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Things We Don’t Mean

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Reader is Tony’s sister but Avengers have no idea and one day while Tony took Pepper to Paris for a weekend, the reader was on the mission and got hurt. She’s in love with Steve but he was mat at her for taking a stupid risk and says something that Peggy wouldn’t do this and the reader realises that Steve would never love her (but he;s in love with her too) so she doesn’t want to see anyone and doesn’t want to scary her brother, but the next day FRIDAY calls Tony and he and Steve have argument

A/N: Ahhhhh sorry I’m so terrible at writing consistently.  I just finished with school for the year though, so that should free up sometime.  I’m actually at the airport right now, heading overseas, so I don’t know what type of wifi access I’ll have or what type of time I’ll be able to use to write, but I will definitely write more when I get back (famous last words).  Depending on how productive I can be in these next few hours of my layover, I might be able to queue up some fics for upcoming weeks…?  Anyway, hope y’all like this one.

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The bullet wound doesn’t hurt.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  When you shift or when you try to breathe or when you’re sitting still, the pain shoots through your chest like splinters of glass.

What hurts more is the pointed silence that hangs in the air between you and Steve.

The captain in question is perched gingerly on the chair next to your stretcher, staring straight ahead.  His eyes, normally a soft blue, are hard and flinty.  His jaw is locked, his body radiating tension.

Natasha walks into the med bay, her eyes softening when she sees you.  She walks over, gingerly peeling back the layers of bandages to replace them.

“You’re losing a lot of blood,” she says quietly.

“I’ll be fine,” you reply.  “Nothing I haven’t dealt with before.  How much longer?”

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The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Heyyy. Could u do a rly angsty Jughead x Reader where the reader catches Archie (her bf) making out with Betty or something and she goes to Jughead, her best friend, and asks him to help her make a revenge plan? They start acting all lovey-dovey to make Archie jealous of what he lost and they make sure he finds them in ‘compromising situations’? I think it’d be really cute and funny. Thx!!!!

A/N: I’m going to do that so the reader finds out about Archie and Miss Grundy instead of Jughead as she’s walking past the classroom. Hope you like it! (Sorry I’m not the best with angsty stuff ugh) Requests are welcome!

Warnings: Archie x Reader (in the beginning), Cheating, Underage relationship (stupid Miss Grundy), Small amount of swearing,


The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

You had a bad feeling in your gut. Your boyfriend of a few months had been canceling dates and avoiding both you and your best friend Jug.

He was supposed to go on a roadtrip with Jug on July 4th but instead you and him sat in Pop’s trying to figure out why Archie canceled on the boy.

“It doesn’t make sense, Jug. He told me yesterday that you guys were leaving early?” You sigh and frown at your melting milkshake.

“I don’t know, (y/n)…”

“Do you think he got into some sort of trouble?” You push the basket of fries towards your best friend. The thought of your boyfriend lying to both you and him made your appetite disappear.

You glance out the window of Pop’s.

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(Langst) lance having freckles all across that Freckle Area atop his cheeks and nose, but lance used to get teased and bullied because of them. And now he thinks his freckles are ugly and that he has to hide them. So he's been covering them up with as many layers of foundation as he needs for them to be "erased".

Ahhhhh my poor baby 

Growing up Lance’s mom always told him how she was jealous of his freckles. She always said “hijo, I wish I had your freckles so that people would know that the stars had kissed me.” 

Lance always love his freckles. He would run up to parents and kids and say ‘Look! The stars kissed me!!’ Nobody ever said anything bad to him.

It wasn’t until middle school that people started to pick on Lance. Everyday people would pick on Lance for the smallest thing. Being the only Cuban kid in a primary white school tend to leave him the spot light for bullying.

Lance always found a way to ruin their material. They picked on Lance for his clothes, he bought new clothes. They picked on him because he was short. When he his puberty he shot up like a bean. Everything they bullied Lance for, he always found a way around it, until he couldn’t.

“Why do you have freckles?” The kid stepped closer to Lance and stared at him.

“My mom says it’s because the stars kissed me.” Lance smiled at the boy.

“That’s dumb! You’re dumb for thinking that!” The boy shoved Lance and ran away screaming ‘Freckles are Ugly!’

This went on for weeks and every time Lance would think about what his mom said. This kept him positive for the most part. Until it became too much for Lance to handle.

Lance was standing in his bathroom staring at his face in the mirror.


Lance scratched at his face. He didn’t want to be ugly. He wanted to be pretty just like everyone else.

Lance was 13 when he started to wear makeup.


Hunk knocked on the bathroom door. “Lance hurry we up, we have to go to class.”

“I’ll be right out!” Lance stared at himself in the mirror and his fingers ghostly moved from his right cheek, over his nose down to his left cheek. Disgusting. Lance grabbed his foundation and quickly applied it. He wanted them gone.


It was around 3am when the alarms in the castle started to blare.

“Paladins you must hurry! Zarkon is attacking! Get to your lions at once.” Alluras voice boomed over the loud speakers. Lance jumped out of his bed and put on his armor, and quickly applied a small dab of makeup on his cheeks.

The unfortunate thing about makeup is that it can be sweated off, and it was coming off fast. Lance couldn’t help it, he sweated when he was nervous, and fighting for your life is pretty nerve racking.  

After the battle was won Lance landed his lion and started to walk to the bridge to quickly brief with Allura before heading back to bed. Lance wiped his face, attempted to remove some of the sweat, he didn’t even realize the brown mark the makeup left on his armor.

Upon enter the bridge Lance noticed that everyone was already there. Allura quickly told everyone her plan to move the castle and ordered them to head back to bed. Lance was halfway to his room before he was stopped by Keith.

“Hey Lance, you did really good out there, well for the leg.” Keith said jokily.

Lance smiled at himself, after every mission they would tease each other. “You didn’t do too bad yourself mullet.”

Keith laughed and walked to Lance and joined on his walk to his room. “You have to come up with a better nickname for me. Mullet is getting old.”

Lance started to laugh but stopped when he saw Keith staring at him. “What? Do I have a mullet?” Lance reached back to feel how long his hair had gotten.

“Freckles.” Keith took a step closer to Lance and stared harder.

Lance stumbled backwards. He reached up and wiped away for foundation, he bit his lip. “Listen I grew up with that nickname, I don’t need it from you.” Lance started to walk away but Keith stopped him.

“Lance wait, I wasn’t saying it in a negative way, I just never noticed them.” Keith stared at Lances cheeks.

“Well because I don’t want people to see them.” Lance placed his free hand over his face.

Keith pulled his arm down “Why not? They’re cute, it’s like the stars kissed you.”

Lance stared at Keith for a few seconds before he broke down crying. It had been such a long time since he heard something nice about his freckles. “You don’t think that they are ugly?” Lance managed to sob out.

“What? No, no, no. Why? They’re freckles.” Keith pulled Lance in for a hug and Lance hugged him back crying even harder.


Lance stood in his bathroom staring at himself. His hand hovering over his foundation. Should I? Lance thought back to that night with Keith and walked out of the bathroom without the foundation. 

My poor son. Freckles are beautiful!

BTW the thing about the stars kissing you is something my best friends mom said to me and it always sticks with me. 

Thank you for this!!! <3

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Roman Reigns Blurb - Afternoon Delight

I looked up as Roman strolled into the kitchen and felt my heart pick up its pace just a bit. Roman without his shirt on always had an effect on me and he knew it. I gave him a sidelong glance, still enjoying the view as he came up behind me to wrap his arms around me.

“Mornin’, love.” He murmured in my ear as his lips brushed up against the side of my neck, causing me to shiver involuntarily.

“Morning?” I laughed, “It’s 1:14. In the afternoon!”

“Still morning to me,” he mumbled as he buried his head in the crook of my neck, his hands slipping up underneath my tank top to play with my breasts.

“Well, for the rest of us it’s……” it was hard to focus on what I was saying while he was pinching my nipples in between his fingertips, “it’s definitely afternoon.”

“You know what that means,” he eyed me mischievously as he pulled the strap of my tank off to the side and softly kissed across my shoulder.

“It means that I’ve been up five hours longer than you?” I smirked.

“Not even close. It means afternoon delight.”  Roman took my hand and pulled me in the direction of the bedroom.

“You’ve been up for six minutes and you’re already heading back to the bedroom,” I muttered under my breath with a smile.

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The Set Up- Tyler Seguin

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Ok so this one turned out super cute and I really liked it so I hope you guys like it too! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: You’re writing is absolutely amazing and I gotta say I am completely addicted to it because I can barely go a couple of hours on an off day where I’m not checking and re-checking your blog to see if you’ve posted a new one. And honestly, I really need an imagine with Mitch Marner trying to set his older sister up with Matt Martin, but it turns out she’s dating Tyler Seguin from you because you’re that amazing.


              You were close with Mitch, which wasn’t normally the case with siblings.

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Bad Decisions

Evan Hansen was a complete lightweight. He also had a penchant for doing stupid things while drunk. So, being at a house party with plenty of booze and an abundance of bad decisions to be made, it was natural that Evan was going to make a mistake.
This mistake came in the form of a boy, called Connor Murphy.
Evan was working on his third glass of…whatever was in the house punch, when he decided to go outside for some fresh air. He pulled the sliding glass door and stumbled out onto the porch. Unbeknownst to Evan, someone else had also decided to take refuge there.
“Can I help you?” a voice asked, and a second later a boy stepped out into the light from where he had been slouched against the side of the house. A lit cigarette dangled from his fingers, and the boy took a deep inhale as he cocked his eyebrow, waiting for Evans response.
“Oh!” Evan jumped, his drink sloshing out of his cup. “Sorry, I didn’t realize anyone was out here. I just needed fresh air, y'know,” Evan grinned at the other boy, far beyond tipsy. A frown crossed his face. “I can go, if you want–”
“No, it’s fine,” the other boy said, stepping closer to Evan. He took a drag on his cigarette “Connor. You’re kinda cute,” he said, blowing smoke out at Evan and offering the cigarette.
“Evan,” he responded, shaking his head at the cigarette. “No thanks. And you’re not so bad yourself.” Evan slurred a bit, winking clumsily at Connor.
Connor laughed and exhaled more smoke. “So, you here alone?”
“Oh, well I was with my friend, but I’m not sure where he is now. I sorta lost him after my…first glass?” Evan explained, gesturing with his cup.
“So, what I’m hearing is you’re not here with anyone? No girlfriend, no boyfriend, no significant other?” Connor asked, stepping forward, dropping his cigarette butt and grinding it out with the toe of his boot, keeping eye contact with Evan the whole time.
Evan swallowed and set down his cup. “Nope, just me myself and I,” he said, stepping to meet Connor. He paused, taking a shaky breath, and slurred “Unless you want to join?”
Connor smirked and Evan pulled him into a somewhat sloppy kiss. Connor tasted like cigarettes and vanilla, Evan noticed, winding his hands into Connors hair. Connor used the kiss to push Evan back against the porch railing, causing Evan to accidentally tug on Connors long hair.
“Ahhhhh,” Connor sighed into Evan’s mouth. “Do that again,” he commanded, breaking away for air. Evan obliged, curling his hands tighter into Connor’s hair as the other boy leaned down to kiss him again. Connor wrapped his arms around Evan’s waist and lifted him up to sit on the porch railing, Evan making a surprised cry into his mouth before wrapping his legs around Connors waist. Connor was just reaching his hands up Evans shirt to feel across his skin when the porch door slid open.
“Hansen, what the shit!” A voice cried out angrily.
“What is that,” Connor asked, clearly annoyed, as he stepped away from Evan.
“…That would be the friend I lost,” Evan mumbled. “Hey Jared!” He called, sliding off the porch rail, accidentally knocking off his drink. “Oops,” he giggled.
“Evan, what the hell??! I go to the kitchen to get a drink and you just disappeared on me, what were you thinking?” Jared demanded.
“I was boredddd, I wanted to go exploree, and have fuuunnnn!” Evan whined, leaning into Jared.
“Jesus, how much have you had to drink? You’re wasted, oh my god.” Jared sounded exasperated. “And you,” he demanded, turning on Connor. “What the fuck were you thinking, taking advantage of him like that, when he’s clearly not in the right mind state to give proper consent!” Jared yelled at Connor.
“Woah, dude, chill, he was clearly a consenting and enthusiastic party, were you not?” Connor called over to Evan, holding his hands up in mock surrender. Evan nodded enthusiastically, grinning at Jared.
“What? No! No, you do not just make out with someone who’s sloppy drunk at a party because they say yes, that is just asking for trouble,” Jared berated Connor. “C'mon, we’re going,” Jared said angrily, grabbing Evans hand and pulling him back inside the house and towards the main exit.
“What? Why?” Evan demanded. “Jared, no I was having fun, being loose, isn’t that why you brought me?”
“When I said you needed to loosen up, I didn’t mean for you to get absolutely smashed, you lightweight, and make out with Connor Fucking Murphy.” Jared responded, stopping to grab his jacket a chair.
“I’m not ‘absolutely smashed’!” Evan protested, his slurred words slightly ruining his argument. “And why does it matter to you who I kiss?”
“Jesus, Evan, it matters because– because it’s Connor goddamn Murphy, that’s why! He’s psychotic, who knows what we could’ve done to you!” Jared responded, irked.
“No, I think it’s just that you don’t want me kissing anyone.” Evan shot back, taunting almost.
“No, I don’t care, you can kiss anyone you want, EXCEPT Connor Murphy, alright?” Jared said, pulling the house door open and dragging the two of them outside.
“Fine.” Evan said, breaking out of Jared’s grasp and turning to re-enter the house. “Then I’m going to go and make out with whoever I want!” Evan slurred, unusually argumentative.
“No, Evan you’re drunk, you need to get home–”
“No, I’m fine, you just want me away so I can’t make out with anyone! Why won’t you just let me–” Evan started, but was cut off by Jared’s lips suddenly and harshly placed on his. Evan tried to pull the other boy closer and deepen the kiss, but Jared pulled back sharply, pushing Evan away.
“Jared…” Evan started, reaching out for him.
“No, Evan, you’re drunk,” Jared repeated, sounding more like a reminder to himself than to Evan. And with that, Jared turned and ran. Evan stood on the doorstep of the house, lips tingling, staring at the the spot where Jared was disappearing.

