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Crush (Jaehyun x Reader)

Word count:1485

Plot: You have a crush on Jaehyun.

“Mark! Stop that! It’s not even funny.” You laughed as you hit Mark’s arm. He tried showing you his new ‘personal talent’ by making weird ramen-eating sounds.

“But it sounds real, doesn’t it?” He grinned and showed you again.

“Whatever you say, Mark,” you rolled your eyes in sarcasm.

You and Mark were close friends ever since you guys were stuck as partners in Chemistry class. You guys somehow clicked ever since you both met. While walking down the school hallway, you accidentally bumped into someone, making you drop your wallet you were holding onto.

You kneeled down and picked up your wallet.

“Sorry! I wasn’t looki-” you stopped the moment you saw who you actually bumped into.

Jung Jaehyun.

It was Jung freaking Jaehyun.

You gulped.

“No, no it’s okay. I wasn’t looking too. It’s partly my fault. Don’t worry. I’m sorry too,” Jaehyun said as he greeted Mark and smiled at you.

He smiled.

The smile that made your heart flutter. His eyes turned into crescents and his adorable dimples showed up as he sweetly smiled. You’ve been crushing on Jaehyun ever since he moved into your class as a transfer student. But you’ve never really had a chance to talk to him, as he was always surrounded by girls because of his good looks.

Of course, who wouldn’t fall for that adorable and handsome face of his? To top it off, he was good mannered.

But you couldn’t tell him your feelings because you were scared you might embarass yourself if he rejects you.

“I-it’s okay,” you stuttered and blinked bluntly.

Mark held your arm, “Are you alright?”

You nodded, still staring at Jaehyun’s beautiful face.

“I’ll see you later, y/n.” Jaehyun waved as he left the spot.

Your eyes widened as you tried to surpress your feelings.
But as usual it didn’t work.

Your face turned crimson red as you jumped on the spot, pulling Mark’s uniform.

Mark laughed and patted your head in attempt to calm you down. “Chill, y/n. Of course he knows your name. He’s in our class.”

You shot Mark a glare, “Don’t kill the mood, Mark.”

“Okay okay fine. Good for you, that he knows your name. Now we should get books from our lockers and get back to class if we don’t wanna be late,” Mark pushed you from behind, heading towards your locker.

“Geez. Okay, mum.”

You poked your food, not really having the appetite to eat. You saw Jaehyun sitting at the table across yours in the cafeteria, surrounded by his friends and girls, as usual.

You sighed, knowing your crush was only one-sided and it didn’t have any hope. Mark looked at you in concern and patted your hair.

“You should eat properly, y/n. Staring at Jaehyun won’t make you full.”

You bit your lips and continued poking your food.

Mark sighed, “You should just confess to him, y/n. Staring at him and not eating won’t make him realise that you have a crush on him.”

“But, how can I ever talk to him? Look. He’s always with his friends and girls always surround him. I’m a nobody.”

Mark poked your forehead, “You never know if you never try, idiot. Eat up.”

You tried processing what Mark just said and continued staring at Jaehyun from afar. Sounds like a creep, but that was all you could do.

At that moment, he caught your eyes, and the both of you made eye contact. He smiled, revealing his cute dimples and slightly waved at you.

Your eyes widened, dumbfounded by his small action.
“M-Mark. He waved at me.”

Mark chuckled, “Then wave back.”

“Wow that helped,” you rolled your eyes, “If only it was that easy.”

“Do you wanna go get some bubble tea?” You asked Mark after the last school bell rang.

Mark rubbed his neck, “I’m afraid I can’t. I have to meet my parents for dinner outside today, so I have to leave early.”

“Oh, it’s okay. Enjoy your dinner!” You smiled as the both of you bid goodbye to each other.

You slinged your bag on your shoulders and started walking towards the schoolgate.

“Still up for bubble tea?” A voice was heard from the back.

You flinched and turned back, to see Jaehyun standing there, smiling at you.

He laughed, “Sorry if I scared you. I accidentally heard your conversation with Mark. Do you still wanna get bubble tea?”

You nodded bluntly. “I-I was planning to get it alone, b-but.”

“Can I join you, then?”

Your heart started beating fast and you felt your cheeks heating up.


The both of you made your way to a nearby bubble tea shop.
The journey was awkward, you couldn’t believe you were walking next to your crush. You couldn’t look at him because you were so embarassed, so all you did was stare at the groud while walking.

Jaehyun saw you keeping your head low and chuckled to himself.
“Are you uncomfortable walking with me?” He asked.

You held up your head to face him and immediately shook your head. “N-no! That’s not it,” you paused and was surprised seeing him smiling at you.


“I-I’m just… shy? I guess.” You looked away and cupped your red cheeks.

Jaehyun smiled to himself at your response, “I see.”

The both of you arrived at the bubble tea shop and took your orders.

You decided to take a seat while waiting for the drinks to come. Jaehyun automatically took the seat across you. You blinked awkwardly.

*Should I tell him about my feelings? But it’s too soon. We just started talking.*

Different thoughts were going around your head. You looked at Jaehyun instinctly.

*But I can’t wait any longer.*

He was staring outside the window. His side view was attractive, his dimples show up everytime he smiles, his hair looks cute although a bit messy. Just staring at him makes you happy. You were head over heels for him.

*So how do I start? Jaehyun, I have something to tell you? No no. Uhm. Jaehyun, there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you.* You were thinking of the perfect sentence to tell him.

“What is it?” Jaehyun asked, as the drinks were served. He thanked the waiter and handed you your drink.

