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im sorry this is actually so bad its one of my first fics give me time and benefit of the doubt, and my apologies for any mistakes!

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Baz POV now! Whoop (its probably sooooo ooc ngl)

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Wow. It’s me. A couple of days ago trying to not look too dead. I recently got my hair cut again so now it’s not ridiculously long anymore.

Waiting what, 5 months, before I got an haircut might just have been a bit long if I wanted to keep it nice and short whoops. (I’ve been busy, ok)

Only like, two or so weeks left before summer vacations for my students… Wowie. I’m going to miss them…


“I mean, surely the network president doesn’t have that big of a stick up her ass.” I said trying to reassure myself.

“Maybe.” Angel replied. “But it’s best not to get on her bad side by flaunting YOUR stick-free ass.”

I grew a bit worried. “I mean… I’ve always had a hard time not being myself… probably the only good thing about the internet is the freedom it gives you to express yourself. And if I have to act like a different persona round these T.V. big-wigs, then maybe this isn’t worth it.”

“Hailey,” Angel sternly said, “I may have only known you for two years, but I already know that you’re going places. Remember that video you made where you told your fans to never give up on their dreams?”

I had a flashback for a second, as that video was made a year before Angel became her agent. “I do… But, my only dream is to be free to express myself.”

“Oh I’m not talking about your dream. I’m talking about my dream to finally have a client who’s on T.V.” She said completely throwing off my expectation.

“Well, how selfless of you.” I sarcastically replied. “Now I’m glad your office smells like farts! Infact…” I pointed her butt in Angel’s direction and ripped a deep, smelly, 9 second long fart.


Angel gagged as her hair got blown back by the warm, thick air that just flapped out of my rump. It’s always a hilarious sight to me.

“Ack! Gross! Well, right back at you!” Angel shouted as she got up, bent over with her butt facing me and pushed out a sloppy, wet sounding fart. Unfortunately for Angel, she may have pushed a bit too hard…


Angel, felt a bit more wetness in the back of her pants than she expected, as her fart quickly turned into a shart.

“Oh… whoops… dammit.” Angel expressed sheer embarrassment and frustration, while I just laughed at what just happened.

“Hahahaha! Oh Angel,” I said not even trying to hold back laughter, “I can’t stay mad at you. Tell you what, I’ll speak to this network president, and with any luck, I’ll be able to act a bit more polite than I’m used to. Okay?”

“Alright… just don’t turn the meeting room into a gas chamber like my office is right now.” Angel said, smelling the air around her and fanning her nose. “Whew! You definitely have talent… of some kind.”

I sniffed her own scent and patted her own ass proudly. “So do you. You have the amazing ability to shart on command!”

“SHART U- I mean SHUT UP!” Angel shouted, blushing red and fanning her butt.

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anonymous asked:

Favourite Caryl moment of all time??

Thanks for the question, anon!  There are sooo many moments that make my stomach do the flippy thing.  I love sassy Caryl.  I love angsty Caryl.  I love existing-in-the-same-space Caryl.  Really, I’m not picky.

When it comes down to it, I don’t think anything (yet) can top The Reunion Hug™.  The separation sucked, but the parallels between Carol and Daryl’s journeys to Terminus just solidified how connected they are, even when they’re apart.  And then when they finally see each other? After Carol put everything on the line to save them, carrying his #*$(%* crossbow on her back?  After Daryl looked death in the face, staring into that trough minutes/hours before, and then sees her?  

Originally posted by itsjaneshepard

You can practically feel the relief coming off them in waves when they recognize that they are both still alive and have another chance to start over.  

Carol is the one person Daryl always finds, no matter what.  And even though Carol is justifiably leery about how she’ll be received by Rick and co., Daryl just shuts those thoughts down.  That run.  The way she puts her arms up to catch him, so weakly, like it’s all she can do - she’s so done, physically, and emotionally - but it’s okay, because he’s got her.  He’ll lift her up.

They way they clutch at each other.  And the smiling.  To smile, genuinely, after all they’ve been through, is no small thing.  All the shit doesn’t matter, because they’re together, and that means everything is okay. 

Originally posted by justamemorytoletgo-of

Don’t even get me started on the way they communicate without words when they (reluctantly) pull apart.  The looks.  The way Daryl just completely can’t handle the fact that something good happened to him, for once.  The way Carol puts her hands in his hair and understands what he’s feeling, because she feels it too.  

That’s love.

That’s my favourite Caryl moment.