  • major: business management 
  • minor: statistics 
  • sports: volleyball 
  • clubs: doesn’t have time since he’s interning at a big company the entire sem
  • in class, mingyu is practically a natural genius. like managment skills? statistical methods in business? intro to finance? easy stuff he soaks up information like a sponge and is always the person everyone looks forward to presenting in class and the teachers love how articulate he is with his words and he’s a real crowd pleaser you know because he’s: tall, handsome, smart, and witty
  • OUTSIDE OF CLASS THO he’s the number one memer 
  • like people who don’t know him personally or only know him in class run up to him like “omg!!! how are you so cool all the time????” and mingyu grins and shrugs it off like no big deal
  • and literally five seconds later he’s sneezing into his arm and wiping it on wonwoo’s shirt or spilling his coffee all over jeonghan’s textbooks or stealing seungcheol’s food and then dropping it and then picking it up and eating it??? and like
  • his close friends just snort when someone calls him cool because in all honesty he’s not cool he’s corny 
  • but also they all come over to his dorm because he’s the only one who uses the communal kitchen to actually cook real meals and everyone’s been living off cup ramen so it’s nice to actually eat something that’s been seasoned and cooked and mingyu’s got this special recipe for making omelets over rice and so whenever he’s making one in the morning he ends up actually making ten portions because word spreads fast and half the dorm swoops downstairs like hungry vultures ready to Feast and mingyu’s like ok ok ok fine someone pass me more eggs
  • is good at volleyball because he’s tall but has also literally tripped over air 14342 times during practice and the rest of the team is like: how does he even balance himself on those long legs??? 
  • has a habit of messing up wonwoo’s hair before wonwoo has class and like he doesn’t tell him how it looks and only when they’re both back at the dorm wonwoo points to his head and is like “mingyu, explain.” and mingyu’s like “it’s in hyung. it’s the new style.” “mingyu - i look like i rolled out of a trash can.”
  • but it’s ok wonwoo forgives him because mingyu’s the one that cleans the dorm while wonwoo passes out studying 
  • and tbh you’re one of the people who finds mingyu to be so ??? untouchable ??? like he’s the guy you see always dressed well, surrounded by lots of people, and getting top grades and so like others you’re like he’s the model college student like you see him and you’re like i wanna be like that
  • but boy oh boy are you in for the shock of ur life when you find out that the company you’re interning at is the same company mingyu interns at and like 
  • you both are in different departments but on your first day you’re taking the train and you see mingyu sitting a couple of seats away and like at first you’re like 
  • wow! he looks so spiffy in his suit and he has like a briefcase and he looks so damn well prepared that you even feel a little self conscious 
  • but then three seconds later you look over again and see that he’s falling asleep on his way and like he literally topples over onto the person beside him
  • and the person like shoves mingyu’s head off and says something rude and mingyu’s like bowing his head and apologizing
  • and like you’re like “he must have not gotten any sleep the night before.” but then
  • the next day when you’re on the train again to your internship mingyu’s there too……again…..falling asleep…..on the person beside him…….
  • and this happens for the first two weeks that you’re taking the train to your internship
  • and like you wonder if he’s just overworking himself or something but then one day you end up going in at the same time as mingyu into the building where you two work and like you go in and swipe your ID to get in but you see mingyu standing next to the security guard begging him and asking him for something and you get a little closer and the guards like “this is the 4th time this week, kid get your ID back” and mingyu’s like “i LoST IT ThO” and the guards like “this is already your third one and it’s been two weeks???” and mingyu’s making puppy dog eyes and you’re like ?????? this is not the suave boy i know off campus
  • and when you go up to his floor where he’s interning with the stats dept like you see mingyu holding a leaning tower of papers and as expected he makes one step and ends up falling over with the papers flyinG into the air
  • and some guy yells at him that he’s always being so clumsy and like you’ve never seen mingyu looking so embarrassed with his head down and his hands folded in front of him
  • and you’re like “is this a side of him no one else knows?”
  • and like you think yeah - he probably is just nervous just like you but then as you’re going back to campus from your internship you see mingyu across the street coming out of a fast food place and like licking his fingers and wiping them on his tie 
  • and like you know you’re just a little Shocked but also like it’s endearing …. 
  • everyone makes him out to be this tall, perfect student that’s always the model of what to be and here he is with crumbs around his mouth and ketchup on his shirt like … makes you giggle
  • but ofc you don’t approach him you don’t really even think he knows you two intern for the same boss until one day you get on the train take a seat and mingyu taKES THe SEAT BESIDE you 
  • and internally you’re like ?!?!?!?!?! but then you don’t even notice five minutes go by until you feel a soft thud on your shoulder and as you turn
  • there he is 
  • kim mingyu, sleeping soundly on your shoulder 
  • and you don’t push him off or anything but you do feel your face grow red and some older ladies smile at the two of you and it becomes a given that like everyone on this train thinks you two are a couple and you’re just like UM 
  • the stop you and mingyu need to get off on comes and you (sadly) have to shake him awake and then make a run for the door as you drag a half awake mingyu along with you
  • and you’re like “thank god we made it.” and mingyu’s like “yeah!” and then he straightens up and says your name and you’re like ???? you know my name and mingyu’s like “ofc i know your name we work and go to school together.” and you’re like yEAH BUT ???? we’ve never interacted
  • and mingyu laughs and he’s like “yeah we have!!! you’ve seen me fall asleep on strangers and get yelled at for losing my ID and weren’t you there when i face planted with my big stack of documents??”
  • and you’re like “wait you noticed me that whole time?” and mingyu nods and checks his watch like “we better run, can you keep up?”
  • and that’s how you end up running behind the long legged secret office/campus crush of yours and good lord he can run fast
  • you two get to the building out of breath but luckily mingyu has his ID this time and you go inside and split ways when you get off a floor before him but before you do mingyu’s like “meet me for lunch downstairs??” and you’re like /?/// ok?????!@?@?@?#
  • the entire time you’re at your desk you’re trying to piece together how it is that you haven’t noticed mingyu noticing you this whole time like,,,,,you kinda just don’t see how it happened?? he’s never even made eye contact with you on the train
  • but you leave all that for lunch when you go downstairs and see mingyu waiting 
  • and he’s like looking amazing in his black slacks and button down rolled up sleeves and hair pushed back and you’re like “he really is like a model….”
  • but then you two go to this burger place around the corner and mingyu orders two deluxe meals for himself and a huge cola and like oh my god he eats like a child and he has some lettuce in his teeth and sauce all over his hands
  • and once again you find yourself endeared but also giggling at his hidden silliness
  • and you mingyu’s like “why are you laughing??” and you lean over with your napkin to wipe off the sauce from the corner of his mouth like “thiS is WHY” but then like 
  • you’re so close and you see his eyes up close and they’re like a sparkling, mesmerizing brown and it takes everything in your strength to just pull away from looking into them
  • and like it’s a lil awkwardly silent until you’re like 
  • “u m coughs by the way um how do you know…….who i am??”
  • and mingyu’s like “AHHHHH you’re cute and i’ve liked you for some time, of course i know who you are.”
  • and you’re like …………………….WHAT
  • and mingyu scratches the back of his head and rolls his tongue in his mouth and is like 
  • “wonwoo said i should just tell you, especially before this internship is over, so ……yeah.”
  • and you’re like starstruck honestly but you’re like “why??”
  • and mingyu takes a minute to think and then he’s like “remember on our first day you saw me act like a total fool on the train? and the time you saw me getting scolded by the guard?” and you’re like “….yes?” and mingyu chuckles like “well, most people don’t like the real me. they imagine me as one thing and then the real silly, dumb side of me is something they don’t want but you - you kept looking at me right?”
  • the words get stuck in your mouth because oh god he saw you staring at him this whole time but also like………of course you kept looking at him and you say that
  • you tell him that “you’re nothing like what i thought, but it made me want to keep looking at you more. that side of you - it’s better than what i imagined.”
  • an honestly in that moment the rest of the people all fade away and it’s just you and mingyu and mingyu takes your hand as you two get up and go back to work and it just
  • it fits. you two fit each other
  • and just like that you two are a thing and every morning mingyu isn’t falling asleep on random people’s shoulders. he’s falling asleep on yours
  • and he’s kissing your cheek before he does and he’s kissing you goodbye when you get off the elevator 
  • you two hold hands and hide it behind your backs when co-workers walk by and tell you two not to go around slacking off since you’re temporary interns
  • and you and mingyu aren’t even hurt because you’re interns in love ok love is what it’s all about (but so is studying so if you’re reading this: do your homework ANYWAY)
  • you find a way to keep mingyu awake on your commute to the internship and the magic trick is literally buy him a big cup of coffee and he won’t spend the entire thirty minutes on the train snoozing
  • instead you two will talk and laugh and mingyu will do bad impressions of your boss and of teachers
  • and when you’re coming back from the internship and the trains are packed mingyu will grab the overhead pole and pull you against him so you don’t have to stretch out your arm and 
  • as clumsy as he is, he’s got these sparks of romantic in him
  • and yes you always have to remind him to sneeze into a napkin, not just wipe it off on the closest person
  • and you hit his hand when he tries to enforce the “five second rule”
  • you come up to give something to the statistic dept. head and mingyu tries to wave at you but accidentally swings his long arms too much and knocks a potted plant off a desk and you have to end up running over and helping him clean it up before the owner of the desk comes back
  • youngguk at his desk: “where is my bonsai tree?” 
  • you and mingyu: *hiding in a cubicle with the remains of youngguk’s bonsai tree* rip 
  • when the internship is over for the semester you and mingyu still see each other and just like wonwoo, jeonghan, and the rest of mingyu’s friends you come to thinking all the freshman who obsesses over how ‘cool’ and ‘smooth’ mingyu is is super funny
  • because you know how he really is, sleeping with his long limbs spread out everywhere and half of his textbook sliding out of his bed and his clothes are literally just a pile inside the closet
  • and mingyu cleans, like he’s not gross or anything but he’s also just so like he cleans and then makes a mess three seconds later and you’re like how?????
  • and when mingyu first offers to cook for you you’re like : “i dont trust you around sharp objects” but mingyu somehow convinces you (lots of kisses are involved in this bribe) and you sit down and watch him cook
  • it’s like a whole different person 
  • and you ask mingyu why he didn’t want to go to culinary school or something like that and mingyu laughs and shakes his hand and he’s like “my cooking is good - but not that good.” and maybe just maybe you hear a hint of sadness in his voice
  • but that’s gone after you take the first bite out of what he made you and you’re like mINGYU THIS is AMAZinG
  • and he grins and is like “is it???” and taste some too and he’s like “yeah, you’re right it’s amazing - like me”
  • and you seriously love the dates where you come over on a weekend and neither of you have classes and mingyu and you look up new restaurants that have opened near campus and you two go out and just try everything
  • and no matter what, you’ll order something and mingyu will try to steal bites when you’re not looking and you ALWAYS CATCH HIM but he just grins and is like !!!! i love you !!! and you’re like oh my god gET your OWN and he pouts like nooooo i wantttt yourssssss
  • he’s a big baby basically
  • mingyu starts a foodstagram just to share photos of you eating when you guys go out and you’re like sTOp i look bad in all of these and mingyu’s like “the food matters, not you baby” and you’re like EXCUSE mE and you chase him around and he laughs his head off and wonwoo is watching you two like wow. how are these two in college
  • mingyu tries to mess up your hair like he does to wonwoo before class but you grab his wrist before he can and you’re like “if you touch my hair i will not kiss you for 24 hours.” and mingyu automatically gives in because no kisses for 24 hours would kill this big affectionate puppy
  • mingyu knows you’re a sucker for his smile, especially when it shows off his canines and so he’ll smile at you like that when you’re ticked off at him and like you’ll try to be serious and tell him to stop but he’ll pull you over by the waist and smile and ask whats wrong and you’ll just be like STOP YOUR HANDSOMENESS is messING WITH ME and he just continues to smile and you’re like ,,,,,i cant be mad at him gdi
  • begs you to cook for him and you’re like mingyu im studying right now and he’s like but i want to eat and you’re like go ask jeonghan to do it and mingyu’s like jeonghan almost burnt down our communal kitchen last week pls 
  • mingyu gets good grades because he throws himself into studying right before big tests and presentations and it ends up with him not sleeping and not eating right and this is when he’s literally a Mess
  • like not a joke mess like usual but a Mess and you literally sometimes have to keep him upright because he falls over from lack of sleep and you’re like mINGYU you’re SIX FEET TALL you NEED to Eat and you shove like a granola bar in his mouth and he tries to say i love you but it comes out all muffled 
  • mingyu once wore his shirt inside out and you were like “ming-” but wonwoo was like “no. let the campus see how goofy he really is.”
  • mingyu still holds a grudge against you and wonwoo till this day
  • “mingyu i can’t reach that, can you get it?” “sure.” “mingyu why are you picking me up just uSE YOur OWN HANDS oh MY GOD AM i TWENTY FEET OFF THE fLOOR MINGYu”
  • whenever he waits for you to come out of class he opens his arms and you run into them and he spins you around and it’s cHEEEEEEESY but it’s worth it because he’s always happy to see you
  • you can never study together because mingyu will fall asleep with his head on your shoulder or on your lap and when you’re like hey buddy wake up he’s like nooooooo you’re soooo comfyyyyyy
  • once you came to watch volleyball practice and mingyu saw you and started waving and you were gonna wave back unTIL the BALL HIT him in THE heAD AND You like ScrEAMED and mingyu like fell over and everyone was like oh my god how oblivious is he
  • you cradling mingyu’s head in your lap: “are you ok???” mingyu: “am i in heaven? are you an angel?” wonwoo: “i cant believe he almost got knocked unconscious and is stILL FLIRTING WITH YOU” 

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and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

Happy Birthday

Request:  Hi!! I’m in love with your blog, I just found it and it’s amazing :) The stress reliever Jimin smut was sooo good and Jimin is my ultimate bias so I need more!! Can I request a Jimin smut where he offers to give the reader a full body massage as a birthday present and things get a little heated *wink wink* Thanks you’re amazing <3

Ahhhhh!!!! Thank you so much!! You have no idea what that means to me! I’m so glad you like my blog! The Stress Reliever Jimin smut is pretty popular. I’m glad you liked it and I hope you like this one just as much. I had a lot of fun writing it (Hence the length of it) and I hope you enjoy reading it! Sorry it took so long! 😬

Pairing: Park Jimin X Reader

Word Count: 3,386

Genre: Smut

Happy birthday, baby girl!!!

