my hair looks super cute today



Scenario: You’re a rising fashion/beauty YouTuber and decides to let your boyfriend to your voice over.  

Yoon Jisung

  • Alright so hi my name is (Y/N) and  I love makeup–not as much as my boyfriend Jisung though
  • “I have a bunch of palettes and they’re all the same but I like buying the same thing over and over to waste money” 
  • “This looks expensive but you see all this?? I only buy it because it’s cute and I use it once before throwing it into the drawer and never see it ever again” 

Ha Sungwoon

  • “Hi, everybody! Welcome back to another tutorial —sips some water and twirls hair.”
  • “Okay so we have two eyeliners–oh you’re going to shake it and.. okay just kidding you’re going to put it on your hand.. wait what?.”
  • “Now you’re going to contour the foundation around your nose and… right under the hairline with a fat paint brush and then use the beauty blender and basically punch right under your eye..” 
  • “Now I’m going to put on pink lipstick and think of my boyfriend as I do this because he’s very handsome and I love him a lot and I love pink.”

Hwang Minhyun

  • “Hey everyone. Welcome to my tutorial and this how I do my makeup.. so I’m just putting on a lot of face foundation and what is this other tube.. eye foundation? Okay it looks the same.
  • “Now we’re taking this brown shade and we’re going to put it onto my eye ball socket… and then we’re going to be really dangerous and go underneath— basically under my eye bags” 
  • “Touches brush oh man I should listen to my amazing boyfriend and actually clean my brushes before I stab my eye and get infected.”
  • “Uh here we have more powdering and contouring and now we’re going to brush the neck area, ear and more on the neck..” 

Ong Seongwu

  • It’s ONG MUA in the HOUUUUSE! Here to do (Y/N)’s voice over because I know you love hearing my voice more than hers.”
  • “MY LIPSTICK SNAPPED OFF? JK it’s under control guys”
  • “And here’s the finished ‘I LOOK LIKE A BURNT ORANGE’ LOOK! Just kidding she’s looking super fine… Not as fine as me though—”

Kim Jaehwan

  • “Okay, so first you’re going to grab your concealer and make a triangle and blend it with this stress ball okay so DAB DAB DAAAAB” 
  • Time to fill in my non-existent brows with this brown color gel.”
  • “Then you take some of this shiny stuff IDK what this is but going for that super 3D look” 

Kang Daniel

  • “What’s up everyone! Going to do a glam tutorial look for you all today so let’s get started!”
  • “Wow, I look cute. Super cute and I know it. Hair flips and more hair flips. Anyways, we’re taking this white cream and putting it all over the face because my skin is thirsty for moisture..
  • “You see Rooney in the back everyone? Why don’t we just focus on her instead. Rooney is more important right now.” 
  • “She’s putting on a lot of lipstick.. how does it not get onto my lips when she kisses me…”

Park Jihoon

  • “Hi everyone! This is Jihoon speaking and today I’m here to do (Y/N)’s voice over so shall we get started?”
  • “Okay so take this neutral color from the first palette and then put on this eye primer protein—i mean potion”  
  • “Then you’re going to blend it together and then color your eyeshadow with Steela?? Stilla??”
  • “You’re going to pat pat pat the skin and you can use anything that’s soft like this square looking sponge. 
  • “Now we’re going to open this other tube and draw some small dots and triangles—this looks like clown makeup.. sorry baby..”

Park Woojin

  • “H-Hello this is Park Woojin..” (whispers babe.. do I look awkward on camera?) 
  • “Why do girls say they’re going to “beat” their face with makeup..”
  • “Next you have to keep on rubbing your face until your hand gets tired and now onto eyeshadow..”
  • “We’re going to take this purple color and put it on the eyes.. like an upside down Nike sign” 
  • What is that? Baby powder? Then you have to put it under your eyes and chin. What is this even for…” 

Bae Jinyoung

  • “So I’m Jinyoung.. (Y’N)’s boyfriend and yeah..we’re going to dive right into the look.”
  • “Taking a clean brush, we’re going to take this light brown color and swirl it all over the eyelid.. and then we’re going to take another brown color.. the colors look the same..” 
  • “Grabbing this black crayon.. pencil… I’m going to put it onto my eyelashes.. have to draw inside the lines like a coloring book” 
  • “The eyes look really pretty.. super”
  • “Powder the tip of your nose and the mustache area and then you’re done! Oh just kidding not yet—

Lee Daehwi

  • “Hey what’s up everyone! This is (Y/N)’s boyfriend Daehwi and we’re going to go straight into this pretty look she has going on!” 
  • “Gotta make sure your lips aren’t dry and chapped so hydrate your lips, everyone.”
  • “So first we’re going to conceal everywhere that’s problematic.. like this pimple under her chin.. what is this… Tarte Shape Tape! ”
  •  “Now gotta make sure those brows are filled in because you know.. NO BROWS NO LIFE” 
  • Oh my god she’s so fire.. even more, fire if she actually did her make up this fast though. YES, I’M CALLING YOU OUT.” 

