my guide for talking to me in the morning

a girl in my class: *runs up to me in the library* hi! You’re in American political thought right? Of course you are, you’re like the genius of that class, I’m always scribbling down what you say.

me: *glancing at the lesbian fanfiction I am writing instead of studying for the Big Midterm I just looked at the study guide for this morning* yes?

her: *asks me questions*

in my head: 

He Doesn’t Deserve You

Summary: You move into your new apartment and have an awkward run in with your neighbor, making a very interesting first impression.

Warnings: angst, sexual tension (minor), smut, Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader

A/N: I have so many drabbles to write but I needed a break and I thought this up. I was going to make this into a series but I didn’t wanna start another one so I just wrote it as a long fic (hence why it’s a little jumpy / fast paced). If you guys like this I can write a short series similar to this story (with some changes). Just let me know.

You looked around your new apartment, it was fully decorated with your things and it filled you with utter joy. You sighed as you sat on your bed, popping open a bottle of wine to let it breathe, waiting for your friends to show up. A knock on your door sent you flying towards it.

“Courtney! Michelle!” You swung the door open with a proud grin on your face. “How do you like the place?” 

“It’s so cute!” Michelle shrieked as she brushed passed you, taking in her surroundings. 

“Hmmm, not enough Star Wars decor.” Courtney followed Michelle, chuckling as she passed the hanging pictures of you guys from college.

“Raegan couldn’t make it?” You cocked an eyebrow, worried for your newly engaged friend. “She too busy with Noah?”

“Technically, she’s planning the wedding and driving him nuts.” Michelle giggled and poured herself a glass of wine. “Now, let’s get this pizza eating, wine drinking, and Netflix bingeing started!” 

Four episodes into the first season of Grey’s Anatomy and the three of you were blabbering, laughing, drunk idiots. You were shouting at the tv, telling the characters that they were doing regretful, silly things. You were voted the door answerer when a loud banging echoed in your apartment. 

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Rough All Over - Kol Mikaelson Smut

I followed close behind an angry Kol, struggling to keep up with how fast he was walking. We got to the house and Kol slammed the door open forcefully, mumbling something to himself. I frowned as I watched him walk to the liquor cabinet.

I had glitter all over my chest and I had spilled salsa down the front of my dress. Kol found me on top of some random frat guys kitchen island, dancing and having a stupid time.

The problem was that Kol got jealous easily and it was a pain in the ass, throw in a reservation date to a fancy restaurant I totally forgot about and you get and angry Kol trying not to be angry but failing miserably.

“Kol?” I said, my voice small for fear that he would yell. I hated fighting. “I’m sorry.” I looked down at my hands, blinking in shame.

“I know you are.” He glared. “You’d rather be doing something stupid with people I don’t even know than spending time with me.” He said. I frowned, the panic rising in my chest.

“Of course not. You’re the one who never wants to do anything with me.” I said, finding his eyes. I almost blushed.

“Can you please stop making everything about that?” Kol breathed out. I drew closer to him, my hand sliding up to his chest. “You’re drunk, let’s just forget about this and talk about it in the morning.” He swallowed.

“I’m not drunk, Kol.” I pushed off his jacket. “I just want you to show you how much I care about you.” I ran my hands up, cupping his face and kissing him. “And how much I’d rather be spending my time…” I breathed in between another kiss as I guided his hands around my waist. “With you.”

Kol pulled away, starting towards the stairs. “What’s your problem, Kol? Am I not good enough for your original status?” I glared, following him up the stairs. He stopped, turning to face me. “It’s really no big deal, Kol.” I made puppy eyes. “Don’t you want to fuck me?”

“No.” Kol gritted his jaw, looking into my eyes. He was obviously lying and I could tell with how hard he gripped the staircase railing and tried so hard not to turn me into a pile of goo, we both knew he could.

“Bullshit. You want me.” I grabbed his hand and he pulled away again, turning around and continuing upstairs.

I ran in front of him, holding my arm out to his stomach. “Hey, I’m talking to you, Kol. You can’t just push me away like this whenever you feel like it.”

“Get out of my way.” He said. I quickly wrapped my arms around him and kissed him, his mouth opening immediately at the familiarity. He didn’t kiss me back, instead he pushed me back.

I frowned again. I knew he could easily throw me out the window or kick me through the ceiling but he just continued rejecting me for his own wicked satisfaction.

“What’s your damage? Why don’t you just fuck me?!” I struggled to spit out the words in anger, my blood boiling as I grabbed his button up shirt in my fists. “You may not want to fuck me, Kol, but there were plenty of other men at that party perfectly willing to.”

His head snapped and I regretted the words as soon as I saw the look in his eye.

“You want to be fucked?” Kol scowled. He vamped me against the marble wall and I gasped, his hand wrapped around my neck, almost crushing my jaw. “I’ll fuck you.” He spat, jerking my dress up around my waist. In one swift motion his pants were around his ankles and he was inside me.

I clung onto him, my nails digging into his clothed back, I held the hot air in my lungs, if he had gone any faster I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. The feeling of every part of him inside of me as he held me against the wall.

His movements weren’t the least bit gentle or careful, he pounded into me relentlessly, burying his face in my neck, refusing me the propriety of looking into my eyes.

I was all I wanted anyways, he had built up a sturdy wall all these months refusing to be affectionate in this way, and now we stood in the crumbles of it.

He didn’t say anything, his breath was ragged and he let out grunts and growls, his death grip shifting from my throat to my ass. I cried out as he brought me into him with each quick and merciless movement.

I felt Kol beginning to coil up, his stomach pressed against mine, I held him as close as possible as he froze and came, letting out a choked groan.

He let me go and I leaned against the wall for fear that I’d stumble and fall if I tried to walk. I watched Kol as he fixed himself, my breathing shaky. He carried me to the bedroom. “I’m sorry, okay? I love you, darling, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“It’s okay. Just come here.” I hugged him, pressing a gentle kiss to his mouth. “I love you, Kol.”

hey everyone! i reached a personal milestone for my blog not too long ago and i figured i would give my thanks by doing my first follow forever!! i have been on and off with tumblr but this time i can finally say i feel content with the results of this blog and i look forward to the future with it and all of you!! thank you for every one of you who follows me. i’m not entirely exciting or outrageously funny nor am i very active, but i still manage to keep your follows so thank you!!

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Week 9 ROUND 2 Progress!! @ahealthyguide has been doing my guides for 21 weeks now and check out how lean and strong she is getting!
You have to check out her profile and look at her side progress !! It’s awesome aswell😍😍
I had a girl come up to me and start talking to me about Instagram and how she loves the community that I have built. She said that she loves how everyone is tagged in the caption, so that the public can view that persons profile and see that they are a real person. Not only that, but that you can SEE the progress week by week. It’s SO motivating!! I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is check #bbgprogress and #kaylaitsines to see what new things I can upload ☺️☀️ You girls make my life amazing

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The Darkness In Me (Part 3)

Hey guys! Here comes Part 3 of “The Darkness In Me”. Hope you all enjoy! @belleetlabeast THANK YOU, as always for being a sweetheart ♥ and editing this! I wouldn’t have come so far without you!!! ♥♥♥

Summary: From the outside you seem to have everything. Everything other girls want to be. Good looking, beautiful and an amazing singer. But no one sees what really blooms inside you. The darkness is about to consume you every day a little bit more. Can this handsome stranger who was there when you needed him the most also save you from the darkness lurking inside you?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1217

Y/H/C = Your Hair Color       



After a long hot shower, I finally released all the tension that stiffened my muscles for the last hour. Bucky stayed long enough to make sure I would eat something. I can’t help but question his motives. We met for the first time yesterday, under really terrible conditions and still he appears to think he’s responsible for me.

My mind scrambles to find a plausible reason for his behaviour towards my well being. Bucky is clearly different than any man I have ever met, but I definitely suck at first impressions when it comes to people.

All because of him. The thought of my ex-boyfriend causes an uncomfortable shiver to run down my spine. He was the one who caused all my insecurities, my anxiety attacks, my nightmares. I refuse to let my thoughts wander back to that dark part of my life. He’s gone and I have nothing to fear anymore.

Somebody must have been in the room while I was in the shower, to put clothes for me on the bed. I pick up the small note on top of them.

Wanda gave me these clothes for you. They should fit, cause you’re about the same size. Take as much time as you need to get ready. The team would like to meet you later. When you’re ready just ask F.R.I.D.A.Y. where to find us.


