my hair is still damp and a mess

| Of Lemongrass & French Vanilla | Chen X Reader AU | Oneshot |


Kim Jongdae X Reader

Genre: Fluff, Action, Thriller, Mystery

Warnings: Violence, Language, Attempted Murder, Mysterious/Protective/Sexy Kim Jongdae

Word Count: 7,938

Synopsis: “His brothers had told him that finding your mate was like finding a scent that sends you into a state of pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Personally, he had hoped that for him, that scent was of lemongrass and french vanilla.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAUNA (@exosmutxoxo) I hope this story finds you well, and that you are surviving college! Sending you all my love and hope that your birthday was everything you hoped it would be~ It’s a slow burn, but I promise the story comes together in the end ;)

Damn it,” You hissed.

The clerk lady on the other side of the desk pressed her lips into a thin line. “I’m very sorry ma’am, but there was, in fact, a mix up with your luggage. We’ll do everything we can to locate which flight it’s with and return it to you as soon as we’re able.”

You tapped your foot on the ground in frustration. After sending the airport employee one last pleading glance, you hesitantly scooted out of line, allowing the mass of people behind you to try and resolve their own dilemmas.

Well, You stuck your hands into your pockets angrily, biting your lip with fervor. There’s nothing to be done about it now. At least I’ve still got my carry-on.

It was raining outside of the airport. Of course it was raining. After staying huddled underneath the awning for twenty minutes, you were finally able to hail a cab. You quickly flung yourself into the backseat, your damp hair clinging to your face.

“Where to, miss?” The driver asked.

“Oh, right,” You were a discombobulated mess, still disgruntled from getting the news that your luggage had been lost. You rummaged through your small carry-on backpack, pulling out a heap of crumpled, wet papers. After finding the one you’d been looking for, you squinted to make out the smeared ink. “Let’s see… 223 Cedarwood Plaza.”

The driver nodded to himself, redirecting his attention to the road and pulling out of the valet lot.

“Heading to Cedarwood University then, I presume?”

“Yes sir,” You struggled to get out of your wet jacket, cramped in the backseat. “Just got back from vacation. This’ll be my second year here.”

Wah,” The cab driver let out a huff in surprise. “That there is one of the most expensive private institutions in the country. Way up in the mountains, too.”

“It is. I like it though.” You hummed. “This year I was able to find a roommate online and share her apartment rent, so I won’t have to live on-campus.”

“Sounds like a good deal,” The driver took the exit off the main road, taking the one the lead upwards into the mountains, and away from the big city. “‘Hope it goes well for ya.”

“Thank you.” You nodded briskly in gratitude.

The ten minutes that remained on the trip up the mountain were spent in silence. It seemed as though everywhere you looked, there were seas of pine trees as far as the eye could see. You pulled your phone from your jacket pocket, wiping the excess water off the touchscreen. You unlocked it, immediately tapping the screen to check your messages.

Yoori (Future Roommate)

0 New Messages

18 Unread Messages

You bit the inside of your cheek.

She hasn’t responded to any of my texts since yesterday…

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what were you dreaming about?



word count: 1,242

**warning: SMUT**

My first time staying the night at Shawn’s, I was awoken by what I thought was Shawn talking. I rolled over and looked at the clock, thinking it was morning. However, it was only midnight. I thought I had heard Shawn’s voice, which made me think it was morning already. I rested my head on the pillow again and my head sunk into it. Not long after drifting back to sleep, I heard Shawn once more. He spoke softly, but he was normally not one to talk in his sleep, or so he said. Then, I heard what he was saying.

“You’re so tight, Y/N.” Shawn moaned lowly. My eyes widened at what I heard. I rolled over to inspect, to see if what I thought was happening was actually happening. I pulled the blanket back slowly, trying my hardest to not wake him. Shawn was still sound asleep, but groaning my name with his large hand palming his erection. I nearly gasped at what I saw. Of course Shawn and I’d had sex before, but this was an exciting event for my first time staying the night at Shawn’s place.

I tried to wait it out, tried to wait to see if Shawn’s moans would cease. However, they did not. At least ten minutes had passed and he was still moaning my name along with, I’ll admit, quite filthy dirty talk. I reached to move Shawn’s hand from his length. I now rested my hand over him and began to kiss his jawline. I kissed sweetly, pressing my lips hard against his skin. With no response to my kisses, I decided to press my lips against Shawn’s skin more lustfully. My tongue slipped between my lips and glided over his cheek and a small amount of stubble hairs. My mouth hovered over Shawn’s ear. I exhaled deeply, not really knowing what to say.

“Shawn, wake up.” I said. From what Shawn has previously told me, he was a light sleeper. This was evidently true because as soon as I spoke to him, he woke up.

“Hmm?” He hummed. I smirked thinking about what I was going ask him. He hadn’t realized the position of my hand over his crotch yet or that my leg was draped over his. I sat up in bed and looked down at Shawn, who looked so sleepy at the moment.

“What were you dreaming about?” I asked, giggling slightly. I waited for a reaction that was delayed because of Shawn being only halfway awake. Even with how dark the room was, I could still see Shawn’s eyes widen thanks to the bright moon shining in through the blinds.

“What?” He questioned, acting like he didn’t hear or understand me.

“You know what I said.” I smirked at him. The cool glow of the moon through the window still allowed me to see Shawn’s cheeks turn a deep, flushed shade of pink. I placed my hand on Shawn’s lower abdomen, which was thankfully bare.

“You.” He said bluntly, as if that weren’t obvious. Shawn looked genuinely embarrassed but hearing the way he whimpered my name made me ache for him. “How much did you hear?” When I told him I had been listening for a while, his flesh turned even redder. He covered his face with his hands and groaned.

“So what exactly was I doing in this dream you were enjoying so much?” I asked Shawn finally. He looked up at me, into my eyes.

“Riding me,” he gulped. I had never done that before, so it was understandable why he would dream that. I pictured the thought of riding Shawn, me being in complete control. I felt myself grow wetter, moisture pooling in my panties. I moved over Shawn, moving one leg over one side of his body and the other leg to the other side. I looked up into his eyes when my fingers reached the waistband of his boxers. He nodded his head swiftly and I pulled the fabric off of him.

Shawn now laid below me completely nude and already with a full hard on. His long fingers tugged at the lace of my underwear then tossed them to the side. I hovered over his length before rubbing my slick folds up and down him. I nearly moaned when I moved up just barely too far and the head of his cock almost slipped into me. At this point, Shawn and I were beyond ready. Shawn reached over to his nightstand for a condom. He quickly tore it open and rolled it on.

My small hand wrapped around the base of his length. I lined Shawn up with my entrance and sunk down onto him. He bottomed out on the very first thrust, causing us to whimper in unison.

“In my dream you didn’t have a shirt on.” Shawn breathed out but chuckled while telling me. I rolled my eyes at him then threw my shirt at him. He caught it and threw it to the floor. I placed my hands on his upper abdomen and gripped onto him. My hips moved up then back down slowly to take in all of his cock.

Shawn’s hands gripped onto my thighs while I bounced on him. I kept the pace slow, trying let this last as long as possible. Shawn became impatient with the speed and thrusted his hips up. I looked up at him and saw droplets of sweat dripping down his forehead and that his hair was getting damp already. He still bucked his hips up, meeting me halfway with my thrusts.

“So tight and wet, baby.” Shawn groaned. I moaned as well when Shawn hit just the right spot. I rode him at the same angle so his cock would keep hitting that same spot. I became a moaning mess with my legs shaking, barely able to keep riding Shawn. Every roll of my hips was quick and sloppy as I came closer to my orgasm. I leaned over Shawn’s body. I pressed my lips to his while still rolling my hips onto him, bouncing on his length.

“I’m, oh fuck, I’m so close.” I whimpered. Shawn’s large hands grasped my breasts since they were basically right in his face. His thumbs teased my nipples and the extra sensation and pleasure sent me right over the edge to my orgasm. Shawn felt my walls spasm around his dick, letting him know I had orgasmed, if the sobs and moans hadn’t already.

