my hair is still damp and a mess

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Hello How do you get that fab hair? i`m jut wondering it does look nice

“Oh, thank you!” 

He actually did put some effort into making sure it looked nice, so it felt great to hear someone acknowledge it. 

“I usually try to get all the tangles out in the shower, and after that I’ll put some product in while it’s still damp so it doesn’t frizz up or look like a scruffy mess when it dries. I’d be more specific, but… What works for my hair may not necessarily work for others. Different types of hair require different care methods. It’s best to figure out what type you have and go from there!”

I’ve been slogging away with my friend’s travel hairdryer for almost 3 hours now and my hair is still a damp, frizzy mess! Much as I love America and everything, I’m psyched to get back to the land of 230V electricity so I can use my own hairdryer, which while not perfect by any means does not involve such an ordeal!

(I’m also super excited to get a blow dry, because I loved my last one so much!)

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i think you're really beautiful and i wanna know how you get your hair like that

this is super sweet, thank you so much, friendo! If you’re talking about my hair in this, I honestly didn’t do anything with it, my hair is naturally wavy and kind of damaged from years of over washing so it just does #that… Usually though I towel dry fresh out of the shower until my hair is damp, apply sea salt pray, work it in with my fingers and blow dry while combing my fringe upwards. Then if it still looks a damn mess (it literally always does), I use the tiniest amount of putty to tidy it up and deal with baby hairs! :^)

my lover’s got me all wrapped up {zarry}

Length: 2,364 words
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Zarry
Characters: Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne (mentioned)
Summary: There’s three hair ties on his wrist and Zayn knows as soon as he reaches for one that he is absolutely fucked.

Maybe if I just don’t look.

(Or, the one where Zayn keeps popping inappropriate boners because of Harry putting his hair into a bun.)

Notes: Inspired by this post. Shout out to scottcanyounot​ for screencapping that and sending it to me when she only lowkey likes Z. #bunsquad. Set pre March 25th 2015 because inappropriate stage boners are important to this plot what plot? Mostly I’m just trying to get my head back into zarry so I can really knuckle down for fic exchange.

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