my hair looks healthy but it's not

So last night I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram and I was just seeing all these girls who were showing off their beautiful looks, their progress which is always very inspiring to me!! but I found myself starting to pick myself apart wishing I had their hair, skin, curves, muscles, etc. I was thinking about ways I could change myself to try and look like them, and feeling like I wasn’t good enough and why should I even try to reach my goals when I’m never going to look like them. When I caught myself thinking these terrible things about myself, I had to take a step back put the phone down and breath. I reminded myself that no I’m not ever going to look like them and thats OKAY because everyone is different and unique in their own way! And instead of tearing myself down I started to build myself up with kind words and things that make me a good strong person. Social media is a great thing, but is can also be a very toxic place. It’s okay to struggle and have these little moments because it reminds us that we are all human. The most important thing to do is to love yourself, say and think positive things about yourself because you are beautiful just the way you are and you DO NOT need to change yourself what so ever! ❤

So I really wanna talk about this , I noticed that Ksoo hairstyle that last for over 6 months(( which is not usual for an idol to not change his style cause they always attend to change you know since they are an idols)) was a little bet strange for me , well I am not Complying cause I really really love his hair , its so black and so thick and healthy really not all idols have hair like KyungSoo .. His hair that is so short like so short really the kpop barely have this hair , which is still awesome but not for this long , so I was talking with my friend about this , could it be not a hairstyle! Like have an undercover intention ? This could be possible and I am not saying that its real info I am saying that its possible , could be that they are trying to make him look more manly and change the image of the squishy cute little ksoo ! Since I am a kaisoo shipper which I am proud of .. I believe that the rumor that spread on 2015 then calm down and get back at 2016 was the reason , I believe that they wanna distract the people from doubting Ksoo being in this rumor which contain two lovers ( A and B ) so lets say Ksoo is B , they wanna make him more manly and change the view of many people by him being manly really this is smart step and it worked , not just his hairstyle even his activities , first he got in -Hyung-movie which he was a judo athlete , and then in the upcoming movie -with god - which he is a soldier as I read ! So isn’t that could be really them trying to make him look like a straight man !! Not to mention -be positive- making him kiss a girl and he never did before just now after the rumor !! Hmmm we should consider that too .. Well who really follow Ksoo well already know he change a little bet after April 2016 , not only his hairstyle not only his movies style , his personality a little bet he was worried , he didn’t smile like he always do but it was until Oct lately he start to be more open up and happy thanx god , we know what happens this year I mean us Kaisoo shippers , so that could make sense.. And about the other person who related to the rumor let say as they wrote ( A ) person , yeah lets just make him date a super sexy pretty girl and the people will live them and never suspicious anything… Well done yeah now the rumor will never effect them and they shadowing every doubt and they are fine by covering a possible amazing love story … Yeah ~ we live in this beautiful world were we have to do thing we don’t want to and there is media lies and people rights have been eaten and love , well I wish love could win … This is only my opinion and my possible thoughts , you don’t have to see it as I see it too .. Tc ❤️

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I have feeling that jackson will dye his hair too

although in my opiion he shouldn’t 

because his hair now are so shiny and healthy , and match to his brown big eyes and he looks so soft 

its just better for his scalp to not bleach its again…

but in same time he looks gorgeous as blond , I “met” him first time as blond, But I m not talking about yellow blond but silver blond

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1. My sense of humour 
2. My hair (just changed to a dark shade of purple and its looking healthy)
3. My feet (lol)
4. My ability to see things through to the end/never give up (no matter how boring)
5. My Yorkshire accent - we’re one of a kind here in Yorkshire ;)

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7 weeks post op:

  • last bandaid fell off! everything is looking good and healthy.
  • still have some stitches sticking out…I accidentally pulled one out because I thought it was a hair ._. ew
  • I can sleep on both sides but still tender near drain holes and some parts of my ribs.
  • swollen and numb in some areas, I have a bit of a lump on one side so I really hope its just swollen still but Dr bowman said everything is looking really fantastic so I’m not worried about revisions.

Very pleased with my results so far : D 

my daily routine
  • me: wakes up
  • me: puts on glasses
  • me: brushes hair
  • me: goes downstairs
  • me: opens laptop
  • me: thinks about dan avidan
  • me: smiles about dan avidan
  • me: looks at dan avidan
  • me: laughs with dan avidan
  • me: dan avidan
  • me: goes to store with mom
  • me: thinks about dan at store
  • me: thinks about dan while sitting in traffic
  • me: thinks about dan while walking into house
  • me: sits on couch
  • me: ".... dan is hot."

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What are your fav lush products Ju :)

i have a lot of faves just letting you know


  • ocean salt cleanser - this makes your skin feel so refreshed i love it
  • coal face - i love it bc i have oily skin and this makes it feel super clean. 
  • grease lightning - this honestly is the best thing for zapping problem zits! i put it on my skin after i wash my face, it works amazingly. 
  • tea tree water - SUCH A FAVORITE it makes my skin blemish free and keeps it looking toned and healthy feeling. sooo worth your money
  • santa baby lip scrub- its seasonal so they dont have it now but it taste like cherry cola and makes your lips feel smooth afterwards. 


  • R&B - FAVORITE. i have curly hair and i tends to get dry so this moisturizer for your hair is amazing! keeps it frizz-free and it smells sooooo nice. and a little goes a long way.
  • sea spray - i love this product so much especially when i have second day curly hair. it makes your hair more voluminous and smells like the beach. im addicted to this product. 


  • charity pot - this is an overall amazing lotion! feels good on the skin :)
  • as for bath bombs- sakura, butterball, space girl, and sex bomb are really nice ones :D

As far as hair goes, I’ve never cracked the code, really. I’m at an OK phase right now, but on SNL’s Weekend Update, I tried every hairstyle known to man. Awful ones. Asymmetrical ones. Haircuts where Tina Fey was saying, “What is going on with that?” And I was like, “I know. This one’s a bad one.” I remember looking at magazines and thinking, that’s a good look. I’d do that. My hairstyle when I first auditioned for SNL was from a picture I saw of Kate Beckinsale when she had puffed-out, spiky hair. I was definitely the only one with that cut at the audition. | InStyle June 2016