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The Evolution of box braids

Box braids didn’t become popular until the early 80′s when the GOAT Patrice Rushen took to the R&B and jazz scene

But at the time, they weren’t really called “box braids.” They were individual braids inspired by North African cultural aesthetics, especially Egyptian. However, box braids have their roots in our home region, West Africa as well.

Early on, you saw a peep of these beautiful, intricate hairstyle in the late 70′s from the female singers in Oddysey and S.O.S. Band

I believe both singers from these bands appeared with these hairstyles in the year 1977. So box braids have been here in African-American culture for a LONG time. It just didn’t really become a fad until the early 90′s because before then, these hairstyles were looked at as “trippy” Afrocentric hairstyles that artists would wear to get in touch with their African roots. The 80′s was a time where a lot of African-American artists’ fashion were inspired by West and North African roots.

 At the turn of the decade, you began to see box braids become more mainstream with Janet Jackson, Naomi Campbell’s ethereal ass, rapper Yo-Yo, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Then in the mid 90′s, Stacey Dash makes braids en vogue by sporting the famous look in Clueless.

All the middle to upper-class girl caught on to box braids because of this but who should really get credit is the incomparable, Brandy Norwood!

Ask for “Moesha” at the hair salon, and it was say no more.

Mariah’s white-passing ass tried them on for size in her Thank God I Found You remix video and they looked dope!

And then here comes sexy stemme Alicia Keys bringing back our great-great-great North African ancestry in 2001

She made cornrows cool for all the black girls in grade school!

And I almost forgot! Beyonce really made kinky twists hot in the early ‘00s as well

Always looking like somebody’s cool redbone cousin rollin’ up at the family cookout 

Then Christina Aguilera tried to join in on the fun, but we said, “Nah, sweetie. You Latinx but you not afro honey. But you look cute sis”

*fast forward to several years later*

Unfortunately, box braids were no longer as popular as they were in the early ‘00s. Bad, synthetic weaves dyed a tacky brown were in from 2004-2008.

But in early 2013, box braids had a revival!

Thank you, Keri Hilson! You may not be shit, but you did that thing! I always said you was my hair-fashion icon tho. I can’t stunt on you.

We had Zoe Kravitz make braids cool for the edgy, sarcastic and loner black girls like me!

Soon, we saw so many pictures of black girls modeling box braids on Tumblr and Instagram!

Solange soon rocks these braids because she’s hip and poppin’

Then Christina Milan being Afro-Latina, she had to get in on this

Even Tia or Tamera

Soon, these 90′s R&B girls came back for a reunion with their beautiful, braided locs!

We all saw Ayesha Curry try to butter up to the black female community by taking an adorable selfie with her mama 

Now we got Instagram models and actresses making braids en vogue!

(Babyhairs aren’t mandatory and I recommend women with type 4 hair to get these styles. If you are under, I wouldn’t keep these in for very long)

So now box braids are everywhere, and they are the go-to for a black girl’s protective style, especially if they have my hair type! But anyone who is black and of African descent can wear them. You don’t have to have tightly-coiled hair to wear these, but they are what the styles are intended for since the hair is apt for them. 

 And notice something else; none of these styles were coined or invented by white or non-black women. They were all made and adorned by black women. And Patrice Rushen is the Godmother of protective styles. Don’t whitewash these!

Best Friends Don't Do This || Park Jimin

Bestfriends Don’t Do This || Park Jimin 

 Words: 2,159 (fuuuuuuck)

 Genre: SMUT 

 A/N: oh my god I’m back at it someone stop me someone send me Jesus bc I need it. I am trashhhh. Anyway, lol, requests are open! Send us some of your deepest desires and we will get to it! ^.^

 -admin courtneycat


 Spending time at Jimin’s always meant something would go down that night. Whether that would be a movie night, a sleepover with lots of icecream and snacks, or random bruises from mini fights you two would have. Jimin is your bestfriend, has been since you guys were just ten years old. You’ve seen everything about him- from the bad to the good. Bad hair cuts and breakups, to movie nights and prom dates. Now, sitting at the early ages of twenty, you guys both are realizing the differences between then and now.

 A piece of popcorn was thrown at your face, hitting you dead smack in the middle of your forehead. Jimin giggled at your cross eyed glare you had given him.

 “Excuse you, sir, could you fucking not?” He only laughed harder. The Captain America movie was no longer being paid attention to, as it only seemed to turn into background noises.

