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#avengemenugget 700d Can you write a Peter one using the lines: "I thought I told you to stay behind me And "And I thought I told you I can handle myself" Fluff at the end please, cause who doesn't love fluff

Here you go!

“(Y/n) and Peter you two have the second quadrant.” Steve said looking up from the clipboard to address the team. “Any questions?” The team was silent, a good sign when we were about to charge into battle. We shuffled around to stand next to our assigned partners. I felt finger tips drag across my gloved hand. I smiled as Peter laced his fingers with mine. “Ready?” he whispered as I let my head rest on his shoulder. “Ready” I affirmed. The plane’s door opened and we charged out to our sectors, intending to destroy the base. It seemed we were in a rain forest full of tall trees and un-even ground. I jumped over a fallen tree before rolling under a trip wire. Peter had a lucky advantage with his webs and swung easily from tree to tree. Peter and I broke away from the team first, each with a back pack full of explosives. 

As we neared the building, agents ran and towards us. Banishing guns, they fired at will, almost setting off my backpack. “Stay behind me!” Peter yelled as he used his webs to steal the guns and toss them to me. I fired, shooting agents in the legs or arms, not enough to kill them, just enough to keep them out of our way. “I can handle myself” I yelled back as I fired two guns at the same time, taking out the remaining agents. With all of our distractions gone, we charged towards the building and began sticking mini bombs to its surface. As I was putting one just above the door, a man came out and grabbed me. Holding a knife to my throat, he whispered “Drop your gun.” Obviously I wasn’t threatened in the least, having dealt with bigger problems then him; but I also knew he could cut my throat if he took me by surprise. I threw my gun into the wall behind me, satisfied when a loud ‘thump’ began echoing.

Peter waltzed around the corner and stuck another bomb next to mine before he noticed me. “(Y/n)! I thought I told you to stay behind me.” he said in mock annoyance. My attacker’s grip grew weak as Peter continued to places bombs around us. When I felt like the grip has reached an all time low, I grabbed the knife from his hand and stabbed him in the shoulder. He screamed out in pain and reached for me, which would have worked if I hadn’t kicked him in the stomach, sending him through the door. Peter and I ran as he detonated the explosives reducing the building to bits. “I thought I told you I can handle myself.” I grinned as we ran back to the quinjet.

Someone Kidnapping Her: EXO


Will turn the Hell around in order to find you. And God save the people who actually had the idiocy to kidnap you.


Will create a special searching party with the world’s most infamous assassins to track you down and slaughter all of those who took you away from him.


Would be cool about the situation, come up with a plan of how to take down the gang’s leader so that his people would be under him and then finally have you all for himself.


After finding out who the kidnapper was would probably calm down to a silent rage. With a sociopathic smile he would stare at the man who held you captive and threaten with the sweetest of voice.


“I’m giving you an hour before my gun will be shoved down your throat and then fired into your nasty being so that you will implode.”


He remembers all of the self-defence training he made you go through so this kidnapping would be nothing more than a real situation test. He would wait patiently for you.


Will wipe the person responsible for your disappearance out of the world’s surface, literally.


Would go on a killing rampage that would take away quite a couple of lives, both gang leaders and minions who were at least somehow involved in your kidnapping.


After he found out who the kidnapper was he decided to kidnap the kidnappers girlfriend, torturing her and sending the videos to the man. However, after there being no response from the other side he would get bored of it and just storm the building, wiping out every living soul in it, only leaving his girl, woman he loved.

I’m an Asset, Nothing More- Bucky Barnes X Reader

Prompt: You and Bucky are kidnapped and he is temporarily turned into the winter soldier

Word Count:1969

Warnings: Brief language

You pulled against your restraints, and thrashed your head wildly, attempting to shake off the blindfold on your head. You heard Bucky next to you, moaning and pulling on his wrist restraints as well. Suddenly the memories of what had happened came rushing back in a terrifying blur.

