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bughead fanfiction - unbeta’d - period piece au - something different that fit my mood today xoxo


“We were nothing more
than star-crossed lovers,
tangled up in what could
have been.”
—Angela Marie Alfaro

She meets him on her eleventh birthday, her father’s Housekeeper, Geraldine, scolding him as he is caught stealing food from the kitchens. A stable boy, with scraggly hair and blue eyes she’s heard her sister read through thick texts of that would akin them to clear skies and rapid waters.

She hears his name is Forsythe, and her fingers curl around the thick wooden door to watch as his cheeks flush at the older woman’s stern voice. His stomach growls loudly, her own ears catching the rumbling from her hidden position at the doorway.

“Now, swab the floors in the barn at once before punishments are imposed on you, Forsythe.” Geraldine’s voice murmurs, her gray hair perched in a tight bun on her head. “If the job is done well, I shall save an extra roll of bread from my supper for you. Is this agreeable?”

“Yes, Miss Geraldine.” The boy with dirt covered cheeks replies, excitement in his tone at the prospect of more food being presented to him.

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#GOT7inSydney : An experience


We joined the line around 8 and were like probably 100th-170th in line for gold.  We met amazing people in line, made our experience so good.

I was slightly disappointed because it was randomly chosen wristbands for hi touch or photo op we were given no choice. I got hi touch. Purple ones I’m assuming means photo op, the people we lined up with mega babes:

So we found out no merch for Sydney. The merch truck came so late so I missed out on getting a light stick :( the crowd was dark without them. At 4 the line started moving bit by bit as everyone stood up so tension was high. When it hit 6pm Luna park closes so everyone in gold suddenly started running it was literally a stampede of people. Security didn’t have it handled well as line order just went into chaos and I was crushed literally I had not been prepared for that this is how wild the line got no order what so ever people who camped out were greatly disadvantaged.

We ended up waiting so long to get in it was 7 already before they let us in but I slightly snaked my way into the right doors. AND SPRINTED FOR MY LIFE so I ended up soooo close to the stage about 5 heads back but I was next to people who camped out. There were a lot of fansites which was quite annoying bc cameras were resting on me or they kept a pulling down my hand smh.

I was literally so close.

The curtain dropped and they performed Q I stood in shock for a whole minute bc their beauty is out of this world. They are very real and amazing I literally was a gaping fish I had an out of body experience.  You can hear me go off in this video. After that they were doing games I’m sure you all heard how annoying the MC and translator were ion wanna talk about it.

BUT it was the moments I got noticed by 4/6 of GOT7 now lemme tell you.Emily and I were literally hyping them up bc our centre section of gold was fansites so it was quiet so we had to go off. The first person we hyped was Jinyoung we were like bouncing our arms chanting his name yknow like so. He imitated our hand movements and laughed so brightly covering his mouth WIG FLEW!

MARK NEXT we were hyping him going “YEAHHHH MARK” and he responded and did that puckered surprised lips face and then laughed at us. Me and em looked at each other ‘passed out’ and looked back at Mark and he was cracking up at our reactions RIP.

Yugyeom is so cute he was on the right side of us so we really couldn’t see him much but he did walk towards centre and I caught his eye. And when that happens you gotta do something so I did a little hit the folks and he did it back and giggled wtf.

A video I recorded of like the games they played and some questions they did: Jackson.


Every time I interacted with Bambam everyone around me was shook and had mouths wide open DID THAT. First time me and em were doing our little hype hand sign chanting double b and he pointed and laughed at it then imitated. I did a really fucking cringy dab when we made eye contact and Bambam dead-ass laughed  with his head back. I’m black so I dab like so.

Now it went back to performances and they performed fly. They performed sky way next the vid was too long for me to post but I’ll try again later. Next was hard carry emily and I went off and just danced the whole time. Hard Carry performance.

They then did the giveaway which was the signed letters and Bambams mic was working so I got eye contact with him AGAIN. His microphone wasn’t working when he got back on stage and I was like “LET BAMBAM SPEAK” and then he was like me?? And I was mouthing to him “is your mic on we can’t hear you?” And he was like scrunching his face confused and tapped his mic and I just showed my ear to him then shrugged and he laughed then he had to pay attention to the MC again FUCKING WIG MAN. 

