my hair is taking selfies now what


2017.03.24 💃 Jazzercise Dance Mixx

I swear I was sweating like crazy, but I forgot to take an ‘after’ picture until I got home and apparently my hair mostly dried in that time so it doesn’t look like it.

So, feeling a lot better today. I did get to the chiropractor this morning and got adjusted and it seems to have helped, although still a bit touchy. I still did low impact today, but could move a lot better than Wednesday. That, combined with now having a clue what the moves are in the routines the sub is doing, made tonight a much harder workout. 

I scheduled another chiro and massage appointment for 2 weeks. I usually go 4 between appointments, but since I missed getting my massage, and since it’s been touchy, I figured I’d go back sooner and hopefully keep it feeling okay.


2015 was probably the shittiest year of my life, didn’t take away my smile tho. But I can finally put that in the past now and look forward to 2016. Hopefully this year will a better year for me, and all of you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :)

My New Years resolutions:

- To look the way I want and stop letting others tell me what I can and can’t do with myself

- To study harder

- To love and take better care of myself

Bidders taking a group selfie

a/n: Yeah, Voltage Selfie Week inspired me to do this  ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ ! If only there were a group CG with all of them (including the MC) taking a selfie. Once again, sorry for the erasures and bad lighting ┐(‘~`;)┌

Eisuke: This is a crappy selfie. You’re terrible at taking photos, Ota.

Ota: Aww, really? Are you sure you don’t like it because my hair blocks part of your face?

Baba: Now, now. At least your entire face was shown. Poor Soryu, his eye couldn’t fit in the picture…

Soryu: Better having a part of my face cut out than being a tiny speck in the background.

Mamoru: Eh? Not my fault I couldn’t care less about a dumb picture. The photographer just plain sucks at his job if you ask me.

Ota: Hey, not you too, Kishi! Oh, well. What do you think, MC?

MC: The selfie’s fine, you rich bastards…

Eisuke: What was that?

MC: Nothing.  (◠ω◠✿)

Hello. I wonder how many people will unfollow me now, but i don’t care. I want to tell you my story. I have Alopecia Areata, which means that at the age of 7, i lost most of my hair. Back then, i spent so many nights crying, i hoped to wake up one day and have all my long, beautiful hair again. The kids at my school didn’t understand what was going on, they found it funny to take the hat i was wearing, leaving me crying. This happened more than one time. Anyways, with 9 i graduated elementary school. At the next school, i still had a hard time explaining why i didn’t have hair. “Do you have cancer?” With 12, i got my first wig. It doesn’t really make things easier, they notice. Sure thing. I look even weirder. Now, i am 14. Nobody knows if the hair will ever grow again, the worst part is not having eyelashes. I look weird. People tell me i look like an alien, so yeah. Nobody read that anyways. Have a nice day, and a selfie.☀

Hello! Have this awfully crappy selfie I took today while DYING before I had to be evaluated on teaching a class, yes, I looked like such a wreck but for some reason I decided a pic was a good idea LOL

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thanks to the determination of neven-ebrez and the incredible printing prowess of Stadsblades, i now have angel blade hairsticks in my possession. you guys. YOU GUYS. after like, a year of drooling over these, they are real things. IN MY HANDS (AND they’re in stock in glenn’s shop right now!!)

one is sturdy and hardcore enough to hold up all of my hair, so i can use the other one as decoration–and to take out when i am inevitably asked what’s sticking out of my head. and they’re just dull enough they don’t hurt your head, but sharp enough that if you’re encountered by a supernatural being you can easily fend for yourself

that being said, i am in love  (●´□`)♡

(this photoset also features one of zerbe’s grace necklaces!! she’ll be selling those at dc’s con, ALONG with the tiny blades!)


So, I was tagged by @dacenebula to do this selfie challenge for 2k15 and was pleasantly surprised that any of my followers let alone this beaut even paid attention to my pretty face lol anyways here’s from the first months of the year till now. I went through a journey this year truly and clearly by the short cut its going in the right direction because you know what they say about women who cut their hair,I’m ready to take whatever life throws at me . What God has for me no man can break !
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Holy shit I finally got my hair cut. Gender is so complicated, and I still don’t know what the hell I am. I don’t really fit the binary. For now I guess the hair will take my mind off of it. It’s weird. I had pretty long hair and now it’s all gone. I like it though.

I’m sort of just waiting for the day I get hell from a chick in the bathrooms. Ugh.

(lioninamousesuit scumbugg not that you two would really care. I’m just so happy!)

So I have been inactive for a few days because I’ve been feeling down about some things in real life, not that I actually have anything of interest to say, but still haha.

I finally finshed my evaluation about four months ago now, and from what I had been told it would take about three months until I were to get to do the bloodwork and actually get my hormones.
Still haven’t heard anything from them though, so I’m still trying to be patient but I really just want to begin my transition and it feels like it shouldn’t have to take months just to draw some blood.

I have been waiting for a long time already and I just want to get it over with basically, I’m tired of not being passable without make-up and I’m tired of this body of mine. I just want to get done with it so that I can finally feel better about myself.
Since it’s so close I can’t really focus on anything else either, but I don’t know when it will actually happen so I basically just wait around doing nothing hoping that they will call me in soon.

Oh well, it should be really soon, it has already been longer than the estimated time so I could be called in at any time now and finally get it over with.
After they’ve taken my blood it should be about a week or two until they make the prescription and then I’ll be able to get my first hormones!

Hopefully I will stop looking so derp when I’ve been on HRT for a while, that would be nice atleast haha.


i was tagged by the lovely milky-candy-kisu to post some selfies!

i don’t really take them too often, so these are all kinda old-to-really old haha.

i wanted to show off my hair adventures! the top ones (except the middle) are my natural hair color, the bottom left was a dark brown i had to dye it after i dyed it red (not by choice trust me), the middle is my half and half hair (which was my all time favorite siiigh) and the last is my now that’s what i call red red hair.

i have two decent angles and love over using filters orz.

i tag anyone who wants to do this! i’d love to see your cute faces! ; u; <3