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Guys, please be aware of the user justitalian!! I had my hackles up since the first message and didn’t send him anything but he certainly asked for it. I have more pictures that I will post soon. Could you guys please signal boost this and the next post I make and tag some anti-pedophile blogs for me? Thanks! Stay safe everyone :)

every time someone alludes to the fact that it’s time for Hillary Clinton to stop talking about the 2016 election they are essentially telling her to shut up; it is just one more instance of a woman in a male-dominated field being told not to talk about her experience in that field. even if it’s in the spirit of moving on or whatever, it’s still also shut up already. let’s all move forward instead of looking back is still someone else trying to dictate what’s acceptable for this woman to talk about, it’s still denying her the right to frame her own narrative. at the most basic level, it’s telling a woman to keep her feelings to herself and keep quiet except for the things you want to hear.

which is bullshit, frankly.

Every rose in the garden turned the gaze of her burning head.
Blinded lovers side by side cried out of solitude.
The electric lick of the dark lifted the hackles of my blood, And the roses and the lovers cried O hurry back to bed.
The hot night was spring.
—  Ted Hughes, from “Song of The Sorry Lovers” featured in The Collected Poems of Ted Hughes
The Falcon and the Wolf

Summary:  This is an AU where you and Dean have been separated by a terrible curse for over two years.  You’re banding together with some old friends and old enemies to bring down the person responsible in hopes of removing the curse.

Characters: AU!Dean x Reader, AU!Sam, AU!Crowley

Word Count: 3542

Warnings: smut (I mean at this point it should be a given), canon typical injuries

A/N:  I may be showing my age here, but I grew up loving the film Ladyhawke with Michelle Pfeiffer.  This is partly inspired by the film, though I’m taking it in a different direction.  This will be a three part series.  This will be a multi-part series.  Part 2 can be found HERE.  This is my first AU, so feedback is very much appreciated!

Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch the lovely, talented and helpful wonder woman who beta’d this for me!

And thank you to the fabulous, wonderful and talented @arryn-nyxx for the AMAZING aesthetic!

My tags are open so send me a message or an ask if you’d like to be added!


A single candle burns in the small room.  You’re lying on a bed of rabbit furs which tickle your naked skin.  Dean is on his side looking down at you with his emerald green eyes.  Your shadows dance on the wall beside the bed as he lowers his head touching his lips to yours.  You slip your hand up his neck running your fingers through his hair as your kiss deepens.  His fingers trace lines down your naked form leaving a trail of fire as they go.  Taking one breast in his mouth he caresses the other with his strong hand as he swirls his tongue around your hardened bud making you moan his name.  He moves over your body, taking his time exploring every part of you; dropping a kiss here, licking a spot there, until at last he reaches your throbbing bundle.  You whine as he feathers over your folds ignoring your swollen bud.

“Impatient,” he whispers in your ear.  “We’ll get there, Y/N.”

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Seven Hours in Heaven - Part 1/2

Gwen Wessex gets locked in a closet with her arch-nemesis, Ivar Lothbrok.


Warnings: Smut, Modern AU, Fluff, Ivar is a recovering asshole with a potty mouth, talk of trauma involving accidents and death

Rating: Explicit (18+)

This started off as a little plot bunny that was supposed to be a nice, smutty oneshot to dip my toe in the pool, so to speak. It evolved into an 11,000 word monstrosity of fluff and fluffy smut.

All the thanks to @anniemar, who says all the lovely things and convinces me that I don’t need to go live in the mountains as a hermit in shame.

The Punk!Ivar edit was done by the amazing @princess-sweatpants.

P.S. If anyone would like to make a better graphic (It really wouldn’t be hard), I would be ecstatic!

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Just A Little Something

Also an ao3. An account of where Hecate got the watch that hangs around her neck. 

Ada tapped her maglet three times and folded her hands over her papers while she awaited an answer. As per usual, it didn’t take long.

“I have something for you,” she said when Hecate materialized in her office.

Hecate’s eyes were frantic though her posture remained its usual stiffness. “I’m sorry, Headmistress, I wasn’t able to finish those progress notes. Unfortunately, Amber Hourglass blew up a potion during second period and–“

Ada lifted a hand to interrupt her. “No, that’s not it. You’re doing as fine a job as I expected, Hecate. I just wanted to give you something to mark the occasion.”

