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Headcanon that Yuu likes to play with Mika's hair since it's so fluffy. Mika is slightly annoyed by this but still lets Yuu play with it.

Yuu: *starts stroking Mika’s hair*

Mika: this again, Yuu-chan?

Yuu: I don’t understand why it bothers you. Your hair screams for me to touch it! *stroking intensifies*

Mika: *purrs*

Yuu: …

Mika: … *blushes furiously*

Yuu: did you just-


Ease - Tim Drake x Reader

Prompt: Could you write a fic where Tim helps the reader through a anxiety attack or something based off of “Ease” by Troye Sivan

Pounding. Constant pounding. You could feel your heartbeat pumping rapidly beating through your veins. A sheen of sweat covered your body and it felt like an elephant was sitting on your chest. You knew this feeling and you could feel yourself beginning to lose control.

You retreated into your bed and curled yourself into a ball underneath the blankets. Your entire body started trembling and your breathing became more labored. You wrapped your arms around yourself in the attempt to calm yourself.

Stop. Stop this. Breathe. Control yourself damn it.

You don’t know how long you were trapped in your own head trying to calm yourself down but you received some reprieve when Tim slipped into bed beside you and wrapped his strong secure arms around you. You felt a small wave of relief wash over you. It wasn’t much but it was a start.  

“Do you want to talk about it?” Tim whispered softly. You shook your head numbly. Tim didn’t push you to talk anymore than you wanted to, instead opting to hold you close and comfort you. You couldn’t help but to feel like you didn’t deserve Tim. He was too good for you and you were nothing but a burden.

“Hey, stop that. I know what’s running through your head and it’s not true. I love you. I’d gladly hold you for a thousand years if it made you feel better.” Tim reassured you. His words leaked some relief into your heart. Slowly but surely Tim was pulling you out of your anxiety attack.

“What would I do without you Tim?” You asked.

“Shh.” He hushed running his fingers soothingly in your hair. “You won’t have to know.”

“I’m so tired Tim. Why am I like this?” You mumbled into his chest.

“There’s nothing wrong with you. Look, just think of things that put you at ease, baby. Thin of colorful sunsets and fluffy puppies and …” Tim encouraged.

“You?” You suggested. Tim chuckled and nuzzled his nose into the crook of your neck.

“Whatever helps you feel better [Y/N]. I just want you to be happy again.” He said gently.

“I love you Tim. Thank you for being in my life. I don’t deserve you.” You sobbed holding him impossibly tighter to you. Tim clung equally harder to you, rubbing circles along your back soothingly.

“Don’t you start with that. I love you and I’ll always be here for you [Y/N].” He insisted. “Are you feeling any better?” He asked. You sighed and nodded, feeling a lot lighter after talking with him.

“Not great but better.” You vocalised.

“Would take out and ice cream help?” He asked.

“I could really go for some Mediterranean pizza and Americone Dream.” You agreed with a tired sigh.

“Your wish is my command, my lady.” He replied pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I’ll go make the call, you just stay here in our little nest and I’ll bring you some acetaminophen for that headache you’re about to have and a heating pad to relax your muscles.” Tim explained with a degree of tenderness in his voice.

“You know me so well. You’re the best, babe.” You said showing him a ghost of a smile. You really did have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world.


Before I start this, I wanna say a huge huge thank you for 3,900 followers!!! It means s o so so much to me and I wish I could hug each and every one of you! Last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan line, the other half to both Jikook and Taekook, our precious maknae with the cutest nose scrunch like I love when kook smiles really really big and his eyes are all eye smile and then it’s just a tiny nose scrunch that’s adorable, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This AU is gonna feature photographer!kook (here)
  • Visuals are up first bc I lo ve visuals
  • I gotta do black hair!kook bc that is one of my favorite looks on him (my most favorite look is blonde!kook) 
  • Okay but fire!kook was such a good look it’s my favorite dark hair on him like danger was niCe but I love me some fluffy haired!kook and fire!kook was fl uf fy and messy and it was so cute and if it wasn’t for blonde!kook being so damn nice, black hair!kook would be the top of the list for sure 
  • I mean the color kook has now is super cute too I love it so much I’m so excited to see if he performs with it or if he dyes it again, either way 10/10 I love this concept
  • Onto suits bc this is important to me I love suit!BTS so much, Jungkook seems to stick to mainly the classic suit look, black pants and jacket, white shirt with the occasional switch up but I mean I’m so not complaining bc Jungkook in a suit is so handsome (he’s always handsome but there’s just something about BTS in suits that are so nice)
  • There are quite a few pictures of him in a suit and it makes me !! bc he’s so pretty and his face is just so nice and then he’s got that cute smile and the laugh and everything is just really nice with kook
  • So his AU ties into Jimin (here) and Namjoon’s (here) AUs, I’m gonna sum it up, Namjoon is a fashion designer and Jimin runs a modeling company so the two are often collaborating and Jimin’s models model for joon’s clothes
  • Jungkook runs a magazine company
  • It starts with him just fooling around in high school with the boys and you and taking pictures of posting them online and then he gets more serious about it once he goes off to college and he becomes a photography major
  • One of his photography professors has some connections to a magazine company so they send in some photos and then the magazine wants to use his pictures in a couple of their spreads so they arrange it all and he’s v v proud and happy and buys ten copies when that month’s issue comes out 
  • They ask him if he has any other photos, if he’s got a portfolio all of that good stuff and they pretty much start interviewing him and eventually, they hire him as an actual photographer for them
  • It does take a while but he works his way up from just being a photographer to having some say in the editing process and he starts learning more about all of the other jobs that go into a magazine bc all he’s ever known is that he’s gotta send the photos in by a certain deadline or another photographer will get the job that’s his main concern
  • But he finds the whole process to be really interesting and he starts studying it and he uses the money he’s saved up from all of the photography jobs to start his own magazine company
  • The success is pretty instant bc he’s got both Namjoon and Jimin supporting it (which he’s s o grateful for) and agreeing to shoots for his magazine and one of the very first issues is actually of Jimin
  • Head canon that Jimin’s first modeling pictures were all photographed by Jungkook so Jungkook makes sure that he’s the one photographing Jimin all these years later  
  • In Jimin’s post, I mentioned that all of his models model for Namjoon at some point in their careers and most if not all of Namjoon’s fashion models are from Jimin’s company
  • Well I’m gonna add onto that and say that the magazine joon is getting to publish his fashion shoots is Jungkook’s magazine and that it’s always kookie’s photographers working with chim’s models
  • So all three of their careers are lined up together and it’s just like the real BTS, they all support each other and just want the others to be successful and happy
  • Jungkook’s office would be so chic and smooth and a lil bit messy but still cutE
  • It’s all black and white like the desk is black but then the frames for the photos (of you and the pup) are white and there’s a big fluffy white rug on the floor that he may or may not have taken a nap on at three in the morning when he was tired and you were already asleep on the couch in his office so he had to improvise (it’s actually not a bad bed at all)
  • Waking him up is actually pretty hard bc he’s just so comfy and warm and he kinda just rolls himself under the desk and drags the rug along with him and you can’t decide whether you should laugh or join him bc honestly the shit looks comfy as hell
  • Jungkook always takes you with him to Namjoon’s fashion shows and Jimin always welcomes you as “the Jeons” bc kook gets so proud and stands a lil taller every single time 
  • CEO!Jungkook is a very hard worker who’s just s o happy that he’s able to do his passion and be with his best friends
If You Could Forgive Me Part 2




Warnings: Thranduil being a sweetheart, Bad dad Oropher, feels, comforting!thrandy, protective!thrandy, nurse!thrandy, god I love him, y/n takes a bath, no smut, just fluffy shit, hair-brushing,

Part 1:

Y/N feels the guard shove her into a small cell. It was dark and cold. She turns and tries to plead with the silent masked guard.

