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Dresses and Fun

Pairing: LeoKumi
Rating: Mature
Tags: Smut, NSFW, Mature language
Characters: Leo | Fire Emblem, Takumi | Fire Emblem, Kiragi | Fire Emblem, Forrest | Fire Emblem
Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates
Chapters: 1/1

Takumi’s heart raced as he let out a soft moan. He shivered in delight, feeling the other’s tongue on his ear. And oh god, Leo’s voice had him trembling.

“I could eat you up.” Leo whispered and picked Takumi up, laying him on the bed, “And I will.”


“Dad, dad! I made a new friend!”

Takumi heard the excited chatter from his son that bounced towards him, dragging a very uneasy person around.

“Good for you, son.” Takumi sent his grinning son a smile, “What’s their name?”

“His name is Forrest!”

Him. Okay, the gray haired man would have been taken back but considering his own long hair, he’d be a hyprocrite.

“Nice to meet you, Forrest. Is your guardians somewhere around here?”

“Ah, yes, my father is nearby. I lost him once Kiragi got a little too excited… to show me to you.” Forrest let out a nervous laugh and glanced around.

“So, Kiragi, you dragged him here without notifying his father?” Takumi sighed heavily and shook his head and ruffled his son’s hair, “Come on, let’s bring Forrest back before his father panics over nothing.”

“Heheh, whoops! Sorry dad and Forrest! Yaaay, meeting more people!” Kiragi chirped happily, his grin beaming with joy.

“Yeah, yeah.” Takumi chuckled and guided Forrest and Kiragi back to the main park.


“Oh gods, you troublesome boy!” Leo protested, rubbing his temples slowly as if he were stressing out.

“Sorry, father..” Forrest said carefully, moving his hair out of his face.

“It’s fine. As long as I was able to find you.”

“Hello, I’m Kiragi!” Kiragi beamed at Leo, just seeing him was a cavity inducing sight. Too sweet for the man.

“Hello… I’m Leo, Forrest’s father.”

“Awh, man, Forrest is really cool and he became my friend really fast! Can we all hang out one day? Can we, can we?!”

“Kiragi—” Forrest began, waving his hands and laughing slightly.

“Sorry about my son,” Takumi piped in and tugged Kiragi closer to him, his arms around his neck, embracing his excited son. “He gets excited easily— but I promise he’s not a handful. I suppose he just enjoys Forrest’s company.”

“Oh, yes, I do, I do!” Kiragi added in, nodding happily.

“Ah, so I see.” Leo responded, “And I’m assuming you’re his father, correct?”

“Mhm, I am his father. My name is Takumi.”

“Well, Takumi..” he took out his phone and gave it to the gray haired man, “Since our sons are fairly fond of each other, let’s keep in touch so they are able to be together more.”

“Ah, good idea!” Takumi replied and took his phone, creating a new contact and adding his number in. Once he was finished, he handed his phone back, offering a faint smile.

“Hey, hey, you think they’ll be good friends like us?” Kiragi whispered to Forrest.

“Yes, I believe they may be!” Forrest cheered.

A smirk was played on Leo’s lips as he nodded, “Until then.”

“Until then it is.”

“Yaaaay!” Kiragi yelled happily.


Days to months to years passed, the more times Kiragi or Forrest begged to hangout with one another, the more closer Leo and Takumi got. It was very surprising to the two of them but they got the hints from their sons when they often got alone time talks from them. Nonetheless, it was amusing as well, seeing Takumi and Leo fidget about and denying their feelings. Up until the two went out to drink and there goes the random spouting of confessions. Now, the two were wed for about a year, year number two was slowly approaching as well. Certainly, dating for three years was enough for Leo to finally ask for Takumi’s hand in marriage. In present time speaking, Kiragi and Forrest were used to being siblings and what a relief that was.

“Oh, father!” Forrest called, peeking out of his sewing room.

Takumi turned around, holding a basket of laundry. His gaze settled on his eldest son and tilted his head, “Hm? What is it, Forrest?”

