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The Party

Requested By: Anonymous

hey! i jus followed u and omg i read all ur stories in a span of an hour bc its so rjdndjkd but i was wondering if u can do an imagine about peter parker inspired by the song “I Like Me Better” by Lauv??? thank u, ilysm❤️

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You were Tony Starks daughter, that being said Tony was very protective of you and your whereabouts. You were finally able to go to a party without your dad hassling you, but what you didn’t know was he had sent Peter to look over you, but not without giving him strict rules to follow of course.  

Warnings: Alcohol, drinking, cuteness

Word Count: 3,465

A/N: Ahhhhh! This was so much fun to write, ngl I’ve been writing it for like two hours ahah. But I think it’s super cute and I just hope you like it! Enjoy.

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All your life your dad had protected you, you didn’t know if it was because he was Iron Man, or because it was just him being your overprotective dad.

Tony never allowed you to go to parties, or even go on dates with boys’.

“But dad!” You whined, following him into his lab.

“No, Y/N, we’ve been over this many times, you going to parties is just something I’m not comfortable with yet.” Tony rubbed his forehead, letting out a deep sigh he didn’t know he was holding in.

“This is so unfair! I bet when you were my age your parents let you go out and have fun. But for me, I’m trapped here in the Avengers building like a prisoner.” You ranted angrily, your hands moving in all kinds of motions.

Tony watched you carefully, he knew you were right, when he was a teenager his parents let him go out and do whatever he wanted. But when it came to you, it was different, he just wanted you to be safe. He knew people treated you differently since you were his daughter, your last name giving you a reputation.

“Look Y/N,” Tony sighed, catching your attention quickly, your eyes filled with hope that maybe, just maybe he’d change his mind for once.

“Let me think about it okay? This isn’t easy for me.” Tony muttered, but you were already beaming with joy.

He was going to think about it, you could potentially be going to your first high school party, with people your age for once.

“Thanks dad, you’re the best!” You squealed happily, giving him a hug which he gladly accepted, chuckling to himself as he saw you skip giddily down the hallway.

He knew you were growing up, but he just kept making himself refuse to believe it.

“What are you all smiley about?” Steve laughed, seeing your beaming smile as you entered the room.

“Dad might finally let me go to my first high school party.” You grinned, grabbing a mug and pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

“Wow. Really? Stark is willing to let his only daughter go to a party?” Steve said in disbelief, it wasn’t unknown that everyone knew how protective your dad was over you.

You nodded your head, the smile still on your lips.

“What? Who’s going to a party?” Natasha chimed in, glancing between the two of you.

“Stark might let Y/N go to her first high school party.” Steve smirked, grabbing a newspaper before sitting down at the table.

“Whaaaat! No way, girl you’re growing up.” Natasha teased, ruffling your hair, making you swat her hands away.

“It’s about time I finally experience high school for what it is.” You stated jokingly, making them both laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Clint came into the kitchen, making you sigh and look at Natasha and Steve.

“I don’t have time for this, you tell him.” You laughed, taking your cup of coffee with you as you exited the kitchen.

You were half way down the hall when you heard Clint shout ’No way! Stark is finally letting her have fun!’ Making you roll your eyes, a faint smile on your lips as you walked back to your room.

It was Friday night, the perfect time for parties to happen, and you had only found out a few hours earlier you were finally allowed to go to one.

“Yes! Thank you dad! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” You jumped up and down, hugging Tony tightly.

“Just don’t make me regret it okay?” He gave you a warning look, making you nod frantically, too overjoyed.

He soon exited your room, leaving you to get ready, Tony prayed you wouldn’t go overboard, but then again you were his daughter, so he knew you would even if you weren’t trying too.

“Friday, can you send Parker to my office please? Thank you.”

“Sure thing Mr. Stark, he’s on his way now.”

Tony walked around his office, trying to act interested in something before Peter knocked on his door anxiously.

“Y-You wanted to see m-me?” Peter stammered, making Tony turn around swiftly, a smile planted on his face.

“Mr. Parker, yes, please sit down.” Tony motioned to the chair, which Peter sat in hesitantly.

Peter didn’t know what was going on, Tony never needed him for really anything, so he knew this was a serious manner.

“You see, Mr. Parker, my daughter Y/N is going to her first high school party tonight, and I promised her I wouldn’t hassle her, and since you two are the same age, and go to the same school, I would like you to make sure she doesn’t do anything she’ll regret.” Tony folded his hands on his desk, watching Peter’s eyes widen.

“You want me.. To spy on your daughter?” Peter hesitantly spoke, blinking a few times.

“Yes. Isn’t it obvious? I just told you that.” Tony spoke bluntly, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Anyways, it’s tonight, as a girls’ house named Liz Allen, just make sure Y/N doesn’t get into trouble.” Tony stated, pointing a finger at Peter, who was shaking in his seat.

“G-Got it Mr. Stark, I w-won’t let you down.” He stammered, standing up from his chair.

“Oh and one last thing,” Tony stood up, walking over to Peter who looked visually nervous.

“Yes?” Peter questioned, playing with the end of his sleeve nervously.

“I’m sending you to this party because I trust you’ll take care of my daughter, that being said, if I find out you and her do anything behind my back, I will know about it. Got it?” Tony gave him a stern look, sending shivers up Peters spine.

“-Yes, got it Mr. Stark. No funny business.” Peter clapped his hands, licking his lips nervously before exiting the office.

Tony nodded his head in approval before Peters words sunk into his head.

“Wait, what do you mean no funny business? Parker!” Tony shouted, only making Peter smile slightly and sprint back to his room.

It was finally the time for you to leave, to say you weren’t exited would be a complete and utter lie, you were bubbling with happiness.

“Okay, Y/N, have fun, but not too much fun, -just be safe okay?” Tony smiled softly, as you nodded, a bright smile on your face.

“I will.” You leaned over, giving him a kiss on the cheek before getting out of the car, receiving waves and ‘hellos’ from people around you.

Once you went inside, it was like you entered a whole new world, music was blasting, people were dancing, red cups were everywhere, this is what you were waiting to experience.

You were wandering around the gorgeous house, before running into Liz.

“Hey Y/N! I’m so glad you could make it!” She smiled happily, hugging you.

“Me too Liz, me too.” You grinned, glancing around the room, giving a small wave at Ned and Michelle who were here also.

“Well we have snacks and drinks in the kitchen if you want anything.” She smiled, making your eyes light up.

“You had me at drinks.” You grinned, looping your arm with hers before disappearing into the kitchen.

It was time to party.

Peter had soon arrived after you did, his mind going at warp speed after his talk with Tony.

He walked inside, seeing everyone having fun, dancing, eating, drinking.

He noticed Ned and Michelle, walking over to them.

“Hey guys.” Peter greeted, giving Ned a fist bump before glancing around the room.

“Hey dude, I didn’t think you’d be here.” Ned grinned, making Peter gasp dramatically.

“I can party.” Peter defended, making Ned and Michelle laugh.

“Peter, nobody wants that.” Ned laughed, making Peter give him a look.

“Also, have you guys by any chance seen Y/N?” He looked around once again, seeing you were nowhere to be found.

“Yes actually, she arrived a few minutes before you, she was talking to Liz and then they ventured into the kitchen and that was the last time I saw them. Michelle?” Ned gestured to the brunette haired girl, who shrugged.

“I heard Liz mention something about drinks and snacks.” Michelle shrugged again, before walking off.

“Shit, nonononono.” Peter mumbled, biting his lip nervously.

“Dude what’s wrong, you’re sweating so bad.” Ned looked over Peter’s worried expression.

“Mr. Stark sent me here to keep an eye on Y/N and I cannot afford to bring her back drunk Ned!” Peter vented, his voice cracking a bit.

“Lets go check the kitchen.” Ned suggested, as they both went to search for you.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” Everyone shouted, before cheering and clapping.

There you were, sitting on the counter with Liz, doing shots, and basically drinking whatever was handed to the both of you.

“Shit. This is not good.” Peter groaned, rubbing his hand over his face.

“Dude, you’re so dead.” Ned patted Peter on the back, his eyes widened at the sight before him.

You were having the time of your life, you never got to do this, and it was even better that it was with Liz.

“Who wants another round?!” Liz shouted, making everyone cheer, including yourself.

A guy started pouring more shots, which gave Peter the chance to talk to you.

“Hey, Y/N, it’s Peter, hey, look at me..” Peter took your face into his hands, seeing how bloodshot they already were, he knew you were wasted.

“Petey!” You squealed, your smile bright.

“Hey.” Peter mumbled, moving a strand of hair out of your face.

“This party is amaaaazziinnnggg!” You giggled, making Peter chuckle quietly, he had never seen you in this state before.

“Y/N, do it with me!” Liz shouted, handing you a shot, you both raised your arms into the air, shouting cheers before letting the cold liquid burn your throat once again.

“Who wants to do belly shots?!” Some girl shouted, making Liz squeal excitedly, stumbling off the counter.

“Come on Y/N!” She motioned for her to follow her outside, you stumbled off the counter, doing your best to follow her.

“Yeah, no.” Peter laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist, lifting you off the ground.

“We’re going to get you home.” Peter sighed, as you tried to fight him off of you.

“No way! I want to stay and partaaaaay!” You giggled, trying to grab things on your way out of the kitchen.

“Damn. She’s so wasted.” Michelle’s eyes widened when she saw your state.

“Better not let Tony see her like this Peter.” Ned raised his eyebrows, making Peter roll his eyes in response.

“Believe me, if I returned with her like this I would be dead before I even entered the building.” Peter muttered, picking you up and carrying you outside.

It was going to be a long night.

Peter had taken you back to his place, he was pretty sure Aunt May wouldn’t mind, at least he hoped.

“Peter you’re back! How was the party? Did yo-” She turned around, seeing you in his arms.

“Do I need to call her father?” May sighed, looking at Peter.

“No! I have this under control.” Peter spoke quickly, praying she wouldn’t call Tony.

“Alright, well, just get her some water okay? Maybe some aspirin.” May looked at the two of you once more before disappearing into her room.

Peter set you down on his bed, rushing off to get some water and aspirin like May said too.

“Hey, Y/N.” Peter spoke calmly, making you smile.

“Hey Petey!” You giggled, making him bite his lip to stop him from laughing.

“I got you some water and some aspirin, will you take it for me?” Peter helped you sit up, but you’d immediately fall back down.

“Alright, maybe in an hour.” Peter mumbled, setting it down on his dresser.

“Petey.” You mumbled, making him glance at you.

“Did you know..” You giggled, rolling onto your side, “That drunken thoughts are sober words that you normally can’t admit.” You grinned, looking at him.

To be drunk and in love in New York City.

To not know who I am but still know that,

I’m good long as you’re here with me.

“Y/N, don’t say something you’ll regret later.” Peter looked at you nervously, not knowing what could come out of your mouth.

“I really like you Petey, like I reaaaallllyyy like you.” You giggled once again, making Peter’s eyes widen.

You liked him, the girl of his dreams had a crush on him.

“Y/N, you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re saying.” Peter tried to brush off what you were saying, but he couldn’t help let every word sink into his head.

“No. Petey.” You sat up, doing your best to look at him, but failing miserably.

Peter turned to look at you, his cheeks already flushed at how close you two were.

“I really like you.” You poked his chest, making him take a deep breath.

“Y/N.” He mumbled, running his fingers through his hair.

“Don’t you get it?” You sighed, leaning your head on his shoulder.

I like me better when I’m with you, I don’t know what it is but I got that feeling and ever since then I knew I liked you.” You mumbled, closing your eyes.

Peter just sat there in silence, listening to you drunkenly pour your heart out for him.

His heart was racing, he couldn’t believe this was all happening.

He snapped back into reality, hearing your soft snores.

He gently laid you down on his bed, deciding to let you sleep a bit, he couldn’t afford to let you go back to Mr. Stark that way.

Hours passed and you slowly started waking up, confusion quickly spreading across your face.

You sat up quickly, before grabbing your head and letting out a loud whine.

“Ow.” You groaned, glancing at your surroundings.

“Hey Y/N, glad to see your awake.” Peter smiled, making your eyes widen.

“What? What am I doing here?” You questioned, making Peter’s eyes widen this time.

“Oh, well, um, you see.. You got really drunk, and well I took you back here because I couldn’t let Mr. Stark see you like that.” Peter explained, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

I might get to too much talking.

“I brought you some water and aspirin.” Peter handed you the water which you gladly accepted, taking the aspirin with it.

“I think we should get you back home now though.” Peter smiled, making you nod in agreement.

Peter did his best to get you into the building without anyone noticing, which he did, at least he thought.

“Y/N, you uh, you told me something before you fell asleep.” Peter stammered nervously, looking at the ground.

You felt your heart start to race, you couldn’t have told him.

“Look Peter it’s late.. can we talk about this in the morning?” You questioned, making him nod.

You definitely needed to sleep for a while.

Midnight into morning coffee.

Coffee is exactly what you needed.

You wandered out of your room, squinting at the bright light, you hated being hung over, it was the worst.

You made yourself a strong pot of coffee, turning around only to meet Steve and Natasha.

“Whoa there girly, someone had a bit too much fun.” Steve grinned, as you sent him a death glare.

“You look awful.” Natasha pointed out, making you sigh.

“I know, dad is going to kill me.” You muttered, looking up and locking eyes with Peter.

Natasha and Steve both turned to see who you looking at, smirks slowly forming on their faces.

“We’ll leave you two alone.” They both got up, leaving the kitchen, patting Peter as he walked in.

“Hey.” He mumbled, giving you a soft smile.

“Hey..” You bit your lip slightly, sitting down at the table.

“Look, about last night.. You said something..” Peter fiddled with his hands nervously.

“It’s true Peter.” You admitted, taking a sip of your coffee, only to meet Peters wide eyes.

“I-It is?” He stammered, making you smile.

“Yes, I do like you Peter.” You laughed quietly, making his eyes light up.

“I’ve liked you since we first met Y/N.” Peter confessed, making your heart race.

You both started leaning in, until your lips connected, smiles both forming on your faces.

“You want to see a movie later?” Peter smiled, making you giggle quietly.

“Sure Peter.” You replied, kissing his lips one more time before running off to your room, leaving him with a goofy smile on his face.

“Mr. Parker, I assume you brought my daughter home okay?” Tony walked into the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Yeah, uh, all good Mr. Stark.” Peter smiled nervously, slowly getting up to run out of the room.

“No funny business right?” Tony turned to look at Peter, who’s eyes widened and face flushed.

Peter opened his mouth to reply, but couldn’t find the words, so instead he did the only thing he knew.

He ran.

“Parker!” Tony shouted, watching Peter rush off to his room.

Tony’s mouth turned into a small smile, seeing Peter rush off, his own smile on his face.

Damn.. he really did get the girl of his dreams.


Hey guys! I have a lot of people that really liked Kiss Me and want me to do a second part, so here it be. Fair warning, I’m not super good at smut, but I tried. Hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader 

Requested: Highly

Anonymous Requested:

- OKAI NOW! you have just broken my heart with your imagine; Kiss me! I NEED a part two to it or else I will not be able to sleep! IT WAS AMAZING PIECE OF ART i call that❤️ anyways part 2 would be appreciated for kiss me! Thanks😌

-I really liked kiss me!! You should do a part 2 where they DA is like we gotta distract Draco and his friends, and the reader is like don’t worry I can distract Draco. She distracts him by getting naughty with him if u know what I mean ;)

-Could I have a Draco smut pls?

Warnings: Swearing, smut, kinda dominant reader (sorry if that’s not what you want. It’s kinda all I’m decent at doing) 

The people Umbridge had appointed to roam the halls looking for people out after curfew were getter harder and harder to avoid. Everyone knew it even though no one mentioned it until too many people had too many close calls. Harry eventually called a meeting about it. All of you packed into the Room of Requirement waiting for a brilliant solution. 

“So, as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, Umbridge is putting more people out there to get ahold of someone that could tell her what she wants to know,” Harry said. A ripple went across the crowd of people, wondering was going to be done. 

“What should we do?” Someone asked. Harry rubbed the back of his neck. 

“We’ll have to find ways to distract them,” He said. A ripple of agreement. After that, people began creating groups to distract certain people. You noticed that everyone avoided taking Draco. 

“I can take Malfoy,” You said, loudly. Everyone turned to look at you. 

“How many people do you think you’ll need in that group?” Harry asked. You shook your head. 

“Just me,” You said, smiling. 

“Just you?” He asked. You nodded. 

“Bloody Hell, (Y/N). Have you lost your mind?” Ron asked, looking at you like you’d grown a second head. You laughed, shaking your head again. 

“Nope, I’m just that good,” You said. That had nothing to do with it. You just knew that you had better ways to take care of him than anyone else would. They didn’t have to know that though. 

“Exactly how long do you think you can keep him busy?” Hermione asked, crossing her arms. You rolled your eyes up to the ceiling, pretending to think. 

“All night.” You took pride in all the surprised faces. 

“Really?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. 

“Really,” You said. Just as she opened her mouth to say something else, Harry cut her off.

“If you think you can handle him, I trust you,” He said. You smiled, pulled your wand from your robes, and walked out into the hallway. 

You strolled down the same corridor you had the night Draco threatened to turn you in, hoping you’d run into him. If you stayed long enough, you knew he’d turn up. You were almost sure that they had routes that each person took. You took a seat in a little alcove and waited. Sure enough, you caught a blonde head walking towards you. Smirking, you sank into the alcove and dropped your wand just to make some noise. You heard his footsteps come closer to you. You smiled when his face appeared in front of you. 

“Hey, Draco,” You said, grabbing your wand off the ground. 

“What the hell are you doing? Anyone could have found you,” He snapped. You shrugged, tapping your wand against your thigh. 

“Careful, Malfoy, someone might go thinking you care,” You giggled. He snorted. 

“What are you doing here?” He barked, face hardening. 

“I was waiting for you.” His reaction was no less than pleasing. His eyes widened and he stiffed up just like he had when he demanded that you kiss him in the classroom. This only lasted for a fraction of a second before he glared at you.

“Have you lost your bloody mind, (L/N)?” He snarled.

“You know, that’s the second time someone’s asked me that today,” You laughed. You watched him force his breathing to stay even. “But, to answer your question, no.” 

“Then what are you doing in the middle of the hall when everyone’s sole purpose is to turn you in?” He asked, watching you as you leaned back against the wall. 