Fuck! I’m about to meet the Avengers! The world’s mightiest heroes… “Who the hell is F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” I ask out loud to myself. I jumped, startled when a voice suddenly appears out of nowhere.

“Greetings Miss [Y/N], my name is F.R.I.D.A.Y. I’m the artifical intelligence unit designed and created by Tony Stark. Let me know when I can be of any service.”

“Uhm…thanks…I guess.” I try my best to ignore the feeling of being monitored by the A.I., while I put on the short dark blue sweatpants and white top over my own underwear. I decide combing my [Y/H/C] hair with my fingers would be better than nothing. I don’t have any makeup to cover the dark purple bruise evident on my right cheek, so I have to hide it as good as possible with my long hair. I would never have guessed the day would come, where I would meet the Avengers in person. And definitely not in short sweatpants, wet hair and a prominent bruise on my face. Before I ask F.R.I.D.A.Y. where to find Bucky and the others I try to smile at my reflection, but it looks more like a grimace. So no smiling then.


“Thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y., I think I can walk the rest of the way alone”, I say to the A.I. after she guided me through the halls and floors of the Avenger Tower. “You’re welcome Miss [Y/N].”

A melodic tone rings out, the elevator doors open, revealing a large space with all the Avengers gathered in the same place. I slowly approach them in the large living room. I probably look like a little child seeing Disneyland for the first time, but hey can you blame me?! They were all sitting on the biggest couch I had ever seen, right in front of an even bigger TV, like a happy family.

Bucky is the first one that catches my eyes. He’s really a sight for sore eyes. He is sitting on the left side of the couch, on his right his best friend alias Captain America. They’re still too captured in their own conversations to notice me. I take that time to let my eyes wander over all of them one by one. Right next to the Captain is Falcon, Black Widow, Hawkeye, the Hulk (well obviously not in his green version), Ironman, War Machine, the Maximoff twins and then the android named Vision.

I was flabbergasted to say the least. Seeing all these powerful people sitting their like it’s the most normal thing in the world. A loud groan must have left my lips, because suddenly all eyes are on me. I didn’t like all the attention. Their differing expression made it all the worse.  

Curiosity, astonishment, sympathy, sadness, anger, happiness. The first one to approach me almost gives me a heart attack. Pietro Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver because of his quickness, just appears in front of me out of nowhere. Without hesitation he takes my right hand into his bigger ones, leans down and places a featherlight kiss on my knuckles.

“You must be the poor girl who almost got raped yesterday”, he said bluntly, his low voice, thick with accent. “Pietro!” His twin sister Wanda scolds him immediately, apparently embarrassed of her brother’s forward behavior.

She rushes to my side with an apologetic expression. “I’m really sorry for my stupid brother. He didn’t mean it like that. We were really shocked when Bucky brought you to the Tower yesterday. He was so worried about you. That’s why we all couldn’t wait to meet you. How are you feeling? Oh and I’m Wanda by the way.”

We shake hands and I even give her a small smile. I already like her. She’s so full of energy and life. I feel like a moth attracted by the light. “I’m [Y/N]. Nice to meet you. I’m feeling alright so far, thanks to Bucky”, I say with a quick look in his direction. But that was already enough to make me blush again.

Damn it! I’m normally not the shy type. I only can hope he doesn’t notice my red face. Don’t want him to think I’m awkward or I have a crush on him. I mean, I’m not even attracted to him. NO! No. Not one bit. Absolutely not…

“Guys, please be gentle. You are overwhelming her. Take it easy,” Captain America says while pushing Wanda and Pietro smoothly to the side. He offers me his right hand and giving me an encouraging smile. “I’m Steve. Nice to finally meet you. Bucky kept talking about you all morning.”

“Shut up, punk!”, Bucky says, flushed with shame. “[Y/N] and Bucky sitting in the tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”, Sam Wilson commonly known as Falcon sings along.

None other than Black Widow, the beautiful redhaired Russian comes to my rescue, saving me from my discomfort. “Sam! Shut the hell up you idiot”, she gives me a sympathetic look, interlocking her arm with mine. “I’m Natasha. Sorry about the boys. They’re always like that, don’t think about it too much.”

Natasha guides me to the large couch, planting me right next to Tony Stark. “Hi, I’m Tony”, he says immediately, putting my hand up to kiss my back of the hand. “Can I offer you something to drink, darling? Coffee or tea?”, he asks with a raised eyebrow and a dashing smile.

I giggle nervously. “I would never have imagined Tony Stark offering me to bring me something to drink. A coffee would be nice. Milk and sugar, please.” He laughs amused at my remark. “Don’t be silly, gorgeous! Tin Man will bring you the drink”, Tony says with a wide grin on his face and a mischievous glint in his eyes.    


Well, I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think about it. Feel free to message me anytime!



I Got You (EXO; Kyungsoo)

One ring.

Two rings.

Three rings.

Groaning, I roll over onto my side. “Who the fuck are you and where do you wanna meet to fight me?”

“Hello to you too.”

I take a deep steadying breath. “Kim Jongdae, if you are calling for any other reason other than you are fucking near death, I will throw you in the Han River.”

“See? You do spend a lot of time with him. How can you not see it?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I glance at the time on the phone. “And why the hell are you calling me at 3 in the morning?” I demand.

“Because, you dolt, Kyungsoo called me again and I need to tell you something before I lose my damn mind.”

The mention of Kyungsoo’s name quiets me down a little. “What about Soo? Is he alright? What’s going on?”

“You know, he’s really sensitive.”


“Kyungsoo? He’s a sensitive little soul. Even if he makes threats like cutting off my limbs and throwing them one by one into the River.”

“Yeah, well I can see why he would make threats like that if you think calling at such an hour is acceptable.”

“Can you perk up for me a little? Because I’m not sure how you’re going to react to this.”

I mumble curse words under my breath as I stretch over to turn a light on. Then I push myself up into sitting. “There, I’m up. Now what the hell—”

“Kyungsoo is in love with you.”

My breath catches in my throat. “Jongdae?”

“Let me finish. He’s been in love with you, for I don’t know, fucking ages, but has never had the guts to do anything about it. So he just walks around trying to make you happy. And you need to dump that douchebag you’re dating now… Kim Seokjin?” I can already picture Kyungsoo’s best friend shivering at the name. “Don’t date someone with the same last name as me. It’s weird. And he’s a douche.”

“How do you even know that? You’ve never met him.”

“Because he’s not Kyungsoo. You’re actually the douche bag for not noticing his true feelings, but I’ll project the douchebagness onto your ex-boyfriend.”

I gasp. “Kim Jongdae! I am still dating him.”

“It’s not as if you like him.”

“And where the hell did you get that idea from?”

“You know, you cuss a lot when you’re angry.” I hiss through my teeth and he must hear the venom in it, because he goes on. “Look, if I have to listen to Kyungsoo moan over you near tears, I’ll come over to your place and kick your ass.” As an afterthought, he adds, “I mean you could probably kick my ass, you’re the girl that Kyungsoo’s in love with after all, but still. The intent is there.”

“You will kick my ass with good intentions?” I ask, my eyebrows raised in amusement. “Are you punking me, Dae? Because I’m not in the mood at 3 in the morning.”

“No, I’m not punking you, pabo!” he yells. “I would never joke about Kyungsoo’s feelings like this. They are real and they are valid and they have been there longer than you’ve been dating Mr. Douchebag. So please, do the boy a favour and make his life.”

“Where’s the proof, Jongdae?”

Jongdae goes quiet in disbelief? Tiredness? Death?

“Are you serious?” It was the first one. “You want proo—I’ll give you fucking proof. When you were about this close to failing that calculus class in first year, who pulled through for you?”

“He was being a good friend.”

“I am his best friend and he never did anything of the like for me and we were failing the exact same class.” Jongdae comes up with another one. “How about when Mr. Asshole broke your heart in second year? Who brought you flowers and made you food and encouraged you to go looking when you were ready?”

I shake my head, refusing to believe this. “No. Dae, he’s a good friend. Kyungsoo loves me like a friend and I… I do too.”

“You hesitated!”

“Shut the hell up, Kim Jongdae.”

“You don’t scare me over the phone,” he lies. “But he’s madly in love with you. Cut the guy some slack and just tell him how you feel.”

“Did you forget Jin?”

“Oh, did I forget to mention? I saw that guy macking with some other dude on my floor.”

“You saw what, where, with who?”

