my hair looks ombre in this what

hey guys I’m supposed to be doing some pre calc hw rn but i got this idea so uh yeah here goes

basically these are my headcannons for what the sides might look like in a human AU (meaning they aren’t a part of Thomas and therefore don’t look like him) as well as some headcannons abt this au so:


-He has naturally dark brown hair but dyes it constantly. The usual color is a fiery red to orange ombre but he does other things occasionally (every year he dyes it a full rainbow for pride month)

-He has hazel eyes that shine with confidence and adventure 

-He is the second tallest, at 6′

-He wears bold, warm colors and always has some form of jewelry on which is (usually) gold

-He has one hell of a jawline

-His lips naturally curl up into a half-smile 

-He’s hella good at makeup so he wears it all the time

-He works out a lot so his arms are amazing

-Also his abs oh lord

-Fashion guru so he ofc only wears the best clothes

-Always gets in fights defending other ppl (usually Virge or Lo) so he’s constantly covered in bruises and scrapes


-The definition of adorable

-He has soft brown hair with sun-bleached blond streaks in it

-He is covered in freckles but mostly on his face, arms, and shoulders

-He has big, warm brown eyes with flecks of gold in them

-He wears bright colors and soft colors, sometimes combining them, sometimes just one or the other

-His glasses are bright blue with accents of white

-His smile could melt the heart of a snowman

-He’s 5′9″

-Makes friends with everyone he meets bc he just looks and acts so friendly and sweet

-Fights ppl who are rude to the other 2 w/ Ro so he also has bruises

-Has more bruises than Roman tho bc he’s clumsy and constantly tripping/falling


-His eyes normally look dark brown but if the light hits them correctly you can see little flecks of green, gold, and sometimes blue

-He has dark brown hair that is always neat and tidy and slicked back

-His glasses are basically the same as the ones from the vids, except with dark blue lines on the sides

-He’s 6′1″ (the tallest)

-He enjoys calling Ro “shorty” just to watch him get upset (”IT IS 1 INCH, LOGAN! ONE! INCH!”)

-Wears dark blues and greens and other cool colors along with black

-Most of his shirts are polos

-Owns 60000000 ties bc he always wears one

-His arms are (unintentionally) ripped bc he carries around such huge books (and also Pat and Virge whenever they don’t feel like walking and whine about it enough to convince him)

-Resting Bitch Face™

-Covers the lower half of his face when he smiles so no one actually knows what his smile looks like bc the habit is so ingrained in him

-Constantly has scruff/5 o’clock shadow no matter how often he shaves


-His natural hair is somewhere between brown and red

-He keeps it constantly dyed jet black tho (sometimes he adds a couple purple streaks to his bangs) bc he thinks it makes him look Edgy™

-His eyes are dark brown and deep set and constantly have bags under them bc he never sleeps

-He is the palest person ever 

-He wears black earrings 

-All he wears is band t shirts and black jeans

-And his hoodie ofc

-His lips are chapped and have permanent bite marks on them from how much he bites them

-He keeps his nails super shorts so he cant chew on them

-Always has sweater paws

-The only shoes he ever wears are some super old, beat-up, black Converse high tops with doodles all over them in gold/silver sharpie

-He keeps his bangs longer than the rest of his hair so he can hide his face when necessary 

-Constant death glare

-He wears makeup

-The makeup originally started as just some foundation/concealer to hide his acne but now the minimum is foundation/black eyeliner/mascara/slight contour and highlight

-He is smol (5′5 ½ ″)

-He has dimples

-The others didn’t know he had dimples for months because he wasn’t comfortable enough around them to smile

General Random Headcannons:

-Virgil and Logan both get bullied quite a bit in school but the other two will always defend them

-If anyone else calls Virgil “Virge” besides the other three, they better run. Fast.

-All the others use Virgil as an arm rest

-Virgil and Patton know just the right voice to use when complaining to get Logan annoyed enough to do something

-Roman can’t grow facial hair so whenever Logan complains about having to shave all the time he’ll just glare at him until he stops

-Roman was the one who got Virgil into makeup by constantly making him watch youtube makeup artists

-Patton doesn’t mind being called short, he’s aware of his height and he knows it’s all in good fun

-Virgil, on the other hand, hates being called short. He will kill you

-Logan has been a coffee addict since he was 15

-Logan got Virgil obsessed with coffee

-Roman and Logan argue about whether coffee or tea is better

-During the above mentioned arguments, Patton will randomly interject with comments about hot cocoa

Some of these headcannons are just general headcannons I have about the Sides, not limited to this AU, but I put them here anyway

Anygay, those are my headcannons for a Human Sanders Sides AU. If I ever post a Human AU fic, this is how I’m picturing them when i write it.

