my gymnastics gifs

|| The Liukin ||

Note: The Liukin is a Named Skill in the COP however if you go to the box it is numbered for 5.311 there is no illustration. The only description of the element is the .1 connection bonus for connecting a Aerial element to an arabesque or scale. 


I have no idea how to make stim boards. 😅 this idea was @gothtistic-life who tagged me! The idea was to make a stim board of yourself or things that described you.

Anywho, I’d like to explain the gifs.

The first one is a stim I do when I listen to music. Generally music I really like.

The second one is just because flapping with long sleeves is just better. Like 200% better. (The jacket is a deadpool jacket I stole from my dad)

The third one is another stim I do when I listen to music I like. It feels so good! It’s normally paired up with rocking and the first gif which makes the whole experience top notch.

The fourth one is me with one of my cats Prim. She’s always laying on my bed with me or on top of me which is a great pressure stim. (She so fat!)

The fifth one is of me in a handstand. I’m always moving, generally upside down. Handstands just feel good.

And finally the sixth one is an older video I took of me tumbling in my backyard. I love tumbling, it feels oddly good on my joints. Like sometimes I feel like I need to tumble because of the feeling it gives me.

Thank you Gothistic-life for this cool idea and I hope this turned out okay!
(It took me three or four tries to post this darn thing and now it’s 12:20!)