“What?” You blinked.

“I guess you accidentally spoke out your thoughts? You’ve been repeating that you have something to say to me for quiet a few times now,” he chuckled.

Your eyes widened as you facepalmed yourself.


Jaehyun chuckled at your actions and continued, “So what is it?”

*As Mark said, I’ll never know if I don’t try. Here we go.*

You cleared your throat.

“The thing is. Uhm.. how do I say this.”

“Just say it, I won’t judge you or anything.”

You bit your lips, “The thing is… I-I like you.”

You covered your face and continued, “I’ve had a crush on you ever since you transferred into my class. You looked.. cool. But I’ve never had the chance to approach you because… you seemed unapproachable for someone like me. I thought you never knew about my existence,” you took a breath, “But that day when you said my name I was surprised. And this is embarassing to say, but I did fangirl a bit.”

You felt relieved after saying that, but felt uneasy for some reason. You took a peek at him through the holes between your fingers. “That’s all. Now you can laugh at me.”

Jaehyun’s small chuckle was heard.

You sighed.

*Is it time to be rejected?*

“Don’t be embarassed. It’s cute, actually,” he said.
“To be honest, I’ve had my eyes on you ever since day one. But I didn’t approach you first because I wanted to look cool. If I talk to you so soon, then it would make me look like I’m the type who talks too much,” he laughed.

You blinked in confusion as you uncovered your face and looked at him.

“Actually, Mark told me about you. He told me about your crush on me and that I should approach you first, because the feelings are… mutual,” he continued.

*Damn it, Mark. I hate you but I love you for doing this.*

Your heart started beating fast, as if it was going to jump out of your chest.

“I couldn’t think of a good way to approach you, so I purposely bumped into you, that day,” Jaehyun finished, and you could see his cheeks turning pink.


“Cute,” you blurted out. Jaehyun looked at you.

You pointed to your cheeks, “Your cheeks are red,” you chuckled.

Jaehyun cupped his cheeks in embarassment. “Yours too,” he stuck his tongue out.

You imitated him and cupped your cheeks too.

Jaehyun chuckled and squished your cheeks.
“So… are you free this Saturday?”


The end! It’s my first time writing scenarios and this one is featuring my baby, Jaehyun! I’ve always imagined this scenario in my head and I’m glad I’ve finally written it down. I hope you guys enjoy it and SHOW ME SOME LOVE HAHAHAHA. ♡

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[STARCAST] The last story of BTS singing youth, jacket photo shooting site!

Hello, this is BTS. We’re back. (Ta-da!)
BTS received a lot of love from ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2’ in 2015. The full version of that story! They are going to release special album <The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever> on May 2.

Before that, STARCAST visited BTS after hearing the news the flower bloomed. To where? To Jeju Island!

The place where BTS’ special album <The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever> jacket photo taken is Jeju Island. The shooting was held in the warm spring day.

JUNG KOOK’s Young Forever
JUNG KOOK was the first runner for shooting. If you think he was the first because he’s the youngest member, you’re right!

Feel the breeze of Jeju Island and photosynthesis for the good photo to be taken… 

He tried to cover the hot air balloon which was the prop, 

and took a selfie!
and the result is? 

It is during the day but it wasn’t for JUNG KOOK?? JUNG KOOK was in dream still! 

It’s hard to wake up ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅  Therefore he shot while sleeping. (Genius) 

JUNG KOOK’s concept is reality. It was a concept of just got up… But he really was getting up!!!! 

I can’t open my eyes.  ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅

JIMIN’s Young Forever
JIMIN’s attractive figure making us to anticipate today’s shooting!

The King of facial expression 

In fact, he was bit drowsy because of the sunshine. ˘⌣˘ * 

Hey, JIMIN? How are you? Would you please be in my pocket….?
He looks so young with black hair! He looks like a detective child… He kind of looks like he has to go to school with a backpack…* 

He’s not 22 months old. He’s 22 years old PARK JIMIN. 

Releasing moody eyes with cute face is cheating!!! 

JIMIN is drowsy because of sun light today..

JIN’s Young Forever
JIN had most shocking change since he debuted. [He’s legally blonde!]  

He’s been changed into school’s top student who would say “Hey, you’re bit pretty, you know?” 

He’s still the friendly JIN, we thank for his existence.

However…! Vroom, vroom. There was a sound of motor vehicle from somewhere!….

Hey bro, is it still going on? 

/KOOK is going back/

JUNG KOOK came to pick up his older brother… He’s not a son of head of a village. He’s the golden youngest member of BTS, JUNG KOOK.

The oldest member of BTS who doesn’t sleep until late in the morning, JIN. He was the first one to shoot started from early in the morning…

Truly handsome.

He’s checking his photo.

J-HOPE’s Young Forever
J-HOPE’s photo looks like it will say something to us! The shooting starts with energy!

Starting with sweet eyes.

Squeal!! He stretches with his unique sound. 

Sometimes tries to be looking moody.

Vroom, vroom 22222 I think I hear some familiar sounds… That’s right! 

JUNG KOOK is on the way to pick you up.
JUNG KOOK came to pick up his another older brother. 

/Going backward/
Our maknae is the best! Maknae is the best! 

Started shooting along with warm sunshine. it feels like getting sleepy! 

J-HOPE is taking Polaroid photo to give it to the fans as a gift. Really… Gorgeous…*

The sketch camera captured J-HOPE who was taking a selfie from far away! J-HOPE captured JUNG KOOK who was recording the video!


