..

Heh, FFXIV is getting boring for me…I am looking forward to doing LIFE outside the computer.  Traveling, going to the beach, hiking, etc.

Oh! I did my hair today too…its much lighter ^_^  proper pics coming soon… <3 xoxo

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🔥- vent
um?? idk its really unfair that bad things only seem to happen to good people like my mum is really ill right now and its just not fair yknow?? like shes the sweetest and kindest person I know and still this happened to her and she’s terminal and I dont know what im going to do without her. shes the only person in my family who accepts me as trans and I just… god im crying now and im just a mess today I guess

🌚-talk about your crush OK I know I said I didnt really have a crush a few days ago and that I only had aesthetic crushes on people, but theres one person in my life whos super amazing and who I love talking to and is always there for me and just is so kind and generous and aaaggghhh im gay okay theyre really cute too like the way they look in the light?? amazing. the way their hair is?? spectacular. their taste in everything??? so good I love!!! I just sgjdfshdgsgdgdgdgdvbdvd ok thats done 🎉- post a selfie I cant add photos on mobile but ill reblog the one from a while ago just for u

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On the whole dressing babies thing, I put my son in a super nice, cute outfit today. A pair of jeans and a striped t shirt that I had JUST washed when we went on a walk earlier because I'm super judgmental about babies being naked outside//in public, but my son was sweating so bad I had to let him do the last half of our walk without his shirt. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I even had his stroller shade down and every Time I looked at him his hair was wetter and wetter so I just let him sit without a shirt lol

I wouldn’t expect that to help. But like I said, isolated incidents are excusable, my issue is with people who regularly don’t care to dress their kid.

Kinda related, I bought a little clip on stroller fan from amazon before a trip to AZ last summer and it helped immensely and was super cheap, if you go walking a lot that might be helpful lol.



Super pumped to get my @houseofalexzander  trans symbol shirt in the mail today! It’s so soft and cuddly I’m so happy 💕 (Her/Him pls)

(ft. my roommate’s grateful dead poster making me look cooler than I actually am)

Happy Dappy Birthday!!

This is your wanted special Choi Seung Hyun appreciation post for your birthday @ohseunghyuns especially made for you and my last present (just for today)!! I hope you had a great great day and this is especially for you~ It´s not complete BUT still hehe

Look at this innocent not yet grown up man…so cute right??

And he got older…

And now….I mean look at hat man!

(Up for a spontainious `hiking trip`? *super duper smirk*

Rockin´ every hair colour and every hair style ( so I will just appreciate the two most important ones)…


And not to forget:

AND!!! (Your really personal secret favourite)



He´s that kind of man  who could run a fashion show either in a suit…

…or in a pajama.

Actually he makes the airport to his own fashion show!

And his thighs tho!!!


And we don´t need to talk about his dick right? YA´LL KNOW.

*cough* And even his eyes…

…and even his eyelashes…

AND THOSE HANDS damn. (that pic I´m out.)

And those instagram selfies that are killing you again an again and again!

AND IN THE END: Never forget Puddi!

(His smile tho….)

To be continued.