“I thought you might want to see me,” You said, grinning. 

“Why?” You raised an eyebrow. 

“I thought you liked me,” You laughed. He was good at putting on a mask of cool indifference, but you saw the way he started to shift nervously. He swallowed thickly, not breaking that carefully crafted mask as he answered. 

“I suppose,” He said in an even tone. 

“Okay, so, I might just be horny. Either way, I thought we were on the same page,” You said, bluntly. He blushed lightly, almost unnoticeably.  

You waited patiently for him to process what you’d said. When he did, he gripped your wrist and dragged you all the way to a part of the castle you didn’t even know existed. Again, he pulled you into a dark room, this one smaller than the last. Once the door closed, he let you go and lit a couple of candles. Only enough to bring to room to a soft glow. It was a bedroom. 

“This’ll do,” You said. He stood not far inside the door with the same look on his face that he’d had that night. 

“Kiss me,” He breathed. 

Without hesitation, you pressed your lips to his. His hands found their way to your hips, fingers pressing into them with surprising gentleness. You felt yourself smiling into the kiss as he began to rub small circles into your hips. Slowly, you moved your hands up, beginning to massage your fingers through his hair. You were surprised to find that there was very little product in his hair as you did. He hummed happily into your mouth. You pulled away. 

“Where’s all that fire from before?” You asked teasingly. His eyes narrowed. 

“Watch yourself, (L/N),” He grumbled.

“And if I don’t?” You asked. In all reality, you were just trying to rile him up. You wanted whatever spark that he’d created that night to come back. 

Instead of answering, he kissed you again, shoving forward with his bottom jaw and trying to get the upper hand. You could have laughed, if he thought you were going to roll over just like that then he was wrong. Nipping his lip, you began to lean your weight into him. Again you had him backed up against a wall in the midst of a sloppy, open mouthed kiss as you pulled his shirt off. Tongues tangled, noses bumped, and teeth clicked together as you got more into it. Fireworks began to go off again. You reached up and tugged his hair, surprised by how easily his head fell back. Smirking, you began to suck marks into his neck. There was something oddly satisfying about the dark bruise against his milky white skin. 

“Why do you, mmm, insist upon leaving marks?” He panted. You tilted your head up, smiling. 

“I like to mark my territory.” His eyes then took on that wild look again. That was the look you wanted. 

Quickly, he stripped off your shirt and began to run his hands over your exposed skin. You shivered despite the trail of fire each finger left in its wake. You’d almost forgotten how warm his hands were. You allowed your own hands to wander his body, trailing down his stomach and tracing along the edge of his pants. Goosebumps rose on his flesh as you began to rub against him. He slipped his hands under your bar again, rubbing over your nipples and pulling a soft moan from you. Looking up at him, you saw a smirk crawl over his face in a sinister way. He flicked at your nipple again. 

“Draco,” You moaned, softly. 

“Say it again,” He purred. 

“Draco.” The smirk grew and he trailed a hand beneath your skirt, softly brushing his fingers over your clothed clit. To return the favor, you began to massage him through his pants.

“Fuck, (Y/N),” He breathed, bucking his hips slightly towards your hand. You kissed him again, but only for a moment before he pulled back. 

“On your knees,” He ordered. You nearly laughed. 

“You’ll find that I don’t take orders well, Draco,” You said, lowly. His look of surprise was highly amusing to you. Pulling away from him completely, linking only your hands, you lead him to the bed. He sat, staring up at you like he wasn’t really sure what to do anymore now that you’d denied his order. 

“However, you will find, that I can be very obliging if you ask nicely,” You said. You weren’t entirely sure where this dominant persona was coming from, but you liked it. 

“What?” He asked, sounding a little offended. You dropped to your knees in front of him, leaning your face close to his crotch, and looked up at him with wide, (E/C) eyes that feigned innocence. 

“All you have to do is ask nicely. Tell me what you want, Draco,” You said, rolling his name off your tongue with a sensual drawl. He swallowed audibly as you began rubbing his thigh with smooth, fluid motions. 

“Suck me off,” He said, quietly. You locked eyes with him. 

“What was that?” You asked, sweetly. You began to unbuckle his belt, kissing his hip bones as you did. 

“Suck me off,” He said, a little louder. You pulled off his pants and began to press kisses to his clothed member. His breath hitched. 

“I believe,” You said, pressing a kiss to each of his inner thighs, “That I said ask nicely.” The frustrated groan that sounded above you made your lips twitch into a smug grin for a second. He remained quiet for a little while as you began to bite his inner thighs, creating marks. Another odd feeling of satisfaction washed over you knowing that only you two would know about these marks. Slowly, you pulled off his underwear, mildly impressed by his size. He stared down at you, looking smug for a second but, when you didn’t do anything, he glared. 

“All you have to do is ask nicely,” You said, blowing warm air over his tip. He stifled some kind of sound. 

“Please, suck me off,” He said, gritting his teeth. You smiled. 

“Much better.” Without much warning, you licked a stripe up the underside of his cock, please with the sharp gasp that followed. You kitten licked the head, swirling your tongue around it before pulling back and blowing air across it again. He shivered. 

“Don’t tease,” He said, though it almost sounded like begging. You could feel the heat between your legs flare at the sound of his voice. It had dropped an octave and become slower. 

You took him into your mouth, bobbing your head slowly and pumping what your mouth couldn’t reach with your hands. He groaned, bucking his hips up. You gagged a little. Sighing through your nose, you placed your hands on his hips to keep him from gagging you further. 

“Merlin, (Y/N),” He grunted. “Where, ah, did you learn to do t-this?” You took him out of you mouth for a second. 

“You’re mom,” You responded, going back down. 

The longer you sucked, the more he strained against you in attempt you press farther into your mouth. At some point his hands has threaded themselves into your hair and gripped it hard. You hummed as you sucked him off, sending vibrations down his shaft in order to get the incredibly pleasing little gasps or get him to groan your name. His hand tightened in your hair. 

“ Fuck. I’m close,” He warned. You bobbed your head faster, pulling him almost all the way out of your mouth and dipping back again. He strained more against your hands and pulled harshly at your hair. 

“(Y/N)!” He moaned, cumming hard into your mouth. You swallowed and let go of him, coughing. 

“I hope you know that I expect you to return the favor,” You said, hoarsely. He nodded, seemingly in a trance as he stared at you lips. You were sure that they were slightly swollen and red.  

“You’re going to have to ask nicely,” He mocked, vaguely. You shed the rest of your clothing and got on the bed. You hooked your hand around the back of his neck, pulling him close to you. As your eyes locked, your lips curled into a smirk. 

“Eat me out,” You whispered, leaning your head even closer so you could speak into his ear. “Please, Draco.” 

When he pulled back, his pupils had blown wide and his eyes had clouded over with lust. Slowly, he began to kiss down your neck to your chest, stopping briefly to suck and bite at you nipples. You hummed in pleasure as you felt your core throb. You gripped his hair loosely, silently asking him to go lower. He kissed down the length of your body, watching you closely as he neared your pussy. Slowly, he licked along your slit. You gasped, hips twitching. 

“Ask me nicely,” He taunted.

“I don’t ask twice,” You growled, gripping his hair painfully tight. He made a low sound somewhere in his throat. 

It was like a switch flipped. All of the sudden, he was lapping and sucking at your lips. You let out a loud cry when his tongue flicked your clit. He did it again. You pushed your hips into his face, but he didn’t hold them down like you had with his. He let you buck into his face and pull his hair to your heart’s content as he ate you out. He ate you like you were his last meal. You felt you thighs shaking and a knot coiling in your stomach as he fucked you with his tongue. 

“Jesus fucking christ. Draco!” You moaned as you came. He picked his head up to look at you, liquid silver eyes burning into your own. 

“You sound gorgeous when you moan my name like that,” He said. He licked his lips as he crawled over you. You leaned up, nipping his collar bones. Pressing a kiss to your mouth, he slipped a finger into you. You hummed softly. 

“Fuck me and I’ll keep saying it like that,” You purred. A second finger slipped in, followed closely by a third. Leaning over, he pulled a condom out of the bedside drawer and put it on. He smirked at you and you mirrored his expression. Teasingly, he pressed the tip against your lips. 

“Ask nicely,” He taunted. Growling, you flipped him onto his back and straddled his hips. A look of surprise washed over his face. 

“No.” With that, you pressed him into you. You both gasped at the feeling. For a moment, you were still, adjusting to the size of him. Finally, you started moving. Bouncing up and down on him, you changed angles to find that one spot that would make you scream. You felt his hands ghost over your hips and you glared at him. 

“Touch me and I’ll stop,” You said, sharply. In response, he whined in a high pitched, almost childish, manner. “Hands on the headboard.” He did as you told him. 

You placed your hands on his chest, splaying your fingers out over the muscle, as you rode him. Draco sucked his lip into his mouth to keep from making sounds, but you pulled it out with a smile. You wanted to hear him as much as he wanted to hear you. You loved it when he moaned your name. You muttered his name over and over again as you circled your hips a bit. 

“I want to touch you,” He whined. You nodded, letting out a low moan. One of his hands went up to play with your nipples and the other gripped your hip. 

“Oh god, Draco. Feels so good,” You moaned, throwing your head back. 

“Merlin, (Y/N), you’re so beautiful,” He panted. A thin sheen of sweat covered both of you, giving the illusion of a glow in the candle lit room. He thrusted up to meet you every time you slid down. Your eyes fell closed and you leaned over him so you faces were close together. 

“Fucking hell.” He cupped your face, pulling you into an open mouthed kiss as your thrusts became sloppy. That knot tied in your abdomen again and you let out a low whine. You weren’t sure who came first, but you both threw your heads back. 

“I love you!” Draco yelled as he came. You swallowed his words with a kiss as you rode out your orgasms together. 

Eventually, he slipped out of you and you fell next to him in the bed. He quickly disposed of the condom. Both of you laid in the warm afterglow, panting. You glanced over at him, admiring the way his sweaty hair stuck to his forehead and the way his cheeks flushed to such a rosy pink. Draco was beautiful. Then it hit you. He said he loved you. Sitting up, you looked down at him. 

“You love me?” You asked quietly. His eyes shot open and his blush flared. 

“Shut up, (L/N),” He snapped. You offered him a tired smile. 

“I don’t know if I love you yet, but I sure as hell could get there,” You mumbled, pressing a soft kiss to his red lips. He blinked in surprise. 

“Could you?” He asked. You nodded, laying your head on his chest. 

“I think I could.” And that was the truth. Being with him, in any way, shape, or form, meant having those fireworks go off. That was all you needed right then. He wrapped an arm around you and kissed your forehead. 

“Whatever you say, (Y/N),” He said, quietly. A slow smile spread over your face as you both fell asleep. You wondered what you were going to tell the trio when you got back in the morning. 

The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Heyyy. Could u do a rly angsty Jughead x Reader where the reader catches Archie (her bf) making out with Betty or something and she goes to Jughead, her best friend, and asks him to help her make a revenge plan? They start acting all lovey-dovey to make Archie jealous of what he lost and they make sure he finds them in ‘compromising situations’? I think it’d be really cute and funny. Thx!!!!

A/N: I’m going to do that so the reader finds out about Archie and Miss Grundy instead of Jughead as she’s walking past the classroom. Hope you like it! (Sorry I’m not the best with angsty stuff ugh) Requests are welcome!

Warnings: Archie x Reader (in the beginning), Cheating, Underage relationship (stupid Miss Grundy), Small amount of swearing,


The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

You had a bad feeling in your gut. Your boyfriend of a few months had been canceling dates and avoiding both you and your best friend Jug.

He was supposed to go on a roadtrip with Jug on July 4th but instead you and him sat in Pop’s trying to figure out why Archie canceled on the boy.

“It doesn’t make sense, Jug. He told me yesterday that you guys were leaving early?” You sigh and frown at your melting milkshake.

“I don’t know, (y/n)…”

“Do you think he got into some sort of trouble?” You push the basket of fries towards your best friend. The thought of your boyfriend lying to both you and him made your appetite disappear.

You glance out the window of Pop’s.

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Things We Don’t Mean

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Reader is Tony’s sister but Avengers have no idea and one day while Tony took Pepper to Paris for a weekend, the reader was on the mission and got hurt. She’s in love with Steve but he was mat at her for taking a stupid risk and says something that Peggy wouldn’t do this and the reader realises that Steve would never love her (but he;s in love with her too) so she doesn’t want to see anyone and doesn’t want to scary her brother, but the next day FRIDAY calls Tony and he and Steve have argument

A/N: Ahhhhh sorry I’m so terrible at writing consistently.  I just finished with school for the year though, so that should free up sometime.  I’m actually at the airport right now, heading overseas, so I don’t know what type of wifi access I’ll have or what type of time I’ll be able to use to write, but I will definitely write more when I get back (famous last words).  Depending on how productive I can be in these next few hours of my layover, I might be able to queue up some fics for upcoming weeks…?  Anyway, hope y’all like this one.

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The bullet wound doesn’t hurt.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  When you shift or when you try to breathe or when you’re sitting still, the pain shoots through your chest like splinters of glass.

What hurts more is the pointed silence that hangs in the air between you and Steve.

The captain in question is perched gingerly on the chair next to your stretcher, staring straight ahead.  His eyes, normally a soft blue, are hard and flinty.  His jaw is locked, his body radiating tension.

Natasha walks into the med bay, her eyes softening when she sees you.  She walks over, gingerly peeling back the layers of bandages to replace them.

“You’re losing a lot of blood,” she says quietly.

“I’ll be fine,” you reply.  “Nothing I haven’t dealt with before.  How much longer?”

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Catarinalosss’ Book!Malec Fic Recs

Anonymous said: 
Hey! I love your blog, and I was wondering if you could recommend some malec fics to me? I can’t seem to find book malec fic anywhere. Thank you!

Ohohoh, you’re going to be sorry you asked, anon.

I have the same problem with finding good Book!Malec fics, since they’re all buried under the gargantuan pile of Show!Malec fics. Luckily, I have the procrastination skills of a teenager my age, so I was able to go through that enormous pile, and filter through the Book!Malec fanfictions. I’ll sort this masterpost with my favourite authors (because some people have the writing skills of a genius and I love all of their fics) , my favourite series’s, and my favourite fanfictions. Enjoy!


Spun on

Oh man, I could go on and on why the author is one of the best fanfiction writer I’ve ever seen, but I’ll keep it brief for everyone’s sake. The plots of the fics are so amazing, they’re short and to the point, which is an immediate winner in my book, yet they have so much detail. They’ve got the characters spot-on, they’ve got the right ratio of fluff to drama, and they have amazing Malec content. Keep in mind that those are all Book!Malec fics. Also, this author has a lot of work based off the first three books in the series, there aren’t that many after CoFA.

I could literally list all their fanfictions as my favourites, but I can’t really do that, so without further ado, here are my top five:        

*Pride Goeth  [T, 1/1]

Summary: Magnus is attractively arrogant. Alec is horrendously sick for two days, but he gets to be right for once, so it’s worth it. “We should call it a holiday. ‘The Day Alec Was Right and Magnus Was Wrong’.”

Notes: Definitely one of my top three, this is so amazing. Great storyline, well written characters, and full of fluff. 

*Snippets [T, 6/6]

Summary: One hundred and fifty one-sentence Magnus/Alec fics - everything from angst to crack to pure fluff. “I don’t think writing ‘Property of Magnus Bane’ on the back of my jeans is the ‘subtle sign of possession’ you were looking for.”

Notes: This fic takes you on a journey. It’s short and sweet, terribly angsty at times, and I love it

*Payment & Indebted [K+, 1/1] [K+, 1/1]

Summary (Payment): “There were some experiences that just couldn’t be bought, and being shyly hit on by a drowsy nine-year-old was one of them.” Because I am in love with the concept of Magnus and Alec meeting long before the party.

Indebted: Sequel to Payment. When Magnus told him “In nine or ten years, come find me and then we’ll talk,” he probably hadn’t meant “Nearly get yourself killed by a Greater Demon so I have to heal you again.” Alec was better at this when he was nine.

Notes: These are so sweet. I love the idea of Magnus meeting Alec as a child, and this author has captured the idea perfectly. The sequel is amazing as well, definitely check it out.

Understanding [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Robert gets rocks thrown at him, Valentine is occasionally not a total sociopath, and Max almost ends up being named ‘Templeton’ - in short, eleven people who impacted Maryse Lightwood’s life, in one way or another.

Notes: This POV so refreshing, they’re all really great stories and I love Alec’s especially, it’s such an unusual fic and I adore it. (Malec at the end)

Occupational Hazard [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Preseries. “It’s tragic,” Isabelle says, “but you’ve been demoted to family pillow. Deal.”

Notes: The family dynamic in this is so great, I love all the alluding hints to the series and how the Lightwoods interact with each other (this isn’t technically Malec but it’s still great)

CumberbatchCritter on AO3

I loooove this author so much. They have such an amazing way of telling a short, fluffy story. I re-read this authors works all the time, because I adore them so much, and the amount of Malec fluff in these is almost too much, but not quite. Again, these are all Book!Malec fanfictions. There are a lot of sick!fics, which I love, but other people may not like, so just a heads up, but they are extremely well written.

Here are my top five:

*Out of Character [T, 1/1] 

Summary: “… The city… was devastated and… there was a lake of blood… I saw you… reflected in it… and you were drowning…” He raised his head, looking blearily up towards Alec. “I think it’s a trap… and I can’t lose you… Alexander.

“Magnus has a dream. One of those dreams. When he comes to, all he can focus on is getting to Alec.

Notes: Usually these fics of Magnus-having-a-vision-of-Alec-dying are so overdone, but this fic comes in my top three, it’s so amazing.

 **Marred Beauty [M, 1/1]

Summary: Alec has scars.

He thinks that they’re not important.
Magnus calls them battle scars.

Notes: This is probably my favourite from this author, be warned, the Malec content in this is extraordinarily adorable. Tw - mentioned attempted suicide and scars.

Poison [T, 1/1]

Summary: Magnus knew there was something to be said about being on his knees in front of his boyfriend, but he guessed the effect was lessened slightly when he was on his knees because he hunched over the toilet, desperately trying not to throw up into it.

Notes: Magnus gets food poisoning. Fluff ensues. Enough said.

When in Doubt, Add Glitter [T, 1/1]

Summary: Magnus wanted to kill whoever had given Alec the flu, because he hated seeing his favourite Shadowhunter (and boyfriend) so miserable.