“Yeah, I don’t remember who the guy was, but I remember breaking up with Jin on your behalf and promised to tell you for him.”

Well that explains why that asshole never showed up for dinner tonight.

“You didn’t think to fucking tell me this before my dinner date? I waited there for an hour, Jongdae.”

Yes,” he enunciates. “You don’t think Kyungsoo told me? I had to listen to him recount how nice your hair looks and how his heart breaks over—”


“I’m not screwing with you,” he says in a quiet voice. “You don’t know how Kyungsoo talks about you. Like you’re the sun and the moon and all the stars.”

“You know…”

“I know that guys have been complete asshats to you in the past and trust me, Jongin, Chanyeol, and I have fought for your honour each time because Kyungsoo sort of asks us to in his weird way. So come on, the one guy who has literally stuck by you through every single one is still there and waiting for you to notice him.”

It doesn’t take much more of Jongdae’s smooth talking to get me out of bed, in one of Kyungsoo’s hoodies, and straight out the door of my apartment. It’s a five minute walk from my place to Kyungsoo’s and I watch the ground move below me as I go. The ghost hour’s breeze blows softly around me, wafting the smell of Kyungsoo’s sweater to me. It’s familiar and I wonder…

There are a lot of things to wonder about and I wonder about only a quarter of them until I’ve found myself at Kyungsoo’s front door. I used the key to get through the lobby entrance, but it doesn’t exactly feel right to just bust through his apartment like this.

So I knock.

But he doesn’t answer.

And I knock again.

When I knock for a third time and he still doesn’t answer, I get worried. So I unlock the apartment door. There’s one light on in the living room.

As I wander over, careful not to make any noise in case he’s asleep, I’m greeted by a slightly flushed Kyungsoo with a soju bottle in his hand. Forgoing the shot glass on the table, he just takes swigs out of the bottle.


His eyes snap up to me and he almost loses his grip on the bottle.

“O-oh my god, what are you doing here?”

Upon closer inspection, I notice that the bottle has only just been broken into and that his eyes are red rimmed.

“Soo, were you… crying?”

Kyungsoo swipes at his cheeks, as if that’s how I came to that conclusion. But his cheeks are dry. “No.”

“Uh huh…”

“What are you doing here?” he repeats.

“Dae called me.”

Kyungsoo’s already wide eyes widen even further. “W-what did he say to you?”

“That you…” God, words are really failing me right now. So I point to him and then I point to me and I bury my face into the top of his sweater. “He told me that you’ve been… you’ve been…”

“Fuck Jongdae,” I hear him mutter.


“I didn’t want you to…” He puts the soju bottle down, because it makes his shaking hands very obvious. He doesn’t seem to like to look up at me while we have this conversation, so he gets to his feet. “I didn’t… shit.”

“You… what?” I ask, confused.

“No, not… fucking hell, there was no warning.”

“Uh, yeah. I’m here at 3:30 in the morning. I get it.”

My reply gets him to crack a small, if not nervous, smile. “Why did you come?”

“I just… I don’t know. I guess I needed to hear it from you? It’s a little surreal. Because yesterday I had a boyfriend and now Jongdae tells me that I don’t.”

“Oh my… did that asshole actually break up with your boyfriend for you?”

“Something about how he fights for my honour,” I reply.

Kyungsoo tips his head back in annoyance, and in that moment, I find my eyes falling to his Adam’s apple. And how much I wouldn’t mind kissing it.

Well that’s a thought I haven’t had in a while.

“God, you should’ve ignored him.”

“Hard to do that when he’s shouting at you to come see you, Soo.”

“Fine, fuck, I love you. Yes. I do. And it’s stupid and selfish and ill-timed and totally not what you need right now and I should—”

“Shut up.”

Kyungsoo blinks in surprise. “Huh?”

“Shut up,” I repeat. “You should shut up. It’s not stupid or selfish and I don’t know…” I shrug, losing my hands in the armholes of Kyungsoo’s sweater. “You were always kinda what I needed.”

His jaw drops.

“Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“There was never a good time,” he admits.

I run a hand through my hair. His eyes watch me as I do it, so I reach for his hand and bring it to my cheek. Without even really thinking about it, his fingers run through the hair on the side of my face.

Then he realizes what he’s doing and takes his hand back.

Sighing, I step towards him. “Look, I know that I’m an oblivious fuck, but come on, Kyungsoo. Work with me here? I know this moment will never be perfect, but—”

Kyungsoo closes the distance between us, his hands finding their way into my hair, and his lips already knowing exactly what to do. He’s soft and warm and smells exactly how he always does. His lips taste like alcohol and his kiss is dizzying, so I feel a little off balance when he pulls away.

“The moment was perfect.”

“Can we sleep then? Jongdae still woke me up at 3 in the morning to tell me all this and I have class in the morning.”

Kyungsoo chuckles and tugs me towards the bedroom. “You’re really going to talk about school when I finally got you?”


Kyungsoo shakes his head as he takes a seat on the bed. He pulls me between his legs, his hands resting lazily on my hips. I run a hand through his dark hair and smile when he leans into my palm.

“You realize it’s my birthday today?” he murmurs.

My eyes widen. “Oh shit. I—” I had forgotten his birthday between the whirlwind of tests and projects.

He guides my head down to his lips again. “And I got you as a present. So don’t talk about school around me today.”

I laugh against his lips. “Fine, Soo. I’m sorry.”

“Sleep now?”

I hum in response and fall asleep with his skin under my palm, his heartbeat thrumming steadily.

important fictionkin thing

(but if you feel this relates to some other type of kin experience thats cool too!!)

its ok if youre not exactly the way you were before
its ok if you like different things now
its ok if you seem like you should be someone else when you know youre not
its ok if you dont have the powers or the face or the interests and habits you used to
they dont make you any less you!!
this is a new life and a new world and a new timeline and even though things are different and scary and some of our old friends are miles and miles away or we might not know where they are its going to be ok!!! youre still you and youre also the you youve become in this life and you can be whatever you you want to be or feel that you are and its great!!
we have to be strong for our friends both old and new! the world is big and vast and full of possibilities so we should try our best to stay positive for ourselves and for everyone else even when its hard just to wake up and convince yourself to live sometimes in the morning
its ok!!
youre doing great!!!

Wherever You Are (M.C.)

A/N: I don’t write enough about Michael and I’ve been swerving into his lane as of late so…yeah. It’s very lengthy too and it’s one of those cliche best friend love stories.

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Nothing lasts forever. Nothing stays the same.

“Hey, you.” Michael smiled at me through the computer screen.
“Hi.” I smiled back and moved so that I was now laying against my headboard with my laptop on my lap. “What time is it over there?”
He looked down to the corner of his computer before making eye contact with me again. “Almost one am.”

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Bad Boss (Bias x Reader) Pt.10

The rest of the week is quiet. B/N rarely calls for you and when he does, his voice is calm. You’re heading to his office when you overhear a few workers talking in the elevator. 

“I sent my rookie up there and they came back without crying,” 

“He told me good morning and I almost died. I was so nervous,” 

You smile to yourself, glad to finally hear positive gossip about B/N. 

“He must have found himself a girlfriend. A really tolerant one,”

“I’d be surprised if a woman could straighten him out,” 

They step out of the elevator and by now your smile is turned upside down. You scoff to yourself, he’s been changing on his own. Why would he need a girlfriend to be his guide?

You enter his office as you carry his coffee and lunch, resting them on his desk. He stops what he’s doing to assist you, something he’s been doing often and you no longer questioning.

“Thank you, Y/N,” he says when you place his coffee before him. He’s thanked you before but this time he sounds genuine. Or was it how he just said your name? You want him to say it again.

You nod, hoping you don’t look as nervous as you feel. When you turn to leave, he asks, “Did you have lunch yet?” 

“No, I was gonna buy some right now,” 

“Would you like some of mine?” before you can say no, he adds, “It’s a lot of food. I usually end up wasting it.”

“Okay,” You didn’t want to spend money on food anyway. He walks to his couch, removing his jacket. The buttons strain to stay closed against his chest with his arms behind him. Once off, he tries to unbutton the cuffs at his wrist but appears to be struggling. 

“Y/N, can you-”

You stand in front of him, unfastening the clasps. Your fingers brush his skin; you’d never guess he’d feel so soft.

“I can never get these off,” 

“Then why put them on?”

“Fashion purposes?” he smiles. Soft skin, pretty smile, what next?