 “It’s movie night ma'am, get off your damn phone! This is our tiiiiiiiiiimeeee,” he wailed at you, throwing another piece of popcorn at you. His missed this time. Glaring at him, you threw a Twizzler at him. Though not at his beautiful face- wait, what? Shaking your head from that bizarre thought, you messaged your friend to stop bothering you- that you were with Jimin. She messaged you a few dirty emojis back. Rolling your eyes, you locked your phone and placed it on the cushion next to you.

 “Sorry, Y/F/N is messaging me weird shit,” you told him. His eyes scrunched up and a smirk took over his lips.

 “What kind of weird shit? Tell meeee!” He demanded. You shook your head, “Nuh-uh! Not telling. Just weird stuff you don’t need to know, trust me,” you laughed it off. You curled yourself into the couch more, resting your feet onto Jimin’s lap. He made a face at you again, but ignored it, paying attention to the movie finally. Poor Chris Evans. 

 The room felt quiet. Which was extremely odd because Jimin is almost always making some sort of noise- humming, singing, muttering, snoring, and lets not forget… yelling. Yes. The amount of times Taehyung has come over during our friendship nights is astounding. And whenever he does come over it’s constant noise times five because Taehyung. Yes, you probably understand.

 Taking a peek over at Jimin, you see that his eyes are focused on the movie. You mentally shrug and continue to watch the movie. Suddenly, he grabs your feet and tugs you down the couch. You let out a squeak of surprise and grab onto the side cushion for dear life. 

 “What are you doing, asswipe?!” You screech out at him. He only smirks and climbs on top of you. Sitting on your legs and pinning your arms to the couch. He then grabs at your phone, making your eyes widen in fear. Shit.

 “No no no no no! Hey, put that down!” You yell at him. You knew he was going to find those text messages. Your friend is extremely dirty and you guys would talk about interesting topics. By interesting topics, you mean sex. And by sex, your topic of the day was thigh riding. And somehow your friend had mentioned Jimin’s thighs and you had somehow agreed that he had nice thighs. And now here you are. Being encased by said thighs and you couldn’t help but quickly glance at them… because he was coincidentally wearing shorts. 

 Jimin only smirked as he clicked the home screen button. The lock screen showed the selfie of you and Jimin at the carnival from the last time you guys were hanging out. Thank god you had a passcode on it. “Hah! That’s right, so get off me ya lard butt-” you started but,

 “Hahaha!” Jimin had figured out the passcode, “now let’s take a look at those messages.. mhmm…ah! Y/F/N..” he muttered.

 “Please no, please I’ll do anything! Just give me my phone back! Please!” You begged out. He stopped what he was doing and glanced down at you underneath him. Your hair was sprawled out around your head and in your face a little. Your eyes looked at him as you chest heaved up and down because this whole time you have been fighting and struggling to get loose from his grasp. What you didn’t know is that Jimin liked this. You beneath him, sweating, begging. Yes, he liked you. And he definitely knew what those texts were about.

 Still smirking at you, he locked your phone and tossed it to the ground. You looked at him and noticed something much different about him, yet you couldn’t tell. He let go of your arms and slowly trailed his hands down them, and to your back. His trail left what seemed to be fire as your back arched by itself. Jimin then lifted the top half of you up and soon enough you were face to face.

 “Uhm, uh thanks. For-for ya know. Uh not looking at the messages,” you stuttered out. He nodded in acknowledgement, but his hands never budged, but to be honest, you didn’t want them to move. You almost whined when you felt his right hand move up to the back of your neck. Your breath caught in your throat and your eyes looked into his. What was he doing? And why weren’t you stopping this?

 “You’ll do anything? Anything for me?” He asked you. Too caught up in the moment and paralyzed from his touch, you just nodded back at him. He softly chuckled and went with his gut for the first time in a while. He lowered his face close to yours and instead of backing out, you closed your eyes and just went for it.

 Soon enough, his luscious lips were attached to yours. Your mind went blank and nothing around you seemed important to you anymore. Not the movie, not the time and definitely not your phone. You cupped your hand to his cheek and shimmied closer to him. He dipped you back down to the couch and lowered himself down with you, lips never detaching. Holy hell you were kissing your best friend and you liked it. You liked it a lot. 

