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Big Bear Part 2

A lot of you guys requested it so I will write it ^~^ 

A/N- It’s so fluffy I can’t, even so, I hope you enjoy it 

Part 1 ~ here

Barry’s POV

I was going on a date with Y/N tonight and I was freaking out, Joe and Oliver were there in the living room waiting for me. But I needed to fix my hair,

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“Perfect,” I walked out of the bathroom and showed myself off,

“Does it look nice?” Both of them nodded,

“Barry you look fine, Y/N isn’t going to judge you based off what you’re wearing,”

“I know… it’s just I’m nervous,”

“Don’t be,” Joe stood up and put a hand on my shoulder,

“I’ve seen Y/N and she is a nice wholesome girl, and I can tell she really likes you too,” I checked my watch,

“I got to go pick her up… in my non-existing car, shit…” 

“She has a car, now go before you’re late,” I nodded and ran over to her apartment,

I rang her doorbell and I heard a little voice on the intercom,

“I’m on my way down,” I smiled and waited for her, once I saw her my jaw dropped,

She looked at me worried,

“Did I overdress or underdress?”

“No you look… great like really great,” She smiled,

“Thanks, you also look really great,” She wrapped her arm around mine,

“So where are we going?”

“Oh well there’s this restaurant and… I forgot to mention this but I don’t have a-”

“Car? Ya I know Barry I know your means of transportation, we can take mine,”

“Gotcha…” She smiled and we headed to her car and we drove to the restaurant.

/At the restaurant/

We sat down in the middle of this fancy ballroom-like space with classical music playing.

“So… uh how’s work…?” I then realized how stupid that sounded, but she smiled,

“It’s good how’s your day job? It’s been a while since I’ve helped the police on a case,”

“Good, sorry I’m nervous…”

“That makes both of us then, we honestly shouldn’t be nervous”

“Well I mean I can’t help it that I’m with a very beautiful girl,” She smiled,

“And I am will a very handsome guy, let’s order,” I nodded,

 After we ordered we talked for a while and then we ate and now I was leading her back to the car,

“That was amazing,” I smiled,

“The date or the food? Cause I loved both,” She playfully shoved me and was about to unlock her car when both of our phones buzzed.

I looked at it and it was an alert from Cisco,

“Darnit…” She looked at me and smiled,

“At least we are both being called in,” I smiled and I flashed off to the labs. 

/After stopping a heist/ 

I walked into the lab tired, 

“That was tiring…” But I smile instantly when I see Y/N still in her outfit from our date,

“Sorry, our date had to be cut short…” 

“It’s fine, I understand that the Flash needs to save the day,” She smiled,

“Thanks, but I still want to take you somewhere,”

“Where?” I didn’t answer her, I just picked her up bridal style and I ran to our destination. 

I stopped on the top of a building… Central city buzzing with life.

“Wow…” I set her down and smiled,

“I was originally thinking about taking you to the park but then I saw this… and I thought it was perfect,” 

“It is…” While she was gawking at the view I walked up beside her and held her hand,

“I’m happy you like it,”

“Like it? I love it! It’s so gorgeous…”

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“Just like you…” She turned towards me and smiled,

“Thank you Barry… this is the best date ever,”

“I’m happy you enjoyed it…” I smiled as I cupped her face and brought her into a kiss,

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck.

Once we pulled away she smiled,

“We should go out again…”

“I would love that,” I grinned and picked her back up and flashed us back to the lab. 

{Sorry this was so short but I really liked how it ended so ya I hope you guys enjoyed}