Once done, he rolls his sleeves up thanking you again. You both eat in silence and it feels awkward but you wonder if it’s just you. 

“Thank you for the food,” you say. 

He laughs, “You thank me after you’ve eaten it all,” he gets up and disposes of your plate and his without hesitation. He sits back down, sipping at his coffee with one leg crossed over the other. 

You hold your own coffee in your hands, making conversation, “You’ve changed,”

“Have I?” 

You nod, “I’m sure you’ve noticed by now,” 

“The only downside is that every one is taking the elevator with me. I liked it being just you and me,” You blink at him and he clears his throat, “As in it was quiet with just us. I really have you to thank,” 

“I didn’t do much. Just threatened to leave,” you joke.

“Well, that was one of the reasons I changed,”

“Oh. And the other?”

He shrugs, sipping his coffee, “Just didn’t have a reason to act that way anymore,” 

Sometimes you wonder if he’s just pretending, that he’s still the same. But at the same time you want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“I’m proud of you,” 

He looks at the floor, the saddest of smiles on his face, “Thank you, Y/N,”

I’m proud of you. Why did it catch him so off guard and why did he want to hug her when she said it? She was proud of him…? After all he’s done to her, she’s complimenting him?

He did notice that he was changing. He’s never been the compassionate kind of person or very observant of other people’s feelings. But after a while he’d take note of how they avoided him when he walked through the building. It wasn’t respect they had for him. Was it fear?

Yet sitting across from him, he didn’t feel any fear from Y/N. He felt comfortable around her and he could only hope that she felt the same way too.

He’s watching her now as she drinks her own coffee, her eyes unblinking as she stares into space. Her legs are crossed as she rotates one ankle. She’s spaced out while he’s full on staring. She glances at him and he freezes, heart pounding. 

“What?” she asks. 

“Nothing,” his poker face hasn’t failed him yet. She looks back at the window, submerged in her own thoughts again. 

He’s not even sure when he started to like her or why, but hurting her was something he never wanted to do again. And thinking on it would fill him with such a horrid feeling he interpreted it as guilt. She didn’t deserve such horrible treatment.

“I’m sorry,” he says softly. 

He’s not sure if she heard him cause she’s still staring in space but she answers, “For what?”

“For how we met,”

She turns at him and he can’t tell what she’s thinking at all, “I really didn’t like you then,” 

He looks at his lap, “I know,” 

She watches him for a moment before getting up with a sigh. Her lunch break is over and she’s decided to dismiss herself. She’s been this way since the dress incident. She’s open with him while also distancing herself, he doesn’t know how to approach her. He can only blame himself.

But before she walks out of the door he finds himself standing up. 

“Have dinner with me,” he tells her. She looks at him with a raised eyebrow, “Would you like to have dinner with me?” 

“We just ate,” 

“As in tonight,” 

“I can’t, sorry,” 

She responded so nonchalantly, he’s never felt this rejected before. But he nods, despite his embarrassment, deciding he will ask her again tomorrow and the day after that. 

“I’m busy tonight. But tomorrow night I can,” He must look surprised because she’s smiling, “Let me know what time you’ll be picking me up,” she points her finger at him, “And no, I don’t want to borrow a dress.” 

Besides kpop, what else do you guys listen to? I’m all about that Bollywood and African music.


Throwback to the morning before my first date with my now sig-other. Sometimes, you just have a morning where you need to sit in bed and dance to LCD Soundsystem and drink orange juice out of a wine glass. 

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Love Behind Closed Doors - Theo Raeken imagine

*credit to whoever owns the gif*

Little Mix ft Jason Derulo - Secret Love Song

You should listen to this song before reading the imagine, it’s where I got the idea from :)

p.s- this imagine is so lame omg and it’s very OOC Theo but I just had to use him for this one. And yes I’m aware that’s a Mike gif and not a Theo one but it’s super cute and I thought it’d fit perfectly *giggles*


Why can’t you hold me in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that? Cause I’m yours

(Y/N) woke up between tangled sheets, feeling someone’s arm wrapped possessively around her waist, but she didn’t have to look to know who it belonged to, it was the same one every morning. 

She tried to sneak out of his grip, quietly not to wake him up, but the more she moved the tighter his grip got. 

He finally turned around to face her, wrapping both his arms around her waist and pulling her closer to him, chest against chest. She couldn’t help but let out a soft giggle and he smiled at the sound, hiding his face on the crook of her neck. 

He pressed a light kiss on her neck “Good morning, princess.” he spoke, his voice still husky due to having just woken up.

“Good morning.” she answered, kissing his head and running her hand through his hair. He moaned at the feeling and started pressing kisses on her neck and collarbone.

“Theo” she sighed, trying to pull away from him but he simply didn’t want to let her go. He never did. “We have to go to school.” she told him, finally being able to pull away, her face now inches from his.

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What the Lord spoke to me during my MRI.

I got an MRI a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know the process, it’s not fun. You’re stuck in this tiny, claustrophobic tunnel, and also surrounded by an overwhelming, constant noise the entire time. Not a small buzz, but loud banging and clashing and thrashing that even shakes you. It’s pretty scary.

Before I went into the tunnel, the man asked me if I wanted to listen to any music to help make the experience a little friendlier. I requested the Housefires album. I have been listening to Housefires every single day, to and from work, on repeat for 2 hours a day, for the past 3 months. So it was only natural that it was the first thing I thought of.

Once the MRI started, the banging and clashing and shaking started. And I could hear the faint voices, singing in the distant “You’re a good, good father. It’s who you are…” I was pretty frustrated at first because I couldn’t hear the music. “What’s the point of even playing music?” I thought to myself. “I can’t hear anything.” The MRI was way too loud. But a few minutes into it, I closed my eyes and began to focus on the song. Even though I could barely hear it, I began to hum along since I knew the tune so well. And even though I couldn’t hear the lyrics, the music was just audible enough, to where I could hear familiar parts of the song cue me to start singing the lyrics that I have grown to know so well.  

And just as I was singing, “…and I’m loved by you. It’s who I am…” the Lord brought me to a new revelation:

What if our ability to hear God’s voice, especially in tough seasons, is not about how loud and clear He is? What if instead, it’s about our choosing to drown out chaotic, contrary voices and focus on His, no matter how quiet it seems to be? Because we have grown so familiar to His voice in seasons past…Because we have spent so much time talking to Him in our day to day routine…

I used to evaluate intimacy with the Lord with my ability to hear His voice loud and clear in tough seasons. When I could hear Him, it would reassure me that God and I were “tight.” And when I couldn’t, I would get frustrated with myself, and Him, and my relationship with Him.

I’m realizing that intimacy with the Lord doesn’t just take place in the moments when His voice is like, BAM! (which is also pretty awesome). But increasing intimacy takes place in the everyday, mundane things. When I talk to Him during my commute. When I dialogue with Him in my journal. When I say good morning, thanks for the meal, and good night. It’s in these moments that I grow familiar to His voice, maybe without even knowing it…without dramatic proof of the difference that it’s making. So that when I enter seasons that have voices coming at me from every angle, His voice is still so familiar, and it cues me, guides me, leads me through shaking seasons.  

Clarity is not in the volume of God’s voice. It’s in the familiarity of His love, His words and His truth, no matter what chaos seems to be competing against it.


Drunk Chickens with Beer (BTS; Yoongi)

I give the dorm’s door a kick and Seokjin is the one who opens up. He gives me a soft smile. “He’s locked himself in the room. We can’t get in.” He rubs his eyes.

As I enter the living room, I see Namjoon struggling to stay awake, watching television. Hoseok is already passed out. I follow the hallway and tap on his bedroom door.

“Yoongi-yah, it’s me.”

It takes a few minutes for him to open the door. His eyes are swollen and his nose is red. I pout at him. He gives his head a shake and I let myself in. The door closes behind me. Taking a seat on the edge of his bed, I set my takeout food in front of me. Immediately, he begins eating.

“How did you know I wanted to eat?” he mumbles.

“I don’t want to eat anything when I’m sad, but we’re opposites on almost everything.” I shrug.

Yoongi sighs as he continues to stuff his face. I move to his side and rest my head on his shoulder. The brown haired boy begins sniffling. I gave him spicy food, because Yoongi is the type of person who doesn’t want other people to see him cry. At least the spicy food will blend with his tears.

“She just… she just…” He coughs on something.

I dig in the bag for the water bottle and hand it to him, opened. “I know. She’s an awful woman. How dare she tell you she loves you and then take it back?”

