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Last time I posted a selfie I think i had pink hair soooo uh …  I fried my hair and dyed it back to a brown, which btw is not my natural but he’s as close as we could get (and i hate my natural so you’ll never see me with it) ALSO I KNOW MY FOUNDATION IS TOO DARK IN THE FIRST ONE OK I STRUGGLE IM LITERALLY FUCKING WHITE AS A GHOST. AND NO ONE CARRIES MY SHADE 

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More Writing Prompts.

Because, instead of working on the stuff I already have, I thought, “Why not make more prompts?!”

Angst-y Love Prompts:

  • Sometimes lying is the right thing to do, so I lied to you.
  • Pretending like nothing is wrong is only going to make things worse.
  • I loved you, once upon a time.
  • What’ll happen when I wake up, and you’re not there?
  • You say you love me, but all you’ve ever done is hurt me!
  • I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love.
  • You can’t do this to me! Not now!
  • I wonder if I’m better off without you.
  • I’ve done bad things, but let me ask you… am I that shitty of a person…?
  • They left me for a reason, you know…

Romantic Prompts:

  • I love you more than anything…
  • I’m so lucky to have you.
  • I love you! I’ve always loved you, and to have you look at me the way I look at you… Well… That’s my dream.
  • I’m never going to let you go, not without a fight.
  • What do you want me to do? Kiss you in the rain? Buy you a dozen roses? As long as you’re happy, I’ll do anything.
  • The way you make me feel is the way I felt when I ate all of the marshmallows out of a Lucky Charms box. Pure joy.
  • I look at you, and I see all of the things I wish I was…
  • I can feel my heart beat faster when I think about you.
  • Are you going to kiss me, or are you just going to stand there?
  • Marry me.

Fluffy Prompts:

  • This is my favorite song!
  • I don’t think that’s considered dancing, it’s more of a flailing action.
  • If you keep eating french fries, you’re going to turn into one.
  • Can I borrow a pillow?
  • So, that’s a no to the roller coaster?
  • You took my jacket like a month ago, can I have it back?
  • I’d split a candy bar with you.
  • Why are you shoes on the stove?
  • What if aliens really do exist? just… Think about it!
  • You set someone’s hair on fire in Chemistry last year.

I’m in love with my Best Friend Prompts:

  • I want to find someone and I want to tell them, “You deserve to be in an art museum because of how beautiful you are.”
  • Can I sleep here with you…? The movie really scared me…
  • I don’t have a date and I don’t want to go alone…
  • H-He’s not my boyfriend(alt: S-She’s not my girlfriend).
  • I remember when we first met…
  • When are you going to tell them that you love them?
  • You look really beau… nice…
  • I keep dating all these other people in hopes that my feelings for you would go away.
  • I never loved them, I love you.
  • I fell in love with my best friend… And i’m not ashamed that I have.

Roommates Prompts:

  • Let’s play a game to get to know each other.
  • It’s cheaper than living on your own, dude.
  • Stop leaving the toilet seat up!
  • What do you mean you ate my last hot pocket?
  • It’s your turn to do dishes tonight.
  • You lost the spare key to the apartment?
  • You’ve been in the bathroom for like, an hour.
  • The girl you brought over last night put a hole in our wall.
  • Give it a rest, I’m trying to sleep over here!

Totally Angst-y/Angry Prompts:

  • I can’t stop the bleeding.
  • They’re… dead…
  • I hate you!
  • I was sent here to kill you.
  • I thought there was good in you, but there’s nothing but disgust and hatred now.
  • I stopped feeling emotions a long time ago.
  • They weren’t strong enough to save you, and because of their foolishness, you’re mine now.
  • Nothing will bring them back! You can’t… turn back time!
  • You tore my heart out and crushed it with your own hands.
  • Fuck you.

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I'M HAVING THE WORST DAY so I would lovvvve to read stucky "it's 2am and I'm drunk and need salt for my fries and I know you're awake so OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR" 😁😁

“You need /what/?” Steve asks the handsome man who has lived across the hall for three weeks.

“Salt,” the man says, holding a soggy McDonald’s bag in one hand and a flashlight in the other. He is tearing up. “I need salt.”

“Why?” Steve asks.

“To exorcise demons,” the man says, then winces. “No, that sounded so much cooler in my head, but I can’t lie to you. I have all of these french fries but none of them are salty. I need salt for them, or else the world may end.” He pauses, then amends, “/My/ world may end.”

Steve gives him a once-over. The guy from across the hall is typically put-together. Steve has only ever seen him in a suit, with his hair slicked back. Now, he’s stubbled, wearing a t-shirt so worn that Steve can practically see his nipples through it, and a leather jacket. He also smells like a brewery.

Honestly? Steve kind of likes him better this way.

“How many fries will you give me?”

The man’s eyes go wide, like this question has caused him actual thought and, frankly, hurt. He groans. “Five!” he shouts. Steve holds back a laugh. “I will give you five french fries in exchange for your salt.”

“Ten,” Steve counters.

The man’s mouth opens, like he genuinely cannot believe that Steve would have the audacity to ask this of him. Steve can barely restrain his laughter. Then he shuts it, straightens up, and nods with firm resolve. “Fine,” he says, “but only because they are getting cold.”

“‘Course,” Steve says, then opens the door wider. “C’mon in.”

He’d feel more self-conscious about the way his apartment looked if he thought that the guy from across the hall would remember this in the morning. As it is right now, he doesn’t feel self-conscious in the least, and is actually sort of excited for his fries.

“So what’s the occasion?” Steve asks. “Why all the fries?”

“My fiancé dumped me for a secret agent.”

Admittedly, that wasn’t what Steve was expecting. “Sit,” he says, pointing to the couch. The guy from across the hall sits. “I’m Bucky,” he says, then adds with wide eyes, “and I’m really sad.”

“I’m Steve,” Steve says, “and I’ll get the salt.”

“Thank you,” Bucky says, then starts to cry.

— —

The next morning, there’s a knock on the door.

Steve opens it, blurry-eyed and tired. “Hi,” he says, when he sees it’s Bucky. “You feeling okay?”

“No,” Bucky says, “but I brought you a present.”

“What?” Steve asks.

Bucky holds out a cylinder of Morton’s salt with a red bow on top. “I’m sorry for last night,” he says.

Steve can’t help but smile as he takes the salt. “It wasn’t a problem, really. Made my night a lot more interesting.”

Bucky looks down, straightens out his shirt. “You’re really chill,” he says. “And I know I’m a mess, but I appreciate you letting me into your apartment and everything.”

“We could do it again the next time you have a break down,” Steve suggests, then adds, “or whenever, really.”

Bucky looks up. “Yeah?” he asks, looking kind of cute and shy beneath long lashes.

Steve shrugs. “Sure,” he says. Then, “But the fry tax goes up if you’re in a good mood. I’ll need my own order.”

Bucky groans, Steve laughs, and together, they empty that new container of salt.

Matthew Daddario Quotes
  • "We call our shoes ‘sneakers,’ right? But they're not really sneaking."
  • "Can't wait till they invent phones with keyboards."
  • "I don't know this guy. He came to hang out so I complimented his hair."
  • "How many artichokes can you eat in one sitting?"
  • "No, go back to my idea!"
  • "Maybe, they'll throw the books out. Just not follow the books anymore."
  • "Hey guys did everyone floss today? You gotta floss every day. Otherwise, your dentist makes you feel bad."
  • "I play piano but I won't call it a talent."
  • "I'm the funniest person in the cast and that's simply because everybody else is so painfully unfunny."
  • "There is literally no memory left in my phone. I took fourteen thousand blue sky photos and I need all of them."
  • "Send him photos of fried chicken and crab cakes."
  • "I have a dentist appt tomorrow. I'm not gonna brush my teeth tonight. Also not going to shower. This is going to be painful for everyone."
  • "You are not trash, you are lovely!"
  • "Don't sign contracts in your blood. It's usually not required by any reputable party."
  • "He's slippin' out his little tongue eating snail treats off the ground."
  • "I will eat anywhere in the house. I'll eat cheese crackers in bed!"
  • "He looks down and sees this wonderful man. He hops down there and smooches that man right on the face. Right in front of everyone."
  • "'s not fair that he is more handsome than me!!!"
  • "Don't do the hokey pokey around witches."
  • "They're never gonna release the deleted scenes to you guys because they're racy and inappropriate."
  • "This video is going on social media!"
  • "I'm ashamed to admit I lied about the selfies. The phone is 98% cow pictures and I can't delete them. I need a new phone. Forgive me."
  • "Thank god I started sandpapering my feet when I was four."
  • "Is Alec appreciating at an increased rate because of an increase in demand? Or is it the same rate as before."
  • "Note, some alpaca do not appreciate head pats."
  • "If humans lived in barns, we'd be smelly, too."
  • "Had to delete all my cow photos to make room for selfies, so I will say 'I appreciate you, cows.'"
  • "Wow. It's spelled Gollum. Wow. So disappointed. Hiding my own cell phone for the next two weeks."
  • "You're a little kitty cat. Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy kitty cat, kitty cat."
  • "Sometimes when I travel between dimensions, I think, man, I should really buy a sailboat."
  • "If I was running for President, my VP would be a well trained golden retriever."
  • "Who's not going to watch Hamlet in space? I mean, Space Hamlet!"
  • "I just think we should all acknowledge what is awesome about Harry!"
  • "I like eating food after dark."
  • "Generally, people avoid kissing their sister in a healthy life."
  • "If you don't like my zebra leggings, it's because you just don't understand zebra leggings."
  • "I think we should provide more showers for cows."
  • "If I'm having a bad day, I eat pizza."
  • "I hope Google uses the same algorithm to encrypt my email as my pocket does to tie knots with my headphones."
  • "I would own a farm. Not like growing crops but maybe have a few animals like cows, and maybe an alpaca or a llama. I would chop wood all day."
  • "Dog. #dog. Dog. Dog."
  • "Had fun tweeting with/at you guys. Phone is about to die. Gonna go get more double-A batteries."
  • "The jackhammer has been joined by his friend, the concrete saw. Rare that you get two music legends right outside your window like this."
  • "Interdimensional cat smuggling is severely punished. But you can make a killing on the black cat market."
  • "You should just give up on me like I did. So done with me right now I can't even."
  • "What am I fan of? No one's ever asked me this before! Oh man."
  • "I don't know why they say that. I think they're poking fun at me."
  • "Congrats. You deserve that sailboat."
  • "I don't know. I don't have any pet peeve. Yapping little dogs, I guess. Buttons that don't go up right."
  • "Donkeys look like rabbit horses."
  • "Everyone is all, 'follow your heart.' If that worked I'd be watching Shadowhunters in my spaceship."
  • "Am I making this up?"
  • "I don't condone it, but I understand it, and therefore, I will not pass judgment on it."
  • "I can eat a pound of pork rinds."
  • "I am your bird king!"
  • "Baby pigs or baby cows? They're both good options."
  • "I have deleted a single photo from my phone. I have room for one selfie. Living on the edge. If it happens, no second chances."
  • "She gets it at a Shadowhunter tailor where we get all our stuff. Are you serious?"
  • "My cell phone is not the most important thing in my life. It just feels that way."
  • "Kill her immediately. Problem solved."
  • "You're not me? Most people aren't, in my experience."
  • "Man I've spent a whole year talking about sailboats and I could have just jumped on this SHIP."
  • "Reminder not to cite 'game of thrones' as my motivation for getting into politics."
  • "To all the people who threaten to punch me in the face... Do I have to be concerned or is that a love thing?"
  • "Put this on?! Fit it on my body?!"
  • "I’m going to shave today. Nobody will recognize me and I’ll have to reintroduce myself to all my friends."
  • "Don't get me started on this question."
  • "Okay, quick question. What does it mean when someone says they are your 'trash?' Asking for a friend..."
  • "Wait, 'SexyBack' is by Justin Timberlake?"
  • "Everyone's smooching everyone and Alec just wants to do his job. That's why he's the best and deserves a big smooch."
Notice Me!