“Please, tell the king I am so sorry! I do not want to be alone here please!” She cries.
The guard locks the door and leaves her.

Y/N sits in the corner and pulls her knees close to her chest, closing her eyes, she sobs softly. “I am so sorry, Thranduil…”


“You are forbidden to go down there, Thranduil. You will not see her, you will not even think about her, do you hear me?”

Thranduil looks at his father with a glare so piercing, it could kill. “Yes, my lord. I will do as you ask.”

He nods and silently turns and leaves, a small smirk starting to form on his face.

The Prince wonders the hall and heads towards his room, aware of the order of his father to make sure that there is a guard with him.


Y/N shivers, holding her light robe close to her. She feels awful, awful for bringing Thranduil pain, for creating a further rift between him and his father. She loved him, she really did, and she knew that her prince did too.
Everything had happened so fast.

She had so much respect for the Elven King, but she did not realize how little he had in exchange for her.

He saw her only as a soldier. If she died, he could easily replace her. He did not see her as someone worthy to wed his son.

Y/N heard shouts and rustling from above.

“I do not care what the king said. I am giving you an order and you will obey me. Now let me pass and hand me those keys!” She heard him. It was Thranduil.

Her heart started to beat. She watched the door with heavy eyelids. She hears footsteps and chimes of the keys.
The door swings open. “Y/N?”

“Oh Thran…” She gets up and hugs him tightly. “I am sorry, I wasn’t completely sure if it truly was you or not.”

He brings her out from the cell and into the dim light, wanting to see her face. Thranduil gently reaches under her chin, and kisses her.
“My stars, I am so sorry. My father and I have brought you so much pain. I-”

Y/N places a cold Han on his long face. His blue eyes looked into hers. “Can we just… leave, here? This place?”

He nods. He takes his cloak off and wraps it around her aching, cold shoulders.

Thranduil sends a look to the guard and he lets them pass. “Not a word.” The guard nods.

The two elves walk through the winding halls, he holds her close to him. The both of them trying to keep their steps quiet but swift.

They finally reach Thranduil’s room. “He quietly opens the door and Y/N steps inside.

Thranduil locks the doors, and looks at his beloved sitting in the edge of his bed. Her cheek was still red, dried blood surrounding the slight gash.

He leaves to quickly draw her a warm bath. Thranduil makes sure to get the warmest towels and the most soothing lotions.

He returns and kneels in front of Y/N. "I have drawn a bath, please come with me.” She nods. Y/N takes Thranduil’s hands in hers. They interlock fingers as they walk into his bathroom.

Y/N takes off his thick cloak, and he takes it from her along with her robe.
Gazing down, he helps her into the bath.

Y/N lets out a soft gasp as she feels the water embrace her as she sat down.

Thranduil grabs a small pitcher from a dresser. “Tilt back?” He asks softly, kneeling beside the tub.
Y/N closes her eyes and tilts her head back. She breathes deeply as she feels the warmth start at the crown of her head and fall down the back of her neck.

Few streams of water fall down the side of her face. She feels a slight sting on her cut cheek.

Thranduil does this a few more times. He opens the glass bottle of lavender scented lotion.

He starts on Y/N’s neck. The both of them began to calm with the quiet , the warmth and the scent of the room. He starts on her shoulders now.

She leans back against his arms, falling asleep. Thranduil stops as rinses her shoulders and neck off, and lifts her out of the tub. She stirs.


“Sssh, Y/N. I am just going to dry you off okay? And then I do have to clean you wound. It won’t hurt, and I’ll be quick.”

She nods and tries to stay awake for him.

Thranduil helps her to dry off, and she slips into one of his thick robes.

He leads her to his bed, not forgetting to grab a brush, cloth, and a small bowl of clean water.

Y/N sits down and feels the bed sink as the Prince sits behind her. She feels his long fingers suddenly in her wet, lightly tangled hair. He takes his brush and gently runs it through her hair. She feels soothed feeling his hands.

Thranduil finishes by braiding Y/N’s hair into a loose braid down her back, not worrying about tying it off.

He now sat in front of her, cloth dipped in warm water. He brings it to Y/N’s cheek, softly wiping. She flinches.

“I am sorry, but I assure you I will take the pain away.” He responds.

Y/N nods. She makes it through. Her wound was clean and covered correctly.

She lays down on the bed, Thranduil besides her. He pulls the blankets up and kisses her forehead.
She was already fast asleep.

“Worry not for the morning, my stars, I will be with you”

Derek Luh - Fluffy, caring, loving

Request: Can you do a Derek imagine where Y/N had a long day and Derek runs a bath and they cuddle and make it really fluffy and cute!!


I basically fell through the front door as I got back to our apartment. I had the most tiring day ever, my boss was in a bad mood and he was even more irresistible than usually. He ordered around all day, giving me the shittiest task and when I was three minutes later with his coffee he threatened me to fire me. I hated that man but I really needed the job.

“Hey baby,” Derek greeted me with an adorable smile walking out of the kitchen, but when he saw me the smile vanished from his face. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“I had the shittiest day, I just want to die,” I groaned kicking my heels off. He helped me get my jacket off and taking my bag from me he pulled me into his arms. He knew what I needed.

“Aw baby, come on, let me take care of you,” he said kissing the top of my head. I nodded not wanting to let go of him and he must have noticed my clinginess, so he just lifted me up in bridal style and carried me to the bathroom.

Derek and I shared an apartment for almost a year. We decided to move in together when I had to move to LA permanently. It seemed practical to move together since he was also planning on getting a new place. We had been together for more than three years, there was no doubt that it would be a great idea. All our friends said that we would regret it, but they were wrong. Living with him was the best thing in my life. I could come home to my love and we finished almost every day together. We didn’t have to stress about when we could see each other anymore, we solved a lot of our problems by moving in together.

He put me down so I was sitting on the top of the washing machine. I got a sweet kiss, then he turned to the bathtub and after adjusting the water and letting it run and fill the tub he turned back to me.

“Let’s get you undressed princess,” he smiled at me and helped me get my clothes off like I was a baby he was taking care of. Maybe I acted a bit in addition, but I loved when he was this fluffy, caring and loving little puppy paying all of his attention to me.

He also stripped off and when the tub was full he helped me get in the hot water and then he sat behind me pulling me into his arms.

“Can I have bubbles?” I asked looking back at him with my lips pouted. He chuckled kissing me gently and then grabbed a bottle of shower gel and poured almost half of the bottle into the water. Then I started to paddle around in the water to make foam and I felt like a little girl again.