If someone with some actual artistic talent could draw these I’d be eternally grateful

S/O dying their hair

*high key wants purple so bad*


It was an average day when you got home.You had your hair hidden in a beanie though and hoped Jin wouldn’t notice. You went and got changed, making sure Jin was no where to be seen as you let your freshly dyed hair down. Your once black locks were now a light brown, almost blonde color.

You heard a gasp and turned around, coming face to face with an amazed Jin. “I love it! It suits you so well.” he said, rushing over to play with it. He smiled as he ran his fingers through it. “It really makes your eyes pop!”

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You tapped Suga slightly to wake him up, wanting to show off your freshly mint dyed hair. “Hey there.” Suga opened his eyes half way to look at you before yelling and falling out of bed. 

“Who the hell ar- oh. It’s just you.” A sleepy Suga said. He sighed and rested his head on the bed. “I though someone had broken in. I like the hair by the way.”

You laughed at his reaction and helped him up before pulling him back under the colors. “My appointment to get these done happened way to early. Let’s sleep some more.”

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“Do you think I could pull off colorful hair? Maybe like the black color you had?” you asked one day. Hobi looked over at you and your red hair before he squinted his eyes.

“I could see it. It’d probably look nice. Maybe a little lighter though.” You though for a little bit and nodded. The next day, jaws dropped as you walked into the practice studio. You had taken his advise on the lighter color and you looked bad-ass with your new hair.

Hobi watched you closely and smiled before running over to you and giving you a hug. “I knew it would look nice.”

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Rap Monster

Rap Monster sighed as he waited for you. The two of you had agreed to meet at the mall 5 minutes ago, and you were late. He texted you one more time.

Where you at Jagi? He got a response a few seconds later when he felt someone jump onto his back. He stumbled slightly before turning around to nag you, but stopped when he noticed your now purple hair.

“Purple?” he asked, taking some in his hand. “Damn. You look gorgeous with it.”

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You sighed at your boring hair and Jimin seemed to notice.”What’s wrong?” You told him about how you wish you could do something different, but you didn’t want a chance of ruining your hair.He thought for a moment before suggesting a new idea.”What about ombreing it to pink at the end? You know the pink I had.You would look good like that.”

You took the idea into consideration before making an appointment for the next day. You smiled as you sat down next to him. “If I don’t like it, I’m cutting all my hair off.”

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V was getting his hair dyed for the comeback, so you decided to go with him and do the same. Only, he had no idea what color you were getting. After several hours, you finally emerged out of the hair salon with your now blond, almost white hair.

When V caught sight of you, he almost choked on his food. “If I had known you’d look this good, I would have asked you to dye your hair a long time ago.”

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(this is his rumored hair color for this upcoming comeback)

You decided to go a little crazy with your hair. You walked in the door with your hair on a high bun, showing off your new blue undercut. You’d always wanted something a little adventurous,and now you had done it. 

You were walking through the kitchen when Jungkook noticed. The other boys were over and he trailed off from his sentence, staring at you.”Y/n? I kinda love your hair. It looks so nice.”

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Another body pic I guess.

My tummy is what I hate the most. I can live with my legs and I actually don’t mind them most of the time, but never my tummy. There are looks I wish I could pull off but I can’t because of it. I’ve tried exercising but it made me sad and I lost my motivation and I don’t even like most healthy foods do I don’t know what to do.

Tangled Up In Blue (Hair)

Title: Tangled Up In Blue (Hair)

Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Rating: PG (only some swearing from Dan)

Word Count: ~3500

Summary: Fic based on this prompt:

If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored like a rainbow and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck.

(Didn’t do rainbow hair though, just blue.)

(Read on AO3)

A/N: This is not beta read, so sorry if there are any mistakes. (Title from the Bob Dylan song Tangled Up In Blue, though it doesn’t really relate to the fic (just thought it fit as a title). Also I’m a photoshop n00b so sorry for the crappy hair edits.)

The first time it happened was when Dan was eight. At that age he only knew of one other person that it had happened to before, she had been lucky though as her hair colour had changed to a sensible colour, he however hadn’t been so lucky. One day he had woken up with bright yellow hair! His parents had gasped when he walked into the kitchen that morning.

