my hair looks super cute today

skaihefamarcus  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

awww it’s so sweet to think of me for this! I feel like I should limit this to kabby fic for this blog, since I also have some other totally unrelated fandom stuff so I guess:

5) ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’  Look, I’m gonna be honest with you, I mainly wrote this fic just so I could use that title pun. It’s super fluffy and I don’t even care because Abby’s braid was cute and we all know it <3

4) ‘Kom Skaikru’ This is probably the least popular of my fics, but I really like it because it gives me a chance to work in a bunch of headcanons I have for between seasons 2 and 3 (like…does Abby ever find out about Marcus’ attempt to sacrifice his life in the Grounder cell? Do either of them ever miss life on the Ark? What do the Grounders think of Abby as leader of Skaikru?) as well as some sneaky pre-show headcanons (Why did Marcus include Clarke in the charges against Jake? Why wasn’t he at the execution?) It’s sort of on hiatus at the mo but I’d really like to go back to it at some point…

3) ‘Ghosts’ is only a short and very AU fic, but I love it because I am a SUCKER for angst and also it was super easy to write because it’s mostly just dialogue and that’s always the easiest thing to write for me

2) ‘Everyone Can See It’ because it’s challenging but really fun to write each new chapter from a different perspective and it plays on one of my favourite tropes, which is seeing how other characters view an OTP relationship from the outside ^^ I have looadddsss more chapters of this planned if I ever get time to write ‘em

1) ‘A Flower In Autumn’ aka my ridiculous melodramatic Regency!AU kabby fic that I did not for a moment think anyone would be interested in reading and it turns out I was 100% wrong about that. Really, was it ever gonna be anything else? I don’t necessarily think this fic is my best writing, but it’s the biggest project I’ve ever committed to and I’m pretty proud of myself for how far I’ve gotten. I think the reason I like it so much is just because a whole bunch of other people seem to really like it, and that’s what writing fanfic is all about in the end, isn’t it? I’m working on the second half as we speak (I mean the word document is literally open on my desktop right now lol) and I hope to have it done by the end of season four, and I’m super excited to see what people think :):):)

good things 3/23
-woke up early!
-someone said i deserved to be proud omg
-sent out emails! got an advising hold removed!
-redid my resume (yay! it looks nice!)
-started a cover letter for an internship
-got asked where i got them multiple times
-saw a dog!!! and saw it later w a cute sweater!!
-talked to my group members in ist
-had a nice conversation abt living situations
-i wore a cute outfit!
-my hair was super wavy today!
-makeup a++
-ate a donut
-talked to my prof abt my paper!
-have friends some donuts!
-play some good music
-walked home w kt
-made some real food tonight lol
-felt v focused today wow

I want to continue my bleaching process but I dont want to mess up my hair permanently.
like my hair is super limp now so my curls dont curl like they used to but I can still get them to look pretty with different products.
Every time I’ve bleached my hair I can usually get my hair to look like normal in between bleaching stages but im like “what if this is the time that it just goes totally straight?!”
the products that I usually use are too heavy now so I have to use lightweight mousse and a tiny bit of gel and its not as curly but its still cute.
but today my hair looks like shit because I did a protein treatment last night and I honestly think that it made my hair straighter because this also happened the last tome I did one but I also don’t have the products that I need for my hair. I mean it doesnt look awful I guess but compared to how my hair was it definitely does.


Super pumped to get my @houseofalexzander  trans symbol shirt in the mail today! It’s so soft and cuddly I’m so happy 💕 (Her/Him pls)

(ft. my roommate’s grateful dead poster making me look cooler than I actually am)


hello i made a thing

Cazy’s Destiny hairstyle for females in the colors above, all are binned except for the white -timebomb- which is also the colors for elders.

Look at the cute ringlets, i’ve always liked those…but my hair won’t stay curly no matter what sigh

mesh is included and works for all ages :3 

Credits: Pooklet/Furbyq/Io/Digitalangels/Lilith (colors and textures), Cazy (mesh). me (very tiny alpha editing to remove extra wisps)


My eyes look super green today. 😊