♡ , JIMIN 

Was scrawled out sloppily in Korean on a small card you found in a colorful bouquet of flowers that were placed in front of two helium balloons saying ‘happy birthday’ as well. A huge smile spread across your tired face as you read it.

Jimin always outdid himself when it came to special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Even when the two of you were weren’t together, he always had little surprises planned throughout the day for you.

“Jimin,” you whispered to yourself, shaking your head. Sadly, he had schedules most of the day, leaving you alone on your birthday. You understood and fully supported his career, but you couldn’t help being a little sad your mochi wouldn’t be with you for the day. Suddenly, your phone buzzed on the counter, turning your frown upside down.

'Happy birthday, my beautiful princess! I hope you like your gifts!’

'I love it, Chim! Thank you so much!’

You smiled as you typed the message, hitting send. You took in a deep breath, looking around your apartment for clues of other surprises he had planned when your phone went off again.

'You think I would hide your presents in the apartment? What kind of fool do you take me for?’


You giggled as you feigned innocence.

'I know you better than you think, baby. Enjoy your day without me. I’ll be home as soon as possible.’

You held your phone to your chest, swooning at how adorable your boyfriend was as you wandered back into your bedroom. You dropped yourself onto your king sized bed, pulling the expensive duvet up to your chin to take a nap even though you just got up, but it was your day.

About an hour later, you were awoken by an impatient Jimin. He gently slid his hand up your side, kissing your cheek. “Jagi… Jagiya!” He whispered, his lips brushing against your ear. A smile tugged on your lips as you woke up, but kept your eyes closed. “Oh come on, Jagi! I know you’re awake!” He giggled, rolling you onto your back. “I saw you smile!”

“I’m dreaming!” You smiled, keeping your eyes closed. You heard him laugh, his hand settling on your tummy.

“Oh yeah? What about?” He asked, curiosity in his voice. You cracked an eye open, looking over at him. He had his head propped up on his hand as his elbow was pressed into your memory foam mattress.

“Mmm” You hummed, closing your eye again. You heard him laughing at you as his hand on your stomach moved up in down. “I don’t know.” You smiled, sliding your hands around him under his jacket. You admired his handsome features before pulling back to look at his outfit. “Chim, what are you wearing?” You asked, noticing he was wearing a suit.

“It’s my girl’s birthday.” He whispered, brushing your hair back. “Can’t I look nice for her?” He asked, leaning closer. Your breath hitched as a smile developed on your face. You were about to close your eyes for a kiss when he quickly pulled away. You whined as he giggled, straightening his tie when he stood up.

“Jimiiiiin.” You whined loudly with a loud huff and thrashing a bit on your bed. He laughed, shaking his head at your little tantrum.

“Baby, calm down. Come here.” He smiled, leaning his knees on the end of your bed and holding his arms out. You faked a pout, crawling over to him.

You sat criss cross applesauce in front of him, crossing your arms. He sighed, tilting your chin up as he leaned down, kissing your lips. You smiled, your eyes still closed as he pulled away. “You’re such a baby.” He laughed, kissing your nose. “But you’re my baby. Get dressed, sweetheart!” He exclaimed, picking you up and placing you on the ground. You took in a deep breath, biting your lip as you examined the artwork before you that was your boyfriend of over two years.

“Park Jimin…” you trailed off, thinking. “What have you planned for me this time?” You asked, a rhetorical question, knowing he wouldn’t answer. He simply shrugged, biting his lip at the way you were looking at him.

“Keep looking at me like that and the only plans you’ll be looking at involve that bed of yours.” He winked. You popped your eyebrows, making an 'O’ shape with your lips. “Go get ready, princess.” He laughed, turning you toward the bathroom connected to your room and smacking your ass. You jumped before scurrying into the room, looking at yourself in the mirror.

You leaned your butt on the sink, pulling out your phone. You had a few birthday texts to return and you decided now was the best time to do it before Jimin stole all your attention for the remaining hours of the day.

Kookie: 'Happy Birthday!!!!!! I hope Jiminie hyung treats you well!’

TaeTae: 'Happy Birthday, Y/n! I miss you! I’ll give you your present later.’

Mom: 'Happy Birthday, sweetie! I miss you!’

Yoongi: 'Happy Birthday’

Jin: 'Happy Birthday, Y/n! I’ll make you food later!’

Joon: 'Y/n! You’re getting so old! Happy Birthday!’

Hobi: 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!’

You smiled, saying your thank yous to everyone before putting your phone down. It was now 2:00 and you had no idea what his time schedule was for the day. “Chim, what should I wear?” You called, taking your curling iron out from its drawer. You plugged it in, looking at Jimin as he made his way over to the doorway. He grabbed the door handle and pulled it shut, revealing a beautiful burgundy dress hanging on the back of the door. You gasped, taking the fabric in your hands.

“Happy Birthday!” He exclaimed. You were so excited, you put it on, admiring the dress in your full length mirror. It hugged your chest perfectly with a modest neckline as the skirt popped out a little at your waist. You turned to your side then the other side, admiring how it complimented your body perfectly.

“I love it, Jimin!” You exclaimed, opening the door and jumping into his arms. He laughed, spinning you around.

“It looks amazing on you. You’re so beautiful.” He smiled, kissing your forehead.

“Ah! I need to do my make up!” You yelled, startling him as you ran back into the bathroom.

20 minutes later, you exited the bathroom with perfect hair and makeup. You were confident that you were ready for any situation he was going to throw at you. You did a twirl for him, showing off your whole look. “So? What do you think?” You asked, holding the skirt of your dress out. He smiled, moving closer to you and resting his hands on your hips.

“You’re stunning, Jagiya. Even without makeup.” He complimented, making you smile even bigger.

“Oh stop it.” You giggled, leaning up on your tiptoes to kiss him. “Where are we going?” You asked, tilting your head to the side. He just smiled in response as you put on your favorite black heels. “Where are we going?” You asked again. He laughed a little before taking your hand and leading you out of your apartment. “Jimin!” You whined as he pulled you behind him.

“Close your eyes, babe.” He said softly as he stopped, turning around to face you. You pouted, but did as you were told, closing your eyes.

He slipped his arm around your back, pulling you closer as you walked down the hallways of your apartment building a little more. Finally you came to a stop and heard a door open. You were confused, considering the exit to your building was in the opposite direction, but kept your eyes closed anyway. “Hold on, baby.” You heard him say as he stopped you and picked you up.

“Jimin!” You exclaimed, more shocked than anything. He chuckled as he carried you up the stairs bridal style, confusing you further. He smelled good, as always, and his breath fanning against your face comforted you. That’s when he put you down. You heard another door open and a warm breeze blew your dress slightly.

“Open them.” He said, excitement clear in his voice. You smiled as you opened your eyes, seeing twinkle lights set up around your friends as well as presents.

“Oh my….” You started, covering your mouth as you felt tears sting your eyes. “Chim…” You turned around, seeing him smiling at you.

“Happy birthday, princess.” He said simply as you hugged him tightly. You turned around seeing all of your friends watching you.

“Y/n!! Happy birthday!” Taehyung exclaimed, hugging you. You smiled, thanking him as you hugged him back.

The rest of the party had you smiling so much, your cheeks hurt. You had never been so genuinely happy in such a long time. Everyone was so happy to see you and wished you a happy birthday, handing you present after present. Jimin really outdid himself. You felt spoiled as he and the rest of BTS helped you carry your presents downstairs to your apartment after everyone else left, declaring the party over.

“Thank you so much, guys.” You smiled as the last of your things were brought down from the roof. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“We’re glad to help, Y/n.” Namjoon smiled, hugging you. “We should go though. Happy birthday.” He said one last time as he pulled away.

“Thank you.”

“Yeah, happy birthday, Y/n. I hope you like that ipod.” Jungkook smiled, pulling you in for a hug. You giggled.

“Yes, I do. Thank you, Kookie.” You replied. Next was Jin, giving you a hug and a kiss on the cheek as he wished you a happy birthday again. Then Yoongi giving you a tired smile as well as a weak hug. You laughed at the tired idol as he turned to go stand by the door. Hobi gave you that sunshine smile before hugging you tightly.

“Happy birthday, Y/n.” He exclaimed happily. Last was your’s and Jimin’s best friend, Taehyung. He smiled that box grin of his as you glared at him.

“Taehyung.” You groaned looking at the Gucci box in his hands. He handed it to you as you gave him a nervous look.

“Open it!”

You cracked it open, seeing a black and rose gold Gucci Diamantissima watch. It was simple and elegant, making you fall in love immediately.

“Tae, I can’t accept this.” You said softly, looking up at him. He smiled, knowing you loved it.

“Of course you can! It’s Gucci!” He exclaimed. You sighed, knowing he wouldn’t accept no for an answer.

“Thank you. So much.” You smiled, hugging him. He hugged you back, giggling softly in your ear.

“Put it on! I’ve been dying to take it out of the box since I bought it!” He almost yelled, too excited for his own good.

“Okay, okay!” You laughed, taking the watch out of the designer box. You handed it him, letting him buckle it on around your wrist. It looked magnificent. “Thank you, Tae. So much.” You smiled, admiring your new accessory.

“I’m glad you like it. Happy Birthday, Y/n.” He smiled,  joining the rest of the guys by the door.

“Happy birthday!” They all yelled with a few waves as they walked out the door. You smiled, waving back until Jimin shut the door behind them. You sighed happily as he walked back over to you.

“Thank you so much, Jimin.” You smiled as he admired your present from Taehyung.

“Anything for you, my love.” He whispered, looking up to your eyes as he pulled your hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to the back of it. He smiled sweetly, leading you back to your room. Once you walked through the doorway, he let go of your hand and shrugged his jacket off, throwing it on the bed. Next, he pulled on his tie, squeezing his eyes shut and showing off all of his teeth and making your laugh. Once he got the top button of his shirt undone, he sighed in relief.

You giggled as you leaned against the frame of the door, watching him. He sat on the edge of the bed, staring at you. “Want a massage, sweet heart?” He asked, eyes studying you. Your face lit up.

“Really?” You asked, excited. He nodded, standing up.

“Come here.”

You rushed over to him maybe a little too fast as he laughed at how eager you were. He shook his head, pulling the dress over your head. “Go lay down, baby.” He said, gesturing toward the bed as he went into the bathroom.

You kicked off your heels before crawling onto the bed in your bra and underwear, laying on your tummy and resting your head on your folded arms. When Jimin came back into the room, he had a bottle of massage oil in his hand. He smiled saying something about how cute you were and handing you a pillow to rest your head on. You felt him straddling your hips and then his chilly hands on your back, unhooking your bra.

“Ah, Chim! Your hands are freezing!” You squealed, making him giggle. “Did you put your hands in ice when you were in the bathroom?” He continued laughing until you felt his forehead resting on your shoulder.

“Shhh. No complaining!” He laughed, sitting up. You heard him open the bottle of oil, squeezing it in his hand. “They’ll warm up on your body.” He said, spreading the oil over your back. You jerked your shoulders at his cold hands on your skin again.

“Oppaaa.” You whined, making him giggle.

“I’m sorry, Jagi.” He whispered, kissing your back. You smiled at the sweet gesture, feeling his hands start massaging your back. You hummed, closing your eyes at the feeling. “You like that?” He asked, smirk plastered on his face. You didn’t even have to see him to know that’s exactly what he was doing.

A soft moan escaped your lips, making him chuckle. “Maybe you like that a little too much.” You shook your head when he stopped massaging you.