 You two separated for the briefest of moments and looked at each other. You were both breathing heavily and as you looked back down at his lips and back to his eyes, he reattached his lips to yours again. You were in heaven. And he thought the same. He slipped his tongue out and ran it against your bottom lip. Moaning, you parted your lips and let his tongue in. Never in your life have you ever thought about French kissing Jimin in his apartment. 

 Too caught up in the moment again, you gasped as Jimin flipped you around. This time he was underneath you and you groaned at all the dirty thoughts that ran through your mind. Jimin’s hands trailed down to your waist and quickly pulled your sweater over your head and threw it somewhere in the room. A low moan rippled though the back of his throat and you could feel the heat pool in your stomach. His hands attached themselves to your breasts and massaged them, casually tweaking at the perky buds. You were a mess at this point.

 “Ah, Jimin, I think, oh god, I think you’re wearing too much,” you moaned out. You tugged at his shirt, and he got the hint. He pulled the t-shirt off. You didn’t holy your moan in at all when you saw his upper half. Dear god, you ran your hands down his tanned skin and lowered yourself down to kiss his torso. 

 “Fuck, baby,” Jimin moaned out. His hands moved down to your waist and rubbed his hands around. As you began to suck small little marks onto his collarbones and neck, he lifted you up off him.

 “Okay, baby. You said you’d do anything, right? You can’t go back,” he told you. You didn’t care at this point. You nodded. He could get you to do anything and you would care. He propped himself up on the side cushion and smirked.

 “Ride my thigh, baby.” He patted his thigh. You just blinked. So he did read the messages. Fuck. But looking at his thigh, you threw all caution to the wind and straddled him. His smirk got wider and his hands gripped you hard against him.

 “You ready, pretty girl?” He asked you. All these pet names got you off and you were more than ready for this. Nodding, you bent down and kissed him again. His hands moved your lower half back and forth, the rocking motion sending your mind into overdrive. The amount of pleasure you were received was insane.

 If Jimin were to be honest right now, the vision of you, getting yourself off only by the sheer friction of his thigh, could have him cumming himself in no time. Your body glistened with sweat and mixed with his, and he thought that must have come second to things that make you incredibly hot. Just everything about you could get him off.

 “Oh, fuck, Jimin. Oh god, you’re so good,” you moaned out. His shorts would bundle up and run at your clit and send you into overdrive. Sure enough when you looked down, you notice the wetness that was slowly running along his thigh. Fuck was that a sight. You looked back at Jimin and notice his eyes were screwed shut. You decided to help him out a bit. Running your hands down his chest again, you let your hand trail into his shorts and grab his dick. His eyes shot open and stared into yours.

 “Oh baby girl,” he groaned out. You swiped the precum that gathered onto his tip and brought your fingers to your mouth and sucked. “Fuck,” he dragged out, flinging his head back as he moved you faster along his thigh. You squeaked out at the friction and nearly cummed right there. 

 You grabbed his length again and ran your hand up and down. The moans coming from him pushed you further to your orgasm and you tried moving even faster to help him reach his. One of his hands reached up and brought your face down and kissed you hard again. And just in seconds you were sent into oblivion as your orgasm ripped through you. Your sight blurred and gasps left your mouth. The sight of you jerking and gasping, pushed Jimin to the edge and right after you, he let go and white spurts spotted his chest and your hand.

 You collapsed onto his chest, not caring about his mess sticking all over the place, cause really- you left a mess on his leg anyway. Who cares right now. Breathing hard you managed to speak out, 

“Oh shit, Jimin. What the fuck… just happened?” His hand ran up and down your back as you leaned a bit back to look at him.

 “Something that should have happened a while ago, ahh,” he was now blushing and you couldn’t hold back the grin on your face, “this is so backwards but uh, do you wanna go on a date sometime?” You leaned your face back into the crook of his neck and gave him a peck. “I would love to,” you whispered into his skin. You could feel the shit eating grin on his face and he snuggled you closer to him. Resting there longer, you could almost fall asleep. 

That was until- 

 “Hey guys! Guess what Jungko- WHAT THE HECK GUYS. Did I come at a bad time- oh my god!” Shouted Taehyung. Jimin threw the nearest pillow at him.

 “Get the fuck out, Tae!” 

You heard the door slam back shut, loud yells of disgust still being shouted down the corridors. You couldn’t help chuckling a little as you knew that Taehyung will always be Taehyung in the end. Jimin shifted a bit underneath you and you looked down at him curiously. His face looked a worried.