Today had started off normally, you had woken up, and made yourself and a few others breakfast. You then went to work out in the gym, just like you always did. It was around noon when you heard the first gunshot. You were on the treadmill, you heard the sound and quickly got off and bolted upstairs to your living quarters, which you shared, with Bucky, Steve, and Nat. When the elevator door opened you were met with chaos. Guns were firing wildly, Bucky was punching some man in the gut. Steve was on the floor pinned by what seemed to be a woman. And Nat was firing bullets at the stream of intruders bursting through the doors. Your mouth hung open, you rushed in to help. Punching, kicking, and ducking, you ended up back to back with Bucky, helping each other knock out one enemy after another. Who were these people, and what did they want. There were way too many hostiles, you were severely outnumbered. That’s when your legs were knocked out from under you, sending your body crashing to the floor, the air leaking from your lungs. You gasped, another foot came down hard on your face, you yelped.

“[Y/n],”  Bucky’s voice called, worry dripping from his words. Blood dripped into your eye, you wiped it away, trying to get up. You were kicked from behind, landing on your stomach. You lifted your face and were met with the Bucky’s piercing gaze and matted hair. Before you could react, your hands were pried behind your back, and tied tightly. The same thing was happening to Bucky. You thrashed, trying to free yourself. They turned you over on your back, a woman with platinum blond hair and a black mask stood over you, laughing.

“Oh this will be fun,” she mused, wicked amusement coating her voice like honey. She leaned down and pressed a cloth to your mouth, the last thing you saw was Bucky, being thrown over some guy’s shoulder, and carried to a black van waiting outside.

“Bucky, is that you,” You asked cautiously. Pulling even harder on your restraints.

“Yeah,” he coughed, his breathing sounded wet, and labored. You tossed your head, hoping to loosen the blindfold, it was no use. You had no idea how long you had been in here, or where you were going. Suddenly the car screeched into a halt, sending you tumbling… straight into Bucky’s lap.

“Hey Buck,” You huffed as you tried to roll off him.

“Hey doll,” he whispered. You noticed that his shirt was wet, you hoped with sweat and not blood. The door slid open with a screech and you were grabbed roughly by the arm and dragged out of the van, Bucky not far behind. As you were being guided along by your arm, something pressed into your back roughly. Your stomach flipped, you knew it was a gun. You walked in silence, trying to hear anything about your situation. It was quiet the whole way, except for Bucky’s labored breaths. You were sat down roughly in a chair, footsteps echoed, so you knew the room was big. But you no longer heard Bucky. Your arms and legs were bound, your blindfold removed. You blinked, taking in the room around you. It seemed to be a warehouse of some sort. There was a big chair in the middle of the room, with all kinds of equipment around it. To be quite honest it looked like a dentist chair. Men and women in labcoats scurried around, plugging in the equipment and mixing solutions. You then saw Bucky, he was still blindfolded, and was being led to the chair in the middle of the room. They sat him down and strapped him in roughly. He was cut and bloody, but otherwise he seemed alright. They took off the blindfold and panic erupted in his features, he thrashed and kicked, screaming profanities at the doctors.

You wondered what he knew that you didn’t. The it dawned on you, you knew what this was, this was the lab in which Bucky spent his time in as the Winter Soldier. You had only seen pictures, but this was definitely it. You pulled against your leg restraints, hoping they might come loose. Bucky’s screams filled the warehouse. Your heart fell to your feet, you knew what was coming. And you didn’t want any part of it. Another one of Bucky’s pained screams tore through the room, and they hadn’t even touched him yet. Tears began falling down your cheeks. They were torturing the man that you loved. Yeah that’s right, you loved Bucky. You had known you loved Bucky for a while, but you two were really good friends, and you didn’t want to ruin that, so you kept silent. But this was too much, hadn’t this man been tortured enough.
“STOP P-PLEASE DON’T DO THIS, HE D-DOESN’T DESERVE THIS!” You screamed, hiccups leaving your mouth as you sobbed. Everybody ignored you. Just then the blond woman strode into the room, a small red book with a star pressed into the cover was tucked under her arm. Bucky saw the book, his eyes widened and his bare chest heaved.

“No, please don’t,” Bucky whimpered, for the first time in the 4 years you had known Bucky, fear creeped through his words, and his voice shook.

“Ok, let’s get started, we don’t have all day people,” The blond woman demanded, looking over at Bucky, strapped to the table, helpless, scared, and angry.