Hey, hi everyone? Do you know who I am!? The ghost, HOPE! HOPE, the ghost!

V’s Young Forever
Vroom, vroom 333 I looked back as I hear the familiar sound again..


-After a few minutes- 


V was a professional. It’s V pro looking so impressive in front of the camera. 

If we go to camping site, there are firewoods, fire and marshmallows- V’s props to shoot were sweet marshmallow. 

Looking for party to be marshmallows.(1/951230) 

V is back with colorful hair again. Which one do you like? 1. Red 2. Dark color 3. Orange!?  

RAP MONSTER’s Young Forever
RAP MONSTER is looking good with whatever he wears. He possess flowers with him..

It’s cheating if you smile like that..Because it’s threatening my heart.. 

I should take him with hot air balloon like that! 

Don’t start the hot air balloon. Let’s stop him from going back to heaven.. 

RAP MONSTER was waiting beside in advance because the weather was so good. 

He took a photo with the winsome J-HOPE.


SUGA’s Young Forever

Hey, SUGA! What is the hair color that doesn’t suit you!?
SUGA looks amazing as his hair color suits him perfect! 

It’s here today! Lies down.

It’s here today! 22 Lies down here too.

The #Genius SUGA expressing emotion well in spite of angle, background and situation.

Today’s #SUGA’s eyes 

Title: I got up just 5 minutes ago. 

Title: I want to take a picture quickly. 

JIMIN who has finished his shooting wanted to take a photo with SUGA..

BTS’ Young Forever

BTS arranging the giant hot air balloon. 

V & JUNG KOOK’s playful features aroused…and the BTS members watching them. 

It is hard to take a group photo.

It is really hard to take a group photo.

It is really really hard to take a group photo…
However, BTS members are happy and fun today. 

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever jacket photo shooting has been finished in happy atmosphere. Please look forward for BTS upgraded than the last album!

[ Bonus Cut ] Young Forever wallpapers!
BTS will taking in charge of ARMY’s phones! Here are images for wallpapers! It would be happy if you see BTS’ faces for 24 hours a day…

cr: star cast

Okay, I should wait for do this kind of stuff, normally ppl do it with a year of difference between one piece to other, but I’m really proud of myself. 

After so many hardships and moments of frustration I feel so much better and confortable about my draws now. Even if they’re not perfect, even if I still have a long way to go, it’s almost impossible not to want to compare and see how much I’ve improved. “So you’re just showing yourself off?” it is really just showing myself off when I worked so hard to get there? Hmm, maybe. But this is my blog and this is my draws ~ I want to share my growth with the people who had so much to do with it: my mutuals and my followers. 

Thanks guys for all the support, for never say rude stuffs about my draws when I was so insecure about it. Really thanks :) I’m very grateful. 

Imagine #4- Jonathan Toews *Requested*

“Birthday Surprise”

Today was your birthday but your long time boyfriend Jonathan Toews was out of town for a game so you would spending your day by yourself, not that that bothered you- you understood that Johnny couldn’t control his schedule but you still wish he could be there with you. Your phone starts ringing it and you pick it up smiling because it was Johnny calling- “HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Y/N)” You laugh “Thanks babe” “So what’re you doing today” “Nothing just gonna hangout it’s just my birthday nothi-” You can’t even get your last sentence out before you hear your front door opening. “JOHNNY? WHAT ARE YOU HOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” You basically scream running into his arms, “(Y/N) I was not gonna miss your birthday we have back to back off days so I got the first flight home to be with you today babe”. Now you have tears in your eyes because you cannot believe your boyfriend is as sweet as he is. You spend the morning eating breakfast and cuddling on the couch, “(Y/N) I made us dinner reservations down at that little Italian place you love so much, I hope that is okay with you, I mean if it’s not we don’t have-”. You cut him off with a kiss “That sounds completely perfect babe”.

You go into your shared bedroom to get ready to go out to dinner- wearing a red dress with some black heels, and you put some curls in your hair with simple makeup. Johnny walked into the room “My God you’re beautiful (Y/N)” “You ain’t too bad yourself Captain Serious” He smirks and takes your hand leading you out to the car. The drive through downtown Chicago was nice but you were starving and couldn’t wait to get to the restaurant. When you finally got there you see that Johnny had arranged for the restaurant to be reserved for just the two of you- “Johnny this is amazing this is the best birthday I can’t thank you enough” “All I want is to make you happy”. You sit down and order your food and make some small talk, talking about hockey and your families and anything and everything- that is what you loved about having dated Johnny for four years now- you never ran out of things to talk about and it was so easy.

Johnny started shifting around in his seat and seemed distracted after you’d both finished your food- “You okay over there?” “Yeah yeah (Y/N) I’m good” he says with an easy smile. “(Y/N) I love you a lot a whole freaking lot and so that’s why I wanna ask you” and with that he got down on one knee “Will you marry me?” With tears in your eyes you choke out yes over and over again as he slides the beautiful ring onto your left hand ring finger. “This is the best possible day of my life thank you Johnny I love you so much”, with that he leaned into kiss you “I love you too”. To finish off this day of surprises the waitress brought out a birthday cake and Johnny sweetly sang to you. What you thought be a boring, lonely birthday turned out to be one of the best days of your life.

A Soryu Fanfic

So thought I’d finally edit this Soryu fanfic I had written not long ago. Hope you guys like it :)

A Soryu Proposal

After coming home from work one day, I could feel the difference in atmosphere in the house as soon as I came through the door. I saw Soryu sitting at the table with Ryosuke and Samejima on either side of him, I knew they were waiting for me. This didn’t look good.