“And you’re telling me this because?”

“It’d be a shame if you died, that’s all.”

Genre: Fluff???

Pairing: Teacher!Jungkook x reader, BadBoy!Yoongi x reader

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

The sun had begun to set. Gripping onto the train pole, your eyes were glued to the window as various buildings washed pass every other second. You inhaled deeply. Adjusting the straps on your bag, you winced as the heavy textbooks weighed down your spine. You were looking forward to take a shower at home and then taking a nap. Anything would be better than having to replay those words in your mind over and over again. You let out a heavy breath, closing your eyes.

“Jungkook…” you mumbled.

The image replayed within your mind like a broken record. His smile. His lips. The way the train blew his hair as his tie danced softly in the wind. You reach a hand to your chest, squeezing your sweater tightly. “Why am I acting like this?” you curse to yourself. The train carriage was nearly empty, leaving you standing alone in your thoughts.

The day Jungkook transferred to your school was a Wednesday. Jungkook’s hair was black then and he wore his glasses often. The first time he had stood in front of the class you had assumed he was a new student just like you. “Hello everyone,” he said as he lowered down in a slight bow, “I’m Jeon Jungkook and I will be your new home room teacher.”

“Teacher?!” Namjoon blurted, causing the whole class to laugh.

Joy piped up, leaning forward in her seat, “You look like you just graduated high school?”

Jungkook laughed as the class agreed in unison. He smiled widely as you watched quietly. He wore plain black dress pants and a white button down shirt. You instantly felt your chest clench every time he moved a muscle. The shirt was too tight on him. “Yes well,” he said, “I hope we all have a good time together!” He smiled. The whole class started to bicker amongst each other. All eyes were on Jungkook except for you who stared outside the window. How are you going to concentrate when there’s practically a celebrity idol walking around the room? You huffed, resting your chin in the palm of your hands.


You felt a small tap on your shoulder. Turning to your side, Jimin pointed towards the front. Jungkook looked at you, eyes soft and filled with curiosity.

“Sorry?” You asked, putting your hand down and placing your hands under your desk fiddling with the hem of your skirt. His voice was sweet like honey dripping off every word.

Jungkook let out a small laugh, “I asked what your name was.”

“Oh,” you puffed, “It’s (Y/N).”

The class looked back at you and then at Jungkook who let out a soft smile, “Nice to meet you (Y/N),” he said, “Next time please refrain from daydreaming,” he laughed, “I’ve only been here for a few minutes and I’m boring you already.”

There was an unfamiliar glint in his eyes you couldn’t decipher. His voice, you have sworn you have heard before. An eyebrow raised towards you as he leaned against the desk, arms stretched out in front of him, “(Y/N?)”

Everyone chuckled as the heat rushed to your cheeks, “Sorry.” Your fingers held your heated cheeks as you returned your attention outside. Jungkook let out a laugh before picking up a marker, writing down on the board.

During the rest of the week, Jungkook was all every girl talked about. You couldn’t blame them. Who would have thought a man like Jungkook would teach at your school? Even today, you can’t shake him off your mind. Every time you had closed your eyes, Jungkook’s mischievous smile looked up at you. 

The train had started to slow down. The towns getting closer and closer to the window. The sky had become a dusty pink as bits of orange began to appear. Stepping out of the open train doors, you hopped onto the platform. Making your way home, a soft sigh escaped your lips. One step in front of the other, you watched your feet move along the pavement. How are you going to face him now?

It was too early.

You grumbled as your alarm screamed at you from the bedside table. Reaching an arm from under the warm covers, you slapped it back to sleep. Sitting up, you twist your torso from side to side feeling your back pull. You smiled, stretching with a grin. Pulling off the covers, you slipped on some socks as you headed towards the bathroom. Your tiny had apartment smelled like fresh coffee and breakfast cereal. The sound of cars and trucks driving by your apartment muffled through the windows. As your socks glided against the floor, you made your way to the laundry, pulling your sweater out of the dryer. You held the collar to your nose. “Ah!” you sighed, inhaling the fresh smell of soap and flowers. The faint melody of your ringtone echoed through the halls as you lightly jogged to your bedroom. Pressing it against your ear, you continue to wander around the house.


“Good morning (Y/N)!” Joy’s voice chirped, “I need to ask you a favour.”

You huffed, walking over to the bathroom mirror. You put the phone on speaker as you placed it on top of the sink. “What is it?” You asked, hands playing around with your hair. After fixing yourself up, you walked over to the kitchen. With a thump you placed your bag on top of the table, throwing in a water bottle. Opening up a cabinet above the counter, you felt the cold morning air nip at your exposed back. Reaching forwards, you managed to grab your lunch box.

“I’m going to be late to school,” Joy said as you opened up the lid, rolling your sleeves up, “Can you cover for me?”

You quickly scraped last night’s left over fried rice and sausages into the container before pressing the lid back down. Sliding the pink container into your bag, you rushed to the bathroom. “You owe me one,” you say, tying your hair up. Pulling some strands out around your face you looked down at your phone.

“Thank you so much (Y/N) my loving baby-“

Never being one for pet names, you grimaced, “Okay I’ll see you later!”

Joy’s laugh sun through the speaker, “See you!”

You had taken solitude in walking. Walking had meant that you could take in the empty street with open arms, listening to the leaves rustle in your remote neighbourhood. The early morning came through a bright blue sky as white blotches of clouds spread above like cotton candy. Turning to another street, a familiar figure had already began walking towards the train station. You craned you neck before spotting the black backpack, a small teddy bear swinging back and forth its zipper.

“Kim Namjoon!”

The trains were always cramped in the morning. Many people in your town had preferred to as it meant that they could save money on petrol. You looked around the congested train. Countless business men were reading their own newspaper. Students from different high schools laughed along with their friends. You were all huddled into one space, waiting to start your day.

“Aren’t you helping Yoongi study?” Namjoon asked. The both of you had taken the train together nearly every day for the past few months. Not long after you had met Joy, you had also met the boy with the teddy bear backpack. Namjoon lived in the same house since he was a baby. It was surprising to see him greet you at your house when you had first moved into the tiny apartment.

You nodded, fiddling with your bag, “Just until he gets his grades back up before the exams.”

Namjoon nodded, humming, “Hopefully this will keep him grounded.” He said, his attention towards the small fluffy toy strapped to his bag. You chuckled.

By the time you took your seat at the edge of the classroom, school was already in action. The loud cheers of classes outside, the whistling of cleaners, the turning of paper and the squeaks of shoes against hard wood floors have already begun. Another day was in motion. Everyone was writing down the notes Ms. Kwon had scribbled up on the board. A few rows ahead of you, Namjoon and Taehyung were already laughing at something they saw outside. A few seats next to them, a lump with blonde hair slept quietly. You smiled.

“Hey (Y/N),” someone whispered.

You glanced over to the seat next to you, Jimin smiling. You raised your eyebrows. A worried look filled his eyes as he fiddled with his pen, twirling it between his fingers. He looked at the empty seat a few rows ahead of him before turning back towards you, “Where’s Joy?”

A cheeky smile rose on your lips, “She slept in don’t worry Jimin,” you tried not to grin, covering your mouth. The silver haired boy slowly nodded, turning back towards the front. You had almost missed the sight of him tucking his bottom lip under his teeth, flipping through his notebook quietly.

You turned to the window, one arm propped up as your chin nestled into your palm. You were grateful that Ms. Kwon gave you the seat right next to the window. Many classes had been lost in translation as your gaze was always fixated outside. There was nothing better than to let your mind doze off in a daydream. However today your attention had been occupied by a familiar figure making its way across the field. You watched quietly. Jungkook stood at the edge of the field smiling. The same blue clipboard was tucked beneath his arm as he had one foot on top of a soccer ball. You gulped as Jungkook brushed a hand through his hair and continue to roll up his sleeves. Yesterday’s events still fresh in your mind.

Silently your eyes followed him around the field. Jungkook kicked the soccer ball towards a group of boys before laughing. He laughed the same way. Slightly leaning forward with one hand clutching his stomach. His eyes would slightly crinkle as his smile would show. You had memorised every inch of that laugh. The same sweet melody that played as he walked with you after school.

You huffed, paying attention to the many notes you had forgotten to write down. “Stupid Jungkook.”

The whole day you had been avoiding him. You had made sure that you wouldn’t bump into the teacher with the bright smile and coffee coloured hair. Throughout the day, every step and every turn had been perfectly designated. Joy had complained how weird you were numerous times as you dragged her through the longer hallways rather than taking the stairs to get to class. You hadn’t told anyone about yesterday’s incident. Not even Joy. You had thanked the heavens that Jungkook was not teaching your class today. You couldn’t imagine what would happen. The thought of his eyes on you once more made your bottom lip tuck in between your teeth.  

By lunch, you had felt your stomach grumble. Everyone was making their way outside, desperate to get away from papers and pens.“Let’s eat,” you told Joy, pulling her through another lengthy hallway around the school. Making your way outside, your eyes caught onto the small brown bench in the sun. A grin appeared on your face as your hand clutched tightly onto Joy’s, pulling her, “Come on-”

Suddenly, Joy came to a halt. Turning your head, you watch her look back inside before turning back to you, “(Y/N) Can I ask you another favour?” she asked. You raised an eyebrow and lightly let go of her wrist. You watched as her eyes danced around outside before making eye contact with you. 

“What is it?” you asked curiously. Joy giggle sheepishly, rubbing her hand up and down her arm. You raised your eyebrow higher, wondering what she was up to. 

You didn’t know why Joy wanted to eat in the cafeteria today. It was loud and rowdy inside, everyone sitting down and talking. It was the complete opposite of how you preferred to spend your lunch break. Rigid in your seat, you listened as Joy continued to sing about how Jimin’s hair looked ‘so ridiculously cute’ today. You pouted as you looked out the window. You missed the bench. You missed the fresh air. You missed the sun. You were not fond of the chaotic mess, the smell of student sweat, over sprayed perfume and screeching cafeteria chairs. However, after countless tugs on your sleeve and whiny cries of reasoning, Joy had managed to sit you down inside. You huffed. 

“So how was teaching Yoongi yesterday?” Joy asked, ignoring your attitude as she rummaged a fork through her salad. She picked up a piece of chicken, staring at you as she nibbled on it, “Is he dumb?”

Your eyes widened as your head quickly whipped behind you. Not too far away, Yoongi was sitting with his friends at a table not too far away. You quickly gazed at how he took a swig of water, focused on whatever was on his phone. Surrounding him was Jimin, Namjoon, Taehyung and a few guys from the class next door- Jin and Hoseok. They were all laughing at a joke Jin had said. Yoongi was silent, as if no one was in the room. As if he had felt your gaze, his head lifted from his phone. Turning back to Joy with a worried look in your eyes as you said, “Joy, you can’t just ask people if they’re dumb.”

“I just did though?” she asked. Her dark hair was tied up in a big bun, curled strands of hair framing her face. You were amazed as she pulled the fork out of her mouth, eyes wide.

You chuckled, “Whatever,” you said, taking a sip of your water, “Teaching him wasn’t as bad as I thought. He picks it up really well.”