Yoongi shakes his head. He clears his throat and says, “It’s so much worse, because you warned me. You told me that you had a bad feeling about her.”

“I didn’t think it was she was cheating, Yoongi,” I quickly say. “It was a lucky judge of character.”

“No. You’re usually right when you say someone is a bad fucking person. When you get a bad fucking vibe, I usually fucking listen. But I was so wrapped around her fucking finger that I fucking couldn’t fucking see what was fucking right in front of me.”

This goes on for about half an hour more. He cusses the girl out and I would feel bad for her, because nothing he says is nice. Except she broke a pure heart and left me to deal with the after math. He’s eaten what I brought him and what I brought for myself. I lied and said I wasn’t hungry.

We’re lying side by side on his bed now. I want to either coax him to sleep or coax him out of the room. The three other boys looked like they were going to keel over if I didn’t get their room back.

“How about you sleep it off? Things will feel better tomorrow,” I suggest.

“You know what I really want to do?” He’s been ranting the entire time I’ve been here, so I’m worried at what he wants to do.

“What’s that?”

“I want to get pissed drunk and eat chicken.”

I tilt my head at that. Glancing at the time on my phone, I wonder how much alcohol he can consume before the restaurant closes. “We can head to that chicken place down the road. It’s going to close in an hour and a half though.”

“Plenty of time,” he mutters. Yoongi swings his feet off the bed and changes out of his sweatpants.

“What are you doing?”

“I am going to look presentable when I get drunk for this fucking girl,” he snaps.

I hold my hands up. “No one’s stopping you. I’ll wait for you in the living room, yeah?”

Yoongi waves me off and I run to the living room to warn the boys.

Seokjin is the only one awake. He looks as if he’s struggling though. “How is he?”

“Bad news is he’s hurt. Worse news is that he wants to get drunk.”

Seokjin’s eyes widen. “Drunk?”

“It was his suggestion. He’s even getting dressed for the occasion.”

“You’re going to haul his drunk ass around on your own.”

“Well none of you can do it.” I motion towards Namjoon and Hoseok who are slumped against each other, Hoseok’s head lolled onto Namjoon’s shoulder. “You’re ready to pass out. And I am not taking the maknaes with me. They’re just going to get drunk too. I can’t handle four of them.”

Seokjin frowns. “I don’t feel comfortable letting you out alone with him.”

“We’re just going down the street. I’ll call you if things get really bad. I think he just needs to get it out of his system.”

Yoongi walks towards us. “Yah, we going or what?” He doesn’t wait for me to answer and heads to the door.

Seokjin eyes me. “Fine. I’ll leave my phone on. Call if you need me. Down the street, right?”

“I’m not risking taking him far.” I nod towards Namjoon and Hoseok. “Get those two to bed. I’ll have Yoongi home by 1.”

“Be careful.”

Yoongi is tapping his foot at the door. I slip my feet into my sneakers and follow him out of the dorm. We ride the elevator in silence. He’s fuming, ready to start ranting again. I’m sure once there’s some soju in him, he won’t shut up.

And I’m right.

An hour later, Yoongi’s consumed two and a half bottles on his own. After one bottle, he seemed all right. Halfway through the second one, his words started slurring together. I’m stopping him at three. I don’t know how much more cussing and chicken skin in the face I can take.

“It was stupid of me to think that we were going to get married,” he hisses. He’s got his drumstick pointed in my face. “Because she was going to betray me. And fuck another guy.”

“Can you please not say fuck in that context so loudly, please?” Chewing another chicken thigh, I shoot apologetic looks to the other customers. The owner came out once, but noticed that it was Yoongi. I know that this place gets a lot of their business from BTS, so she only asked me if I could keep the gestures to a minimum.

That was a struggle in itself. Making sure there’s always a piece of chicken in his hand seems to keep him restrained though.

“I just don’t understand what I did wrong.”

This statement has been said over and over again and my heart breaks a little every time I hear it. “Yoongi, you did nothing wrong. She just didn’t know what a gem you are.”

“If I’m such a gem, how come I’m drunk and eating chicken with you?”

“That’s offensive,” I say as I shove another plate of chicken towards him. “But come on, there are loads of girls who love you. You’re known all over the world. What does she have, really?”


“Uh huh. Not so sure about that,” I lie.

Twenty more minutes of his worsening slurs and I finally call it a night. I go up to pay, but Yoongi grabs my hand. He’s leaning into the partition, entirely incapacitated. I’m surprised he even noticed me get up.


“You what?”

Pay,” he enunciates, spitting on me in the process.

“I’m not letting you get up there. You reek and you look pathetic. Just let me pay. You can treat me another time. When you’re sober.” I shake his hand off.  

Before I make it to the counter, I have to turn around and stop him from crawling behind me. Squatting down in front of him, I say, “Min Yoongi, you wait here and you stay put. I will come back for you, okay? We’ll stop by the convenience store and grab you some water and pickle juice.”

I guide his head to the partition and wait for him to close his eyes before getting up again.

The next struggle is getting him out of the restaurant. The owner helps me get him to his feet. At the door, she asks, “Are you going to be able to get him back?”

I nod. “Yeah, I think so. Thank you so much and I’m so sorry. He’s had a rough night.”

She looks sympathetically at the idol. It’s a good thing Yoongi is drunk and half asleep. He’d hate to see that look on her face. “Be safe. Come back anytime.”

“I’ll bring the rest of them next time.”

I adjust Yoongi’s arm around my shoulders and start on the walk home.

“You’re a good friend,” he mumbles.

“Thanks, I should get an award for tonight,” I agree.

“Really. You always take care of me.”

“Of course I do.”

“Remind me to fall in love with you next,” he comments.

I snort. God this kid is talking rubbish.

“Okay?” he says.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll tell you in the morning when you’re nursing your hangover.” I guide him towards the convenience store. “Come on. You’re gonna need stuff. I’m pretty sure you guys have schedules tomorrow.”

I should’ve asked Seokjin before I left.

It’s hard to guide Yoongi through the store and get him things. He wants to buy all the candy on the shelf, even though this kid doesn’t have a sweet tooth. And when he sees the jar of pickles I pick up, he questions our friendship.

I force him to hold the bag since it’s heavy with the jar.

“I just don’t see why you need pickles. They’re gross.”

“It’s not the pickles. It’s the juice. You’re going to drink it when you wake up tomorrow.”

“Are you gonna take care of me tomorrow too?” he asks.

“I wish I could,” I reply sarcastically. “But no. Seokjin oppa is going to have to deal with your hungover ass tomorrow.”

“Hyung’s not as pretty as you though,” he grumbles.

I grunt as I shift his weight again. He keeps dragging his body away from mine, which makes supporting him difficult. “You’re a mixture of flattering and irritating when you’re drunk, you know that?”

When I finally get him into the dorm, I lie him down on the couch. He’ll complain about a bad back in the morning, but I’m not going to disturb the boys anymore tonight.

I cover him with a blanket and push his hair out of his face. I leave the painkillers on the table nearby with a water bottle. The trashcan from the kitchen sits right beside him with a fresh plastic bag inside.

“Okay, I’m going to go now, Yoongi-yah,” I murmur as I run my hand through his hair to try to lull him to sleep. It seems to be working.

“Mm, don’t leave me.”

“I gotta get some sleep. I have class tomorrow.”

“Stay here,” he whines.

“Yoongi, you clingy piece of shit, I’ve hauled your ass around all night. I need to sleep.”

“Sleep with meeeee~,” he sings. With his eyes closed, his arms reach out for me. His gesture is so sudden that I can’t react fast enough. He tugs me to his chest and pecks my forehead.

“God you’re a pain in my ass,” I grumble. Yoongi’s grip is tight and I can’t get out of it.

“I’m not letting go until you promise to stay here.”

“Why are you so embarrassing everywhere?” I fight against him a bit longer, but my energy is gone. “I’m sleeping on the floor by the TV. I don’t need your vomit in my hair.”

“Sleep on the couch with me,” he murmurs.

I wait two more minutes and then he’s snoring lightly. Shaking my head, I disentangle myself from his grasp. He murmurs an ‘I love you’ that I pretend not to hear as I lie down on the floor, using a few of the couch cushions as blankets.

Something else to deal with a different day.