I had been with Soryu for coming up to two years now, and we were living in Dubai while he worked as the big boss man for the gang the Ice Dragons. I was more than happy with my job at the Tres Spades hotel, just a few minutes’ walk from our gorgeous house, but I always knew this was a dangerous life. I didn’t care though, I loved Soryu way too much to let him go now. A little part of me knew things had been too quiet and easy recently, so coming home to this wasn’t too much of a shock.

“Can I help you all?” I asked as I put my bag down.
“We have to talk Heather” Soryu said.

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Jack B smut where they have sex for the first time and she is a virgin but she never told Jack and he rough and then after he goes to bed and she starts crying and he wakes up and feels really bad when she tells him? Like cute and fluffy!

Jack’s POV

Tonight was finally the night that Y/N and I were finally going to have sex. Thank god. I was beginning to wonder if she found me sexually attractive at all. I mean it’s not like sex is the most important thing ever, but I thought that we’d do it by now. Usually that’s how my relationships start, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw her standing there at the bar. She was so beautiful standing there. I had to ask her to come to my place.

But it turned out that we just talked. We sat down on my bed, and I made awkward small talk. But she didn’t do small talk almost like it wasn’t in her vocabulary. She answered every small question with an elaborate story. I couldn’t stop talking to her, her voice was addictive. I just had to hear more. We had been going out on dates for two months, and each night that we went to either her or my house, it never ended sexually. We just talked. It was amazing. But last night, the topic of sex came up.

“What are we?” she asked me.

“More than friends, I hope,” I responded. We have kissed several times, and the way we flirt could hardly be described as friends.

“Well, yeah, I know that.”

I exhaled.

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Big Bear Part 2

A lot of you guys requested it so I will write it ^~^ 

A/N- It’s so fluffy I can’t, even so, I hope you enjoy it 

Part 1 ~ here

Barry’s POV

I was going on a date with Y/N tonight and I was freaking out, Joe and Oliver were there in the living room waiting for me. But I needed to fix my hair,

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“Perfect,” I walked out of the bathroom and showed myself off,

“Does it look nice?” Both of them nodded,

“Barry you look fine, Y/N isn’t going to judge you based off what you’re wearing,”

“I know… it’s just I’m nervous,”

“Don’t be,” Joe stood up and put a hand on my shoulder,

“I’ve seen Y/N and she is a nice wholesome girl, and I can tell she really likes you too,” I checked my watch,

“I got to go pick her up… in my non-existing car, shit…” 

“She has a car, now go before you’re late,” I nodded and ran over to her apartment,

I rang her doorbell and I heard a little voice on the intercom,

“I’m on my way down,” I smiled and waited for her, once I saw her my jaw dropped,

She looked at me worried,

“Did I overdress or underdress?”

“No you look… great like really great,” She smiled,

“Thanks, you also look really great,” She wrapped her arm around mine,

“So where are we going?”

“Oh well there’s this restaurant and… I forgot to mention this but I don’t have a-”

“Car? Ya I know Barry I know your means of transportation, we can take mine,”

“Gotcha…” She smiled and we headed to her car and we drove to the restaurant.

/At the restaurant/

We sat down in the middle of this fancy ballroom-like space with classical music playing.

“So… uh how’s work…?” I then realized how stupid that sounded, but she smiled,

“It’s good how’s your day job? It’s been a while since I’ve helped the police on a case,”

“Good, sorry I’m nervous…”

“That makes both of us then, we honestly shouldn’t be nervous”

“Well I mean I can’t help it that I’m with a very beautiful girl,” She smiled,

“And I am will a very handsome guy, let’s order,” I nodded,

 After we ordered we talked for a while and then we ate and now I was leading her back to the car,

“That was amazing,” I smiled,

“The date or the food? Cause I loved both,” She playfully shoved me and was about to unlock her car when both of our phones buzzed.

I looked at it and it was an alert from Cisco,

“Darnit…” She looked at me and smiled,

“At least we are both being called in,” I smiled and I flashed off to the labs. 

/After stopping a heist/ 

I walked into the lab tired, 

“That was tiring…” But I smile instantly when I see Y/N still in her outfit from our date,

“Sorry, our date had to be cut short…” 

“It’s fine, I understand that the Flash needs to save the day,” She smiled,

“Thanks, but I still want to take you somewhere,”

“Where?” I didn’t answer her, I just picked her up bridal style and I ran to our destination. 

I stopped on the top of a building… Central city buzzing with life.

“Wow…” I set her down and smiled,

“I was originally thinking about taking you to the park but then I saw this… and I thought it was perfect,” 

“It is…” While she was gawking at the view I walked up beside her and held her hand,

“I’m happy you like it,”

“Like it? I love it! It’s so gorgeous…”

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“Just like you…” She turned towards me and smiled,

“Thank you Barry… this is the best date ever,”

“I’m happy you enjoyed it…” I smiled as I cupped her face and brought her into a kiss,

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck.

Once we pulled away she smiled,

“We should go out again…”

“I would love that,” I grinned and picked her back up and flashed us back to the lab. 

{Sorry this was so short but I really liked how it ended so ya I hope you guys enjoyed}

a convenient steve/bucky fic rec list for when you’re in the mood to suffer, cry, and otherwise be overwhelmed

sadly i’m not going to namedrop myself, but here we go

there is thunder in our hearts / by beardsley / ~3,100 words
They’re in a youth hostel in Kiev chasing ghosts, and maybe it’s the proximity that does it.