Joy hummed as she finished her salad, pushing the empty container away from her, “Aren’t you guys meeting up again after school?”

You nodded, finishing your sandwich, “He better not be late this time,” you muttered. Joy shook her head, laughing.

Yoongi was late again.

The clock on the wall above you had laughed at you as another ten minutes had passed. Craning your neck to look outside the window, you couldn’t see him anywhere. Frustration began building up inside of you.

“Where are you?” you mumbled to yourself, tapping your nails against the wooden desk. You weren’t getting paid for this.

Getting up from your chair you didn’t bother packing up your books, just in case he came in last minute. Tightening your ponytail, you made your way outside of the library. “Maybe he’s making another phone call?” You asked to yourself as you walked around outside. He wasn’t near the boy’s bathroom. Nor was he at the cafeteria. After a few minutes of playing hide and seek by yourself, the frustration had begun to rise as you ran around the school trying to find him.

“I could be at home eating,” you whine, standing outside the library with your hands on your hips. Just before you turn around to go back inside, a small sliver of grey had caught your eye. The grey smoke swirled into the air before disappearing into the fading blue sky. Your eyes traced it to the back of the library. You frowned, taking your steps towards it. You found yourself making your way to the back of the library, curiosity bubbling within your stomach. However, as you turned the corner nothing but shock had caused your eyes to slightly widen,

“You smoke?”

Yoongi stood at the back of the library, back against the wall with one leg propped up. He was looking up at the sky, white ear buds covering his ears. You coughed, waving the smoke away from your face,


His eyes darted to you, “Crap.” He looked down at his phone, checking the time, “What are you doing back here-“

“You smoke?” you repeated.

He stood turned towards you, one hand in his pocket and the other pinching a cigarette between his thumb and forefinger. He pulled both ear buds out, letting them dangle against his chest. You watched him bring the cigarette back to his lips, inhaling it before releasing a cloud of grey from his lungs. His stare almost piercing through you. Your eyes narrowed.

“Cut it out.”

Rolling his eyes he dropped it on the gravel before squishing it down with a black sneaker. You watched it fizzle as its ashes drowned itself. You couldn’t believe it. “How could you smoke?” you asked.

Yoongi craned the back of his neck, closing his eyes as he massaged the back of his neck, “Because it helps me relaxed,” he said before peeping one eye open at you, “maybe you should try it sometime.” 

You scoffed, “You know I don’t have to teach you English so I don’t get why you’re acting this way.”

He shrugged, kicking down at the now crushed cigarette, “Then why don’t you?” He asked, looking up at you with a sly smirk. He looked tired, “No one forced you to anyway.”

You had never been at the back of the library as it was considered an out-of-bounds area. You assumed that was the place neighbourhood cats would roam. It only made sense that Yoongi would have a smoke here. It was a place no one would ever think of going to. You sighed, “Because you need it.”

His ears perked as he let out a low laugh, “What do you get out of it? Some dirty fling with Jungkook?”

Your lips parted as a small gasp escaped, “Excuse me?”

Yoongi let out a laugh, a mocking tone laced within, “As if you think I didn’t notice,” He said, “Don’t act like you didn’t practically undress him with your eyes right in front of me yesterday,” he chuckled, eyes never meeting yours, “I’m not an idiot.”

Words couldn’t configure in your mind as yesterday’s events flashed back into your mind. Your hands clenched beside you as you looked away, “I never said you were.”

Yoongi shrugged as he reached into his pockets and pulled out another cigarette, “Whatever, do whatever you want,” he chuckled, “or whoever you want, I should say.”

You watched intently as the cigarette dangled in between his pink lips before pulling out a black lighter, bringing it towards the tip. With a click, Yoongi held the orange flame against the cigarette and grey smoke escaped his lungs once again. “It’s none of my business,” he began to say, “but you shouldn’t go after him.”

You pressed your back against the cool brick wall beside him, eyes never leaving the leaves that swayed along the tree branches, “And why’s that?”

Yoongi took the cigarette out of his mouth and held it besides him, tapping against it, ash falling onto the ground, “He’s a jerk.”

“How do you know?” you ask.

“I just know.” He replied.

You laughed, nodding. For some strange reason, the both of you standing behind the library had felt peaceful to you. You had felt your shoulders loosen, one leg propping up against the brick as you folded your arms, “Well, there’s no point in teaching you today,” you turned your head to the side, facing the blonde as your head leaned against the cool brick, “you better not be late tomorrow.”

His eyes finally met yours and you felt your body fail to move. There was something within his gaze that held you tightly. Strands of light hair fell against his forehead, the remaining pushed back in a rugged manner. He smelt like cigarettes and soda. “You still want to teach me?” he asked, “After blowing you off twice?”


He rolled his eyes, “I had a smoke yesterday too, idiot.”

“You said you had a phone call.”

He shrugged as he brought it back to his lips, “It’s called lying, Sweetheart,” he laughed as he turned back towards the sky. You felt his gaze release your body as you felt your limbs moving again. Rolling your head back to the trees, you felt the wind hit your knees. Your skirt lifting lightly from the breeze. Placing your hands on top of your thighs, you continued to watch birds fly by.

“Ever done it before?” Yoongi asked as he ruffled the top of his hair. His uniform was rugged, only half tucked in. His watch slid up and down his thin wrist as he ran thin fingers through his bleached hair. He continued to stare up at the sky. A trance playing within his eyes.

“Done what?” you asked.


You didn’t reply. Instead you stood in silence, watching the blue sky continue to fade. Time had felt slow once again. The clouds had spread out like wings. Yoongi didn’t min either, inhaling and exhaling his own clouds into the atmosphere.  The bitter smell irritated your lungs.

Turning back towards him, your eyes narrowed, “Give me that.”

Before he could question what you were saying, you stepped towards him. “What are you-“

You pinched the cigarette out of his lips and you watched the smoke escape his lips. Without a thought you placed it between your fingers, handling it gently as you inhaled it. Yoongi’s eyes widened at the sight. The cigarette was in cased between your soft lips. Running a hand through your hair, you felt the smoke swirl and escape your lungs as puffs of grey drew into the air. You coughed. Vigorously. Yoongi watched you quickly drop the now small cigarette, stomping it into the dirt. A flash of something you couldn’t decipher had shone through his eyes before he rested back against the wall.

Yoongi clicked his tongue, “Why did you do that?”

You let out another cough, “Smoking kills you know?” you said. You rested back into the wall, coughing out the remaining tobacco. You sighed, trying to inhale the fresh air above you.

Yoongi sighed, “And you’re telling me this because?”

You turned to look at him. You couldn’t tell if it was curiosity or genuine disinterest pointed at you. His eyes were so dark against the blonde strands that covered the bits of his forehead. His skin was so pale and you let out a little cough. You had felt the heat in your skin from your coughing fit.

“It’d be a shame if you died, that’s all.”

You couldn’t see the way Yoongi looked at you as your attention turned back towards the green and gold leaves. The way they moved captured you. You coughed once more, “Never again,” you mutter. Pushing yourself off the brick, you began to make your way back inside to get your bag. Making your way back towards the front of the library, your body came to a halt as you bumped into someone.


Looking up you were met with a face you have been avoiding all day. The teacher with a bright smile and coffee coloured hair. You glanced up. His eyes were cold. His jaw clenched. You stood at the side of the library, one foot digging into the dirt. Jungkook’s eyes were narrow as he tilted his head to the back of the library, “Is there anyone else back there?”

You lowered your head, eyes not able to meet his, “No.”

Jungkook nodded, “So you smoke?”

Again you shook your head as you started down at your shoes, “It was just a one-time thing.”

He scoffed, “Where did you even get one?”

You couldn’t reply.

“Answer me (Y/N).”

You didn’t.

Right,” Jungkook muttered, “grab your things and come with me.”

You nodded, scurrying into the library to get your bag. The sky had dimmed to a dull blue, all the clouds disappearing from above. You grabbed your bag, following behind an angry Jungkook. You felt the bitter taste of Yoongi’s cigarette still lingering in your lungs. You wanted to throw up. Walking silently to his office, small tears had slowly started to form in your eyes.

Jungkook walked ahead of you, quietly.

Chapter 6: I trust him // Shawn Mendes

Chapter 5:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 1:

“I get the right to freak out this time, I’m just letting you know.” April says, closing the door behind her as I lay on my double bed staring at the ceiling, contemplating my actions from before.

“Join the club. Its all I’ve been doing since he left.” I sigh, lifting my head to see her curling up in the small sofa I had beside the window that I often sat in to read or do homework.

“So let me get this straight.” April begins the lengthy conversation we’re sure to have. “Last time you told me you just slept in the same bed. That was lunch time.”

I nod solemnly. “Yeah.”

“Now it’s around 2 hours after dinner, which by the way you didn’t attend for the second time in a row.” She scolds gently and I perk up by the mention of food.

“Did you bring me anything?” I ask, and she gives me a ‘are you serious?’ look.

“Of course I did, what kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t provide some food for our little late night chat?” She gets up to hand me a take a way box. I open it and the delicious aroma of fried rice fills the air.

“Thanks April.” I grin, digging into my meal.

“Back to the story. I get a text saying- Shawn came by, we slept together.” She pauses and I don’t meet her eyes. “Y/n when I said I think you should kiss him I didn’t think you would take my advice so literally.” 

“I don’t know what happened.” I groan, running a hand through my hair tiredly.

“I’m going to clarify just to make sure. You meant slept together as in he puts his di-”

“April!” My cheeks heat at her language.

“Hey! You can’t act all innocent now.” She defends herself, smirking at my horrified expression.  

I don’t say anything, instead shoveling more rice into my mouth.

“Y/n, are you okay?” April asks after a moment, her caring side making an appearance.

“I guess.” I trail off, fiddling with the fork I was using to eat. “I mean, Shawn was so nice about it and he wasn’t.. bad.. at it.” I feel my cheeks heat.

“Can I be honest with you for a second?” She asks, tilting her head slightly.

“April… I don’t really expect anything else.” I laugh, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Right, but I just wanted to make sure because I don’t know how you’re feeling and I didn’t want to upset you.” She rambles.

“Just say it.” I shrug, chucking the empty take away bags in the bin beside my bed.

“Are you sure he wasn’t just using you? You’ve only really gotten to know each other for 3 or so days and now you did this? Can you even trust him?” 

I freeze at the word, my stomach twisting. “I trust him.” I murmur, a silence filling the room. “I know that we may have been moving too fast but I don’t believe that Shawn’s a bad guy.”

She nods, moving to sit next to me on my bed.

“Then I think he’s a good guy to. I want you to know that what ever happens next- I will always be your friend, no matter what.” 

 I smile, tucking my legs underneath me. “Thanks April, you’re the best.”

She flips her hair over her shoulder dramatically. “I know I am.”

It was 5 days before I saw Shawn again. I was walking into my Power of the Gods class and as if there was a pull my eyes immediately snap to Shawn. He was sitting in the third row, writing something on a piece of paper. As if feeling my gaze he looks up and his dark hazel eyes catch mine.

I send a small smile before turning away and taking my usual seat in the second row- diagonally across from Shawn.

Slowly the rest of the class begins to trickle in- Peyton grinning at me maliciously as she walks past to take the seat right behind me, the one next to Shawn.

Our teacher was a man in his 30′s who we called Adrian. He was tall with curly blonde hair that was often tied back and he always had a book on him. He was one of the few teachers who was actually interested in teaching a subject that did not involve a sword. 