“Yes Ma’am, he’s prepped and ready, do you want us to wipe him before we start?” A young girl in a lab coat asked.

“No, that won’t be necessary,” She mused, striding over to Bucky, the red book in hand.

“Hey there, soldier,” She whispered, opening the book, never breaking eye contact with Bucky.

“Fuck you,” Bucky spat, a silent tear slipped down his cheek. He looked at you, his eyes broken, pleading you to do something, anything. You were helpless, there was nothing you could do, but watch.

“Longing, rusted, seventeen, day-

“NO, STOP, NO DON’T DO THIS TO HIM, STOP,” You screamed, hoping to distract her from Bucky long enough for him to try and break his way out.

“Can someone shut her up please,” The blond woman asked, her voice smooth and calm. A big burly guard walked over, a slapped you across the face. You yelped, your cheek ablaze with pain. He walked over to the table and grabbed a gag, stuffing it into your mouth, so you were unable to say anything.

“Now, if i may. Longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak,” She read from the book, the words mangled and thick in Russian. Bucky screamed and thrashed, his metal arm clenching hard and fast, but the electromagnetic pulses running through the restraints rendered it useless.

“Furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car,” She finished, looking up at Bucky, his eyes were hard, cold, unfocused.


“Ready to comply,” He growled. She began speaking to him in russian, you didn’t catch one word of their conversation. She nodded at you a few times and Bucky’s eyes would dart back and forth, but no feeling lingered behind his piercing gaze. She finished her speech and a guard wandered over to you and untied your bonds, letting you fall to the floor. They then unlatched Bucky, letting him stand, his metal fingers clenching and unclenching, regaining strength in his arm. You were backed against the wall, standing on shaking legs. Bucky staggered over to you, on his way he was handed a knife and a small gun. Your stomach clenched, a wave of nausea traveling up your throat.
“Hey, Buck, what cha doin,” You asked cautiously, hoping, praying he might remember.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he spit, deadpan features on his face.

“Bucky, it’s me, [Y/n] you’ve known me for years, we live together, we workout every day together, you have to remember,” You sobbed, tears rolling sliding down your cheeks leaving warm shiny trails.

“None, of that is true,” Bucky denied, brandishing his knife, looming over you. You cowered closer to the wall, but that wasn’t of much help. Bucky brought the knife to your throat pressing lightly. You whimpered, looking at him, his eyes flickered, something was stirring behind his icy irises.

“Bucky, please,” You tried again. The door to the lab exploded, sending the winter soldier spinning on his heel. You turned and kicked him in the gut, he stumbled back, gasping for his breath. You pressed yourself up to a standing position. Steve, Natasha and the rest of the team spilled into the room. That didn’t deter the Winter Soldier for long, he turned back to you, staring you down again. This time, he held the gun to your forehead. You waited, breathing halted, lungs burning. BANG. You flinched, but that wasn’t the gun held to your forehead firing, it was one steve held, Bucky fell to the ground clutching his leg, blood oozing onto his jeans. Steve stepped up and knocked him out cold. His body crumpled to the floor. You sighed, letting the sobs consume you.

*Back at Stark Tower*

“You sat on the edge of Bucky’s bed, his lips parted slightly, small snores leaving his lips. You smiled as he stirred, his eyes fluttering to life.

“Hey doll, what- I did it again didn’t I? How many people did I kill? Oh my god, I held a knife to your throat and a gun to your forehead,” his eyes were wide with horror and sorrow, his stunning eyes brimming with tears.

“No, Bucky, it wasn’t-”

“I need to leave, I can’t stay here,” he concluded, interrupting you.

“Yes, I’m leaving, and there’s nothing you can do, I’m a threat, I’m going to kill somebody,” he sighed, getting up and pulling a backpack out from under his bed.

“No you can’t leave me here,” you stammered, grabbing his arm as he turned to leave the room.

“And why is that doll?” he asked throwing his backpack over his shoulder.

“Because, because I- I love you,” You whispered, letting the words you’ve wanted to say for years fall from you lips, spill onto the floor, crash into your ribs and ricochet from your lungs. Bucky looked at you, letting confusion clouded his eyes. He shook his head, running a hand through his knotted hair.