My best friend Emily was hyping Bambam up to dab and I joined her to get his attention:

Bambam was wiping his face with a towel and I was like shid I want that so I gestured to him that I wanted it. He looked up at me and was acting dumb acting like he didn’t know what the towel was and just dropped it on the floor and walked off.

Some photos of Bambam teasing me:

At this point I was like a head or two away from barricade I was ready to swoop in but I gotta be patient. Got7 performned NEVER EVER, sorry for messy camera work Yugyeom really got CLOSE

They then said their goodbyes you know the go like this has been got7 :( and then there was an open space on the barricade but low and behold a Yugyeom fansite really was anti and didn’t want me on barricade. So somehow I ended up on barricade and I was like “oh word true shit?” but the Yugyeom fansite had her elbows up on the barricade. And it was just before encore so I was like I wanna see this but she would not move with her camera legit glaring at me. So encore starts and I’m all good at barricade because she snapping Yugyeom but its barricade so pushing starts AND YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING WHEN YOU’RE AT THE FRONT so she flips her shit and starts swearing at me in Korean while I’m jamming out to ‘out’ and then I turn to her like “we are not doing this right now” and I was like they’re pushing and as I said pushing it blew her ear BC PUSHING GOT THAT PU sound and she went off more and elbowed me hard, security did nothing but karma to her because Yugyeom did not look her way even once while I got interaction with him so..

They came out for encore and I was on barricade and was so shook like I never dreamed this was gonna happen. Me on the barricade during encore lol to the people that camped out! I arrived at 8am.

I had an out of body experience when this happened JB was sooooo close I was looking through my videos JB really was staying in the centre so was Bambam

JB and Jinyoung looking in my camera:

Bambam teased me AGAIN when I asked for his towel during encore and I- I was that girl asking him for a towel 3 times lmfao he’s a tease


Go higher was next encore song and girl I went deaf it was so hype I recorded like tiny bits went off during the rest. I WAS BOUNCING WITH THEM IT WAS AMAZING I GOT HYPE.

This concluded the concert then it was hi touch AND BEST BELIEVE I GOT MY BLOTTING PAPER AND EYEBROW PENCIL OUT

#GOT7inSydney : hi touch experience

I’m the girl with the braids.(and brown bag) Order was Mark, yugyeom, bambam, jinyoung, jaebum, Jackson. Their hands were big wide and so soft and they were taller than me I was shook bc I’m 5'7 (170cm) and was wearing platform boots. I remember marks bright smile he was the first face I saw and I said “thank you” he’s honestly so gorgeous. Yugyeom is so beautiful I said thankyou to him too and hi fived him quickly. BamBam remembered me and I told him “you were so lit” and held his hand then pointed at him and he pointed back and said “you too”

jinyoung i hi fived and he gave me the cutest smile his eye smile heals lives I love those wrinkles honestly. I had tunnel vision for jaebum he was all I could see I was in shock. His forehead is so big and like shiny and flawless and clear and his face omg. He has like a lil dimple on the side of his face his hand is so big and he’s PALE you guys.His hair was wavy and had red orange hues i was in sooo deep and his earring are so nice where to cop??? I leaned into him as you see in the vid so I could see his eyes and I stared into his eyes and said “I love you so much” and he did that wide closed lipped smile and his eye smile AND HIS EYE MOLES WTF I HELD HIS HAND LIKE REAL TIGHT AND SQUEEZED IT I really am whipped.

Jackson did a little squirtle smile and then did a big smile with teeth and CRINKLEY EYES WITH IT AS I SAID “thank you so much for coming PLEASE come back please!!” Then I walked off the stage and he yelled back “OKAY” I was like in shock so I didn’t hear him afbksnsl BUT HELD HIS HAND REALLY HARD TOO


Secure 3

A/N:  As always, a thank you to my brilliant betas (who are also amazing writers in their own right.  Go read everything they’ve ever written!):  @little-black-dress-24, @emulateharry, @melissas173, and @niallandharrymakemestrong.  I appreciate you ladies so much!  (And George too!)

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I swipe at my nose because it tickles, but there’s nothing there. Just ten more minutes of sleep, I think, as I attempt to turn over and snuggle deeper into my bed. Only to sit up straight, terrified at the realization that I’m not in my bed.