“Good morning,” he calls out to the class as we fall silent. “Last class we worked on Poseidon and what he controls. We also covered how to fight back should we ever face a child with his abilities in a fight, can anyone tell me some of this powers?” 

Someone raises their hand in the back and I zone out, my gaze stuck on the blackboard where there was some work left from previous classes, perhaps from a first year class. 

We had 3 levels of education at the camp. When we are 16, our parents claim us by sending a signal to the head of camp where we are then brought into camp to learn about the basics of what we are. In the second year we practice more physical skills, our training focused on fighting. In the last year- the year I’m currently in- we tie all our skills together to help us when we are let back into society to live beside humans. 

“Y/n?” I’m drawn out of my trance and I meet Adrian’s eyes shamefully.

“Sorry.” I squeak, feeling many eyes on me. 

“Please try and focus as I think you may find our next Goddess very interesting.” He smiles warmly at me and I feel my heart sink. He wouldn’t have chosen who I think he did, would he?

“We do happen to have a child of Athena in the class, I said this when we covered Apollo and I’m going to say it again. Please no unnecessary treatment of the individuals.” The class murmur in response and I slid down in my chair a bit, my cheeks flaming.

“Can anyone tell me what abilities children of Athena have?” Adrian asks and the class falls silent.

Then a voice speaks. “Intelligence. Reason, wisdom and arts.” Shawn’s says, and there’s a collective shock in the room. Shawn never spoke up in class.

Adrian looks delighted however. “Yes Shawn, correct. Athena’s children can have any one of these talents. Although they may seem harmless they should never be underestimated in a battle. Their quick thinking can be your downfall.”

I can feel Shawn’s gaze on me and when I turn my head to look, he’s smirking at me. I gulp, turning around to face the front again.

“Children of Athena do not make rash decisions, they think everything out thoroughly and almost always know what to do to get out of any situation.”

The blush never fades from my face throughout the rest of the lesson. When the bell finally rings for lunch, the day divided into two sections of morning and afternoon classes, I bolt. 

I feel embarrassed. Regret fills me as I hurry towards the girls bathroom, tears slipping out my eyes before I could stop them. I can’t work out why I’m crying except for maybe I made the wrong decision. 

For someone whose supposed to be intelligent and wise I was feeling pretty stupid.

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Frenemies  (part 3)

Description:  Archie begs the reader to join his and Jugheads road trip, and then ditches last minute.

Word Count: 1807

Pairings: Jughead x Reader

Part 1 Part 2

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It was already past noon the following day, and both you and Jughead had said a total of ten words to each other so far. Ever since waking up wrapped around the other, you were both embarrassed and super confused about your feelings. I mean, surely it was only because it was cold last night, and you two had to share a blanket…right? Thinking about it too much caused you to blush.

Jughead cleared his throat, preparing to speak. “I’m hungry.” He said, “Do you want to stop somewhere?”

You nodded, feeling the hunger growing. You had been on the road since nine o’clock this morning, and you had only had a cup of coffee so far.

You both decided on just going through the drive through at a fast food restaurant, not having the energy yet to get out of the truck.

Once you ordered and got your food, Jughead pulled into a little parking spot away from everything.

“I hate when people watch me eat.” He explains, taking a bite of his greasy burger. You snorted.

“I’m watching you eat right now.” You point out. He swallows, rolling his eyes in the process as well.

“Yeah but we’ve known each other for how long?” he asks “It’s different.”

You shrug, attending to your food instead. It took you a short amount of time to finish your food, before you were on the road again.

You propped your feet up on the dash, looking out the window at different billboards. One caught your eye, and as soon as you saw it you snapped your head over to look at Jughead.

“No.” he says plainly, and you start pouting.

“Oh, Jughead please?” you ask, leaning across the arm rest and getting as close to his face as possible. Your lip was jutted out and your hands were clasped together. “It’s just the next exit, come on. We’ve been driving for two days and haven’t done one fun thing yet.”

He sighs, and says nothing. You figure it’s not worth getting into an argument over. The two of you had been so good at keeping up with the ‘friendship’ façade, you didn’t want to ruin it. You turn, looking back out the window.

You didn’t see him watching you out of the corner of his eye, noticing how disappointed you looked. He felt a pang of guilt because of it, and before he even knew what he was doing, he swung into the exiting lane. Your eyes got wide and excited.

“I can’t believe you made me go to a damn carnival.”

“No!” you exclaim, watching as your last ball missed the milk bottle by a hair. All you wanted to win was the little stuffed Pikachu, but you could never knock the final bottle over.

Jughead laughed, watching as you finally gave up and walked away. “You know,” He starts “You could’ve bought the Pikachu outright with the amount of money you spent playing that game.”

You cross your arms, trying to look annoyed. In all reality though, you were having the time of your life.

“Whatever,” you grumble, sticking your tongue out. He laughs. You then spot the fried Oreo stand, a crowd around it. “Oh my god those are my favorite!” you exclaim, and grab his hand, dragging him over. You try and ignore the sparks that you’re feeling from the contact.

“Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom, get me an order too.” He says, and stalks off. You wait in line, finally making it to the front and ordering two orders. Once you have them in your hands, you find the nearest bench and sit down, keeping an eye out for the raven haired boy.

After a few minutes (and contemplation on whether or not you should eat Jugheads fried Oreos as well), he comes back. He looked flustered.

“What took you so long?” your last Oreo shoved in your mouth, making you mumble your words. He chuckles.

“The line for the bathroom was insanely long.” He says softly, grabbing his treat from you and starting to eat. You don’t question him anymore, and you both sit on the bench in silence, watching the sun set over you. The lights are starting to flick on, making you smile.

“This is my favorite part about carnivals. The lights at the end of the night. It makes everything feel so much more festive and fun.” You say. He nods, not saying anything. He’s watching you, though, as your face becomes illuminated by the colorful lights.

He lifts his arm over your head, resting it on the back of the bench that’s behind you. His arm isn’t touching you, though. You look over at him and smile.

“Wanna go for a walk?” he asks, and you nod, both of you standing up and starting to trek around the giant park. You both are walking so closely in the throng of people, that you almost don’t realize him linking his pinky with yours.

He stops you once you emerge from the crowd, reaching in his pocket. You look confused, before he pulls out a little Pikachu keychain.

“I figured, you couldn’t have the stuffed animal this is the next best thing.” He says shyly. Your face breaks out into the biggest smile you’ve ever experienced, and you hug him quickly.

“Aw thank you, Jughead! It’s absolutely perfect. When did you get this?” you ask, the smile still not leaving your face. Your heart is so happy, soaring almost.

“Well, when I said I went to the bathroom, let’s just say I didn’t go to the bathroom.” He explains, and you laugh, grabbing his pinky with yours and continuing your walk.

“After my mom left with Jellybean, I kinda just distanced myself from everyone. My dad never was sober anymore, so I left too.”

You don’t know how the conversation shifted to Jugheads home life, but here it is, out in the open for both of you. The crowds have died down immensely, yet your pinkies were still interlocked, almost like you were afraid to let go.

“Where did you go?” you ask quietly, and you can feel him stiffen beside you. “You don’t have to tell me.” You said after, reassuring him.

He took a deep breath, relaxing. “It’s fine,” he says, and then after a second, finishes his thought. “I’ve been living at the drive-in. In the booth where all the movies are played.” He says quietly, getting nervous. You nod.

“Jug…the drive-in’s closing a week after we get back. Where are you going to stay then?”

“I’m not sure, (Y/N). I’ll figure it out.” He says, and you guys are quiet for a few minutes. It’s you that speaks first this time.

“Who else knows?” you ask, and he shakes his head.

“No one.”

“Why’d you tell me then?”

“I- I don’t know. I feel like I can trust you. Like you won’t go telling people about this whenever we get back.” He murmurs, and you nod.

“You’re right, I won’t,” you reassure him “On one condition. You let me help you in any way I can.”

“(Y/N), I don’t need your charity.” His tone grows cold, and you sigh.

“I’m not giving you my ‘charity’, Juggie. I’m just trying to help. I know how sucky family life is and I just want to try and make it less sucky.” He pulls his pinky away from yours, and you frown at the loss of contact.

“You have no idea what my home life is like, (Y/N). Don’t pretend that you do,” he snaps and turns around. “I’m going back to the truck.”

Before you can say another thing, he’s walking in the opposite direction. You can’t help but just stand there, feeling absolutely defeated, and try to figure out what you did wrong this time.

It’s been silent in the vehicle, tension radiating off of both of you. You don’t dare utter one word, it’s almost like you can see smoke coming out of Jugheads ears.

The next stop you would both take would be the next hotel. Once he made the turn into the parking lot, you had finally mustered up the courage to try and apologize.

“Jughead…” you start off, but he hops out of the truck, slamming the door before you have a chance to finish what you were saying. You sigh, before getting out of the truck as well. This won’t be easy.

You both walk in, and are greeted by the reception lady. You hear Jughead requesting two single rooms, and you frown at this. Of course, you wouldn’t be caught dead in a predicament like the night prior, but the harshness of his tone still cut.

“I’m sorry. We are all out of single rooms. I can get you both a double room. Two beds.” She says, and he sighs. You watch as his head nods, the beanie not budging.

Once you get the keycards, you quietly make your way to your room. It wasn’t as nice as the one before, but that’s okay. You each choose respective beds, placing your stuff next to them.

You grab your pajamas, going to change. Again, by the time you come out of the bathroom, Jughead has already changed and laid down. You bite your lip as you walk past his bed to your own, crawling in and getting under the covers. The lamp is shut off, and you both lay there in silence.

“I’m sorry,” you mumble “I didn’t realize that what I said would affect you that much. It was inconsiderate.”

You don’t hear anything for a few minutes, and you assume he’s already fallen asleep. You sigh, turning over on your side. After a few seconds, you feel a finger jab into your back.

“Scoot over,” the accompanying voice mumbles, and you smile to yourself, scooting over so you both could have some room on the bed. You flip over so you’re on your back, staring up at the ceiling.

“I’m sorry I freaked out on you like I did. Just a touchy subject,” He says, and you nod in understanding. “Truce?”

“Truce.” You say. The both of you are quiet then, beginning to fall asleep.

Just as your eyes are closing and you’re drifting off into sleep, you feel his pinky grab yours. And then his whole hand. Your heartbeat quickens and your face darkens. You’re thankful for the lack of light in the room.

You both fall asleep like that, hand in hand. When you wake up, though, you both are two tangled bodies. Legs intertwined, your head on his bare chest, his arm around you. And once you both wake up, you lay like that for longer, his fingers dancing lazily over your arm.

The best part about this was that every action was fully intentional.

A/N: I wasn’t a fan of this part very much, and it felt like it took forever to think of how to begin it. Blahhh I dunno. Writers block I guess. Well I hope you guys liked it! 

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A belated Bucky birthday prompt: Steve's a waiter at a heavily themed restaurant (think Rainforest Cafe) and he's tired of people blatantly lying to get the over-the-top Free Birthday Dessert. It's Bucky's birthday and he wants his over-the-top Free Birthday Dessert. He may also want his cute waiter's phone number.

All of the dishes mentioned in this ficlet are actual dishes off of the Downtown Disney Rainforest Café menu.

— —

Steve Rogers has had it with these motherfucking college kids coming into motherfucking Rainfoest Café and ordering motherfucking free desserts when it’s not even their birthday. This happens at least once a shift, some group of giggling college first-years who don’t have good enough fakes to get into a bar, snorting as they say it’s Christie’s or Jeremy’s birthday and snapping pics on their cellphone as Steve brings out the Sparkling Volcano — a stack of mediocre brownies covered with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and caramel with a motherfucking sparkler stuck on top. The Sparkling Volcano is a pain, the fact that these kids never calculate the $17 that the Sparkling Volcano costs into their tip is a pain, and capitalism? Yeah, that’s a pain, too.