One Week

Fandom- Teen Wolf
Pairing- Liam Dunbar x Reader
Plot- Liam enlists the help of Scott and Stiles to help get get Reader to notice him while Reader gets help from Lydia, Kira, and Malia for the same reason, neither aware of the others plan. Or the bet between the two older groups.
Warnings- none I didn’t even swear in this one be proud.

(third person pov)
Liam stared dreamily at you from across the hall. You stood with your back to him at your locker, looking as beautiful as ever, talking with Lydia. You were the youngest werewolf in the pack, just one month younger than himself, which meant that everyone treated you like the little sister, especially Lydia. You two were practically inseparable.
About three months ago, you had showed up at the hospital, drenched in rain and babbling on about something biting you. Luckily, Melissa was the nurse to take care of you and she brought Scott to explain everything. From then on you were an official member of the pack, and the only thing occupying Liam’s daydreams.
“Dude, stop staring at her like that. It’s creepy.” He was suddenly thrown out of his thoughts by Stiles who was joined by Scott, both with amused looks on their faces.
“I-I wasn’t uh-” he stammered out, trying to come up with an excuse.
“We all know you like her Liam,” Scott interrupted, “Why don’t you just ask her out already?”
His face flushed and he glanced over his shoulder at you, “Is it that obvious? Do you think she noticed?”
“Yes it is that obvious, but lucky for you (Y/n) is completely oblivious to most things. Including your undying love for her.”
Ignoring that last part, he let out a sigh of relief and glanced at you again. Kira and Malia had now joined your group and were both laughing at something. You crossed your arms and looked around, catching his eye. He instantly went to look away, but stopped when you smiled and waved at him.
“See? Look she’s totally into you. Now go ask her out so we don’t have to listen to you go on and on about her anymore.” Stiles said.
“I do not go on and on about her!” Liam protested.
“Oh come on, ‘did you see (Y/n) today? She has the prettiest eyes oh and her (h/c) hair looks so soft and her skin is so smooth!’” Stiles said with an overly dreamy voice.
“'Oh and her legs looked so good in that dress, did you see how she smiled at me? Oh did I mention her hair?’” Scott added on.
“Shut up! Someone might hear you!” Liam yelled, his whole face red, “And I don’t sound like that!”
“Whatever. But you might want to ask her out quick, before someone else does.” Scott said as they turned to leave.
“Wait someone else likes her?”
“Why does it matter, I thought you didn’t like her?”
“Whatever I do, just, help me?”

You walked out of class, Lydia instantly falling into step with you. You smiled up at her, she was like the big sister you never had, always giving you advice.
“Hey (Y/n).” She said.
“Hi, what’s up?” You asked stopping at your locker, but not before sneaking a glance down the hall at Liam who was standing at his.
“What? A girl can’t visit her favorite little sophomore with out a reason?”
“You can’t. Don’t you have a little boy toy to be making out with.” You laughed and winked.
She ignored that and went on, “I heard from a little bird, that you might like someone.”
Your cheeks went red, “L-Like someone? I don’t know what your talking about. I don’t like anyone, I hate everyone actually.”
“Oh come on (Y/n), I though you told me everything, what happened to cute little freshman (Y/n) who was shy and followed me everywhere and told me everything?”
“She realized her mistakes.” You muttered.
“I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that. What about if I guess? If I get it right will you tell me.”
“How old are you Lyd? I thought you were the mature one?” You asked, mentally deciding what to do. Liam was right over there, so if you agreed she would surely guess him. But if you didn’t agree she would never drop it, “Fine you can guess.”
Your froze eyed widening and looked over at her.
“It is isn’t it? I knew it!”
“How- how. What? How did you figure that out?” You squeaked.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure he doesn’t know. I only do because I’ve seen you stare at him all the time. And you always sit next to him at the pack meetings and lunch. I just put two and two together.” She crossed her arms triumphantly and smiled.
“What are we talking about?” Malia asked, walking up with Kira.
“Lydia please-”
“(Y/n) has a crush on Dunbar.” Lydia said, ignoring your pleads.
“Lydia!” You cried, your face burning with embarrassment.
“Really?” Kira asked as Malia laughed.
“Look she blushing, how cute!”
They all laughed and you sighed crossing your arms and looking away. Unintentionally, your eyes locked with Liam’s, who was already looking your direction. Did he just blush or did you imagine it. Ok just smile and wave, don’t look suspicious.
You did just that and he smiled back before turning back to where Scott and Stiles were standing. It took everything you had not to swoon.
“Honestly though, you two would make a really cute couple.” Malia said, bringing you back to reality.
“What are you talking about, he doesn’t even like me like that. We’re just friends.”
“Are you blind?” Lydia asked, “He’s totally into you. And we will prove it. By the end of this week, you two will be making out in every empty classroom here.”

You took a deep breath, stepping out of Lydia’s car. She always drove you to school but today was important, as she had come over early in the morning to help you get ready.
You were currently wearing a black skirt that ended about mid thigh and a dark (f/c) shirt with heels. Your hair was done up all fancy and you had on more make up than you usually wore, all curtsy of Lydia. This outfit was a stark contrast to your usual band tee and skinny jeans with just a bit of makeup. But Lydia thought it would make you even more irresistible to Liam, even though she was sure he already liked you.
“Wow (Y/n). You look great. Liam won’t know what hit him.” Kira said, meeting us at the doors.
“Really? You don’t think its too much? I mean I can hardly walk in these things.”
“Of course it’s not too much. I did a great job.” Lydia cut in and Kira agreed.
You walked into the hall and saw the rest of your group, Scott waved you over and gave Kira a hug. Stiles and him both did a double take when they saw you.
“Woah (Y/n). You look different. What’s the occasion?” Scott asked.
Malia, who was leaning on Stiles, went to answers for you, no doubt to reveal your little crush but you cut her off.
“Nothing!” You called out before Malia could, “I just… Wanted to look nice.” You said shyly twirling the skirt a but.
Both the guys looked at you strangely and Lydia rolled her eyes, “Who cares. If the girl wants to dress up let her.”
“Hey guys have you seen…” Liam walked up, looking nervous only to stop when he saw you, “(Y/n)?”
Ok ok, act natural. Don’t say anything stupid. “Morning Liam.” You said, trying your best to sound friendly and not terrified.
“You look, uh, different. Good different. Uh good.” He stammered.
“Thanks” you blushed and luckily you were saved by the bell ringing. The group wandered off to their classes and you waved and smiled at Liam before walking to your first class putting everything you had into not falling.
The rest if the day was a lot less awkward and you managed to catch the attention of many boys, but none of them being the one you wanted.

Liam glared down at his homework which was no closer to being done than it had been when the took it out of his bag. All he could think about was you yesterday. In that skirt. And in that skirt with those heels. You looked great. Especially your legs. And your hair looked so soft all curled up like that with- he shook his head.
“Ugh I sound exactly like Scot and Stiles said I did.” He mumbled. Deciding there was no way the homework was getting done on time, he put it away and fell back into his bed, ready to just go back to sleep and skip school when a loud knock on his door shook him back to reality.
“What?” He yelled expecting it to be his parents telling him he was gonna be late, but Scott and Stiles walked in instead.
“Come on get up. You asked for our help and you’re gonna get it.” Stiles said, clapping and clearing a spot on his desk were he sat down a notebook.
“I don’t known guys, I think you’re right. She does like someone, and it’s not me. Did you see how she was all dressed up yesterday?” He asked.
“Maybe she was all dressed up for you.” Scott added, “They’re all planning something I can feel it. Lydia refused to tell us though.”
“Ya. We almost got it out of Malia yesterday morning but (Y/n) stopped her. Now she won’t talk.”
“Whatever. What’s the notebook for?” Liam asked.
“This,” Stiles said patting the book, “Is my guide to girls.”
“Oh great.” Liam groaned, “I’m saved.”
“Shut up. This book is full of things that I have learned over my years of being turned down. To know what a girl does want, you just have to turn around the things she doesn’t want.”
Liam glanced over at Scott who was biting back a smile, “Hey don’t look at me, this is his day to try something. So just let him do his thing and we will do it the right way when it’s my turn.”
“Ok so what do you think I should do?” Liam asked.
“Two words. Secret admirer. If I’ve learned anything it’s that if you get the girl to like you before they know who you are, there’s a better chance of then dating you. So just put some flowers and a note in her locker before she gets there.” Stiles said.
“That’s… Actually not horrible.” Scott said.
“Then its settled. Now lets go get those flower before (Y/n) gets to school.”
Liam, Scott, and Stiles all hid around the corner closest to your locker, watching anxiously as you walked in. You were wearing your normal clothes but he thought looked beautiful as ever.
You and Lydia walked in and he couldn’t help but notice the looks you got from other guys. It made him furious and he clenched his jaw angrily.
“Here we go!” Stiles whispered excitedly.
The three watched as you walked up to your locker, threw your bag in, no doubt crushing the flowers, and walked away with out giving it a second glance.
Open mouthed and wide eyed, the three watched as you walked off down the hall, completely oblivious to the now ruined gift in your locker.
“Ok, you can try Scott.”