“What, how could you love someone like me, [Y/n] I’m an asset, nothing more, I’m dangerous, I’m a monster,” Bucky spat, his eyes falling onto his shoes.

“I love you because, I can see behind the fear and anger, I can see that you are sweet and charming, and you care so much about the important people in your life, you could never hurt me” You murmured, stepping closer to Bucky.

“Really, you think  I’m charming,” He asked

“Extremely, and you are so much more than just an asset, you are a human, and a damn fine one at that,” You smiled. Leaning up to press a soft kiss to his lips, he kissed back tenderly, letting his hands roam up your curves and tangle in your hair.

“Thanks [Y/n], I love you,” He whispered into the kiss, the words you’ve wanted to hear him say spill effortlessly from his plump lips. You pulled away looking getting lost the soft, misty blues of his eyes. You smiled up at him, pressing a kiss to his jaw, happy that he knows he’s so much more than just an asset.

Hope you enjoyed… Was it too long?

I Heard The Shots: A Criminal Minds Imagine

A/N: Rapid fire today I suppose, I hope they’re okay! Sorry if they aren’t :( Anyway, another Anne Nonnie request for Reid hearing gunshots as Y/N goes after the unsub alone. - Fuckeree

Rating: 18A

Warnings: Y/N gets hurt


“Around the side” your voice is barely heard over the wind, as you clench your gun with an unbreakable grip and step through the wet and matted down grass and weeds, tucking your elbow in tight to your body and turning the corner of the old barn. 

There’s a flash of red, as the woman’s dress catches on an old feeding post, and she slips as she’s snagged. 

“Freeze! Stop!” you’re yelling now, and she shakes her head, laughing wildly as she tears that chunk of fabric away and crawls to her feet, taking off inside of the shaky, barely functional house on the far side of the field. 

“Morgan I’m going!” your feet slip as you race after her, heart pounding and lungs burning as you kick in through the broken door and take the steps two at a time, you know there’s no backup this time, they were all too far behind you, taking down the accomplice and calling in medics for the man who was half dead on the property. 

As you come round the wall at the top of the stairs, she swings out an old and rotting board at you, and catches you across the left shoulder. 

You hiss, breathing in deeply, ducking under another swing and kicking her feet out from underneath her. 

“Stop! Stop Marlene, this is it, it’s over!” she shakes her head, and you catch a glimpse of the lack of sanity in her eyes, as she growls inhumanly at you, as if taken over by some primitive force. 

She scrambles back on her elbows and feet, and pulls a .22 pistol from the folds of her bodice, laughing once more. 

“Marlene no!” you cock back your own gun and holding your breath. 


My breath hitches in my throat as the bullets sound off through the air, I can’t help but count them as they crack loudly.

There’s five shots in all, and I don’t even know how to compose myself at the though of Y/N being hurt. I can’t even stand it when she gets cramps, how in the world could I deal with letting her get shot. 

“Spencer, no!” Morgan grabs at me, but I fight him off, my mind racing and my heart thumping so hard I swear it’s going to break through my chest cavity as I scramble across the lawn and into the house.

The disgusting smell of decomp assaults my nose and chest as I sprint for her. 

There’s no way I can let her end this way, I’ve never felt so out of control as I wipe at my face and yell for her, over and over again. 

*Y/N’S POV* 

The sound of another human’s voice is delighting, and inspiring, as you lay against the molded wall and stare over at Marlene, slumped on the floor, an arm hanging in a part of the floor that’s pitted out. 

Spencer pushes into the room, his hair everywhere, and his skin covered in pale sweat. “Y/N” he’s screaming as if you’re still meters away, and you lift a finger to your lips, hushing him. 

“Jesus, oh my God, I counted five shots” he drops to his knees beside you and places a firm arm behind your head, angling along the length of your back, and pulling you to him so that his warmth keeps you at a comfortable level.

“I’m okay, I’m okay Spencer. I fired two of those, she missed on two of hers” you smile the best that you can, and he shakes his head, “But that means she hit on one”.