Harry is resting his chin on his arms, which are crossed on the back of the sofa where he’s squatting, as he laughs softly at my consternation at waking up in his house. “Get up, Suge! We’re going jogging!”

“Ugh,” I groan, “Can I at least brush my teeth first?” And then I realize I don’t have a toothbrush here.

But apparently just thinking it conjures one up, as Harry, with a goofy smirk, produces a wrapped toothbrush and sample sized toothpaste. Grabbing both, I launch myself from the sofa and make use of the loo, emerging in my wrinkled workout clothes with freshly brushed teeth. My hair is still in its braid from yesterday, so I pile the whole mess on my head and pin it up quickly. Together, we head across the street to Hampstead Heath. A light jog warms us up, and then we continue around the 3.6 mile path.

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Derek with a manbun is perfect, but I'll tell you what's more perfect...Derek Hale with long flowing hair. Lydia enjoys playing with it sometimes, tucking flowers into the thick braids and huffs whenever Derek just lets it dry naturally into its wavy state. Also Stiles runs his fingers through Derek's hair whenever they cuddle, fiddling with it and thus finding out how much of a turn on it is for Derek to get his hair tugged. From now on, Stiles utilizes his new knowledge all the time ❤️

Stiles is weak, so very weak…because his boyfriend is growing out his hair and it is practically insta-boner material. Seriously, it is becoming an issue for many many reasons. 

Sometimes when Derek comes back from Lydia’s (also, new development but apparently she is a lot like Laura) he has braids in that are so beautifully crafted they look like they should be a popular aesthetic Tumblr post. It does not end there; because Lydia goes the extra mile and weaves flowers into them. Freakin’ flowers. So his part macho part teddy bear boyfriend is actually a flower child two to three days of the week. 

Stiles will not lie, it looks amazing with his thicker beard too. 

Then?! Then there are the buns. THE buns. Sometimes it is one sometimes two, but regardless it makes him melt on the inside. Derek looks so soft and cuddly whenever he wears them. However his favorite? His favorite look is when Deek just lets his luscious locks flow in the wind, framing his face, making him look like….Thor had a baby with a rugged mountain man. 

Like Stiles has been saying….insta-boner material, and he has a front row ticket. 

As of right now it’s early morning, the sun is filtering through their cream colored curtains and warming the duvet covering them. Stiles has his head propped up on one hand as the other is running itself through Derek’s untamed hair. Meanwhile, Derek is practically a cat in a sun, enjoying the attention to his hair.

“You’re ridiculous,” Stiles smirks. 

Derek looks up at him with lazy green eyes, a soft smile on his face, “shh…’s nice.” 

“It’s nice?” Stiles asks, tugging on the strands playfully.

Well he assumed it was playful, but Derek pulls his lower lip with his teeth and Stiles freezes instantly. Derek biting his lip is the universal sign for “that is hot” and “that is a turn on” and “please don’t stop” and basically anything in that spectrum. 

Stiles all but throws himself on top of Derek, legs on either side of his hips, effectively startling the guy. 

“You have a hair pulling kink don’t you?” Stiles asks, voice giddy and excited. 

Derek flushes, mouth parting, “…I wouldn’t say kink, but I like it. A lot.” 

“Hmm, really? So if I were to–,” Stiles tries, stopping to tug at the strands again, this time enough to Derek’s neck is exposed. He doesn’t continue his words, he just leans down, pressing soft kisses and bites along the man’s neck. 

Derek ends up gasping out a soft noise, holding Stiles closer.

“–we’re definitely exploring this,” Stiles grinned. 

My finger slipped. Oops. 

(P.S: unedited bc I’m lazy)

Essays in Existentialism: Ice and Fire

Winter came.

The dead would not die and stay dead, the world was at war with itself, and to compound the misery, winter came with a wrath that was a distant memory for most who lived. It did not creep in, nor did it apologize for its untimely birth. Instead, it just rattled the doors and ravaged the land in a different kind of war.