“No, don’t stop.” You whined.

“I think I’d rather be between your legs hearing you say that.” He said deeply, leaning down and kissing your neck.

“Aww you’re done already?” You asked.

“Oh, you won’t be saying that.” He smiled, flipping you over underneath him. You laughed, looking up at him and resting your hands on his biceps. His eyes were dark and full of lust as he trailed a finger over your chest, leaving a trail of oil. Your breathing sped up as he continued to excite you, licking the oil off of you before crashing his lips onto yours.

His tongue smoothly slipped into your mouth, tasting like strawberries. He pulled back, wiping some oil off his lip with his thumb, looking hot as hell. You quickly moved to undo the buttons on his shirt as he undid his belt and pants in a hurry. Soon enough, his clothes were gone and he was between your legs, hovering over you. The both of you were in nothing but your underwear, having tossed your bra as soon as you sat up to push his shirt off his shoulders.

“You’re so hot.” He whispered, kissing you. You couldn’t help but smile every time he gave you a compliment, which was often. He pulled away, kissing a trail from your lips to your hips. He pulled your black and pink lace panties down your legs until they found their way to the floor. You felt him bite your thigh gently before kissing it. You bit your lip, watching his hair as he sucked on the sensitive skin of your thigh.

After he left a few hickies on both of your legs, he looked up at you, winking before wasting no time and licking a long slow stripe between your legs. You moaned, your back arching at the wonderful feeling. You felt him smirk before continuing to eat you out like his life depended on it. Your legs started shaking as he continued to work his tongue around your clit. “Fuck, Jimin.” You moaned, pulling on his hair as he made you cum in his mouth. He quickly licked up your mess, watching your eyes drift shut momentarily.

“No, no, no, princess. Oppa isn’t done with you.” He said with a smile, his fingers slowly pressing shallowly into your heat as he leaned down. You whined, wiped out by your first orgasm, feeling him kiss your cheek.

“Jimin…” You started. He shoved his fingers into you completely.

“What was that?” He growled, gritting his teeth. You loved his dominant side in the bedroom. You cocked an eyebrow, thinking of a ways to get him going.

“Oppa.” You moaned, giving in to the feeling of his thumb on your oversensitive clit.

“That’s right, baby.” He said deeply, kissing your neck.

“Fuck me.” You moaned breathily.


“Fuck me, Jimin.” You demanded, needing him.

“What’d you say?” He asked, pulling away from your neck.

“Fuck. Me. Jimin.” You repeated slowly. You knew you were in for it just by the look in his eye and you couldn’t be more excited. You had to bit the inside of your cheek to keep from smiling. He smirked, shaking his head.

“Oh baby, you think you’re in charge just 'cause it’s your birthday? That’s not how it works, sweet girl.” He sat up, taking his boxer briefs off and dropping them on the floor. You had never talked back to him so much during sex and you couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do. He looked extremely hot, oil from the sheets on his abs, hair a wreck from you pulling on it earlier, dick standing tall against his perfect abs.

He took his position between your legs again, rubbing the head of his cock against your entrance to tease you. Your chest moved up and down as you breathed, wanting him to just fuck you already. “Chim ple-” You cut yourself off with a load moan as he slammed into you without warning.

“What did you just call me?” He asked, glaring at you.

“Chim..” You moaned out again as he slammed into you a second time.

“Tsk tsk tsk… You know that’s wrong, baby girl.” He reprimanded, halting all of his movement.

“Jimin please just move.” You whined, trying to move to get some kind of relief.

“Ah, ah, ah, Jagi.” He smirked. He had you right where he wanted you.

“Fuck, oppa, please.” You begged.

“Good girl.” He mumbled, snapping his hips into you. You gasped as he rocked in and out of you.

“Oppa, don’t stop.” You moaned, your nails digging into his arms.

“I couldn’t if I wanted to, baby.” He growled in your ear as he buried his face in your neck. You could feel the sweat in his hair and on his arms as he continued thrusting into you, rocking the entire bed. You felt your second orgasm building up as he kissed your neck and shoulder.

“I’m-” You just about screamed due to the pleasure he brought you, arching your back and dragging your nails down his biceps. You felt his teeth on your skin and heard him groan, the feeling of you finishing driving him over the edge. His sloppy, weak thrusts brought the both of you through your highs before he collapsed onto you.

You were both sweaty, heaving messes as he kissed your forehead, rolling on his side next to you. “Happy birthday, baby doll. I love you.” He breathed.

“I love you too.” You smiled, getting up.

“Where are you going?” He whined.

“I feel disgusting. I’m gonna take a shower.” You said like it was obvious. “Are you gonna come with me?”

“Hell yeah!” He exclaimed, jumping up and running by you into the bathroom. You giggled as he turned the water on before turning around and pulling you into him. “Did you have a good day, sweetie?” He asked.

“The best.” You responded with a smile.

“Good.” He smiled back before kissing you and pushing the door closed, ready for round two in the shower.

BTS Reactions~ TH~ You try to take it TOO far~ Flawless:

Feeling the warm, summer air against your face, you walked slowly along the pathway. The sky was painted with a beautiful orange gradient, and breeze dusted the hair from your face. You took a deep, fresh breath of the warm air, and sighed contently, glancing up at his face.


He was staring off into the distance, like always. Even when he went off into his daydream state, he still looked flawless. Everything about him was perfect, and in that moment you were the happiest you had ever been. Your hand gripped his, and as you walked, you fell more and more in love. The way he just had so many different sides to his personality- it was fun to explore. Just: Flawless.

You’d finally made your way to the dorm room. You technically didn’t live there, but it seemed as if you did. It was far better than living alone, living with your boyfriend and his group members. Every day was new, and exciting.

“And the couple of the evening have finally arrived!” You heard a loud voice shout. It was none other than Hobi, the ball of sunshine himself. You giggled, and struck a pose. Tae did the same.

“Hyung is strange…” You heard Kookie mutter.

All the members were sat around the TV, Jin and Jimin engrossed in a game of Mario Kart, the rest just conversing amongst themselves.

“I’m gonna win this round, watch me.” teased Jimin, as you and Tae went to sit down. With all the boys sat- well, slouching- on the couch, there was barely any room at all for you. You shrugged it off, lowering yourself to sit on the floor, but before you do, Tae gestures for you to sit on his lap. It was innocent at first.

“HA. You, win against me? I think you’re forgetting how much I love Mario- by the time we’re done, you’ll be seeing coins!” Jin laughs, with his weird window-washer sound.

“Dorks.” Tae whispers to you, and you giggle at his remark.

“You two are no different.” Yoongi whispers back, before shouting, “WHO WANTS PIZZA?! I want pizza.”

Namjoon sighed, “God, Hyung, don’t shout. But yeah, I want pizza.” 

“Me tooooooo” You whined, slapping Jungkook’s shoulder a little. “Order some for us, Kookie? I know you have a thing for the delivery girl~”

He blushed, but nonetheless called the pizza place, and shortly after, it arrived.

“THAT’S THE PIZZA!” Squealed Hobi, “Jungkookie~”

Opening the door, Jungkook went to pay, but was running short on change at hand. You rushed over to the girl, handing her some coins from your coat, which was hanging by the door.

“Here you go. Oh and, I love your hair!” You complemented her, Jungkook giving you a ‘what are you up to’ glare.

“Thanks, Y/N, right? I just had it dyed yesterday, but I’m thinking of going back to the salon after this shift. I don’t know whether it suits me really…” She mumbles shyly.

I think it looks great on you.” he blurts out, still blushing like mad.

She giggles, passing him the change. “Thank you.”

“Say, when does your shift end? If you don’t need to go back to the salon, how about hanging out with us? We’re not creeps, I swear.” You laugh.

“Oh! Thanks for the invite, I’d love to! My shift actually ends after this… I think I can get one of my coworkers to clock out for me, so is it alright if I join you now?”

You invite her in, giving Kookie a thumbs up, as you introduce her to everyone, before slumping yourself back on Tae’s lap. 

“Babe, pass me a slice.” he says, and you wriggle forwards to do just that. Then you wriggle backwards to pass it to him, and over the course of the meal, you just can’t seem to stop wriggling, not realizing the effect this had on Tae.

He was struggling to keep it together, as every time you move you brushed against his crotch. He grit his teeth, trying to distract himself with conversation with others, but he just can’t get the thought of you off his mind. His mind wandered places it shouldn’t, and he was getting hard. He didn’t want to ask anything from you, as you were clearly too busy making friends with the girl from earlier and hanging out with the members. Besides, you’d never even had sex together yet. 

But somehow, he needed to escape and relieve himself before you noticed anything.

Too late.

You felt something poking your thigh. Instantly, you knew what it was, and you turned to Tae, your face red.

“I’m sorry, it’s just… you’re moving too much.” He covered his face with his hands, embarrassed.

“Just sitting and talking is boring. Let’s go somewhere!” Jimin exclaims.

“But it’s dark out.” Namjoon facepalms.

“Well we could go to that club downtown. I heard they have firework shows!” 

“Sure!” The pizza girl agrees. “I’d love to go somewhere with you guys, but I call seat next to Kookie in the car. We need to talk more about Overwatch!” she giggles, and Jungkook looks over the moon that he shares interests with her.

Everyone agrees, except you and Tae. You don’t want to move an inch, because you know that if you do, a moan might escape your lips.

“How about you two?” Asks Yoongi, as everyone puts on their jackets.

“I.. think we’ll stay here, and have a movie night or something. I’m not a big fan of clubs, really.” You manage to say, giving him a fake smile. All of that was pure lies- you didn’t want a movie night at all.

They all leave, and you stare at Tae in silence.


You mumble, “you’re still…?”


More awkwardness silence.

You can’t help yourself. You grit your teeth, and move slightly to the left, centering his member between your thighs. A muffled moan from you both.

You edge yourself forward. He grunts, and you can feel yourself getting wetter by the second.

“Y/N, turn around.” His raspy, low voice seductively luring you in .

You turn as he said, and gently rock your hips from side to side. It feels so good.

“Fuck. Are you sure you wanna do this? Now? I mean I’m fine with it-”

You cut him off, with a kiss to the lips. He grasps your waist, helping you move.

“Ahh~” He grunts again, this time into the kiss. His slender fingers trail up your shirt, pullng it off, and round to your back, unclasping your bra. He held one of your breasts, circling it round.

You hands found their way to his belt, and you lightly tugged, teasing him more than you already had. He began to use tongue, exploring the wet caverns of your mouth. it was intense, but it was Heaven; it was flawless.

He whispered:

“Let’s make this a night to remember~” 

~ahhhhh i’m blushing so hard >_<  as a tae stan I now feel weak

Let me know if You want a part 2? Idk when I’ll do it but hey-ho

Across the Stars, Chapter 6

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 7  Chapter 8

AN: Hi! It’s a little late, I know. I have so many things to do and my ADHD has been hitting me really hard these last couple of weeks and I have SO many things that I’ve been putting off and off and off and deadlines are staring me in the face and AHHHHH. But I like this chapter and I hope you all do as well!

“What the hell was that?” Feyre wrapped her arms around herself, narrowing her eyes as Tamlin stalked back into the bedroom after slamming the door behind Rhys. She dug her fingers into the cotton thermal, Rhys’s voice still slithering down her spine and sending a shudder of electricity spiking through her veins.

Tamlin’s own eyes narrowed. “Care to explain how you know him?”

She blinked, taken aback. “Know him? He literally just told you. We happen to go to the same coffee shop—“

“Is he the son of a bitch who’s been following you?” Tamlin’s voice was dangerous. “Did he follow you to work?”


“How much have you talked to him? What does he—“

“I don’t know him,” she ground out. “I’ve had maybe three conversations with him, all of them perfectly mundane.”

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“The family’s girl” (Batfam x reader) Part5

Hi there!

Sorry for the short hiatus. College was murder! But here I am again!

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Nonetheless! Thanks for you support, ask and coments. Really, I love reading them. So, i’ve found a pattern. @hamsterforlive seems to coment in almost all the chapters and! reads them repeatedly. Their last comment in the part 4 made me laught, so… you got a little something in the story. ;) Probably this Sunday or Monday will come the part 6, as this one is a bit shorter than the others.

Love you, little wings!

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A wild hamster appeared between the two of you, hitting Dick straight in his face, you grabbed the pet before it hit the ground as Dick sweared and grabbed his nose. 

Following the wild hamster came someone who was wearing a hamster hoodie and a mask. They apologized profusely to the two of you, you smiled at them and said that it was alright and then ran away, blushing and hamster in hand… Then Dick looked at you, and realization got to him and blushed he then said,

“Well, I have to go. Tomorrow I gotta go to work early” Dick smiled, but if you looked deep in his eyes, the frustration was there. Because, God, what does a guy gotta do to get laid with the girl he likes, dammit!

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then. Good night Dick.”

“Good nigh-“You pecked him in the lips before blush hard and run inside your house. As the door closed you leaned on the door.

Dick had frozen, fingers touching his lips. Realization seemed to get to him and suddenly he was yelling happily, dancing and giggling. After his little happiness dance and act like a crazy person, Dick entered his flat.

You smiled as you saw everything through the peephole.

God, he was such a dork!


The next day.

As you were walking home you remembered you had to go shopping…aaand you had forgot the money back home.

“S*ht” You facepalmed.

“What troubles the most beautiful girl in the universe?” A guy dressed in red and blacks, medium black hair and what seemed like wing as a cape landed in front of you, smiling at you as he flipped his hair out of the way.

