my guide for talking to me in the morning

Week 9 ROUND 2 Progress!! @ahealthyguide has been doing my guides for 21 weeks now and check out how lean and strong she is getting!
You have to check out her profile and look at her side progress !! It’s awesome aswell😍😍
I had a girl come up to me and start talking to me about Instagram and how she loves the community that I have built. She said that she loves how everyone is tagged in the caption, so that the public can view that persons profile and see that they are a real person. Not only that, but that you can SEE the progress week by week. It’s SO motivating!! I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is check #bbgprogress and #kaylaitsines to see what new things I can upload ☺️☀️ You girls make my life amazing

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Things I’ve learned over the last 5 weeks

I’m down 12.6 pounds over the last 5 weeks, 2 of which I didn’t eat or exercise according to plan. Here are some things I learned:

Make a plan every week, every day. That way, when things get hectic I will have some sort of plan to guide me and help stay on track as best I can. 

Running is fun! I wish I’d never stopped. 

Working out 2 times is good for me. I’ve been doing light fasted cardio in the mornings and then running or something else in the afternoons. I’m not talking about two hardcore workouts, one is usually pretty light. At the very least, it’s nice to warm my up muscles enough to do some thorough stretching every morning because…

STRETCHING IS SO IMPORTANT! I have been really slacking with this lately and almost injured myself the other day because my hamstrings were so tight. So, this is an area for improvement for me in the coming weeks. Gotta make it a habit!

Being part of the tumblr community is so wonderful. You’ve inspired me and held me accountable. Thank you! 

Dear Charlie,

Hi Charlie, it’s Mikey again. I know you haven’t even seen my other Letter yet but here I am, already writing you again. For that I’m sorry. But I’m falling. my family, my sister and mother. The only two I count as my family both depend on me and my guidence but I’m not okay or able to guide them.right now. In fact I need their help but they can’t see past their problems to see that they are making me suffer worse. They both talk shit about the other one and it hurts me and stresses me out, it makes my anxiety worse. And last night my mom had to talk me down but then bang this morning she’s back to complaining to me about my sister. Common sense would say that you can’t say shit like this to someone who was just on the cliff of suicide. The thing is I’m not even angry at them. I love them too much to be angry. They’re my everything and the only ones I have besides my music. I had a dream last night Charlie… It was a bad one. I was in senior year of highschool again, it was about the day the school added two more classes to my schedule half way through the semester so I could graduate. I already had a full load and ontop of my mental illnesses it was hard to keep it at an average grade but I had to be better than average Because I had to get a scholarship. But anyway the two other classes were made to were I would be at the local umbrella school from 6am to 8 pm. I was drowning in work already but I had to do this too. I had a break down in the middle of the kitchen floor. There was way to drop the class. I collapsed in the middle of the floor sobbing and shaking in the dream. All of this really happened and I relived it last night. Right now im a complete mess and I don’t know what to do. I am probably just going to sleep more it’s like not existing until you wake up, so with that update I wish you the best Charlie and I’ll say goodnight.
Your dear friend,


I am now accepting applications for anyone who

-will talk to the cash register people for me and get the extra change out of my wallet if I didn’t calculate the correct total in my head while I was standing in line
-respond and create all e-mails for me with perfect grammar
-answer and make all phone calls that must be made in order for me to be considered a functioning adult (unless it’s to my mom bc I love her and like to talk to her a lot)
-help me get out of bed every morning so I don’t ignore reality due to my social anxiety and guide me to bed every night at a reasonable hour despite my sudden motivational spurts that happen at 2AM
-offer to drive when there is lots of traffic or we have to follow someone or we are driving somewhere I’ve never been to bc I might panic a little if I make a wrong turn or can’t find a place to park
-and start all the conversations bc if I start a conversation and you don’t respond then I instantly think I’m annoying you and I did something wrong and I will think about it all day, and even after you tell me it’s okay I will secretly still think you are hiding something
-maybe make cookies with me too
-yes that is all

She is....

She is a hopeless romantic,
With a wandering soul

She is a soft soothing voice,
While her green eyes steal your heart

She is a calming and intimate touch,
With love running as deep as her soul

She is a mother, a friend, and a lover,
While always chasing her dreams

She is a free spirit full of life,
With ever expanding dreams

She is late nights talking,
While sleeping all morning

She is unique,
With quirky habits

She is in your dreams,
While lying next to you sleeping

She is unconditional love,
With sympathy and compassion

She is the hand in yours,
While walking through life together

She is everything to me,
She is truly something special

All of this is my way of letting you go.
I will never stop loving you,
you will always have a place in my heart.

With Endless Love,

- The Helm That Guides You

the Cartoon Network Shop added the upcoming Steven Universe books (both the ones coming out tomorrow and the ones coming out in February), but they’re almost twice the list price the books are on Amazon (and you still have to pay for shipping) so I wouldn’t recommend buying the books through them.

On a related note, three Steven Universe books come out tomorrow in the US - “Guide to the Crystal Gems” “Quest for Gem Magic” and “Steven Universe Mad Libs”. So today is your last chance to preorder them (of course you can always just buy them once they’re released)