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Lance Headcanons
  • loves Cupcake Wars. he has seen every episode. anyone watching Cupcake Wars with him should be prepared to lose their hearing.
  • knows every word of My House by Flo Rida and belts it at the top of his lungs whenever possible
  • cites Wannabe by the Spice Girls as one of the best songs in human history
  • eats food while food is in the microwave/oven
    • Lance: *walks into the kitchen* Hunk: hey babe, dinner will be ready in like ten minutes. Lance: *opening the cupboard and grabbing the peanut butter jar* awesome, what are we having? Hunk: lasagna! Lance: *eating peanut butter straight from the jar* can’t wait! Hunk: ….what are you doing. Lance: eating a snack? Hunk: ……………
  • definitely drinks pickle juice straight from the jar
    • Lance: what? Pidge: you disgust me
  • hates shoes. finds them limiting. goes without them whenever possible
    • has some serious callouses because of it
    • has definitely stepped in gum barefoot
    • if he has to wear shoes he wears flipflips bc its the least shoe like shoe that exists
  • has clinical depression. he tries to hide it under jokes and fake smiles, but it’s there. he tries to talk about how he feels as little as humanly possible.
  • has two moms!!
    • hunk also has two moms, and that commonality is a large part of the reason their moms became friends. and because their moms were friends, they’ve been friends since birth.
  • is very passionate about his love of goldfish
  • will wear tank tops at every opportunity
  • very vocal when he sees someone being bullied in public. it’s the big brother in him. if he sees someone being picked on, he’s going to stand up for them, whether he knows them or not.
  • fun graphic tees are his jam. his only regret about leaving the garrison for space when he did is that he was wearing the most boring shirt in his closet. now who knows when he’ll see his star wars t shirt collection again??
  • Loud And Proud Bisexual
  • is really good at predicting the endings to movies??? no one likes sitting next to him in the theater bc he’ll whisper his prediction for all the plot twists and he’s always freaking right.
  • overuses the 💯 emoji
  • is anemic and needs to take iron pills to keep Big And Strong
  • sleeps nakey
  • also ends up kicking all stuffed animals/blankets/pillows onto the floor during the course of the night. even he doesn’t know how he does it.
  • lucid dreamer
  • is always the one who’s slightly blurry or has his eyes closed in group photos
  • snapchat story is always a liiiiittle bit too long
  • really bad at magic tricks
  • *throws balled up paper at trash can* “kobe!” *misses*
  • would lay down his life for nike products
  • at every social outing involving money ever: *nudges Hunk* “hey dude can you spot me”
  • hates crocs. with a burning passion. they are disgusting. why would any human being want them on their body. why.
  • loves fanny packs. practical. colorful. a bold fashion statement. he owns five.
  • in any and every social situation: *dabs*
  • really bad at accepting honest compliments. all of his confidence is exaggerated for humor. he’s low key really insecure, and so when people earnestly compliment him, he really doesn’t know how to take it.
  • great at braiding hair.
  • has about 20 snapchat streaks at a time
  • a lil bit of a helicopter friend. he doesn’t necessarily always know what to do what to make his friends feel better, but he wants to help, so he has a bit of a habit of hovering when he doesn’t know what else to do.
  • enjoys tofu a lot
  • his hair gets wavy when it grows out more
  • has never had a sunburn in his life. his tan lines though??? horrible 
The State of Black Hair in the Sims 2 Community

*This could also be said about the whole overall community but I’m just speaking on what I know*

We all know that this game has been out for now more than ten years, and thanks to the surprising boost of ea giving out the game for free back in july, and the bit of disappointment sims 4 was and currently is, our community is still thriving.

  Now I know I am still pretty new to the community, I joined the tumblr part earlier this year and only since the summer have I actually joined and posted on forums and sites, yet I’ve spent countless hours on sites finding items, researching mods, getting all my custom content in line.  For all that time one thing that has always been on my mind is the questionable of lack of black hairs for this game.

For those who are reading, I should probably state that I am, well black. Born black, living black, will die black. So when I’m playing it would be nice want to create sims that reflect attributes of those around me, who happen to be black as well, while also expanding and making different sims of other ethnic backgrounds as well. Yes, I know that everyone plays their game differently and create there sims how they want, as they are allowed to. For me to enjoy my game the way I want to, it has become a bit frustrating. I can find skin tones and almost every color and texture you can think of (props to those creators btw), but I am limited on the choices of black hairstyles for my sims.

Black hair is astonishing diverse. The range is bountiful from bone straight to curly ringlets to tight coarse clouds. We cut, dye, curl, twist, dread, braid, pick, straighten, perm and more to our locks. Yet for this game I can barely reflect that on to my sims.

