my hair is literally swamp colored

In today’s edition of #SundayStories: How I once ended up turning a shade of incredible hulk green 🐸.

In 2012 I shot a special project with my friends James Houston and Zanna Rassi for James’ book project, ‘Natural Beauty’. This wasn’t your typical beauty shoot with a pretty cat eye and red lip - during the shoot they had me throw raw pigment all over myself to create dramatic effects. We had a great shoot, but after I showered and washed all the pigment off I discover that it had literally turned my hair a shade of dirty swamp water green. I washed and washed my hair - still green! With just one day before I began filming 'The Face’ I had to rush into an emergency hair appointment to correct the color. We dyed my hair and then we dyed it again and yet the green was so strong that it started to come back a few days later! Those pigments were no joke - I was sneezing purple and cleaning pink gunk out my ears for a week. The moral of the story is, don’t throw a bucket full of raw pigment on yourself and expect to walk away unscathed! 😜