Shawn thrusted up into me as I was too exhausted to do much more. I was so sensitive and Shawn’s sloppy thrusts didn’t help the matter. After a few rushed thrusts, he also came. I felt a spurt of warmth fill the condom as Shawn’s thrusts ceased. He kissed my forehead after pulling out of me. Then he left to go clean up and I remained laying underneath the sheets and blanket.

I was aware of Shawn being back in the bed by the mattress sinking in next to me and then his warmth behind me. Neither one of us bothered putting on clothes before we went back to sleep. Shawn sweetly pecked my cheeks before cuddling up to me.

“That was the best sex we’ve ever had, or at least I thought so.” I told him.

“So much better than my dream.” Shawn murmured. I laughed at him before saying our goodnights, then falling asleep soon after.

In a Lover’s Eyes

Author: @neonlightwood on tumblr

Pairing: Simon Lewis/Jace Wayland

Word Count: 4,500

Summary: Soon after they get together, Jace offers to let Simon drink from him. Simon says no. And keeps saying no, even when he needs it to heal himself.

Simon’s whole experience being a vampire has frankly been a series of bizarre and unacceptable events, but even he thinks he caught a lucky break never having tasted blood straight from the source. Nothing good could’ve ever come from it. The one and only exception was that time with Jace-Clary-Jace, the life draining from Simon through the slit at his throat and – well, that whole experience just supports Simon’s theory of having dodged a bullet. Even though he was mostly delirious at the time with the only visual recollections being flashes of Clary’s frightened face and Valentine’s smug one – he recalls with startling clarity the feeling of his fangs piercing the thin skin on Clary’s – Jace’s – wrist and the sweet, metallic rush of blood traveling down his throat.

Having a direct tap of heroin in his veins would be less exhilarating, the way that first taste seemed to fire his neurons all at once, sending electricity crackling up his spine and down his veins. Simon’s sure that it’s only the extraordinary trauma of everything else that happened from the moment Simon wrenched his mouth away is the only thing that stopped him becoming an addict.

That, and remembering how afterward, Jace had looked straight into his eyes and said with the kind of seriousness that could crack an iron heart: I would’ve let you.

Months later, having Jace pressed up against him in lonely hallways has become an incredible, unexpected norm. Better still is when they’re in the privacy of Simon’s room back home, during the sacred hours of one and four in the afternoon when they’re the only living – ha – creatures in the house and Jace’s mouth is hot on Simon’s and his hands burn where they splay against Simon’s back, just under the hem of his shirt.

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Domestic Drabbles: 5 - Locks and Wildflowers

Dun dun DUN! Presenting part 5 of Domestic Drabbles: A Series!

This one was an idea created together with @baz-n-simon, my amazing beta, support, and bestie :D Enjoy!


I’m standing wearily in front of the door to Snow and Bunce’s flat. I’ve knocked five times already, and no one has answered. I must have sent Snow ten texts already. I’ve searched through every pocket in my pants and jacket, and I can’t find the key. Snow has lost his so many times, he must have stolen mine.

I glance quickly around the hallway, then slide my wand out of my boot. Simon has told me multiple times not to use magick outside the flat, but with the awful day I’ve had, I can’t be troubled to wait around for someone to answer. I point my wand at the door.

“So many locks, not enough keys.” Yes, I’ve read a Sarah Dessen novel. For spell research only.

When the lock clicks, I slide my wand back into my boot and step inside. Neither Snow nor Bunce is in the living room, and the flat is silent.

“Snow?” I call out. No response. I walk towards the kitchen.

“Simon?” When I step into the kitchen, I stop. Sitting on the table is the most stunning display of wildflowers I’ve ever seen, placed neatly into a rounded vase. I walk over to it and examine each flower intently, wondering which shop Bunce had gotten these from.

My step-mother once spent an entire summer holiday planning a large magician’s gala and proceeded to drag me to every flower shop across London to find the perfect arrangements. Needless to say, she decided to cut the flowers entirely when she wasn’t impressed, but I learned a great deal. But nothing I saw could compare to this beautiful arrangement. It’s simple and delicate, like each flower placed had its own purpose.

There was a soft click of a door opening, and I turn around to see Snow stepping out of his bedroom. I glance him over. He’s just wearing trackies, and his hair his damp, and he has a towel hanging around his neck. He looks amazing, especially after the long day I’ve had. I then glance him over again. Because seeing him like this makes me weak.

He looks around the living room then walks forwards a few steps before he notices me. He’s briefly surprised to see me, but relaxes and smiles.

“Sorry, Baz,” he says, walking towards me. “I just saw your texts. I was in the shower.” His eyes then shift over to my hand that’s touching one of the flowers. “Ah, um… I got those for you.”

I raise an eyebrow at him, look at the flowers, then look back at him.

“You got these,” I say, then look back at the bouquet and back at him again. “For me?”

Snow smiles nervously. “Ah. Um, yeah. You texted me earlier, saying that you were having a bad day, and I saw those. I, uh. I actually don’t know if you like flowers, but um…” He trails off and starts raking his hand through his hair.

“Where did you buy them?” I ask. I’m quite curious, and I think about sending a picture of them to my step-mother.

“Oh.” He’s still raking his fingers through his hair, and it’s now a damp mess. “I picked them.”

I raise both of my eyebrows at him this time. “You… You picked these?”

“Uh, yeah? I got them from that small meadow a few blocks from here. Look, is there something wrong with them? I can get rid of them—”

“No, Snow,” I say, too quickly, touching his shoulder. “No. They’re- they’re perfect. But…”

“But?” He raises his eyebrow nervously.

I look at him, and I know my face is giving away my shock. But this is the most amazing arrangement of flowers I’ve ever seen, and Snow just casually picked them. My boyfriend just casually picked them, my mind adds.

“You… You just picked these?” I repeat. Because I still can’t believe it. “They’re just…”

He grins at me, and I grin back. Then I reach my fingers up and flatten out some of his messy curls.

“They’re lovely,” I say. “Thank you.”

He smiles this time, then leans up and kisses me.

“You’re welcome.”

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anonymous-user84  asked:

2-D actually getting the space hair w/ s/o (this is just, i need)

2D whines as the cold water drips down his neck, and you quickly wipe it off with the towel.
“Sorry, sorry, I’m getting it,” you say, and he taps his foot impatiently. He sits on the edge of his bath, legs in the empty tub, his hair damp and spiked up in all directions, while you shake up two different bottles of hair dye; red and purple. He cranes his neck, trying to look at you, but you take ahold of his head and point it forward again.

“I need to put the vaseline on,” you tell him, opening up his cabinet and taking out a massive jar of the stuff. You slick your fingers up and gently wipe it around his hairline, on the tops of his ears, making sure that every inch if his skin close to his hair is covered.
“What’s this for?” he asks, shifting as you wipe a slimy streak of it down his neck.
“It’s so the dye doesn’t stain your skin,” you tell him, “first time I dyed my hair, I didn’t use it. I had purple ears for almost 2 weeks,”

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anonymous asked:

Hi could you please write a fic where Stiles and Derek have been dating for a few months but Stiles won't let Derek see him naked and Derek gets angry thinking Stiles isn't as in love with him as he is With Stiles. So they have their first huge fight and Derek ends their relationship. It's only later when Stiles turns up at his door Derek realizes that Stiles loves him but he was ashamed of the scars he had from an accident years earlier. Derek shows Stiles just how beautiful he is to him.

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: M, Word Count: 1828
Human AU, College AU (sort of, it’s summer, so they’re not actually there, and they don’t go to the same school), Alive Hale Family, Angst, Fluff, Scars, Break Up, Getting Back Together, Mild Smut, POV Derek, nsfw

Read on AO3

Derek is sitting on his bed, knees pulled into his chest, a comforting mug of hot chocolate in his hands. Stiles would’ve told him he’s brooding if he were here, which Derek would then vehemently deny. A smile pulls at Derek’s lips, but then he remembers Stiles isn’t here to tell him he’s brooding, might not ever be again. His smile drops and he clutches the mug a little tighter.