Notes: Alec contracts the Flu. Fluff-filled, very cute.  

*Wounds Left Open [T, 1/1]

Summary: “I’m serious, Alec,” Magnus said. “I had a knife against my throat and all I could think about was you… black hair, blue eyes, and the smile I fell for.”

Notes: Sort of a filler in between the return from Edom and the Malec make up, a little AU-ish, but still a favourite of mine.

Noisyhanners on AO3

AAAAA. This author is AMAZING. Their works are so sweet and nice and CUTE! If you like Lightwood-Bane family antics, this is the author for you. Max and Rafe are good kids, Alec and Magnus are great parents, fluff is STUFFED into these fics. All Book!Malec fics!

There are only four fics, so I’ll list them all as my top four:

*Rafe’s First Sleepover [K+, 1/1]

Notes: Rafael and Tavvy are future parabatai goals, featuring Emma and Jules. Very cute.            

*Max Goes to Prom [K+, 1/1]

Notes: My absolute FAVOURITE. They’re just a normal, happy, functioning family :“))

*Cat Comes to Dinner [K+, 1/1] 

Summary: Catarina not-so-secretly loves the Lightwood-Bane house.

Notes: Pure family antics, in Catarina’s POV. I highly recommend, super sweet.

*Total Bliss [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Alec and Magnus have a soft conversation over wine one rainy Saturday night-in.


Thewholocked on AO3

I’m a sucker for alternate universes, and this author has tons. Hogwarts, Childhood Friends and just pure fluff drabbles, this author has a LOT. Keep in mind that there are some show!malec fics, but there are twice as many Book!Malec fics. The writing is a bit punctuated, but I don’t really mind. Pretty sure these are all Book!Malec again.

Top five:      

*Hitting (On) [K+, 1/1]

Summary: In which Alec and Magnus are Beaters of opponent Quidditch teams and hate (love) each other.

Notes: Ahhhhh. Don’t you just love enemies to friends to lovers AND Hogwarts AU’s?

*And This is How it Starts [T, 1/1] 

Summary: Basically Malec friend to lovers au.

Notes: Childhood Friends and drunken kissing. What could go wrong? 

The Champions [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Alec is from Durmstrang, Magnus is from Beauxbaton and they both happen to be the champions.

Notes: Magnus is from Beauxbaton, Alec is from Durmstrang, and they’re competing in the Triwizard Tournament. Fluff. 

In Love [K+, 1/1]

Summary: ‘A diaper. An actual freaking diaper. I was looking for that last night, I wrecked our sock drawer trying to find it and-it’s not funny, Alexander!’
But Alec was laughing so hard he couldn’t even respond, his voice musical, his head thrown back and Magnus starting smiling too because Alec’s laugh was so contagious and so utterly honest.

Notes: Tooth-rotting fluff.

One Step at a Time [K+, 1/1]              

Summary: Alec and Magnus teach their son how to walk.

Notes: Adorable.   

thewarlocksbitch on AO3

This author does some amazing fanfiction, but be warned, there are a load of smut fanfictions. The non-smut and smut ones are REALLY cute, and well written, and some of my top 10.

Top five: 

like a mischievous teenager [E, 1/1]

Summary: 'my parents hate you so I’m sneaking you in at night for sex shhh’ malec high school au

Notes: Cute, and very smutty. 

fearless [K+, 1/1]

Summary: kiss in the accords hall from Alec’s pov

Notes: Hall of Accords. Need I say anything more 

surprise PDA [K+, 1/1]

Summary: prompt: i wasn’t gay but then i kissed you in front of some homophobes to piss them off and now im im kinda gay au (well actually I am gay but I’m closeted and didn’t know how much I like you)

Notes: ahhhhh this is so cute omg, I love how Alec is written in this.

*sleepover [T, 1/1]

“we’re in college and living in the same dorm, and I find you passed out in the elevator after a night out with friends” au

Notes: I just love college AU’s. Very cute.

*truth or dare? [T, 1/1]

Summary: malec highschool au with best friends to confused crushes after a truth or dare kiss and “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

Notes: Childhood BFF AU’s are the best. Really well written. 

LastHope on AO3

This author has everything. I love them. I feel as if most of what they write is canon in my mind, because it’s that good and that well written. There’s loads of Malec fics which are AMAZING, and some Heline fics which are SUPER GOOD and you should definitely check out. These are all Book!Malec.

Top five:

*A Conversation on Immortality [T, 1/1]

Summary: Aline comes to a realization, and seeks advice from the only person she can think of who knows what to do. Post-CoHF

Notes: This fic makes me cry every time I re read it. Amazing Malec, Heline, and Alec/Aline brotp. Highly recommend.

*Where Thou Diest, I Will Die [T, 1/1]

Summary: …and there will I be buried: The Angel do so to me, and more also. - Parabatai OathWhat happens to the other half of the parabatai bond when one dies?Alec’s side of the Battle of Brocelind Plain, after Jace was stabbed.

Notes: another heartbreaking fic, with Malec and platonic Jalec feels.

**Bewitching Bouquets [K+, 1/1]

Summary: All Magnus wanted was the cute blue-eyed man’s phone number. All Alec wanted was to be able to breathe.


To Love Someone That Much [T, 1/1]

Summary: Helen imparts some words of wisdom on Magnus about his past, and current, relationship with Alec before she leaves for Wrangel Island.

Notes: Pre-Malec make-up, when Helen kicks Magnus in the ass to get his act together. Another amazing fic.

*Secret Fights [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Alec and Magnus were supposed to have a happy relationship, not one like Mom and Dad’s. Isabelle hated hearing secret fights occurring in the middle of the night when the couples in question thought no one would hear them. She heard. Isabelle always heard.

Notes: During CoLS. THE ANGST.

Rena on AO3

Again, an amazing author which I highly recommend, they’ve got everything from sentence fics to chaptered. Such a beautiful writer.

Top five: 

Fragments [T, 1/1]

Summary: One hundred one sentence pieces of Magnus/Alec from angst to fluff. “Okay, I’m giving you exactly one minute to explain to me why and whereto all my clothes have vanished – and 'because they were black’ is not a valid answer.”

Notes: Amazing sentence fic, cute & funny

Five Times…. [T, 1/1]

Summary: ..Magnus Bane saved Alec Lightwood, and one time he couldn’t.

Notes: Hilarious fanfic, not what you think it is. 

These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins [T, 1/1] 

Summary: In which Magnus lies wide awake at night and ponders over the fragility of their relationship.

Notes: Angsty af, but I love it.

Letters From Nowhere [T, 11/11]

Summary: A mysterious letter at the front door, with no indication who might have sent it. And if Alec wants to find that person, he has to solve the puzzle laid-out for him… 

Notes: Such a cute AU, I recommend this fic so much.

Kaleidoscope [T, 1/1]  

Summary: “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.” Drabble-collection.

Notes: Drabble collection. Very cute and occasionally angsty


Finding Out by jennynivea [T, 1/1]
How the different people in Alec’s life find out that he is engaged to Magnus. Includes Izzy and Simon, Jace and Clary, Aline and Helen and Maryse and Robert. With a dash of fluff, humor and heartfelt feels. 

Notes: Very funny, especially the Izzy and Simon section

Instruments of Chaos by pissedofsandwich [T, 1/1]
It all started with, “Marry me today.” Or, the one where Alec and Aline kicked ass in the Clave meeting. Or, basically, all of the official pairings cramped in one fic and caused chaos. 

Notes: This one is a bit cheesy, but I still love it. Notice the use of the unidentified snippets.

A Soft White Damn by twahtohnedskee [K+, 1/1]
She bet he was waiting for someone. Boys like that always were. She hoped that the girl was pretty, at least. By now, the boy’s cheeks were starting to color due to the cold. It was kind of adorable. She didn’t understand why anyone would keep a boy like that waiting. 

Notes: A beautiful fic, told in an outsiders POV.

We Can Try by prodigaldaughter13 [T, 1/1]
Jace is causing trouble once again, plotting to get Magnus and Alec back together. 

Notes: Basically someone’s take on how Magnus and Alec were going to get back together, it’s an adorable fic and I love it so much.

The Other Side by saraubs [T, 1/1]
Alec finds an old trunk full of mementos in Magnus’s closet and is upset to find that there’s nothing in there to remind Magnus of him. Or is there? Inspired by the short story “Magnus’s Vow”. 

Notes: Where Alec finds Magnus’ box of memories and gets a vision of all the moments featuring him important to Magnus. Very good ff.

Ask Me by himekohimura [K+, 1/1]
A short of the City of Glass scene. 

Notes: Aaaaa so cute!!!! I love re-reading this one.

Bits and Pieces by Take_Me_To_My_Fragile_Dreams [T, 3/?]
A collection of 1000 prompts all centering around Magnus and Alec.
Practical: “Magnus, sliding down a rainbow to reach the altar isn’t really the best idea, it’d probably spook the flying horses you’re so keen on having.”

Notes: A lovely sentence fic, ranging from fluff to angst

Don’t Touch My Heart (I Was Taken From The Start) by Take_Me_To_My_Fragile_Dreams [T, 1/1]
In a world where everyone has a soulmate whose name is tattooed on their wrist, Alec and Magnus are just trying to find one another among the masses. 

Notes: This is SUCH a beautiful fic. Honestly. If you like soulmate AU’s, this is the fic for you. 

Some Day by Take_Me_To_My_Fragile_Dreams [K+, 1/1]
Some day he’ll stop blaming Jace. (But not today). 

Notes: Hella cute phone conversation fanfic.

Of Weddings and Surnames by fakeditfromthewordgo [K+, 1/1]
'“I’ve met a lot of men–“ Jace snorted, and Magnus’ eyes narrowed– “but I don’t think anyone could forget Will Herondale.”’ 

Notes: Jace is nervous on his wedding day, and Magnus tells him about his ancestor. Not really Malec, but a cool fic anyways.

Flicker by may10baby [T, 1/1]
Set during the main battle of COA. Magnus’ POV as he rescues Alec from drowning. 

Notes: I have nothing to say except :“(((.

The Memory Room by ElvenAvari [K+, 1/1]
Imagine somebody who’s immortal having a gigantic room where all the walls are completely covered up with photos. Each one is of a different loved one whom they have outlived. 

Notes: *violent sobbing*

Open Doors by gigi_marlee [K+, 1/1]
The day Alec moved into Magnus’ loft in Brooklyn was the day he told his mother he was moving out.
It was easier to do when he practiced with Magnus.

Notes: Cute Mayrse and Alec dynamic, I really like this one.

Across the Realms by KataraAlchemist [T, 10/10]
It’s happened before, a shadowhunter moved wrong or just didn’t move fast enough, and the next moment they were gone. Sucked into another realm. And they never came home, not alive or in one piece anyhow. Now it is happening again, Alec is gone. 

Notes: This is such an emotional fic, it says in first person POV though, so don’t read if you don’t like.

things we’re good at by alicelightwoodbane [T, 1/1]
Notes: Post-CoHF. This is such a CUTE AND ADORABLE FIC! I cannot recommend this more.

Day 6: "Take my strength” Day by Malteser24 [K+, 1/1]
Notes: This fanfiction made me bawl like a baby, it’s such a sweet beautiful fic. Malec weddings are the best.

Very Good News by Kimmy [K+, 1/1]
Never had a phone call at three in the morning spelled good news. 

Notes: This is an amazing fic, adorable and sweet. :“))

Kiss the Teacher by Aristola Gracewell [T, 1/1]
Rainy days makes for lazy mornings. Magnus tries, and fails, to bribe his boyfriend to take a day off work. Being the sweetheart that he is, he offers to make-up for lost time by giving a nearly-tardy Alec a ride to work.
(Or: This is what happens when Alec’s students catch him kissing Magnus in the entryway.)


Boyfriend’s Lesser Talents by Aristola Gracewell [T, 1/1]
You hate cooking” Alec blurted out.
“But that doesn’t mean I’m not any good at it.”

Notes: Super sweet and domestic, I’m in love with this.

The Descent by GiveUpResistance [E, 10/10]
He brought a splash of colour, of life, to him when he sat down next to him with a graphite smudged face when he was fifteen, and after seven years of being his friend, Alec loves him still, falling harder and harder with each passing moment, with every word and look, every fight and every apology, a steepening descent. Malec AU set over seven long years of falling. 

Notes: Oh god. This fic made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. This is my favourite fanfic at the moment. It’s super angsty, sweet at the end, and will probably make you sob. tw for self harm.

A Splash of Colour by irie_eerie [K+, 1/1]
Alec always felt invisible, an outsider watching from the sidelines. Then he meets Magnus, a street painter who lives his dream in a world of color. “It just takes one person to make you feel like you belong. To make you feel special.” AU-AH, Malec. Inspired by the movie The Giant Mechanical Man. 


Harder Things to Say by Diabolus_Invictus [T, 1/1]
Following the events of 'City of Heavenly Fire’, Alec returns to Magnus’s apartment for the first time to figure out how this is going to work in the aftermath of… well, everything. 

Notes: This is such an amazing fic, it’s so good I consider it canon in my mind. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

We’re Gonna Be Okay by Inrainbowz [K+, 1/1]
Isabelle observes Alec and Magnus and thinks that maybe, just maybe, everything will be fine. 

Notes: :“)))))))

Keep This Love in a Photograph by blushingkurt [K+, 1/1]
Magnus Bane, being immortal, had a hard time remembering things that have happened in his past. That’s why he turns to photography - to capture the more important aspects of his life so he can look back and remember them forever.

NotesThis is an amazing short fic, it’s a million times better than what the description says.

Frankly, Catarina by A_Graph_You_Look_At [K+, 1/1]
You are aware of the immense inequality in the dynamic of your relationship, aren’t you?”

NotesLovesick Magnus is one of the best Magnus’. Great fic.

Six Stages of Falling in Love by vulturemomen [T, 1/1]
Notes: This fic does not get enough credit. It’s so well written and beautiful.

They Go in Pairs by Inrainbowz [K+, 1/1]
All I want is the knowledge that I won’t ever have to chose between the two of you.“
Alec tries to understand the problem between Jace and Magnus. He is not asking them to be the best of friends, but he needs his boyfriend and his brother to get along a minimum.

Notes: A great fanfic. :)))))

Hold Onto Those by Inrainbowz [T, 1/1]

“Do you want to make a wish?” “Fuck off.” “Come on, it’s just a question. What would you wish for? If you could ask for anything.” “I would wish for this pain to disappear.” “Ah. A classic. My wish is to have the sentence "Be careful of what you wish for” tattooed on my forehead. But for now, it’s all about you.“

Notes: This fic doesnt get enough credit, and its so much more than the description. A take on post-CoLS

slow, steady and a little unusual by softlightwood [T, 1/1]

Isabelle blinks slowly.

"He kissed me, and i- i fell. Down the stairs”

Notes: tHIS IS SO CUTE, a take on the aftermath of malec’s first date, a little au-ish.

hold onto me by softlightwood [T, 1/1]

Is this the worst of it? Are you hurt anywhere else?" "I think I may have sprained my ankle” Magnus answers thoughtfully. “And my pride. But that’s the main source of the problem, I imagine”

Notes: Magnus gets hurt, Alec takes care of him :”) 

we’re good, we’re solid, we’re gold by softlightwood [K+, 1/1]

A rune comes to Clary in a dream. She knows exactly who it’s meant for.

Notes: If this doesn’t become canon, I’ll cry.

kiss me until the morning light by alicelightwoodbane [M, 1/1]

There are lots of different kisses.

Notes: post CoHF and adorable.   

Priorities by Pendragon2601 [M, 1/1] 

When Alec is badly injured after a routine patrol, Magnus is called to help save his life. Once he is cured, they then have a much needed talk about their prioities as parents. 

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The Lightwood-Bane Chronicles by alecdvnpt
Three amazing stories following the life of the Lightwood-Bane’s. I would highly recommend this series, it’s so fluffy and adorable and great, I love it so much.

So that’s all! I’ll definitely add to the list when I come across, enjoy!

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Congrats on your blog! How about a headcanon of the chocobros seeing their female significant other all dolled up (in dresses, make-up, high heels) for the first time? Thanks!

ahhhhh thank you so much! I’m so excited to get going on requests, it’s unreal.

This is actually my first time writing headcanons, so I hope it’s okay! Enjoy!


  • When you walk into his line of sight, Noctis has no idea what to do with himself
  • He just freezes
  • Everything you do is in slow motion. He tracks the curve of your lips and the swing of your dress as you walk like it could be the last thing he’ll ever see
  • “Noct, you’re staring”
  • He knows
  • He doesn’t care
  • As crown prince, this boy has been surrounded by pretty girls for as long as he can remember, but you?
  • When it came to beauty, no other woman could even come close
  • When he finally snapped out of his trance, he’d reach for you immediately, like he was snatching up a prized jewel
  • “I still can’t believe I convinced the most beautiful girl in Lucis to be my queen. I love you, Y/N.”

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Great Come Experience Part One

My Experience at Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812:

Disclaimer: I’ve sat in banquette seating four times. I’ve been able to see most of the theater, but I’m going to be a little heavy on the Marya D. and Hélène stuff because I’m super gay, and like… Grace McLean and Amber Gray, amirite?


·       So it started with this jaunty music, and the whole cast comes out with the pierogi baskets, and you get dumplings if you wave your arms enough. Also each cast member has a section and converses with the audience for like almost five minutes. It’s great, because you can just talk to the people, and I was in Pearl Rhein’s section twice (fell in love both times, holy shit her eyebrows and wow is she tall). She said she loved my shoes and hair and I felt my soul ascend.

·       Oh forgot to mention that while you wait for it to start there’s this upbeat Russian music going on, and it’s great.

·       Also during the introductory no cell phones thing, this guy announces it in a heavy Russian accent, and after each thing, the cast goes “нет” and the ones like Pearl Rhein, and Sumayya Ali point to people with their bow strings and you don’t even think of disobeying because if not you’ll be given to KGB and sent off to Siberia.


·       It starts once the air siren goes off

·       Natasha cries out “No!” when Andrey leaves for war, and there’s this whole necklace exchange, that’ll be significant later.

·       And Pierre is just up on the top level in front of the doors.

·       He begins to sing, and usually before that there’s raucous applause.

·       Pierre sings his verse, and then the whole cast joins in, and it’s a magical moment.