“I’m changing my career, I’ll be Santa from now,” he said creating a beard on his chin from the foam.

“You are one hell of a sexy Santa,” I purred hugging his neck. He whipped the foam off so he could kiss me.

He gently washed my body and then my hair too while I was enjoying being treated like a queen. When we were done and clean he wrapped me into a fluffy towel and we dried ourselves. Without a word he brought me my favorite onsie from my closet along with his. My best friend got them for us for Christmas, mine was looking like a Wonder Woman costume and his was Ironman. We gave absolutely zero fucks that we looked like we were three year-olds, we were rocking them.

“It’s too late to cook something, so let’s order, what do you say?” he asked as we walked back to our bedroom, and his phone was already in his hands dialing our favorite pizzeria’s number. I smiled widely and nodded. He ordered our usual and while we were waiting for the pizza he put on Sex and the city, he knew it was my favorite movie, he pulled me down to the bed and we cuddled. When the pizza arrived we ate all of them in minutes, and with my stomach full I didn’t even want to finish the movie, I just wanted to go to sleep.

Derek pulled the covers to our bodies and his arms immediately found their way around my waist pulling me against his chest.

“Get some rest, baby. I’m sure tomorrow will be better,” he whispered kissing my cheek softly.

“Thanks for taking care of me,” I mumbled feeling my eyelids closing. Lying in his arms was more relaxing than anything in the world.

“Anytime. I love you.”

A wide smile crept to my face hearing my favorite sentence from him and before I fell asleep I replied to him: “I love you too.”

Wakey wakey


this is actuly a experiment with a slightly different writing style my work is alwsys very narrative so this is going to be very discripted this is proberbly the nost description I’ve put into fanfiction so please do tell me if u like this style better to the normal one or if you would just like to see more of it

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Baron | Addicted | Corbin


Omg I love your writing so much. Could you write one with Baron Corbin, where someone walks in on a heated moment backstage, and you get embarrassed but Baron comforts you? Tysm << additional notes << reader is in a relationship with Dolph Ziggler but he’s caught by reader with another girl backstage and Baron swoops in to save the day… with his glorious cock. (fluffy smutty goodness))


3,433 sinful words.. again, i got carried away. I really really hope you like this, you awesome shaded sinner !!!


Baron Corbin - WWE


SMUT AHEAD! There. I warned you. Lots and lots of smut. And angst. And fluff. And a rare look at Baron not being such the epic badass that we all love him being, maybe?


oral, fingering, teasing, biting/marking, dirty talk.



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Puppy Hybrid! Calum

Pairing: Y/N and Calum

Warning: Smut

Words: 2K

Summary: Flatmate Calum has always been a little awkward, but ever so hot! You’d never seen him without a hat on and when you bought a dog he absolutely adored it! You always thought it was because he just liked dogs you never thought it was because he was one.

Originally posted by kinkykalum

You sighed as you dropped your bag on the floor of your flat. You’d had the longest day ever. Firstly when I woke up, my alarm clock didn’t go off so I was late for college. Then the hot water wasn’t on so I had to have a freezing cold shower, and as its the middle of winter it was not ok. Then when I went to the local coffee shop they had ran out of Vanilla sauce for my vanilla latte. When I finally got to college my professor gave me a strike for being late and not handing in course work on time, when it was literally in my bag and the only reason I hadn’t handed it in was because I was late. He then went on and lectured the whole class about our performance as a class and was basically saying we were failing, which is great encouragement. 

Then when I had gotten to lunch I had forgot my lunch token back at my flat so I had to go starved, but survived on the breakfast bar my friend gave me. Then worst of all when I was walking home it started heavily raining and now standing at my flat door I was dripping wet. Luckily me and my flat mate had left a towel’s by the door just in case anything like this happened. I grabbed hold of a towel and wrapped it around my hair. I hung up my coat on the coat rack and took off my top, seen as I wore a white shirt and my bra was showing anyway. I took off my wet jeans with a struggle and threw them onto a pile.

“Well what a lovely site this is” I looked up and Calum was stood there. Calum was my flatmate, we both couldn’t afford a room on campus so I bought a flat outside. But I couldn’t pay the rent on my own so I put a ad in the newspaper and Calum replied. He’s been living with me for a good year, about 6 months through the year I adopted a puppy called Marty, Calum absolutely loved the dog and he’s so good to it and it really helped us bond more, we’re kind of like best friends who flirt a lot. But man did I want to be more than that. He was intelligent, handsome and had a love for hats. I wish I could be the one he takes on dates, I wish I was the one who got to cuddle him in bed, but thats out of the question because guys like him don’t go for girls like me.

I grabbed the towel and smirked at Calum. I wrapped it around my torso. Calum walked over to me and grabbed my clothes. 

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to put your clothes in the washing machine”

“Thank you” I sadly smiled, he picked up my wet clothes and winked at me. I laughed and walked to the bed room, I took off my underwear and made my way to the bathroom wrapping the towel back around me. Calum was already in there running a bath.

“Are you taking a bath?” I asked

“No I’m running one for you, you seem stressed, thought you’d need one” 

My heart fluttered as he poured bubble bath into it. He was such an amazing human, as he was bent over the bath I got a good view of what he was wearing today and his ass. He was wearing grey sweatpants with a white tee, a silver necklace around his golden skin. A grey beanie covering his fluffy hair. Even though I’ve never seen his full head of hair you can see the front of it. I don’t know why he wears hats..Once I asked and he got all moody with me for about a week. I didn’t like that side of him so I decided never to asked again. He turned around pulled the towel from my hair and ran his hands through it.

“Whats wrong Y/N?”

“Just my professor being a dick and everything has gone wrong today”

He sighed and kissed my forehead. I reached for my towel and let it go. I didn’t worry about Calum standing there, he’d seen me naked before, I mean we both practically walk around naked. I heard Calum swallow harshly and I looked up at him and raised a eyebrow.

“I-I’m going to make you some hot chocolate” 

“You’re the best”

He walked out the bathroom and I got into the bath. I sank into the bubbles and reached for the shampoo. Our flat wasn’t the biggest flat but it was average size, we had the basic things a kitchen/living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. It was the cutest little flat ever and having the best flat mate my home life was perfect. Especially when he brings me hot chocolate in the bath.

I reached for the plug and pulled out the bath. I wrapped a towel around myself and made my way to my room. After I had put on my panties I search around for a baggy top.  None were in my room, I walked over to Calum’s room and knocked on the door. I waited a few seconds before I heard  

“C-come in”

I walked into his room covering my breasts and strutted over to the dresser next to his bed. I bent over to find his white green day shirt, I removed some of his other shirts before finding the one I wanted.

“Jesus Y/N”

“What?” I asked innocently whilst placing his shirt over my head.

“You’re a tease you know that”

“But you love it” I whispered seductivly, he looked at me and I saw his eyes dramatically change colour.

“You should leave” he stated, I gave him a confused look and he stood up and pushed me out his door and slammed it.

“Calum what the fuck” I heard shuffling behind the door, almost like his clothes coming off. I heard silence for a while until I heard the sound of groans and the sound of something wet. I stood confused for a second before I realised something bad could be happening, does he have allergies? 