Here’s my main issues:

  • The black styles are ridiculously limited. When I say that i mean for every one afro you’ll be able to find 200 layered straight hairs. I’m serious I can just google and within the first three pages I’ll have all the black hairstyle made for the game as of now, most of the are repeats too,  yet there are thousands and thousand of non black hair styles. When I say non black hair I’m talking styles without afro texture, because duh black hair can be straight, but predominantly the natural texture has coils and kinks. And it’s not that there are a lack of meshes, there are plenty that could become black hair,. Creators are just avoiding to do so and would rather slap a now color on Mesh A  which is just the same a Mesh B but has fringe near the ear and say it’s ~so unique~. This leads me to another problem with black hair creators.
  • Creators seem to have this limited square of what black hair is and some make what they think is black hair.  The range is braids, twist, dreads, afro, shaved fades, that’s it. If you dig even deeper you find out that each type only has a limited on how it looks. Why does it seem that the creators are all rely on using the same meshes for black hair, there’s meshes I’ve seen that could be converted easily into a black hair style but no it not happening.  What’s even worse is when they  throw some texture on a mesh and call it it black hair. Now let’s get more in deph on the construction of these black hairs.
  • Black hair relies on texture, shape, color, and luster. Creators seem to only take texture and maybe on a good day shape into account. I’ll break this down further:
  1. Afros: This is one of those categories with creators who seem to either get it right or just wrong. Texture: A lot of creators just can’t get any really decent textures right which should not be hard. Some lean towards the grouped fuzzy static, which can work, then there’s the crinkle fry one (which I just believe to look purposely like a few days old twist out), good ole curly, and that almost wavy but curly that for some reason creators think works great but doesn’t. Shape: I appreciate the free and wispy ends the some creators do, it gives a more authentic shape. But whoever told these creators that a loose dough ball looking pileup is an afro shape,(you know which shape) should feel real dumb. Yes afros do get compact into shape, but they tend to lessen in density towards the ends, know know like most hair. Why must these afros, and afro puffs look clumpy and lumpy, did these creator forget how hair works or  not care is it just cause it’s lol black hair hmmm?   Also it’s worth noting that head to hair ratio seems to just go straight out the window for some creators too. And for the love of sims why don’t these afros have hairlines? Afros need hairlines, it a must. Why is the front covering the forehead and almost kissing the eyebrows? Afros grow up and out not forward and hovers! Color: Only thing all creators seem to get right. Luster: The biggest mistake creators make. You know how alot aren’t fond of  the high shine on some hairs made like newsea and peggy hairs because they look unnatural, Well the same goes for afro hair. Black hair especially in its natural afro shape tend to lack luster the coarser it is and even the lightest of afro curls isn’t even shinning unless there’s some gloss product on it. Hyper shine should not be on afros because it makes it look fake and bad. Only types of black hair that should be super shiny is, synthetic braids, twist, wings and wet hair, but even then the shine should be medium.
  2. Braids & Twist: Stop putting them on wrong meshes. It’s not that  hard to look and reason out if a look could be possible with braids. If you’re gonna combine them with left out hair or and afro get similar textures with similar luster that blend into each other effortlessly. Remember high shine gives the synthetic look, low shine makes it natural. Also you know that braids and twist have tons of ways of being braided not just front to but or in a bun. Also it’s pretty trendy to to blend in some complimenting colors.      
  3. Dreads: Stop calling your creation dreads if there not even dread texture. There’s a distinctive texture and it’s ridiculous what creators try to pass of a dreads. Dreads have a coarse thick shape, not limp noddles together. If you can’t fully get the shape right then visually make it look with by coloring it right. Dreads are actually compact hair so it would be correct if the color was richer, even a bit one dimensional.                              
  4. Fades and Shaved heads:  Thanks to the creators who can do a fade, to the rest why not? This would literally be one of the easiest to be creative and complex since there no hair but want you want. Also riddle me this how come there’s slim to none black barber hairstyles? Like a majority of black males do cut their hair and all are not out rocking a head of curls and flowing hair. Why hasn’t anyone made more barbershop hair looks. If I had a dollar for a every male short  hair with bangs mesh I’ve seen I could buy multiple Complete sets of Sims 2 And so black women wear barbershop cuts too.   
  5. Straight hair: Now this is one is a bit of a pet peeve for me. When it comes to black hair, even with it is in a straight state it has texture to it. The coarser the natural state the more texture it will have when it is straight. A afro does not just go from coarse cloud to a pin straight plane. When black afro hair is straighten it with have texture, but a straighter none, there will be an increase of shine but nothing overzealous. There’s a good chance that there will be some volume so don’t make it so straight.straight. I’ve literally turned to using some very dated meshes because they actually have afro black straight texture, yet these creators now can’t seem to make or retexture some hairs?