So when this table of formerly well-behaved people start giggling and elbowing each other when Steve brings the dessert menu over, he knows it’s game over.

“Don’t do it,” says the hot guy who (somewhat inadvisably) ordered the Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp.

The woman who ordered the Tribal Salmon grins. “It’s his birthday,” she says.

“Oh man, she went there,” says Kale & Red Quinoa Salad with Chicken. He’s pretty cute, too.

“Shut up Sam,” says BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger.

“You’re all assholes,” Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp says. BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger giggles and nudges Kale & Red Quinoa Salad with Chicken. Kale & Red Quinoa Salad with Chicken rolls his eyes, but is smiling.

Steve hates them all.

“So, we’ll have one of those chocolate lava things.”

Steve — who is a good employee and a good person — does not sigh like he would like to. Instead he turns to Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp, plasters on a smile and says, “Happy birthday!” knowing in his heart of hearts that it is not, in fact, this guy’s birthday. The way that Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp kind of slumps in his chair only confirms this to Steve. He turns back to the rest of the table. “One Sparkling Volcano coming up. Can I interest you in something to go along with it? A Maya’s Mango Sorbet or a Raspberry Lemonade Freeze?” The ‘that you’ll actually pay for’ is implied.

“No, just the Sparkling Volcano,” Tribal Salmon says.

Steve feels the corner of his mouth twitch. “Alright. That’ll be just a few minutes.”

“Motherfuckers,” Steve mutters after he puts in the order for the cake. He had liked that table. They had seemed nice. He could’ve sworn that Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp had been checking him out.

Instead they’re making him bring a free hassle of a dessert. Fuck them.

He has enough time to check on two of his other tables before the Sparkling Volcano is up. He looks at the gloppy mess, says a little prayer, then lights the sparkler.

There’s an art to getting to the customer’s table with a lit Sparkling Volcano; it takes time and a certain grace. Steve isn’t quite proud of the fact that he’s been at Rainforest Café long enough to have mastered that art — this is still just a day job that he does to support himself while he makes actual art — but he does have the act down. He grins and he walks to the table, ready to sing the Rainforest Café non-patented birthday song.

And then BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger says, “Holy shit, that’s awesome. Let me get this on camera!”

The next few moments are kind of a blur. One second Steve is bending over to put the Sparkling Volcano down in front of the birthday boy, the next BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger is hopping up and into Steve. “FUCK,” Steve says as he loses his balance, eyes going wide as he falls back, sparkling dessert falling back onto him.

“Clint!” Someone shouts.

“FUCK,” Steve shouts again as the Sparkling Volcano lands on him. He grunts as the sparkler hits his skin — the neck, of all places — then quickly pushes it off of him. As the chocolate sauce extinguishes the flame, Steve just lets himself lay on the ground, neck throbbing. He notices that the “storm” has started and nearby electronic gorillas start pounding their chests and grunting as thunder cracks.

It feels appropriate.

He notices Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp get down on the ground next to him. “Jesus,” he says. “Just tell me,” Steve says, eyes feeling heavy. “Is today really your birthday?”

Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp looks down at him with his very blue eyes. “Yeah,” he says. “Why?”

“No reason,” Steve says, then passes out.

— —

Steve is sitting in the employee back room holding a cool washcloth to his neck when Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp walks in. “Hey there,” he says.

“Hi birthday boy,” Steve says. “Sorry I couldn’t sing to you.”

Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp smiles, a little sheepishly. “I told them not to order the stupid cake,” he says.

“I should tell you that it’s fine for something, but honestly? I really wish that they hadn’t.”

Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp barks out a laugh. “Sorry, sorry,” he says. “They thought they were being cute.” He kind of shuffles his feet, looks down. “It’s my first birthday since getting sober. They wanted to do something fun, so they gave me the choice between Rainforest Café and Chuck-E-Cheese. I chose Rainforest Café.”

Steve feels himself soften a little. “Sorry that it turned out this way.”

“Well,” Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp says, shoving his hands in the pockets of his peacoat and looking up at Steve, “it was going pretty good until my friend Clint knocked over the cute server I wanted to ask out.”

Steve blinks. “What?” he asks.

“God,” Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp says, running a hand through his dark hair. “I feel like such an ass, but if you wanted to maybe—“

“Yeah,” Steve interrupts. “I do.”

Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp drops his hand and looks at Steve, surprised. “Really?”

Steve shrugs. “Can’t be much worse than being burned by a free dessert.”

“I think Natasha left you a really nice tip.”

“Good,” Steve says. “Then maybe I can get you a decent dessert.”

Caribbean Coconut Shrimp grins. “Yeah?” he asks.

Steve nods. “I’m Steve,” he says.

“Bucky,” Caribbean Coconut Shrimp replies.

“Happy birthday, Bucky,” Steve says.

“Well,” Bucky responds, “it is now.”


A SUBURBAN GOTHIC COLLECTION: perpetual state of decay

[suburban haze]

The crew gets meat at midnight, but they never can go far. They hold each other too close and lie about who they are. Rows of perfect houses, but the mothers still want more. They chain smoke in the bedroom and there’s fights behind the door.

[high school lovers]

But fate is a cruel mistress, girl, the prettiest in the world. She dresses loosely in a bathrobe with her hair up in curls. Because we were kissing for hours with her hands in my trousers, she could not contain herself, suggests we go back to her house. But here it comes, this is the crux, she vomits down my rental tux.

[blurred nights]

I have dreamt about what it’s like to die. And I saw myself becoming shadows again. Just like I did when I was a kid. I saw my bones crack open and all the things I’ve been hiding from you spill out.

[boredom of teenage girls]

Milkshakes and cat eyes, lipstick and french fries. Internalize so much but so little. Don’t make us feel belittled world. Sneaking cigarrettes at lunchtime, sun feels safe and sublime. Pink sparkly sunglasses, lemonade by the pool.

[throwing bottles]

By the light of the LED display of the VCR recorder, you kiss my neck, I whisper in your ear: this is my downfall. As you squint and you grimace, we both know your heart’s not in it.


And all we see, are kids in buses longing to be free. Some cities make you lose your head, endless suburbs stretched out thin and dead. And what was that line you said? Wishing you were anywhere but here. You watch the life you’re living disappear. And now I see, we’re still kids in buses longing to be free.

Sentence Prompts 2

51. “Times like this I doubt your intelligence.”
52. “If someone used cheesy pick-up lines on me, I think I’d marry them.”
53. “You were never meant to find out.”
54. “I don’t blame you for anything.”
55. “Do you have any piercings?”
56. “On second thought, I don’t want to know.”
57. “Do you believe in ghosts?”
58. “If this was a comic book, I would be the hero and you would be the owner of that one shop I accidentally destroy.”
59. “I will bite your face off.”
60. “You, me, my house, popcorn, a two liter of Dr Pepper, and Netflix; you in?”
61. “Either ride piggy-back or I carry you bridal style.”
62. “Please tell me you know how to drive this thing.”
63. “Have you seen my contacts?”
64. “Wait in line, freakshow.”
65. “This is the fourteenth time you’ve applied for the same job.”
66. “Sometimes I wish I was an ostrich so I could duck my head into the dirt avoid your bright attitude.”
67. “Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I wouldn’t have to worry about stepping in all your bullshit.”
68. “Falling in love with you was the worst mistake I could’ve made.”
69. “Please tell me you’re not pregnant.”
70. “I’m a tumblr addict; you think that surprises me?”
71. “Just drop the subject. Please.”
72. “This isn’t something you can help me with.”
73. “I hate the beach.”
74. “Are you hitting on me?”
75. “Sometimes I wish my freckles were like constellations but they’re really like a two year old who stabbed a crayon onto paper repeatedly.”
76. “I’m as much of a master at martial arts as I am the puppy-dog pout.”
77. “I have the coordination of a single-finned fish.”
78. “You can’t tell because I’m smiling, but I’m mentally rolling my eyes at you.”
79. “I’m laughing at you, not with you.”
80. “Did you really think I wasn’t a monster?”
81. “There’s this voice in my head and it just keeps telling me that nothing’s good enough.”
82. “If life was a video game, high school would be the free trial and college would be the $300 purchase.”
83. “I swear, we’re not dating. Yet.”
84. “Please refrain from touching the artwork.”
85. “Would you like some fries with that attitude?”
86. “Life is a highway and I’m the drunk driver.”
87. “My, uh, meeting ran late.”
88. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that.”
89. “At first I thought you were a Hufflepuff, but I clearly see now you’re just a squib.”
90. “Keep your eyes on the road or so help me…”
91. “Stop being such a stupid head.”
92. “We’ve still got nine more fingers to go…”
93. “If you just told me, I could be out of your hair.”
94. “Don’t kiss me if I’m sleeping; I will punch you.”
95. “I’ve got this feeling in my gut that just feels as if everything is going to go horribly wrong.”
96. “You’re a 24-karat diamond while I’m the 25-cent plastic ring you get out of a coin machine.”
97. “Ding dong motherfucker.”
98. “I hope the wedding cake has a bomb in it.”
99. “If this was Minecraft, you’d be that creeper no one likes.”
100. “Please refrain from touching the merchandise.”

kim jaehwan as your boyfriend

wanna one boyfriends 9/11

  • death, destruction and desperation
  • ok but listen people don’t call jaehwan a psychopath for nothing
  • you better have some nerves made of steel because believe me when i tell you that being with this dumbass will test your patience and most definitely take you to your limits
  • but it’s lowkey also very nice
  • a boyfriend that will definitely roast you
  • but it’s okay because you roast him back
  • he’s a fool for you and he knows it
  • it’s not like there’s anything he can do about the way his heart jumps in his chest every time you kiss him though
  • might be addicted to you like who knows at this point
  • pda is a thing but it’s low-key
  • he loves holding hands in winter when yours are freezing and his are burning up for some fucking reason
  • has at least one of his arms around you at almost all times
  • when you’re not out in public he’s gonna want to be close to you and hold you all the time
  • he’s very affectionate even if he doesn’t look it like he’s a sucker for skinship
  • likes to rest his back against your chest and slide down a little so you can wrap your legs around his waist and play with his hair in the process
  • a lil protective
  • even though he might not be the conventional gentleman he knows how to care for his girl and tbh it makes you soft
  • tries really hard for you but also wants your relationship to be casual because he’s broke
  • “listen baby i wanted to go and get this expensive vegan fried rice you like so much but i guess my card got declined so i got us mcdonalds instead”
  • he just wants to be the reason you smile
  • and when you do he dies a little because wow you’re so incredibly pretty like how is he supposed to look at you without going a little crazy
  • likes showing off his voice every opportunity he gets
  • like it’ll be your birthday and people are serenading you just the way it should be but then there’s jaehwan singing ‘happy birthday to you’ with falsetto and he might end up putting in a little too much emotion and start crying
  • he still manages to impress you though nbd
  • jaehwan smells really good so you always ask him to let you wear his sweaters or shirts
  • at some point he bought you the cologne he wears so you can use it whenever he’s away for a while
  • and it actually helps you because wow you really do miss him a lot
  • watching various tv shows and k-dramas together and genuinely being emotionally invested in the characters
  • romantic candle-light dinners at home
  • he’ll probably try and cook for you and maybe he somehow succeeds
  • the type to run you a hot bubble bath and pop open a bottle of red wine or maybe white wine if he knows you prefer that if you’re feeling upset or stressed about something
  • also he’ll most likely get in the bathtub with you and help you relieve your stress in other ways
  • fights with jaehwan rarely happen because both of you know communication is key
  • and jaehwan is the king of communication tbh
  • he shares his problems and concerns with you as soon as they arise so that the two of you can figure out a solution
  • can actually be pretty rational when he wants to be especially when it comes to you
  • very honest and i mean even more honest whenever he’s really tired
  • so basically one night he said he couldn’t wait to get to marry you and honestly to this day you still don’t know whether he was proposing or not like tf jaehwan don’t just say something like that and start snoring
  • whispers soft ‘i love you’s’ to you every night just before you fall asleep curled up against his chest
  • and tbh that’s what gives you life kim jaehwan makes you live and breathe and honestly you wouldn’t have it any other way
Jimin Scenario: A Dream Come True.