Well, if he is brooding, at least he’s got the weather brooding with him. There’s a summer storm raging outside, the rain pounding on the glass like a drumline that can’t sync up. There’s no thunder or lightening yet, but Derek feels it buzzing in the air, a ball of energy waiting to be released. Like Stiles when he’s excited about something.


For years, Stiles was barely on Derek’s radar, saw him only as one of Cora’s dorky friends, and now everything reminds Derek of him. The weather, the colour of his mug, every single TV show, the bags under his eyes, the sweater he’s wearing, the music blasting in his ear through his headphones.

It’s been three days without a word from Stiles­­. Derek’s thought about calling him, but he wouldn’t know what to say, except to repeat what he’s already said.

They’d been making out on his bed, Stiles in Derek’s lap, his hands in Derek’s hair, giggling as he kissed his way across Derek’s stubbly cheek and jaw to his neck. Derek pulled Stiles closer by his hips, his hands slipping under Stiles’ shirt, his fingers grazing the skin just above the waistband of Stiles’ jeans. Stiles froze, his breath stocking in his throat, his lips hovering just below Derek’s ear. Derek immediately pulled his hands away, but Stiles was already retreating. Mentally as well as physically.  It wasn’t the first time Stiles froze during a make-out session. It’s been happening since summer started.

At the beginning of spring semester, Stiles had needed help with an essay, and Cora had given him Derek’s number so Stiles could pick his “nerdy History Major brain”. They’d started talking, first about the essay, then school, and soon they were texting and calling and Skyping daily.

When the school year was drawing to a close, Derek realized he and Stiles would both be going back to Beacon Hills for the summer. He couldn’t figure out why that made him so nervous until, on his second day home, Stiles was at the door, flowers in his hand and a hopeful smile on his face. They’d gone out for milkshakes, which turned into dinner and a movie. Stiles had driven Derek home, but before Derek could get out of the car, Stiles pulled him into a kiss. Derek tried to pull Stiles closer, but Stiles quickly pulled back, giving the excuse that Derek’s family was watching. They were, but Derek had sensed there was something else. He hadn’t pushed. It was only their first kiss, and there would be plenty of time to talk.

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10 Things I Hate About You (Part Five) - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: hello, my dearies! :D sorry for the wait, here’s part 5! :D you guys are the best for liking this story so much!! and now, ladies and gents, I give you… chapter 5! :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

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10 Things I Hate About You

I hate you so much that it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 6[Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Previously on 10 Things I Hate About You…

“Good night, love” he said removing a strand of loose hair from her face.

“Good night” he heard her whisper before he left the dorm.

He walked the stairs with the smile still on his face, as quietly as he could. Hopefully nobody noticed it. But somebody did.

“Bloody hell!” Sirius said jumping at the sight of someone standing in the middle of the room, looking directly at him. “Moony! You scared the shit out of me!”

“Would you care to explain to me why you are coming out of (Y/N)’s dorm?” Remus said with a skeptical look on his face and noticing Sirius’ pale a little.

“Um- well, n-nothing. I mean, she just uh- fell asleep and I thought I’d bring her up-“

“What are you doing with (Y/N), Padfoot?” Remus asked in a more stern tone.

“D-doing? What do you mean doing? I’m not doing anything with her” Sirius said letting out a nervous laugh before they were interrupted by James’ snores and the two of them looked at their passed out friend.

“You know Prongs would kill you, right?” Remus whispered as James’ snores got louder.

“Prongs will not kill me because I’m not doing anything, Moony!” Sirius said walking towards his dorm and Remus quickly followed him.

“Do you really think I haven’t noticed? I know (Y/N) is the girl that you’ve been sneaking up with every night” he started once they were upstairs making Sirius freeze on his spot. “I saw you kissing her head today in Herbology. I notice the way both of you changed your behavior towards the other and I just saw you come out of her dorm!”

“You know, you spend an awful lot of time staring at other people, Moony. Is rather creepy!”

“Do not change the subject, Pads! Now what the bloody hell is going on?” Remus demanded again.

Nothing is going on! (Y/N) and I are just friends!”

“But that’s the thing! You weren’t friends! Why are you friends all of the sudden? Why are you spending so much time with her? Why did you blow off your date to come to movie night that is not something that you do! Even for a friend” Remus told him.

“W-well, maybe I just realized that I was a complete idiot with her for no reason and I want to change that” Sirius defended himself.

“How stupid do you think I am, Sirius?”

“Hey! I’m telling you the truth!”

“No, you’re not! You’re hiding something! And I’m going to find out what it is” Remus defied him. “And even if I don’t find out what it is, sooner or later is going to blow up on your face, and trust me Pads, if you do anything to (Y/N), James will kill you. And if he hasn’t got to you, then I will” Remus said glaring at his friend a little.

Sirius straightened his face as he looked back at Remus, “Nothing is going on, mate.  I promise.”

Remus stared at his friend looking for the lie in his eyes, but didn’t find one. “Fine” he gave up and Sirius sighed in relief. “But I’m watching you, Black” he said glaring at him before walking over to the bathroom.

Sirius tossed himself on his bed as he sighed and ran his hand through his black hair. “Fuck. I’m going to end up dead!”

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A Eomer Fanfic

This is based on an imagine found here:

Helms deep had certainly been one of the toughest fights I’d ever been in. That’s after years of fighting alongside my brother, Boromir, sharing delegation of a captains work against our fathers wishes.

I’d joined him on the quest after we were both sent to Rivendell, and then I stayed with him to patch his wounds after the battle along the river. He was lucky to be alive.

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The Sweet Jerk-Anon Request

Hello! *crickets*

OMG! Guys I’m so so so soooo sorry for my lack of activity for the past few days. I’ve been super busy with school and I finish in like 5 weeks so things are gonna get crazy!

Just remember that I’m not going to abandon this blog I’m just really busy but summer’s just around the corner so there’s that :)

Anywho, here’s another request. I hope you like it Anon! I had to rush the end a little bit to be able to upload it tonight. I hope it’s still good and that it’s what you wanted ^_^

I hope everyone enjoys! I should go do homework but I’ll try to get started on another one tonight.

-Love, Sarah

(y/n)=Your name (c/n)=Crush’s name (f/n)=Friend’s name (e/c)=Eye colour (h/c)=Hair colour

‘’Hii, I love your imagine stories

I entered the coffee shop and breathed out a sigh of relief. I got rid of the snow that was gathered on my coat and head before heading to my usual table in the corner of the shop.

I took a seat on one of the comfortable chairs of the table for two before placing my bag on the free chair. I breathed in the sweet smell of coffee and felt my nerves slowly fade away. Coffee was my drug; it always calmed me and kept me awake when schoolwork needed to be completed late at night.

My eyes scanned the shop, the brown table and comfy brown chairs, the boots next to the big windows. I smiled and waved back at the employees who knew me, and my order by heart because I basically lived in this shop, it was my second home.

I shrugged my damp coat off and slung it over the chair I was sitting on, along with my scarf before retrieving my phone from my bag. As I waited for my order to be taken, I went through the numerous replies of my friends after I’d asked them what to do for my 18th birthday. Most of them, the guys, had requested for me to throw a huge party, with of course lots of alcohol. I rolled my eyes at their silliness as I typed down a few replies.

‘’Hey, welcome to our shop, and may I take your order.’’ I frowned and barely glanced up at the owner of a very bored voice, as I kept on typing away on my phone.

‘’I’ll have the usual.’’ I mumbled distractedly.

‘’And what is the usual?’’

That’s when I decided to look up because every worker in this shop knew my order by heart. And Lord, I wish I hadn’t looked up. Or, I don’t know, gotten one of the usual servers.

‘’A tall cappuccino with whipped cream and a chocolate muffin.’’ I felt my cheeks flush as I made eye contact with the very, very attractive new server.

His eyes seemed to twinkle as he held my gaze and I almost rolled my eyes when the corner of his lip quirked up into a smirk. I raised my eyebrows at him and he chuckled softly before taking out a small notebook and taking down my order.

I, being the stupid horny teenager I was let my eyes wander around his face. His (e/c) eyes were burned into my head from the second I looked into them. His (h/c) hair, unbelievably messy, sat on his head with a few strands falling on his forehead. My eyes wandered down to his full, pink lips and the stubble on his cheeks. I almost let out a sigh as I took in his very defined arms, and very nice chest that looked amazing in his tight uniform.