·       Then the lights go up, and everyone has shot glasses.

·       So each time someone is introduced via their lines, they get a spotlight and take a shot.

·       So, during Sonya’s she and Natasha cross arms and take a shot that way, and it’s so cute.

·       Whenever Marya takes a shot, she makes a face like “yes, that’s the stuff” and it’s such a beautiful facial expression. Also her hair is what I live for. The updo is so precise, and perfect. I want to do that. Also she’s got these streaks of lighter/greying hairs which I always go crazy for.

·       During this, the actor who plays Andrey, is off changing into his Bolkonsky costume (for me it was Nicholas Belton twice, and Blaine Alden Krauss twice when Nick left for personal days three shows before it closed).

·       He comes back on in that costume, with his instrument. And it’s really quite funny.


·       Immediately they meld into Pierre just after Prologue, and it’s great.

·       During this, they’ve all got their shot glasses still.

·       When the line “il est charmant, il ne pas de sexe. He is charming he has no sex” the women all twirl around him. And Hélène is front and center spotlighted on the middle “balcony” and she’s just got so much attitude

·       Also Marya’s expressions are amazing and I will continue to mention them. Even when she’s just sitting in the background, she’s got such a presence.

·       When the line “how many men before good Russian men…” comes up, and Pierre speculates about who leaves tootless and bald, Anatole gets a spotlight and he just scoffs and saunters around stage as if to say “yeah right, not me bitch”

·       During that last note, where everyone is going ‘ahhhhh’ it’s so much more intense than the cast recording and they hold it forever honestly. Everyone is gathered on the two “banister” levels of the main stage, and they’re all just intently staring at Pierre, and some are practically hanging over the railings. Hélène is especially like “ugh, this guy”.


·       After a pause for applause, we go into Moscow. The ensemble mostly exits, or at least gets somewhere on the outskirts of the stage.

·       Marya hands off her shotglass to someone. And as the music starts, she is wandering around inspecting things with a critical eye.

·       When Natasha sings her name, she looks just so excited and thrilled. But reins it in to sing her name back.

·       When Sonya does her thing, she like starts the “sofia” part like she’s almost forgotten her name. And it’s clear Marya does not like Sonya. There’s a whole backstory on why from the books so go read them.

·       When she does the “Welcome, welcome to Moscow” she just goes for it, and both Natasha and Sonya visibly jump. The whole audience does honestly.

·       She points to various audience members during “faded and fading princesses” “gossips and crybabies”. And it’s great.

·       When she does her whole “bring in their things” the ensemble rushes around to grab the extra props and stuff, and they’re so terrified of and respect Marya.

·       She goes off down the middle orchestra stage, and Natasha and Sonya do their impression of Marya’s growling voice. It’s so cute.

·       When Natasha says “but I can’t bear this waiting” Sonya looks so sad and exasperated. She follows Marya’s path and they meet up in the rear of the theater. They reaapproach Natasha and Marya is leading Sonya by her shoulders, and she’s like over half a head taller than Sonya (Grace McLean is sorta tall, but she’s in heels to further emphasize her stature. And I want those shoes they’re fabulous).

·       Oh both Sonya and Natasha are mostly in flats so we see them as delicate and innocent I suppose. It helps with the height comparison.

·       When Marya and Sonya get to the top of the stairs that leads to the main stage, Marya sort of pushes Sonya away, and she braces herself against the banister while Marya goes to dote on Natasha.

·       They drink tea (laced with rum).

·       Oh and something you don’t notice are the Bolkonsky’s. During all of this, Bolkonsky is fiddling with a knife, and visibly trembling (probably some sort of dementia) and Mary is nervously watching, and trying to help but he keeps shaking her off so she reads her bible.

·       She also crosses over when Marya mentions her in the song.

The Private and Intimate Life of a House:

·       We start with Bolkonsky’s part of the song. He takes a really long pause before “people enjoy me” to stare to his left at the audience and waves creepily/awkwardly. It always gets a laugh.

·       When he sings powdered wig, he pats his and a puff of powder erupts from it.

·       During “such a majestic and agreeable spectacle” Mary stands from the stair she is on leading up to the mezzanine.

·       Then she launches into her haunting part about there being 22 more hours in the day.

·       When he starts ordering her around, she looks just so frightened, and does this trembling bow, and Gelsey Bell is an actual goddess.

·       When she does her whole “and I have no friends no never go anywhere” she runs across and around the stage wringing and waving her hands tragically. Mary needs a hug. Someone please hug this poor woman.

·       The whole “I can hurt you” is said by Mary with such fierceness that she quickly turns to reassurance to the audience that she never ever ever would. And she loves her father so much, but he’s such an abusive asshole. Like fucks sake I’m angry about this.

·       So the difference between Nicholas and Blaine seems so much more intense when he sings certain parts like “worthless and dumb”. He really does the shouty, angry old man act well.

·       So Mary makes an audience member stand and she pretends he’s her suitor. Then Bolkonsky turns to another audience member and kisses and nuzzles her and it’s hilarious for everyone involved.

·       Then the servent (Paul Pinto) who walked hunched almost completely over, brings that table shot glasses.

·       The whole “where are my glasses” bit is so so much more frightening live. The first time I heard it (and didn’t know the show at all) I was actually terrified for Mary. And she looks just so horrified, and upset by the entire thing.

·       Also during this, the music is haunting, and Marya D. stands from where she’s been sitting and observing (with such a haughty and regal expression) to ominously play the cowbell. It’s such an interesting addition that I didn’t notice the first time.

Natasha & Bolkonsky’s:

·       So the servant announces Natasha’s presence, and Mary is just so awkward the entire time.

·       They do the chair thing in complete silence. Mary goes over to get her chair (that Hélène has been lounging on this entire time and Hélène moves to drape herself on the staircase. That’s another thing. Hélène even when off focus, just languidly and sensually drapes herself onto surfaces).

·       They do their chair thing in the middle of the main table section of the audience. And it’s so tense.

·       They both stand when singing their “I don’t like her” verse. Then two ensemble members bring them tea (one is Lulu Fall, and I think the other may have been Shoba Narayan. Pretty sure in fact.

·       Then they move to another spot and fake laugh at each other.

·       Then Bolkonsky comes out in his underthings and scares the shit out of Natasha.

·       Then Natasha tearfully tries to leave and Mary realizes that they fucked up and tries to put it right, but Natasha intensely yells at Mary who jumps back and holds out her hands in defense, so you know this girl has been seriously verbally abused at the very least.

No One Else:

·       The lighting changes to this beautiful blue (made even more beautiful by the fact that Dave Malloy is supposedly color blind and can see blue well, but not red so you just sob thinking about that)

·       And Natasha looks so much like a princess in this moment. Everything is wonderful and heartbreaking.

·       Andrey comes onstage and has a bundle of her letters. It snows over him, and Natasha reaches for him but they don’t touch, and he leaves again. She just looks so longing.

·       When I first saw it the last lines about him maybe being in the drawing room and her just forgetting he was there was so emotional and heartbreaking, I just teared up.

The Opera:

·       Cue dramatic music change. Marya does her whole “the opera the opera” part and she seems so excited to be sharing this with Natasha and even Sonya. Also the growl though!

·       The Servent (Paul Pinto again) is in this emcee costume type thing and it’s so sparkly and extra with a top hat and everything.

·       When everyone else comes out you are just so amazed by the costumes. Like wow. In an interview, the designer Paloma Young talked about how they’re meant to look opulent and splendid from a distance, but up close you see they’re cheaply made to represent the false splendor of 19th century Russia and I am so angry they didn’t win best costume design.

·       So all of the women have their own unique costume and color scheme. Even the swings get their own unique outfit. It’s fantastic and fits each person so well. So like Lulu Fall is in red, obviously. And Shoba has this orange and looks so beautiful. And Cathryn Wake has a bright blue number, and don’t even get me started on Celia Mei Rubin’s costume. I love her so much and am so happy I got to see her swing on twice.

·       Even the two opera dancers have like fancy clothing which they quickly exit to change into their actual opera outfits.

·       Both Natasha and Sonya are so enchanted. And Marya gives Natasha that flower for her hair. And she adjusts Sonya’s headfeather thing.

·       She’s also so judgmental about Anna Mikhaylovna’s headdress.

·       Then Hélène sees Natasha and is instantly drawn in. (Side note: every woman in this show is so gay for Natasha except for Marya D. who is too busy being gay for Hélène sorry I don’t make the rules it’s a thing).

·       When the servant does his announcement of the people, Dolokhov saunters around stage, and kisses a woman’s hand and then makes her kiss his. It’s great.

·       And Hélène just flounces around twirling and displaying her body and outfit. She’s got two main dresses, and this one is like her main one sorta. So it’s black, with green underskirts, and fringes and it’s so pretty I want one now.

·       Side note: Marya actually is wearing something not entirely red. Like it’s got red accents, but is mostly dark with gold patterns that sorta look tinged greenish. Nod to her romantic entanglements to Hélène? Coincidence? I think not!

·       And Natasha is so taken with Hélène, it’s so gay!

·       When Hélène starts talking to Natasha, Marya and Sonya are over to the side, and when Marya sees what’s going on, she quickly (nearly runs) over to intervene. She places herself between Natasha and Hélène, and looks so huffy when Natasha keeps interrupting. And her whole “woman you should stay far away from” is said without taking her eyes off of Hélène. Like, girl, you make out with her next act. I see your thirst don’t deny it.

·       Then the actual opera starts and holy shit is it weird to see live. The two dancers prance about. And both Gelsey Bell and Paul Pinto are the opera singers. Their voices (Gelsey’s especially) are just so haunting, and the noises Gelsey makes are fucking weird, but wow are you just so impressed by it.

·       Also, during on point the opera dancer (Mary Page Nance though the first time I saw it Celia Mei Rubin was swinging for Ani Taj) jerks her arms towards herself and pants comedically. It’s really quite funny.

·       Holy shit I’ve got a lot to say just noticed. And we’re not done yet.

·       Okay, so the opera pauses and we interlude onto Sonya and Natasha who look so bored and confused. And Natasha gets up and waltzes about the stage while Sonya narrates.

·       So Anatole makes his entrance and the big doors open and this blinding light surrounds him. The entire cast turns to marvel at this wonder, and audience included they all shield their eyes. Yes it’s that bright. Anatole does this weird head thing to the beat of the music like he’s reveling in the attention.

·       He walks down the stairs and starts kissing and nuzzling an audience member then pats the closest male member to her as if to say “good on you mate”

·       He goes right to Hélène and taps his cheek for her to kiss him but moves his head to she kisses him on the lips instead. That’s her delighted laugh you can hear on the soundtrack. In the book the relationship is heavily implied to be incestuous. Suck on that George RR Martin. Tolstoy’s already done siblings being weirdly attracted to each other.

·       The opera resumes and most of the ensemble has joined in on the show. There’s people on the stairs to the mezzanine wearing these creepy hooded costumes with long fingers. And others dresses as soldiers. And the Andrey actor comes out bloodied while the two dancers tear off his coat and pull long flowy sheets from him to resemble blood. He holds out a crumpled red ribbon towards Natasha who shrinks away terrified.

·       During this stuff Dolokhov, Hélène, and Anatole are on the middle level banister part and applaud in slow motion. Marya is seated on the top level and does so as well. She just really loves the opera.

Natasha & Anatole:

·       Okay so during this, it’s the two of them in the box together.

·       So I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. But, when Natasha sings the part about there being “nothing formidable…not a barrier of modesty I’ve always felt with men” for some reason this makes her attraction to him so much more believable. Because see, she’s a young woman in 19th century Russia where men and women don’t converse this casually. So for her, this is probably the first time a man outside her family has spoken to her like a real person instead of just some woman they must be cordial to. And I hate their relationship so much, but it’s so understandable that this impressionable young woman be taken with someone who actually treats her like someone worth talking to. Like, Andrey has this distant smile and is probably really formal with her, but here this dude is being all approachable and shit.

·       Like jesus Christ stop hating on Natasha. You fan girls will jump through hoops to defend Anatole; og fuckboi of the century just because he’s pretty, even though he’s literally at fault so much more in this situation. Like c’mon he’s a grown ass man. Fucks sake…

·       So a few more things. He grabs her flower at one point.

·       Also, the last line about there being nothing between them has a double meaning. So yes, there’s nothing between them in terms of like space, or something in the way of their mutual attraction, but like also they just met. This relationship is not build on anything substantial so there is like literally nothing really between them.

The Duel:

·       Okay so visually I love this song so much. It’s such a fantastic thing, but I kept listening to the soundtrack and that’s what really got me.

·       Before it starts Anatole is just upstage and mimes a head explosion motion. It’s great. Like, I hate this character, but Lucas Steele is just such a good actor for the part.

·       Okay so Anatole comes back to the Bezukhov household all like ‘c’mon we going to drink tonight’ and Dolokhov comes in with a tray and spins it while pouring what I’ll assume is vodka, but who knows.

·       The music gets intense and the seizure lights start. A rave scene in 19th century Russia. Sign me the fuck up. The first time I had to shut my eyes, but the next three times I actually kept them open to watch everything, and it honestly wasn’t bad at all.

·       Side note: I love the whole drink with me my love part. It is just a great line.

·       So just a few things I’ve seen. One of the ensemble members (I think it’s Josh Canfield) is wearing a leather crotch harness, and green speedo. (Side note: I’m probably going to mess up on who each male ensemble member is because I’m way better versed in the women. I think it’s a side effect of being a huge lesbian…) Mary is wearing these huge aviator/mad scientist goggles (and yes I’m choosing to believe Mary has finally gotten out of the house let me have this). During the chaos so much is happening. So Marya D. is dressed up in this latex catsuit, and a riding crop complete with like a mesh covered boob window thing because Marya is always in something highnecked even as a secret deviant in a druggy club. (So different cast sources claim Grace McLean is actually playing someone called Catya, but costume designer says that “secret deviant… Marya is part of the aesthetic so I choose to believe it really is Marya but she’s disguised with these huge sunglasses. Also she spanks multiple people with that riding crop so like… wow if I didn’t know I was gay before…

·       To continue, during this Balaga is going down on Sonya (though technically it’s the actor Paul Pinto who plays a lot of roles, so it could be anyone at this point), someone does a line of “cocaine” (it’s sugar), Josh Canfield just slides across one part of the stage and almost into the table section. And everything is so sexual, and it’s the best. Like Grace McLean goes from humping Josh Canfield, to drinking with Dolokhov. During the climax (ha!) of the scene there’s that whole bit about “the health of married women and their lovers” and I just love this line so much. Hélène is so mocking of Pierre. Some ensemble members mime throwing up into the audience from drinking too much, and Mary is just hugging a banister pole and slumped on the ground. Girl doesn’t get out much.

·       Just before the big duel, Marya pulls Anatole aside to give him an impromptu blowjob. Like they exchange the riding crop and hit each other with it, and she gets down on her knees while he unzips his pants but then everything stops and Pierre is like “bitch, don’t touch my wife” to Dolokhov, and everyone immediately turns their attention to that (Grace, Brittain Ashford (Sonya), and a few others slip out to presumably change costume. The ensemble take seats to see the fun, and I was sat right next to Blaine and Heath Saunders while they talked about the duel (everyone is always talking when off-mic too) and he nudged me when the announcer was like “as the adversary’s…” and Blaine said to me “no they have not” and I was just like “not at all” back to him. Wow.

·       There’s that whole duel thing, and beforehand, Hélène is like “he will kill you” to Pierre and her voice just breaks. This part of the play is when you can really see just how much more complex their relationship is. Because Hélène’s actions show that on some level she really does care for Pierre’s wellbeing because when Dolokhov is shot she just gasps and you can’t even really hear it, but when Dolokhov shoots, she just gives out this bloodcurdling scream of horror and distress. And for the rest of the scene she’s just in shock, and exits by slowly walking up the stairs. I saw her expression up close, and she was just in shock, and devastated, and it was a turmoil of emotions.

·       TL;DR Hélène is not the monster people love to make her out to be. And I love her and will defend her with my life. Fight me.

·       While Anatole leaves he mimes finger guns at Pierre, who is so not in the mood.

Dust and Ashes:

·       Transition to the big song. Okay, so I love this song so much. For one it’s a beautiful song full of emotion and some great lines (I love “bury me in burgundy”) but also because I have a lower voice (with terrible range I might add) so I can sorta sing along to this one without sounding horrible.

·       So, for a bit it’s just Pierre silently in his office area. Then he starts hesitantly playing the chords on the piano. And while I’d agree that Josh Groben’s voice is more pleasing to hear, Dave Malloy sings it with such emotion, and I’d agree his voice is suited to play Pierre’s character better. But both men are fantastic and I loved them both.

·       At one point he holds out a book and shakes it at the audience in desperation. It’s  so beautiful and during the climax, the entire company is both standing side by side in the mezzanine, and down the two aisles in the orchestra. They sing the “ahhhs” and it’s the most beautiful and haunting thing. Like, if I could just have a picture even of that moment, I’d die happy. You’re so focused on Pierre that you might miss this, but it’s the most beautiful thing ever.

·       The song ends with this blue light on Pierre (think back to the color blind thing and you’ll feel things).

Sunday Morning:

·       Sonya and Natasha enter. It’s the next morning just after the duel so everything that just happened from Private and Intimate… to now was in like a twenty-four hour period. Maybe even Moscow, but I’m choosing to believe there was some time before Natasha went to visit the Bolkonsky’s.

·       They do the candle in the mirror thing, and holy shit. So when Natasha is looking in the mirror, and she sees the man, Pierre returns to his office area, and crosses right behind Natasha so she can see him in the mirror and that is such a brilliant stage direction and I am so shook.

·       Her future is Pierre! It’s right there!

·       The scene changes so rapidly from Natasha’s distress at seeing someone lying down in the mirror to Marya’s “SUNDAY MORNING TIME FOR CHURCH” and thank you growl voice.

·       Then after the brief church bit, Marya goes off to scold Bolkonsky for his behavior and I wish I could have seen Marya tear him a new one because it’s so funny in the books. Grace exits the big doors with such a flourish. She just like turns sidways, holds out her skirts and like floats out the door.


·       So for this scene Natasha is mostly in her corset and underthings and Hélène just waltzes in. This song is so gay, and Dave Malloy has said it was meant to be, so fuck yeah gay.

·       Hélène has on her second dress. This one’s main color is green, with black underskirts. And the coat she has on is so extra. I want one.