“I need help with something! Come here!” he ushered Takumi in, moving out of the way.

Takumi hesitated and walked into his room, setting the basket down and closing the door behind him. “Alright, what is it that you need help with?” he pondered, letting his gaze flit across the room. Ah, it was so neat, seeing all the things Forrest was able to sew; quite beautiful that is.

“Can you try this on for me? I need a model!” Forrest asked, pleadingly.

Takumi’s face turned red, “But—…” he trailed off, mentally shivering at last time. He couldn’t even get out of it and Leo looked everywhere for him so Takumi had to run away constantly while trying to take off the dress.

“Dad, please! You know father won’t do it,” Forrest whined, grabbing Takumi’s hand and shaking it. “It’s for Corrin, your sister after all! Well, it’s more of a prototype so this isn’t the one I will be giving to her but I’m surprising her! And you both have the same build— somewhat…”

Takumi sighed in defeat and nodded, “Fine, let’s hope this one doesn’t get stuck.”

“I promise it won’t!” Forrest smiled happily and handed Takumi the dress and let his dad get to work on putting on the dress.

It took Takumi a while to put on the dress, struggling with the straps and the zipper on the back. The gray haired man shifted from one side to another, trying to strap it on properly, leaving Forrest in fits of laughter. Takumi grumbled slightly and crossed his arms when he was finished.

“Oh, where’s father and Kiragi?” Forrest asked, examining the dress he wore.

“They went out to the forest to go hunting.” Takumi mumbled, doing a brief spin when he was told to, “Kiragi wanted to bond with Leo more and was going to teach him how to shoot a bow.” he chuckled, “Good luck to him, I already tried and failed.”

Forrest nodded, “I’d rather help than harm!” he chided in, tugging at the dress briefly.

“You do give off that kind of aura after all,” Takumi replied, nodding confidently.

“That’s good then. Alright if you can just—”

“Forrest, have you seen Taku— oh.” Leo said as he walked into the room; without knocking.

Takumi let out a squeak immediately and hid behind the bookshelf. “Hmph, come out from there, Takumi.”

Forrest let out a laugh, giving an apologetic smile to his dad, knowing he didn’t want Leo to catch him at all. The gray haired man, begrudgingly got out from his hiding area. His face was completely red as he kept his gaze down. Good thing he wasn’t looking up because Leo had the cockiest smirk on his face.

“Hmm..” he hummed and grabbed Takumi’s wrist and began to drag him out, “I’m gonna borrow your dad for a while; keep your brother company. He’s in the livingroom playing games!” With that, Takumi was forced up the stairs and into the room they shared together.

“What are y—!”

Takumi was pressed up against the wall, his wrists pinned and lips on his mouth. Nips were felt on his lips, causing him to gasp in surprise before feeling a warm organ invade his mouth. All these feelings were overwhelming for Takumi. His head spun but he kept the kiss feverish as he balled his hands up into fist. Once Leo departed their lips, he looked his partner up and down, a smirk appearing on his lips again.

“You know, I find this side of you…” Leo leaned into his ear and licked over it, biting and tugging at it after, “Absolutely ravishing.”

Takumi’s heart raced as he let out a soft moan. He shivered in delight, feeling the other’s tongue on his ear. And oh god, Leo’s voice had him trembling.

“I could eat you up.” Leo whispered and picked Takumi up, laying him on the bed, “And I will.”

“F-Forrest is gonna yell at me if this dress gets ruined or tattered, Leo.” he stammered, shivering slightly, his unwavering gaze on him.

“Then let him, I’d love to see you break in this attire.”

Leo mused, his hands moving down and squeezing the back of his thighs— one of Takumi’s weaknesses he soon found out after all. Takumi let out a whine, his body jolting slightly. Just being in this dress was embarrassing enough and Leo still prodded on about it; he really wasn’t gonna let him out of this dress, will he? The blond squeezed Takumi’s hardened member slightly and tugged his briefs off.