“Calum let me in”

“Piss off” he rasped

I pushed against the door and Calum was leant against the wall jacking off with incredible speed.

“Jesus Calum if you wanted to jack off so bad you could have said instead of pushing me out, I thought something bad was happening”

He stopped his movements and stood up. As he was standing up his beanie fell off. I looked at his hair and he seemed to have unusual ears on the top of his head, like puppy ears. His long tanned dick was semi hard and dripping with pre-cum.

“You know Y/N” I looked up at him and his eyes were black and clouded over with such an amount of lust that I’ve never seen in any human, that must be it, he has puppy ears and his eyes are a un human black, he can’t possibly be human.

“You’ve been teasing me for so fucking long” the harshness in his voice was turning me on so much and I was finding it hard to speak, I opened and closed my mouth a few times before whispering out 

“I-im sorry-y” 

“You’re sorry?” He questioned 

He pushed me up against the door and looked deeply into my eyes, almost like he was looking into my soul. He grabbed my neck and pushed onto it, chocking me. He leant down and started kissing over my face, he got to my lips and ran his thumb over them, he moved his head forward and his lips hovered over mine.

“So god damn sexy” He he whispered before crashing his lips on mine. The feeling was indescribable it was like a eruption of butterflies had gone off in my tummy but at the same time had traveled down south and made me soaking wet. His tongue swiped against my lips as he entered my mouth and I moved my tongue and sucked on his lips. He moaned and reached for my hands, he grabbed them and pinned them above my head and interlaced our fingers. I removed my lips from his as I was running out of air and I leant my head back giving Calum full advantage of sucking hickeys onto my neck.

“Fuck Calum”

He brought his body closer to mine and grinded into me, the sensation of his wet dick against my clothed core made me moan and lift my leg up wanting to feel more. He let go of my hands and took off his top off my body. 

“You look so sexy in my clothes”

“Cal do something else” He leant down and furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me

“What the fuck did you just say?”

“I-i please” He grabbed my hips and slammed the front of my body against the door as he kneaded my ass and pushed my face against the door. 

“Don’t you EVER fucking tell me what to do” he said huskily and spanked my ass, I moaned out and tilted my head back. He got down on his knees and ripped my panties off.

“They were my favourite pair!”

“Quit whining!”

He then sucked harshly on my clit and ran his finger up and down my folds. I could tell he was smirking because I know I was dripping wet, all for him. His finger prodded my entrance as he slid two of his fingers in. I let out a whine and pushed my ass onto his fingers and they moved in and out of me at a fast pace. I reached out my hand to find something tho grabbed hold of but it was a door so I ended up pulling on my own hair and letting out groans.

“You’re so needy baby”

“Fuck I need you” that must have snapped something inside him as he stood up, flipped me over and pushed me up against the door once more. He reconnected our lips and tapped my leg, I jumped and he edged his cock inside me. I arched my back and ran my fingers through his hair curving around the puppy ears. His cocked pumped in and out of me at a rapid pace and I felt his tip rub against my g-spot.

“Right there Cal” I mumbled against his lips

He lifted my legs up next to my shoulders and pounded into me faster than before. I started to see stars and I could feel my walls clench around him, I grabbed hold of his shoulders and came around him. I looked up and Calum had sweat running down his forehead, I reached up and grabbed hold of his puppy ears, he opened his eyes and looked wide eyed at me, his eyes flashed different colours from blue to colours I’ve never seen before. He shut his eyes and came inside me with a loud animalistic groan.

He let go of my legs and shook against me. He leant his forehead against mine and breathed in deeply catching his breath. I stroked his face and caressed his cheek. He opened his eyes and they were back to the normal shade of soft brown. He quickly stepped away from me and looked at me.

“I’m so sorry” he mumbled whilst biting his lip nervously as it trembled a bit

“For what?”

“I didn’t mean to do that, it was just..”

“Just what?”

He stood still and looked down at the floor. I walked over to wear he was standing and reached up to his puppy ears. I stroked over them and he looked at me. 

“Are you a hybrid?” He nodded and looked at me

“And what I just did was because hybrids get these things called rushes which gets them super horny” he laughed

I pulled his face down to mine and kissed him. 

“Do you regret it?”

“Not at all, I’ve wanted you too long” he answered and kissed me passionately 


so lovely seeing this one again yesterday, took a very spontaneous trip to manchester to support OUAS in their speed eating challenge and let me tell you watching people shove as much food in their gob as possible in 10 minutes is…interesting… but danny looked very tanned and had wonderful fluffy hair and was an absolute joy to see as always! (the second picture is us being happy because aaron is out of prison lmao)  


Summary: Phil gets injured, and it’s all Dan’s fault. (Short, Sweet, and Fluffy)

Inspired after watching Dan’s video ‘PSYCHO THOUGHTS

“Hey Phil, do you know where the-”

Dan stopped dead in his tracks as he entered the kitchen and viewed the sight before him. His best friend, fellow youtuber, and partner since 2009 was standing completely still by the counter. In one hand was a large knife, while his other hand was held in front of him….dripping with blood.

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The Personal Doctor

A/N: I got a request that reader goes through a mouth surgery and Spencer is there to take care of her. I chose to make it that the reader got her wisdom teeth removed… this may or may not be based off of personal experience ;) Enjoy!!!


“Spence… I don’t think I can go through with this”

You were sitting in the waiting room of an orthopedic surgeon’s office – after many years of avoiding the dentist and ignoring his orders, your boyfriend Spencer finally forced you to go through with getting your wisdom teeth out.

Spencer rested his hand on your bouncing leg – a nervous tick you had – trying to calm you down.

“Y/N, you’ll be fine… this is a common procedure and I did extensive research on this clinic. You are going to do great” he gave you a reassuring smile.

“But… what if I get dry sockets? Or what if my teeth are so embedded in my jaw that when they dig them out it fractures my jaw? What if they accidentally nick my sinuses? What if –”

“I thought I told you not to Google wisdom teeth removal horror stories”

You looked up from your hands and smiled weakly at Spencer. He knew your tendency to overreact to the small things, but never ridiculed you for it. Instead, he embraced your every flaw and continually helped you through them.

Spencer moved his hand from your thigh to gently hold your hand. “Look, I’ll be waiting out here the whole time for you. I’ll take you home and feed you soup, ice cream, change your ice packs, give you pain meds… I’ll be like your own personal doctor”

“Finally, you live up to your title”

Spencer laughed at your jab at him. Right as he was about to tease you back, a nurse walked through the door that connected the waiting room and the surgery rooms.

“Miss Y/F/N Y/L/N?” she called as she looked at the chart in front of her.

You looked at Spencer with fearful eyes. He helped you stand up, then gave you a soft peck on the lips and a tight hug. “Everything will be fine, my love. I’ll see you when you get done. I love you”

Despite his comforting words, you were still feeling weak in the knees. “I love you too” you whispered back quietly as you began to walk towards the nurse that called your name.

You glanced behind you one last time to see that Spencer had sat down and already unfolded a book on his lap. He saw your glance and gave you a small wave and an encouraging smile. With that, you were on your way.