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(tw)intuition part 1


WARNINGS: language/slight sexual intentions!

A/N: This was requested on here and I instantly fell in love with the idea. I will be uploading a part two literally as soon as I write it. Hope you like it anon!

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Harry/Carlos anon - nothing specific, there just isn't enough of this pairing out there yet! ^^

Note: sorry for my grammatical mistakes i was and am really tired to fix any mistakes! thank you for your understanding!. 

Have you ever tried to sleep but there is a thought in the back of your head that keeps you awake? Making you mad for not reacting?.

Yeah that was Carlos now.

He was laying on his bed looking at the ceiling with drawings of the royals of every kingdom that made up Auradon.

‘There is no royal couple of the same sex’ the ombre haired male thought, what if in the ceiling in all the history of auradon it could be him and a certain pirate memorized as the first couple.


He commanded his mind.

He and harry could never become, he was the exact opposite of what Carlos represented.

Harry is a lunatic,occasionally mean,is uma’s right hand,steals from kids and is an un shameful womanizer.

But there was something that made carlos curious about him like that night when they went back to the isle of the lost to bring mal back.


They waited long for mal to come back it came to a point that it made carlos worry sickly bringing terrible thoughts to his mind.

Ignoring evie’s and jay’s warnings about going to uma’s restaurant to find mal would be a bad decision,he went out to the dirty streets of the isle.

To his bad or good luck a certain someone waited for him a few blocks before uma’s restaurant dragging him to a dark alley.

‘‘So i see ye still have the guts to walk undisturbed through the isle even though half of the population here hates yer crew’‘.

The voice was familiar, that scottish accent could only belong.

‘‘Harry..’’ carlos breathed for a minute feeling shocked

‘‘who did ye expected santa!?’‘ harry chuckled.

Carlos rolled his eyes on harry’s cold joke and decided to ignore it.

‘‘Why aren’t you with your ‘Queen’ uma? it’s not usual for a dog to not be with his owner’‘ Carlos sassed.

Harry’s crazy eye shined and his smuggy smirk disappeared.

‘‘Don’t disrespect me or my queen ye traitor’‘ he pulled his hook close to  the shorter’s male neck ‘‘ but i was send out to keep you or any of the other scumbags of yers away from disturbing the bussiness.’‘

‘‘But’‘ harry spoke again before carlos could response ‘‘ dont worry yer friend won’t be harmed yet, i would be worried about ye though’’.

Carlos looked around to find a way to escape he knew harry was a lunatic that could harm people in any possible way.


‘another but?that guy loves buts’ carlos thought.

‘‘i don’t harm people that im interested in’‘

what did he meant? ‘interested’? in what way harry could be interested in carlos?.

‘‘What do you mean?’‘ he asked not sure if he was ready for the response.

‘‘Well this’‘ harry said and smacked their lips togethers making carlos dumbfounded.

The poor ombre haired boy didn’t knew how to react, he was so confused, his consciousness said rightaway to pull away but his body couldn’t pull away.

Harry’s lips were chopped and hot while his mouth had a taste of alcohol and smoke not the best mixture but not the one to whine about.

The taller one broke the kiss to see the shorter one trying to catch his breath, he smirked and remarked ‘’ ye are a good kisser, i was right.’’

‘‘you can always come back for more’‘ harry winked and left.

Carlos was standing there shocked trying to refresh the whole situation to his mind  before rushing back to the others.

-end of flashback-

Carlos touched his lips that were in need for harry’s lips before a pillow landed on his face.

‘‘close the fucking light already’‘ jay groaned and pulled his head under the covers.

‘‘Fine fine next time be nicer’‘ carlos mocked and closed the light.

Tommorow would be a good day for a little alone trip to the isle of the lost.

Crazy hair coloring tips

Just thought I’d give some advice for anyone who’s dyeing their hair with semi-permanent dyes like Splat’s crazy pinks, purples, blues, greens, etc.

1. Bleach your hair as light as possible first unless you have really white blond hair to begin with. You’ll get much more vivid color.

2. After you’ve washed out the bleach (or just washed your hair, if you aren’t bleaching), do not apply conditioner. Conditioner coats your hair and will prevent the dye from soaking in as well. Also, you’ll need to blow dry your hair, because it needs to be bone dry when you apply the dye.

3. If you want the colors more pastel than what comes out of the box, mix the dye with some white conditioner until you get the color you want.