The attractive server cleared his throat and my eyes snapped to my phone. I bit the inside of my cheek as my fingers flew over the dark screen. Hopefully he didn’t see me checking him out, I thought as I pretended to text.

‘’Your order will be ready soon.’’ I looked away from my phone and up into the gorgeous server’s (e/c) eyes.

‘’Great, thanks.’’ He smirked down at me before turning on his heels and walking back to the counter. I bit down my lip as I watched his ass. A guy with a nice ass was always a plus, and Lord, that butt looked mighty fine, just like the rest of him.

I shook those thoughts out of my head and focused my attention back to my phone. My fingers flew around on the screen, I was texting for real this time and it involved caps and lots of hearts of flushed faced emoticons.

I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder back to the beautiful new server. A shiver ran down my spine as his deep voice rang in my ears again. The twinkle of his eyes, that stupid little smirk on his perfect lips. And that stubble! It made him look a 100 times sexier than he already was. What can I say; men who can pull out facial hair are my weakness. 

My fingers drummed impatiently on the wooden table as I waited for my order to arrive. This was taking longer than usual and I had a feeling that the gorgeous server had something to do with it.

Gorgeous server’s P.O.V.

I let out a groan and jumped off the counter, my mouth still full of that delicious muffin. I rolled my eyes as I made my way back to the coffee machine. This shop was so stupid, the clients were stupid, and my co-workers were stupid. I’d only gotten this job because I had to help pay for the bills since I was 25 and still living at my parent’s house. Kinda stupid if you ask me.

The blonde one, I forgot her name, had gotten mad at me because I messed up the pretty girl’s order. Big deal, I made her a cold cappuccino. How was I supposed to know she wanted it hot? I also ate her chocolate muffin, whatever, it’s not like this dumb place was going to run out of them anytime soon.

I smiled to myself as I remembered the pretty girl’s flushed face. She was obviously checking me out and her pretending to text when I caught her was pretty cute.

‘’Hey, what’s her name? I didn’t catch it!’’

The blonde swirled around, her arms crossed over her chest and her eyes glaring at me. I laughed and she rolled her eyes.

‘’My mom doesn’t pay you to flirt with the clients.’’ She replied with a smirk.

‘’That doesn’t answer my question.’’

‘’It’s (y/n). Don’t mess up her order again and don’t flirt with her, she’s a regular and… Just don’t do anything stupid!’’ She let out a frustrated groan before running off to wherever she had to be.

My mind wandered back to when I’d seen her enter the shop. She was covered in snow and but the pissed off look she had on disappeared as soon as she sat down. Her (h/c) hair was damp because of the snow but it still looked good. And her ass, it looked very nice in those tight, fitting blue jeans.

I let out a nervous sigh as I arranged her order on a small plate. I frowned and rolled my eyes. Why was I nervous? She was just some girl. A very pretty girl that I may, or may not wanted to impress.

Working in this coffee shop, I saw plenty of pretty girls everyday. But she looked better, different; she had something that made her stand out from the other girls I’d seen in here.

I walked back to her table and smiled to myself. I could only see her from behind but her hunched back and drumming fingers on the table told me she w as getting impatient. I approached her quietly and smiled when she unlocked her phone.

Ughh you lucky bitch, send me a picture of that fine man!

So she’d already told her friend about me. Interesting. I smirked as I watched her type a reply.

Calm your tits you horny whore -_- I’m not taking a picture that’s creepy! Juts come with me tomorrow he’ll probably be here

You’re turning 18 in a week and we’re gonna spend all our time planning the perfect party, not stalking some gorgeous server at some retarded coffee shop!

I stifled a laugh as I read her friend’s reply.

‘’Ahem, your order (y/n).’’ She jumped in her seat craned her neck to look at me. I smirked before rounding table and setting her order down in front of her.

‘’Thank you.’’ She looked down at her food with her cheeks flushed.

‘’The name’s (c/n), you look familiar; I think I’ve seen you before.’’ I grinned down at her as I held a hand out. She stared at it with a small frown and I internally begged her to just shake it.

‘’I don’t think so.’’ She finally shook my hand I smiled to myself.

‘’I know!’’ I snapped my fingers and let go of her hand. ‘’My dreams, that’s where I’ve seen you.’’ I flashed her a smile and groaned internally. What a fucking dick! What am I doing?

Her smile fell and she frowned up at me. ‘’I don’t do players with lame pickup lines.’’

‘’You’ll come around.’’ I winked at her before turning on my heels and walking back to the counter.

‘’I told you not to flirt with her.’’ I sighed and threw my apron along with the tray in a corner of the large brown counter. I turned to face the blonde, whose name I still couldn’t remember, this place should really invest in nametags, and glared at her.

‘’You need to chill. I’m taking a break!’’ I ignored her protests as I made my way to the back store while continuously pulling at my hair in frustration. Why was I such a dick back there? Jesus (c/n), you see a pretty girl and you act like an overconfident jerk!

I sighed and fell back onto a chair. And you wonder why you’re still single.

*A week later-(y/n)’s P.O.V.*

My friend reluctantly followed me inside the coffee shop and I smiled in victory.

‘’I’m just doing this because I wanna see the cute guy.’’ (F/n) grumbled as we walked up to the counter.

One of the employees, Anna, smiled when she saw me and jogged to her place behind the counter.

‘’Hey, (y/n)! The usual?’’ I nodded as I handed her the exact amount that I knew by heart. She shook her head and I frowned as she pushed my hand back.

‘’Do you really think we’d let you pay on your birthday?’’

Some of the other workers suddenly popped out from under the counter and started singing happy birthday. I couldn’t fight my grin as I watched (f/n) join my very good friends.

‘’Thanks guys!’’ I gushed. My eyes lit up as Anna approached me with my usual chocolate cupcake, on top of it a lit candle in the shape of an 18. I smiled and blew the candle.

Anna hugged me tightly before going back behind the counter.

‘’Anything for you?’’ I looked at (f/n) who was grinning widely at Anna.

‘’I won’t say no to free food.’’ I shook my head but still laughed.

After taking down (f/n)’s order, Anna disappeared to the other end of the counter, where the coffee machines were situated.

‘’OMG!’’ (F/n) hissed not so silently while she gripped my arm.

‘’What?’’ I frowned as I pulled my arm out of her grip.

She pointed to something behind me and I raised my eyebrows at her before turning around. My jaw dropped when my eyes landed on what she was freaking out about.

(C/n) was standing a few feet away from us with a bouquet of roses in his right hand and what looked like a cup of my cappuccino in his left hand. He approached me slowly, he seemed unsure and his smile was quivering.

‘’Hey,’’ His voice cracked and he frowned before clearing his throat. ‘’I-um happy birthday.’’

He handed me the flowers and the cup of coffee. I quickly looked down and smiled when I recognized the smell of my usual cappuccino.

I looked back up at him and sighed as I took in the attention we were gathering.

‘’I thought I told you I didn’t do players.’’

He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. ‘’I know but that wasn’t me. I’m sorry for being such a jerk last week. I dunno why I always mess stuff up but would you be willing to give me a second chance if I promise to be myself from now on?’’

His (e/c) eyes were pleading me and all his nervous smile did was make it easier for me to say yes.

‘’Alright.’’ I grinned as he fist bumped the air. I frowned when he took the cappuccino and bouquet away from my hands and set them behind me on the counter. I felt his hand on my waist and the other on my cheek.

He grinned down at me before crashing his lips on mine. I couldn’t help but smile into the kiss as I felt him twirl me around, under the cheers of the coffee shop.

 The End

Here you go guys, sorry the end is super rushed, I hope it doesn’t show too much :o

I thought it was still pretty good and I hope you guys enjoyed it, especially you Anon!

Also, sorry if there are any mistakes because again I’m rushing this for you guys :)

Anywho, that’s all for tonight!