To sum this all up I wish for creators to do better in diversifying the shapes and textures for hairs they make and help expand the black afro hairstyles in no just sims 2 but also all sims games. Don’t just keep doing the same ones.  

If you need help on which black hairstyles to try to create google images is your friend the are tons of different styles you can try to recreate especially barbershop ones, you can also find tons of forums and websites. Hopefully once I learn how to make hairs I can to help contribute to new black hairs, but until then I ask for these current hair creators to make more black afro hairs.

Beautiful - Justin Bieber imagine

Can you do a thing where you get insecure when he is hanging out with models but you slowly start to turn yourself into one of them. He doesn’t really notice until someone points it out


requests are always open :)


Originally posted by forame

Skinny waist , pretty face , long hair . Models .

“Wow Y/N , youre looking smoking. Have you ever thought of modeling?” Za said and I smiled brightly at him , even though I wasn’t that happy inside.

Ever since Justin has went out to promote his new album , all you see in the tabloids are pictures of him with the prettiest models out.

Im talking , drop dead gorgeous models . The ones that make any average looking girl feel like a can of poop . aka me .

Even though Justin continued to reassure me that they were just friends , it got me thinking . Why is he even with me?

He hangs out with nothing but beautiful women , so why me?.

So I changed . Ive been working out every day , attempting to lose my slight muffin top , which was really slight , but still there. Ive been growing my hair out , so now instead of its usual boob length , its belly button length , and ive been wearing more makeup than usual.

Not enough to make me look like a cake , but enough where it catches the eye.

I just want Justin to notice my change , to take his attention off of these other women . I mean , I was his girlfriend .

But he hasn’t said a word about it since .

Until today .

“Thanks Za” I say gratefully , noticing the rapid movement of Justins fingers tapping on his screen halt.

“No like , seriously” He continues , and my face heats up slightly,

“Okay , that’s enough” Justin snaps , and I turn to look at him , his eyes looking me up and down .

My hair was curled and I was wearing my favorite makeup look .

I was wearing a pair of white jeans that Ive been dying to get into , and a black crop top that stopped just above my belly button .

I felt my heart flutter when Justins eye connected with mine , before I looked away .


Everyone was gone and I was tired , ready to jump into bed and snuggle under my warm blanket .

I just finished taking off my makeup , and I braided my hair in dutch braids so itd be wavy tomorrow.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth before peeling off my shirt and pants .

“Have you lost weight?” I hear Justin ask , and I turn to look at him .

“Yeah, I have actually” I say proudly, glad he finally noticed .

“Why?” He asks , and my heart sinks .

“Because I want to watch my figure?” I reply , annoyed .

“And since when did you start wearing crop tops?” He asks , and I feel myself getting hot with anger and embarrassment .

“Since I started liking them Justin. Whats your problem?” I snap , crossing my arms .

“You just look different” He argues , and I roll my eyes .

“Okay so what ! As my boyfriend you should support any changes I make! You make it seem like loosing a couple of pounds is a bad thing!” I say , nearly yelling .

“You looked perfect before Y/N” He said , and I rolled my eyes .

“Really? Why don’t you go tell all those gorgeous models you’ve been hanging out with that? Because its not a problem when they walk around you dressed however they want or looking however they want , but with me it is? “ I scoff , turning around and grabbing a shirt from my dresser before pulling it on and moving towards the bed .

“Is that what this is about? Seriously Y/N?” He says but I ignore him , sliding into bed .

“Y/N I told you they were just friends” He sighs .

“I don’t care anymore Justin , im going to sleep” I say , closing my eyes and trying desperately to stop my bottom lip from trembling .

A minute later I feel the bed beside me dip , and Justins arm wrap around me .

“Y/N” He says , and I quickly wipe the lone tear that falls from my eye .