Spoilers for CA:TWS.
(note: some dubious consent issues)

this is a back alley / by Febricant / ~14,300 words
Here is the only thing you know: the body remembers.
(note: just fucking read it)

a mirror, dimly / by indigostohelit / ~3,300 words

On some forgotten roof in Leningrad, with the sky the color of sodium and the streets grey with dirty snow, the Captain shakes out his wrist like it’s hurting him. You toss a knife in the air so you can watch it catch the light, search your Captain’s face for something you don’t quite know the name of.

The wind smells like metal. Winter’s coming.

Or, the universe where both Bucky and Steve fell from the train.
(note: some of the most stunning imagery i’ve ever read)

in winter i get up at night and dress by yellow candle light / by laylee / ~2,200 words
Steve and Bucky spend the day naked and in bed.
(note: one of my favorite fics, this one is a couple years old but precious to me)

from across the distant shore / by lanyon / ~2,000 words
Steve Rogers is dying and, to distract him or to give him hope, he and Bucky tell each other far-fetched stories about a world in which they’re superheroes, who save each other, over and over.
(note: heartbreaking. deals with terminal illness. gorgeous.)

til i wake your ghost / by lanyon / ~2,300 words
There’s a kill order on the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers has been acting kind of strangely lately.
(note: i love the tone of this and it was written pre-tws so i have no horrible blistering pain regarding it (besides what it provides itself). it’s both heartbreaking and absolutely adorable)

deep as a secret nobody knows / by non_sequential / ~4,300 words
To be fair, Steve is moderately drunk the first time. Not smashed, but drunk enough to make Tony and Clint’s ideas sound brilliant and hilarious.

Or: “the story where steve gets dared to call a phone sex line and of course bucky is on the other end. and then feelings happen.”
(note: happy!au with amputee bucky, aka the most important thing)

when the sun sets on dark silhouettes / by caughtinanocean / ~8,300 words

Bucky is taken on a mission, and Steve will go against every order to find him. CIA AU.

“When you get him back, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do?” Sam asks.

Steve very consciously does not think about the state Bucky will be in when—not if, never if—he comes home. “I’m gonna touch him, so I know he’s real.”
(note: probably my fave au and ohhhhhhh everything is perfect, everything about this is just a lot. it answers every fic craving i’ve ever had.)

your hair was long when we first met / by starkly / ~800 words
“How short?” she asks, and Bucky only shrugs a shoulder.

“Short,” he says, and Natasha glances at Steve. Steve nods, waiting for Natasha to start trimming Bucky’s hair before going back to his drawing.
(note: oops, is that a steve/bucky/nat rec? get over it)

gravitation / by odsbodkins / ~18,200 words
“He couldn’t remember when he first started feeling the pull. Perhaps it was too long ago, or perhaps it had been gradual, something that crept up on him. But by the time he was sixteen, Bucky knew that the axis of his world spun around Steve Rogers in the worst possible way.”

Inspired by finding out that in the prequel comics for Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve and Bucky are in art class when the news breaks about Pearl Harbor.
(note: kind of everything i ever wanted from steve/bucky and more. a gorgeous prequel that deals with bucky’s point of view so spot on. warnings for homophobic language and internalized homophobia)

Do I Have a Choice?

Request: can you do one where alex gaskarth is dared to ask out y/n and she finds out about it so a week later at jacks party they play seven minutes in heaven and it lands on y/n when alex spins it so they end up together and its all fluffy :) oh and btw love the blog and in the imagine can they be in their senior year of high school


“Okay, truth or dare?” Jack asked me, sitting on the ground of my room next to Rian and Zack

“Dare…” I answered confident

“I dare you to ask Y/N out” Jack smirked at me “And make she fall in love with you…”

“Gosh… Who is she?” I looked at him with Zack and Rian

“Y/N’s in my geography class…She’s very smart and stuff…” He said “I think she’s in your math class, Rian…Not sure”

“Y/N…Y/N…Oh I know her! She helped me once…” He said like he had discovered the gunpowder

“Okay… Just hope she’s not ugly…” I looked down and sighed

“No… If I know the Y/N you’re talking about, she’s kind of normal…Like she dress simple… wear glasses… She’s not popular, but she have her own group of friends and none of them seems to care about it…” Zack said thoughtful “She’s indifferent”

“Yeah, but I heard she dated an older guy… like… for awhile…I don’t think it’s gonna be easy to overcome it…” Jack completed

“Okay…I can always try…” I said thinking in a way to do it

“Okay…So tomorrow you start…” Rian said and swirled the bottle

“Zack, truth or dare?” He asked


I entered at school and saw a sleeping Jack under a tree next to Rian listen to music and Zack running with the homework he didn’t do.

“Morning…” I said and they not even looked at me “MORNING!”

“What?!” Jack woke up freaked

“Good morning…” I repeat with a smile and and he gave me a finger

“Oh… Just remembered something… Something called Y/N” Rian took off his headphones

“Oh yeah!” Jack got up and placed his arms around my shoulders

“Okay…Show me who is she…” I said looking around

“Huh…She’s…right there!” Zack pointed to a group “The one in the middle”

She was exactally what they said…normal… She was wearing a white V neck shirt and skinny black jeans; I noticed she wasn’t wearing make up and nor glasses.

“Okay… But later…She’s as awaked as Jack was when I got here…” I said rubbing my neck

“Darling, I’m like a ninja…"He started "You think I was sleeping but I was ready to attack!”