 “Umm, I’m not so worried that my dick was hanging out for Tae to see, but uh, I got a second confession for you,” his voice was small and scratchy, but you just shrugged and let him continue, “okay, so this was kind of planned?” 

 “What does that mean? What do you mean plan, Park Jimin I will end you!” You started grabbing at his bare chest with your hands. 

 “No no no! It’s not what you think really! What I mean is is that Y/F/N was basically trying to get you to think about me like that because I told her that I liked you…” he trailed off, a bit embarrassed.

 “Park Jimin… I have liked you for a very long time,” you giggled a little, “uh, thanks for finally doing something. But, oh is Y/F/N is a dead man.”

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I started testosterone injections in June of 2016.

Now, that was a huge accomplishment for me, but it was also the beginning of me having to navigate uncharted territory.

Most of the changes were smooth.

Voice cracks, body hair, bottom growth, acne,

The usual trans guy on T cocktail.

But come August I was rocking a crustache that should never have seen the light of day.

You know what I’m talking about,

When the hair on your lip is dark and in a really thin line,

And it kinda looks like you drank really rich hot chocolate and didn’t wipe your mouth.

Yeah, that.

It was approximately 2 in the morning when I noticed this atrocity on my face.

I was taking selfies and binge watching Netflix.

At first I was so excited.

It was like-

OH! I am a Man now!

There is hair on my face!

It didn’t totally register that I still looked like I was 13 years old  until I got to the bathroom and viewed it in good lighting.

I knew I needed to remove it from my face.

But faces are weird, and I had no fucking clue how to shave one.

I hadn’t shaved any part of my body in years.

I had only ever removed hair from my legs and my armpits and it always happened in the shower with a bright pink razor that had soap around the edges.

This was a different ball game. Faces aren’t even shaped like legs or armpits or vaginas.

The edges are more sharp and curves are different.

And the razors are different too.

There was a blue razor in my bathroom.

It belonged to my father.

It wasn’t the first time this razor had been in my hands, but it was the first time it was going to touch my face.

The blades were already familiar with my skin from late nights of cutting and crying and other things I don’t want to admit that I did.

Using a razor to shave was new to me.

You know, most boys have a father to teach them how to shave when the time comes.

I had a father too, but he didn’t think I was his son,

And he sure as hell wasn’t gonna teach his daughter how to shave her face at two-o-clock in the morning on a Wednesday.

So, naturally, I turned to the most masculine person I know.

He is 6’2”, an athlete, a huge dork, and he has killer facial hair.

No, really. He honestly looks hot as fuck and rocks everything he has.

But he also shaves.

So my dumb ass snapchats this boy at 2 in the morning.

I sent him a black photo with the caption

“Can you teach me to shave?”

While I was waiting for a response, I cried.

The last time I held a razor in my hands I destroyed my body.

This time, I’m building it up.

I slice my skin because I hate the body I was given,

And this time I’m shaving to embrace what my body can do.

It’s so fucking weird.

He responds with

“You get a razor and move it over the hair and it goes away you dipshit”

So I did.

But I definitely did not do it right.

I came out of it with the hair gone, but with blood running down my face and red marks under my nose.

No one told me that you had to use shaving cream AND water.

No one told me a lot of things about being a boy.

I covered up the gash in my face with makeup until it went away.

I felt dirty.

I felt like I was doing something wrong,

Like I needed to hide.

I thought I was done hiding.

I was so ashamed that I didn’t know what I was doing

And I was mad that I couldn’t ask my father for help

And I was sad that I never got to experience this the way so many other boys get to.

I taught myself to hide again.

But my friend made me stop sitting on my ass feeling sorry for myself.

He sent me step by step videos of himself shaving

So I could follow along the next time I had to.

My best friend was a stand in for my asshole father

And he taught me to love my body.

My body with the too big boobs

And the micro penis that is my clitoris

And the new hair

And the voice cracks

And everything else that comes along with my physical being.

As the gash in my face healed, so did my confidence.

I knew very well that I was an idiot who didn’t know to use shaving cream,

But I also knew that teenage boys are generally idiots,

So I was right where I was supposed to be.

Crustache by Emmett


Local lesbian can’t contain her laughter (or her hair) while taking selfies featuring a new nose piercing.

