my hair is lucious

  • Friend: I like Kylo Ren, he's such a cool villian!
  • Me *in my head*: Kylo Ren took his shirt off, Kylo Ren is shredded, Kylo Ren had an 8-pack. Kylo Ren has lucious dark hair. Kylo Ren is my sexual orientation, swish swoosh the way he swings the lightsaber, He can take whatever he wants godDamn. He's a space nerd. kylo rennnnn :>
  • Also Me: cool, yea, he is.
Cuddle Time - Nate Maloley imagine

Nate had recently got into a little accident on his long board, of course he wasn’t paying attention and bumped into a curve, flinging him off his board. This is the most vulnerable I’ve ever seen him .. of course he’s in pain but won’t admit it, he’s trying to be such a badass about it. I had Nate sit down on the white marble counter top we shared of our Jack and Jill style bathroom; I stood in between his legs and helped him take his bandages off. The amount of blood scared the shit out of me but I had to keep my chill so he wouldn’t either A. Freak out or B. Laugh his ass off at me. I wiped down all his wounds with water, then alcohol before applying some healing cream to all the areas and wrapped them up with new bandages. He smiled down at my little petite frame and said “Thanks lil mama, you didn’t have to do that and I know how much seeing blood scares you” I chuckled before saying “It’s my job babe, and plus I want to! You won’t admit it but you know you’re vulnerable right now” He let out a light chuckle before hanging his head down low and avoiding eye contact by looking the opposite way, then he mumbled “Yeah, you’re right mama, all I really want to do is cuddle right now. I need my baby’s loving” I giggled before curling my index finger and placing it under his chin, lifting it up so he now focused on nothing but me. Our eye contact lasted a while before I broke it by continuing to lift his chin til our lips connected and moved in sync. He moved his arms so that they were now wrapped around my waist, and mine were now around his neck. I pulled away soon after and said “C'mon, if you want cuddles, then that’s just what my baby will get!” His face was covered by a huge grin, so big his dimples were deeper than usual! He kissed my temple before I helped him off the counter and into our bedroom. I turned the bathroom light off then continued over to the bed where Nate was struggling a bit to lye down; I grabbed a hold of his hurt arm and guided him gently down on the bed. Once he was situated comfortably I rolled in the bed beside him and opened my arms out wide; he scooted over closer to me filling the space between us. He laid his head upon my chest and listened to my heartbeat, as I looked down at my baby, I have no clue how I got so lucky or blessed but I am so thankful for this man. He’s all mine and will never be anyone elses, he makes sure that I know that too because he’s constantly reminding me. As I was tracing his many tattoos going up and down his arm, I made my way to my favorite one, the roses on his shoulder. He let out a sly laugh for placing a kiss on my chest, the around my jawline. I giggled and kissed his head full of messy but lucious hair. I ran my fingers through his hair and rubbed his temples as he held me close to him. Even with a hurt arm and chest he can still make me feel so safe and protected! I then layed on my side so I was the baby spoon, and Nate turned with me hovering over my back. He held me as tight as he could with his injured arm and we fell asleep wrapped up in eachother’s arms that afternoon.



Probably no one will read this let alone care, but I recently reached 666 ish followers (it’s a great number i know), yea cool beans! To some its not much but I appreciate everyone for everything mwahh <3. I kinda thought it would be fun to make one and I feel its relevant to thank all the wonderful senpais out there (ughh how are you guys are so perf?!? idek) and of course my followers for being fab, love you all :) Well anyways here it goes…

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Hey Bartender

A/N: I’m back. Sort of. Kind of.

Loosely based on Bartender by Lady Antebellum.


Grace POV

A sigh escaped my lips as I checked my phone for the millionth time. It had been vibrating nonstop since seven. I didn’t like to ignore people, but I wasn’t really in the mood to talk.

Gracie, come on girl! Come hang out with us tonight!

I know this is hard, and he’s an idiot. Wouldn’t it be great to forget his name?

C'mon Grace…we can make it better. We can find you someone ;)


I giggled just the slightest bit at Tyler’s last text. He and Michelle had been begging me to come out to the club every night since Chris had broken up with me. I’d been quite a mess.

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Recently tried out a new Australian product: Dare Temporary Hair Colour no. 14 in Forest Fairy ✨ 

Super pigmented and stays vibrant for agggeess, some colour washes out with every shampoo (nothing dry shampoo can’t fix to keep it super vibrant!) and actually nourishes your hair during the colouring process, my hair was left feeling super soft, lucious and shiny which is something I haven’t experienced with other brands.

This brand comes in 150ml bottles at $19.95 from Hairhouse Warehouse, and ranges up to 17 different and insane beautiful mermaid colours. Didn’t need to use a whole bottle for this length (granted I already had leftover Manic Panic underneath) and was only a darkish blonde underneath that.

New fav tbh 💖💜💙💚💛