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I have done nothing in my life except be confused and beautiful, anxious and challenging to the world

Many have called to me, played for my affections, weighed their world weariness against the strength of my shoulders, but Atlas I am not

I try everything to ward subtlety against the harshness of their demands, but it’s of no use, violets or not, men gather round like jackals

—  4/9/17 I’m tired and also not straight

anonymous asked:

Why didn't we get Sam fucking her 😭😭 it was beautiful though

the main focus of Soy Una Perdedora was the feminization of Sam/the bet with Dean, honestly the fact that there’s any smut at all was just because that’s what I know y’all are here for

sucks that y’all think it’s not good enough without a dick involved, ya know

Soy Una Perdedora

I will hold as long as you like (just promise me we’ll be alright)

Shoutout to @daggers-in-the-smiles-of-men for the lovely convo that helped me shape this and to @dinovia-grant for her beta work. I hope this does this lovely pairing justice. 

Summary: After the Great Wizard visits, Hecate retreats and Ada does her best to be patient.

Hecate loomed behind them as they all made their way to Ada’s office. Ada snuck a glance toward her but Hecate’s face was set forward, hard lines, sharp angles, and no sign of the relief Ada hoped to see.

Ada thought as they all walked on that her biggest mistake, other than letting Agatha in at all, had been not sending a quick message to Hecate. Not only would it have saved a day of trouble but also might have prevented whatever wall Hecate was slowly constructing between them. She had half a mind to ask Agatha what she’d said to persuade Hecate to sequester herself in the west tower (a detail Hecate hadn’t even revealed herself, something whispered by Ms. Drill before they went off to bind Agatha) but she knew Agatha and as her sister had just proved, no small kindness or conversation was beyond the scope of manipulation.

Ada kept her attention split between the great wizard, the girls buzzing about the excitement of the day (save Ethel Hallow whose face was set in her signature scowl) and Hecate, posed in the corner like a statue. It wasn’t that Ada expected her to sit (that was reserved for summer evenings, forgotten cups of tea between them as they enjoyed in that sacred time the indulgence of being together without the threat of interruption) but her choice in electing a spot behind Mildred Hubble rather than her usual perch on Ada’s left, cut Ada deeply. It set her off kilter more than the moment Maud lifted the entrancement spell.

“I suppose I should be off.”

Ada turned her eyes from Hecate and smiled at the great wizard. “I hope next time, your visit will be a little less eventful.”

He tipped his hat and when Ada moved to follow, she wasn’t met with the same sure footsteps that always followed her. She left it for the moment, knowing the best thing for something like this was time. They would come back to one another eventually: they always did.

Read the rest on ao3. 

This Love, This Hate (Prt. 1)

Happy Lowman/Reader

Warning: Contains swearing, hinted violence, and infidelity. May cause feels and/or broken hearts. Read at your own risk.

I pulled up to the darkened house about half past 2, parking my bike in the garage and heading inside as quietly as I could. I knew my bike was loud, but hopefully not loud enough to wake her; I really hoped my Ol’ Lady was asleep by now. I’d hung around the club for a few more hours than normal; to scrub off the smell of that crow from earlier, as well as to stall, hoping my girl went to bed early.

Coming into the kitchen, I hung my cut up at the door and I scratched behind Cross’ (my dog’s) ear, from where he’d been sitting in the kitchen, waiting for me. I felt guilt bubble up inside me again–not a new sensation as of late–at treating my dog like shit too.

“Where’s your momma, boy? She asleep?” I asked him, petting him a little more. Crossbones laid his paws over his nose, hiding his eyes from me. I sighed in defeat, “Yea…had that feeling, bud.”

I found her upstairs, the only light coming from the bathroom as she sat on the bed, wringing her hair dry with a towel.

She pretended not to have noticed me, but after a while, I couldn’t take the silence. She was never silent…

“Thought you’d be in bed already. Hope I didn’t wake you.”

“Didn’t think you’d be home tonight. I felt like taking a long bath and figured you’d crash at the clubhouse, so it wouldn’t matter how late I stayed up.” She responded, still not looking at me. I was hoping to avoid a fight, but her attitude had my hackles rising.