Have a great day everyone! 💛

Candid (Pinkberry Drabble)

@twinkjeremyheere said:

8. Breathtaking Kiss ~pinkberry maybe?

umm,, hell yes? thank you so much for requesting my girls??

also, daffodils and sunsets are the official pinkbery aesthetic now :/ sorry :/

Pairing: Brooke Lohst/Chloe Valentine

Words: 993

Category: fluff/first kiss/chloe is a big gay

Freshman year of college was coming to an end. Chloe and Brooke chose the same school, just like they always planned. And they were roommates, (oh my god they were roommates) just like they always planned. Before they started school, everyone warned them against living together. “You’ll hate each other,” they said. “You’ll want to kill each other,” “You’ll never look at her the same.” And maybe they were right, but it wasn’t quite the way Chloe was expecting.

She sat on the grass in the courtyard waiting for Brooke one May afternoon, the last week of classes. The sun sat low in the sky, teasing at the beautiful sunset that was bound to occur this time of year. Chloe heard footsteps from behind her, causing her to turn her head in search of the source. “Hey! Sorry to keep you waiting,” Brooke said as she half-ran towards Chloe, fiddling with her camera.

“How fucking dare you,” Chloe said, standing up. Brooke looked up at her in fear for a second, opening her mouth to apologize. “Brooke,” Chloe stopped her before she could start. “I’m kidding.”

“Oh, right. Sorry.” she shook her head, pressing a few buttons on her camera and making faces at the screen. “I’m still trying to figure out how the hell this thing works,” she was doing pretty well with photography in school. Her parents were so impressed they got her a new camera. It was probably the happiest Chloe had ever seen her. She’d been playing with it non-stop since, always begging her friends to let her take pictures of them. Even though they were best friends, this was the first time Brooke had asked to do pictures of Chloe. “Okay, I think I got it.” she looked through the viewfinder. “That…looks right?” she asked.

“I don’t know, does it?” Chloe asked with a chuckle.

“I think so. Here, I’ll do a test shot.” without further warning, Brooke snapped a picture, pulling away from the camera to look at the result. “Yay! I got it right!” she grinned. “Okay, now pose.”

“What?” Chloe asked, running a hand through her hair and laughing nervously.

“Pose! Do something, be cute!” Brooke gestured wildly with her hands as she spoke. Chloe awkwardly put her hand on her hip, plastering on a cheesy smile. Brooke took the camera from her face and shot Chloe an angry expression. “If you’re not gonna take this serious-”

“Oh my god, Brooke. I am serious.” Chloe groaned, putting her hands on her head.

“You look so good in your selfies!” Brooke argued back.

“Yes, because I’m in control of them. I don’t know how to let another person take a picture of me!” Brooke rolled her eyes.

“Okay, fine. Wait here.” she stomped away, disappearing behind a nearby building. A couple minutes passed by. Then some more. Then some more. The sky started to turn pink and orange, casting gold beams onto the trees and buildings around campus. Chloe made the universal ‘what the fuck’ hand signal and looked around.

“Brooke,” she called. “Ugh,” she checked her phone, refreshing everything for some kind of message. Nothing. “Brooke?”

“I’m here!” she yelled, running across the courtyard towards Chloe.

“What the hell, Brooke?” Chloe asked, slightly charmed at Brooke’s messy hair and tank top straps falling off her shoulders.

“Here, I got you this.” she thrust a handful of daffodils into Chloe’s hands, immediately backing up and lifting the camera to her face.

“What? Why?” Chloe giggled, looking at the flowers.

“I picked them!” she sounded proud of herself, but very well aware she was being silly. She snapped photo after photo of Chloe looking at the flowers, laughing.

“Why did you-”

“I thought you might look better in candids, but I had to get you to smile first.” Chloe’s expression changed, one snapshot at a time. First she was laughing, then smiling, looking down, then the smile fell a bit. Her eyes turned upwards, directly at Brooke. Her eyes were big and round, her cheeks were pink as the sky behind her. Then she was getting closer, walking towards Brooke. Then she was there. She moved the camera from Brooke’s face, cupping the short girl’s cheeks in her free hand.

Then they were kissing. Brooke froze completely. Her brain shattered like glass. Chloe’s lips were warm and soft and she could smell the flowers in her hand. Brooke reciprocated the kiss cautiously, letting her eyes flutter closed and shoulders relax. She let go of her camera, letting it dangle from the strap around her neck. She draped her arms over Chloe’s shoulders, twirling pieces of her soft, brown hair between her fingers. Chloe felt her face get redder and redder the longer she kissed Brooke. She could feel how much more she’d have to explain herself with every second. Somehow, she just couldn’t stop. It felt right. It was the way things were meant to be.

