my hair is my temple

Happy Birthday Babe//Grayson Dolan//Personal Requested Imagine

today its my birthday, can i have a grayson personal imagine please?

So I got her information because she didn’t say it. But Happy 17th Birthday babe. Enjoy this lovely imagine. Also this is a day late because I fell asleep last night..oops. Sorry babe! I hope you enjoy it.

Warnings: none

Requested by: iheartgrayson

Pairing: Grayson Dolan X Anthi 

“Happy Birthday babe.” A husky voice says awakening me from my slumber.

I smile rolling over to face a goofy smile plastered on Grayson’s face. I smile snuggling into his bare chest. 

“Anthi babe, get up I made you breakfast.” He says running a hand through my hair and placing a kiss onto my temple.

“I like food.” I mumble happily. 

“I know.” He chuckles. “Ethan helped too. He wanted to help so I let him.” 

“Ohh the twins worked together on something, how exciting.” I answer finally deciding to sit up.

“There’s my beautiful girl.” He announces. 

“I love you.” I smile pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“I love you too babe. Eat up. We have an eventful day ahead of us. I’ll be back.” 

I start eating my food and after 20 minutes I’m done and very confused on why Grayson isn’t back yet. 

I stand up when the door opens, but I’m surprised to see Ethan and not Gray. 

“Where’s…..” I trail off. 

“He’s busy. But he wants me to tell you that to go take a shower. I’ll clean up.” 

“You sure E. I can help.” I say.

“No, Anthi. I’m okay. It’s your birthday. Go take a shower you’ll need to be ready soon.” He smiles kissing my forehead. 

Ethan and I have always had that sort of brother sister relationship. So kissing me on the forehead is not a weird thing or something Grayson will get jealous at. Grayson a/”lways awes when the brother sister love between us comes out. 

I guess he’s just happy that we get on well. It would probably kill him if we didn’t get along. I really love him so if Ethan and I didn’t get along, I wouldn’t go anywhere, He means too much to me.

I take about 20 minutes in the shower then finally decide to get out. I turn the water off, opening the shower door, I step lifting my eyes to see the most gorgeous dress hanging on the door. Along with a gorgeous pair of Gladiator sandals.


I get dressed finish my makeup and go to leave the room when a see a sticky not on the back of Grayson’s door. 

Go to the place we met.

That’s easy. It’s the Starbucks in town. 

“Hey Ethan! Can you drive me to the Starbucks in town?” I ask running down the stairs. “Ethan?” 

“He’s already in the car waiting for you.” Cameron yells from the kitchen.

“Thanks Cam.” I yell.

“You’re welcome Anthi! Have fun!” 

I climb into the car and Ethan drives me into town and I get out walking.

“Hi. Are Anthi?” One of the Baristas ask. 

“I am.” I smile. 

“Oh good. I was asked to give you this and this drink.” She says handing me a sticky note and my favourite drink. “Also Happy Birthday.” 

I look at the note reading it. 

Second last one. Go to the jewelry store where you saw so many nice things in.

“I’m guessing you already know where to go, so just drive.” I giggle, He chuckles pulling out of the Starbucks parking lot. 

Once we pull into the parking lot and he stops the car, I jump out running into the store. 

“You’re Anthi right?” The jeweler asks. 

“I am.” I smile.

“Here. But read the sticky note throughly.” He says narrowing his eyes in a joking manner. 

“I will. Thank you.”

“Happy Birthday!” 

“Thank you so much.” 

Don’t open. I mean it Anthi!!! I’ll open it when you get to me. Also your last hint. Meet me in the park. 

I’ve been walking around the park trying to find Grayson but I can’t find him anywhere. 

I text Ethan again asking him if he drove me to the right park. He texts me back quickly saying yes, just keep looking. 

“Hi baby,” I hear a quiet voice say. 

I turn to see Grayson looking gorgeous as ever, giving me a gorgeous smile. 

“Wow. I didn’t think you’d look as gorgeous as you do in that dress.” He says slowing walking towards me. 

“Really?” I ask blushing. 

He chuckles pressing his body into mine and kissing me roughly.

“Mmm babe people are watching.” I mumble unattaching my lips from his.