“Who are you? I thought Nightwing was the only superhero in the ‘Haven.”

“I’m Red Robin, achanté m’lady” He kissed your hand sweetly. You blushed at the same time your stomach decided to be a b*ch and roared like a tyrannosaurus rex.

“…sorry” You smiled awkwardly.

“You hungry? I know a pretty fine place not to far” Red robin suggested.

“I-I don’t have money on me…” Red robin smiled at you before messing your hair.

“Don’t worry about it. Is on me”






That were the thought that were battling in your head as Red Robin had bought you..

To a batman themed McDonald’s.

Oh my f*cking god

“This isn’t as classy as you deserve, but I-I didn’t bought to much cash. This suit is really tight you know?” Tim-I mean Red Robin rambled, a soft blush on his cheeks.

“Red, don’t worry. I love it” You touched his cheek sweetly as his face broke in the cutes smile and the reddest blush.

“C’mon lets go inside! “ You grabbed Red’s arm and dragged him towards the door.

He got a cheeseburger and you got a Batmeal, It’s like a happy meal but batman themed.

 You two were sitting in one of the ‘Haves highed rooftops eating you food, joking and laughing. He told you embarrasing stories about Nightwing and some about his other partners. He asked what you were doing and if there was someone for you.

You blushed as you said no, Red smirked flirtatiously.

“I don’t understand, how someone so beautiful is single” You laughed embarrased at his flirtaious coments.

“Thanks, red. But I don’t think I’m that beautiful” Your smile became strained and sad. 

“You’re kidding right? I’ve meet aliens, superheroines, amazons and you are the most beautiful of them all. With that adorable face, those sparkling (e/c) eyes that silky (h/c) hair….gosh” Red sighed dreamily.

“heh” You said as his declaration leave you speechless, realization got to his brain and his face matched the red of his uniform.


You broke in a laughing fits and after a few seconds Red started laughing with you, his fit was more out of nerves than of finding this funny.

After the two of you calmed down, you found yourself sitting close to Red with his hand around yours.

“What toy did you get?” Red asked you, whishing it was his toy and not his brothers.

“Look! I got a …..”


Tim smiled


Tim smile disappeared.

He frowned as you started playing with the toy.

“pew pew! Hahahahaha”

“How about we do this every Wednesday? Just you and me” Red asked, his warm hand wrapping around yours.

“I-I don’t want to be a burden”



“Y’know, you remind me of my best friend. His name is Tim.” You smiled sweetly and Tim felt cold sweat run through his back.

“TIM? NO, I DON’T KNOW HIM!!!!!1 WHATEVER IS A TIM???!! HAHAHAHAHA TIM DRAKE???! WHAT? I’M CUTER THAN HIM! HAHAHAHA-Sorry, normalyi’mmore seriusandintelligent,youjustaresobeautiful,idon’tknowhowtoact.” Tim rambled, blushing.

“Hey, it’s alright. I-I think you’re handsome to.” Tim face sparkled happiness all over.


Tim thought while smiling softly at you and kissing your cheek, then your nose and then your hand.

“I have to go now, but I can’t wait to meet again”

Tim grabbed you bride style and flied out of there.. He bought you back to your place, entering through the windows.

“Well, goodbye (Y/N). I hope to see you soon.”

“Likewise, Red!” You kissed him European style and Red Robin jumped out, his silhouette disappearing in the sky.

Your phone started ringing.

Tim Drake said:

(y/n)!!! Are you home? I bought movies and popcorn!

You said:

Timmy! Yea come up! I’ll prepare the couch and the blankets.

Tim Drake said:


Meanwhile you got everything done, a nervous Tim Drake was changing in the alley next to your flat. He tried to change at Flash speed, but no. He fell to the ground trying to get out of the stupid tights.


He fought his pants a bit more before successfully changing to his civvies.

“I’m ready. (y/n) get ready to be sweep out of your feet!”


The doorbell rang as you finished preparing everything. You got the blankets ready, you had your comfy pajama and (f/d).

You smiled and went to get the door.

“Hey Timmy!” You smiled at the young man, dressed in a red hoodie and black pants. His hair was a mess and he looked out of breath.

“Hey, (y/n). bought the popcorn!” He said dangling the popcorn in the air.

“Great!” You grabbed it and went to your kitchen. Tim took a deep breath and looked in the mirror, arranging his hair and encouraging himself to confess.

“Timmy! Come in, don’t stand there.”

“oh right! What do you want to see? Tim sat in the conch

“What did you bought?” You sat next to him, covered the two of you in your favorite blanket and put the bowl between the two of you.

“W-Well, we got “Bridget Jones” “The conjuring” “Lego” and “Noah’s diary”. So which one?”

“hmm I feel like seeing a scary movie, so… “The conjuring” I know I’ll regret it but… YOLO”

“hahaha.” Tim laughed at your funny face.

You got up and put the movie in the DVD player. Then sat again next to Tim, but this time your head was tucked in his shoulder, he smiled and put his arm around you. In his head he was high fiving himself and doing a little victory dance.


In the most scary parts, you and Tim sat closer and closer until you were in his lap and Tim was caressing you shoulder absentmindedly. The two of you made a cocoon of the blankets. Tim mussed up the courage to kiss you.


Tim kissed you cheek first then his kisses trailed down to your neck. Sweet little kisses draw a map on your skin. Soft moans escaped you and Tim’s courage increased exponentially.

The movie played in the background as Tim kisses distracted you, playfully you kissed his neck, making him the moaning mess. Most when you found his sweet spot, wich you used against him when you felt like it or he did moved under you, breaking your concentration.

As the movie was almost finished, it had started raining. Loud thunder and lightning painted the sky.

As you were sitting in Tim’s lap and your head was hiding in his neck, your kisses had stopped as the first loud thunder broke the peace of the night. Tim was hugging you his face tucked in your hair, he had stopped kissing you and now was trying to calm you down, when suddenly the light went out.

“AHHHHHHHHH” You and Tim screamed.


Someone was hitting the door.

“OH MAI GAT, TIMMY PROTECT MEEEH” You screamed as hugged Tim tighter, your legs came around his waist.



“SSHHHHH” Tim shushed you.

You went towards the door, your phone’s flashlight illuminated your way. You looked at Tim for reassurance, he gave you a thumps up as he grabbed a frying pan and came next to you, ready to hit the monster.

“1…2….3” You whispered before opening the door.

“AAAHHHHHHIYAAA” Tim tried to hit the shadow in the door but it stopped the pan before it hit it. It growled menacingly and Tim grabbed you and put you behind him, you used the distraction to go get a weapon, that turned out to be a vase, with flowers and everything.

“WHO ARE YOOUU?” You screamed as Tim thought of ways of fighting the shadow without blowing his secret identity.

Lighting and thunder decided to appear now as the shadow of a man entered your flat, it smirked at your despair.

Tim grabbed your phone and illuminated the intruder’s face.

“YOU” Tim said outraged.

“me” It smirked evilly

It was-

To be continued….

Who do you think is the shadow??

Rhysand’s Playlist

This playlist is just songs that reminded me of Rhysand and his journey through ACOMAF and some songs I think he could relate to. They’re either fun and silly stuff that he’d listen to if he’d get drunk with the bros or something or dark sad ones he’d listen to when he’d miss Feyre or before when she’d been betrothed to Tamlin. Hope you enjoy!

1. Highway to Hell by ACDC

This song is just fun and silly. Like one of my old posts, I could seriously imagine him, Cassian and Azriel all drunk and singing this together all off-pitch and drunk laughing and ahhhhh. So cute. 

2. Brother by Matt Corby (stripped back version)

I think this is a song Rhys would listen to whenever he was feeling sad. Not sad about Feyre specifically, but more sad just in general or if he just couldn’t stop thinking about Under the Mountain. I could see him just waking up in the middle of the night (in the three months before he called upon the bargain) 

3. Stone Cold by Demi Lovato

This song… This song just hits me right in the feels. It’s bloody perfect for Rhys. Seriously. Just so much emotion and the lyrics are so relatable and it’s just so perfect. Especially when he admits that he just wants Feyre to be happy… This is the song for that (of course, if the lyrics were changed genders and stuff). The live or original versions are both amazing. 

Stone cold
God knows I try to feel
Happy for you
Know that I am
Even if I can’t understand
I’ll take the pain
Give me the truth
Me and my heart
We’ll make it through
If happy is her him
I’m happy for you

“I heard you were going to marry him, and I told myself you were happy. I should let you be happy, even if it killed me. Even if you were my mate, you’d earned that happiness.”

4. A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

Rhys would have this on loop, definitely. He’d even like know all the lyrics and sing it to himself with some hard liquor by himself, staring up at the stars and tears just silently streaming down his face. He’d worship and adore this song. Another feels crusher. 

Misplaced trust in old friends Tamlin
Never counting regrets
By the grace of God I do not rest at all
And New England as the leaves change
The last excuse that I’ll claim
I was a boy who loved a woman like a little girl
And still I can’t let you be
Most nights I hardly sleep
Don’t take what you don’t need from me
It’s just a drop in the ocean
A change in the weather
I was praying that you and me might end up together
It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
But I’m holding you closer than most ‘cause you are my…
Heaven doesn’t seem far away anymore

No, no
Heaven doesn’t seem far away

5. Resolution by Matt Corby

This is a good carefree song that I could see Rhys and Feyre dancing to, and Rhys secretly enjoying it so much because it reminds him of when he was kneeling before putting those thigh strap thingies on and he told her that she was his salvation and Feyre and Rhys dancing is literally the cutest most swoon worthy thing in my mind. Like seriously, I can’t even think about it without screeching.

You’ll be my resolution
Characters of no illusion
You’ll be my resolution

Turn around, put it down and see
That this is really the place to be

I’m not you, nor you me
But we’re both moving steady

6. Oceans by Seafret

This song is just so smooth and relaxing yet still powerful and relatable simultaneously. Rhys would like, I don’t know, listen and stare out the window thinking about how much he misses Feyre. I’ts just amazing and seafret is soooog good you should check out their other stuff!

I want you
Yeah I want you
And nothing comes close
To the way that I need you
I wish I can feel your skin
And I want you
From somewhere within

It feels like there’s oceans
Between me and you once again
We hide our emotions
Under the surface and tryin’ to pretend

7. Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine

Rhys would especially love this song because of all the references to the night! It’s truly such an amazing song (especially live! I saw her in concert like two weeks ago) and he’d really just adore it and think of Feyre. I also think that Feyre would also love this song because she would relate to it so much. 

A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes
I screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now it’s left me blind
The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart
And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat
I tried to find the sound
But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness,
So darkness I became

 “When you spend so long trapped in the darkness, [Lucien,] you find that the darkness begins to stare back.”

8. Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Don’t imagine Rhys singing this under his breath while they slow dance around the room

Don’t imagine Rhys humming this while playing in Feyre’s hair or tracing little doodles along her skin

Don’t imagine Rhys whispering the lyrics to her before she falls asleep

Don’t imagine Rhys actually singing the song to her on their anniversary or her birthday

Any version of this song is literally perfect. The one for the link is by Haley Reinhart, but here are some of my favorites:

-Elvis (duh)

-Fleet Foxes (LOVE IT)

-Twenty One Pilots (so adorable)

And here are some extra songs that would fill up the rest of Rhys’s l love Feyre Paylist on his phone/iPod

-Love More by Bon Iver (sad)

-Safety Dance by Sleeping at Last (sweet and cute)

-Not Today by Imagine Dragons (adorable)

-Tell Me It’s Real by Seafret (cute/sad)

-Truce by Twenty One Pilots (for when he’s sad and just hopeless)

-Creature Fear (romantic)

-Lay Me Down by Sam Smith (don’t imagine Rhys worshipping this song)

-Slow it down by the Lumineers (sad and slow and PERFECT)

-Halo cover by Ane Brun feat. Linnea Olsson (amazing and so cute)

Holy Mother: The Theme of Season 2?

Just some thoughts from me on Episode 26 of Attack on Titan. Hiding it under a read more for spoiler reasons :)

Edit: @obsessedmuch has provided a translation of the scene discussed in this post here. Apparently the dialogue in the anime is the same as the dialogue in the manga and the anime translation is more accurate! Thanks for the translation! I think it’s so odd that the manga’s English translation is so misleading: the anime’s translation, as this post discusses, is much more thematically appropriate! I still like that they moved this scene with Carla forward to give the theme of responsibility more prominances throughout the arc :)

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anonymous asked:

May I can request a headcanon about the lord's reaction when one of the maids interrupts the war concil because the MC has overwork herself and collapsed? Please for Nobunaga, Yukimura, Kojuro, Hideyoshi, Shingen and Mitsunari. Thanks for that (^-^)

Hey. Can I request something? Sometimes I wonder if the MC does not overwork herself. So may I can request a headcanon how he lords would react when one of the maids run to them and told them that the Mc has collapsed because she has overwork herself. My favourite lords would be Nobunaga, Inuchiyo, Kojuro, Ieyasu and Mitsunari.

Ohh, since I’ve got a similar ask I had them both under the same post~ I hope you don’t mind nonnie >:O

Nobunaga would leave the war council and entrust Mitsuhide to take care of it. He would rush to MC’s side as soon as the words reach his ears, “That foolish girl never knows when to rest.” He’d mumble about how she doesn’t care about herself when it comes to work and how she doesn’t listen when he tells her to rest. In contrast, when he sees her laid down in the bedding with a tired look on her face, he take cares of her and makes sure that she doesn’t leave the bed till she recovers completely.