The grey-haired man grabbed at Leo’s wrist, another whine eliciting from his mouth. A hint of playfulness was seen in Leo’s eyes as he leaned in and kissed Takumi gently, his own hand grasping his partner’s erection firmly. The shorter male’s hips bucked into Leo’s hand and moaned into the kiss, his own hands wandering up and beginning to tug at Leo’s clothes, willing them to come off.

Leo pulled away from the kiss and kissed down to his neck, nipping at the exposed flesh as his thumb ran over the slit, feeling the precum beginning to appear. Takumi mewled slightly, his hands loosely gripping Leo’s shirt, his head tilted to the side as he drawled on with quiet moans. Leo let go of the hardened member, letting his hands roam around Takumi’s body. This was nothing new, it was like he memorized everything on the gray haired man’s body like the back of his hand. Or perhaps as if it was his favorite book. He could feel Takumi’s skin prickle at his cold hands as they moved up and down his hips, letting the dress that restricted him rise up slightly.

Takumi watched him lustfully, his gaze wandering around his partner, licking his lips slowly and timidly. Leo nudged his thigh between Takumi’s legs, rubbing it against his hips briefly. The submissive of the two let out a muffled sigh, his back arching. Leo rolled his own hips into him, slowly, teasingly, and practiced. Fingers made it’s way up into the blond’s soft hair, his mouth agape and letting out silky moans that fueled Leo to go faster. Leo pulled Takumi closer, closing the gap that was left between them.

“Nngh-.. I can feel the seams tearing.” Takumi mumbled, arching his back into the touch.

“Let the seams rip then,” Leo’s tone was low and possessive sounding, a few octaves lower than it should be. His voice remained husky, his crimson eyes appearing lust driven.

Leo extricates himself from Takumi, setting down and hovering above his partner. Takumi let out small puffs and pants, his cheeks stained a vibrant pink. Their gazes met, exchanging silent words to one another as of an approval. Leo’s hands moved up and tugged at the red ribbon that was settle in Takumi’s hair all the while the submissive began to removed the lower half of Leo’s clothing. Once he was finished, Leo grabbed Takumi’s wrists and bounded them together with his ribbon. His cheeks darkened once more, a shy look crossing the gray haired man. Leaning in, he gave Takumi a chaste kiss and changed positions, sitting up, Takumi on his lap. The submissive of the balanced himself on Leo’s lap when his hips were pushed up. Leo’s member prodded at Takumi’s entrance before pushing into him slowly. The gray haired man let out a gasp, his head tilting back slightly as he felt the small sting of pain once Leo was all the way in him.

Takumi bit his lip slightly, trying to shift around and adjust to the foreign feeling. Leo pressed their foreheads together, lifting Takumi’s hips up slightly and began to guide him up and down his shaft. Taken back, lusty and scandalous noises escaped Takumi’s mouth, his mouth hung agape once more. His eyes appeared half lidded. His hair that once represented a waterful was now clinging to his pale face.

“Move your hips up more, go faster.” Leo demanded, his grip tightening on his hips.

Takumi let out a small whine, his hips bucking into Leo’s causing his moan to become louder for a moment more. He panted slightly, moving his hips up, the dress restricting his movements more. Leo noticed it and grumbled slightly, adjusting the soft fabric. He moved his hands down and gripped Takumi’s thighs, controlling their tempo now as he slammed into him, all the way down to the hilt. He continued the movement, feeling Takumi’s climax approaching.

“L-Leo!” Takumi cried, his hands balling up into fists as he hooked his arms around Leo’s neck, struggling for a moment due to his wrists.

The gray haired man attempted to meet his thrusts back but stopped, gasping at the perplexed feeling he was going through. His stomach began to warm up, feeling his stomach twists into knots that threatened to untie any second. His hardened member twitched with excitement, mumbling his name continuously as he went through his climax. Leo groaned softly, following soon after, releasing his very essences. Takumi shivered at the feeling, his skin prickling.

Leo grabbed Takumi’s wrists, untying the ribbon before beginning to kiss his fingers, “Shall we do this again one day? Shall we?”