He starts to carefully peel your shirt back, from the bottom up, and inspects every inch of your skin. 

“Spencer, I’m wearing a vest” you try to laugh but it burns, and he smiles. “Oh my god, she hit your vest, she hit your vest, right?” when you pulls his hand away from your thigh, and goes to touch your face, but you pull back. 

“Spencer, no” he looks in horror at his hand, covered red and dripping with your blood. 

“She hit your leg, there’s an artery there! There’s an artery! Your blood!” he’s screaming again, and you shake your head, hushing him again. “Spence, I’m fine, please stop. She didn’t hit my artery, it just hurts like a bitch”.

He leans over you, and presses his lips to your forehead. “She hit me with a board too.. I think my shoulder’s dislocated” you can’t help but laugh as he shakes his head.

“I can’t stand this, I can’t stand you getting hurt, this isn’t alright” you try to pull yourself up, but he protests, laying you back down. He holds you to his body until the paramedics come in, and then he hardly lets you go as they try to get you taken care of. 

“He comes with me, please” you moan as they apply pressure, trying to stem the bleeding. 

“Okay, deal, let’s get him in the bus” he clambers in, hunkering down beside you, and takes the hand that they don’t have the IV started in. “I love you, you know that, don’t you ever get hurt when I could have stopped it again”. 

“I’ll try, but does that also mean at home? Like cooking incidences?” you try to make light of the situation, and he shakes his head. 

“Sure, I’ll cook for a while” he answers, and you close your eyes, so that you can rest. 

When you awaken next, he’s in the chair across from your bed, his head in his hands, almost asleep. “Hey, daydreamer” you mumble, and he shoots up, like someone lit off a firecracker in his seat. 

“Y/N, I was worried you weren’t going to wake up, like it was all a dream when I found you, and that you weren’t okay” you roll your eyes, and raise a finger, crooking it to beckon him forth. 

“Get in, and dream with me” you’re cautious, and so is he, but he eventually agrees, and with the utmost concern and respect for your space, he crawls into the bed and raises the side once more, holding the two of you together.

“I love you, I love you and I mean that” he says, and you turn your head, so that you can kiss him slowly and passionately.

“I love you” 

Mikey: One time, a guy told me that if I didn’t give him all my money that he was going to shoot everyone in this pizzeria. In which case, I grabbed my friend and ran out of the place. Another time, I was on my cellphone next to the venue, and some kid put a gun to my throat and was like “ Gimme all your money” . I was like: “Dude, I don’t have any money”. So, he just punched me in my throat.

Frank: The weird thing about that is that both times you were wearing that T-shirt that said: “Please hold me up at gunpoint.”

Saved by a Stranger

Everybody has a “gripping stranger” in their lives; a stranger who unknowingly possesses a bizarre hold over you. Maybe it’s the kid in cutoffs who mows your lawn on Wednesdays, or maybe it’s the woman wearing White Shoulders who stamps your books at the library – a stranger who, if you were to come home and find a message from them on your answering machine saying, “Drop everything. I love you. Come with me now to Florida.” You’d follow them.  For you it was the boy who sat in front of you in Econ, there was nothing incredibly unique about him, I mean he was handsome, but he was just the boy who sat in front of you in first period; that was all. But he fascinated you; he intrigued you in a way that you hadn’t been before. You were a big fish in a small town, always itching for something more. I mean God, you just wanted something to happen; you were always so restless, you’d never been one to wait around. You were always moving and dancing and running. But for some reason, with him, you were patient. You’d wait, and watch, and listen. And you’d wait, and watch, and listen for nobody and nothing else, except him. Which was why when you saw he wasn’t in Econ, you decided (not related of course) to skip first period and visit Brett at his school. 

“Hey!” You called to Brett, smiling when you noticed your friend exiting the building quickly with his eyes on the floor. “I was just coming to see you.” You said brightly, jogging towards him.

He didn’t smile back, in fact he didn’t look at you all, he kept his eyes trained on the ground as he murmured, “Hey, can we hang out later? I have to go do something.”