“It’s my fucking home too, ya know?!” I growled, kicking the door shut and ripping my shirt off angrily, throwing it towards the hamper.

“That argument would hold some weight if you treated it like your home, Lowman,” she hissed. “Or me like your fucking wife.”

“The fuck are you talkin’ about, woman?”

“Jesus fuck, Hap! You haven’t been home in four fucking days! I can only guess you aren’t dead or in the joint again, since I haven’t gotten a call from anyone! For fuck’s sake! The only reason I knew you went on a fucking run two days ago, was because Gemma called me and asked what time I was planning on showing up to greet you!” She yelled, standing up and throwing the towel at the hamper harshly. “You aren’t treating this like your home, and you sure as hell aren’t treating me as your wife! You’re treating me like I’m just your Ol’ Lady!”

“The fuck difference is that?!” I yelled, throwing my phone on the bed along with my knife.

“The difference?! The difference is that I cook for you, I keep your house clean, I provide your fucking alibi when you need it! But that’s just being an Old Lady, isn’t it?! But a wife?! Usually they hope to see their husbands a few hours a damn day–crazy, right? I’m just hoping you come home at all, let alone in one fucking piece!”

“You fucking knew who I was before all this,” I snapped, opening my arms wide. “Well, girl, this is what I am. I thought you accepted that!”

“I accepted it when you were coming home to me at night!” She cried out, tears welling up in her eyes before rolling down her pretty cheeks. “I gave you everything, Happy! I’m still giving you everything! And for what?!” She spun around and picked up the photo on her bedside table, hurling it across the room and shattering against the wall next to the door.

I was a bit stunned, she’d never gotten so upset to destroy things, never in the whole time I’d known her. Her shaking hand covered her mouth and she stumbled into the wall next to the bathroom at her side, sliding down it as she stared at what she’d done. She seemed to deflate right before my very eyes. Shoulders slumped, she leaned her head onto the wall and wiped her tears away, continuing in a shaky voice.

“I’m devoted to you, I’m loyal, and I’m faithful, to you. I keep your secrets, and your club’s; I help whenever they need me to–when you need me to. And for what, Hap? As soon as we have the smallest argument, or as soon as you’re away from me, you’re crawling between some other bitch’s thighs. You get to check out of our marriage whenever it suits you, and you leave me here wondering if you’re even going to make it home, let alone if you’re gonna smell like some slag.

"So what,” I growled, bawling my hands up to stop them from shaking in fear and anger, “You gonna leave me now?”

“Ha!” she laughed, humorlessly, staring at the broken frame, “Like that’s even an option… What would I even do? Walk around with a target on my back for the rest of my life? And that’s if I even could walk away. All or nothing, remember? Too bad I was never a meek little tart who wanted to settle for half of you. It’s safer here than anywhere else…”

“I would never let anyone hurt you, especially not my brothers,” I said, offended she’d ever think otherwise.

“No,” she sighed, closing her eyes, “You’ve done that enough. And, the truth is? I keep letting you… I–Even if I could leave all of this behind, I–I still love you too fucking much to just walk away and let it all be a shitty, bitter-sweet memory.”

“You knew the life before you ever agreed to marry me.” I rasped, all of the fight draining out of me.

“Thing is, Hap–you promised me a different life before you even asked…”

Her voice cracked at the end, fresh tears streaking down her face. She still wasn’t lookin’ at me, but I saw her lip begin to quiver before she bit it. She drew her knees up and hid her face in her arms as they cradled her head, just so I wouldn’t see.

“I’ll stay at the club. Call me if you need somethin’,” I said, rubbing a hand over my neck awkwardly. Her body started to shake, soft sobs faintly echoing through the room. I grabbed my phone and knife again and headed to the door, grabing a shirt on the way. I hesitated right before opening it… I looked back at her, so vulnerable and broken, and wanted so badly to say something. Anything. But I just shook my head and walked out, knowing I would only make it so much worse for her.

After getting on my bike, I scrubbed my hands over my face, surprised when they came away wet…


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In The Privacy of Our Love

I wrote this for @laviedeviv (I hope you like it and congrats on acing your exam!) Many thanks to @lemonpeasy for beta’ing for me. 