·       Hélène is so sensual and flounces around, twirling her skirts during this entire song. Amber Gray fuck me up. Her voice is so jazzy, and she’s got the growl down too. Jesus Christ I’m so gay. She just takes over the whole theater, and there is no one else.

·       During this, Lulu and Shoba are maids in the household and have a beautiful dress for Natasha to try on. They hold it open and she just ducks into it. I need to be able to dress this easily.

·       So, a few things about my favorite parts. “Now a woman with a dress is a frightening and powerful thing” is probably one of my favorite lines. Like fuck yeah woman power. Also, the fact that she effortlessly pronounces “Alliez dans le monde. Plutôt que de dépérir d’ennui!” which according to my French education means something like go into the word rather than perish of boredom, but she completely botches the entire title of the song. Charmante is not pronounced Charmanté. Even if it does sound so much better.

·       So Natasha has on her dress, and Hélène just casually rips the necklace Andrey gave her off, and tosses it aside (Pierre catches it, symbolism anyone?) and replaces it with her own necklace. Then they go off to the ball together.

·       Also the coat is passed to Natasha at one point and she just loves that coat as much as I do.

The Ball:

·       Lemme tell you about the ball. This musical is so disregarding of gender norms like I love it. Like an ensemble member Katrina Yaukey has full armpit hair dyed hot pink it’s awesome. But, right ball. So everyone is in costume. The women all have different tops to their dresses, but the skirts are mostly the same. The inner skirt on most (dunno if its all) comes to mid thigh, and the outerskirts open up and are long and swishy. They’ve all got little lace coverings over their eyes, and mostly different headdresses. So, from what I saw there are a few cat ears, some antlers (Pearl Rhein has such cool antlers). A few are unique and I think the main characters have those. So Mary has this cute weird thing that I’m not sure what it is, but I like it. And Marya has this golden crownlike thing that also looks like it could be wings or something dunno. But it’s unique, and her dress is backless and wow. (Gay much?)

·       So, there are no gender norms here. Here there are men dancing with men (They’ve all got mostly the same outfit. A green fancy war uniformlike jacket and bear mask (I think but I’m not sure might have just been the lighting, that Andrey’s is silver while everyone else has gold.) and women dancing with women. And different gender couples too, but sometimes the women are leading, and it’s so fucking amazing and normalized. The first time I saw that I may have teared up just thinking about how casually it’s shown. And in a play about 19th century Russia no less.

·       Okay, so it has to be said, but Mary is wearing something so beautiful, and she looks like she’s having the time of her life dancing with Katrina. And I choose to believe it’s actually Mary (not some other role) who is finally getting the adoration and attention she deserves. Katrina spins her around, and dotes on her, and it’s just beautiful. Like she literally lifts her up at one point and spins her. During this scene, not all the women and men lift their partners but Katrina does, and Mary looks so damn happy.

·       And Marya is dancing with either a female ensemble member  who is Courtney Bassett I think. The veil hides her face, and they were farther away. But wow. Is Marya a good leader. She just sensually circles her partner, and like trails her lips over her shoulders and chest, and wow.

·       Also it is a costume tournament and Hélène’s got on these dark angel wings like someone put her in the victoria’s secret show right now.

·       But back to the actual plot. So, Natasha and Anatole are dancing and whatever. It’s all very sweet and whatnot, but back to the ensemble.

·       So at the climax of the song, the dance couples life each other’s veils and masks and all grab wine glasses with different water levels to change frequency. They dip their fingers in the water, and literally trace the rim of the glass to use them as instruments like what the fuck why did this not win best score and orchestra?!??!?!?! It’s the haunting and soothing sound (yeah I know I’ve used these adjectives a lot, but it’s true). This goes on, and they all stop at the same time except for Hélène who keeps going with a spotlight on her for a bit longer before cutting off with a flourish.

·       Oh and another thing, Sonya is not at the ball. Everyone else is in costume, but Sonya is still wearing her white dress, but she comes out to do the wine glass thing.

Natasha and Anatole pledge their love for each other, and scene. 6�1��

  • major: business management 
  • minor: statistics 
  • sports: volleyball 
  • clubs: doesn’t have time since he’s interning at a big company the entire sem
  • in class, mingyu is practically a natural genius. like managment skills? statistical methods in business? intro to finance? easy stuff he soaks up information like a sponge and is always the person everyone looks forward to presenting in class and the teachers love how articulate he is with his words and he’s a real crowd pleaser you know because he’s: tall, handsome, smart, and witty
  • OUTSIDE OF CLASS THO he’s the number one memer 
  • like people who don’t know him personally or only know him in class run up to him like “omg!!! how are you so cool all the time????” and mingyu grins and shrugs it off like no big deal
  • and literally five seconds later he’s sneezing into his arm and wiping it on wonwoo’s shirt or spilling his coffee all over jeonghan’s textbooks or stealing seungcheol’s food and then dropping it and then picking it up and eating it??? and like
  • his close friends just snort when someone calls him cool because in all honesty he’s not cool he’s corny 
  • but also they all come over to his dorm because he’s the only one who uses the communal kitchen to actually cook real meals and everyone’s been living off cup ramen so it’s nice to actually eat something that’s been seasoned and cooked and mingyu’s got this special recipe for making omelets over rice and so whenever he’s making one in the morning he ends up actually making ten portions because word spreads fast and half the dorm swoops downstairs like hungry vultures ready to Feast and mingyu’s like ok ok ok fine someone pass me more eggs
  • is good at volleyball because he’s tall but has also literally tripped over air 14342 times during practice and the rest of the team is like: how does he even balance himself on those long legs??? 
  • has a habit of messing up wonwoo’s hair before wonwoo has class and like he doesn’t tell him how it looks and only when they’re both back at the dorm wonwoo points to his head and is like “mingyu, explain.” and mingyu’s like “it’s in hyung. it’s the new style.” “mingyu - i look like i rolled out of a trash can.”
  • but it’s ok wonwoo forgives him because mingyu’s the one that cleans the dorm while wonwoo passes out studying 
  • and tbh you’re one of the people who finds mingyu to be so ??? untouchable ??? like he’s the guy you see always dressed well, surrounded by lots of people, and getting top grades and so like others you’re like he’s the model college student like you see him and you’re like i wanna be like that
  • but boy oh boy are you in for the shock of ur life when you find out that the company you’re interning at is the same company mingyu interns at and like 
  • you both are in different departments but on your first day you’re taking the train and you see mingyu sitting a couple of seats away and like at first you’re like 
  • wow! he looks so spiffy in his suit and he has like a briefcase and he looks so damn well prepared that you even feel a little self conscious 
  • but then three seconds later you look over again and see that he’s falling asleep on his way and like he literally topples over onto the person beside him
  • and the person like shoves mingyu’s head off and says something rude and mingyu’s like bowing his head and apologizing
  • and like you’re like “he must have not gotten any sleep the night before.” but then
  • the next day when you’re on the train again to your internship mingyu’s there too……again…..falling asleep…..on the person beside him…….
  • and this happens for the first two weeks that you’re taking the train to your internship
  • and like you wonder if he’s just overworking himself or something but then one day you end up going in at the same time as mingyu into the building where you two work and like you go in and swipe your ID to get in but you see mingyu standing next to the security guard begging him and asking him for something and you get a little closer and the guards like “this is the 4th time this week, kid get your ID back” and mingyu’s like “i LoST IT ThO” and the guards like “this is already your third one and it’s been two weeks???” and mingyu’s making puppy dog eyes and you’re like ?????? this is not the suave boy i know off campus
  • and when you go up to his floor where he’s interning with the stats dept like you see mingyu holding a leaning tower of papers and as expected he makes one step and ends up falling over with the papers flyinG into the air
  • and some guy yells at him that he’s always being so clumsy and like you’ve never seen mingyu looking so embarrassed with his head down and his hands folded in front of him
  • and you’re like “is this a side of him no one else knows?”
  • and like you think yeah - he probably is just nervous just like you but then as you’re going back to campus from your internship you see mingyu across the street coming out of a fast food place and like licking his fingers and wiping them on his tie 
  • and like you know you’re just a little Shocked but also like it’s endearing …. 
  • everyone makes him out to be this tall, perfect student that’s always the model of what to be and here he is with crumbs around his mouth and ketchup on his shirt like … makes you giggle
  • but ofc you don’t approach him you don’t really even think he knows you two intern for the same boss until one day you get on the train take a seat and mingyu taKES THe SEAT BESIDE you 
  • and internally you’re like ?!?!?!?!?! but then you don’t even notice five minutes go by until you feel a soft thud on your shoulder and as you turn
  • there he is 
  • kim mingyu, sleeping soundly on your shoulder 
  • and you don’t push him off or anything but you do feel your face grow red and some older ladies smile at the two of you and it becomes a given that like everyone on this train thinks you two are a couple and you’re just like UM 
  • the stop you and mingyu need to get off on comes and you (sadly) have to shake him awake and then make a run for the door as you drag a half awake mingyu along with you
  • and you’re like “thank god we made it.” and mingyu’s like “yeah!” and then he straightens up and says your name and you’re like ???? you know my name and mingyu’s like “ofc i know your name we work and go to school together.” and you’re like yEAH BUT ???? we’ve never interacted
  • and mingyu laughs and he’s like “yeah we have!!! you’ve seen me fall asleep on strangers and get yelled at for losing my ID and weren’t you there when i face planted with my big stack of documents??”
  • and you’re like “wait you noticed me that whole time?” and mingyu nods and checks his watch like “we better run, can you keep up?”
  • and that’s how you end up running behind the long legged secret office/campus crush of yours and good lord he can run fast
  • you two get to the building out of breath but luckily mingyu has his ID this time and you go inside and split ways when you get off a floor before him but before you do mingyu’s like “meet me for lunch downstairs??” and you’re like /?/// ok?????!@?@?@?#
  • the entire time you’re at your desk you’re trying to piece together how it is that you haven’t noticed mingyu noticing you this whole time like,,,,,you kinda just don’t see how it happened?? he’s never even made eye contact with you on the train
  • but you leave all that for lunch when you go downstairs and see mingyu waiting 
  • and he’s like looking amazing in his black slacks and button down rolled up sleeves and hair pushed back and you’re like “he really is like a model….”
  • but then you two go to this burger place around the corner and mingyu orders two deluxe meals for himself and a huge cola and like oh my god he eats like a child and he has some lettuce in his teeth and sauce all over his hands
  • and once again you find yourself endeared but also giggling at his hidden silliness
  • and you mingyu’s like “why are you laughing??” and you lean over with your napkin to wipe off the sauce from the corner of his mouth like “thiS is WHY” but then like 
  • you’re so close and you see his eyes up close and they’re like a sparkling, mesmerizing brown and it takes everything in your strength to just pull away from looking into them
  • and like it’s a lil awkwardly silent until you’re like 
  • “u m coughs by the way um how do you know…….who i am??”
  • and mingyu’s like “AHHHHH you’re cute and i’ve liked you for some time, of course i know who you are.”
  • and you’re like …………………….WHAT
  • and mingyu scratches the back of his head and rolls his tongue in his mouth and is like 
  • “wonwoo said i should just tell you, especially before this internship is over, so ……yeah.”
  • and you’re like starstruck honestly but you’re like “why??”
  • and mingyu takes a minute to think and then he’s like “remember on our first day you saw me act like a total fool on the train? and the time you saw me getting scolded by the guard?” and you’re like “….yes?” and mingyu chuckles like “well, most people don’t like the real me. they imagine me as one thing and then the real silly, dumb side of me is something they don’t want but you - you kept looking at me right?”
  • the words get stuck in your mouth because oh god he saw you staring at him this whole time but also like………of course you kept looking at him and you say that
  • you tell him that “you’re nothing like what i thought, but it made me want to keep looking at you more. that side of you - it’s better than what i imagined.”
  • an honestly in that moment the rest of the people all fade away and it’s just you and mingyu and mingyu takes your hand as you two get up and go back to work and it just
  • it fits. you two fit each other
  • and just like that you two are a thing and every morning mingyu isn’t falling asleep on random people’s shoulders. he’s falling asleep on yours
  • and he’s kissing your cheek before he does and he’s kissing you goodbye when you get off the elevator 
  • you two hold hands and hide it behind your backs when co-workers walk by and tell you two not to go around slacking off since you’re temporary interns
  • and you and mingyu aren’t even hurt because you’re interns in love ok love is what it’s all about (but so is studying so if you’re reading this: do your homework ANYWAY)
  • you find a way to keep mingyu awake on your commute to the internship and the magic trick is literally buy him a big cup of coffee and he won’t spend the entire thirty minutes on the train snoozing
  • instead you two will talk and laugh and mingyu will do bad impressions of your boss and of teachers
  • and when you’re coming back from the internship and the trains are packed mingyu will grab the overhead pole and pull you against him so you don’t have to stretch out your arm and 
  • as clumsy as he is, he’s got these sparks of romantic in him
  • and yes you always have to remind him to sneeze into a napkin, not just wipe it off on the closest person
  • and you hit his hand when he tries to enforce the “five second rule”
  • you come up to give something to the statistic dept. head and mingyu tries to wave at you but accidentally swings his long arms too much and knocks a potted plant off a desk and you have to end up running over and helping him clean it up before the owner of the desk comes back
  • youngguk at his desk: “where is my bonsai tree?” 
  • you and mingyu: *hiding in a cubicle with the remains of youngguk’s bonsai tree* rip 
  • when the internship is over for the semester you and mingyu still see each other and just like wonwoo, jeonghan, and the rest of mingyu’s friends you come to thinking all the freshman who obsesses over how ‘cool’ and ‘smooth’ mingyu is is super funny
  • because you know how he really is, sleeping with his long limbs spread out everywhere and half of his textbook sliding out of his bed and his clothes are literally just a pile inside the closet
  • and mingyu cleans, like he’s not gross or anything but he’s also just so like he cleans and then makes a mess three seconds later and you’re like how?????
  • and when mingyu first offers to cook for you you’re like : “i dont trust you around sharp objects” but mingyu somehow convinces you (lots of kisses are involved in this bribe) and you sit down and watch him cook
  • it’s like a whole different person 
  • and you ask mingyu why he didn’t want to go to culinary school or something like that and mingyu laughs and shakes his hand and he’s like “my cooking is good - but not that good.” and maybe just maybe you hear a hint of sadness in his voice
  • but that’s gone after you take the first bite out of what he made you and you’re like mINGYU THIS is AMAZinG
  • and he grins and is like “is it???” and taste some too and he’s like “yeah, you’re right it’s amazing - like me”
  • and you seriously love the dates where you come over on a weekend and neither of you have classes and mingyu and you look up new restaurants that have opened near campus and you two go out and just try everything
  • and no matter what, you’ll order something and mingyu will try to steal bites when you’re not looking and you ALWAYS CATCH HIM but he just grins and is like !!!! i love you !!! and you’re like oh my god gET your OWN and he pouts like nooooo i wantttt yourssssss
  • he’s a big baby basically
  • mingyu starts a foodstagram just to share photos of you eating when you guys go out and you’re like sTOp i look bad in all of these and mingyu’s like “the food matters, not you baby” and you’re like EXCUSE mE and you chase him around and he laughs his head off and wonwoo is watching you two like wow. how are these two in college
  • mingyu tries to mess up your hair like he does to wonwoo before class but you grab his wrist before he can and you’re like “if you touch my hair i will not kiss you for 24 hours.” and mingyu automatically gives in because no kisses for 24 hours would kill this big affectionate puppy
  • mingyu knows you’re a sucker for his smile, especially when it shows off his canines and so he’ll smile at you like that when you’re ticked off at him and like you’ll try to be serious and tell him to stop but he’ll pull you over by the waist and smile and ask whats wrong and you’ll just be like STOP YOUR HANDSOMENESS is messING WITH ME and he just continues to smile and you’re like ,,,,,i cant be mad at him gdi
  • begs you to cook for him and you’re like mingyu im studying right now and he’s like but i want to eat and you’re like go ask jeonghan to do it and mingyu’s like jeonghan almost burnt down our communal kitchen last week pls 
  • mingyu gets good grades because he throws himself into studying right before big tests and presentations and it ends up with him not sleeping and not eating right and this is when he’s literally a Mess
  • like not a joke mess like usual but a Mess and you literally sometimes have to keep him upright because he falls over from lack of sleep and you’re like mINGYU you’re SIX FEET TALL you NEED to Eat and you shove like a granola bar in his mouth and he tries to say i love you but it comes out all muffled 
  • mingyu once wore his shirt inside out and you were like “ming-” but wonwoo was like “no. let the campus see how goofy he really is.”
  • mingyu still holds a grudge against you and wonwoo till this day
  • “mingyu i can’t reach that, can you get it?” “sure.” “mingyu why are you picking me up just uSE YOur OWN HANDS oh MY GOD AM i TWENTY FEET OFF THE fLOOR MINGYu”
  • whenever he waits for you to come out of class he opens his arms and you run into them and he spins you around and it’s cHEEEEEEESY but it’s worth it because he’s always happy to see you
  • you can never study together because mingyu will fall asleep with his head on your shoulder or on your lap and when you’re like hey buddy wake up he’s like nooooooo you’re soooo comfyyyyyy
  • once you came to watch volleyball practice and mingyu saw you and started waving and you were gonna wave back unTIL the BALL HIT him in THE heAD AND You like ScrEAMED and mingyu like fell over and everyone was like oh my god how oblivious is he
  • you cradling mingyu’s head in your lap: “are you ok???” mingyu: “am i in heaven? are you an angel?” wonwoo: “i cant believe he almost got knocked unconscious and is stILL FLIRTING WITH YOU” 

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and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

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Roman Reigns Blurb - Afternoon Delight

I looked up as Roman strolled into the kitchen and felt my heart pick up its pace just a bit. Roman without his shirt on always had an effect on me and he knew it. I gave him a sidelong glance, still enjoying the view as he came up behind me to wrap his arms around me.

“Mornin’, love.” He murmured in my ear as his lips brushed up against the side of my neck, causing me to shiver involuntarily.

“Morning?” I laughed, “It’s 1:14. In the afternoon!”

“Still morning to me,” he mumbled as he buried his head in the crook of my neck, his hands slipping up underneath my tank top to play with my breasts.

“Well, for the rest of us it’s……” it was hard to focus on what I was saying while he was pinching my nipples in between his fingertips, “it’s definitely afternoon.”