4. When you’re applying the dye, make sure you really saturate your hair from root to tip. Rub the dye in thoroughly with your fingers (in plastic gloves, of course) to make sure every strand is fully coated.

5. If you’re doing multiple colors, wrap the lighter color strands in foil so they won’t get adulterated by the darker colors. You can bend the foil or roll it up so it keeps that strand out of your way while you continue to work.

6. Leave the dye on for way longer than the package suggests. I always stick it all under a shower cap to keep it out of my way and just leave it on for about 6 hours. (This is why dyeing my hair is an all-day project.)

7. When you’re ready to rinse out the dye, use water as cold as you can stand. The colder the water, the better the dye will stay in your hair. I always condition my hair at this stage, but if your hair doesn’t tangle too badly you might be able to avoid that, which would be better. The package says to rinse your hair until the water runs clear, but in my experience that’s a joke. I’ve never gotten the water to run clear on the first rinse, no matter how long I stayed under the water. I just got it to run somewhat clearer than the first gush of extreme color and then gave up and dried my hair with a dark towel. The water doesn’t ever run clear the first 10 times I wash it or so.

8. When rinsing out the dye this first time, leave yourself considerable time and energy for cleaning the tub and shower afterward. It might look a bit like a murder scene, with arterial sprays of dye everywhere, and that dye will stain your tub/tiles semi-permanently if you don’t clean it off fairly promptly.

9. Splat dyes (the only ones with which I’m familiar) will stain your skin (especially your forehead, ears, neck, etc.). But make-up remover will pretty much take it all off if you scrub persistently enough. And I use masking tape to try to cover as much of my hairline as possible to minimize this kind of staining.

10. To help the color last as long as possible, A) use shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair, B) wash your hair as rarely as possible (dry shampoo can come in handy to help with this, as it doesn’t affect the color—I use “Perfect Hair Day” from Living Proof, and I highly recommend it), and C) only ever wash your hair with the coldest water you can stand. The warmer the water, the more color will rinse away. In my experience, this makes a huge difference over time.

11. Only use dark towels to dry your hair when you wash it, and only sleep on dark pillow cases, because the color will rub off and stain your linens.

Keep reading if you want to see some photos illustrating my experiments and showing how the color fades with various methods of treatment.

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Pictures of the summer part 3

This summer I started working out and I started to love my body. I got to the point where I don’t care what other people think, cause I just love how I look and how I feel and I realized that that is the key.

Make yourself happy and accept yourself as you are. 💗

The reversed Cinderella

BTS werewolf AU

Part1/Part2 /Part3 /Part 4 / Part 5/Part 6/ Part 7/Part 8/Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11

A/N :Hello guys this is the second part of the “The reversed Cinderella” scenario.This part is mainly you talking and getting to know all the females in the house. I hope you like it. If you want to request another member please send me an Ask or a Request ,I will gladly write it. Sorry for any mistakes made.😊😉

Word count: 3,415

Warnings: Bad language at times.

 You tried to stay as calm as possible in a situation like this one. Ok Y/N think.Who are these people? you looked around judging the atmosphere  What do they want with me. you sighed to yourself  Well it’s not like I can ask them. 

  They were really beautiful almost mesmerizing ,yet a bit terrifying like Hoseok was the first time you saw him. 

“Why don’t you shut the fuck up Taehyung.”said Hoseok pulling the shirt of the pink haired boy 

“Let’s not start here hyung.”said Taehyung to Hoseok

“Oppa please stop !”yelled a girl 

“Listen to Genni hyung.”

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Signature Style: Teyana Taylor

The 90’s tomboy style has really been making a comeback in the last year and I must admit I’m loving it. I also must admit that Teyana Taylor has been rocking this look the best since bringing it back in 2007.

I have always loved the way Teyana Taylor dressed since seeing her on the hit MTV show “Super Sixteen”. Modeling after the style icons of the 90’s such as TLC and Aaliyah, Teyana Taylor rocks a sweet but street style giving you sporty, tomboy chic with a mixture of feminine trends. She also have her days when she is totally girlie which is LOVE! With a body like hers, she can practically rock anything and it would look great.  And seeing how much her style evolve in 2014, Teyana Taylor may be my new fashion favorite!

What do you think of Teyana Taylor style?

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I dyed my hair pink and I'm so so so happy!!

oooh that’s so fun, anonnie!! my hair is pink, too~ well, half pink. the top is brown and the bottom is pink, it’s an ombre! 💕

why don’t you submit a picture so we can all see? :3

baby bears, what does your hair look like? 💫

- mod euphie

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May I ask if you could to talk about how to do cell shading? I honestly don't know how to do with it

I think the first thing to learn is what cell shading is.