Yukimura would be out the door before the maid gets to finish her sentence. He’d rush to MC’s room and have everything she might need ready near him. He would make sure that she’s resting after that and wouldn’t allow her to leave the bed. While she’s resting he’d brush her hair to the back and whisper soft words to her as he presses a kiss to her temple. “MC… please get well soon.”

Kojuro eyes travel to Masamune immediately. Masamune nods to him as he understands what he’s asking for, and Kojuro excuses himself before rushing out the room. His hair and clothes would be disheveled from the force he used to get to her. As soon as his eyes saw her tired body, he feels a sense of relief because she doesn’t seem to be in pain or anything of that sort. On the other hand, he feels guilty for not noticing how tired she is. He’d ask one of the maids about what happened to her and would eventually ask the doctor as well. “My precious girl…” He’d whisper to her as she slept her tiredness away. “I know work is important to you, but so are you to me.”

Hideyoshi eyes would widen as he didn’t expect the news. She was just having a light conversation with him a few seconds ago, did he fail to notice how tired she was? He smiles gently to Inuchiyo before he leaves the war council as to not worry him. As soon as he steps out the door the smile leaves his face and worry overtakes his features. He walks up to MC’s door and stops there for a few seconds before entering her room, his eyes slowly fall to her tired body. He doesn’t make much noise when she’s sleeping, taking a wet cloth and placing it over her temple, neck, and her cheeks to help her relieve the tiredness. “I’m sorry for not noticing this earlier… but I promise to take better care of you next time.” He whispers to her with a broken smile.

Inuchiyo gets up as soon as he hears the news, “What do you mean she fainted?!” He’d leave the room and rush to her side. He constantly reminded her about not overworking herself but here she was now, laying on bed with a high fever and a tired body. He wipes the sweat from her forehead and constantly checks her temperature, while fixing her blanket to make sure that she isn’t feeling cold. He would stay by her side all night long and she’ll wake up to see him laying down beside her while his hand is wrapped warmly around hers.

The war council was about to end when the maid came in to deliver the news to Ieyasu. He was about to scold her for interrupting the meeting but his words faded as the news reached his ears. “That kitchen wench…” He sighs as a frown forms above his eyes and leaves the council to move to MC’s side. He doesn’t waste any seconds and tends to her himself. He gathers his medical supplies and makes a medicine that would help her get better. “She sure knows when to get sick.” He mumbles out as he gazes at her gently, his eyes expressing the worry he has for her.

Mitsunari has just gotten to the war council when the maid rushed after him to deliver the news. His straight face didn’t change as he turned to Hideyoshi after dismissing the maid. Mitsunari was worried and Hideyoshi was able to see that, his eyes, his body, they all show the worry he feels towards MC. Hideyoshi orders Mitsunari to go and check up on MC. He grumbles as he walks to her room, mumbling an insult after the other. “That miserable dullard making me come all this way to check on her.” However, his expression softens when he sees her laying down on the bedding, her eyes shut and her expression softs. He sits next to her and checks on her every couple minutes as he reads through one of his books.

Shingen would find it hard to leave the war council as he wants to make sure that things would go as planned while listening to the others as well. When the maid enters with the news his eyes change, they turn to ones full of unease and worry. He wouldn’t want to leave but his woman needs him now, so he leaves the council as he has already said, shared, and listened to the others opinions and plans. He rushed to MC’s side and kneeled next to her weak body as it laid on the bedding, her face was pale. It was apparent that she had overworked herself to this state. He stayed with her all night and stroked her hair and back, while keeping in mind that she needs to rest every once in a while.

The Anniversary Night

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Band: BTS
Member: Namjoon
Genre: Smut, Fluff
Requested: Anon
Summary: It’s your 2nd dating anniversary and you asked him for something that only he can give. And in return, you decide to give him a part of you.

You sat on the roof, watching the city lights qw the cold wind brushed your face. You smiled at the sight of stars above you, lights of the buildings in front of you and the bustling of vehicles beneath you. As soon as you turned to look at your side, your eyes fell on the beautiful pineapple cake sitting beside you on a candle lit table.

Yes, It had been 2 years since you and Namjoon had been dating. The thought of the memorable two years made you grin even more than before, but a part of your mind was thinking something, something serious. You were about to ask Namjoon something which needs courage. And you weren’t even sure how he would response to the question.
Just then, the opening of the roof door pulled you out of your thoughts. You abruptly turned around to find Namjoon standing there with a sweet grin of his. He closed the door behind him and walked towards your direction, his hand behind his back; hiding something. He had been away for so long because of his comeback that you had almost forgotten how his face used to change when he looked at you.
“Happy 2nd Anniversary, Jagiya~” He cooed and brought his present in front of you.You smiled and took the present in your own hands, “Same to you (oppa),” You stood on your toes and brushed your lips against his plum ones. Namjoon cupped your cheeks in his palms and for a moment you got lost in the warmth of his sweet kiss which tasted bittersweet like coffee and the warmth of his palms. You pulled away and looked straight into his eyes lovingly, “You don’t want to see what is inside?” He asked.“I would love to–”
“–How about not now?” Namjoon shot a playful smirk and took the box to keep it in his pocket. In response, you pouted.
“Cheer up, Jagiya! Surprises are good. Why don’t we eat and spend some time together?” You rolled your eyes while your pout turned into a small smile in agreement.
Namjoon stretched his arm which you held. He, like a gentleman, led you to the dinner table. Before sitting, Namjoon pulls out the chair for you to sit.

None of you had the idea of the time passing by because you were too busy in your own romantic time. The cake had disappeared into your stomachs, the candle had burnt out and the food was almost finished.
“So, now can I open my present?” You whined.
“Sure, babygirl. Go head and tell me whether you liked it or not.”
You stole a final glance at Namjoon and untied the ribbon of the small box. As soon as you opened it, You found a beautiful pendant. It was a couple necklace and ring set with an inscription on both of them. “My Woman” and “My Man” written on each of them.

“I will wear my one as a ring and you can wear it as…a necklace,” He bent over and put the necklace around your neck.
When he was this close to you, you could smell the musk perfume of his. Oh the way that perfume seduces you. He was too close dor you not to smell his warm breath coming from his parted plum lips, hiting yours. The closeness made the lips look softer and…sexier? Just then it reminded you of your earlier thoughts. The thoughts of “getting serious”.
You couldn’t control yourself. You leaned in and brushed your lips intimately against his which caught him off guard. He pulled away and looked at you surprised.
“Namjoon….I want to ask..something regarding this..” You stuttered thinking he would reject the proposal.
“Ask anything unless you are uncomfortable,” He replied calmly as usual.
“I want to…I want….I want to have sex with you.”
“Isn’t this your first?…Will you…Are you comfortable with it?”
“Yes, Namjoon. If it is you–”
Namjoon pushed his lips against you before you could finish. THIS kiss was the hungriest one he had ever given you in the past 2 years. His lips were soft yet harsh on your lips. The kiss turned wilder as you searched his lips for more. His hand went back and buried in your hair behind your neck, pushing you into a deeper kiss. Your hands instinctively grabbed onto something you didn’t know. But, later Namjoon’s gasp told you what it was. It was the area on his thigh which was nearer to his clothed cock. After acknowledging the fact, you flattened your palm which was earlier, a fist. His breath increased against your lips and he got confused whether he should think of the passionate kiss or you hand on his inner thigh. He sensed your hands innocently and unitentionally moving upwards.
“Y/n…your hands” He huffed against your lips. The moment you realised your embarrassing act, you pulled away your hands in haste which Namjoon immediately held. You looked up at his lustful eyes for answers but only the movement of desire could answer it.
He slowly and nervously led your hand down to his now-erect clothed cock. You could feel his cock struggling to escape from his pants. Your cheeks flushed red at the feeling of it. Obviously you would, it was your first time touching a man’s cock.
“Look at how hard you have…made me with your innocent yet obscene move..” His eyes bore holes into you. They were clouded with hot burning desire. Namjoon eyed your lips, licked his own and kissed you again. He kisses the edge of your lips, licking them softly, before pushing them down with his tongue to ask for permission. You slightly opened your mouth to let his tongue. The kiss gets unbearably hot for you. You could feel the heat flow down from your lips, to your heart, to your stomach and finally down to your core.
His other hand snaked down to your thigh which he started pulling up, suggesting you to sit on his lap.  
You, wiithout breaking the kiss, placed yourself on his lap, your legs on his sides and arms wrapped around the neck. This time, you could feel the buldge in his pants rising, brushing against your core.
Is this how it feels like? To be in someone’s lap while their clothed cock brushed against the wet clothed core of yours?You asked yourself. You could not help but grind against the buldge, earning a husky grunt from Namjoon. While you both were still kissing, his hands sneakily went to the zipper of your dress, unzipping it. 

“Is the roof door locked from THIS side?” You asked nervously.
“Yes…I-I had locked it…thinking someone….would come in…” He said in ragging breath. You grinned and resumed your kissing session. His fingers held the hem of the dress and pulled it over your head, exposing your lingerie.
He pulled you up in his arms as he stood up, with your legs wrapped around his hips. He was about to put you down but stopped when he heard you gasp at the coldness of the floor. 

“Is it cold?…Wait let me put something underneath,” Namjoon was in such a hurry that he pulled anything that his hands found. No sooner did he pull something off its position than a crashing sound was heard. He looked at his hand to find the silky tablecloth in his grip while the plates and glasses laid broken on the floor. 
You laughed at Namjoon’s clumsiness at which he pouted and turned his face at abashment. You turned his face and pecked his lips which reminded him of what you both were supposed to do.
He spread the tablecloth beneath you before putting you down. He drank in your figure with his gaze. His eyes found your beautiful neck that made him thirstier. He leaned in and sucked on the soft skin. He bit it and licked it to soothe the pain, leaving blueish-red marks on it until he found the sensitive spot near the collarbones. 
“Ahhhhh mmmm,” You whimpered. His lips kissed your collarbones and then your shoulders where he started sliding down the straps of your innocent lacy bra. You understood his gesture and let your hands go behind you and unhook the bra. You peeled it off your body, spilling free your breasts. At the sight of your beautiful breasts, Namjoon’s gaze turned wild. His heart beated faster than usual and could feel the heat of his body reach down to his cock.
Your fingers next went for the necklace but were stopped by Namjoon’s.
“Let this be on you…you look…beautiful like this,” His cheeks flushed as red as tomatoes.
His fingers slide down slowly to your nipples, brushing them. His eyes showed the confusion of whether was he dreaming or not. He cupped your breasts in his palms and leaned in to suck on them. The taste and the feeling of your nipples in his mouth convinced him that he was not dreaming. 
“I might sound creepy….but..I had always thought of your breasts in my mouth. Oh god! I feel so sick right now.”
While his lips played with your breasts, his fingers touched your wet clothed core. 
“You are….wet, jagiya,” He gulped. Within two shakes of lamb’s tail, The panties were taken off. 
“What about your clothes?” You asked teasingly. You see Namjoon stutter at your sentence.
“It is unfair…Isn’t it?” 
You unbuttoned his white shirt and slid it down his arms. When it was the time for his pants, he jolted up. 
“What is it?” You asked as he stood up and took out his wallet
“Wait,” He took out a foiled condom from his wallet an torn it.
“W-Why…And since when have you been carrying that?” You asked in surprise.
“SInce the time we started dating….and because…I knew someday we will do it..” He unzipped his pants and slid it down along with his Calvin Klein boxers. Namjoon’s cock sprang free and stood up proudly. He slid down the condom onto his cock and licked his lips as he stole glance of your nude body which ached for him.
His body hovered over you, as his arms laid on your sides. He drew in a deep breath and gently rubbed his throbbing cock against your wet core.

“Y/n,” He whispered, leaning his forehead on your’s, “You have no idea how much I wanted this.”
He slowly pushed himself inside your pussy. The pain was unbearable at first, but as your walls adapted his lenght, it was nothing but pleasure. 
“You are so tight around me,” He grunted as your walls wrapped tightly around his cock. 
You saw Namjoon shut his eyes and frown while his hips moved out and then moved in. You had masturbated before thinking about him, but you never felt as good as you were feeling now when his cock; hard and throbbing, was finally inside you. You felt your hymns bleed. Namjoon had taken the most precious part of you. You wrapped your hands around his neck and let him increase the pace of his oscillation. 
He freed himself from your arms and forcefully pushed it down on your side, holding your wrists. That moment Namjoon had increased his speed at his limit. Both of you were moaning so loud that you were afraid your neighbours would hear it. Your breasts bounced at his thrusts.
Namjoon opened his eyes to see what he had only fantasized. His necklace dangling on your chest while he made love to you, your face flushed red, messy hair and drool coming out of your mouth as you moaned and screamed his name. He leaned in and pushed his tongue in your mouth, drinking in all your moans and mewls. 
You were almost on your high. You wanted to breathe. You wanted to dig your nails in Namjoon’s tensed shoulders. But you couldn’t move nor say. Your mouth and your hands were in his control. You hifted uncomfortably under him, requesting him to pull away.
He understood your gestures and pulled away enough for you to catch your breath. His eyes were open and were looking straight into yours while his forehead rested on your’s. 
“I–ahhhh–I am going to…cum…Namjoon ahhh,” You moaned.
“Then do it…let it flow on me…I am going to cum…along with you”
He gave a final deep thrust which elicited the loudest moan from you. Your warm cum flowed down onto his dick while he came. 
Is this how orgasms feel like? Like heaven? You thought.
From your clouded eyes, you saw Namjoon exhausted and sweaty. He smiled at you while he caught his lost breath. He pushed the hair behind your ears and kissed your forehead and lips. 