“I don’t care.” He chuckles. I cough embarrassed pushing the far to obvious ring box in his chest. 

“Oh goody, you got it!” He says like a child. “Did you look at it?” 

“No. I swear.” I answer. 

“Good.” He says opening the box. I look down my eyes widening. “Now before you go all crazy, it’s just a promise ring. This is my promise to you. To be the best boyfriend I could be! I love you.” 

“I love you more Gray.” 

Still Gorgeous, Though

Warnings: nothing, unless domestic fluffiness counts

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Master List

I felt the sun on my eyelids as the warmth beside me shifted. I could feel large arms wrap around me, but I kept my eyes closed. Being pregnant was hard, and now that I had entered the second trimester and left morning sickness behind, I finally got to enjoy morning cuddles with my husband again.

Kisses were placed in my hair, on my forehead, temples, eyelids, nose, cheeks, and finally on my growing bump. My eyes fluttered open and I looked at Steve as he mumbled softly to our child. I smiled and ran my hand through his hair causing him to look up at me.

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PP Hair Loss

3 months PP: “Hey…I’m losing a bit of hair. This must have been what I was warned about. I e got this. Still taking prenatals, eating well, I’m nice to my hair…

4 months to the day PP: Holy balls where is alllllll this hair coming from?! Why do I have bald spots on my temples? Is my hair line receding?!

You guys, it’s real. It’s here and it’s real. Please tell me it will only last another month or two 😭




I woke up tightly embraced in Neymar’s arms feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness cloud me until suddenly I had the urge to throw up unexpectedly. Bolting to the bathroom, I clutch and clamp my hands onto the cold toilet seat emptying the contents from my stomach. All of a sudden an alert Neymar comes to my aid and starts ruffling his hands gently through my hair placing a kiss on my temple, “Y/N babe are you ok?” I was too exhausted to answer. Reaching up slowly I headed towards the sink to brush my teeth to remove the taste of bile that lingered in my mouth, “Y/N! Answer me!” he pleaded worriedly spinning me around so that I was facing him.

“Neymar..I’m n-not feeling well” I stuttered placing the toothpaste on my brush and placing it into my mouth, “Alright I won’t go training today. Go back to bed and I’ll make you something to eat” he explained rubbing my back, “No..go to training. I’ll stay and take care of myself.” I replied cleansing my face and drying it with a towel, “But amor what if something happens to you while i’m gone? Hmm..let me call my mother and I’ll see if she can come and take care of you.” Reaching for his phone he dialled his mum’s number. “No Ney, she’s got other things to do-..” I signalled placing my hands over my ears, “Maê?”

*Phone Convo*

“Yes Y/N’s not feeling so she threw up this morning and I have to go to training soon and I was wondering if you’d take care of her today if you weren’t so busy?”

“Oh! Thanks Maê, perhaps just stop at the market and get some stuff to make some soup for her.”

“Yes..Thank you very much, see you soon. Bye!”

*End of Phone Convo*

“Y/N! Maê will be here in a few minutes with some groceries! I’ll be back later for some cuddles and kisses, yeah?” He asked placing his training kit on before packing his things before he left. After a couple of minutes just before Neymar was about to open the door came Nadine holding a few groceries with 2 boxes in her hands, “Maê I really appreciate you for doing this, thank you very much.” He said kissing her on the cheek before heading out, “Bye Amor!” He pecked my lips and turned away. I shut the door and gave Nadine an apologetic smile, “Querida don’t look at me like that, you know I’m happy to be here!” she smiled hugging me.

“Here go upstairs and try these” she said handing two boxes. Instantly it clicked, they were indeed pregnancy tests, “Wha- think i’m-?” I asked worriedly looking at her shocked, “I think its time Davi has a sister.” She exclaimed pointing the boxes towards me.


I looked at both of the positive pregnancy tests holding my hair back. My heart was galloping as to what Neymar’s reaction would be if I told him if I was pregnant, “Well darling how is it going?” Nadine asked knocking the bathroom door, “I-I’m Pregnant Maê but how am I going to tell Neymar? I mean he’s already in such a perfect point at this point in his career and I just didn’t want to spoil it for him, “Come out querida let me tell you everything you need to know about child birth and pregnancy.”