Don’t mind me as I use my older male Kana as an example; that’s what I was working on when I received this ask. Also don’t mind the layer names; when I haven’t finalized things, I don’t name things seriously.

Take a look at the top of the hair. See that shading?

This type of shading is called, “cell shading.” Or at least that’s what artists I’ve seen call it; I dropped out grade ten art due to my teacher because it was not mandatory in my program no it was because of my teacher

The shading below here, now, is called, “soft shading.”

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Luis’ (aka muji-milk) Art Tips!

i often get asked for tips on watercolour painting and portraiture drawing and things so i decided to make one pretty extensive advice post :^) hope this helps, and it will be tagged ‘art tips’ if you need to find it again. you can ask me if there’s something else you don’t find on here/to elaborate on something if you need!

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@leahlillith – nevaeh [hair retexture]

the UV map makes the recolor look off for some of my ombres, and the back of the buns don’t work but… well, i did what i could. i still really love this hair though, so i’m very happy to have it recolored! (*´꒳`*)

– 60 swatches –

for my tou, go here

– custom thumbnail [standalone]

– mesh not included [you can find it here] you need it to see my recolor –

through here for all my s4 recolors

tag me if you use!


thanks to all cc creators!  @pralinesims @annamsblue

––– links not working? try right-clicking and opening in a new tab!

~ and have fun ~

{•̴͈ ˔̇ •̴͈}

So I went to the salon today to try and get my hair back to what it used to be before bleaching it. I went for a chestnut brown with a sort of ombre thing at the ends. It was a lengthy process and my hairdresser and I went and got coffee during. That was funny, running down 5th avenue with my hair in a towel, wearing a smock. Got some funny looks. But it’s done and I like it. Thoughts?