You sat, hunched over in a desk in a dark room while Lydia and Kira scribbled something down on the whiteboard.
You had been peacefully walking down the hall when Kira drug you into the empty classroom and forced you to sit down. Neither of them spoke a word except telling you to sit back down when you tried to leave.
“Ok (Y/n). Listen closely. Our plan to get him to notice you with the clothes worked, obviously that boy couldn’t take his eyes off you. So we need to take it to the next level. Jealousy.” Lydia said.
“Jealousy?” You asked.
Suddenly the door swung open, Malia walking in and dragging a guy from your science class, Jake(from state farm) behind her. And he looked a little scared to be honest.
“Found one.” She said.
“What is happening here?” You asked looking between the girls and the confused guy.
“Ya I’d like to know too.” Jake said.
“Look Jake we all know you were checking out (Y/n) the other day and we all know you think she’s hot. So what would you say to being her fake boyfriend for the rest of today.”
“What?” We both asked at the same time. Though mine was more 'are you kidding me this is your plan’ while he was more 'am I dreaming is this real life’.
“I’m not gonna to pretend to date him just to get someone’s attention! No offense Jake, but that’s mean.” You pretested.
“Come on (Y/n) you want his attention right?” Kira asked.
You bit your lip, “I guess. But what if he takes it the wrong way? Or you know gets really angry and does something bad?” You asked, trying to hint at the possibility of him wolfing out.
“Don’t worry (Y/n). It’ll be fine.”
You slipped out of the empty classroom with Jake at your side, hand in hand.
“You don’t have to do this you know.” You said.
“No it’s fine, I’m happy to help.” He said.
You two wandered down the hall awkwardly towards your next class. Well it was awkward for you, but Jake looked like he was having the time of his life.
You stopped by the language arts classroom, a class you shared with Liam, and he smiled at me, “I’ll see you after class (Y/n).” He kissed your cheek and walked to his class.
You awkwardly smiled at him and walked towards your seat.
“Who was that?” Liam asked, turning to look at you from his desk in front of you.
“Oh that’s just Jake.” You said.
“Oh I uh didn’t know you had a boyfriend.” He said.
You opened my mouth to tell him you didn’t but stopped, choosing your words more carefully, “Well we’re not really, together, really just uh. You know.” You shrugged, not exactly knowing what you were saying either.
He smiled tightly but you saw his eyes revealing anger as he turned back to the front.
You instantly felt bad. Oh you knew this was a bad idea. You just wanted to hug him and kiss him and tell him how you feel. But there’s no chance now, he thinks you have a boyfriend. Oh this was a huge mistake.

“Boyfriend? They-er- she got a boyfriend?” Scott asked. The trio were currently standing outside by the jeep as Liam told them about his encounter with you and Jake.
“Now they’re playing dirty.” Stiles muttered to himself, ignoring Liam when he asked what he was talking about, “We need to up our game.”
“We need to get her jealous.” Scott said.
“I don’t know. That doesn’t seem like it will help our situation at all. Maybe I should just try to keep being her friend before I completely mess everything up with her.”
“No. We are past the point of no return this means war.”

You sighed. Propping your head up with your hand while listening to the teacher drone one about something boring. Liam’s seat next to you was empty. In fact, you hadn’t seen Liam all day and it was almost lunch. Maybe he didn’t come to school. Was he avoiding you?
“Oh I never should’ve agreed to that.” You whispered under your breath while running your fingers through your hair.
You couldn’t take much more of this not knowing. Maybe you should just text him. Or call him. Ya text him.
You raised your hand, “May I use the restroom?”
The teacher sighed but agreed and you raced out into the hall. Walking towards the bathroom, you pulled out your phone to text Liam but you stopped in your tracks. Your eyes widened and your breath caught in your throat.
Liam stood in the hall with some girl kissing him. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and her body was pressed up against his.
You gasped and dropped your phone, causing the two to jump apart.
“I uh, s-sorry I’ll just uh.” You turned on your heel and all but ran out of the school, tears threatening to fall as each second ticked by.

You sighed, sitting on the porch swing in your front yard. You had skipped school, there was no way you could face Liam after that, just thinking about what you saw made you tear up all over again.
“I was so stupid. Thinking he could actually like me. Why would he like me when he can have someone like her.”
“But I don’t want her.” A voice said scaring you and causing you to jump and look up.
Liam stood there, holding your phone and looking like a kicked puppy.
You quickly wiped your eyes and tried to make it looks like you weren’t crying, avoiding eye contact and looking the other way.
He sat down next to you, causing the chair to swing slightly, but neither of you talked until you both did at once.
“I’m sorry.”
You both looked up at each other and you let out laugh. He laughed too and soon you were both laughing hysterically, for no reason.
You calmed down a few minutes later, both breathing heavy and leaning in each other.
“I’m sorry (Y/n). I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings yesterday. I don’t like that girl at all. She kissed me. Scott and Stiles thought that making you jealous would make you like me. For some reason.”
“It’s ok. I started it, trying to make you jealous with Jake. I don’t like him either. It was Lydia’s idea.”
You looked at each other, both suddenly realizing the close proximity, and began to lean in. His lips gently brushed yours, like he was nervous, but you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him closer. He hesitantly wrapped his arms around your waist and you smiled into the kiss.
Across the street, five teenagers hid behind a bush watching the young couple.
“That was us, our plan worked. We won.” Stiles said, Scott nodding.
“What? No way you guys didn’t win anything. You just made her cry.” Kira protested.
“Ya well us making her cry technically got them together, so we won.”
“You have got to be kidding me! By that logic we won because we caused you to have to make her get jealous.” Malia yelled.

“You know,” you whispered, pulling apart and glancing across the street, “Everyone is hiding behind that bush.”
“Lets just pretend they’re not there.” He said, pulling you closer again.

Hello Lovelies! I really don’t have anything new to say so, send in some requests!- Kat 😽

I am now accepting applications for anyone who

-will talk to the cash register people for me and get the extra change out of my wallet if I didn’t calculate the correct total in my head while I was standing in line
-respond and create all e-mails for me with perfect grammar
-answer and make all phone calls that must be made in order for me to be considered a functioning adult (unless it’s to my mom bc I love her and like to talk to her a lot)
-help me get out of bed every morning so I don’t ignore reality due to my social anxiety and guide me to bed every night at a reasonable hour despite my sudden motivational spurts that happen at 2AM
-offer to drive when there is lots of traffic or we have to follow someone or we are driving somewhere I’ve never been to bc I might panic a little if I make a wrong turn or can’t find a place to park
-and start all the conversations bc if I start a conversation and you don’t respond then I instantly think I’m annoying you and I did something wrong and I will think about it all day, and even after you tell me it’s okay I will secretly still think you are hiding something
-maybe make cookies with me too
-yes that is all

Paints and Petals ~An Everlark One-Shot~

Well hello everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful day/night so far, and I hope you’ve recovered more or less from the traumatic trailers haha. And if not, I’m hoping this will help ease you in the right direction! After quite a bit of poking/prodding/demanding (lol) from my dearest Kelly ( allhailthehutch), I finally decided to write again! And she actually gave me the prompt of Peeta teaching his daughter to paint.

I gave my own little spin on it however, and ended up with this little one-shot! Happy reading; just think, toastbabies are end game, guys. We’ll get there eventually. Hang in there lol!

So without further adooooo~

Paints and Petals

The picture before me slowly comes to life as colors are added, my paint brush dancing and swirling across the canvas. My brow furrows in concentration as I focus on the small details.

The small ripples of the flowing stream. The vibrant petals of a wildflower. The rough bark of a tree. And most importantly, the poignant green shade of the trees, a color that has a deep meaning within my heart.

My abilities slowly came back to me after I began to heal. Painting by painting, draft by draft, I slowly learned to put the passionate feelings and positive memories within my brain to paper again. It’s therapeutic, calming. And it’s one of the few hobbies I find myself occupied with whenever I have free time.

