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Karasuno+iwazumi+oikawa+kenma+kuroo+ushijima+aone forgetting they had a date with their s/o, and accidentally standing them up? How would they go about apologizing?

((Aaah sorry for the late reply nonnie,I’ve been a bit sick lately. 

I apologize for the grammar mistakes, but I hope you like it!)) 

Realization would dawn upon Daichi an hour after he was supposed to meet up with his s/o while working. He would suddenly rush out and run towards the meeting place. Upon not seeing his s/o there he would run around everywhere to try to find them but hen he couldn’t find them he would panic and end up running to his s/o’s house to find them sitting on their doorstep crying. When Daichi saw this he would wipe his hands cause they’re hella sweaty and go over to his s/o. He would then attempt to apologize by bowing his head so low that his hair was touching the ground and spouting random nonsense like “I’m so sorry, I forgot, it’s a crappy excuse I know, it won’t happen again, sorry, please don’t hate me” and the list would go on before his s/o would ruffle his hair and say that it’s okay but he now owes them a meal to their fave restaurant. 

Sugawara would be totally distraught by the fact that he had forgotten his date with his s/o. He would be panicking and running around the house with a kettle and a pillow he does that when he’s stressed, don’t judge and probably call Daichi for some help. After having calmed down, he would then decide to make it up to his s/o by buying lots of flowers and go to their house. Once his s/o answered, he would take his s/o on a surprise picnic while telling them that he was really sorry like 10 times.

Asahi would be terrified over the thought that he might have hurt his s/o because he forgot the date. He would be the type of person who would try to call his s/o but then hang up instantly after pressing the call button or standing outside his s/o’s house being too afraid to knock. It would end up with him writing a ten page long essay apology letter and adding a box of chocolates to have it sent through post because he’d be too scared to look his s/o in the eye.

Nishinoya would go the entire day without a worry until his head hit the pillow. He would start thinking that something was missing and suddenly he would sit up and remember that he had a date with his s/o. He would then rush out the door with only his pajamas (which did not include pants) and run over to his s/o’s house. He would then throw pebbles on their window until his s/o finally peered out to be met by a shirtless Noya going “Oh Juliet, for I have sinned! How could I have forgotten such an important matter! Would thee ever forgive me?” 

Tanaka would instantly send a text to his s/o after having realized he forgot the date. His s/o would actually forgive him but they wanted to jokingly be mad and write “I’m still mad at you” but forgetting an emoji so Tanaka would actually think that they were really mad at him and the next day he would show up with flowers, two tickets to Disneyland, a diamond necklace and an empty wallet (because he used it all up).

When Ennoshita was apologizing to his s/o he would act completely calm and give a well mannered apology with flowers and everything and when his s/o would accept his apology he would then continue with his calm act and kiss them gently but when he’d come home he’d finally breathe out properly and hug his pillow tightly because he was so worried his s/o would leave him. 

Two months before the date of the date (eyy pun) Kageyama had already put on nine reminders to make sure wouldn’t forget the date. But then on the day of the date his phone died and he didn’t even have realized he had forgotten the date until he checked his phone again the next day and BAM ten thousand notifications with the words “REMEMBER DATE”, “BUY FLOWERS”, “SMILE LIKE SUGAMAMMA-SENPAI TAUGHT YOU” and he would just lay there in bed with phone in hand while groaning. Afterwards he would get dressed nicely and go over to his s/o’s place to apologize only to fall on his face the moment his s/o opened the door.

Hinata would realize that he had forgotten the date once he was getting ready for bed and because we all know hinata has a tendency to not sleep when he’s stressed or hyped, it’s fair to say that he didn’t even blink that night cause he was to busy trying to find a good apology for his s/o. The next day when he was going to his s/o’s place to apologize, he would still have no plan in mind and he would just stutter his way through the the entire apology with a flower from his neighbour’s garden in hand.

Tsukishima would show up on his s/o’s doorstep with roses in hand and be all “yeah I’m sorry about that” while not being able to look his s/o in the eye and scratching his head. Later when his s/o had forgiven him, he would pretend that he had expected when really he was squealing like a teenage girl inside (there’s a reason he’s called Tsunderekishima). For the next month he would make sure to do extra nice things for his s/o and always be at least half an hour for their dates.