Request:Can I request a scenario where the reader has a Jimin’s fanclub and is invited to spend an entire day with him & he thinks she’s different from the other girls bc she treats him like a normal person instead of a famous idol! And after that start to have interest in her! 🙈💜

Genre: Fluff.

You didn’t want to but you were biting your nails, and as you forced yourself to stop doing it you started biting your lips. The nerves were literally eating you as you waited for the page to be reloaded again as it had crashed fifteen minutes ago.

You had entered this contest on a hunch, hopeful, but somewhat already accepting you wouldn’t be the one winning it no matter how much you really wanted it. But had nonetheless because the possibility of having the opportunity of meeting him, no matter how small the chance, was worth the try. You thought you’d be calm just waiting for the results whatever those might be, but truth was you were on the edge of your chair wondering why the system had crashed and when were they going to fix it.

You breathed deeply as you saw the page loading again. The contest was really simple and truly it was something that depended more on luck than anything else as you just had to send a little letter with your description and why you loved Park Jimin, and in that aspect you were an expert because honestly, what was it to not love? You had a fan club of the guy, but not only because of how handsome Jimin was, but because he was an incredibly talented singer and dancer, a beautiful person who was aware of those around him and that reflected in his actions, he treated people well, and he had a smile hat could melt worlds and create new ones. That was how much you loved Jimin, as a fan, you knew you probably wouldn’t be involved with him ever, but just to know him and presence that smile from up close, talking to him, would be more than amazing. 

You scrolled down the flashy announcements, the winner had been chosen. Your heart jumped and you felt like throwing up and running, as the emotion was strong within you and then you read your name.

You were the winner, you had been the chosen one.

For a moment you didn’t do anything and just read your name and the tittle that said you had won over and over again, and then you jumped screaming and smiling like crazy, watching the big poster of Jimin that you had gotten at a fan meet some years ago.  You were going to meet him, finally. If dreams could really come true you guessed this was it.

The date that wouldn’t really be a date, but kind of, it would be you two having a whole day together but you didn’t know exactly what were you going to do so getting dressed was a bit troublesome, but since it was spring you guessed a pretty skirt and an elegant but still comfortable blouse would be good enough, you’d wear flats because with the nerves you’d sure fall in heels in front of Jimin and that you didn’t want.
The day came, someone from Big Hit came to pick you up and you went there, you’d be meeting Jimin at the location. There was a woman explaining you some things you had to take into consideration because of this experience, like privacy and security matters, you tried hard to pay attention but you were a bit giddy, you weren’t worried about that as you knew you weren’t some crazy fan that would stalk him. For you a simple conversation and an iced coffee would do, you just wanted to finally get to know him.

-I’m glad you understand miss Y/N, this is just standard procedure, we really hope you enjoy your day, he’ll be waiting for you-

You had arrived to a coffee shop, smiling and bowing you said thanks to the woman before walking in, you didn’t have to look too much before you saw him.

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cookie crumbs #2

kaminari denki has the most simplistic fashion sense. he’s all good with only a t-shirt and pants but he need at least one accessory to match his outfit; silver chain, choker, sunglasses etc. he thinks bakugou has the radest stash of accessories and ocassionally he’ll also pick up iida’s emergency glasses stock only to get a dizzy spell because iida’s eyesight is bad.

iida most likely will go, ‘you’ll. ruin. your. eyes. stop,’ along with his hand gesture thingy.

denki won’t listen.

he thinks glasses are cute.

denki doesn’t take a lot of time to choose an outfit. he’ll just pick from the top of the pile and put it on or randomly wear just about anything he can reach. one time he accidentally wears a pink pajama shirt with small yellow duck printed all over it and he absolutely doesn’t give a fuck and just hang with everyone at the common room.

during the class play where 1-A had to put on midieval era costume, everyone collectively agree that denki should wear the most ridiculous, complicated get up.

he did.

with pain - lots of it. but he love the details on his accessories and thinks it’s really cool so he doesn’t mind. it’s the first time he put on so many accessories at one time so he’s e x c i ted.

todoroki likes to ask denki to go with him on his sudden ice pops trip to the konbini simply bc denki doesn’t take too long to dress up and all might won’t let him go alone (midoriya takes too long to lace his shoe and by the time he’s ready, it will be pass todoroki’s bedtime).

he dress up quick but he takes a long time in the morning staring at the mirror before his brain boots up to get ready. he brush his teeth half asleep.

during summer, he takes longer to get ready. humidity is his enemy.

his hair is an untamed poof

he beats midoriya’s poofiness on summer.

his styling gel can’t help him around these time so he’ll go to kirishima mr. my-hair-stronger-than-your-will-to-live

3 years of not seeing their son, well, anything surely could change. But Friedrich Hertzmann parents never expect that their son could change drastically.
Friedrich went all the way from Germany to this college because he wanted to join the project that one of the professor here, my good friend Prof. Walton, conducted. It’s something about history, politics, I don’t know for sure. He informed his parents that he wouldn’t be home again this year as Walton’s project usually started during summer break but the call from Friedrich’s lecturer about the drastic drop of GPA made his parents rushed to go to USA and asked his son why his score fell drastically. In their mind, Walton’s project is probably the biggest reason why their son’s GPA dropped from 4.00 to 2.60 only
Well, the first sight that welcomed them when they walked to Friedrich’s room was so “surprising”, his parents can only stammered as they witnessed scattered clothes that clearly not belong to their son because it’s like some kind of athlete clothes, posters of girls in bikini instead of historians and politicians that Friedrich brought all the way from Dresden, working out equipment and the musk……oh the smell of the room scream youth hormones, and the sight of girls panties and bra clearly not help the situation.
“Didn’t you said something about project with Prof. Walton, Friedrich?” asked his parents after they “civilized” the room by cleaning it
“Pops, my only project this summer is to keep building my body and breed some girls so the Hertzmann family line could be continued. Like, c'mon, Hans is gay, Birgit is definitely not going to marry with anyone so I’m the only one that could continued this family tho,” said Friedrich, or Fred now as he preferred, while chuckling and flexing his massive biceps
“And oh yeah, it’s either Fred or Rich now. No more Fried-rich, what the fuck is wrong with that lame ass name,”
It’s still there, Friedrich’s face (leaner of course), his blond hair and his signature cheekish smile, but the body and the attitude, it’s not their son anymore. They can only stare longingly to Fred’s eyes and his possible future that now seems as dim and as dull as his eyes

Invisible // Chapter 1

My first fiction with multiple chapters, yay!
Pairing: Mark x Reader x Jaebum 
Words: 2600
Genre: Fluff, Drama/ Angsty
Warnings: none

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 // Chapter 8 // Chapter 9

Mark is (Y/N)’s best friend and roommate. One evening they’re chilling together and she decides to finally tell him how hard she was crushing on no other than GOT7’s leader Im Jaebum. 

Mark plays it cool, acting happy that she found a liking in him and said that he will definitely help her out to get things going - but in reality, hearing (Y/N) say Jaebum’s name instead of his own, crushed him.

Mark’s Point of View:
When I arrived at home, (Y/N) was standing in front of the kitchen counter, chopping something into small pieces and throwing it into a pan afterward. It had become a habit of hers to cook for me in the evening, even when she didn’t know if I’d be home at all those nights. But she always pointed out that she was worried I wouldn’t eat enough during my schedules - which wasn’t necessarily false. I did not eat enough. The more thankful I was, that she cared about me in this way because I alone surely wasn’t capable of treating me right.

And so it had started, my absolute tragic love story. When we moved in together, about a year ago, we were nothing more than best friends. I could always rely on her, she took care of me better than I could ever do and the way we completed each other was too perfect. So we decided that maybe it would be a good idea to share an apartment.
What I clearly didn’t think through was the fact that I would be around her almost always when we weren't touring in another country… and even then we stayed connected and talked pretty much every night. 

The point is, I loved her as a friend, I did that from the first second, but as soon as we had moved here, I couldn’t deny how those feelings slowly turned into more than just platonic love…

As cliché, as it was the two of us, had always been nagged for being so close because apparently it made us look like an old married couple at times, but neither of us ever paid attention to these comments. Or at least that was the case in the beginning…
I should’ve expected it to happen sooner or later, looking back at it now. And from there on, things obviously didn’t take long for the other guys to notice. I acted differently around her, even if I had been by her side for so long, it was only now that I started to feel the nervousness rushing over me when she was around. So that one time while being backstage, when all of us were chilling together after another great show, I had acted a little too obvious for Jinyoung’s liking. While commenting on our behavior, as usual, I just couldn’t help my ears from suddenly turning bright red the way they always did when I was embarrassed… and the second (Y/N) was out of the room Jinyoung jumped on me, asking so bluntly that everyone else in the room was now involved in my private life as well. I had no other choice but to tell them the truth that evening.

“So… when will you tell her?” Jackson had asked with a big smile and definitely more excited about the news than I had been myself. I just laughed at the question, seriously thinking that he was joking but when I noticed that the others were looking at me dead serious and expecting to hear an answer, my jaw had dropped to the floor.

“Tell her? No way. That’s a stupid idea.” Was all I said, and saying that was an even worse idea… from that moment on, they did not waste a single minute not trying to talk me into believing that confessing to her would be the easiest thing to do.
And here I was. Tonight would be the night… or so I thought.

“Good evening.” I muttered while walking towards her. She had not noticed me so far, but now she looked up with a smile on her beautiful face that was even visible in her bright eyes.

“Hello, Markie. How was your day? Dinner is almost ready.” She said and picked up the pace with which she was cutting the food into pieces as if there was a need to hurry.

“No need to rush. My day was good but exhausting as usual. What about yours?” I asked back and walked towards the cupboard with our plates so I could at least set the table after she had made all the effort of cooking. The small table stood in front of a window, only the dim light of the moon lighting up the room, which was why I almost tripped over something lying on the ground. She laughed at me, the sound echoing around the apartment was by far one of my favorites. It could light up even the darkest of my days…

“Don’t trip, you silly boy! And let’s eat on the couch, nice and cozy. Doesn’t that sound good?”

“As you wish.” I replied with a smile, making my way over to the living room after I switched on the lights to see where I was going. A couple of minutes later she was done and brought out a pan of fried rice, placing it on the table and then sinking down next to me, not leaving any space between us. The way our legs and arms touched whenever one of us moved made my skin tingle like tiny insects would run across it, when in reality it was nothing more but my feelings for her fooling me. And not only that but hearing her soft voice while she talked about her day, the way she smiled and laughed at her own story and her smell as she had seemingly showered before cooking our dinner… all of it drove me closer and closer to insanity. I wanted to be closer to her with every fiber of my body. Feel those soft pink lips pressed onto mine, let my fingers run through her silky hair and hold her tight. But I couldn’t do that.
Apparently, I had been so lost in thought, thinking about stuff that I really shouldn’t think about when she was that close to me, that she had noticed me spacing out on her.