-Love, Sarah

Harry Styles: Wedding Series

Wedding Series #1: Getting Permission

(Word Count: 2, 810)

He always thought performing on stage would be the most nerve-wracking thing he’d accomplish in his life. He never thought asking for your hand in marriage would be up there with that. You’d been blessed with dating Harry for nearly 5 years, meeting him in a busy coffee shop one cold and rainy London morning. Your father had always had a soft spot for Harry, so he knew he had nothing to worry about, but he just couldn’t help thinking that maybe your father didn’t want you marrying someone in the limelight. He might not want his daughter plastered on every front page of the daily newspaper he took to reading every morning with his breakfast.

Your father knew that though. He knew that a consequence of being with Harry was having your face plastered around so everyone knew who you were. Both your mother and your father understood in that aspect, and they knew that he loved what he does. They knew that you loved Harry, and who he was behind the fame and the spotlight. They adored him. And he kept trying to tell himself that there was nothing to worry about.  Your parents had loved him from the moment he met them nearly 5 years back.

* *

“Harry, my parents wanted to invite us for Sunday lunch today. It’s a chance for you to get to meet them! What do you say? Can we go?” You begged, as you turned to see him walking from the kitchen. His hands nursing a mug of warm peppermint tea. His body was clad in a white t-shirt and blue running shorts, and his feet were bare. His hair was messed slightly, and still partly damp from his morning shower. His eyes were still full of sleep as he trundled towards the sofa, plopping down gently into the cushion beside you. He kicked his feet up, and sat them in your lap, his heels resting where your thighs rested next to one another.

“Do you want me to meet your parents? I mean, I’ve taken you to meet mine. It’s only right to meet yours, yeah?” He grinned, as he rested the mug on his lips, taking a small sip from the warm liquid. He watched as you tapped away at your phone, a huge grin on your lips as you replied to your mother’s text. “What time though? Because, I feel this isn’t good for a Sunday lunch outfit…” He chuckled, as you pressed a hand to his belly. Your fingers dragging soft patterns into the material.

“You could go in anything, and they’d still love you, H. I’ve not even taken you to meet them, and they’re already saying how much they adore you” You giggled, as you rested your forehead against his bent knee. “It’s just the local pub by them. We used to go for a family tradition nearly every Sunday. Me, my mum and my dad, and my aunts and uncles. It was fun. But, that kind of stopped” You sighed, as you looked to Harry. A devilish grin on his lips. “What are you thinking about, mister?”

“Oh, nothing. Nothing. Just, imagine a family tradition we could have. Like, we could go to a carvery close to home and meet with your parents and my mum and Robin, and we could get together, and after we’d eaten, we could take walks in the park and play in the play areas” He smiled, as you ran a hand up his calf. His muscles tense and hard.

“You think about that?” You wondered, as he gave you a swift nod. “You’re so adorable, you know that? We’ve together for 7 months and you already think of a future with me?” You smiled softly; as you watched his cheeks tinge a pink colour. He knew it was early, but he knew. And he could feel it. You were definitely the one he wanted all of that with. You were the one he wanted to marry, and the one he wanted to have children with. And he knew you were the one who would watch him grow old, and stay by his side through anything coming your way. He knew it.

“Sometimes I do. When I feel I’m missing you on tour, and you’re asleep back here. I don’t know… It just comes to mind. It’s not something massive I think about all the time” He chuckled, as he leant over to the coffee table of his living room and placed his mug on the coaster. “But anyway… Shouldn’t you be going to get ready? Make yourself look all pretty. We’ve got to dress formally if I’m meeting your parents, right?” He winked, as you slapped his bare thigh softly.

“I hate you…” You muttered playfully, pushing his feet off of your lap and trudging up the stairs to his bedroom. 7 months was initially a long time when you think about it. 7 months that had flown by with Harry. All you needed was your parents approval, and things would only get better.

* *

The gravel was crunching underneath his boots, as you made your way to the front entrance of the pub your parents were sat in. His hand was moist as he held onto you tightly, his eyes cast downwards. You knew that look. It’s the look he had on his face before he would go on stage. He was nervous.

“Hey… You have nothing to be scared about, okay? I’ve told them so much about you. They really want to meet you, H. I promise you, they won’t hate you” You grinned, as you leant up on your toes to press a kiss to his cheek. You adjusted the fedora on his head, and pulled at the lapels of his chequered shirt to make it snuggly fit his chest. “You look wonderful. You do” You smiled, as you approached the wooden door to the pub. The smell of beer and carvery dinners already filling your nose.

“Okay… I’m nervous. Baby, I really am. Can’t we do this another day? I feel like I’m going to be sick. I’m not joking you” He whispered, as you watched his face drop. His cheeks paling but his nose reddening up. “I’m not ready. I don’t have anything to give to them as a little gift. Like, I should have brought your mother flowers or someth-“ You cut him off with a kiss. His rambling was cute, but he was panicking himself. And it was worrying you.  The more he spoke, the more nervous he got. And a nervous Harry wasn’t good.

“You are going to be fine, Harry. Please, stop worrying. You’ll give yourself a panic attack, and I haven’t a clue what to do in a panic attack, so I’d leave you here to die. And that isn’t a good idea” You teased, as he nudged you with his elbow. You looked up to him, a hand on the brass door handle and another placed on his hip. “Ready?”

He gulped softly, and nodded. Following you, hot on your tail, as you walked into the pub. The constant chatter and the smells of beer and food made you feel right at home. Old family friends were sat around the bar, the football game on the TV with cheers and groans coming from other customers.

“(Y/N)! We’re over here. Sweetie, we’re here” You heard your mother call, a big smile on her lips as she shuffled from her seat in the booth and jogged over to you both. Her arms open wide, before she engulfed you in a hug. “Oh, sweetie. We’ve missed you.” She sighed, as she pressed a kiss to your forehead. Her warm hands were cupping your cheeks, as she peppered your face with kisses. Her eyes cast up to Harry, who was watching the both of you. A smile on his lips. “And you must be Harry! My goodness, you are much, much taller than (Y/N) described” She laughed, as she hugged him tightly. Her head coming just below his chin, and her arms wrapping snuggly around his hips. “Oh, and he’s a good hugger. And he smells very nice. I like this one, sweetie” Your mother winked, as she felt Harry chuckle. His chest rumbling.

“Thank you very much, Mrs (Y/L/N)… It’s a pleasure to meet you. I would have brought flowers but it was such late notice and (Y/N) was really excited to get here and see you” Harry smiled, as he followed your mother to the table, where you were already sat with your father conversing about the latest gossip from the family. “Hello, Mr (Y/L/N). It’s a pleasure to meet you, too. Thank you both for inviting me” Harry smiled, as he shook your fathers hand tightly. A nervous smile on his lips.

“Quit it with the last names, Harry. You’re dating our daughter, so you can call us by our first names, okay?” Your father smiled, as he watched Harry settle into the booth opposite him. “It’s (Y/M/N) and (Y/F/N) to you, okay? You understand me, Harry?” Your father smiled, as he looked to you sat beside him. Your hand tucked tightly into Harry’s hold.

“I understand, Si- (Y/F/N)” Harry grinned, as he looked to you. A bold and brash smile on his pink lips.

* *

His knuckles knocked against the front door, his legs wobbling and his hands shaking as he looked to his feet. He had never felt so nervous. He knew performing on stage was nerve-wracking. But, asking for your hand in marriage was the most nervous thing he’d done, unrelated to the band and the spotlight. He could hear the soft footsteps and shuffles coming from behind the door, before the door click open, and your mother pulled it open.

“Oh, hello Harry. Are you here on your own? What’s happened?” Your mother wondered, as she looked around him to see if you were stood behind him or in the car. But to no avail. “Where’s (Y/N)?” She asked; worry filling her voice as she let Harry into the home. The smell of tea and cake filling his nose.

“Oh, I’m here alone. I need to talk to you both about something. Something I’ve been thinking about for a while… And, I need to ask you right away” Harry trembled, as the sound of the front door closing fill the house. “I uhm… Is (Y/F/N) around? It’s sort of him I need to ask” Harry wondered, as your mother patted his shoulder.