“You know what that means,” he eyed me mischievously as he pulled the strap of my tank off to the side and softly kissed across my shoulder.

“It means that I’ve been up five hours longer than you?” I smirked.

“Not even close. It means afternoon delight.”  Roman took my hand and pulled me in the direction of the bedroom.

“You’ve been up for six minutes and you’re already heading back to the bedroom,” I muttered under my breath with a smile.

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(Langst) lance having freckles all across that Freckle Area atop his cheeks and nose, but lance used to get teased and bullied because of them. And now he thinks his freckles are ugly and that he has to hide them. So he's been covering them up with as many layers of foundation as he needs for them to be "erased".

Ahhhhh my poor baby 

Growing up Lance’s mom always told him how she was jealous of his freckles. She always said “hijo, I wish I had your freckles so that people would know that the stars had kissed me.” 

Lance always love his freckles. He would run up to parents and kids and say ‘Look! The stars kissed me!!’ Nobody ever said anything bad to him.

It wasn’t until middle school that people started to pick on Lance. Everyday people would pick on Lance for the smallest thing. Being the only Cuban kid in a primary white school tend to leave him the spot light for bullying.

Lance always found a way to ruin their material. They picked on Lance for his clothes, he bought new clothes. They picked on him because he was short. When he his puberty he shot up like a bean. Everything they bullied Lance for, he always found a way around it, until he couldn’t.

“Why do you have freckles?” The kid stepped closer to Lance and stared at him.

“My mom says it’s because the stars kissed me.” Lance smiled at the boy.

“That’s dumb! You’re dumb for thinking that!” The boy shoved Lance and ran away screaming ‘Freckles are Ugly!’

This went on for weeks and every time Lance would think about what his mom said. This kept him positive for the most part. Until it became too much for Lance to handle.

Lance was standing in his bathroom staring at his face in the mirror.


Lance scratched at his face. He didn’t want to be ugly. He wanted to be pretty just like everyone else.

Lance was 13 when he started to wear makeup.


Hunk knocked on the bathroom door. “Lance hurry we up, we have to go to class.”

“I’ll be right out!” Lance stared at himself in the mirror and his fingers ghostly moved from his right cheek, over his nose down to his left cheek. Disgusting. Lance grabbed his foundation and quickly applied it. He wanted them gone.


It was around 3am when the alarms in the castle started to blare.

“Paladins you must hurry! Zarkon is attacking! Get to your lions at once.” Alluras voice boomed over the loud speakers. Lance jumped out of his bed and put on his armor, and quickly applied a small dab of makeup on his cheeks.

The unfortunate thing about makeup is that it can be sweated off, and it was coming off fast. Lance couldn’t help it, he sweated when he was nervous, and fighting for your life is pretty nerve racking.  

After the battle was won Lance landed his lion and started to walk to the bridge to quickly brief with Allura before heading back to bed. Lance wiped his face, attempted to remove some of the sweat, he didn’t even realize the brown mark the makeup left on his armor.

Upon enter the bridge Lance noticed that everyone was already there. Allura quickly told everyone her plan to move the castle and ordered them to head back to bed. Lance was halfway to his room before he was stopped by Keith.

“Hey Lance, you did really good out there, well for the leg.” Keith said jokily.

Lance smiled at himself, after every mission they would tease each other. “You didn’t do too bad yourself mullet.”

Keith laughed and walked to Lance and joined on his walk to his room. “You have to come up with a better nickname for me. Mullet is getting old.”

Lance started to laugh but stopped when he saw Keith staring at him. “What? Do I have a mullet?” Lance reached back to feel how long his hair had gotten.

“Freckles.” Keith took a step closer to Lance and stared harder.

Lance stumbled backwards. He reached up and wiped away for foundation, he bit his lip. “Listen I grew up with that nickname, I don’t need it from you.” Lance started to walk away but Keith stopped him.

“Lance wait, I wasn’t saying it in a negative way, I just never noticed them.” Keith stared at Lances cheeks.

“Well because I don’t want people to see them.” Lance placed his free hand over his face.

Keith pulled his arm down “Why not? They’re cute, it’s like the stars kissed you.”

Lance stared at Keith for a few seconds before he broke down crying. It had been such a long time since he heard something nice about his freckles. “You don’t think that they are ugly?” Lance managed to sob out.

“What? No, no, no. Why? They’re freckles.” Keith pulled Lance in for a hug and Lance hugged him back crying even harder.


Lance stood in his bathroom staring at himself. His hand hovering over his foundation. Should I? Lance thought back to that night with Keith and walked out of the bathroom without the foundation. 

My poor son. Freckles are beautiful!

BTW the thing about the stars kissing you is something my best friends mom said to me and it always sticks with me. 

Thank you for this!!! <3

fair date w/ donghyuck

duuUUude don’t even test me i love hyuck so much :’) thank you for requesting this!! lord knows my soft ass will combust while writing this <3

btw,,  , my scenarios like this will be written in a bullet point form, unless specified otherwise by the requester

warning: i swear a lot in this sorry

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  • my soft boy :’’’) aHhHH 
  • let’s start with how he would ask you out!!
  • despite how Confident he is,, he would be superrr shy
  • so much that he would get his and your friends to hype him before he went through with it
  • he’d gather all of them together and tell them a plan
  • basically that one scene in ned’s declassified where everyone helps ned ask out suzy
  • before you knew it,
  • people would gather around you, mentioning him a BUNCH
  • “hey y/n! did you see donghyuck today? pretty cute, huh?”
  • “y/n! did i tell you what donghyuck said earlier?”
  • then he would finally approach you
  • he’d have this cute timid smile on his face
  • and a single rose in his hand
  • it would be hard for him to keep eye contact
  • a faint blush along his cheeks
  • “will you go out with me?”
  • once you said yes the b r i g h t e s t, w i d e s t smile would blossom on his lips
  • you know the one :)
  • he’d leave with a bounce in his step
  • then realize that he doesn’t have your number
  • put your number in his phone
  • save your name as “y/n <3333″
  • give you a smile and run back out of the room yelling “i’ll text you later!!”
  • you guys would text back and forth and he’d make so many fuckin jokes and use so many emojis, both ironically and seriously
  • finally, the day would come
  • hyuck would get ready 3 hours before he had to go pick you up
  • drown himself in nice smelling things
  • he’d get his clothes steamed and ironed
  • lookin Fresh as hell
  • he’d check his hair and appearance every 5 seconds
  • when he arrived to pick you up, he’d s t r o l l up to your front door
  • feelin fly af
  • “hey, y/n ;) you ready?”
  • BITCHHH he needa relax all y’all doin is goin to a fair
  • he’d try not to make it noticed, but he’d be super blushy when he sees you because he can’t believe his crush is so adorable and good looking
  • teasing is a must
  • “is little y/n scared to ride the rides?”
  • “you’re cold already? man, you’re lucky i brought my jacket.”
  • just,, ,,  a Big asshole but a lovely asshole who you’d have a great time with
  • when you’d arrive, obviously the first stop is,  food.
  • he’d bring money to buy food, but would only buy one because of the potential for a lady and the tramp moment
  • you’d go to ride a ride
  • and yet again,,  he’d tease you about being scared
  • but ohh noo, HE’D be the scaredy cat
  • he’d grab your hand and hold it so tightly
  • that’s donghyuck
  • here it’s so funny i love that vine
  • you’d get off
  • he’d be so shakey and his hair would be super disheveled
  • he’d look so Cute
  • once he came to his senses
  • he’d realize that his hand is holding yours
  • the tenth blush of the night!
  • but he wouldn’t let go
  • that cliche moment where he wins a teddy bear for you
  • but instead of him winning it, he loses and then you win it for him
  • he’d cuddle the FUCK out of that bear
  • name it the cutest possible name
  • like cinnamon or something
  • of course, y’all gotta ride the ferris wheel before you leave
  • while you get on it and go around
  • a breeze would come in
  • and by a breeze i mean donghyuck blowing so you’ll be cold and he could give you his jacket and put his arm around you
  • you’d shiver
  • he’d give a sly smile
  • without asking, he’d wrap his jacket around you
  • he’d do that yawn thing
  • where he’d stretch out his arms above him while yawning
  • and place his arm around you
  • you’d lean back and put your head on his shoulder
  • you’D blurt out that he smells good
  • and life would be so aHHhHH because you literally just said that in front of him and you didn’t mean to
  • eventually, the ride would end
  • the night would end
  • and you guys would go back to your house
  • you’d go to give him his jacket back
  • “keep it”
  • he’d build up courage
  • and say
  • “i really like you”
  • kiss you on the cheek
  • then before you went to bed
  • he’d text you and you’d smILE and be the Happiest person ever
  • donghyuck 💗 —  sorry i ran away, i didn’t know how you’d react. sleep well! i’ll see you at school on monday. i had a great time tonight and i hope you’ll go out with me again :)
  • hope you enjoyed!! that’s it for now, request some more if ya want :))
“The family’s girl” (Batfam x reader) Part5

Hi there!

Sorry for the short hiatus. College was murder! But here I am again!

Have you heard the news??? A Noghtwing movie!!!! i’m so to give and now..


i’m scared they’ll mess up .

Nonetheless! Thanks for you support, ask and coments. Really, I love reading them. So, i’ve found a pattern. @hamsterforlive seems to coment in almost all the chapters and! reads them repeatedly. Their last comment in the part 4 made me laught, so… you got a little something in the story. ;) Probably this Sunday or Monday will come the part 6, as this one is a bit shorter than the others.

Love you, little wings!

(Promps open!)

Part1 Part2  Part3 Part4 Part5 (here you are!) Part6  Part7


A wild hamster appeared between the two of you, hitting Dick straight in his face, you grabbed the pet before it hit the ground as Dick sweared and grabbed his nose. 

Following the wild hamster came someone who was wearing a hamster hoodie and a mask. They apologized profusely to the two of you, you smiled at them and said that it was alright and then ran away, blushing and hamster in hand… Then Dick looked at you, and realization got to him and blushed he then said,

“Well, I have to go. Tomorrow I gotta go to work early” Dick smiled, but if you looked deep in his eyes, the frustration was there. Because, God, what does a guy gotta do to get laid with the girl he likes, dammit!

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then. Good night Dick.”

“Good nigh-“You pecked him in the lips before blush hard and run inside your house. As the door closed you leaned on the door.

Dick had frozen, fingers touching his lips. Realization seemed to get to him and suddenly he was yelling happily, dancing and giggling. After his little happiness dance and act like a crazy person, Dick entered his flat.

You smiled as you saw everything through the peephole.

God, he was such a dork!


The next day.

As you were walking home you remembered you had to go shopping…aaand you had forgot the money back home.

“S*ht” You facepalmed.

“What troubles the most beautiful girl in the universe?” A guy dressed in red and blacks, medium black hair and what seemed like wing as a cape landed in front of you, smiling at you as he flipped his hair out of the way.

“Who are you? I thought Nightwing was the only superhero in the ‘Haven.”

“I’m Red Robin, achanté m’lady” He kissed your hand sweetly. You blushed at the same time your stomach decided to be a b*ch and roared like a tyrannosaurus rex.

“…sorry” You smiled awkwardly.

“You hungry? I know a pretty fine place not to far” Red robin suggested.

“I-I don’t have money on me…” Red robin smiled at you before messing your hair.

“Don’t worry about it. Is on me”






That were the thought that were battling in your head as Red Robin had bought you..

To a batman themed McDonald’s.

Oh my f*cking god

“This isn’t as classy as you deserve, but I-I didn’t bought to much cash. This suit is really tight you know?” Tim-I mean Red Robin rambled, a soft blush on his cheeks.

“Red, don’t worry. I love it” You touched his cheek sweetly as his face broke in the cutes smile and the reddest blush.

“C’mon lets go inside! “ You grabbed Red’s arm and dragged him towards the door.

He got a cheeseburger and you got a Batmeal, It’s like a happy meal but batman themed.

 You two were sitting in one of the ‘Haves highed rooftops eating you food, joking and laughing. He told you embarrasing stories about Nightwing and some about his other partners. He asked what you were doing and if there was someone for you.

You blushed as you said no, Red smirked flirtatiously.

“I don’t understand, how someone so beautiful is single” You laughed embarrased at his flirtaious coments.

“Thanks, red. But I don’t think I’m that beautiful” Your smile became strained and sad. 

“You’re kidding right? I’ve meet aliens, superheroines, amazons and you are the most beautiful of them all. With that adorable face, those sparkling (e/c) eyes that silky (h/c) hair….gosh” Red sighed dreamily.

“heh” You said as his declaration leave you speechless, realization got to his brain and his face matched the red of his uniform.


You broke in a laughing fits and after a few seconds Red started laughing with you, his fit was more out of nerves than of finding this funny.

After the two of you calmed down, you found yourself sitting close to Red with his hand around yours.

“What toy did you get?” Red asked you, whishing it was his toy and not his brothers.

“Look! I got a …..”


Tim smiled


Tim smile disappeared.

He frowned as you started playing with the toy.

“pew pew! Hahahahaha”

“How about we do this every Wednesday? Just you and me” Red asked, his warm hand wrapping around yours.

“I-I don’t want to be a burden”



“Y’know, you remind me of my best friend. His name is Tim.” You smiled sweetly and Tim felt cold sweat run through his back.

“TIM? NO, I DON’T KNOW HIM!!!!!1 WHATEVER IS A TIM???!! HAHAHAHAHA TIM DRAKE???! WHAT? I’M CUTER THAN HIM! HAHAHAHA-Sorry, normalyi’mmore seriusandintelligent,youjustaresobeautiful,idon’tknowhowtoact.” Tim rambled, blushing.

“Hey, it’s alright. I-I think you’re handsome to.” Tim face sparkled happiness all over.


Tim thought while smiling softly at you and kissing your cheek, then your nose and then your hand.

“I have to go now, but I can’t wait to meet again”

Tim grabbed you bride style and flied out of there.. He bought you back to your place, entering through the windows.

“Well, goodbye (Y/N). I hope to see you soon.”

“Likewise, Red!” You kissed him European style and Red Robin jumped out, his silhouette disappearing in the sky.

Your phone started ringing.

Tim Drake said:

(y/n)!!! Are you home? I bought movies and popcorn!

You said:

Timmy! Yea come up! I’ll prepare the couch and the blankets.

Tim Drake said:


Meanwhile you got everything done, a nervous Tim Drake was changing in the alley next to your flat. He tried to change at Flash speed, but no. He fell to the ground trying to get out of the stupid tights.


He fought his pants a bit more before successfully changing to his civvies.

“I’m ready. (y/n) get ready to be sweep out of your feet!”


The doorbell rang as you finished preparing everything. You got the blankets ready, you had your comfy pajama and (f/d).

You smiled and went to get the door.

“Hey Timmy!” You smiled at the young man, dressed in a red hoodie and black pants. His hair was a mess and he looked out of breath.

“Hey, (y/n). bought the popcorn!” He said dangling the popcorn in the air.

“Great!” You grabbed it and went to your kitchen. Tim took a deep breath and looked in the mirror, arranging his hair and encouraging himself to confess.

“Timmy! Come in, don’t stand there.”

“oh right! What do you want to see? Tim sat in the conch

“What did you bought?” You sat next to him, covered the two of you in your favorite blanket and put the bowl between the two of you.

“W-Well, we got “Bridget Jones” “The conjuring” “Lego” and “Noah’s diary”. So which one?”

“hmm I feel like seeing a scary movie, so… “The conjuring” I know I’ll regret it but… YOLO”

“hahaha.” Tim laughed at your funny face.

You got up and put the movie in the DVD player. Then sat again next to Tim, but this time your head was tucked in his shoulder, he smiled and put his arm around you. In his head he was high fiving himself and doing a little victory dance.


In the most scary parts, you and Tim sat closer and closer until you were in his lap and Tim was caressing you shoulder absentmindedly. The two of you made a cocoon of the blankets. Tim mussed up the courage to kiss you.


Tim kissed you cheek first then his kisses trailed down to your neck. Sweet little kisses draw a map on your skin. Soft moans escaped you and Tim’s courage increased exponentially.

The movie played in the background as Tim kisses distracted you, playfully you kissed his neck, making him the moaning mess. Most when you found his sweet spot, wich you used against him when you felt like it or he did moved under you, breaking your concentration.

As the movie was almost finished, it had started raining. Loud thunder and lightning painted the sky.

As you were sitting in Tim’s lap and your head was hiding in his neck, your kisses had stopped as the first loud thunder broke the peace of the night. Tim was hugging you his face tucked in your hair, he had stopped kissing you and now was trying to calm you down, when suddenly the light went out.

“AHHHHHHHHH” You and Tim screamed.


Someone was hitting the door.

“OH MAI GAT, TIMMY PROTECT MEEEH” You screamed as hugged Tim tighter, your legs came around his waist.



“SSHHHHH” Tim shushed you.

You went towards the door, your phone’s flashlight illuminated your way. You looked at Tim for reassurance, he gave you a thumps up as he grabbed a frying pan and came next to you, ready to hit the monster.

“1…2….3” You whispered before opening the door.

“AAAHHHHHHIYAAA” Tim tried to hit the shadow in the door but it stopped the pan before it hit it. It growled menacingly and Tim grabbed you and put you behind him, you used the distraction to go get a weapon, that turned out to be a vase, with flowers and everything.

“WHO ARE YOOUU?” You screamed as Tim thought of ways of fighting the shadow without blowing his secret identity.

Lighting and thunder decided to appear now as the shadow of a man entered your flat, it smirked at your despair.

Tim grabbed your phone and illuminated the intruder’s face.

“YOU” Tim said outraged.

“me” It smirked evilly

It was-

To be continued….

Who do you think is the shadow??

The Set Up- Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by steenbean

Ok so this one turned out super cute and I really liked it so I hope you guys like it too! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: You’re writing is absolutely amazing and I gotta say I am completely addicted to it because I can barely go a couple of hours on an off day where I’m not checking and re-checking your blog to see if you’ve posted a new one. And honestly, I really need an imagine with Mitch Marner trying to set his older sister up with Matt Martin, but it turns out she’s dating Tyler Seguin from you because you’re that amazing.


              You were close with Mitch, which wasn’t normally the case with siblings.