You sat in a small, brightly lit room and leaned back into the reclined chair. A couple of nurses swarmed around you and asked you copious amounts of questions. Before you knew it, the doctor came in and placed a mask full of gas over your nose and mouth, and poked a needle into your arm.

“Now Y/N, I’m going to count back from ten, okay? 10… 9… 8… 7…”

Suddenly feeling tired, your eyes drooped quickly into a deep, dreamless sleep.


“… And after an hour, feel free to remove the gauze from her mouth. It varies from patient to patient, but she will probably be hungry soon. Soups, puddings, jello –”


Had that shout come from you?

You were slumped in a chair next to Spencer. How had you gotten to that chair? The last thing you remembered was falling asleep in a completely different chair. You looked over to Spencer and smiled.

“Well look who’s awake?” Spencer smiled and smoothed your rat’s nest hair back.

You looked over to your doctor. “Yanno, Spencer here loves Jello. Specifically the red ones” you slurred then burst out into giggles.

Spencer and the doctor laughed, wrapped up your instructions, then helped you stand. Feeling a little wobbly, Spencer wrapped his arm around your waist and helped you the rest of the way out to his car. He helped you buckle your seatbelt, then off you went to your apartment.

You were sitting in the passenger seat of Spencer’s car when overwhelming emotion waved over you and you started crying.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Spencer asked soothingly as he rubbed your arm.

Your sight became blurry from the tears. “It’s just… those teeth were my best friends. I’m never going to see them again. Me and them… the five best friends that anyone could have” you continued to sob.

Spencer attempted to stifle the laughs erupting from his chest. “Honey, the doctor saved your teeth and put them in a bag for you. They’re right here” he handed you a little baggie with four large, bloody teeth in it.

Your tears ceased and happiness spread across your face. “MY FRIENDS! I’m so happy your back! Don’t you dare leave me like that again… I was so worried” you garbled as the cotton stuffed in your mouth made you hard to understand.

Before Spencer could stop you, you had ripped open the baggie that contained your teeth and you were attempting to stuff them back where they came from.

“Oh god, Y/N, NO!” Spencer yelled. He pulled his car off to the side and whipped it into park. His hands flew inside your mouth before you could choke on your teeth or the gauze in your mouth.

He placed them back into the baggie and threw it into the back seat so you couldn’t reach it.

“Spenceeee… why would you do that! They wanted to come back into their home… who are you to deprive them of their home!” you shouted angrily.

“They can’t go back into your mouth, okay? They have to stay out” Spencer laughed as he fixed the ice pack on your head and put the gauze back in your mouth.

You rambled on and on about wanting your damn teeth back for the rest of the way home, crying and shouting in your delirious state. Luckily, Spencer was not hurt by your words – in fact, he couldn’t stop laughing at you.

Once you arrived home, Spencer helped you stumble into your apartment complex and up multiple flights of stairs.

He led you to your couch, where you tripped and fell right into the fluffy cushions unharmed. Before you knew it, you were fast asleep.


You woke up once again, but this time you were more aware of what was happening.

Glancing at your end table, you saw a large bouquet of flowers, you assumed were from Spencer and his co-workers.

Suddenly realizing the pain you were in, you groaned loudly and sat up. “I feel like a bus ran over my mouth” you mumbled, your voice being stifled by the ice pack wrap that was strapped around your head.

Spencer hurried over to you and smoothed your hair once again. He held out some water and pain medication, urging you to take it. As you took it, Spencer began to chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”

“Do you remember the car ride home by any chance?”

You shook your head. Spencer began to fill you in on how you were behaving – how you tried to put your teeth back in, sobbing because you missed your “friends”… he even said that at one point, you rolled down your window, screaming about how your mouth felt like you were eating a cloud.

You buried your face in your hands and began to laugh. “I was really hoping I would be one of those people who didn’t have an, erm… interesting wisdom teeth removal experience”

Spencer laughed as he held a glass of water up to your lips again and you took a drink. “Sorry you had to put up with me…” you chuckled.

Spencer laughed as well. “It was actually rather entertaining… I even got a little bit on film”

Embarrassment washed over you as you continued to laugh. “I can’t wait to watch it…”

Pain medication suddenly kicking in, your eyes began to droop once again. Spencer pulled the blanket that was draped over you up to your chin and tucked you in.

Right before you fell asleep for the third time that day, Spencer planted a soft, wet kiss on your forehead. “I’ll be right here when you wake up” he whispered.

darthkeeper  asked:

IT'S ME AGAIN MUHAHAHA! Can I request Florina from FE 7? I'd love to see her in your style. Thanks!

YAAAAY! I’m so glad you asked for Florina! I was hoping someone would ask for some of the older FE characters, they are highly underated. Florina is such a cutie too. Thanks for your request, and for being an awesome follower! Hope you like her!

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Hi! I found your blog some time ago and I really like it! Can I ask for a match up? I'm 5'4, I have blue eyes and medium length brown hair. I don't very like being around people. I haven't got so much friends, but I like it. I love food and sleep, but I like sports too, like swimming and tennis. Sorry for my English and greetings from Poland❤❤❤

Ermagahddddd I am scREAMING AGAIN. POLAND?? GAHH. KISSES FROM Katarina!! I match you with *drumroll* KENMA KOZUME!!! Literally you both would be the cutest thing ever!! It would be like seeing two really fluffy cats!! Don’t like strangers? Kenma doesn’t too. He knows the value of being with a few small group of closely knit friends and so do you. *still screaming holy shit poland!* your english is just fine sweetie!

bts bon voyage ep.4 in a nutshell

-forehead vhope!!!
-“no one left behind anything?”
-glad that the staff knows them so well that they made a final check before leaving the dorm
-yoongi apparently specialises in losing expensive items
-jungkook kept the ipad from yoongi HE’S GROWN
-“i actually gave it to jungkook on purpose.” ok
-jimin left his bag behind again oh my god
-namjoon with his deepass voice: “welcome to sweden muahahhahah”
-taehyung left behind by his members because his flight was delayed
-“excuse me? only card?”
-hobi’s english is so cute
-jimin nearly lost his bag again i cannot-
-jin: “you have many kindness.”
-“to tell you the truth, i couldn’t understand.” i fucking died
-self proclaimed avengers!sugamon
-jinmin sharing snacks
-seokjin, king of communication
-sugamon fucking up their directions
-that jibooty version of i need u in sweden aka 1min30secs of me screaming
-yoongi dashing to the hotel for no reason and namjoon not giving a single fuck
-jinmin aka “eating everywhere” duo
-jimin eating is such a good concept, thank you seokjin
-taehyung’s cracked screen appeared and my heart shattered
-flower!hope back at it again
-jungkook couldn’t be bothered, just feed that baby meatballs
-“he’s so tall I’m jealous” be glad you didn’t say that around yoonmin, jungkook ah
-junghope flirting in the train oh yes
-namjoon looks so serious while he styled his hair
-yoongi is a soft and fluffy puppy can you believe it
-junghope all about meatballs still
-they found their source of meatballs, ikea
-sharing food with the staffs aw
-ok but imagine jimin as a dad
-yoongi’s mandals fml
-“sorry! sorry!”
-hobi’s english makes my heart swell so much he’s so adorable
-hope on the street literally with meme king
-taehyung is lost!!!
-first response: *takes pictures of pretty scenery*
-second response: *blows dandelion*
-*wants to go further in because it looks beautiful*
-taehyung is such an adventurer i love this pure soul
-butterfly playing in the background made me tear up again
-jimin getting worried for his best friend and shocked but relief that taehyung’s calm and optimistic about it
-i would’ve cried how did he do it
-taehyung feeling guilty and getting emotional dawww
-taehyung sacrificing his allowance for his members because he knows they’ll buy him food but they’ve spent it all
-if i had a dollar for every time bangtan loses something, i would’ve been a millionaire


I just got back from the Minneapolis show and it’s hard to describe how I’m feeling. I feel calm? And just at peace. To finally see the boys up close and live was so bizarre but so amazing? They were right there and were just four normal blokes? I thought I would be a sobbing mess but mostly I just had fun, danced around and took it all in.