“You’re beautiful Y/N” Justin whispers in my ear , and I let out a breath .

“Now , and before . I fully support you no matter what you do , but I don’t want you to do it because you think it’s how I like you.” He says , pushing my shoulder slightly so that I was on my back .

“Those girls are nothing compared to you . You are my everything and I wouldn’t change you for the world . Because youre beautiful, sexy , smart , and my other half” He continues , gently grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at him .

“Never change for me , I don’t want you to” He says , my eyes shiny with tears .

“Okay?” He asks , wiping the tears that start to fall.

“Okay” I murmur , pressing my lips against his .

And Out Come The Wolves

Summary: I know what this world does to the innocent— It feeds them to the wolves.

Rated: Rated E for explicit language, graphic sex, substance abuse, and violence.

A/N: Modern AU Everlark. This is the first chapter of a new WIP. In the interests of preserving the plot and the well-being of readers at the same time, it’s best to assume that this story may include all possible triggers except major character death. Everlark is endgame, but it’s a long, dirty road. So grab a pair of Docs, and come dance with me.

With much love to the following rudegirls for pre-reading and betaing:  @dandelion-sunsent, @eala-musings, @everlylark, and @jennagill. I love you, my friends. 

Inspired by the music of Operation Ivy and Rancid. See you in the pit. -Caryn

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honeylime08  asked:

I've been excited to make a request ever since I saw your blog. This is such a sweet treat for the fandom. Anyway, my birthday is December 8, and I have a weakness for first-meeting or first-falling-in-love Everlark. If it's complicated by a misunderstanding or miscommunication, all the better, but anything will make my day. Thank you!

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It’s your birthday! Happiest of birthdays to you! To help celebrate, the lovely and talented @lvfics has crafted this perfect little morsel of Everlark deliciousness just for you! We hope you enjoy!

The Business of Strangers

Rated K

Rain falls in sheets, slapping against the concrete sidewalk. Normally Katniss likes rain. A little sprinkle never hurt and nothing beats curling up with a warm cup of cocoa while droplets land against the window. But today in her wobbly five-inch heels and already a full day of meetings the rain is glum and unwelcome. So she sits in the backseat of a black car, tapping her fingers on the plush seat next to her, counting down the seconds until she can finally curl up in her suite and order in.

It’s been a long sixteen months living in hotels and she doesn’t see an end to it anytime soon. It was supposed to be a temporary position, just helping out until the mergers were done, but as usual there was some pushback and now she can’t even remember the last time she slept in her own bed. The perks are good, of course, and she’s racking up enough miles to fly the world for free when this is over, but that doesn’t even begin to make up for skipping every birthday and holiday over the last year.

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jillypickle prompted: How about single dad Kurt meets single dad Blaine because their teenagers start dating?

“Okay tell me again. You’re going on what with who now?”

Audrey sighs like the weight of the world is draped across her narrow shoulders and pushes her broccoli around on her plate. “On a date. With a boy. I told you like, a million times Dad, god.

“Okay, first let’s watch the tone,” Kurt says and she huffs, then stabs a broccoli with the tines of her fork. “Second, you are thirteen. Even if you were allowed to date, which you aren’t by the way because you are thirteen, where would you go? How would you get there? Bicycle? Razor Scooter to a romantic picnic under the monkey bars perhaps?”

She scowls and Kurt can’t help the teasing smile on his face. It’s too easy and she’s so cute when she’s pissed off at him. Well, sometimes. The door slamming isn’t his favorite.

“It’s not funny.” She takes a bite of food then looks up, big sad eyes and defeated posture and that does not bode well for his resolve. “He’s really nice and super polite and he said his dad would come and he even asked if I would accompany him to the movies like, who says that? He’s really cute Dad, all the girls in class think so. And Toby.”

“Well if Toby thinks so,” Kurt jokes again, but Audrey still looks put out so Kurt relents. “Okay. Get me his dad’s number and as long as he’s onboard and will be staying with you the entire time I’ll consider it.”

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In My Arms (AU)

Each time someone walked by, he would turn his head so quickly, it almost created a massive case of whiplash. Palms sweating, braced on knees that bumped together constantly. The airport had never seemed so overwhelming and crowded. Whispering to himself, Peeta spoke positive vibes to pass the time.

Seven years. 

Seven years since he last saw her face. 

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