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Bad Decisions

Evan Hansen was a complete lightweight. He also had a penchant for doing stupid things while drunk. So, being at a house party with plenty of booze and an abundance of bad decisions to be made, it was natural that Evan was going to make a mistake.
This mistake came in the form of a boy, called Connor Murphy.
Evan was working on his third glass of…whatever was in the house punch, when he decided to go outside for some fresh air. He pulled the sliding glass door and stumbled out onto the porch. Unbeknownst to Evan, someone else had also decided to take refuge there.
“Can I help you?” a voice asked, and a second later a boy stepped out into the light from where he had been slouched against the side of the house. A lit cigarette dangled from his fingers, and the boy took a deep inhale as he cocked his eyebrow, waiting for Evans response.
“Oh!” Evan jumped, his drink sloshing out of his cup. “Sorry, I didn’t realize anyone was out here. I just needed fresh air, y'know,” Evan grinned at the other boy, far beyond tipsy. A frown crossed his face. “I can go, if you want–”
“No, it’s fine,” the other boy said, stepping closer to Evan. He took a drag on his cigarette “Connor. You’re kinda cute,” he said, blowing smoke out at Evan and offering the cigarette.
“Evan,” he responded, shaking his head at the cigarette. “No thanks. And you’re not so bad yourself.” Evan slurred a bit, winking clumsily at Connor.
Connor laughed and exhaled more smoke. “So, you here alone?”
“Oh, well I was with my friend, but I’m not sure where he is now. I sorta lost him after my…first glass?” Evan explained, gesturing with his cup.
“So, what I’m hearing is you’re not here with anyone? No girlfriend, no boyfriend, no significant other?” Connor asked, stepping forward, dropping his cigarette butt and grinding it out with the toe of his boot, keeping eye contact with Evan the whole time.
Evan swallowed and set down his cup. “Nope, just me myself and I,” he said, stepping to meet Connor. He paused, taking a shaky breath, and slurred “Unless you want to join?”
Connor smirked and Evan pulled him into a somewhat sloppy kiss. Connor tasted like cigarettes and vanilla, Evan noticed, winding his hands into Connors hair. Connor used the kiss to push Evan back against the porch railing, causing Evan to accidentally tug on Connors long hair.
“Ahhhhh,” Connor sighed into Evan’s mouth. “Do that again,” he commanded, breaking away for air. Evan obliged, curling his hands tighter into Connor’s hair as the other boy leaned down to kiss him again. Connor wrapped his arms around Evan’s waist and lifted him up to sit on the porch railing, Evan making a surprised cry into his mouth before wrapping his legs around Connors waist. Connor was just reaching his hands up Evans shirt to feel across his skin when the porch door slid open.
“Hansen, what the shit!” A voice cried out angrily.
“What is that,” Connor asked, clearly annoyed, as he stepped away from Evan.
“…That would be the friend I lost,” Evan mumbled. “Hey Jared!” He called, sliding off the porch rail, accidentally knocking off his drink. “Oops,” he giggled.
“Evan, what the hell??! I go to the kitchen to get a drink and you just disappeared on me, what were you thinking?” Jared demanded.
“I was boredddd, I wanted to go exploree, and have fuuunnnn!” Evan whined, leaning into Jared.
“Jesus, how much have you had to drink? You’re wasted, oh my god.” Jared sounded exasperated. “And you,” he demanded, turning on Connor. “What the fuck were you thinking, taking advantage of him like that, when he’s clearly not in the right mind state to give proper consent!” Jared yelled at Connor.
“Woah, dude, chill, he was clearly a consenting and enthusiastic party, were you not?” Connor called over to Evan, holding his hands up in mock surrender. Evan nodded enthusiastically, grinning at Jared.
“What? No! No, you do not just make out with someone who’s sloppy drunk at a party because they say yes, that is just asking for trouble,” Jared berated Connor. “C'mon, we’re going,” Jared said angrily, grabbing Evans hand and pulling him back inside the house and towards the main exit.
“What? Why?” Evan demanded. “Jared, no I was having fun, being loose, isn’t that why you brought me?”
“When I said you needed to loosen up, I didn’t mean for you to get absolutely smashed, you lightweight, and make out with Connor Fucking Murphy.” Jared responded, stopping to grab his jacket a chair.
“I’m not ‘absolutely smashed’!” Evan protested, his slurred words slightly ruining his argument. “And why does it matter to you who I kiss?”
“Jesus, Evan, it matters because– because it’s Connor goddamn Murphy, that’s why! He’s psychotic, who knows what we could’ve done to you!” Jared responded, irked.
“No, I think it’s just that you don’t want me kissing anyone.” Evan shot back, taunting almost.
“No, I don’t care, you can kiss anyone you want, EXCEPT Connor Murphy, alright?” Jared said, pulling the house door open and dragging the two of them outside.
“Fine.” Evan said, breaking out of Jared’s grasp and turning to re-enter the house. “Then I’m going to go and make out with whoever I want!” Evan slurred, unusually argumentative.
“No, Evan you’re drunk, you need to get home–”
“No, I’m fine, you just want me away so I can’t make out with anyone! Why won’t you just let me–” Evan started, but was cut off by Jared’s lips suddenly and harshly placed on his. Evan tried to pull the other boy closer and deepen the kiss, but Jared pulled back sharply, pushing Evan away.
“Jared…” Evan started, reaching out for him.
“No, Evan, you’re drunk,” Jared repeated, sounding more like a reminder to himself than to Evan. And with that, Jared turned and ran. Evan stood on the doorstep of the house, lips tingling, staring at the the spot where Jared was disappearing.

anonymous asked:

If you wanted, you could write a Solangelo au where one is a single parent? That'd be neat,,

Note: Lina’s full name is Carolina, and it is pronounced CaroLEENA.

Hope you guys like it.

Ari xxx

It was Lina’s first day of school, and Nico was having a breakdown.

The little five year old ran in circles around her dad, wearing her adorable Little Mermaid backpack. Her Uncle Percy started that obsession, and now Nico didn’t have a day without watching that movie at least twice.

She was so excited, but it made him even more nervous for her.

What if the kids are mean to her?

What if she falls and hits her head?

What if she’s alone for lunch?

What if they laugh at her for not having two parents?

He wiped his hands on his jeans for the millionth time.

“Carolina, did you brush your teeth?”, Nico said.

“Yes, papa.”, She nodded and bit back a smile.

“You sure?”, He raised an eyebrow.

“Yes…”, Lina’s face betrayed her words.

Nico waited a bit more and crossed his arms.

“No… I didn’t.”, She looked down ashamed.

“It’s okay. Now, go up and brush your teeth.” He watched his daughter fondly, as she ran up the stairs.

Nico nibbled on a piece of toast, not having that much of an appetite.

Lina was an exact carbon copy of Nico’s sister Bianca. The only thing different was her eyes, instead of the dark brown, it was a deep grey. Startling and clever.

It hurt everytime he thought of Bianca. She was the one who basically raised Nico, later their half sister Hazel. She was always the one who loved life and wanted to do something great, but then she got pregnant.

Whoever the father was, he was never around. Nico never knew him. The only remnant of him was Lina’s eyes.

Bianca was ecstatic. She wanted to be a mom so bad. She wanted to make sure her abby never felt unloved, unlike Nico and her growing up. But after she gave birth to the perfect Carolina, she fell sick. She was gone too soon and Nico was left with his niece, now daughter. He was a dad at 21.

He wouldn’t have survived that first year if it wasnt for his friends. Helping him with Lina and his grief.

And now 5 years later, here they were happy and content.

“Carolina Maria di Angelo, you’re gonna be late!!”, Nico yelled.

The sound pitter patter of small feet running started almost immediately. “I’m coming, papa! Wait for me!”

He soft shook his head, as if he could leave her.

“Let’s go, slowpoke!”, he laughed as she rushed to get her new shoes on.

“Don’t laugh, papa!”, She stuck her tongue out at him.

As the two exited the small flat, Nico handed Lina her lunchbox. “Don’t forget to eat, okay?”

“I won’t, papa.”, She took it in her hands.

“Don’t forget to drink water and if someone is mean to you, what do you do?”

“You kick them where it hurts.”

“Yes you kic- No! Who said that?”, Nico said, already dreading the phone calls he’s going to get saying that Lina kicked a classmate in the crotch.

“Uncle Leo and Uncle Percy.”, Lina flashed him an innocent grin.

Nico made a mental note to kick them where it hurts.

Lina’s school was a little public school around five blocks away from where they lived. Parents were already going to their children’s classes to meet the teachers.

Before they got out of the car, Nico took a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. “Darling, have fun, okay. Make friends, have fun, and try your best. If you do that, papa will be so very proud.”

“I promise, papa!”, she flashed him a brilliant smile.

As they walked to Lina’s cass to meet her teacher, Lina grabbed his hand. A small gesture that melted his heart.

They finally got to Room 112, and a man that Nico guessed was Mr. Solace stood outside the door greeting his incoming students and parents.

Holy Hell. Mr. Solace was the most beautiful person Nico has ever seen. He seemed to be around Nico’s age. Deep tan skin and golden hair that seemed to reflect sunlight.

No, Nico. Dont get distracted by your daughter’s teacher, for gods sake. Be professional.

“Hi! I’m Will Solace, and who would you be?”, The pretty teacher crouched down to Lina’s eye level.

The excitement in Lina was replaced with a sudden shyness. She hid behind Nico’s leg and peeked up at Will with curious eyes.

“Go on, darling. Introduce yourself to Mr. Soalce.”, Nico softly nudged Lina with his hand.

“My name is Carolina di Angelo, but my papa calls me Lina.”, Lina slowly got out from behind Nico’s leg and stood in front of Mr. Soalce. She held out her hand, just like how Nico taught her when she met new people.

“Nice to meet you, Lina. Go inside and find a seat, and we’ll start soon.”, He smiled warmly at her.

Lina looked at Nico, silently asking permission. Nico nodded, and she went off.

However, just before she passed the door, Lina abruptly stopped and turned and gave Nico a hug. “Bye, papa. See you later. Love you!!”

Nico’s eyes misted over, but he quickly wiped them away with his sleeve.

“She seems like a good kid, Mr. di Angelo.”, Mr. Soalce said to him, a shining glint in his eyes.

“You can call me, Nico, and I tried raising her the best I can.” Nic soft said, hoping the secret meaning of the words were carried along.

Mr. Solace’s eyes slightly widened, and he smiled even wider, if it was possible. “I can alreayd tell that you did an amaizing job, Nico.”

Nico’s heart skipped a beat. His eyes were a very startling blue. He was such pleasant sight to look at. The way he smiled and the way Nico’s name rolled off his tongue.

“Thank you, Mr. Solace.” Nico desperately tried to hid the spreading blush on his cheeks.

“Call me Will. I promise you I will take good care of Lina.”, Will’s deep blue eyes met Nico’s.

“Okay. Thank you, Will.”, Nico smiled. He then had to go to work and said his goodbyes to the captivating teacher.

Will waved at him as he left.

Nico didn’t feel scared for Lina anymore.

He knew she was in good hands.





Ari xxx

Rhysand’s Playlist

This playlist is just songs that reminded me of Rhysand and his journey through ACOMAF and some songs I think he could relate to. They’re either fun and silly stuff that he’d listen to if he’d get drunk with the bros or something or dark sad ones he’d listen to when he’d miss Feyre or before when she’d been betrothed to Tamlin. Hope you enjoy!

1. Highway to Hell by ACDC

This song is just fun and silly. Like one of my old posts, I could seriously imagine him, Cassian and Azriel all drunk and singing this together all off-pitch and drunk laughing and ahhhhh. So cute. 

2. Brother by Matt Corby (stripped back version)

I think this is a song Rhys would listen to whenever he was feeling sad. Not sad about Feyre specifically, but more sad just in general or if he just couldn’t stop thinking about Under the Mountain. I could see him just waking up in the middle of the night (in the three months before he called upon the bargain) 

3. Stone Cold by Demi Lovato

This song… This song just hits me right in the feels. It’s bloody perfect for Rhys. Seriously. Just so much emotion and the lyrics are so relatable and it’s just so perfect. Especially when he admits that he just wants Feyre to be happy… This is the song for that (of course, if the lyrics were changed genders and stuff). The live or original versions are both amazing. 

Stone cold
God knows I try to feel
Happy for you
Know that I am
Even if I can’t understand
I’ll take the pain
Give me the truth
Me and my heart
We’ll make it through
If happy is her him
I’m happy for you

“I heard you were going to marry him, and I told myself you were happy. I should let you be happy, even if it killed me. Even if you were my mate, you’d earned that happiness.”

4. A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

Rhys would have this on loop, definitely. He’d even like know all the lyrics and sing it to himself with some hard liquor by himself, staring up at the stars and tears just silently streaming down his face. He’d worship and adore this song. Another feels crusher. 

Misplaced trust in old friends Tamlin
Never counting regrets
By the grace of God I do not rest at all
And New England as the leaves change
The last excuse that I’ll claim
I was a boy who loved a woman like a little girl
And still I can’t let you be
Most nights I hardly sleep
Don’t take what you don’t need from me
It’s just a drop in the ocean
A change in the weather
I was praying that you and me might end up together
It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
But I’m holding you closer than most ‘cause you are my…
Heaven doesn’t seem far away anymore

No, no
Heaven doesn’t seem far away

5. Resolution by Matt Corby

This is a good carefree song that I could see Rhys and Feyre dancing to, and Rhys secretly enjoying it so much because it reminds him of when he was kneeling before putting those thigh strap thingies on and he told her that she was his salvation and Feyre and Rhys dancing is literally the cutest most swoon worthy thing in my mind. Like seriously, I can’t even think about it without screeching.

You’ll be my resolution
Characters of no illusion
You’ll be my resolution

Turn around, put it down and see
That this is really the place to be

I’m not you, nor you me
But we’re both moving steady

6. Oceans by Seafret

This song is just so smooth and relaxing yet still powerful and relatable simultaneously. Rhys would like, I don’t know, listen and stare out the window thinking about how much he misses Feyre. I’ts just amazing and seafret is soooog good you should check out their other stuff!

I want you
Yeah I want you
And nothing comes close
To the way that I need you
I wish I can feel your skin
And I want you
From somewhere within

It feels like there’s oceans
Between me and you once again
We hide our emotions
Under the surface and tryin’ to pretend

7. Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine

Rhys would especially love this song because of all the references to the night! It’s truly such an amazing song (especially live! I saw her in concert like two weeks ago) and he’d really just adore it and think of Feyre. I also think that Feyre would also love this song because she would relate to it so much. 

A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes
I screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now it’s left me blind
The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart
And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat
I tried to find the sound
But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness,
So darkness I became

 “When you spend so long trapped in the darkness, [Lucien,] you find that the darkness begins to stare back.”

8. Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Don’t imagine Rhys singing this under his breath while they slow dance around the room

Don’t imagine Rhys humming this while playing in Feyre’s hair or tracing little doodles along her skin

Don’t imagine Rhys whispering the lyrics to her before she falls asleep

Don’t imagine Rhys actually singing the song to her on their anniversary or her birthday

Any version of this song is literally perfect. The one for the link is by Haley Reinhart, but here are some of my favorites:

-Elvis (duh)

-Fleet Foxes (LOVE IT)

-Twenty One Pilots (so adorable)

And here are some extra songs that would fill up the rest of Rhys’s l love Feyre Paylist on his phone/iPod

-Love More by Bon Iver (sad)

-Safety Dance by Sleeping at Last (sweet and cute)

-Not Today by Imagine Dragons (adorable)

-Tell Me It’s Real by Seafret (cute/sad)

-Truce by Twenty One Pilots (for when he’s sad and just hopeless)

-Creature Fear (romantic)

-Lay Me Down by Sam Smith (don’t imagine Rhys worshipping this song)

-Slow it down by the Lumineers (sad and slow and PERFECT)

-Halo cover by Ane Brun feat. Linnea Olsson (amazing and so cute)

First Try

Drabble: “brian/youngk teaching his s/o to kiss ??”
Pairings: Brian Kang/Kang Younghyun/Young K x Reader
Notes: Ahhhhh I’m absolutely horrible at writing kissing/make out fics/scenes. I feel like I don’t describe it right :((
Word Count: 612
Warnings: None
Genre: Fluffy

“You’re sure about this?”

“Well— I… yeah,” You were very meek in your answer, as even you weren’t very sure yourself. Your face was flushed completely red at the thought of kissing Brian, or even kissing anyone for the first time. You could basically feel the embarrassment radiating off of you as you looked to the ground, your arms wrapped around your middle as if you were trying to shield yourself from his gaze.

“You don’t sound very sure,” Brian let out a small sigh and he took a few slow steps forward. He gently placed his knuckles under your chin to raise your head up, and he gave you a soft smile as he brushed your hair behind your ear, giving him a full view of your beet-red cheeks. “I’m being serious, y/n, if you’re not sure then we—

“No! I’m sure, I’m promise.” You shook your head immediately in denial, and you gave him a strong look of determination as you peered up at him. “Please, Brian?” You pleaded, trying to give him the best pout you could despite your uncertainty.

Brian searched your face one last time before finally nodding his head with another sigh, and he let his forehead fall gently to rest on your own as he breathed out slowly. “Okay then, but only if your comfortable with it.”

Brian’s hands were resting gently on the sides of your face as he slowly leaned closer towards you, his lips softly landing on top of your own. The sensation was odd to you at first, as you weren’t exactly sure how to respond to someone kissing you, but Brian was understanding, as he wasn’t rushing anything.

His lips were soft against your own, and he moved them at a slow pace against yours to try and help you get the hang of everything. His thumbs moved in small circles against the skin of your cheeks, an action that seemed to calm your racing heart as you tried to keep up with his pace. You had to press against your toes a bit to reach him, your lips pressing just a bit harder against his as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He pulled you a bit closer to him as one hand travel down to your waist, his fingers gently tickling your sides, causing a small smile to form on your lips.

The kiss itself lasted for a short while, and as Brian slowly pulled away from you, the uncertainty came flooding back as you peered up to him. “Did I do good?” Your voice came out as a whisper, and you were quick to hide your face into the fabric of his sweater as the red tint came flooding back to your cheeks.

“Are you wearing my mint chapstick?”

“Brian!” A small squeak fall past your lips as you raised your head to look at him, and surprise contorted your features as you saw the smirk that was now gracing his lips. “You’re not supposed to answer a question with another question!”