“If you’re lucky.”

“Oh, but my prince, I’m always lucky.”


“I mean, surely the network president doesn’t have that big of a stick up her ass.” I said trying to reassure myself.

“Maybe.” Angel replied. “But it’s best not to get on her bad side by flaunting YOUR stick-free ass.”

I grew a bit worried. “I mean… I’ve always had a hard time not being myself… probably the only good thing about the internet is the freedom it gives you to express yourself. And if I have to act like a different persona round these T.V. big-wigs, then maybe this isn’t worth it.”

“Hailey,” Angel sternly said, “I may have only known you for two years, but I already know that you’re going places. Remember that video you made where you told your fans to never give up on their dreams?”

I had a flashback for a second, as that video was made a year before Angel became her agent. “I do… But, my only dream is to be free to express myself.”

“Oh I’m not talking about your dream. I’m talking about my dream to finally have a client who’s on T.V.” She said completely throwing off my expectation.

“Well, how selfless of you.” I sarcastically replied. “Now I’m glad your office smells like farts! Infact…” I pointed her butt in Angel’s direction and ripped a deep, smelly, 9 second long fart.


Angel gagged as her hair got blown back by the warm, thick air that just flapped out of my rump. It’s always a hilarious sight to me.

“Ack! Gross! Well, right back at you!” Angel shouted as she got up, bent over with her butt facing me and pushed out a sloppy, wet sounding fart. Unfortunately for Angel, she may have pushed a bit too hard…


Angel, felt a bit more wetness in the back of her pants than she expected, as her fart quickly turned into a shart.

“Oh… whoops… dammit.” Angel expressed sheer embarrassment and frustration, while I just laughed at what just happened.

“Hahahaha! Oh Angel,” I said not even trying to hold back laughter, “I can’t stay mad at you. Tell you what, I’ll speak to this network president, and with any luck, I’ll be able to act a bit more polite than I’m used to. Okay?”

“Alright… just don’t turn the meeting room into a gas chamber like my office is right now.” Angel said, smelling the air around her and fanning her nose. “Whew! You definitely have talent… of some kind.”

I sniffed her own scent and patted her own ass proudly. “So do you. You have the amazing ability to shart on command!”

“SHART U- I mean SHUT UP!” Angel shouted, blushing red and fanning her butt.

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anonymous asked:

Favourite Caryl moment of all time??

Thanks for the question, anon!  There are sooo many moments that make my stomach do the flippy thing.  I love sassy Caryl.  I love angsty Caryl.  I love existing-in-the-same-space Caryl.  Really, I’m not picky.

When it comes down to it, I don’t think anything (yet) can top The Reunion Hug™.  The separation sucked, but the parallels between Carol and Daryl’s journeys to Terminus just solidified how connected they are, even when they’re apart.  And then when they finally see each other? After Carol put everything on the line to save them, carrying his #*$(%* crossbow on her back?  After Daryl looked death in the face, staring into that trough minutes/hours before, and then sees her?  

Originally posted by itsjaneshepard

You can practically feel the relief coming off them in waves when they recognize that they are both still alive and have another chance to start over.  

Carol is the one person Daryl always finds, no matter what.  And even though Carol is justifiably leery about how she’ll be received by Rick and co., Daryl just shuts those thoughts down.  That run.  The way she puts her arms up to catch him, so weakly, like it’s all she can do - she’s so done, physically, and emotionally - but it’s okay, because he’s got her.  He’ll lift her up.

They way they clutch at each other.  And the smiling.  To smile, genuinely, after all they’ve been through, is no small thing.  All the shit doesn’t matter, because they’re together, and that means everything is okay. 

Originally posted by justamemorytoletgo-of

Don’t even get me started on the way they communicate without words when they (reluctantly) pull apart.  The looks.  The way Daryl just completely can’t handle the fact that something good happened to him, for once.  The way Carol puts her hands in his hair and understands what he’s feeling, because she feels it too.  

That’s love.

That’s my favourite Caryl moment.