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Stood Up // Kol Mikaelson // requested

Request : Can I request a bestfriend kol where you ask him to help you get ready for a date and he compels your date to stand you up because he loves you? Sorry if it’s really descriptive

I live for really descriptive requests so it’s all good ^^^ :)

Pairing : Kol Mikaelson x Fem. Reader

Requests are closed. xx

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Practically bouncing with happiness, I ran through the Mikaelson home. The guy I’ve been flirting with at work finally got the courage to ask me out and to say I was excited would be an understatement. The reason I was at the Mikaelsons was so I could search for my best friend of many years, Kol. He was the one who helped me with my transition 76 years ago. Speaking of the devil, he must have heard me stomping through the house and sped to where I was.

“Would you care to tell me why you’re jumping through my home?” He grinned, standing in front of me.

“I have a date!” I exclaimed, smiling from ear to ear.

A look passed through his eyes but it quickly went away.

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The First Time (Castiel)

A/N: I’m sorry for the lack of posting in the last few days…life can be crazy huh?
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Tagging: @spnfanficpond and @brooklyn-writes-flangst

Pairings: Castiel x Reader

Request: Fluffy wedding AU requested by @brooklyn-writes-flangst​

Warnings: SMUT, virgin reader, insecurities, mild mentions of negative body image, first time sex, unprotected sex (Wear condoms kids!), swearing?

Word Count: 2652

All the nervousness I had squashed down throughout the night returned as soon as the car pulled into the hotel; my hands shaking slightly as I smoothed out the invisible wrinkles on my dress. I was so focused on calming down my racing heart that When Cas laid his hand on my shoulder I jumped in my seat, a small involuntary squeak slipping through my lips; he chuckled.
“Am I making you that nervous?” He questioned.
Chewing on the inside of my cheek I chanced a look at his face, seeing those wide blue eyes I had fallen in love with, his perfectly plump lips quirked into a smirk; just seeing him there next to me helped me relax a little.
“No…well maybe a little” I replied, “I just…yo…you know I -”
“Hey, hey it’s okay y/n” he soothed, running his thumb gently over my bottom lip, “we don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with”
“It’s not that Cas” I sighed, “I want to really”
“We’ll take things slow…let’s maybe just make it inside first okay?”

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“Still the Boy I Used to Know” - Michael Fluff

“Miss Y/LN?” My head shot up from my books to look at the teacher in front of me. It was my turn. The dreaded class talk, sure it was easy for those confident enough to string a sentence together in front of their equally confident peers. But for me, a living version of a nightmare.

My shaky hands held onto the scrap piece of paper, clutching my bullet points in front of me for some sort of help but i knew my mind would go blank the moment you came face to face with those smirks and judging expressions.

Stuttering my words out i got into a comfortable state, finding a spot on the back wall to stare at as i attempted to show eye contact, taking short breaths as i came close to the end and was desperate to finish, able to take my seat and once again blend into the class.

And thats when the bang on the classroom door stopped me in my stride. A tall, lanky, red haired figure sliding into the room. His bag slung carelessly over his shoulder, school trousers replaced by skinny jeans tucked into converse. His tie loosely done over the shirt that was half tucked in, accompanied by a black hoodie in the place of his blazer. Michael clifford was now present.

“Sorry Miss, slept in..” He mumbled with a smile clearly amused by himself. Laughs were heard around the classroom due to his popularity as he strolled over to ‘his’ group. A buzz of whisperings being heard over the top of my weak voice.

“Quiet! Miss Y/LN is trying to present her talk, i’d appreciate your full attention.” Our teacher sneered out clearly unamused with the disruption.

“Clifford! We’re listening to Y/N right now, pay attention!” She continued as his conversation failed to end. His head now popping up to look straight in my direction.

“Sorry Miss, I’m listening, go on Y/N.” With him now smirking at me, i felt my fingers tremble and the paper fall from my hands, the class sighing out. My body tensed and i dropped down to pick it up when somebody called out a 'nice ass’ causing the whole class to erupt with laughter again,i was gone. I knew who it was, it was him, he who loved the attention. The tears built in my eyes before i turned to the teacher red faced and her mouth opening as her eyes widened with sympathy, she nodded her head allowing me to run out the classroom door, my legs not being able to move fast enough.