Before the date, Yamaguchi had made sure to make everything perfect by planning everything to the smallest detail. From the flowers to the kissing his s/o exactly when the sun sets. So when he totally forgot about the date, he would be totally heartbroken for hurting his s/o and all his wasted effort. But he would later ask his s/o to meet him at the park where he could properly apologize and ask them for another chance and promising that this time he would never forget and everything would be perfect (and he did not disappoint either).

Kiyoko would be at volleyball practice when she suddenly would remember that she had forgotten the date. She would then stand up suddenly with a panicked look on her face and it would be the first time any of the volleyball club members had seen her lose her composture. They would all rush over to her and ask her what was wrong but she would ignore them all and instead just rush towards her s/o’s place. Without a gift or a plan, she would just ring the doorbell and her s/o would be greeted by a flustered Kiyoko mumbling her apology and begging for forgivness.

Yachi would spend years trying to find a good way to apologize. She would write down her apology and practice in front of the mirror ten times a day before she would a week later finally feel ready to meet her s/o. She’d need help from Hinata to get her pumped up, but when she’d finally come face to face with her s/o, she would instantly forget everything she had written on her speech and just stand there and stutter. But it would end with her s/o instantly forgiving her when they saw her adorably flustered face.

Iwaizumi is acquainted to his s/o’s best friend so he would get their help by asking them to invite his s/o to the park. When his s/o and their best friend finally got there, Iwaizumi would sneek up behind his s/o with flowers in hand and suddenly music would start playing and Iwaizumi would come up with the cheesiest speech anyone could have had the misfortune of hearing. The whole affair would end with that his s/o’s best friend would end up third-wheeling and in revenge would post the video of Iwaizumi’s speech on youtube and it becoming an internet meme.

Oikawa would beg his teammates to help him with his apology to his s/o. At first they would only agree halfheartedly and grumble a bit about it, but mentioned his plan to them, they suddenly got a lot more willing (So mean Iwa-chan~!).So on the sunniest day possible, Oikawa would walk up to his s/o’s house with his teammates standing close to Oikawa (but not where his s/o can see them). Once Oikawa’s s/o opened the door she would be see Oikawa standing there with flowers in hand an rain pouring down his face. He would then begin his speech with “rain” pouring down on him. But before he had even reached half way through the speech, his s/o would stop him, look to the side to where the entire Seijou team was standing while holding a hose which was making the dramatic “standing in rain to apologize” effect. Oikawa’s s/o would then just cock an eyebrow and go “let’s just skip to the part where we kiss.”

Kenma didn’t actually forget the date, but Kuroo had pressed him into tossing for him an hour before the date which had made him forget about time and miss it. Kuroo would feel bad about it and said that he would help Kenma write the apology letter for him. Once Kuroo had finished writing it, he would give the paper to Kenma and make him read the thing for his s/o. But to Kenma’s regret, he didn’t bother to read the speech beforehand, so while he was standing there, face-to-face with his s/o, he realized he was a bit screwed when the apology letter had certain parts which were required to be “whispered lovingly into his s/o’s ear with a seductive voice.”

Unlike what most people think, Kuroo has never really been good with words. Sure, he has a few pick-up lines and sassy comebacks up his sleeve, but generally, when it comes to stuff like apologizing, he straight up sucks. SO instead of sweet words he plays his guitar and sings a song which he wrote himself. The entire thing would be very romantic and at the end his s/o was swooning. But of course he had to ruin it with the last line of his song “I lost my virginity, can I have yours~~”.

Ushijima would probably just go straight up to his s/o’s house with flowers and an apology letter and shove it in their face once they opened the door. He would then precede by just standing there waiting for his s/o to finish reading it and it would just be the most awkward thing ever.

Aone would be really worried because he would think that his s/o was going to leave him and he would get an even more imtimidating look on his face. He would eventually get the courage to call his s/o and at first it would be really awkard silence, but eventually Aone would say, “I’m sorry. Second chance?”

So I wrote this song a few months ago while going through some shit. I never edited or changed anything even though I think it maybe could’ve used a little tweaking because it was written from a very real place and I didn’t want to mess with that feel. I hope you all enjoy it!



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