Dreaming about a Reality

“Are you ready?”
I looked up to see Shane staring at me, his eyes filled with excitement and a grin you couldn’t even slap off his face. Looking at me as though these are the last hours we have to breathe and this was our last shot to go out with a bang.
“Yeah!” I said with fake excitement and a forced smile, but even I could still hear my voice shake. I haven’t been able to sleep a wink the past two nights. Hoping that when the reality of this moment finally set in my sleep deprivation would hit me like a bunch of bricks so Shane and everyone else would notice early enough to not make me go on. But it was though all the blood in body was replaced with caffeine and espresso shots, I felt as though I could run around the block about thirty times and then another thirty more. My mind was on high alert, noticing every little detail within feet of me and my focus too high strung. Recollecting the second we walked through the door and I noticed he was here. Sitting in the middle of the crowd with his friends… and her. His new prized girlfriend, or side piece, or slam piece, whoever she was he paraded her around as though she was the greatest thing to walk this earth. That’s who he was though. If you were going to be affiliated with him you needed to benefit his image. In shorter terms you were an accessory. Everything you did had to be perfect. Everywhere you went you had to look perfect. Because there was no Mr.Perfect without Mrs.Perfect. After a while it seems so “perfect” you actually convince yourself it is. Until of course you wake up and realize that “perfect fantasy” is actually a living fucking nightmare. The fake imitation starts to fade and all the lies hit you like a speed train, sending you into a total loss of identity, confusion, and sadness. When people tell you theres no such thing as perfect, head their words, because they are completely right.
“We’re all set up Leighton, they’re announcing us now”
All of the sudden my heart dropped and my feet were tied to the floor. What am I doing? Why would I ever think I could do this? Is it too late to run? It was too late.
“And next we have Leighton Masters and Bringing Back Today!”
Shit. Why was my name separate? Oh yeah that’s right I was the idiot that volunteered myself to tryout for this stupid spot and of course I got it. I didn’t even think I was that good. I did Chorus in high school and a few Acapella performances but it was either that or drama, never have I thought years later I would chose to throw myself on stage to have a crowd nitpick at my no experience entertainer skills. They’re going to rip me apart…
Luckily Rae helped me look the part. My confidently edgy, smart mouthed, vicious, beautiful best friend turning me into one of her pinterest masterpieces. Dark black skinny jeans with rips and holes down the front, black and maroon combat boots folded down around my mid-calf, a bright magenta sleeveless halter with the classic black leather jacket over top. My hair was lightly curled towards the ends in order to compliment the new dark to platinum ombre on the freshly chopped shoulder length hair. Who knew how much of a difference 10 inches can make you look. I was the complete alternative rocker. Only thing missing…the fact I was nowhere near in personality or in spirit a rocker chick. When I started to walk towards the mic the faces looking back at me gave a reassuring look. My style must of convinced them that I knew what I was doing, and they were ready for a show. And oh a show it was going to be…
I kept walking slowly towards the mic, looking down at the floor praying at this moment that the world would spontaneously combust, or just me. Unfortunately neither happened. When I reached the front of the stage I put my hands on the stand and looked up at the crowd. Of course the first pair of eyes I lock with are his. It was such a confused stare, as though he was asking me what the fuck I was doing up there and why the hell did I look like that. Mr. Perfect had no idea. But that’s not a surprise, he never did. For years he acted as though he knew who I was when I was still searching for myself. Hovering over my decisions, lecturing me on what was right and what was wrong, when he was only a couple years older than I. His friends all stared in disbelief, as though I died and was reincarnated by a taller, blonde, Avril Lavigne look alike. None of them had any idea either. Funny thing is if I was still enclosed in that cult none of them still would have known, no matter how many years would have passed. Because in there, its all about image, how you looked, agreeing with all of them, disbanding anything they didn’t agree with, even if it was apart of who you are, you had to get rid of it for them. And that fueled my fire. All the lies, all the rumors, all the shit talking. And I never retaliated. I sat back receiving every cruel word and sentence that came out of their mouths. But tonight I’m fighting back, tonight is my response to every time consuming breath they have spent talking shit about me. I stared back into all their faces, meeting with every single pair of baffled eyes with a stiff rigid look that basically said You guys can go fuck yourself.
“Hey everybody and thank you for having us and I especially want to thank Shane for letting me be a guest with his band in performing tonight. Before we play I just want to express the value of this song to me.“ I took a breath, my heart was beating so hard it was ringing through my ears. I felt as though if I didn’t slow down or just stop talking overall I would be face down into the bottom of the stage floor. I looked up and met those eyes again. It was as though he was commanding me to not dare say one word about him or what he did. How childish he has been for such a “man” and that the pedestal he puts himself on is actually not that high up from the ground. I wasn’t going to say his name, exactly what he did, or how awful of a person he has been. But every sentence that is going to be said from my mouth will be referencing to the inferior Mr.Perfect. Hopefully he isn’t too stupid to be able to put that together.
“Not too long ago I hit rock bottom. I thought I had everything planned out, everything set for me, and worst of all I convinced myself I was happy when I was not. When I realized the life I was living was not what I wanted I did a complete 360. Yes I cut off all my hair, I colored it a different way, I changed all my clothes, and I know about none of you here knew I even could sing.“ Most of the crowd went into a loud giggling. Whispering to one another and looking back up at me, analyzing head to toe my newfound image. “But that’s not the best part” I created a pause. It seemed as though the past 4 years of my life played back over and over in my head. The girl who I used to call myself was standing in front of me, staring in complete disbelief. Never did she think that I am her and she was me. Her stare scared me but then she broke into a smile. A tear rolled down from her eye to her cheek and she whispered two words before she turned away. Thank you.
“The best part is that I found myself, I found my happiness”.
I looked over to the right of the stage by the bar to see Brysen and Rae standing up clapping for me. The ones who not only picked me up but physically pushed me up onto this stage. And as much as I hated them for it I couldn’t help but love them more than anything. Brysen pointed at me and flashed his perfect smile he knew I loved so much. I met him when I was at my worst and he has brought me to my best. Making me his princess regardless of how I broken I was, how imperfect I am, and how weak I felt. We were two imperfectly perfect souls intertwined with one another within the short amount of time we have fallen into each others lives. But not only was he special but he was mine. I smiled and blew them both a kiss. Then the lights dimmed and my heart dropped, Shane started strumming and the track began to play.
Here we go.
I open my eyes looking down onto the treadmill. I regained the feeling of reality as the sweat on my t-shirt was cooling down my stomach and the beads of sweat running down my face were seeping into my headphones. 5 miles and 35 minutes. My legs were a little shaky as I slowed the speed to a walking pace but the adrenaline still coursing through my body could push me for another 3 miles. Not today. I hopped off and made my way towards the fountain, remembering what happened the last time I ran too far into my thoughts. Literally. I looked down at my phone pausing the song halfway through and I smiled.
“One day” I thought. One day