Summary: Hecate arrives at Ada’s door the night The Great Wizard leaves in need of reassurance and Ada is ready to allow her whatever she requires. 

Pairing: Ada Cackle/Hecate Hardbroom

Rating: E 

The light from Ada’s fireplace cast dancing shadows across the wall as she strengthened the protective spells around her room. She had seen as well as anybody the strength of the binding on Agatha’s cottage; still, her sister was industrious if nothing else, and Ada had been caught too many times unaware. She knew her optimism in Agatha’s ability to change was never-ending, but it was time she took greater precaution. Twice in one school term was two times too many.

A knock sounded just as she finished: a soft, timid thing that echoed from too high on the door to be a student. She grabbed her robe and turned the knob slowly, hand at the ready just in case.

Hecate stood with her head bowed and her long hair covering much of her face. Ada opened the door more fully and ushered her in. It was rare that Hecate, ever mindful of the girls, knocked on her door at night, and rarer still that she was almost fearful when she did.

Ada smiled gently as she closed the door behind her. “Go on, dear.”

Hecate looked up and crinkled her brow. “What?”

“Ask me whatever you need to so you know it’s me.”

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The Falcon and the Wolf Part 5

Summary:  This is an AU where you and Dean have been separated by a terrible curse for over two years.  The gang’s mostly back together.  This is part five in a multi-part series.

Series Masterlist

If you missed Part 1 get caught up HERE.

If you missed Part 2 get caught up HERE.

If you missed Part 3 get caught up HERE.

If you missed Part 4 get caught up HERE.

Characters: AU!Dean x Reader, AU!Sam, AU!Cas, AU!Gadreel, AU!Arthur, AU!Cain, AU!John, AU!Crowley, AU!Jess, AU!Abbadon, AU!Rowena, AU!Kevin, AU!Metatron (mentioned)

Word Count: 2505

Warnings: none, canon typical angst

A/N:  This is partly inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies Ladyhawke, though I’m taking it in a different direction.  This will be a multi-part series.

This is my first AU series, so feedback is very much appreciated!

Thanks to the fabulous beta @wheresthekillswitch, you are so wonderful! I don’t know what I’d do without you!

Thank you to the amazing @arryn-nyxx for the BEAUTIFUL aesthetic you created!  You capture a feeling with color, light and pictures that I can rarely find with words.

My tags are open so send me a message or an ask if you’d like to be added to the list!


The morning after you find Ketch; he, Gadreel, Cas and you set out on the journey back to the Winchester Stronghold.  You’re thankful to be the falcon during the day and quick to go to sleep at night.  The less you have to face Ketch the easier it is for you to suppress the guilt.  You and Gadreel tent together, leaving Ketch with Cas.  The bright and happy Ketch you found in the monastery never surfaces and a week later you finally arrive home.  You quickly pass off your horse, striding into the stronghold in search of King John.  During your meeting with John you learn Dean is still out on his trek to bring in Cain.  After the meeting you rush to find Charlie; you haven’t seen her in months. Your life lately has been nothing but a series of missions.  You enter the aviary and find her still sitting at her desk.  She’s frowning when she looks up.


She looks up at you breaking into a smile.


Charlie jumps up, rushing over to you and pulling you into a hug.

“Ugh, grip Charlie,” you rest your hands on her arms pulling back to look at her.  “Have you been training?”

“Maybe.  Why?  Am I stronger?”

“Yes,” you laugh.  “Hey, what were you frowning about just now?”

“I got word a few days ago to expect Kevin.”

“What?!   When?”

“Well that’s the thing, he should have been here today.  I’ve sent choughs out to all my contacts and no one has seen or heard from him since yesterday.”

“Where was the last place he was seen?”

“Lawrence Hollow, about a day’s ride from here.”

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Post 2/2
Guys, please be aware of the user justitalian!! I had my hackles up since the first message and didn’t send him anything but he certainly asked for it. I have more pictures in my previous post so go check that out too. Their blog is full of naked women and girls, mostly drawings but its still disgusting. Could you guys please signal boost this and the next post I make and tag some anti-pedophile blogs for me? Thanks! Stay safe everyone :)