my hair is now long enough to french braid

Places We’re Not Allowed

the Kiss Meme continues…  #20. Then there’s tongue [AO3]

for Soph <3 thanks for putting up with me tbh

It wouldn’t have been so bad if Piper hadn’t been there. Or even if it had been just Piper there. Or just Hazel. But the combination of Piper and Hazel noticing her bruises is perhaps the most mortifying experience Annabeth thinks she’s had.

She really shouldn’t have worn these shorts.

Hazel’s gasp is so loud that it makes Annabeth look up from her notepad. She follows Hazel’s abashed stare down to her own thighs, left mostly bare underneath the hem of her jean shorts.

“Annabeth, what happened?”

What happened is that Annabeth forgot to look in the mirror before she snuck out of Percy’s cabin this morning. The strict camp rules continue to be enforced when they visit even though they’ve been in college for a year and more often than not sleep over at each other’s dorms. What happened is that she has a purpling bruise on the inside of her left thigh and she’s going to absolutely murder her boyfriend.

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OKAY. Thinking out loud time....

If I want this money I need to upgrade my look.
I’m cute but I don’t look like money.

Step one.
My hair needs an upgrade. My natural hair is long enough to cornrow so it’s time for a weave with Q U A L I T Y hair. You know… the hair that flows and moves and isn’t just a mess of tangles. Cause right now my hair is only passable because I wear it in a French braid. I’ve been unlucky with my hair purchases so far, but I’ve found a tried and proven hair vendor finally.

Step two.
Body. I look good, but I can look better. Tone up my arms and legs and I’ll be satisfied. But more importantly, I want to get strong. So weights and cardio.

Step three.
Wardrobe needs to be revamped. No. More. Cheap. Shit. Just. Because. It’s. Cheap. My pieces need to look good and last. I’m not talking $100 tshirts, but if it’s not a basic piece it’s not Forever21 level. The jeans, jackets, shoes, bags, lingerie, jeans, pants, dresses…. gotta do better.

Step four.
Shift my focus. I’d been so focused on sugaring and SA. I’m done pretending it’s worthwhile. There are a few worthwhile people on there, but they are few and far between. I need to focus my efforts on reaching my new target market in escorting. Find my regulars. I have no trouble keeping regulars, but I need to reach the high income regulars if I’m going to get what I want.
Massage won’t get me what I want. Escorting at my new price point is my in.

Step five.
Attitude. I’m done feeling like I owe these men something. Call it a character flaw or what you will, but i spend too much time focusing on the happiness of others. I can do my part to make the world a better place without sacrificing my comfort or goals. I will no longer make myself small for the sake of others ego. My needs > their wants.

So now, step by step, I’ll work on making myself who I want to be.