He made some fake ninja movements and hit my head

“Less, Jack… Just less…” Rian got up “Now lets go…I can’t be late again”


It was lunch time and I found myself looking for Y/N around the refectory… Suddenly I looked at a table close at the window. It was a nice place to sit, the view is great and people are calmer there. Good place for do the late homework of the class after lunch time.

She was sitting in a chair with her head resting on her fried shoulder. I walked over there and stood next to the table, when finnaly a guy looked at me.

“Can I help you?” He asked, she didn’t even look up, just kept facing the terrible food of the school

“Huh…Yeah…Y/N?” I faced her and she looked at me slowly “Can we talk?”

“Is it important?” She asked indifferent “I mean…Important enough to make me stand up?”

“Maybe…” I giggled at her laziness “I promisse I won’t take your sleeping time…”

“Okay…” She smiled softly and got up

We walked out of the room and sat in a stair close to there

“So…Y/N…I’ll be quick…Would you like to go out with me?” I said it as fast as I could, without look at her

“Huh…Okay…” She looked a little in doubt

“Okay…I’ll pick you at your house at seven…can you give me your phone?” I ran with my words again

“Sure…” She catch her phone “Give me yours and I’ll send you a message with my adress”

“Okay” I gave my phone to her and then a awkward silence started

“Okay…bye..” She said and got up, leaving me there


“How was it? Did she freaked?” Jack asked with excitement

“No… She looked really in doubt if it was a good idea…” I answered an sat there

“Okay…” Rian started “What are you planning?”


Y/N’s POV:

That was so strange that I suspected, but anyway, It was 6pm , so I started to get ready.

He didn’t tell me what were his plans so I picked up a short black dress with long sleeves and a V neck that made my boobs look bigger and a pair of heels. Entering in a shower after.


I was already a quarter to seven and I was standing in front of my closet wondering if it was better to use the black or the red lingerie. He probably wouldn’t see it, but anyway, I didn’t know.

My phone rand and it was a mensage from him

‘I’m in my way’ I read

“Oh god…” I whispered to myself

Runing into my closet, I picked up my black lingerie, got dressed and did my make up as fast as the light.

I heard the door bell rand and looked at the window of my room. He was standing there waiting someone to open the door.

I ran down stairs, adjusted my hairs one last time and opened to him.


I got dressed with a shirt and jeans and drove myself to her house. I wasn’t excited or anything. She was not the kind of girl you count the seconds to see. She was just an ordinary girl.

I parked my car and got out of it, walking to her door.

Taking a deep breath I rang the door bell and waited some minutes to her to answer it, but when she did I got shocked. She was perfect. Her half wet hairs were falling onto her shoulders and she looked incredible with makeup. Y/N was wearing a not too short, but not too long black dress which had a cleavage that make her boobs look so big and touchable.

“Hi” She said shyly

“H-Hi…” I said still gaping “Are…Are you ready?”

“Just wait a second, I forgot my bag upstairs…” She said

“I’ll wait here…” I said

I herd she ran upstairs and then downstairs talking with her mother or someone and reappear in front of me.

“Okay…Lets go?” She closed the door behind her


I passed all the way trying to look at her. She was so pretty.

I saw Y/N biting her bottom lip and then turning to me.

“Can I ask you something…Two things?” She asked ashamed

“Sure…” I quickly looked at her then back to the road

“I don’t know your name…And I feel bad about it beacause you know mine…” She looked down with a shy smile playing on her lips

“Alex” I giggled “I didn’t really told you…That’s okay…What else?”

“Well, where are we going?” She asjust on her seat

“A little restaurant I used to go with my parents…It’s small but I like…” I answered thinking a little

“Okay…” She looked to the road


Weeks had passed since that day and I was really close to Y/N. I knew her whole life and she knew mine. I introduced her to the boys, we started to go out together and she did the same with her friends. Everything was going right till that fucking day:

“Alex?” I was sitting on a chair on the table and Y/N was talking with her firends somewhere, when Rian called my attention

“What?” I asked, looking up

“We were talking about the dare…” Zack continued

“Dare?” I asked. To tell the truth I had forgotten but then I remembered “Oh yeah…”

“Alex, we think its better to stop…” Jack started “Y/N’s such a nice girl… Now we know…It’s not right to play with her like this… Can we just forget about it?”

“She don’t need to know…” Rian said “I mean… I’d feel much better to walk with her without this…”

“Guys…That okay…I had forgotten about it a long time ago…I’m not trying anything with her anymore…”

“So…Lets just leave it…” Zack said and the class bell rang


In the end of the day we were walking to my car and I saw Y/N on the parking lot, doing the same to hers.

“Hey! Y/N!” I yelled and ran over her

“Oh…Alex…” She rubbed her neck, looking down

“Sweetie, we’re going to my house, wanna come?” I asked holding her hand

“Sorry, Alex… I have…Huh… something to do…” She said thinking a lot, without look in my eyes

“That’s a shame… But we can have dinner or something? When you finish these things?” I said hopeful

“I don’t think so…” She said in a low voice “I have to go”

She said and entered in her car, leaving me seeing stars.


Days had passed and she wasn’t talking with me and to the guys. Y/N was running away from me all the time and she didn’t talked to Rian and Jack even during the classes they had together.

On friday after school, I knew her parents woulndn’t be home so I went there to know what was happening. Maybe she had some problem she found better not tell me and stuff.

I rang the door bell and she opened. The smile on her face disappeared when she saw me.