“He’s in the living room, my love. Are you okay, Harry? You’re shaking. What’s wrong?” Your mother wondered, as Harry smiled at her. Placing an arm over her shoulder, and giving her a soft hug. “Oh, okay. Just some hugs. That’s okay” Your mother smiled, as she wrapped her arm around his waist. “Go and sit down in the living room, and I’ll bring you some tea and a cake in. I think your favourite is the chocolate chip muffin, yes?” She smiled, as Harry looked down at her.

“You remembered!” He grinned, as he kissed her cheek. “That would be lovely, thank you so much” He smiled, as he toed off his boots. Letting them fall to the ground before he walked into the living room. “Hi, (Y/F/N). Everything okay? The garden looks fabulous, if I can just say that. Are they the flowers we got you for your anniversary?” Harry wondered, as he took a seat on the sofa. His head turning to your father sitting in the arm chair.

He’d always had a connection with your father. And it’s only ever when you’re popping over for tea and cakes that you catch them in the garden together, dressed in wellie boots and coats, planting flowers and seeds in the soil. It made you smile, at the fact that your father accepted Harry right away. It was unlikely for that to happen, and for Harry, it felt like he was on top of the world.

“I believe so. They’ve come out well, haven’t they? They go well with the rest of the flowers. (Y/M/N) is very pleased with it” Your father chuckled, as he patted Harry’s knee softly. “How are you? Where’s my daughter? Is she not here with you?” He wondered, as Harry shook his head. Your fathers face dropping slightly. “What’s happened? You guys didn’t break up, right? Because, I’d have to ask you to get back with her. You’ve made her extremely happy, Harry Styles” Your father said sternly, as Harry’s eyes widened.

“No. No! God, no. We’re still together. She did want to come, but she’s ill. She’s got the flu, and she’s having a sleep. I’ve got my sister looking after her. I just, I really needed to come over and ask you something important. And I was hoping that it would be a right time to come now…” Harry wondered, as he heard the clink of the spoon coming from the kitchen. He twisted at the rings on his fingers; the metal was cool underneath his fingertips, his skin flushed and warm from nerves. “It’s just, it’s a really important question and I needed to get the answer. To calm me down a little” Harry reasoned, as your father leant forward. His elbows resting on his knees.

“What’s this question then?” He smiled, as Harry ran a hand through his locks. His fingers weak and his hands shaking. “C’mon, son. What’s bothering you?” He saw, from the corner of his eye, your mother walk in with a tray in her hand, with three teas and some cakes on a plate. He gulped softly, and looked between your mother and your fathers.

“I wanted to know, if I could have your blessing to marry your daughter? I felt like I should ask before I went in and popped the question… Because, if you weren’t happy with it, it would make me feel worse” Harry whispered, as he heard a gasp from your mother. And a chuckle from your father.

“Harry! That’s incredible. Oh my goodness. How long have you been thinking about this?” Your mother asked, as Harry turned to her. A soft smile on his lips, with a relieved sigh leaving his throat. “Oh my goodness gracious… (Y/F/N), they’re going to get married! That’s so amazing” She squealed, as she took Harry into her arms.

“Harry, you have always had our blessing, son. You’ve been the only one we’ve loved having around. You haven’t treated (Y/N) like some toy, and you’ve proved to us over the 5 years that you truly love her. And we couldn’t ask for anything better. You have always had our blessing, so yes. You can marry her. Just, treat her right. Okay? You treat her like she’s your entire world, because she’s my daughter. My little girl” Your father said, as he stood up, holding his hand out for Harry, to which Harry took in his own grip. He stood up with your father and shook his hand, before he was pulled into a hug. A pat on his back making him feel welcomed.

“Thank you, so much. You know I’d put her first. Always. She’s going to be my first priority, for as long as possible. Thank you so much. You haven’t a clue how relieved I am right now. It’s been eating away at me, and I needed to get an answer as soon as possible” Harry chuckled, as he pulled away from your father, a permanent grin on his lips.

Your mother pulled him into a hug right away, her hands resting on his back as she rubbed them around in soft circles.  “Have you got the ring? Oh, this is so exciting. My little girl is going to get married” Your mother squealed, as she cupped Harry’s cheeks in her hands. “Thank you so much. Thank you for just making her happy and bringing her out of her shell. She’s been the happiest these 5 years, and we adore you for that. Harry, we love you lots” She whispered, as Harry smiled. He could feel the tears from your mother soak into his t-shirt, and his heart went weak.

“Oh, (Y/M/N)… Don’t cry! Oh my god, it’s okay” Harry whispered, as he ran a hand over her back. “I don’t have the ring yet, but I was going to go with Gemma and Niall this weekend. I’ve got Sophia and Liam keeping her company whilst I go out, so hopefully, she doesn’t suspect anything” Harry grinned, as he took a seat back down beside your mother. His hands reaching for his mug.

Getting permission.



Here we go. Forgive me all mistakes.