She spent the whole day talking me about what to eat, do and other stuff about whats good and not, “Nadine..but how would he react if I told him?” I asked nervously knowing Ney was going to be home any minute. “Tell me what?” A voice crept from behind me scaring me half to death. “Y/N..I’ll leave you to it.” She said heading into the kitchen to prepare a meal.

“Neymar..this morning when I was sick, your mom brought these pregnancy tests because she thought that i was-“

“Pregnant?” he spoke softly wide eyed and surprised, “Yeah” I nodded and grinned rubbing my tummy. “Amorrrrrr I love you!” He screamed lifting me up and doing a happy dance as if he had just scored a goal, “Why were you so scared to tell me?” he asked, “I just thought that maybe you might’ve got angry or something” I replied shrugging my shoulders, “Y/N, a child is a gift from God! Why would I not be excited if I was receiving a present?”

“I don’t know..I just assume you’d be angry at me.”

“Don’t worry. When this little guy comes out it will all be worth it.” he exclaimed kissing my cheeks. Nadine pointed a battered spoon at him from the kitchen, “I bet the world cup its a girl.”


There you go anon! Thanks for requesting <3 Hope you enjoyed! x

Save Me - Chapter 34

“You have dark desires too, don’t you, baby girl?” He questioned.

Jared began to leave open mouthed kisses from my shoulder up my neck, stopping at my earlobe as he sucked it between his lips then giving it a little nip. My body was on fire, I was filled with so much want.

“Yyyesss.” I said with a shaky voice.

Suddenly his fingers stopped moving on my clit and he pulled his hand away completely. Pulling me hard against his chest, he tightened his grip on my sensitive throat.

Angrily he demanded, “Yes what, Vivie?”


“Yes, Sir.” I said in the strongest voice I could manage.

“Good Girl.”

Pleased with my response, he lessened his grip on my throat then moved his fingers back to my clit. Using his finger tip against my sensitive bud he continued to tease me. When I felt him kiss my temple then nuzzle his nose in my hair, he had my body in the palm of his hand.

“Do you trust me enough to explore some of those desire, baby girl? I won’t be upset if you say no, I will understand, I promise. Trust takes time.”

I was quiet…this was already intense and I had no experience that even came close to what Jared was doing to me. This isn’t just sex, it’s beyond that, it’s psychological too. It’s the psychological aspect I was so unprepared for. Jared didn’t push for an answer, he was quiet and gave me the time I needed. I’m sure he could probably hear my thoughts and fears just as well as I did. Still, I came to the only conclusion I could…

“I trust you, Sir.” I said turning my head to nuzzle into his neck, breathing in his scent.

And I truly did trust him. I knew he wouldn’t do anything beyond what I could handle because he seemed to have this uncanny ability to read me. I had no doubt that if I got scared or if I was upset or asked him to stop, that he would stop. He would listen.

“You are a very rare and beautiful creature, Vivie. I promise I’ll go slow.” he said as he tilted my head back, turning my lips to meet his.

As slowly as he caressed his tongue with mine was as slow as he moved his cock in and out of me. He set a gentle but steady pace and with his middle finger back on my clit, he began to softly tap.

Each tap was like he sent a lightening bolt through my entire body. After he would tap, he would still his finger over my cIit. Because each tap was at a different pressure, each felt different and unexpected. There was no way to prepare for the next one. I tried to keep my arms at my sides but I couldn’t. Wrapping my hands around his forearms I begged.

“Please, may I cum, Sir.”

I was so close. Between the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of me, the tapping on my clit AND his tongue in my mouth, I was losing the battle holding back but desperately wanting to wait for permission.

“No, you may not.” He said as he stopped all movement and took his finger off my clit. I let out a cry of frustration. ‘NO, PLEASE DON’T STOP,’ I internally shouted!

“I promise I won’t make you wait long, baby girl.” He said as he soothed his hand over my hair.

I let his forearms go and fisted my hands as I rested my arms at my sides again, my frustrated body slowly coming back from the edge. Giving me another moment to calm he held me….and waited.

