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Midnight Ice Cream

Had to write something for @heithweek2017 so here’s something for today’s prompt Laughing/Crying.

Title: Midnight Ice Cream

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters/Ship: Hunk/Keith

Summary: Despite being tired, Hunk couldn’t sleep and he discovers neither can Keith.

Hunk yawned as he groggily left his room and made his way into the kitchen.  It was late, and he knew with the training they had in the morning he should be asleep, but he couldn’t.  Hunk would shut his eyes, only to find himself tossing and turning before opening them again.

He just couldn’t sleep.  It felt everything from the last couple of weeks had decided to pile up upon him at once.

The fight with Zarkon.  Shiro going missing.  Keith taking over the Black Lion, while Allura took over the Red Lion.  That Lotor creep now chasing after them.  It felt like it had been years since Hunk could fully relax.

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