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, “Sure, but-“ Brett walked away before you could finish your sentence, leaving you silent and more than a little confused at his strange demeanor. You were going to walk away maybe go get a smoothie or something, but you just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong; so you followed him. You slowly glanced around the corner of the building, placing your fist in your mouth to hold back a scream; Brett was lying on the ground, bloody and bruised with a girl standing threateningly over him with a gun pointed at his head. “Okay…okay.” You whispered breathily to yourself, placing the back of your head on the wall. You tried to think of something, of anything to get you and Brett out of this situation alive, but your mind was blank. Or I guess that wasn’t true, your mind was full, it was just full of images of bullets flying into Brett’s skull. You quietly unzipped your purse, rummaging around for anything that would be of use, your eyes widened once you found the pepper spray your father forced you to carry around at the bottom of your bag. “Thank you Dad.” You murmured to the sky, for once grateful that you had such an overprotective father. You sucked in a deep breath, silently praying for luck as you stepped out from behind your hiding place. The girl whipped her head around at the noise, narrowing her eyes; you swallowed nervously as you quickly sprayed the bitch in the eyes.

“Stupid bitch.” She yelled, falling to her knees. Your smiled to yourself as you felt your heart pumping and your blood rushing through your veins, but your moment of victory didn’t last long as you realized pepper spray only lasted for so long and she had a gun and Brett was still unconscious. You grabbed Brett’s arm and let out a loud grunt as you tried to pull him to safety. Maybe it was the all the adrenaline, but somehow you were able to get him inside the school, and maybe it was also because of the adrenaline that you decided you could handle this psychopath with nothing but a can of pepper spray and Brett’s lacrosse stick. You glanced around the corner of the school and frowned when you didn’t see Brett’s attacker anywhere. You realized immediately where she was once you felt a sharp pain in your back causing you to fall to your knees.    

“You really should’ve stayed out of this. I wasn’t supposed to kill you for a while, but you just had to come and save the day.” She hissed in your ear. You whimpered once you felt the cold metal of a gun barrel against the back of your head.

“Please, please, please.” You whispered hysterically, feeling tears start to make their way down your cheeks and onto the pavement.

“Please what?” She asked mockingly, letting out a small laugh when you let out a loud sob as she cocked the gun.

“Please put the gun down.” A voice said, startling both of you. You glanced up a the stranger, and let out a little gasp when you saw through your tears that it wasn’t just any stranger, it was your stranger. “Please put the gun down, or I’ll rip out your throat with my teeth.” He said, flashing his…red eyes.

The girl let out a curse, as she let the gun fall slightly, “McCall, someday I’m going to kill you, and it’s going to be so fun.” She spat out, before shoving you onto your hands and running away.

Your stranger’s eyes turned back to the normal shade of deep brown you had grown accustomed to as he rushed over to make sure you were alright. “Are you okay?” He asked softly, gently helping you to your feet.

You nodded, “Yeah, I think so.” You murmured, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear.  You glanced up at your stranger and gave him a small smile, “Thank you. You know, for saving my life.” You said quietly, kicking at the ground softly. 

He smiled brightly a you, “Trust me, it was my pleasure. I’m Scott, by the way.” He said, sticking out his hand.

You let out a little laugh at the formality of his introduction, especially considering he had just save your life, “I’m Y/N.”  You said, taking his hand and shaking it softly.

“I know.” He said, “I mean we have Econ together.” He added quickly with red cheeks.

You smiled bashfully and glanced at the ground, “Yeah, I know.” You murmured softly.

He smiled at you again, and your stomach did a little summersault, “You probably have some questions.” He said, placing his hand on your lower back as he guided you to your car.

You nodded, “ Yeah that whole, “Or ’ll rip out your throat with my teeth” thing was a little concerning. Don’t get me wrong, if you were going for dramatics, you certainly achieved it.” You said jokingly, blushing when you felt his arm brush up against yours.

He let out a little laugh, “Thanks, I borrowed it from a friend.” You smiled as you watched his mouth move as he started explaining what happened, and you couldn’t help but laugh, you wanted something to happen and of course it had to be werewolves. But as you continued to watch Scott’s eyes sparkle with laughter as he joked around with you, you really couldn’t wait for everything to begin.