“You are mine now…only mine.”

A/N: Hope you liked it. :)

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❝ I was embarrassed . ❞

Plot: You are an athlete and he didn’t know and one day he and the other members saw you playing really good and he’s really amazed.

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2k+

Genre: Fluff, comedy

For anon, I hope you like it! 


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Originally posted by 2k08revivalkpop

‘Are you sure she isn’t like a drug dealer or something, Heechul?’

‘Yeah like part of a cartel?’

‘Shut it!’ Heechul snapped at Leeteuk and Yesung.

‘Jeez we were just asking.’ Leeteuk grumbled to himself.

This had been part of the constant questioning that’d been going on for the past six months.. Why? Simple, Kim Heechul had found the perfect girl who seemed to be very busy in the evenings. You knew why, but the others didn’t. Heechul had asked you many times but you preferred him to not know. As far as he was concerned, you were a fashion consultant and that was it, but the members had other ideas.

‘Can you use your brain for once and think!,’ Heechul stated, ‘ How could she be a drug dealer?’

‘How would we know!?’ Shindong asked with raised shoulders, ‘It’s not like we are in the underground business.’

‘Says the dancer who was part of the underground battles.’ Heechul smirked.

‘That’s what I was younger and you know that!’ Dong defended, ‘Plus it was a trend, if you were never in the battles then you were lame.’

‘But you still lame, so those battles were clearly misused.’ Heechul teased.

‘Heechul!’ Leeteuk scolded, ‘Don’t you dare talk to him like that!’

‘Sorry.’ He mumbled, ‘And as I was saying, how can she be a dealer? She works a pretty public day time job. She would have to have a less private day job in order to survive!’

‘You watch waaaaayyy to many tv shows.’ Kyuhyun chipped in from the corner where he sat and played video games on his PSP.

‘And you play to many video games!’ Heechul snapped.

‘So do you !’ Kyu retaliated.

‘Okay stop, the both of you!’ Leetuek held the bridge of his nose in irritation, ‘Kyu, stop antagonising him. You know how bad that turns out, and Heechul, go home-’

‘What, why ?!’ Said man cut off.

‘Because you clearly have other things on your mind and this session will be useless, now go.’ Leeteuk pointed at the door.



Heechul grabbed his things and stormed out of the recording room with a harsh slamming of the door. Grumbling to himself, he walked through the halls, not even looking up. Many greeted him but he ignored them as he eventually got to his car and sat in the drivers seat with a sigh of defeat. His head hit the steering wheel with a thumb as thought of what to do now.

‘What the hell am I meant to do with my day now?’ He muttered to himself before an idea hit him, ‘I can take Y/N out for lunch!’

Proud of his plan, he stepped on the gas and zipped through the streets of Seoul all the way to you. Your company building way about a 15 minute drive away from SM. Hitting some slight lunch traffic, Heechul arrived in 30 minutes and walked through the store doors. Everyone knew who he was due to being Kim Heechul himself. He was a regular customer which is how the two of you had met.

You had started your job here a year ago and Heechul was your first customer. You were nervous and scared not to mess up anything, that you had researched how he dressed and what styles he was interested in. When he walked into the store, his smile was the first thing that captured you while his charm followed. After six months of becoming good friends, he eventually asked you out which was a disaster due to the idol allowing his members to help with the occasion. But you found it cute and gave him another chance.

‘Ah Mr Kim,’ Yerim greeted, ‘What can we do for you?’

‘Call me Heechul, Yerim,’ He corrected, ‘And I am looking for Y/N, have you seen her?’

‘She was in the back room that last time I saw her, Heechul,’ The young lady smiled, ‘She was on a phone call,’ Yerim looked at her watch, ‘And it’s been a pretty long one, I thought she was talking to you.’

Clearly not, Heechul thought to himself before bowing, ‘Thank you.’

Walking towards the back of the shop, he opened a heavy door that was the entrance to the staff area. Closing the door, he walked through the section and heard out for your voice. Walking down a long narrow hallway, he passed a door that was slightly open and housing your voice. About to open it and scold you, he paused at the mention of his name.

‘I know I should tell Heechul,’ She spoke into the phone, ‘But not yet…..Soon, I promise…’ Heechul figured the gaps was you listening to the other person on the phone, ‘Yeah I have the bag with me,  I left it in the car…. okay I will see you all tonight at the normal location then. Bye.’

She is a drug dealer!?, Heechul’s mind went into overdrive just as he knocked the door open by mistake and giving you a surprise.

‘Heechul?’ She jumped slightly

‘Who were you on the phone with?’ He asked.

‘Oh,’ She looked at her phone, locking the screen, ‘Just a business call, nothing much. What are you doing here?’

‘Oh ummm I was gonna come get you for lunch. It is your lunch hour now, right?’

‘Ah ha.’

Grabbing your things, you both walked to his car after a ten minute debate on which car should be taken. After you won, both of you jumped into the vehicle. All you had was a salad with some salmon while he eat a full blown meal. Finishing off, you both went your separate ways. Night was coming into play as Heechul paced up and down his apartment with more and more suspicion grown in his mind. Grabbing his phone, he made a phone call.

‘Hello? Leeteuk answered.

‘MY GIRLFRIEND IS A DRUG DEALER!’ Heechul yelled into the phone, ‘I need you all here, now! Don’t ask questions, just come.’

Hanging up, Leetuek looked at the phone and grabbed the others before arriving, ‘Heechul?’

‘Y/N is involved in underground things!’ He panicked.

The feline male explained all that had happened today and the other slowly started to believe in what he was saying. Firstly they tried to calm him down before coming up with a rational plan to get the information that they needed to prove this new theory that he formulated. Sitting on the floor in a circle, they finally came up with something.

‘Why don’t we just ask her?’ Kyuhyun spoke up.

‘Like she would open up to such a simple and straightforward approach.’ Heechul huffed.

‘Let’s go to her place then, she does live a block away.’ Sungmin offered.

Realising that was true, they all grabbed their jackets and masks before taking to the street. It was starting to get dark as they stalked down the sidewalk liking like burglars. One would say they were a band of robbers rather then international group, Super Junior. Arriving at your apartment, they watched as they saw you walking out with a black bag over your shoulder and earphones in your ears. Eyeing you, they watched you get into your car and drive off down the street that was dimly lit by the street lamps that decorated the sidewalk.

‘Now what?’ Yesung huffed, looking at his members

‘Car, we need a car!’ Heechul hauled a taxi, ‘Get in!’

‘Where to boys?’ The elderly man asked.

‘Follow that car!’ Heechul instructed as the taxi man drove.

The car trailed you as you drove to the place that was to be your destination for the evening. Winding in and out of the roads, you all eventually arrived at the place. Heechul asked to be dropped off a few meters away from where you were currently. Paying the driver generously, they stood behind a bush and watched. You grabbed the black bag, locked the car and went into the building not noticing you dropped your phone on the way inside.

‘A gym?’ Shindong whispered, ‘Why are we at a gym?’

‘All drug lords work out, don’t you know that!’ Heechul sounded like a complete mad man at this point, be he noticed the phone fall, ‘Yah, her phone!’ Once you were inside the doors, he ran and picked up the phone, ‘It’s locked.’

‘And you don’t know the password?’ Kyuhyun asked with a raised brow, ‘What type of boyfriend are you?!’

‘We have been together for six months, how do you expect me to know this information!’ Heechul pointed out.

‘He has a point,’ Leeteuk added.

‘Well now what?’ Yesung asked.

‘We go in.’

Before they could protest against the psycho’s choice, he was already in the building. Scanning the gym, he asked the lady at the front desk if you had checked in. Finding out, she pointed Heechul and the others to a private gym. Removing theirs masks, they walked towards the room and held their ears to the door and heard groaning.

‘They beating people up!’ Yesung said in shock.

‘Shhhh.’ Heechul hushed as the groaning got louder and he stormed into the room, ‘YAHH…..’

Trailing off they all watched in amazement as you stood on a court, a volleyball court to be exact. Your ears had earplugs in that you didn’t hear the loud group of boys that rammed into your training session. Your other teammates heard nothing as well as the game resumed. Your body was covered in a thin layer of sweat as your hair was tied up in a high ponytail, exposing the curve of your neck. Your breathing was heavy as you bobbed on your feet waiting for the ball to come.

‘She is amazing ….’ Heechul marvelled.

The ball came your way and you launched up and stretched your body to have the best possible hit and pressure on the ball. The round object went flying over the net and a heated back and forth started. Your hair moved from side to side as you ran around the court, your clothing sticking slightly to your wet skin and the sound of your shoes on the gourd echoed. The ball was in your court as you spiked it over to only have it be hit out the court by the opposite team and into the group of boys who screamed like little girls and scattered.

‘Heechul?’ You asked, turning around ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Ohhhh ahhhhh we came to see you practice Jagiya.’ He had a grin on his face.

‘Don’t lie!’ Kyuhyun protested as he rubbed the spot on his head that had been hit by the ball, ‘Heechul thought you were selling drugs!’

‘Drugs?’ You repeated.

‘Well you see, the things is…’ He trailed off.

‘What have you done, Kim Heechul!?’ You crossed your arms, ‘Why did you think I am a drug dealer?’

‘Do you blame me!? You have been so secretive, like with your phone calls and disappearing in the evenings.’ Heechul stood up for himself, ‘Like  you had nothing but salad today and do you know I don’t even know your phone password?!’

‘First of all, I am not a drug dealer.’ You chuckled, ‘I am a volleyball player, I am training for the olympics in Tokyo and second, the salad was to get protein for the day and thirdly you don’t know the password because you never asked and I thought it was too early to know such things.’

‘V-volleyball player?’ Your boyfriend stuttered.

‘I train in the evening because of work in the day time, you pabo.’ You shook your head.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘I was embarrassed, since you don’t really like sports.’

‘Embarrassed?’ Heechul walked towards you and took your hands in his, ‘Why would you think that baby? Just because I am not much of a sports player doesn’t mean I don’t like it, matter of fact, I think it’s pretty hot. You were amazing out there on the court!’


‘Really, I have a pretty amazingly talented girlfriend if you ask me, ’ He pecked your lips, ‘You taste salty.’

‘That’s called sweat, you wouldn’t know what that is.’ You teased before running from his hold.


Clay receives a text from Tony...

Got an anonymous ask to create a fic where Clay gets a dirty text from Tony that makes him flustered, so here you go.

It was another boring day at Liberty High.

Clay was in history class zoning out, thinking about the previous night with Tony. Him and Tony had been seeing each other as more than friends for quite some time but they finally made it official. After making it official they decided to seal the deal if you know what I mean…

As if Tony knew Clay was thinking about him at that exact moment, he received a text from man himself.

T: I can’t stop thinking about last night

Clay blushed.

C: You shouldn’t be texting me right now

Clay was playing it cool over text but in reality he just wanted to scream out ‘I’m in love with Tony Padilla!!!’

T: Haha. You’re such a goody two shoes

C: I am not!

C: Okay maybe I am sometimes. I just don’t want you to get in trouble.

T: Trust me I wont. I know how to make you slick

T: I meant how to BE slick

Clay promptly looked up from his phone and scanned the room to make sure no one was watching. 

He started blushing profusely and had to bite his lip to stop the huge grin that was making it’s way onto his face.

Clay knew Tony didn’t really mess up his words. He meant to say that. And he purposefully used that word.

C: I can’t believe you just said that

T: Said what, mi amor?

C: You know what!

C: I almost made an embarrassing sound in class

T: I love the sounds you make

Clay clenched his legs together and squirmed in his seat.

C: Tony…

T: me encanta estar dentro de ti y ver que cum

Clay had no idea what that meant so he went to Google real quick to look up the words. When he found the meaning he almost spontaneously combusted.

Clay needed to get out of the classroom immediately.

“Mr. McCoy, can I go to the bathroom please?”

“Yes, but take this pass with you.”

Clay jumped out of his seat a little too fast and grabbed the pass. He swiftly walked to the boys restroom and sighed when he seen no one else in there.

A few seconds later, he heard the door open and to his surprise, Tony walked in.

“Hey, you okay?”

Clay couldn’t believe Tony was making him hot and bothered at school and then had the nerve to strut in here looking sexy as hell, asking if he was okay like he didn’t know.

“No, I’m not, Tony. I’m horny as fuck, thanks to you.”

Tony laughed. “I take it you looked up what that last text message meant.”

“Yeah, of course I did.”

Clay continued to watch Tony laugh and something just overtook him in a way it never had before.

He locked the bathroom door and forced Tony in the biggest stall.

“Clay, what are yo-” before Tony could finish, Clay had his mouth on Tony’s in a desperate, hard kiss.

Clay moaned when Tony inserted his tongue and began to take control. Just the way Clay liked it.

“Fuck, Tony. I want you so bad.” Clay breathed.

“I know, I want you too. But not right now, not here.”

Clay pulled back to examine Tony’s face. “Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously.”

Clay deeply sighed. “Fine.”

“But in the mean time…”

Tony started to unbuckle Clay’s pants.

“Tony, what are you doing?”

Tony smirked. “You’ll see.”