Lai Guanlin

  • “What’s up everyone. I’m Lai Guanlin and I was forced to do this video for my girlfriend… I love you, (Y/N).” 
  • “Looks like she’s going to put on a bunch of colors now. This bottle looks like nail polish though..
  • “Put some liquid thing onto this red egg ball and punch the makeup into your pores.. wow that’s a lot..”
  • “Why is she so extra.. okay so next you’re going to overline your lips. Want to make your lips bigger than they are because big lips are in..”
  • “And this is the final look..  Wow, my girlfriend is really attractive.. and here she is being extra again.” 
Finally back in civilization!

I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, high speed internet, and CABLE! Cable you guys. I haven’t had tv service in 10 years. It’s weird but nice to know I can watch football this fall without having to find a friend willing to take me in.

Today I have to have my picture taken for marketing stuff. I’m so not feeling that. My eyebrows are a mess, my hair needs cutting, and they’re making me wear a suit for this thing and hello I have man shoulders and no waist. So here I come looking like a refrigerator in a doctor costume. I’m sure that will bring me loads of patients. But I’m wearing a really cute summery dress today before switching to the suit and it has POCKETS.

In other news, two of my bestest friends have recently been recognized nationally for excellence in their subspecialty fields. I wish I wasn’t anonymous so I could post their pictures. I’m super proud to know them and work with them and I hope one day we can start a practice together like we’ve dreamed.

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Not a fuck anyone story. Today(8/16), a little girl and her mom came through my lane and the little girl got super excited over my hair(it's blue). She started asking all these questions like "What's you're name?" "How old are you?" "My name is ______ and I'm 4!" It was super cute to me. And then right before she and her mom leave she looks at me, smiles and goes "I'll miss you!". I'm not even a fan of kids but this made my day. :)

NCT 127 Reaction to thinking they hurt their soft s/o.


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“I, um, I’m so sorry,” Taeyong would be so upset with himself if he thought he had hurt you that I think his eyes with tear up without having a chance to really think about it. But he’d be too worried to touch you, scared he would make it worse. “Are you ok?” The moment you say you’re fine, he doesn’t need to worry, he would laugh a little bit and wipe his eyes and let you cuddle him. “I’m so silly.” He’d just keep laughing and cuddle into you, letting you comfort his shock.

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Love Letters (Peter Parker X Reader Soulmate!AU) P1

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Hey guys! This is for another writing challenge I entered. This one is for @theassetseyeliner  ‘s challenge! I was really excited to write this one! On to the story!


AU: Soulmate!AU where soulmates can see when the other is writing something on a body part. For example, if one of them writes a grocery list on their arm, the other will see on the same arm (and spot).

Prompt: “Your notes are really cute, but I swear that somebody will see them and then I’ll be super embarrassed.”

Summary: Sixteen-year-old Peter found his soulmate and now he’s really excited about it.

Words: 1.2k+

When [Name] first met her soulmate, she was a freshman in high school. She had grown up in a family who found their soulmates relatively early in life, so by the time she was twelve, most of her cousins and relatives had their soulmates.

Even though [Name] wanted to meet her soulmate, she also had a slight (very, very small amount of hatred) towards them. They always wrote little notes of what they needed to do on their arms (and sometimes, they wrote little math and science formulas). She hated that she had these notes scrawled onto her arms until her soulmate decided to wash them.

Every now and then, she would write on her arm and ask her soulmate if they could stop writing their notes whenever [Name] had a test the next day. Those were the only time the little notes stopped and on those days, [Name] really missed them.