Once she had mustered up the courage to do so, she broke away from Brooke’s lips, not traveling too far. Brooke pressed her forehead against Chloe’s, eyes still closed, fingers still in her hair, waiting until she remembered how to breathe. Their hearts pounded in time. Slowly, the shallow breaths grew longer until they were almost normal again. Brooke opened her eyes carefully, investigating Chloe’s face so close to hers. Her eyes were shut, brow furrowed, biting down on her lower lip. “I think we have enough pictures for now,” Brooke said softly. Chloe slowly pulled away from Brooke’s face and nodded. “That sunset is beautiful though,” Brooke said, clearly looking more at Chloe than the sky. The tall girl grinned, pushing hair behind her ear and looking at the ground.

“Shut up,” she mumbled. Brooke took a seat on the grass, looking up at the sky. Chloe followed her lead, sitting very close to her. In silence, they sat together, watching the sunset, watching each other watch the sunset.

Spoil You (Prompto x Reader)

Character: Prompto Argentum

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV

Categories: Reader Insert, GenderNeutral!Reader, Fluff

Title: Spoil You

Requested by anon:

could you do an imagine where Prompto’s s/o just loves spoiling and cuddling him telling him how great & cute he is?

I couldn’t contain my excitement as I knocked on the door, fidgeting in the spot as I waited for him to answer.

Soon enough, the door opened to reveal Prompto, who observed me in a daze

“Hi!” I greeted him, holding up the small cake I had bought for him and flashing him my brightest smile.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” His blue eyes grew wide with surprise.

“Wanted to come by and spend some time with you”

“But… I haven’t done my hair, and I’m in my pijamas!”

Indeed, his blond hair was flat and not stylized as usual and he wore a lose t-shirt and comfortable pants. He wasn’t even wearing shoes, he was barefoot.

“It’s okay” I reassured him, chuckling a little.

“No it’s not! You’re here and I look like this? I’m a mess, and you-“ I shut him up with a kiss on the lips, which made him sigh in content and calm down.

“You look adorable, Prompto” I assured him as I came in, giving him the cake.

My boyfriend absently closed the door as he stuttered and tried to complain.

As Prompto stood there, holding the cake in his hands and pouting as he turned to watch me, I simply sat down on the couch and patted the spot next to mine.

“What are you really doing here, Y/N?” He asked me, placing the cake in the table as he obliged and sat down.

“Well, you’ve been working really hard and stressing a lot lately with the Crownsguard stuff and all” I said as I moved to sit in his lap instead, giving him a loving Eskimo kiss. “So I’m here to spoil you and make sure you relax and have a break”

“Aw, Y/N” His hands casually rested on my hips as he tried to hide the fact that he was blushing because of all the attention. “You didn’t have to!”

“But I want to” I placed my arms around his neck and observed him smugly. “I mean, I’ll leave if I’m bothering you”

“Nah, you… you can stay” Prompto coolly shrugged one shoulder. “It’s okay”

“You don’t seem too eager” I started to stand up from his lap. “So maybe I’ll just leave”

“Okay, I really really want you to stay” Urgently, his arms wrapped around my frame to keep me in place.

I grinned when I obtained the desire response and hugged him tight to celebrate.

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(Well after seeing @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic  as patton! (Aka my new faaavourite thing)<3 I heard she required a Logan? Here’s my shitty attempt at @thatsthat24 Logic.) (Yes I tagged him.. why not ‘-’)

Logic’s not sure what to where for this ‘Meeting’. The blue? (He knows its Pattons favorite..) or the Black? (His personal favorite) Jacket or no?. He cant afford to take so long on such minor decisions! He refuses to run late. 