My husband and I were sitting right next to the catwalk so the boys could see us clearly. The entire time I held my signs while my husband filmed (thanks babe!). My sign said “FIREPROOF WAS OUR WEDDING SONG” on one side and “MY HUSBAND LOVES HARRY (I LOVE LOUIS)” on the other side. Honestly I didn’t expect much reaction but boy oh boy was I wrong!!!

All four boys saw my signs and interacted with me and husband multiple times. In the first minute Liam saw my “fireproof” sign and smiled and started singing to us. Then he kept coming back!!

Harry LOVED my husband and when he saw “my husband loves Harry” sign he grinned and started singing to my husband AND MY HUSBAND FREAKED. After that he came over countless times, looked at us and gave my husband peace signs and that dimpled grin. IT WAS AMAZING.

I thought Louis was never going to look at me until he FINALLY saw my sign “my husband loves Harry, I love Louis”. He SMIRKED and sang to me for a bit and I just froze. HE LOOKED ME IN THE EYES AND I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO REACT. It was just the best moment. He circled our area a bit more after that, singing more to our side, and at this point I was screaming. I wanted to show him how much he is loved. I hope he knows.

Later Niall saw my “fireproof was our wedding song” sign, looked me in the eyes and pointed at it and went “really?” with a shrug and like looked for my husband and My husband was like IM HERE NIALL.

Other thoughts:

Liam is amazing and is such a wonderful performer. He is all over the stage and just plays to the crowd and just slays with his voice. He sounded great and hit some amazing high notes and my husband and I were like WHATT. Also he was sweating so much and had to change his shirt which then had a button pop off then Louis ripped it off at the end?? All I know is it was open and his abs are ace.

Niall was pretty relaxed and didn’t interact with the crowd much, just stuck to his guitar. But I loved his voice and omg his jig during Act My Age was legendary.

Harry was such a crowd pleaser, he definitely was the most involved with the crowd and he is so fun to watch. Plus he was always coming around to us and to see him flirt with my husband and shake out his hair was great. His voice was very good and on point. At one point he sang happy birthday to a grandma and said hello to a little 3year old girl. It was so sweet. He is just so sweet and charming.

Louis. My Louis. He came out in this outfit with a white tee and blue button down over it and I DIED. Then he complained about being hot so he changed into the skate tough tank AND I DIED AGAIN. And his hair was a fluffy fringe and I was so happy. He was so little in person and I was just in awe that he was in front of me existing. He messed around with Niall and Liam a lot and it was just so fun to watch. And his voice… Is just so much purer and clearer than I could have ever imagined. Whenever he sang I had to clutch my hands to my chest. He messed up his parts a few times but overall he sounded lovely on harmonies and all his chorus leads. HE SLAYED NO CONTROL AND THANKED THE FANS FOR THE NO CONTROL PROJECT AND I DIED. And his part in dfwyb made me cry a little.

LILO. I LOVE LILO. Louis made Liam tell a joke at one point but I didn’t get it can someone explain it to me? NOUIS was also on fire tonight. I have videos. SO MANY VIDEOS.

Liam read “MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT CHOP SUEY ARE HIS EYELASHES” and I screamed. Liam you bad boy.

Harry and Louis touched arms in the wmyb formation and I screamed. As for other HL moments i wasn’t really paying attention, I could only focus on one at a time.

Rainbow bondage bear and sugar baby bear are amazing in person and much smaller than I expected? It was amazing to see them up close.

we were surrounded by really young fans who would still very much like to marry Harry. I know the boys appreciated having older people like me and my husband in the audience, which is why I think we got so much attention.

I only really cried during 18 and No Control. It was just so beautiful and Louis’ part was GORGEOUS.

we went hard to Stockholm Syndrome, No Control, Act My Age and Little White Lies.

Overall it was just so fun. I can’t believe we interacted with all the boys, it was a dream. I have five bazillion videos that I will upload later. Probably add more thoughts too. !!!!!

I may have been found wandering the streets, but you only have to spend a little time with me to know I’m a true gentleman!

Hi, I’m Alexander from Voorhees Animal Orphanage in New Jersey.

When my new human friends found me, my gorgeous coat was matted and I suffered from the indignity of FLEAS. Fleas!!!!

They couldn’t even tell I was a male and named me Holly!

Now I’m long-haired and fluffy again, with a tail you have to see to believe. I’m also very chatty and have found humans LOVE my little chirps as much as they do my soulful eyes and happy smile.

I’m glad I can make them happy, because I just love being with my human friends! (I like cat friends, too.)

I’m 11 years old, which makes me a senior. Some cats at the shelter told me people don’t adopt seniors, but I’m sure that’s not true! After all, this is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, and you wouldn’t have created it if you didn’t know how amazing we are, right???

So I have a proposition in mind: you bring the cat treats, I’ll bring the love!

No treats? Reblogging my story is even better!

To find out more or meet me, call 856-627-9111 or email!



Little Me | High School AU | Part 3


I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year x
In case you are confused about this the “-” in the middle of each pref means that it’s on another time. 

Read part 1 here

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W A R N I N G - T R I G G E R I N G


“….O, by this count I shall be much in years, Ere I again behold my Romeo!” You read out from the script, crossing your legs, waiting for the next replay. As the silent felt on both of you, you let out a frustrated sigh.  ”Luke did you even practice?” You questioned, letting your script fall from in front of your head, towards your lap. Looking down from his script, he ran a hand through his hair. “I did practice some.” He mumbled, sinking further down his chair. “Fine. What is your next line?” You asked, teasing clear in your voice. “I eh..” He fumbled with the words, looking up at you for help. “Farewell I will omit no opportunity. That may convey my greetings, love, to thee.” “Right.” Luke remembered, his mouth changing to a straight line. “If you don’t have any interest in acting, why did a boy like you choose to be in the play?” You asked, making him lean forward towards you. “Why did a girl with such a lack of outgoing radiance choose to play the part as Juliet?” He fired back making your eyebrow raise. “Touché.” You leaned forward as well. “ I guess I’m full of surprises just like a football jerk like you.” “Oh so were going this way I see?” Luke asked, his blue orbs burning into yours. As you was about to say something cruel back, a knock from the door made you both snap your head up towards it, seeing Mrs. Chanre opening it. “I hope my favorite couple is ready to practice on stage.” She cooed, looking hopefully at you both. “Yeah we are.” You smiled, standing up from your chair. “Right Luke?” You asked sugar sweetly, making him groan. As you went on stage, Mrs. Chanre freaked out about so many things, but both you and her were surprised to see that Luke actually remembered the lines to the songs you were performing on stage. After practicing lines and music, all the student went home expect two.