“Alex? What are you doing here?” She asked serious

“I wanted to talk with you…” I said still smiling a little

She said nothing so I walked past her and sat on the couch. She did the same and stared at me.

“So…” She was avoiding my eyes

“Why are you running away from me and the guys? We miss you…” I started and she looked away

“I’ve been busy…” She said simple

“Too busy to your friends?” I asked pretending to be offended

“Friends?” Y/N looked at me with eyes full of angry “What kind of friends are you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused

“I must be up in space all this time…” She got up and looked at me, now deep in my eyes “I don’t think that friends may lie to each other, the way you guys did to me…”

She walked away and I went behing her

“Y/N, what are you talking about?” I touched her back and she hit me “What the fuck, Y/N?”

“A dare! I was such a silly dare for you guys! You were playing with me all this time!” Tears rolled down her face and I realized what was happening “I bet you were all laughing at me! Weren’t you?!”

“Y/N, look…We gave up! You’re the nicest girl I’ve ever met! You’re amazing!” I said holding her arms

“No! I was fine with my friends! My real friends! I did nothing for you and you decided to mess with me!” She was yelling and my eyes got teary “Why, Alex?! Why?”

“We didn’t thought! I’m sorry Y/N! I can do anything to make up it all! I know the guys would too!” I begged

“Get out of my house, Alex” She said without look at me

“But Y/N…I- I just-” I was thinking hard in something to say

“Get out” She pointed to the door

“I can’t leave you… You need hear me!” Tears rolled down my cheeks

She just ignored me and opened the door, poiting to me to leave.


“What was so important that you couldn’t wait till tomorrow?” Jack asked sitting next to Rian in my bed

Tears started to roll down my face again and they got worried

“Alex! For gods sake, what happened?” Zack walked over me

“Y/N discovered everything! She don’t wanna talk with me and she don’t belive in anything I said! God! I fucked up!” I yelled and throwing myself into the bed

“That’s why she was avoiding us all the time?” Rian slid a hand into his hair

All I could do was cry my eyes out. She would never talk to me again. Never. I would never hear her soft voice again, never look in those sexy eyes and hug her torso to wach some movie, nothing. Only the yells of contempt in my memory.


“Alex, are you going to Alan’s party today?” Jack asked me on a friday at school

“No…I’m not in the mood…” I answered

“You’re not in the mood for anything, for long time, Alex…” Rian touched my shoulder “Life can’t stop because of her.”

“I know…” I looked at her at distance

“She’ll be there…” Zack said suggestively “A friend of mine is the cousing of the best friend of the guys who’s taking Y/N and that blond friend of hers”

“Maybe I can go with you…” I said thinking a little


The music was loud and people were very drunk when someone touched my shoulder

“Hey! Alex, we’re playing seven minutes in heaven upstairs! Wanna come?” It was a guy from my English class

“I don’t know…” I looked down and Zack came

“She’ll be there…” He whispered in my ear

“How do you know?” I asked him

“It will take much long to explain who said…” He was simple

“Okay…” I said for him and for the guy

We walked upstairs and entered in a room. Had about ten people sitting on a circle and between them Y/N, two of her friends, Jack, Rian, Zack, and lots of people I didn’t know.

“Okay, I’ll spin the bottle again!” A gril said and started “Rian!”

They got up and went to the front room. Some minutes later they came back and it was my turn. I spin the bottle praying to stop on Y/N. But it didn’t. It stopped on Y/N’s friend. Right next to her.

“She can’t go!” The guy next to Y/N said.

“Why not?” Some other girl asked

“She’s too drunk. I don’t know why is she here.” The guy said

“Yeah…” Y/N agreed “I’ll take her home…”

“Are you driving?” The guy asked her

“No. I’d take a taxi” She answered

“I can take her. It’s fine” An aleatory person got up and helped the girl out

For some reason I felt like Y/N was trying to run away.

“Spin it again Alex!” The blond said

I did as I was told and finally it stopped on Y/N. I couldn’t stop but smile. She took a long breath and I helped her up. We walked to the other room and I locked the door.

“Why do you have to lock the door?” She crossed her arms

“Because I don’t want you to run away or someone to enter here…” I smirked

I knew things were terrible for me, but only the fact of being on the same room of her, listening her voice again, made me so happy.

“I don’t want to do it.” She said simple and sat on the bed

“But you’re locked here, you have to do…” I teased

“You’re not pleased in hurt my feeling, you want to abuse me too?” She looked away from me

“I just want you to hear me…” I said with sadness in my eyes

“Do I have choice?” She said

I sat next to her and held her hands

“Y/N…I’ll tell you everything.” I made a pause “Okay…We was playing truth or dare and Jack made this dare. But It wasn’t serious, indeed, we never thought you were ugly or anything, we just chose someone…But in the moment you opened the door for me the first time I forgot everything…and all that time passed and you become my best friend… I never meant to hurt you. None of us did. And we had just decided to forget about it because we all like you and stuff… Now I miss you as hell…”

Tear started ro roll down my face again and I took awhile to reset myself.

“Alex…” She started but I cut her off

“No… You have no idea of how much I cried with the thought of never have you again… I’m broken” I took a deep breath

She said nothing, but pulled my face and planted a kiss on my lips. My heart jumped on my chest when our lips touched and I felt like everything was better in life.

So @sammieathome asked for a follow to Media Darling that was just their twitter exchanges. Well, this isn’t actually that, but the request did inspire this nonsense instead –

“Ollie, you’re back! Good. Hold this up.”