“I think you are,” Brian seemed to be avoiding answering your question as he nodded in reply to his own question, and he looked down to you with a mischievous smile. Within seconds his lips were pressed to yours once again, but he gave you no chance to respond as he pulled back again quickly, running his tongue over his lips as he peered down to you in question. “Oh yay, that’s definitely my mint chapstick.”

“Yah, Brian!”

“Also, to answer your question; you did amazing, sweetheart. We’ll have to try it again later though, you know, just in case you forget.”

Across the Stars, Chapter 6

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 7  Chapter 8

AN: Hi! It’s a little late, I know. I have so many things to do and my ADHD has been hitting me really hard these last couple of weeks and I have SO many things that I’ve been putting off and off and off and deadlines are staring me in the face and AHHHHH. But I like this chapter and I hope you all do as well!

“What the hell was that?” Feyre wrapped her arms around herself, narrowing her eyes as Tamlin stalked back into the bedroom after slamming the door behind Rhys. She dug her fingers into the cotton thermal, Rhys’s voice still slithering down her spine and sending a shudder of electricity spiking through her veins.

Tamlin’s own eyes narrowed. “Care to explain how you know him?”

She blinked, taken aback. “Know him? He literally just told you. We happen to go to the same coffee shop—“

“Is he the son of a bitch who’s been following you?” Tamlin’s voice was dangerous. “Did he follow you to work?”


“How much have you talked to him? What does he—“

“I don’t know him,” she ground out. “I’ve had maybe three conversations with him, all of them perfectly mundane.”

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Happy Birthday

Request:  Hi!! I’m in love with your blog, I just found it and it’s amazing :) The stress reliever Jimin smut was sooo good and Jimin is my ultimate bias so I need more!! Can I request a Jimin smut where he offers to give the reader a full body massage as a birthday present and things get a little heated *wink wink* Thanks you’re amazing <3

Ahhhhh!!!! Thank you so much!! You have no idea what that means to me! I’m so glad you like my blog! The Stress Reliever Jimin smut is pretty popular. I’m glad you liked it and I hope you like this one just as much. I had a lot of fun writing it (Hence the length of it) and I hope you enjoy reading it! Sorry it took so long! 😬

Pairing: Park Jimin X Reader

Word Count: 3,386

Genre: Smut

Happy birthday, baby girl!!!

♡ , JIMIN 

Was scrawled out sloppily in Korean on a small card you found in a colorful bouquet of flowers that were placed in front of two helium balloons saying ‘happy birthday’ as well. A huge smile spread across your tired face as you read it.

Jimin always outdid himself when it came to special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Even when the two of you were weren’t together, he always had little surprises planned throughout the day for you.

“Jimin,” you whispered to yourself, shaking your head. Sadly, he had schedules most of the day, leaving you alone on your birthday. You understood and fully supported his career, but you couldn’t help being a little sad your mochi wouldn’t be with you for the day. Suddenly, your phone buzzed on the counter, turning your frown upside down.

'Happy birthday, my beautiful princess! I hope you like your gifts!’

'I love it, Chim! Thank you so much!’

You smiled as you typed the message, hitting send. You took in a deep breath, looking around your apartment for clues of other surprises he had planned when your phone went off again.

'You think I would hide your presents in the apartment? What kind of fool do you take me for?’


You giggled as you feigned innocence.

'I know you better than you think, baby. Enjoy your day without me. I’ll be home as soon as possible.’

You held your phone to your chest, swooning at how adorable your boyfriend was as you wandered back into your bedroom. You dropped yourself onto your king sized bed, pulling the expensive duvet up to your chin to take a nap even though you just got up, but it was your day.

About an hour later, you were awoken by an impatient Jimin. He gently slid his hand up your side, kissing your cheek. “Jagi… Jagiya!” He whispered, his lips brushing against your ear. A smile tugged on your lips as you woke up, but kept your eyes closed. “Oh come on, Jagi! I know you’re awake!” He giggled, rolling you onto your back. “I saw you smile!”

“I’m dreaming!” You smiled, keeping your eyes closed. You heard him laugh, his hand settling on your tummy.

“Oh yeah? What about?” He asked, curiosity in his voice. You cracked an eye open, looking over at him. He had his head propped up on his hand as his elbow was pressed into your memory foam mattress.

“Mmm” You hummed, closing your eye again. You heard him laughing at you as his hand on your stomach moved up in down. “I don’t know.” You smiled, sliding your hands around him under his jacket. You admired his handsome features before pulling back to look at his outfit. “Chim, what are you wearing?” You asked, noticing he was wearing a suit.

“It’s my girl’s birthday.” He whispered, brushing your hair back. “Can’t I look nice for her?” He asked, leaning closer. Your breath hitched as a smile developed on your face. You were about to close your eyes for a kiss when he quickly pulled away. You whined as he giggled, straightening his tie when he stood up.

“Jimiiiiin.” You whined loudly with a loud huff and thrashing a bit on your bed. He laughed, shaking his head at your little tantrum.

“Baby, calm down. Come here.” He smiled, leaning his knees on the end of your bed and holding his arms out. You faked a pout, crawling over to him.

You sat criss cross applesauce in front of him, crossing your arms. He sighed, tilting your chin up as he leaned down, kissing your lips. You smiled, your eyes still closed as he pulled away. “You’re such a baby.” He laughed, kissing your nose. “But you’re my baby. Get dressed, sweetheart!” He exclaimed, picking you up and placing you on the ground. You took in a deep breath, biting your lip as you examined the artwork before you that was your boyfriend of over two years.

“Park Jimin…” you trailed off, thinking. “What have you planned for me this time?” You asked, a rhetorical question, knowing he wouldn’t answer. He simply shrugged, biting his lip at the way you were looking at him.

“Keep looking at me like that and the only plans you’ll be looking at involve that bed of yours.” He winked. You popped your eyebrows, making an 'O’ shape with your lips. “Go get ready, princess.” He laughed, turning you toward the bathroom connected to your room and smacking your ass. You jumped before scurrying into the room, looking at yourself in the mirror.

You leaned your butt on the sink, pulling out your phone. You had a few birthday texts to return and you decided now was the best time to do it before Jimin stole all your attention for the remaining hours of the day.

Kookie: 'Happy Birthday!!!!!! I hope Jiminie hyung treats you well!’

TaeTae: 'Happy Birthday, Y/n! I miss you! I’ll give you your present later.’

Mom: 'Happy Birthday, sweetie! I miss you!’

Yoongi: 'Happy Birthday’

Jin: 'Happy Birthday, Y/n! I’ll make you food later!’

Joon: 'Y/n! You’re getting so old! Happy Birthday!’

Hobi: 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!’

You smiled, saying your thank yous to everyone before putting your phone down. It was now 2:00 and you had no idea what his time schedule was for the day. “Chim, what should I wear?” You called, taking your curling iron out from its drawer. You plugged it in, looking at Jimin as he made his way over to the doorway. He grabbed the door handle and pulled it shut, revealing a beautiful burgundy dress hanging on the back of the door. You gasped, taking the fabric in your hands.

“Happy Birthday!” He exclaimed. You were so excited, you put it on, admiring the dress in your full length mirror. It hugged your chest perfectly with a modest neckline as the skirt popped out a little at your waist. You turned to your side then the other side, admiring how it complimented your body perfectly.

“I love it, Jimin!” You exclaimed, opening the door and jumping into his arms. He laughed, spinning you around.

“It looks amazing on you. You’re so beautiful.” He smiled, kissing your forehead.

“Ah! I need to do my make up!” You yelled, startling him as you ran back into the bathroom.

20 minutes later, you exited the bathroom with perfect hair and makeup. You were confident that you were ready for any situation he was going to throw at you. You did a twirl for him, showing off your whole look. “So? What do you think?” You asked, holding the skirt of your dress out. He smiled, moving closer to you and resting his hands on your hips.

“You’re stunning, Jagiya. Even without makeup.” He complimented, making you smile even bigger.

“Oh stop it.” You giggled, leaning up on your tiptoes to kiss him. “Where are we going?” You asked, tilting your head to the side. He just smiled in response as you put on your favorite black heels. “Where are we going?” You asked again. He laughed a little before taking your hand and leading you out of your apartment. “Jimin!” You whined as he pulled you behind him.

“Close your eyes, babe.” He said softly as he stopped, turning around to face you. You pouted, but did as you were told, closing your eyes.

He slipped his arm around your back, pulling you closer as you walked down the hallways of your apartment building a little more. Finally you came to a stop and heard a door open. You were confused, considering the exit to your building was in the opposite direction, but kept your eyes closed anyway. “Hold on, baby.” You heard him say as he stopped you and picked you up.

“Jimin!” You exclaimed, more shocked than anything. He chuckled as he carried you up the stairs bridal style, confusing you further. He smelled good, as always, and his breath fanning against your face comforted you. That’s when he put you down. You heard another door open and a warm breeze blew your dress slightly.

“Open them.” He said, excitement clear in his voice. You smiled as you opened your eyes, seeing twinkle lights set up around your friends as well as presents.

“Oh my….” You started, covering your mouth as you felt tears sting your eyes. “Chim…” You turned around, seeing him smiling at you.

“Happy birthday, princess.” He said simply as you hugged him tightly. You turned around seeing all of your friends watching you.

“Y/n!! Happy birthday!” Taehyung exclaimed, hugging you. You smiled, thanking him as you hugged him back.

The rest of the party had you smiling so much, your cheeks hurt. You had never been so genuinely happy in such a long time. Everyone was so happy to see you and wished you a happy birthday, handing you present after present. Jimin really outdid himself. You felt spoiled as he and the rest of BTS helped you carry your presents downstairs to your apartment after everyone else left, declaring the party over.

“Thank you so much, guys.” You smiled as the last of your things were brought down from the roof. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“We’re glad to help, Y/n.” Namjoon smiled, hugging you. “We should go though. Happy birthday.” He said one last time as he pulled away.

“Thank you.”

“Yeah, happy birthday, Y/n. I hope you like that ipod.” Jungkook smiled, pulling you in for a hug. You giggled.

“Yes, I do. Thank you, Kookie.” You replied. Next was Jin, giving you a hug and a kiss on the cheek as he wished you a happy birthday again. Then Yoongi giving you a tired smile as well as a weak hug. You laughed at the tired idol as he turned to go stand by the door. Hobi gave you that sunshine smile before hugging you tightly.

“Happy birthday, Y/n.” He exclaimed happily. Last was your’s and Jimin’s best friend, Taehyung. He smiled that box grin of his as you glared at him.

“Taehyung.” You groaned looking at the Gucci box in his hands. He handed it to you as you gave him a nervous look.

“Open it!”

You cracked it open, seeing a black and rose gold Gucci Diamantissima watch. It was simple and elegant, making you fall in love immediately.

“Tae, I can’t accept this.” You said softly, looking up at him. He smiled, knowing you loved it.

“Of course you can! It’s Gucci!” He exclaimed. You sighed, knowing he wouldn’t accept no for an answer.

“Thank you. So much.” You smiled, hugging him. He hugged you back, giggling softly in your ear.

“Put it on! I’ve been dying to take it out of the box since I bought it!” He almost yelled, too excited for his own good.

“Okay, okay!” You laughed, taking the watch out of the designer box. You handed it him, letting him buckle it on around your wrist. It looked magnificent. “Thank you, Tae. So much.” You smiled, admiring your new accessory.

“I’m glad you like it. Happy Birthday, Y/n.” He smiled,  joining the rest of the guys by the door.

“Happy birthday!” They all yelled with a few waves as they walked out the door. You smiled, waving back until Jimin shut the door behind them. You sighed happily as he walked back over to you.

“Thank you so much, Jimin.” You smiled as he admired your present from Taehyung.

“Anything for you, my love.” He whispered, looking up to your eyes as he pulled your hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to the back of it. He smiled sweetly, leading you back to your room. Once you walked through the doorway, he let go of your hand and shrugged his jacket off, throwing it on the bed. Next, he pulled on his tie, squeezing his eyes shut and showing off all of his teeth and making your laugh. Once he got the top button of his shirt undone, he sighed in relief.

You giggled as you leaned against the frame of the door, watching him. He sat on the edge of the bed, staring at you. “Want a massage, sweet heart?” He asked, eyes studying you. Your face lit up.

“Really?” You asked, excited. He nodded, standing up.

“Come here.”

You rushed over to him maybe a little too fast as he laughed at how eager you were. He shook his head, pulling the dress over your head. “Go lay down, baby.” He said, gesturing toward the bed as he went into the bathroom.

You kicked off your heels before crawling onto the bed in your bra and underwear, laying on your tummy and resting your head on your folded arms. When Jimin came back into the room, he had a bottle of massage oil in his hand. He smiled saying something about how cute you were and handing you a pillow to rest your head on. You felt him straddling your hips and then his chilly hands on your back, unhooking your bra.

“Ah, Chim! Your hands are freezing!” You squealed, making him giggle. “Did you put your hands in ice when you were in the bathroom?” He continued laughing until you felt his forehead resting on your shoulder.

“Shhh. No complaining!” He laughed, sitting up. You heard him open the bottle of oil, squeezing it in his hand. “They’ll warm up on your body.” He said, spreading the oil over your back. You jerked your shoulders at his cold hands on your skin again.

“Oppaaa.” You whined, making him giggle.

“I’m sorry, Jagi.” He whispered, kissing your back. You smiled at the sweet gesture, feeling his hands start massaging your back. You hummed, closing your eyes at the feeling. “You like that?” He asked, smirk plastered on his face. You didn’t even have to see him to know that’s exactly what he was doing.

A soft moan escaped your lips, making him chuckle. “Maybe you like that a little too much.” You shook your head when he stopped massaging you.

“No, don’t stop.” You whined.

“I think I’d rather be between your legs hearing you say that.” He said deeply, leaning down and kissing your neck.

“Aww you’re done already?” You asked.

“Oh, you won’t be saying that.” He smiled, flipping you over underneath him. You laughed, looking up at him and resting your hands on his biceps. His eyes were dark and full of lust as he trailed a finger over your chest, leaving a trail of oil. Your breathing sped up as he continued to excite you, licking the oil off of you before crashing his lips onto yours.

His tongue smoothly slipped into your mouth, tasting like strawberries. He pulled back, wiping some oil off his lip with his thumb, looking hot as hell. You quickly moved to undo the buttons on his shirt as he undid his belt and pants in a hurry. Soon enough, his clothes were gone and he was between your legs, hovering over you. The both of you were in nothing but your underwear, having tossed your bra as soon as you sat up to push his shirt off his shoulders.

“You’re so hot.” He whispered, kissing you. You couldn’t help but smile every time he gave you a compliment, which was often. He pulled away, kissing a trail from your lips to your hips. He pulled your black and pink lace panties down your legs until they found their way to the floor. You felt him bite your thigh gently before kissing it. You bit your lip, watching his hair as he sucked on the sensitive skin of your thigh.

After he left a few hickies on both of your legs, he looked up at you, winking before wasting no time and licking a long slow stripe between your legs. You moaned, your back arching at the wonderful feeling. You felt him smirk before continuing to eat you out like his life depended on it. Your legs started shaking as he continued to work his tongue around your clit. “Fuck, Jimin.” You moaned, pulling on his hair as he made you cum in his mouth. He quickly licked up your mess, watching your eyes drift shut momentarily.

“No, no, no, princess. Oppa isn’t done with you.” He said with a smile, his fingers slowly pressing shallowly into your heat as he leaned down. You whined, wiped out by your first orgasm, feeling him kiss your cheek.

“Jimin…” You started. He shoved his fingers into you completely.

“What was that?” He growled, gritting his teeth. You loved his dominant side in the bedroom. You cocked an eyebrow, thinking of a ways to get him going.

“Oppa.” You moaned, giving in to the feeling of his thumb on your oversensitive clit.

“That’s right, baby.” He said deeply, kissing your neck.

“Fuck me.” You moaned breathily.


“Fuck me, Jimin.” You demanded, needing him.

“What’d you say?” He asked, pulling away from your neck.

“Fuck. Me. Jimin.” You repeated slowly. You knew you were in for it just by the look in his eye and you couldn’t be more excited. You had to bit the inside of your cheek to keep from smiling. He smirked, shaking his head.

“Oh baby, you think you’re in charge just 'cause it’s your birthday? That’s not how it works, sweet girl.” He sat up, taking his boxer briefs off and dropping them on the floor. You had never talked back to him so much during sex and you couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do. He looked extremely hot, oil from the sheets on his abs, hair a wreck from you pulling on it earlier, dick standing tall against his perfect abs.

He took his position between your legs again, rubbing the head of his cock against your entrance to tease you. Your chest moved up and down as you breathed, wanting him to just fuck you already. “Chim ple-” You cut yourself off with a load moan as he slammed into you without warning.

“What did you just call me?” He asked, glaring at you.

“Chim..” You moaned out again as he slammed into you a second time.

“Tsk tsk tsk… You know that’s wrong, baby girl.” He reprimanded, halting all of his movement.

“Jimin please just move.” You whined, trying to move to get some kind of relief.

“Ah, ah, ah, Jagi.” He smirked. He had you right where he wanted you.

“Fuck, oppa, please.” You begged.

“Good girl.” He mumbled, snapping his hips into you. You gasped as he rocked in and out of you.

“Oppa, don’t stop.” You moaned, your nails digging into his arms.

“I couldn’t if I wanted to, baby.” He growled in your ear as he buried his face in your neck. You could feel the sweat in his hair and on his arms as he continued thrusting into you, rocking the entire bed. You felt your second orgasm building up as he kissed your neck and shoulder.

“I’m-” You just about screamed due to the pleasure he brought you, arching your back and dragging your nails down his biceps. You felt his teeth on your skin and heard him groan, the feeling of you finishing driving him over the edge. His sloppy, weak thrusts brought the both of you through your highs before he collapsed onto you.

You were both sweaty, heaving messes as he kissed your forehead, rolling on his side next to you. “Happy birthday, baby doll. I love you.” He breathed.

“I love you too.” You smiled, getting up.

“Where are you going?” He whined.

“I feel disgusting. I’m gonna take a shower.” You said like it was obvious. “Are you gonna come with me?”

“Hell yeah!” He exclaimed, jumping up and running by you into the bathroom. You giggled as he turned the water on before turning around and pulling you into him. “Did you have a good day, sweetie?” He asked.

“The best.” You responded with a smile.

“Good.” He smiled back before kissing you and pushing the door closed, ready for round two in the shower.