I was reading, Minseok next to me slept peacefully. He just came back from a month of promotions and fan-events in another country. As the good girlfriend I was, I picked him up from the airport. Of course I had to wait in the car, the fans would have eaten me alive if I went in. We were still unofficial and therefore hiding our relationship. I would tell the world, but Minnie wanted to hide. He was worried that the hardcore-fans would attack me if they knew that I slept with their precious, innocent, little cinnamon roll. I call bullshit. He definitely was NOT an innocent cinnamon roll. He was the devil. Even when he looked as angelic and beautiful as now. Still, I was a lucky girl. I knew that. A guy like him could have had every girl he wished for, but he still chose me. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t ugly. Actually I thought I looked pretty fine. Just, the girls he was around were so much more beautiful. And they were actually acting like girls, wearing flower crowns and pink and high heels. I didn’t even own anything pink. Excluding that one pastel-pink panty that’s only in my possession because it was included in a 3-pack.
Minseok sighed in his sleep and scrunched up his nose. His hair was a mess and still a little damp from the shower earlier. Smiling I moved some strands out of his handsome face. Then I continued reading while wiggling around a bit. I always have been a restless person. I was always shifting and changing positions. Even while spooning, which caused more boners than I could count. At some point I ended up on my back, both hands holding the book over my head and legs wrapped around my blanket. I loved to wrap my legs around things. Blankets, pillows, the guy next to me. He liked it there though. He was at rest when laying there, head on my stomach or breast and my legs wrapped around him. He once said, it would make him feel better. Apparently my boobs had some superpowers I didn’t know about. I should open a doc’s office and make people pay for laying between my legs and cuddling my boobs. Would that make me a prostitute?
The sleepyhead moved again and sighed deeply. He seemed uneasy, like he was having a bad dream. I reached out and buried my hand in his soft, dark hair to go through it in slow and calm movements. A sigh again, then nothing. The room was filled with steady breaths. Satisfied, I returned my attention to my book.
I got through two more chapters when suddenly a hand landed on my boob. I stopped, looked at the hand and then at Minseok. His eyes were closed, but a huge, pleased smile decorated his face. He looked like a cat that just killed a bird.
“Like it?”
The smile widened and he nodded. “Makes me feel better.”
I grinned and told him about my idea. The one with the strangers between my legs.
“100 per boob and 250 for 5 minutes full-frontal-cuddling. How does that sound?”
Ok, now his eyes were open. They were piercing and practically shooting arrows at me. Suddenly my book was snapped out of my hands and tossed somewhere on the floor.
“Hey! You can’t do this! Books have feelings too!”
Minseok forcefully grabbed my blanket, pulled and threw it out of the bed. Then he practically tore my legs apart, let himself settle between them, crotch against mine, one hand on my thigh, the other around my wrists over my head and my legs wrapped around his hips. Oh dear lord, those hips. When he talked, his voice was low and rough, partially due to sleep, partially because he was a calculating, mean assbutthole. He knew that his sleepy voice did things to my pants me. “You want strangers to take my place? You want them to do what I do?”
His hand traveled up my leg, fingertips stroking my skin as light as a feather. Oh God.
“Are you sure you want them?” He licked his lips and stopped to move. “I would think about it, if I was you.”
Suddenly his hands were at my butt. With a cocky smile he grabbed it and lifted it up, causing my crotch to bump against his core. “I want you to be sure.”
His voice dropped an octave lower. I took in a shaky breath, struggling to get my mind straight. And then he started grinding against me.
“Oh god.” There was a waterfall in my pants and he knew it. I tightened my grip around him and pressed my heels to his butt, wishing for him to grind harder. He brought one hand to my cheek and stroked my lower lip with his thumb. “Tell me what you want, baby.”
I opened my mouth, wanting to answer, but struggling due to his hips constantly grinding against mine. This devil child studied my expression, then he stopped teasing. He kissed my lips lightly and wrapped buried a hand in my hair. “Tell me, baby.”
“You.” It was a quiet, shaky breath, but it made him happy.
“Right.” Minnie pulled my head back and kissed my chin, working his way down my jaw. “You can’t ever forget that.”
Another kiss. I squirmed a bit until I remembered, that I had two healthy hands. Now it was my turn to pull his head up to kiss him. His hand were sneaking under my shirt, wandering over my stomach, stroking my sides and finally pressing my lower back against him. He broke away from me to take my shirt off, making me lift my hands up. The shirt disappeared somewhere behind him while he took the sight in. “I will burn all your bras.”
“Then you won’t let me leave the house.” I tried to sound cocky but it came out as a thin whisper.
“Not even this bed, baby.” Minseok looked at me like I was something precious. Something that would dissolve if he looked away.
Slowly, so slowly, he brought his hands to my rib cage, stroking the skin, leaving hot traces. When I tried to move, he stopped me. “Don’t. Let me appreciate this.”
He bent down and pressed small kisses on my breasts, one left and one right. “You are beautiful.”
More kisses on my shoulders. “So beautiful.”
What is air?
Usually, I was a tough, strong girl. But with him… I didn’t even remember how to breathe.
I cupped his face and pressed my lips on his. It was a sweet, almost innocent kiss. If I wasn’t practically naked. His hands moved to my back and slowly slid down to my panties. His fingers drew a line along the waistband to the front, where he played with the small tie.
I couldn’t move. I wanted to do so much to him, for him, but I just couldn’t move. I watched as he hooked two fingers under the fabric and pulled it down. His dark hair tickled when he covered my belly with soft kisses. He went lower, and lower and pressed a kiss to my inner thighs.
I melted. I melted right here, right now.
Like butter in the sun.
There won’t be anything left of me.
I was craving his touches, his kisses, his taste on my tongue. I missed his cocky smile when he found another spot that made me want to disappear.
“Why are you still fully clothed?” I tried to take his shirt off, but he escaped and hopped off the bed instead. Now I sat there, waiting and more than just ready. And I got my big-mouthed self back, as I didn’t feel his hands on my body anymore.
“If you don’t hurry up, I’ll start without you.”
Something in his eyes light up at this sentence. Minseok stopped and pulled the shirt back down. For a couple of seconds, he was just staring at me. Finally, he moved.
To the chair at the desk.
“I’ll watch.” An elbow propped up, chin on his hand, studying my every move, anticipating this small, private show.
Oh god.
This little fuck knew I was bluffing.
I froze for a second, staring at his smug face and considering my options. I could either blush like a virgin and put the blanket over me until he came back to bed or actually tease him and do me myself. Minseok tilted his head to the side and bit down on his lip. My eyes wandered down to his crotch, where his hard member was showing. I smiled. Then I brought my left hand to my breast and started kneading and pinching my nipple lightly. Minseoks face practically fell. He obviously didn’t expect me to do it. I could see his breath becoming unsteadily as he tried to process what I was doing. Then I laid back against the headboard and began stroking down my belly, between my legs. I was so wet, I probably left a wet mess on the sheets.
Minseok shifted in the chair and bit down on his thumb. His reaction turned me on even more. I didn’t think this would be possible. I held back a sigh when I rubbed over my clit. I added my other hand and stroked through the wet lips before pushing a finger into me. I let out a moan this time and cocked my hip up, adding more pressure onto my sensual spots. My finger slid in and out easily, massaging my inner walls and driving me crazy, because it just wasn’t enough. “Minnie…” His name left my lips unintentionally and faster than I could realize. Suddenly, my handy were ripped away from my vagina and pressed against something hard. I opened my eyes, struggling to remember the moment I closed them and stared into my boyfriends face. “What are you doing?”
I admit, that wasn’t my proudest moment.
Minseok pressed my hands against his crotch and grinded his hips against them. He leaned forward and kissed my neck, before he tugged at my ear and moaned: “You can’t tease me like that and expect me to keep calm.”
His boner under my fingers grew even harder and I decided to finally get him out of his pants. I freed my hands from his grip and grabbed the fabric, pulling and cussing when I couldn’t get past his knees.
“Wait.” He stood up, got out of his clothes and crawled back on bed when he was naked.
I let my hand roam around on his body, stroking his stomach, kneading his shoulders and feeling up his muscles. His hands mirrored my movements, until he let his lips follow his hands. Then he took my hands and held them above my head. “No touching me.” He whispered.
Shoot. I won’t survive this.
He left tiny kisses on my shoulders, made his way down to my stomach, and used his hands to hold my hips in place. I knew, if I touched him, I’d only suffer longer, so I gripped the headboard and let out a tiny whimper.
“Shhh.” His breath felt hot against my skin, causing goosebumps all over my body. The dripping and throbbing between my legs only became worse while he took his time to taste my skin. Tomorrow I’ll probably be covered in hickeys. He loved to leave them everywhere. “Marking me as his own.” He also loved it when I left them on him. As long as they were in places where no one could see them.
I felt like going insane under his touch. His lips were on my neck right now and I could feel his teeth scratching over my skin. I shuddered. Xiumin smiled and snickered, then stopped touching me at all.
I had difficulties to breath without making any sounds, and as soon as he stopped, I felt strangely empty and left alone. He was just kneeling between my legs, grinning and studying every millimeter of my body. I was a panting, dripping, needy mess on the bed, hands entangled in the sheets by now and pushing my hips upwards, wanting him to touch me where I wanted it most.
“Beautiful. So beautiful.” His voice was low and rough, sending another shiver down my spine and making me even wetter.
“Please. Minseok.” It wasn’t more than a whimper, but it made him grin harder.
“You want me?”
I nodded, letting out a quiet, desperate moan. I could feel my muscles clenching in their need to get a grip onto something. “Only you, please.”
Suddenly, he was all over me. His hips crushed against mine, his hands were in my hair, his lips on mine. In a reflex, I wrapped my legs around his waist, and grinded against him, covering his member in my juices.
“You are such a needy little thing.” I could hear that he was holding back.
“Minseok.” I buried one hand in his hair and looked him into the eyes. ”Fuck me now or let me do it myself. I am serious.”
His self-control crumbled and growled. I could feel the vibrations. And then he changed his position and slid into me with one smooth thrust.
“Oh God!”
He straightened his back and gripped my hips. I knew he wasn’t going to hold back any longer. And I loved it. I threw my head back and bit my lip in anticipation. He studied my body for another second, then he snapped his hips and thrusted into me. I moaned in pleasure and grinded my hips against his.
“Don’t.” His hands held me still and fastened his rhythm. Minseok leaned down and let his hands wander over my body, twisting my nipples on his way and burying a hand in my hair, pulling carefully. The room was filled with the sound of skin slapping against skin, panting and him cussing under his breath.
The warmth in my belly built up and I knew I was close.
He just nodded and kissed me, teeth clanking and noses bumping together. His thrust came harder, less controlled and his breath became shaky.
His arms embraced me and he pulled me into a sitting position on his thighs. The new angle nearly killed me.
“Don’t ever think about another men between your legs.” With every word he thrusted upwards, stretching my walls and hitting my most sensitive spot.
Against my will, I let out a whimper, high pitched and helpless. Minseok buried his face in my neck, lips kissing and teeth biting.
I whimpered again, feeling my muscles clenching around Minseok as I came. He thrusted a few times, before following my manner and throwing his head back and becoming completely still. When we came from our highs, he laid us down, on top of me and kissing my boobs. “You are mine.” He almost sounded like a sulky 5 year old.
Lazily I raised a hand to his head and ruffled through his hair. “I know.”
“Baby…” He moved upwards and caressed my cheek. “I love you.” A tiny peck met my lips, causing me to smile.
“I love you more.”
Minseok wrapped his arms around me, rolled on his back and pulled me on top of him. “I doubt it.”
After a last kiss, he put his chin on my head and pressed me against him, stroking my back with one hand and cupping my face with the other.
Before drifting off to sleep, I turned my head and pressed a tender kiss into his hand.
“I’ll never leave you.”

anonymous asked:

(This blog makes me oh so happy! Thank you for creating it and being such a sweet admin!) ^_^ If it's not to much, might I request a scenario with Teen!Yomo falling in love with a human customer while he works at Anteiku? I love this giant teddy bear so much.

aw, this is cute! (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

Yomo: It happens on one rainy afternoon: a human customer bursts into the cafe one, drenched from head to toe, and promptly crashes into Yomo when they slip on a puddle on the ground. The impact sends the two of them sprawling, and the tray of dirty cups and dishes Yomo had been carrying crashes to the ground, ceramics breaking into dozens of pieces.

