my hair is green btw


quick chibi comparison of kurama’s manga colors and anime colors, for fun!! i love his red hair but it’s crazy that he originally had black hair… (phone doodles)

videogamegirl223  asked:

6 and 26?

6. What are you excited for?: A concert in oct that I’m going to but honestly nothing else and even the concert feels too far away for me to be too excited :/

26. Is your current hair color your natural hair color?: Its not but my roots are growing out so you can see my natural hair color, I gotta bleach and dye it again one of these days

Thank you so much!! 💙💙

oh my goddddd I don’t even know who she is but she’s so gorgeous!!!!!! I need a name for her and I need one now someone help me give her a name

Palette used is Open Eyes from @color-palettes !!


you know i never liked my belly but yesterday i did so…


which one can y'all see on me??

I probably wouldn’t have my colors super bright though like that blue.

(my hair is a lil longer now btw)

purple, blue, red, green

which one?