“I want you to bend forward, baby. Put your cheek on the sheet and raise that beautiful ass in the air for me.” Jared said as he unwrapped his arms from my body.

Moving my body up and forward would cause his cock to slide out of me. What torture is this? That’s the last thing I wanted. I wanted him to fuck me. To make me cum not make me let him go.

“I don’t want you not inside me. Please, Sir, I’m begging you.”

Did that sentence even make sense? I didn’t know…I wasn’t sure what was coming from my mouth, I just knew I didn’t want to feel empty.

“I will not repeat myself. Do as I say.” He demanded as he wrapped his hand around my neck again squeezing tightly. Turning his lips to my ear he continued, “Do not disobey and make me punish you because I promise you, I punish harshly.”

Oh shit…. I had enough wits about me to know punishment would probably be worse.

“Yes, Sir.” I finally relented and he released his hold on me again. I bent forward very slowly placing my cheek on the sheet. As his long, wide cock slipped out of my body, I felt so empty. It took all I had not to whimper.

With my cheek now on the sheet, I raised my ass high just as he demanded, showing my core to him as I spread my legs slightly. Silently, I was begging him to release some pent up tension in my body but my mind knew that he wasn’t anywhere near as ready as I was.

My heart’s aflutter!
I am standing in the bath tub
crying. Mother, mother
who am I? If he
will just come back once
and kiss me on the face
his coarse hair brush
my temple, it’s throbbing!

then I can put on my clothes
I guess, and walk the streets.

I love you. I love you,
but I’m turning to my verses
and my heart is closing
like a fist.

Words! be
sick as I am sick, swoon,
roll back your eyes, a pool,

and I’ll stare down
at my wounded beauty
which at best is only a talent
for poetry.

Cannot please, cannot charm or win
what a poet!
and the clear water is thick

with bloody blows on its head.
I embrace a cloud,
but when I soared
it rained.

That’s funny! there’s blood on my chest
oh yes, I’ve been carrying bricks
what a funny place to rupture!
and now it is raining on the ailanthus
as I step out onto the window ledge
the tracks below me are smoky and
glistening with a passion for running
I leap into the leaves, green like the sea

Now I am quietly waiting for
the catastrophe of my personality
to seem beautiful again,
and interesting, and modern.

The country is grey and
brown and white in trees,
snows and skies of laughter
always diminishing, less funny
not just darker, not just grey.

It may be the coldest day of
the year, what does he think of
that? I mean, what do I? And if I do,
perhaps I am myself again.
—  Mayakovsky by Frank O’Hara
A Pocketful of Jelly Beans, Ch.12

Summary: AU Accountant Tom and his wife are on their way to a party when they are overtaken by masked gunmen and secrets are forced to light.

Genre: Thriller/Angst

Rating: M (abduction/flashbacks, depiction of gun violence, bruising/marking)

Author’s Note: No warning for this chapter.  Had to work on some internal issues before more external things could happen.  

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7- Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11


“I already scrubbed down this deck once today, sailor.  Now I have to do it again before I can go back to the pancakes.”

He giggled into my hair and pressed a soft kiss to my temple.  

“Why all the nautical terms?”

A shiver passed through me as his hands wandered over my flushed skin. I was cradled on his lap, his back up against the cabinets by the sink.  His brows crinkled together in a frown and he reached up to retrieve his shirt from the island.  

“Arms, darling.  No argument this time.”

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omg lol did anyone else’s mom give them that one afro puff hairstyle where she’d do a cornrow down the middle and either put a cowry shell on the end or a bowbow that would pop you in the head if you ran or jumped?

or when she did the cornrows that started in the middle and came down all around and she put the multicolored beads on the ends!?

I remember I would actually beg her for this one high bun hairstyle where she’d braid the kitchen in two cornrows going down and put those yarn ribbons on the ends and she’d twirl the hair at my temples so i’d have little ringlets and btw my baby hairs went off.

once my undercut grows out sufficiently i’m gonna try do some oldschool hairstyles again. i used to HATE some of those hairstyles but looking back, they were so fly. 

what were your fave (or not so fav) hairstyles as a kid?