“Sorry I didn’t practice.” Luke mumbled behind you, as you sat at the end of the stage, looking out at the empty audience, at the exact same spot you guys met only 3 weeks ago. “It’s ok.” You shrugged, looking behind you. His tall frame hovered over you slightly, before taking a seat next to you. “Y/N can I ask you a question.” “Yeah.” You shrugged, removing your hair to the right side of your shoulder. “You’re such a quiet girl. Why did you choose to try out as the part as Juliet?” Luke asked making you chuckle. “Everyone has this theory about me. Everyone thinks I’m this absence quiet girl. I feel like I’m so much more than that. I wanna show the whole world that I actually got some talent inside of me. I know this seems very weird because of my part as Juliet, but I’ve got stage fright – or I used to.” You corrected, your mind memorizing back in kindergarten when you forgot the words as the part as Cinderella. “ I feel kind of the same way.” The words made you snap your head up in confusion. “You forgot your lines when you played Cinderella?” You asked in confusion, making him laugh. “God no… But I have a passion as well. Everyone thinks that I’m just a selfish womanizer jock who doesn’t do anything else than hook up with girls, go to parties and play football. I feel like I’m so much more than that. I really enjoy singing. But the other jocks just laugh at me when I mention it. Not some of them though. It was Michael’s idea getting me the part as Romeo.” Luke explained, making your eyes go wide in surprise. “Remember Michael the light guy?” He asked making you nod. “Him, two of the other jocks and I consider starting a band.” “That sounds awesome.” You smiled, making him smile as well. “Yeah I feel like it too. We’re working on some punk pop music.” “Isn’t Michael the one with pink fluffy hair?” You asked with a raised eyebrow. “Oh yeah.. So much for being punk.” Luke trailed of making you laugh as well. Again a silent felt over you, but now it wasn’t as tense as the last one. “How about we go practice at my house tomorrow?” Luke suddenly announced, making you smile. “Yeah that’s sounds good.” You smiled, standing up with your backpack. “See ya later football jerk.” You snickered making him groan, but wave anyways. 


Walking down the path of books in the library you let your fingers slide over the different books, sighing happily about the peaceful atmosphere. As you grabbed one and pulled it out of the rack, you gazed on the front page, before pulling it back on its original place. As you was about to do it a figure made you almost drop the book in shock, your eyes going wide. “Hi Y/N.” Calum waved on the other side of the bookshelf, making you scuff. “Not you again.” You mumbled placing the book on its original place, walking down further against the bookshelf. “I’m still here.” Calum stated from the other side of the shelf, making you groan slightly. “What do you want?” You asked, crossing your arms, as you both got to the end of the bookshelf. “I was just wondering if you could like, eeh.” Calum trailed off, pulling on his hair slightly, “I was wondering if you could teach me some of the cool tricks you can do.” “What do you mean?” You asked in confusion, letting your arms fall to your sides. “You know, out at the field. You’re fantastic with a ball.” Cal explained making you blush. “You’ve seeing me playing?” You asked making him nod. “I could possible teach you some, yeah sure.” You mumbled making him smile. “But don’t get too excited I’m not that good.” You stated insecure, making him scuff. “You’re kidding.” Cal said in disbelief making you shrug. “The way you tackled Maranda. It was awesome.”  The words made a pinkish flush come across your cheeks as you let out a “thank you.” “The games for both boys and girls are up soon, and I really wanna make some good work.” “I know.” You mumbled, nodding. “Coach Hanson hasn’t been talking about anything else than that stupid game for so long.” You stated making Calum laugh. “He’s a bit of a pain in the ass.” Calum commented making you laugh. “Yeah but he’s a good coach.” You giggled, making Calum nod in agreement. “And he for sure loves you.” Cal winked making you blush.


“You’re late again.” You stated, as Calum came running down the field, his direction towards you. “I’m sorry, Mrs. I don’t even remember her name cause her classes is so boring, hold us back even though the bell had ringed.” He said out of breath, throwing his bag pack to the ground, before collapsing next to it. Laughing down at him, you placed yourself on his stomach, making let out a “puff” sound. “Shouldn’t we be practicing?” You smiled down at him, your hair falling down almost tickling his cheeks. “Yeah, but I’ve got a walrus sitting on my stomach, which make it slightly difficult to remove myself.” He commented making you gasp in a fake shock. “You idiot.” You groaned, smacking his chest lightly before removing yourself from him, pulling him onto his feet. |“Luke!” Maranda whisper yelled, making Luke look up at her from his seat, both of them skipping class.   What now?” Luke whined, lifting himself from the stool. “Look.” She pointed, making Luke scratch his eyes before looking towards her pointed finger. “Please tell me I’m just having a nightmare.” She whined, letting her head fall back. “Well as far as I can see it’s Y/N and Cal running around the field with a ball.” Luke replayed dumbly, making her groan. “For how long have they been doing this?” She hissed making Luke shrug. “I dunno. They’ve been teaching each other different tricks. He’s becoming really good and so is she.” Maranda gave Luke a death glare. “We gotta do something.” She exclaimed, stamping her foot on the ground in frustration. “ I don’t know, the guy is madly in love with her.” Luke said without knowing, but realized what he said; when he saw Maranda’s shocked expression. “You’re kidding right.” She said quietly, but with death in her voice. “Holy shit.” Luke muttered, making her groan, pulling on her hair slightly. “I can’t believe you guys. We need to separate them.” She stated, looking up at Luke. “Why?” Luke asked in confusion making her groan again. “Because she’s playing on the different team compared to us. She’s dangerous. And I don’t like it.” Pulling onto Luke’s arm, she gave you guys a last glance before heading towards the changing rooms down under the audience chairs of the field. “Come on I’ve got an idea.” She smiled, making Luke smile back unwell.  