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Okay so I went to Walmart today with my dad and little brothers to get groceries and to check out some video games. While my dad was getting food he sent me and the boys to look at the ps3 games they have. On the way to the game section, we walked past this girl and Oh. My. God. She was so pretty and cute and gorgeous and my god like that should be illegal. And she had on the coolest bomber jacket, and her hair was super long and pretty, and just wow man I am super bi (1/2)

And she was so pretty I just couldn’t help but stare. But then she looked up and saw me staring and i just internally started screaming “oh shit I have been caught!!!!!!!!!!!” But then she smiled at me???????? Like a genuine smile?????? And it was fekin beautiful. So me not trying to be an awkward gay I smiled back, and she stopped and said “I like your jeans” and let me tell you the jeans I was wearing weren’t anywhere near cute they were just your generic jeans (1.5/2)
So you know me being nice I said “thank you! I like your jacket (I meant her face but I couldn’t really say that)” and she said “awwww thank you!!!!!” And then somebody called her, and she told them that she’ll be there in a minute and she turned back to me and was like “hey uh this might seem weird but could I have your number? It’s okay if you know you don’t want to give it to me” and was like “holy shit!!!!!!!!!!” inside (1.75/2)

Anyways we traded numbers and she texted me like 5 minutes after and apologized if it was weird for her to do that and I was no it wasn’t and we talked for a bit and her name is Claire and wow I think I have a crush and I really hope she isn’t straight (I know she probably isn’t cause she asked me my number but still) but after she left I might like squealed and my little brothers looked at me like I was crazy lol (also this is okay to publish just so you know soz for it being wayyy long) (2/2)


Ok so, things I’ve learned today

1. Human Lapis dyes her hair blue (and rocks that skirt with pockets like a champ). She’s also more busty than I would have imagined (not that… I’m looking or anything)

2. Human Jasper is blonde/ red headed (with those cute freckles omg). I wish there were a bit more sketches of her but I am super satisfied with this dnnfnddj

3. Looks like there was/is a love triangle scene between the three. That bottom row almost looks like what their thinking about, with Peridot and Lapis cuddling/almost kissing. Is Jasper worried about Peridot making a move? Did she already make a move?? That’s just what I see anyway.

4. No, it’s not exactly canon; HOWEVER, it’s clear indication that Rebecca would support some form of romantic relationship between lapis and peridot. This was before lapidot shipping became a thing, so it’s not like she was pressured or anything. I just wonder what kind of personal drawing exercise this was for, and will it in some way translate to the canon? (If it was 2014, weren’t they creating or finishing up season 3 around then? I wonder what she has in store for these three…)

6. Rebecca has slayed me and I’ve ascended. Do not sent for help

College Professor’s Gassy Shit

Most of the professor’s would use the bathrooms in their office building, but occassionally, I would see one taking a piss. Before my 8am government class, I would normally need to shit and would make sure I got there early. At that time of the day, no one was ever there and I was always alone. Today however, I heard someone come in around 7:45am and hastily take the stall next to me. 

When I saw his shoes and his bag, I realized it was my super cute 8am professor. He was in his early 30s, brown hair, glasses, and looked like he was a runner type. He gave the seat a quick wipedown and dropped his dress pants to the floor. He sat down and I heard a loud fart immediately. He crackled a little, then some silence. 

I could hear him rubbing his stomach and then suddenly, 3 or 4 more blasts shot out of him, echoing throughout the room. He sighed with relief as some more gas slowly seeped out of him. He must have been in severe pain with this much gas pouring out of him. After 5 mins of endless gas, he wiped up and left. 



The next week’s Friday morning, Alaina is dragging her feet as she picks something to wear. “Honey, we need to hurry,” I call out, slipping into my flats.

“I can’t find my shirt!” she shouts back.

I hurry down the hallway and peek my head into her room. “What?”

“My softest shirt!” she says, and I see clothes being thrown out of her closet at a rapid speed.

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hi mama today somebody said they liked my name n i thought tht was really nice ! do u know any nice things can i do 4 others to make thm feel good like that,m ?

Hello my little one!! That was very very nice of them! I’ll try to think of some nice things for you!

💛 Smile/wave at someone

💛 Open the door for someone

💛 Compliment someone’s appearance (I like your hair, I like your makeup, You look nice today)

💛 Compliment someone’s blog (This is my favorite blog, your blog is super cute)

💛 Send someone a message asking about their day

💛 Send nice anons (How are you?, You’re so cute, your name is super cute)

💛 Compliment someone’s style (I like your art, I love your shirt, I love the same music as you)

💛 Draw something for someone

💛 Tag someone in something cute

💛 Invite someone to be friends with you

💛 Write something positive that others will see

💛 Offer to help someone if you see them struggling (Applies to online as well, like if they’re venting or upset, or receiving a lot of hate)

💛 Be kind and respectful in general (Say please and thank you, respect people’s feelings, don’t send mean things)

These are just a few things I could think of!! I hope they help you some, dear!! 🌟