Let’s just hope he looks nice either way…

( Also new hair? it might not be obvious.. its blue now though.. I feel so me??… that sounds weird but wow I’m actually happy. ) 


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Got7 Reaction: Styling/Playing with their gf's or daughters hair

Request:Request for got7 playing with their girlfriends hair or trying to style their daughters hair 😊😊

A/N:  Sorry this took so long! I did one and one, one is gf and the next is daughter, I hope that’s okay

None of these gifs are mine, full credit to the owners


He was twirling your daughters curls with his fingers while she was asleep  when he looked up at you from across the room. You were half-expecting him to say something sweet but then you remembered he’s Jackson

“We all know where she got this gorgeous hair from” 

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He started off with playing with your hair softly eventually he tried to style it which didn’t turn out as good as he’d hoped. You looked at yourself in the mirror then back at him making the both of you burst into laughter at how your hair was sticking out in odd angles

“If it’s any consolation i think you look great” 

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He had successfully braided your daughters hair and was about ready to leave her room when your daughter called out to him sweetly if she could do his hair now. Of course he agreed and she ran out of the room excitedly and came back with all kinds of colorful clips. Jb smiled nervously at you while you laughed at his reaction.

“Okay let’s do this” 

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You asked him to do your hair just for fun and he purposely did a terrible job just to make fun of you. You accused him and he got up in a huff and pretended to be angry with you while making his way out the door.



When your daughter asked him to do her hair he would legitimately try and learn how to style it and maybe even ask you for help if he had no idea what he was doing. Pretty soon he was doing a better job than you were.

“Okay i think i get it now” 

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He was trying to style your hair up and was actually doing a really good job. After he was done you started taking a million selfies with him and teased him about your hair looking better than his. He started play fighting with you and it ended with the both of you laughing and him “apologizing”

“Whatever, we all now who has the best hair in this relationship, keep lying to yourself Y/N”

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You could see the concentration he had while trying to style your daughters hair but it just wouldn’t come out right. He eventually just gave up and started brushing it out and playing with it but then took a different approach altogether 

“Well i have no idea what i’m doing but hey let’s all learn how to dab instead! I’ll start…” 

~Admin S 

I was tagged by the wonderful, @emilyymichelle, to post a selfie and list things I like about myself. This is what I got…

 1) I like my hair…. when it cooperates. 

2) I like my eyes. I’m the only one in my family with green eyes.

3) I like my sense of humor, whatever it is.

4) I like my imagination, if only it would team up with my motivation.

That’s all I can think of right now. XD 

I’m going to tag anyone who would like to do this. Post a selfie or don’t, but positivity is amazing and I would love to hear what you like about yourself! 


If I didn’t see black out and dark skin appreciation day you couldn’t tell high school, junior high school, or elementary school me that one day my dark skin would be appreciated or considered beautiful. Going from being called Darky, midnight, tar baby, being told that I shouldn’t go out at night because no one would be able to see me, that I might actually be pretty if I was light and that the only way a guy would have sex with me is if i were raped to being called beautiful and ethereal(even though it’s just on the internet). The journey of self love has been a long one. I went from hating my dark skin and avoiding mirrors, trying bleaching, to appreciating that it atleast helped to hide most of my eczema scars, to be able to take selfies, spending a whole lot of time in the mirror, smiling, to the point where now you can’t tell me I’m not the shit lol. You can’t tell me I’m not beautiful especially when people are PAYING to have what comes naturally to me. This melanin, these lips, this hair… anyway HAPPY BLACK OUT AND HAPPY DARK SKIN APPRECIATION DAY YALL

Bidders taking a group selfie

a/n: Yeah, Voltage Selfie Week inspired me to do this  ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ ! If only there were a group CG with all of them (including the MC) taking a selfie. Once again, sorry for the erasures and bad lighting ┐(‘~`;)┌

Eisuke: This is a crappy selfie. You’re terrible at taking photos, Ota.

Ota: Aww, really? Are you sure you don’t like it because my hair blocks part of your face?

Baba: Now, now. At least your entire face was shown. Poor Soryu, his eye couldn’t fit in the picture…

Soryu: Better having a part of my face cut out than being a tiny speck in the background.

Mamoru: Eh? Not my fault I couldn’t care less about a dumb picture. The photographer just plain sucks at his job if you ask me.

Ota: Hey, not you too, Kishi! Oh, well. What do you think, MC?

MC: The selfie’s fine, you rich bastards…

Eisuke: What was that?

MC: Nothing.  (◠ω◠✿)

What’s up kids, here I am once again taking selfies with wet hair because I hate my fucking hair right now with laundry in the background. Also I’m wearing one of my favorite shirts because I’m going with an old friend I haven’t seen in 4 years to see the new Bladerunner today.

So of course I gotta wear a Jurassic Park shirt, duh.