my hair blends in with the curtains

gilinsky imagine

“Can u do an imagine where u go surprise Jack gilinsky- Ur Boyfriend - on tour and hear him talking about how he misses u :) please and thank you”

requested by anon


Jack has been on tour for about a month now and i’ve been missing him like crazy. His next show is in chicago and I’ve been thinking about going and to surprise him. I decided to face time him. I wait for him to pick up hearing the ring but he doesn’t pick up.

Figures. Reason why i need to go see him. His show is tomorrow and if I leave tomorrow morning I should make it in time.


I just landed in chicago and jack’s show is in 4 hours. I take a cab to the hotel and make sure i look my absolute best. I curl my hair to perfection and i put on my make up. Wingning my eyeliner and blending my eye shadow. I grab and put on some red lipstick to complete the look. After i am happy with how I will be presenting myself to jack, I get ready to leave out the door. I call a cab to the House Of Blues where Jack will be performing. Once I get to the venue, security leads me the way backstage to see him. As I approach I hear him talk to Jack J. I eavesdrop behind the curtain.

“I don’t know man, I might miss the next show I really miss her.” Jack said  to Jack J.

“But you have to be here, be here for the fans. I am nothing without you out there.” Jack J begged.

“I’m really missing Y/N, so much. I’d kill to just hear her voice.” He said, and then continued, “I’m going to call her right now.” 

“We have to go out on stage in 10 minutes man!” Jack J shouted.

“Yes but this will only take a minute.” Jack promised as Jack J shook his head. 

“There’s no need to call.” I said behind the curtain as the Jacks looked around confused.

“I must be losing it because I swore I just heard Y/N.” Jack said.

“No man, I heard her too.” Jack J said with a confused look on his face.

I walk up behind Jack and hug him from the behind. “Miss me?” I asked.

Jack turned around and his face light up. I missed his smile. “Y/N oh my god i’ve missed you so much!” Jack said as he engulfed me into a hug and kissed the top of my head.

“I’ve missed you more.” I said as I took no hesitant to crash my lips onto his. We kissed slowly and passionately and it never got to heated, just the right movement.

“Eck you guys.” Jack J said with disgust, “Jack show time in 1 minute!”

“I gotta go babe I love you.” Jack said as he kissed me quickly on the lips.

“I love you too.” I smiled.

As they performed, I watched from backstage and I am so proud of both of the jacks. They are living their dream and i’m so happy they are happy performing together. I’m so lucky to have one as my boyfriend and the other as a great friend.