my hair isn't purple

starrysepticeye  asked:

me and my friends do this thing where if we see something blue we go "oh my god it's ethan" but isn't your hair purple now 🤔

I kinda like the purple! Looks pretty cool! I’ll probably go back to blue soon though

Both of my mayors discussing the travelling plans between Magnolia and Reveille  ♪

If I ever think again that playing with two games at the same time for the sake of taking screenshots is easier than editing HHD’s, someone link me to this post…

[Sorry I wasn’t on, like, at all today. First the hair thing took all afternoon and now I’m not feeling too good (too many fumes, probably >.>; ) so I’m just gonna chill tonight.

Back to your regularly scheduled shenanigans tomorrow.

Also have a pic of me with my new hair.]

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