“What, why? What does it say? Let me see–”

“Now smile.”

“Thea, why am I holding up a sign with my name on it?”

“It’s your Twitter name.”

“Yeah, I can see that. Still doesn’t explain why I’m holding it up for you to take a selfie with me.”

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Honest Mistake {Jily}

Look who’s back with another poor attempt at creative writing! This was my distraction from writing my term papers, and it got me out of writer’s block. As usual, I’m an ESL speaker, so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes. 

Word count: 1,732

Genre: idk it’s a wild mix of humour and underlying fluff??

Characters: Lily, Alice, and subtext Jily

“Alice, I need to speak to you. Now.” Lily grabbed her best friend’s hand and started dragging her up to her dormitory. The Common Room wasn’t too crowded at this time of the day - it was the early afternoon and most students were either at lunch or in their afternoon classes. Some sixth and seventh years were lounging about, but those were exactly the people that could not, under any circumstances, witness the conversation Lily was about to have with her best friend.

“What? Lily, I was just talking to Haley about -”

But Lily wasn’t listening. The sinking feeling in her stomach she’d got after the transfiguration test half an hour ago had reached its maximum. Initially, she had sworn that she’d never talk to anyone about this - it was just too embarrassing to even put it into words - but thirty minutes later, she felt like she would explode if she kept it to herself. She needed advice.

They reached the dormitory, and Lily dropped Alice’s hand and looked at her despairingly, in the hope she would telepathically get what Lily was trying to convey. Alice didn’t seem to get it, though, as she only rubbed her wrist and looked at her mildly annoyed.

“What the hell was that for?”

“Alice, I really need your help right now. I did something bad.”

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anonymous asked:

How did you deal with break ups? Because I'm kinda being through one and it feels like my world is falling apart (we've been together for a year).

Oh love, I want to squeeze you.

This is Candice, by the way. I have been through some major heart smashing break ups. I have thought I wouldn’t survive; I have thought I would never find anyone better; I have felt abandoned and unlovable. Even when my relationships were clearly not going to work, I never initiated the split. I always gave them the benefit of the doubt, and then felt my heart tear out of my chest when they left me. 

My first girlfriend hurt me in ways I did not know I could hurt. I loved her so deeply and recklessly. We were together off and on for three years. Once, on Thanksgiving day, I had chosen to spend the holiday with her instead of my family. While we were grocery shopping to make the meal, she broke up with me. She told me that she knew her parents would be happier if she could marry a man, and that she had an old guy friend from high school that had reconnected with her and wanted to give him a shot. She had already made plans to spend the evening with him once we finished our thrown together “Thanksgiving”…  I was crushed, like, totally paralyzed.

We didn’t make dinner. I went straight home to an empty apartment and tried to spend the holiday alone too embarrassed to go back to my parents. As the lonely day crept along without a single text, I broke into sobs. I felt so alone and hurt so much that I didn’t want to feel pain anymore. I started to take a few pills to help me sleep, then when I couldn’t sleep, I started to take more and more. I thought that if I could just make the hurt stop then I could breathe. It wasn’t until the bottle was empty that I got scared. I sent a single message to my mom (who lived in Texas) that I was sad and might have taken too many pills- then I passed out. Some people think suicide is selfish, but I caught a glimpse of it that night, and I can honestly say that I really didn’t understand what I was doing. I just wanted to stop feeling my heart breaking.

I’m lucky I’m alive. My mother saved my life.

I know how debilitating break ups can be- especially in lesbian relationships when you have been together so long and have formed your identity around each other. Although that was the hardest one, even the shorter relationships I had after left me feeling abandoned. Looking back, I didn’t know then who and what was waiting for me.

It does gets better- not just better, but perfect.

After a breakup, take time for yourself: buy yourself some new clothing; get your hair done; make new friends. Go out. Fake it if you have to until you forget your faking it. My exs always wanted me back when I moved on with grace, but don’t let them win you back. (I learned that hard lesson with my first; it is too hard to not fall back into old routines). Besides, why let them back when your future is waiting for you to find it?

Megan and Quinn and Tucker were waiting for me. I had a lot to learn about love and relationship before I found Megan. Those girls each taught me a lot. I am glad I met them, but the one thing they taught me more than anything else, was what I was really looking for in a relationship. 

Your life is not over after your break up- it may feel that way, but do all you can to make it a new start. Your Megan (or your version of happiness) is still out there. Get yourself ready for her.

Signs' Common Thoughts Pt 3
  • Aries: 'Look at this chick whose just smiling like she owns everything. I hate her'
  • Taurus: 'They're so beautiful, gorgeous, I could eat them up right now...I WANT THOSE TACOS!!'
  • Gemini: 'That girl is so irrelephant. Ha get it, because she looks like an elephant. Why is no one laughing?'
  • Cancer: 'Oh My God, what are you doing?! You're going to injure yourself. Get down from there!'
  • Leo: 'I wonder if my hair still looks good, oh wait who cares? I'm perfect"'
  • Virgo: 'Look at their face, it's so freaking distracting! STOP THAT NOW!'
  • Libra: 'I wonder what my belly button smells like...'
  • Scorpio: 'Oh look at that, life sucks balls.'
  • Sagittarius: 'Why am I so tired? It's only 1am in the morning'
  • Capricorn: 'I could kill these people...and they wouldn't even know it's me.'
  • Aquarius: 'I need to get up baby won't let me. I love you too couch, always there for me'
  • Pisces: 'Okay, just say one cuss word...F-f-fu...I can't do it, it will kill me.'