Before Clay could process what was going on, Tony had his mouth on Clay.

“Holy shit,” Clay gasped. “That feels so good.”

Tony didn’t respond, seeing as how he was preoccupied.

Clay grabbed a chunk of Tony’s hair to hold him in place. The funny thing was that if anyone else ever messed up Tony’s hair they would get their ass beat. But because of circumstances and the fact that it was Clay, Tony didn’t mind.

“I’m about to ahhhhh.” 

Tony came back up and wiped the corners of his mouth and took some toilet paper to clean up Clay and himself.

Clay kissed Tony and could taste himself but at that moment he didn’t care.

“Thank you.” he whispered.

Tony chuckled. “You don’t have to thank me.”

“I promise I’ll return the favor later.” 

“I’m looking forward to it.”



“How am I going to explain being gone to the bathroom for this long?”

Tony shrugged. “Just tell your teacher you got diarrhea.”

Clay rolled his eyes. “Unhelpful yoda.”

Spanish translations: 

Mi Amor = My love

me encanta estar dentro de ti y ver que cum = I love to be inside you and watch you cum 

Niall Horan Blurb - Afternoon Delight

I looked up as Niall strolled into the kitchen and felt my heart pick up its pace just a bit. Niall without his shirt on always had an effect on me and he knew it. I gave him a sidelong glance, still enjoying the view as he came up behind me to wrap his arms around me.

“Mornin’, love.” He murmured in my ear as his lips brushed up against the side of my neck, causing me to shiver involuntarily.

“Morning?” I laughed, “It’s 1:14. In the afternoon!”

“Still mornin’ to me,” he mumbled as he buried his head in the crook of my neck, his hands slipping up underneath my tank top to play with my breasts.

“Well, for the rest of us it’s……” it was hard to focus on what I was saying while he was pinching my nipples in between his fingertips, “it’s definitely afternoon.”

“You know what that means,” he eyed me mischievously as he pulled the strap of my tank off to the side and softly kissed across my shoulder.

“It means that I’ve been up five hours longer than you?” I smirked.

“Not even close. It means afternoon delight.”  Niall took my hand and pulled me in the direction of the bedroom.

“You’ve been up for six minutes and you’re already heading back to the bedroom,” I muttered under my breath with a smile.

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moonwatchervamp  asked:

hey ^^ first of all I want to tell you that I love your blog. I like your writing styles and I love your ideas. I think I have fallen in love with your headcanon about the lords and their crawling baby. It was so cute. Maybe I can request a headcanon as well? I think fatherhood suits them well and maybe you can write down how the lords react when and how they find out that he is going to be a father. (Yukimura, Saizo, Kojuro, Nobunaga and Ieyasu please ^^ )

Hello~ NHBFHRFKLSAWHDEURUBGKSJFBSK is weak to words AHHHHH, I’m glad you like them and omg BB HEADCANONS MAKE ME MELT they’re my weakness. I hope you like these as well~!

Sanada Yukimura

  • Yukimura had just gotten back from war.
  • He was leading the way with his horse at the front as he rushed to the castle gates.
  • He was away for almost three months now.
  • All he could think of was MC and how he missed her and her sweet smile.
  • Yukimura couldn’t wait any longer when he saw the castle gates and got off his horse while his eyes searched for her and his legs led him closer and closer to her scent.
  • “There!” His eyes found hers as he couldn’t help but smile.
  • He spread his arms wide as he took her in his arms.
  • He felt a warmth spread through his chest as he buried his face in the crook of her neck and breathed in her scent.
  • “I’m back MC…” He whispered softly.
  • “I’m back.”
  • They were wrapped in each others embrace as they felt the world quiet down around them.
  • “Welcome back, Yukimura.” MC smiled as her fingers brushed through his hair.
  • “We were waiting for you.” She gently pulled back and pressed her fingers to her tummy.
  • “We..?” Yukimura tilted his head.
  • “Mhmm.” She nodded softly.
  • “We…” Her hand slowly sought his as they pressed back to her tummy.
  • She met his eyes with a gentle smile and pressed her trembling fingers to his cheek.
  • “We…” A whisper escaped his lips.
  • “You mean you’re…?” His eyes widened slightly as his other hand gently wrapped around hers.
  • “You were waiting for me…” The words left his lips in a whisper.
  • “You and our baby.” He leaned down as his lips pressed to her temple gently.
  • As soon as his lips left her, he promised himself that he’ll always be there for his wife and their baby.

Kirigakure Saizo

  • Yukimura ordered Saizo to spend the day with Sasuke.
  • Saizo sighed as he nodded and moved to wake up Sasuke from his nap. Orders are orders and he had to obey them.
  • Yukimura knew that MC was pregnant. He accidentally found out and MC asked for his help on how to break the news to Saizo after that.
  • She had no idea whether Saizo wanted a child or not, and decided to seek help from Yukimura.
  • He told her to make him some dangos and try to write a message with them. He’s an innocent bb boi what do you expect him to say.
  • MC smiled gently as she thought about his suggestion, it wasn’t bad but… will she be able to do that?
  • “There’s no point in worrying” she decided as she made a plan to attempt on making them.
  • She didn’t want Saizo to pass by and see the dangos she’s making so she asked Yukimura to distract him.
  • Yukimura on the other hand, thought that she’ll need help with the dangos and decided to make Saizo train Sasuke.
  • He stayed with her the whole time she spent making dangos, and tried to help in any way possible.
  • Thanks to him, MC had much more time to work on the dangos and when she was nearly done, Yukimura left the kitchen and went to grab Sasuke to leave MC and Saizo alone.
  • She fixed the dangos on the tray as she exited the kitchen. She tried writing a message or some words to hint at Saizo about her pregnancy.
  • She was feeling nervous and her heart was beating faster with each step.
  • “Hello, little lady~” Saizo whispered in her ear as his hands moved to dango on the tray.
  • “S-Saizo..!!” She turned around in a hurry.
  • “Mnn… this must be for me.” He mumbled before picking pieces of dango and popping them into his mouth.
  • MC watched him silently as all the dango started to disappear between his lips.
  • “Saizo…” MC looked down sadly.
  • “Little lady, here.” He took one piece of dango and pressed it between her lips as he leaned in to take a bite.
  • “I already know…” He whispered as he licked her lips.
  • “Huh..?” MC looked up as a mixture of shyness and awkwardness.
  • “Y-you know… ” She nodded softly. He focuses on details when it comes to MC, so he must’ve noticed the changes that came with her pregnancy.
  • “You can’t keep anything from me, little lady.” He smiled as he pulled her close and kissed her lips again.
  • “A baby born or light and darkness…” He thought something such as this wasn’t possible. People of the light and dark weren’t supposed to meet and fall in love.
  • However, he didn’t let that stop him from loving her. And it would definitely not stop him from loving their baby.

Katakura Kojuro

  • It was growing busier and busier in Oshu after the new year.
  • Kojuro was barely able to rest with all the things he had to prepare and get done.
  • A few days later, Masamune asked Kojuro to take a break and take care of MC.
  • He wanted to spend time with her but he couldn’t throw away his responsibilities at the castle, he wanted to refuse but Masamune didn’t give him the chance to do so.
  • MC had the day off and was resting on the veranda while looking up to the sunny sky. It was a nice day to spend with her lover, but he wasn’t here to spend it with her.
  • She smiled softly as she looked down at the small pair of shoes in her hand.
  • It was a green pair that had a patten of small turtles, that looked like bontenmaru around them.
  • She couldn’t help but get them when an image of the baby wearing them popped into her head.
  • “MC-…” Kojuro was about to call out to her when his eyes caught her figure resting out under the beautiful sky. He couldn’t help but smile as he moved closer to her.
  • He was one step away from her, when MC turned around and hurriedly tried hiding something behind her back.
  • “Y-you’re back early, milord.” She smiled nervously as she stood up.
  • “Mhm… Lord Masamune insisted that I take the day off and spend it with you.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around her, only for them to be met with the small pair of shoes instead of her warm back.
  • “Hmm..?” He pulled the small pair from MC’s hands to his and chuckled softly.
  • He gazed at it softly before mumbling.
  • “They look just like my bontenmaru…”
  • Kojuro was smiling and she took this chance to tell him about her pregnancy.
  • “Um… l-lord Kojuro…” MC’s hands trembled softly as her eyes moved to the floor.
  • “Yes, my precious girl?” He took her hand in his as he tried meeting her eyes.
  • “I h-have something to tell you…” Her heart was beating so fast now, it could fly away after a few more beats.
  • “I-I’m pregnant.” She looked up to meet his eyes after those words escaped her lips.
  • “You are…” He looked between her and the small green pair of shoes.
  • “Y-you mean… y-you’re… a-and a baby..?” The words left his lips in a stutter and he didn’t know whether to be happy or to embrace her or not.
  • “We are going to have… our own little family…” He couldn’t keep help but smile at the thought of that. He took care of many babies of the Date clan, but he never thought that he’ll ever be a father to one.

Oda Nobunaga

  • It was a few months after their wedding
  • MC started getting morning sickness and was tired more than usual.
  • She didn’t want to think much of it and ignored it for the first couple days.
  • Nobunaga noticed that, it wasn’t like it would escape his notice, and called a doctor to check up on MC.
  • The doctor asked for Nobu to step out the room before he proceeds with his job.
  • Nobunaga refused and stubbornly stayed in the room.
  • The doctor wasn’t going to be able to work well in this case, so MC asked him again and again till he accepted and exited the room.
  • It took a few minutes for the doctor to deliver the news to her.
  • She couldn’t believe it, she was already pregnant with a baby.
  • The doctor calmly talked to her and told her of things that could help with the morning sickness and provided her with some prescriptions that she might need in the future.
  • Nobunaga wasn’t happy for being left out to wait, and as soon as the doctor left he walked in to ask her about the cause of her fatigue.
  • “Foolish girl, what did he tell you” He met her eyes.
  • “H-he said that…” She blushed shyly.
  • “I-I’m pregnant.” Her lips curved into a slight smile.
  • He was quiet for a few seconds before a laugh escaped his lips.
  • “Didn’t I tell you that I’ll leave you with my child soon, foolish girl”
  • He was happy, and she immediately noticed the lift in his mood.
  • He always promised to leave her with his child, and now he kept his promise.
  • She didn’t think that something so little could make the both of them so happy.
  • “MC…” He called her name this time.
  • “I promised the Divine rule to keep both you and our people safe… and now, I promise to provide happiness to the both of you” He cupped her cheek.
  • He knew that he shouldn’t make promises he can’t keep and so, he made one that he can and would keep, because there’s no one that gives him as much happiness as her.

Tokugawa Ieyasu

  • He noticed the changes in MC’s actions.
  • She looked like she’s hiding something.
  • Whenever he’s near, she’d excuse herself and say that she has work to do.
  • He wasn’t happy with that and ordered her to meet him in his chamber after he’s done with his meeting.
  • MC was nervous and it was clear from the way her feet fidgeted as she walked closer to his chamber doors.
  • “M-Milord…” She called out to him softly before entering the room.
  • “You’re late, kitchen wench.” He stood up and walked to her.
  • “S-sorry…” She mumbled softly.
  • There was definitely something wrong, it wasn’t like her to apologize at something such as this.
  • He stepped closer to her and pulled her chin up to meet her eyes.
  • “Are you keeping something from me?” He asked with calm eyes.
  • She remained quiet, she didn’t know how to deliver the news to him.
  • “…” It was the first time to see her act this way, he didn’t know what to do.
  • “MC-…” He was about to try something when she interrupted him.
  • “I’m pregnant, milord.”
  • “I-I’m pregnant.” She said it again as she looked up to him with tearful eyes.
  • “You’re…” He was caught by surprise with the news and it shocked him even more to see that she had tears in her eyes.
  • “Why haven’t you told me sooner, you little fool!” He spilled out the next words as he tightly wrapped his arms around her.
  • It was something he didn’t imagine would happen in a hundred years.
  • He was always left behind and treated badly by his family and when he took care of his own, people started leaving because he pushed them away.
  • She was the only one that was different, she broke his walls and took him in, and she never asked for anything in return. All she wanted was his love and she didn’t have to ask for him to give it back.
  • “You are to never leave the bed and work… till you deliver the baby.” He mumbled to her as he pulled away with a blush coloring his cheeks.
Notes (Part 2)

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: Hints of 6th year Draco??? idk

Word Count: 1086

Summary: Draco Malfoy has been acting out of character, and the reader is determined to find out why.

A/N: HERE’S THE LONG AWAITED PART 2 ahhhhh finally!!! Thank you to everyone who enjoyed part 1 && i’m so incredibly sorry i didn’t get to it earlier. Also, i feel like this one is a lot shorter and shittier than the first part; i had some trouble coming up with ideas. I apologize for any mistakes in advance, bc writing in present tense is kinda hard for me (the first paragraph is supposed to be in past tense btw). Anywayyy, i hope y’all enjoy and have a wonderful day/night!!

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Your friends had completely and utterly not approved of you venturing out to see Draco. Harry, Ron, and Hermione couldn’t keep their extraordinarily large mouths closed for days after you merely mentioned your upcoming meeting with him. There were many failed attempts at ignoring them, but they continued to scold you, saying that it would be much too dangerous, even if you are in the public eye. Ron went as far as to say that Malfoy would kidnap you and lead you to an ultimately slow and painful death, as they apparently believed he’s become a Death Eater. Absolutely ridiculous.

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