“Mark! Are you even listening? Just tell me if you are too tired and we can go to sleep, you know.” She said, shoving the last spoon of fried rice into her mouth while looking at me to see if I was paying attention again. I could see in her eyes that she was a tiny bit upset that I had not been listening, but on the other side, I knew that out of all people she’d be the last one to scold me for it.

“I’m sorry. I did listen! You saw your friend today and went shopping, got some iced coffee and spent a nice day by the river… sounds like a beautiful reunion.” I retold her day in a very short version, just to prove my point which made her smile again, pinching my cheeks with her fingers the way she knew I absolutely despised it, only to mock me a little more.

“Fascinating how you manage to listen every time… one day I will catch you off-guard, Mr. Tuan!” she jokingly threatened and stacked our plates so it’d be easier to clean up later on. When she leaned back, her eyes met mine with an intense stare. It was one of these moments where a single glare would tell me more than a thousand words could have ever done. Something was definitely on her mind and from that second I forgot my own mission of the night. I would never not put her first.

“Maybe one day… but tell me, donut. Something is troubling you.” By the way, she sighed at my words and her shoulders almost dropping down on the floor, I knew that my instinct had been right. It was so weird how easily you could read the body language of someone you’re close to.
She lifted her arm and scratched the back of her neck, too nervous to bring out any words and then just looked at me again. Silence filled the room as I waited for her to start talking, which she didn’t do even when I raised an eyebrow at her.
“Unless you don’t wanna tell me…” I kept going, just in case, it was something that she really didn’t want to share with me because making her uncomfortable was the last thing I wanted that night.
Another big sigh escaped her as she was shaking her head for an answer.

“It’s not that I don’t want to… I just don’t know how to start?” she explained with insecurity. When she had shifted around the couch a couple of times, from left to right, trying to find another position that would maybe make her more confident, I suddenly grabbed her hand. It wasn’t anything special to do, usually… but clearly, I wasn’t thinking straight. As soon as her hand was intertwined with my own, feeling the warmth of her palm and her soft fingertips at the back of my hand, I instantly wanted to let go again. Blood was rushing to my cheeks and if it weren’t for the darkness in our living room, she would have easily noticed. Now there was nothing else to do other than pretending it was the most normal thing to do. God… I wish I would have spilled the truth right then and there.

“Just say it… it’s not like you’re in love with me, right?” I joked, hoping to ease her mind and slowly making my way to the topic that was clouding my own. And she did laugh a little.

“Love… isn’t that such a weird thing?” she murmured, starring off into the distance and pulling her hand out of my grip as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. There was no way she would start talking about love unless that was what had been on her mind as well. For a second I let my guard down while hope and a tiny bit of joy were flaming up inside of me. What if my joke wasn’t a joke after all? What if I confess to her tonight wasn’t even one-sided, the way I always thought it was?

“Are you in for the deep talk tonight? I think I need a bottle of wine for that.” I replied, joking around again, but more to loosen up myself this time. She rolled her eyes and softly punched me, annoyed that I did not take her serious the way she wanted me to. But I just had to smile.

“Markiepooh, I’m really trying here. This is serious!” she whined and switched her seating position again, now fully turning to me. She sat across from me, looking right into my eyes. I just nodded, whispering a quick “I know, sorry.” Before she finally started to talk.
“I like someone.”

Right there, I really had to hold back another stupid comment of mine because she just stated the obvious, but I didn’t want to make her any more frustrated than she already seemed to be with the emotional chaos inside of her. And funny enough, back then, I didn’t even know that the news she was about to tell me would only make my own emotional chaos bigger than ever. All I did was nod again to signal that I was listening.

“And maybe…” she hesitated, chewing on her bottom lip and fumbling with the hem of her shirt as she didn’t even dare to look me in the eyes. Somehow, my hope that it wouldn’t actually be me confessing that night grew bigger and bigger. The way she acted made it seem that way… thinking that I read her body language so well before, there really was no other explanation as for why she had such a hard time telling me whom she was crushing on. In my mind it all made sense – it had to be me, right? She must feel the same way. When she continued with “Maybe you actually know that person quite well.” My heart skipped a thousand beats at a time. She still didn’t look at me and therefore could luckily not see that stupid smile building in the corner of my lips, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. I inhaled, gathering all my strength and confidence to say something along the lines of “I like you too.” or “I feel the same way about you.”, but she was faster than me and dropped the words that I definitely did not expect to hear.

“I like Jaebum.”

That stupid smile I really tried to fight before vanished within seconds, no effort at all, feeling like the life was sucked out of me. It was then, when she finally picked her head up, staring at me and hoping to see some kind of reaction, but my face was blank. I stumbled upon my words… my brain was not working properly like it completely shut down at the sound of hearing one of my best friend’s names. All I could get out to not leave her waiting any more was a shaky “Wow.”

It turns out that saying nothing might have been the better option because now she seemed completely confused at the lack of my emotions when in reality I was fully crumbling on the inside.

“Wow? That’s all you have to say?” she repeated my words, her eyes still searching my face for anything other than the word wow. I just stared back at her, my mind buzzing and heart aching like I was a teenager who just got dumped for the first time and that even by accident. After I cleared my throat and having at least another few seconds to think about what to say, I finally managed to answer.

“Yes, wow. Wow that you think this is such a big deal, (Y/N). For how long?” I tried to play it cool, and even though I myself did not buy a single word coming out of me because it all sounded so stupid, she did. She believed every second of it.
A relieved groan was her immediate reaction followed by another punch landing on my shoulder. 
“Damn Mark, don’t make me look like a fool. I really thought this would be a problem for you. And maybe a few weeks?”

A problem for me… yes, that definitely was the understatement of the year. In that moment I was too shocked to feel sadness or misery. All I felt was numb.
“You are making a fool of yourself by thinking I wouldn’t help you get the man of your dreams. Should I call him right now?” I laughed it off and grabbed my phone as the panic rose in her eyes, she snapped it out of my hand with a couple of ´no way!´s following her panicked behavior.

“I just need you to be my wingman, the way we always do.“ she begged and looked at me with those sweet puppy eyes that I could never resist, in love with her or not. And even though I could finally feel my heart shatter into a thousand pieces the way it happened in way too many movies, I just smiled and agreed with a “Sure, just the way we always do it.”


~This is a song fic for Tig because I definitely don’t have enough Tig. Plus side to side by Ariana Grande really works for Tiggy~

See you standing over there with your body

Feeling like I wanna rock with your body

And we don’t gotta think ‘bout nothin’ ('bout nothin’)

I’m comin’ at ya

'Cause I know you got a bad reputation

Doesn’t matter, 'cause you give me temptation

And we don’t gotta think 'bout nothin’ ('bout nothin’)

My friends and I decided to go to a club for my birthday. It was pretty great from the music to the drinks but the best part was the bikers at the bar. The were all incredibly handsome but one stood out to me the most. He had curly hair and the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. Those bright blue eyes were watching me as I danced with my friends. After a half hour, I took a large drink before walking over to the man. I wasn’t even sure what to say so instead of saying anything to him, I just grabbed his kutte and pulled him into a hard kiss. He pulled me close to him by grabbing my ass hard which that caused all his buddies to holler and whoop at us and also caused me to moan. He smirked and bit my lip softly.

These friends keep talkin’ way too much

Say I should give you up

Can’t hear them, no, 'cause I…

I went back to my friends to grab my jacket before heading out with Tig. They were all looking at me in various states of disapproval and concern.

“What?” I asked them.

“A biker? Really?” Amy asked with a disgusted look.

“We all know you like “bad boys” but isn’t this going a little too far.” Hannah said while using air quotes around the words bad boys.

“He’s a son of anarchy. Come on, you’ve heard the stories about them.” Carly said.

“I mean are you really going to fuck one of them?” Amy asked.

“One, he’s actually a nice guy and two, it’s my birthday and I can do whoever the hell I want.” I told them with an eye roll before grabbing my jacket and heading back to Tig. He wrapped an arm around my waist.

“You alright, doll?” He asked softly.

“I’m much better now..” I told him with a smile. He kissed me softly before we got on his bike and he took me to the clubhouse.

I’ve been there all night

I’ve been there all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

I’ve been there all night

I’ve been there all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side (side to side)

Tig and I both moaned out as our orgasms came over us. Tig loosened his hold on my hair and kissed my back softly. I slumped against the bed as I tried to catch my breath, Tig was panting between every kiss as he slowly slipped out of me.

“Mmmm, how many times was that now?” He asked.

“I can’t remember honestly.” I answered with a breathless giggle. We hadn’t left his dorm since he took me back here last night. Which, I really wasn’t sure how long ago that was. I rolled over under him so that I was facing him now. He smiled and kissed me. Someone started pounding on the door.

“Dude, it’s been 18 hours! Is she even still alive in there?” A voice yelled. 18 hours? Damn…

“Go away, Juice!” Tig yelled back before leaning down to nuzzle my neck. I giggled.

“I am getting kind of hungry, Tiggy.” I giggled out. He pulled back and sat up on the bed. He helped me sit up and kissed my nose.

“I’ll send a prospect to get us burgers and fries.” He brushed some hair out of my face. “Come on, you can grab a beer while I talk to them. Let everyone see that you are in fact a live.” We both chuckled and got out of bed. As soon as I got up though my knees buckled and I had to sit back down. Tig looked at me in concern.

“My legs are a little wobbly.” I laughed and Tig looked insanely proud at that.

“Come on, baby girl. I’ll help ya.” Tig helped me up and wrapped an arm around my waist. He helped keep me up but I was still walking awkwardly.  

And boy I got ya

'Cause tonight I’m making deals with the devil

And I know it’s gonna get me in trouble

Just as long as you know you got me

Tig and I started spending a lot of time together, as much time as we possibly could. Most of that time was spent naked and moaning but there were times in between that, where we just talked and cuddled. He was so sweet to me and gave me everything I needed and wanted, even if I didn’t know it.

Tig and I were hanging out in the main part of the clubhouse, sitting on one of the couches and talking. I was on Tig’s lap and as we talked his hand made slow circles on my naked thigh, I was just wearing a black lace dress that Tig seemed to be very very fond of.

“You look so beautiful, baby girl.” He whispered in my ear. I blushed at his words.

“Thank you.” I smiled and kissed him softly. He kissed back and moved his hand from my thigh to cup my face.

“Oh god…. Not again. Don’t you two do anything else?” Juice said in exasperation as he sat down in the chair next to the couch.

“Aye, Juicey-boy is right. Ye both are always attach’d one way or ano’er. ‘M surprised ye can breathe half th’ time!” Chibs said as he sat down on the other side of us.

“Hey, what else am I supposed to do with this gorgeous girl on my lap?” Tig chuckled. “You can’t blame me for not being able to keep my hands off of her.”

“Oh no, we get that. It’s just why she can’t keep her hands off of you, is what we don’t understand.” Juice chuckled with Chibs. Tig pouted and I just giggled and kissed him which made him smile. Juice and Chibs made gagging noises, which had both Tig and I laughing.

“Cops!” Someone yelled and Tig stiffened underneath me.

“You stay behind me and do whatever they tell you to okay baby?” Tig told me and I nodded. We both stood up as they came in the clubhouse. They came in with guns up and telling everyone to get on the ground. We followed orders and they started cuffing people, including me. “Hey! She didn’t do anything!” Tig growled at the cop. The cop kicked him in the stomach.