The bathroom was my port of call, rushing to the sink attempting to steady my breathing. The tears running down my cheeks in the mirrors, frustration building as i lashed out against the glass. A crack appearing in my reflection, a stain of red dribbling down as i pulled my hand away to see id cut myself. This only caused more tears but before i could breakdown the bell rung and i ran into a cubical. Locking myself inside my safe place.

Scurrying was heard outside the bathrooms as lunch commenced, but i stayed there. I was safe inside the small makeshift room. Sounds of people outside heightening before falling again as somebody entered the bathrooms. Their feet hard against the tilled floor as they walked passed the cubicles.

“Y/N?” He was here, his voice calling out for me. I felt panicked, lifting my feet against my chest, sitting back against the closed toilet seat. Praying to god that he would leave, but he called again and i clasped my hand over my mouth, drowning out my sobs. My eyes closing as i heard the turing of the lock on my cubicle, covering my ears to the sound as i heard it creek open.

I knew he was there, staring down at my from the entrance. I felt his body shade the sun from mine, i felt him come closer, i felt the touch of his hand against my arm. The sun from the bathroom window now hitting my face as he crouched down in front of me.

“Y/N.” I heard him mumble as my hands were taken away from my ears. He held them in his own encouraging me to open my eyes, letting out a small gasp in the mean time.

“Oh babe you’ve hurt yourself.” He frowned at me after studying the cut.
The sight of him in front of me too much and more years spilt over my eyelids. His letting go of my hands he pulled some tissues from the dispenser, reaching up to dab my cheeks dry. I watched his green eyes, completely mesmerised by them wondering if he was the same boy underneath that i used to know. I watched as he pulled my wound towards him, placing more tissue paper in my hand, closing it into a fist to stop the bleeding.

“Are you okay?” He frowned and shook his head.

“Silly question, I’m sorry i, I’m not good at this…”

“Why are you here..” My voice croaked cutting him off.

“I went too far, and I’m sorry.”

“Michael Clifford’s sorry, well i never..”

“Your still the sassy little thing i remember i see.” He smiled and my face dropped, the memory of the past short lived.

“So you remember me, all those friends and you still remember little old insignificant me.”


“Its just life Michael, people change and move on. I cant be mad at you for that…”

“I left you behind.” He stated bluntly with shame spread on his face.

“I wasn’t worth taking with you.”

“No, don’t you dare say that. We used to be a team, we were inseparable, best friends and i left you behind. And I’m so sorry.” He frowned.

“Well your forgiven, i should go.” Letting my feet drop i wiped my face and moved around him, but not before he could grab my arm. He turned me as i tensed feeling his body come close to mine as i was wrapped into a hug. The strong walls i built crumbling, my hands gripping onto him as i shut my eyes against his chest.

“Ive miss you Y/N, so much. I wanted to call you and come over so many times but i always chickened out, and now here we are. I don’t mean to tease you, its just the only way i can stay in contact with you. But you have no idea how much I’ve just wanted to reach out and hug you like this.”

“You still smell the same.” I thought out loud, his fingers playing with the ends of my hair as he rested his chin on top of my head contently.

“Im still that boy you knew, i may have left but I’m still me.”

“I know, you still dye your hair crazy colours.” I felt his arms tighten around me.

“How about i come watch you redo your talk during lunch huh? Just me and you, i always liked it when you went off about all those weird things you were interested in anyways..” Pulling away i smiled looking up at him.

“You always said i was boring..”

“I lied..i miss you standing in front of my xbox when I’m trying to play, rambling on, i miss how excited you get and the sound of your voice. I miss you.” He shrugged like it was nothing but it meant a lot to me to hear that he actually did miss me.

“So do you want me to go first and you can follow?” Not wanting him to be embarrassed by me i suggested we leave separately.

“No, we will go together. Just like we used to…and after, come back to mine. I’ll get my mum to clean up your cut. I, i know it will take time but you mean so much to me and i have a lot of making up to do.” He smiled nervously.

“Okay.” Sighing out with relief his face cracked into a smile. Nudging me forward he wrapped an arm around my shoulder casually. I looked up to see the boy i knew.