Unable to help himself, Yomo curses loudly, angrily pushing himself upright as he looks at the mess on the ground. Next to him, the customer sits up with a groan, staring in shock at the broken cups and plates on the ground. Yomo rounds on the customer, and for a moment he’s suspended between yelling and glaring angrily, but the customer starts to talk before he could.

“I’m so sorry,” they apologized, scooting over on their bottom to pick at the larger pieces of ceramics. “I didn’t look where I was going, and the floor was slippery, and I just— went down,” they gave a nervous chuckle and gives Yomo a worried look. “Hey, listen, I can explain to your boss what happened; I’ll pay for it, it wasn’t your fault, I don’t want to get you into trouble or anything.”

Yomo stares down at them, barely processing the customer’s words as he watches them carefully pile the pieces onto his tray, and then he reaches down and grabs their wrist before the customer could pick up another piece.

“Stop picking them up with your bare hands,” he says gruffly, his grasp on their wrist only slightly shaky when Yomo feels the cool temperature of their skin, the dampness of rainwater, and sees the droplets and fall from their wet hair onto the ground between. He accidentally makes eye contact, and then the customer flushes, nodding as they look down at the mess.

“My bad,” they said, giving Yomo an apologetic smile. The bottom of his stomach falls with a swoop at their expression, and Yomo straightens up very suddenly, almost pulling the customer up when he forgets that he’s still holding onto their hand. He lets go quickly, but the customer follows the momentum and pushes themselves upright, taking an unsteady step forwards towards Yomo’s front. For a second they stand like that, less than an inch of space between them, and suddenly there’s a clatter as Yoshimura appears around the corner with a broom and dustpan.

“Oh my,” he chuckles, eyes twinkling mischievously as he observes the mess on the ground. Yomo practically leaps away from the customer and yanks cleaning supplies out of his manager’s hands, face warm as the customer immediately starts to offer apologies and explanations on Yomo’s behalf. But Yoshimura waves them aside, smiling kindly. “Don’t you worry about a thing,” he tells the customer. “It was an accident. Though I daresay we’ve yet to host such a generous and upstanding customer like you. It’s certainly a privilege, isn’t it, Yomo-kun?”

Yomo looks up, and he makes eye contact with the customer once again. They grin sheepishly at him, scratching their neck in embarrassment, and Yomo has to look away quickly, clutching the broom so tightly in his hands his knuckles turn red. “Right,” he mutters, mentally shaking off the unusual feeling in his chest and scolding himself to get a grip.

A privilege, indeed.

I Like You As You Are [Bethyl One Shot]

Prompt: Hi! your Bethyl’s One Shots are awesome! I’ve this scene on my mind in which Beth offers to cut Daryl’s hair (so that everyone can see his beautiful eyes again…). What do you think about a Bethyl’s one shot on this? :)

Note: Personally, I love his hair, but I’ll give it a go. ;) Requested by skoll815.

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I Got a Boy - Chapter 20

IGAB Tag / FF.netAO3


A/N: IMPORTANT UPDATE - IGAB will be on temporary hiatus over the holiday! I won’t be updating for the next TWO WEEKS. 


Annabeth sneezed into the crook of her elbow.

“Bless you!” Nico said, looking up from his fan of Mythomagic cards in his hand. “Are you getting sick?”

Annabeth sniffed and shook her head. She cracked a smile, even though her sinuses were as congested as LA traffic during rush hour. “I think it’s allergies.”

“Then why are you doing your laundry? You should be in bed.”

Nico had a point. But Annabeth really didn’t think she needed to sleep it off. Her chores had to come before lounging around and doing nothing. Besides, her headache wasn’t even that bad. She’d had so much worse. All she would need was a nice hot shower and a dose of NyQuil and she’d be just fine, she assured him. He seemed doubtful, but didn’t press; maybe it was because he didn’t want her to leave either. She was sitting with Nico on top of the washing machines while both of them waited for the dryers to finish with their loads, occupying themselves with a quick game of Mythomagic to pass the time. Thanks to his patience, she was getting the hang of it, but wasn’t nearly as good as Nico.

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bettydays  asked:

Wait just a fucking minute. YOU'RE DOING FICLETS? Here we go. So Dean just started college and he's like five years older than all these other kids but Sammy made him try it out. He's late to his first fucking class because of course he had to start in spring semester. He slides into the classroom and takes a seat in the lecture hall. Next to him is this dude who's typing out notes so damn fast on his iPad that Dean is already out of his element but the guy is all pretty hands and messy hair...

(Bettyyyyy! Once in a while I do this to clear my head. I could actually write this one for a few thousand words, so I tried to pare it down to some fun, flirty moments. Sorry this is so incredibly PG. :-/)

This college thing was a terrible idea.

Sam made it sound like such a good one. Here’s the course catalog, Dean. Here’s a couple classes that sound up your alley, Dean. Here’s my old laptop. It’s still tucked in his bag, at his feet. He bites his pen, taps it against his notebook. The guy to his left is typing so fast it sounds like rain on a damned tin roof, and the freaking professor hasn’t even started speaking.

Dean swallows. He’s pretty sure college isn’t his thing, but he promised Sam he’d give it one semester. He can rebuild an engine with his eyes closed; he can get through a basic English class.


Two weeks in, he’s sweating bullets over his first essay, which he emailed the night before but also printed and stapled together, just in case the email didn’t go through. He doesn’t trust that shit. Sam’s all, You should really get a Gmail account, Dean, and You should get on Twitter, Dean and something about hashtags. He’ll hashtag Sam’s face, next time he sees him.

The guy next to him, who somehow always ends up next to him even though seating’s not assigned, taps Dean on the shoulder.

“Huh?” he says and is momentarily rendered speechless by a pair of incredible blue eyes staring at him from behind a nerdy pair of glasses. Cloudless day blue. Caribbean sea blue. Fuck-me-sideways blue. Yeah, definitely that last one.

“Do you have a copy of the syllabus?” the guy asks. “I can’t get a wifi signal.”

“Sure,” Dean says and fumbles for his, hands over the rumpled pages.

“Just making sure I didn’t forget anything,” the guy admits, smoothing it on the pull-out desk. He’s about Dean’s age: ruggedly gorgeous, with an unruly head of dark hair begging to be pulled, a day’s worth of stubble, and these hands—god, Dean’s jealous of a piece of paper. “It’s been a while since I’ve been in school.”

“Same,” he offers. “I’m Dean.”

“Castiel,” says Castiel. Dean sits a little straighter, sticks out his hand.

Wow. His handshake’s incredible, too.

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"Imagine Sam tucking you into bed" One Shot

Author: uptheeucalyptustree

Original Imagine Link: 

Warnings: None- simply fluff :)


You finished slipping on your oversized tee-shirt and groggily sat down on the floor of the steam-laden bathroom. Your hair was sopping wet from your shower and you smelled like the cheap motel soap that had become somewhat of a comfort. It was a long day of hunting some jackoff spirit and you were beyond done. Sure, it probably had something to do with the brandy you downed at the bar tonight—you weren’t usually such a drinker—but you were downright exhausted.

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