“Hey!” I yelled. They hadn’t quite put the cuffs on me yet and I was pissed at the fact that they kicked Tig that I blindly lashed out at the cop. With doing that, I managed to hit the cop in the nuts. The cop doubled over with a groan and I heard Tig mutter a shit. Before the cop could kick me in the stomach. Hale came over and stopped him. He finished handcuffing me and dragged both me and Tig into a police car. Hale got in the front seat and looked back at the two of us.

“He’s with ATF so he’ll probably try to press charges. I’ll attempt to get Stahl to get him to drop them but you’ll need someone to pay your bail.” He told me and I nodded. Tig was just staring at me.

“What?” I asked. I was afraid that he was mad at me for not listening. He surprised me by leaning over and kissing me softly. I smiled and heard Hale groan but the car moved as he turned back around in his seat and started driving us to jail.

“You hit a cop for me.” Tig whispered as he rested his forehead against mine. I looked at him confused.

“He hurt you. Of course, I did.” I told him. “Are you okay?” He chuckled.

“You’re getting arrested because of me and you’re asking me if I’m alright.” He smiled and looked me in the eyes. “Be my girl?”

“Yes!” I nodded excitedly and kissed him again.

These friends keep talkin’ way too much

Say I should give you up

Can’t hear them, no, 'cause I…

“Thanks for bailing me out.” I told Hannah. She hadn’t really said much since she bailed me out. We were in her car now and I knew she was itching to say something.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” She suddenly yelled at me.

“Look, I know it was wrong of me to hit that cop but…” I started.

“No, not even that! Are you going fucking insane?” She asked. She wasn’t yelling but her voice was still loud. “You know I thought this whole thing would get out of your system by now.”

“What?” I looked at her stunned. “What would get out of my system?”

“This whole biker bullshit! He’s dangerous and you have to know this isn’t right. It’s not normal for someone like you to be with someone like him. You need to give him and this whole shit up.” She told me like she was my parent.

“Pull over.” I told her.

“What?” She looked at me, surprised.

“Did I fucking stutter? Pull the fuck over!” I yelled. She pulled the car over and I undid my seatbelt. “I’ll pay you back.” I opened the door and got out. I shut the door a little harder then necessary and started walking back towards the police station. I’d just wait for Tig to get out. I sat down on the bench outside and took in a shaky breath. It wasn’t just some little thing with Tig, why couldn’t my friends see that? He was kind, caring, funny, and I think I was in love with him. I heard motorcycles pull up and looked over to see Juice and Chibs coming up to me.

“Hey lass, how ye doin?” Chibs asked sitting next to me.

“A bit tired.” I told him. He nodded and Juice smiled at me.

“Nice hit by the way. That bitch fed looked so pissed.” Juice said and I smiled back at him.

“Good.” I giggled. “Tiggy getting out soon?”

“Should be…” Juice said. “You’ll both have to ride bitch with us.”

“That’s fine with me.” I said. “I’m used to it.”  Hale came out and approached the three of us.

“Tig should be out in a couple minutes.” He told us then looked at me. “He won’t be pressing charges.”

“Thanks.” I told him. He nodded and went back inside. Tig came walking out a couple of minutes later, just like Hale said. I got up and went over to hug him tightly. He hugged back.

“I thought I told you to go home, baby girl.” Tig said and kissed the top of my head.

“I was but then I changed my mind.” I told him.

“Well I wasn’t in there as long as I thought I was going to be so I’m glad you did.” He smiled and kissed me. “Let’s go back to the clubhouse.”

“Aye, Yer ridin’ bitch wi’ Juicey. I can take yer lovely lass.” Chibs told Tig. Tig pouted but nodded, he kissed me one last time before going over to Juice’s bike. Chibs held out his arm to me, I laughed and took it. Juice and Tig got on Juice’s bike and Chibs and I got on his.

I’ve been there all night

I’ve been there all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side (side to side)

I’ve been there all night

(Been there all night, baby)

I’ve been there all day

(Been there all day, baby)

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side (side to side)

After we got back to the clubhouse, Tig dragged me back to his dorm. He closed the door and pushed me against it. His lips attacked mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck. My fingers tangled in his hair and I moaned as he bit my lower lip.

“God, baby girl.” He said as he rested his forehead against mine. “I can’t believe you did that for me.” I kissed him softly.

“Of course, Tig. I…” I bit my lip. I guess it was now or never. “I love you.” His eyes widened and he pulled back slightly.

“Really?” He asked. Surprise was the only emotion on his face and I couldn’t tell if it was good or bad.

“Really.” I nodded. I was completely nervous now and he took a deep breath. Instead of saying anything he pulled me into a hard kiss. I made a noise of surprise but that quickly turned into moans as he grabbed my ass and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around him and he carried me over to the bed. He laid me down on the bed and got on top of me. His lips moved from my lips to my neck.

“I… love…. You… too…” He said between every kiss. He sucked on a spot and I moaned loudly, my hips bucked. He moaned and lifted up to look down at me. “I’m going to make love to you over and over again, baby.” I smiled and started pulling off his clothes.

“Then let’s get started Trager…” I smirked and rolled us over.


Three popular and gorgeous females construct a fail proof plan to transform Bay Valley High’s social loner into playboy Grayson Dolan’s demise.

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^cred to thedolangifs

Chapter 1 | The Plan

If I’ve never looked like a hooker before, I look like one now. Star can pull off the edgy look, but me, not so much. “Come out and let us see!" 

Star is standing behind me, watching my face through the mirror as I scrunch my nose with distaste. I reach over to grab the price tag that is poking a hole into my armpit, the number making me shutter. "No way. This dress is $200 anyway, I can’t afford that." 

Star rolls her eyes before picking another hanger from the rack of clothes, pulling the zipper down my back harshly as she yanks the silky material from my shoulders and across my hips. "Price doesn’t matter, nerd. I’m buying.” My mouth drops in disbelief, ready to shoot down the idea of any such thing before her long manicured fingernail pushes over my lips. “I didn’t ask you, I’m telling you, now shut up and try this on.”

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It’s My Party, and I’ll Cry If I Want To (Jughead Jones x Reader) pt 6

I’ve decided this will be the last part. I’m getting bored of the series, and want to move on to bigger things. This probably won’t be the best of my writing, but I really want to get this series over with, sorry to disappoint guys, I really tried xx 

I got to school in my oh-so-cute outfit, and heard all the boys around me whistling. I smiled to myself, and continued walking inside the school. I walked towards my locker, and seen the old gang surrounding it. Perfect, I approached my locker, and began opening it. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write a bughead first date headcannon? You writing is amazing!

Thank you! This one’s short and sweet, but I still think it’s cute so I hope you do too! Let me know if you want me to write another one where we find out what happens the rest of the evening!

First Date Headcannon: Jughead surprises Betty with a nice dinner at a made-over Pop’s, leading to an eating contest that Betty initiates 

“Juggie, would you please tell me where we’re going?” Betty stood in front of Jughead while his hands looped around to cover her eyes, completely shielding their destination from her view. “I feel really weird about not being able to see what’s in front of me. In fact I’m not entirely unconvinced that you’re not about to send me flying over a cliff.”

“Now, now dearest Bets, I was saving the cliff diving until our second date,” Jughead teased, gently guiding her through a doorway and spinning her around to face the surprise he had organized for her earlier that day. “We’re almost there. Take a step over that - yep - there you go. Okay, and three, two, one, open.”

Jughead dropped his hands from her eyes, allowing Betty to see that they were in Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. But it wasn’t the same old diner she had been coming to since she was a kid. It had been redecorated with dozens of twinkle lights and flowers, candles illuminating the room in a magical glow Betty had never seen before.

“Juggie,” she breathed, taking in the beauty of the restaurant with wide eyes.

“I know that we come here literally everyday,” Jughead began, taking her by the hand and leading her to the table set up in the middle of the room decorated with candles and blue and gold placemats lined with lace. “But I figured that I’ve purchased enough burgers in this place to send the entire Tate clan to college for a solid generation or two, so Pop had to owe me at least one favor. Turns out I was right and he agreed to close up early for the night. So the place is all ours.”

“It’s beautiful,” Betty whispered, spinning around to look from the table, to Jughead, and back again. “I love all the candles and the daisies and - oh - is that what I think it is?”

Betty spotted the glass waiting for her on the counter, her eyes lighting up as she hurried over to investigate.

“A strawberry peach pie milkshake made specially for Betty Cooper,” Jughead smiled as Betty lunged for the milkshake, scooping up a giant glob of whipped cream with her finger. “Your favorite.”

“I thought this was taken off the menu ages ago after Mercy Clemens tested it for her science experiment and proved that anyone who drank it was likely to fall into a sugar-induced coma after just a few sips,” Betty pointed out, taking a sip of the milkshake and smiling contentedly to herself.

“I pulled some strings,” Jughead shrugged, pulling on his suit jacket and looking entirely too proud of himself. “And not only that, but I got Pop to put it back on the menu for an entire week. I’ll take that hug now.”

“Ugh, Juggie, you’re my favorite!” Betty exclaimed, setting the glass back on the counter and throwing herself into Jughead’s arms. “Seriously, forget superman, you’re the real hero in my life. They’ll write comic books about you one day, mark my words!”

“Well tell them to start sketching now, because I also got Pop to agree to bottomless fries for the entire night,” Jughead informed her, leaning back to wrap his arms around her waist. “With the special seasoning you like so much.”

“This is amazing,” Betty beamed, reaching up to place a gentle hand on his cheek. “Seriously thank you for all this, but you didn’t have to go to all this trouble for me.”

“It wasn’t any trouble,” Jughead assured her, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear as he leaned in close. “And even if it was, you’re worth it Betty Cooper.”

Jughead met his lips to hers, and the whole world seemed to glow in that same magical white light that illuminated the entire room.

“Well, since we have all these fries, I think this calls for a little contest,” Betty suggested, raising one eyebrow at him as a sort of challenge and stepping back to gesture towards the multiple baskets of fries on the counter.

“You’re challenging me to an eating contest?” Jughead scoffed. “Do you have the taste for losing tonight, Cooper, because this won’t be a fair fight. I’ve been training for this since I learned how to chew solid foods.”

“Hey, don’t count me out yet,” Betty warned, turning back to point a finger in his direction. “Remember the 4th of July parade two summers ago? Who ate the most watermelon out of everyone in the neighborhood?”

Jughead smiled as the memory of Betty scarfing down slice after slice of watermelon flashed across his mind.

“And you even managed to avoid the seeds,” Jughead remembered, a tone of admiration in his voice giving away that even he was impressed by such a feat. “Okay, you’re on. But if I win, you have to watch at least half of the videos in my Hitchcock masterpiece collection next weekend without complaint.”

“Fine,” Betty agreed, her nose scrunching up in mock-disgust. “But if I win I get to wear your beanie for the rest of the night.”

“I can’t believe you went there,” Jughead muttered, narrowing his eyes at her in shock. “Fine, we have a deal. Do I at least get a kiss for good luck?”

“Not a chance.”

With that, Betty lunged for the first basket of fries with one hand and pushed Jughead away with the other, causing him to fumble backwards and giving Betty the advantage she needed to become the victor of the eating contest no one thought she could win in a million years.

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tie a messy bun, rock it, and go outside. eat your french fries and dip them in ice creams. laugh so hard until your cheeks hurt. sleep late. watch the sun rise and set. bake a cake. cut your hair. make new friends. do whatever, go have fun.