”Wow your room is. Girly.” Michael said in surprise making you laugh. “Yeah, I like the color pink.” You trailed off, making him nod in agreement. “Did you draw all these?” He asked amazed, pointing towards the wall over your dresser, where you had filled it with different drawings and doodling. “Yeah.” You breathed, walking over to stand beside him. “I enjoy making it, like to express myself. Most of the doodling is made in classes.” You confessed, making him laugh. “Mrs. Woodsy is dry biscuit I understand.” Michael nodded walking over to your bed. “But what about the thing you were doing in class today.” “What about it.” You asked confused, sitting next to him, placing your bag by the bed. “That doodling I saw you making.” He refereed, sneaking his hand down your bag, taking your notebook out of it. Browsing through your notes and doodle, he finally found it, showing it to you. “Oh.” You said quietly, looking towards where his thumb was pointing. “You can talk to me Y/N I want you to know that.” Michael cooed, slightly rubbing your back. Letting out a big sigh, you fell back onto the back resting your body on the madras. “There was a point in my life where my parents were so close to get a divorce. There were fights every night, and I had to go in to my little brother’s room, trying to comfort him. We were both crying together and I don’t know why but I felt like it all was my fault. After some bad episodes, I did it for the first time. Then a second time, and when my vision started to blur I knew I had to stop. I haven’t done it since. But after it, I had the feeling that I had to demonstrate against anything that appreciated me.” You mumbled the last part, looking over at Michael too see his depressed face. “I’m sorry Y/N.” Michael mumbled, not knowing what to say. “It’s ok.” You smiled. “It’s the past. Now do you want some cookies? “


“I’m almost at you’re house Y/N.” Michael mumbled, with his phone in one hand, and the other controlling his bike. “Are you crazy.” You screamed through the phone, making him jump slightly on his bike in shock. “You told me to come.” Michael laughed, as he turned at the corner, now seeing your house in view. “Yeah, but I didn’t expect you to come at 11AM! You protested, trying to find some clothes in your room. “You’ll survive.” Michael concluded, before placing his bike up against your garage. “I’m at your porch now.” Michael smiled, looking up at your window. “The door is open.” You mumbled, occupied with something else. “Okay.” Michael said in satisfaction, opening the door to your house, practically inviting himself in. Hanging his jacket on one of the racks, he headed towards the stairs, wondering what was taking you so long. “Y/N I don’t even care if you’re naked, I’m coming in.” Michael stated, smiling to himself at his comment. “No plea-“ Before you could alarm him about anything Michael opened your door, but when he saw you he was frozen. “Y/N?” He said in disbelief but it came out more as a question. “Yeah, you mumbled quietly, removing some of your hair out of your face. “What’s wrong?” You asked, even though you knew the answer .“Y/N.” Michael breathed. “You’re a babe!” He exclaimed, blinking his eyes repeatably, trying to memorize the moment. “I’m not.” You protested, making him scoff. “I’m just not wearing my usually clothes okay?” You said, referring to the not so emo outfit you were wearing, the make-up simple instead of war paint, and the hair loose instead of your hoodie covering your curly locks. “I think I’m in love.” Michael mumbled, making you furrow your eyebrows together. “I mean- I brought our science project.” Michael smiled, saving himself from another awkward moment. “Uhm can you tell me why, you dress like the queen of death?” Michael asked, as you both sat on your bed, tipping different notes into your laptops. Letting out a sigh you pushed the laptop away from you before looking at Michael. “I’m trapped in the character. Imagine what people would say if I came to school like this. They would think I’m mental crazy.” You explained, before taking your laptop again. “And Y/N?” “Yes Michael?” You breathed looking up at the now nervous looking Michael. “I’ve wanted to ask you for a while now, but haven’t had the balls to ask you.” “Spit it out Cliffo.” You smiled, and he took a deep breath. “Will you go to the prom with me?”


”but watch out, a bird is in the way of the intimidate moment. What the hell is that supposed to mean.” You laughed, leaning back against the armrest of the couch, having your legs lying on Ashton’s lap. “I dunno.” He mumbled, trying to concentrate about his geography assignment but got distracted every time you yelled up about something in the magazine you were reading. “What is your zodiac sign?” You asked, removing the magazine from covering your head. “Y/N I’m trying to concentrate could you please stay quiet for a second?” Ashton asked annoyed, making your eyes go wide. “The answer is cancer by the way.” Looking back at the zodiac signs you found the cancer, but choose to not read it out loud. “The girl is in a trap but watch out; before you know it everything will change.” Raising one eyebrow at the lines, you looked back up at Ashton to see his concentrated look. The way he bite the pencil, his eyebrow furrowing in confusion and when the pencil weren’t in his mouth, it was down on the paper tapping along to a rhythm. “Why are you still working on that assignment?” You asked in confusion and Ash let out a scoff. “Oh sorry Ms I know everything about the world’s continental plates and how they work. I just don’t know how to make this assignment okay?” Ashton exclaimed frustrated, letting his head fall back onto the back of the cushion. You let out a pout as you saw how frustrated he was, and moved your body towards his, placing yourself on his lap. Snapping his head up, he saw you take the paper in your hands, reading the different questions. “Name a place where the continental plate “hot spot” is placed? Ash sweety this is easy.” You smiled, letting him groan some more. “Can’t you just do it for me please.” He pouted making you shake your head. “Pretty pretty please.” His pout got bigger, his eyelashes flashing. “Nope.” You replayed, poking him lightly on the nose with the pencil. Sneaking his arms around your waist, he pressed you down on the couch, letting his hands fall down to your sides to tickle you, and you let out some hysterical laughs rolling around trying to get out of Ashton’s grip. As Ashton stopped tickling you, you let out a sigh of relief, heavy breathings falling from your lips. “I hate you.” You breathed making Ashton laugh. “I really like you though.” He smiled, sneaking his arms around your waist again, kissing you repeatedly on the cheek. “Ash.” You mumbled, trying to get out of his tight grip. “This is getting disgusting.” You laughed. “That’s the point.” Ashton smiled.


Walking down the corridor of the school Ashton let out a shriek as someone grabbed his shirt, pulling him into a class room. “Are the rumors right?” Kathleen hissed, taking Ashton by surprise. “Shit Kath you scared me.” Ashton shrieked, looking confused at her. “I asked you a question.” She demanded her nostrils getting bigger in frustration as she spoke. “What rumors?” Ashton asked in utter confusion, pulling on his hair slightly. “Don’t give me that shit, is it true that some sophomores saw you at Y/N’s house here a couple of days ago?” Letting his hands fall from his hair to his sides, Ashton mumbled out a, “Yeah why?” looking up at her, his eyebrows furrowing a bit. “Are you fucking crazy?” She exclaimed raising her voice. “What did you do, wait no I don’t wanna know it.” She breathed, holding her head in her hand. “We were just making homework.” Ashton trailed off, making Kathleen scuff. “You could have been making homework with me?” she questioned pulling on her hair in frustration. “Well maybe I like her, did that thought come across your little piece of shit that you call your brain?” Ashton asked in frustration, tired of keeping secrets anymore. “You what?” She asked pulling her hand up towards her chest, being taken aback. But all of the sudden in the intense debate, Kathleen saw a shadow behind Ashton. Seeing you stare back at her in a mix of blank and confusion, she breathed heavily before a smirk came across her face. “Why are you smiling?” Ashton asked in a stern voice, but was taking by surprise as Kathleen grabbed him by the collar, pressing her lips to his. Whilst kissing Kathleen made them turn around, making you get a full view of them, and as she pulled away from Ashton, her back towards you now, Ashton caught your eye. Not only were you wide eyed but Ashton was as well. “Y/N” he breathed, as he saw your eyes get watery but he didn’t had a chance to say something else as you ran out of the classroom, wanting to get away as fast as possible. 

benedict-cumbercrack-deactivate  asked:

are you still taking prompts? could you do potter!lock where sherlock and molly get detention maybe? thanks :)

With more force than was necessary, Sherlock dumped another stack of pots into the sink, an action that Molly received with a heavy sigh and a even larger roll of her eyes.

You’re the one who caused the explosion.”

“I wouldn’t have caused the explosion if you hadn’t given me the wrong ingredients.”

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