Sighing and continuing onward, I dip my brush into a cup to clean it, allowing the paint to drift into the water and create a psychedelic effect on the surface. I watch the fading color, intrigued and smiling slightly to myself, before wiping the brush on a small towel and pressing on.

I hesitate for a moment, staring at the small sketch that lies in the center of the painting. Drawn out in pencil, it’s very faint, but is definitely the most important part of the work. And it’s also the most important part of my life.


Tomorrow is her birthday. Though she insists I don’t have to do anything for her, I always feel obligated. It’s her own special day. It’s the day the world was blessed with her existence. And naturally, I have to thank her for being part of my life, and for everything she has granted me with.

Forgiveness, affection, life, children…

I actually look forward to each and every day now, because of her. She helped me recover and helped me put a new outlook on life in a way no one else could. And I cannot thank her enough, nor can I tell her how much I care for her, and love her.

God, I love her.

I’m so preoccupied in my thoughts that I don’t notice the door to my studio open, and a small form waddle up beside me.


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1. Putley, Herefordshire ‘This is a personal image, because I lived in Putley for many years. (I still live in Herefordshire.) My wife took me to this viewpoint to watch the dawn - and I realised that I had shot from exactly the same viewpoint 15 years before, for a Shell Guide to Britain.’ By Nick Meers.

2. Morning mist around Belvedere, Val d'Orica, Tuscany, Italy, shot this year during a workshop in Tuscany. Photographer Tom Mackie’s talk at Travel Photography Live! (Saturday 6 October) will comprise a tour of some of the world’s most beautiful locations and describe in detail how he creates dynamic images from classic and out-of-the way locations. By Tom Mackie.

3. Sunset at Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland, taken during the midnight sun. By Tom Mackie

4. Field of lavender at sunrise, Valensole, Provence, France Taken this year during a workshop Tom Mackie holds every year in Provence. By Tom Mackie

5. African elephant, Botswana, by Chris Weston Chris is a wildlife photographer whose work often takes him into potentially dangerous situations that would make most of us think twice. The author of many books on photography, he has recently been concentrating on his passion for conservation of the planet’s most endangered species. As founder of Animals On The Edge, he has travelled the globe in search of these creatures and ways to protect their habitat. By Chris Weston.

6. Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine, US Photographer Nick Meers says: 'This was taken in 2008. I spent several weeks travelling along the US east coast, photographing as many lighthouses as possible. For this particular shot, the sun was going down quickly, so the camera was on the ground, to make the most of the remaining light.’ By Nick Meers

7. Thwaite village, Swaledale, North Yorkshire From Craig Easton’s book 52 Weekends in the Country, produced with Brigid Benson.

8. Glen Fiddich, Speyside This is another shot from 2010 for 52 Weekends in the Country. Speyside, the home of malt whisky, is all brooding hills, heather moorland and peaty rivers.

9. Blea Tarn, Great Langdale, Cumbria Nick says: 'This was taken in 1998 for a book, Panoramas of England, and was one of the first images I took on a panoramic camera that I built myself.’ By Nick Meers.

Via The Guardian

Dear someone

Dear someone,

I really don’t how how should I write this or how will I sound after reading this once again, but I guess that right now, it’s better that we stay unknow but sincere to eachother. Maybe I’ll change my mind after having said this one day, but not right now. So, how are you? How was your day? I’d like to know the sound of your voice. I’d like to know your tones and way you talk about random things, words you repeat over and over again. I’d like of your voice to be my morning coffee and good night tea. I’d love to sit and listen to you talking all night as I will look to you in feelings and you’ll speak to me in words. Your tells will guide me and represent shortcut to my longest nights and light up my darkest days. Your letters will run through my veins and once again meet up in my brain as I’ll remember all of them and sing them as my goodnight lullaby. The’d melt everything around us and anew measure and create whole another world where I’d feel safe. But, right now, it’s just on me to speculate your tones. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find goddess singing within rough onces.                
You’re good, you say? I’m glad. You know, if I’d know you in person, I’ll sure be happy for you. I would feel you. Literally. Not just your skin against mine, but your soul that I asume won’t be that easy do get on with well. I will make you to share your soul with mine, creating a new one. I know you’ll try to hide some things form me, but I wouldn’t let you do that. I’ll leave a mark remembering you that what you do from now on will also become my every day thing. We’ll share our pain together, in many ways. My stories will guide you and yours me as well. But, as you said, you’re good so all these words are now overwhelming, but I’m sure there will be a lot of time for those.    
You know, I’d really like to have you here by my side. But not now. Not immediately. I’d like to have history behind us. Challenges, moments, stories. I wouldn’t like of it to be easy. I’d like of you to be a player, in a good way. What I’d really love to as if you talked to me, a lot, about yourself, things you love, about your problems. I would feel like I lost track of time and space then. You’d talk to me and leave me hints, sincere, deep,  hidden messages. I’d like of you to stop, and go back once again. Give me hope, and then let me down. Guide me through tunnels and meet me in middle. The definition of pleasure isn’t getting what you want right away. But about searching and then finding. So go, and make me love you, make me daydream about you, make up stories in my mind, make me feel like I’m worthy of lot’s of things and give me hope and then; disappear. Give me a change to think deep, to feel let down but to go back again. Ride me through your so hard getting and so hard understanding mind, where I will lost my way millions of times, but get right back on once again. Please, make me want you even more.                
I’d really love that from you. What else? I’d love love your random calls and messages. I’d love your stories. I’d love that authentic smell of yours which will follow me everywhere and remind of lots things. I’d be so hard in love with your eyes, your beautiful eyes where I will get lost in every single time, even if I give my hardest not to. They will be a mirror image of your soul, emotiones, gestures. They will somehow always tell me truth and give me hope. I’d see them light up even if they’re dark as your mind sometimes.  I’d love your clothes which I would wear and look like waste in, but feel like the richest royal. I’d love your dark hair and my hands in it. I’d love your touch, your skin against my skin. Your leans in, your hugs, arms around. The warmth you’d give me when you get close to me, the safety I’ll feel then. Your arms on my weist and my arms around your neck. I’d go crazy for them and for soft, gentle kisses you give me and your smile within them, once again sending me to another world where I’d forget about everything but you. The sweeetness of your lips on mine, the way they verbalise.  I would love the feeling I would get everytime I am around you, which is so hard to explain. I would love times spent on highest buildings, drinking wine and smoking cigarettes, times spent on grass just talking about random things, your weist pulls, neck and forhead kisses. It would be something more than love what will scream commitment, passion and something so real but so not at the same time, so sincere  that will make me remember everything. Places we went to, moments we shared, memories we’ve made, the look in your eyes, your lips, your smell – you. I will feel so intimate with you that I think I’ll completely lost my balance sometimes. I’m a grenande. And, one day, I will be about to go off.        

Dear someone, it’s on you to decide now. Whether you will get into this or not. Please don’t accuse me at the end of being so thrown. I will love you for who you are, your soul, emotions, your strong mind, interesting mind. Twisted mind. But I note you once again that we’d go through hell together. We’ll be mix of people whose mind go so well and so wrong at the same time. We will share every nerve, every fiber and every molecule of our beings. We’ll make an infinite book together. But, please, be occured that, in the end, we’ll be broken. Wasted. Thrown. Alone. We wouldn’t be able to go to same places once again and say words we ment to another. We wouldn’t be able to go back anywhere without thinking of us as a mixture of emotions and gastures, like everytime we feel blood in our mouth. Like everytime we feel pain when we fall. Like everytime we cry – we die. We’ll be in a place where we’d go crazy for electirc, magnetic and charismatic moments searching them in eachother’s eyes when we meet once again. So, dear someone, I promise that I’ll love every single cell of yours, and miss same onces when your gone. I’ll make you go crazy and calm at the same time, creating the new chapters of a book. Maybe, at the end, I’ll be able to fill the gaps and put all chapters together, creating the book I always wanted to. It’s uncertain how will it start or end, but I asume it will be the one to remember. You will be the one to remember. After having said all of this, at least what I can do is to promise you that. So, dear someone, good luck. I’ll sure love you.            

Yours faithfully,               

Unknown (for now).

Sugar on the Asphalt: Forty-Six
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So here we are. It’s been a very long journey. Whether you’ve been here from the very beginning, or joined us at the end, thank you for letting me tell Grace and Harry’s story. They’re the two characters I’m most proud of creating, and writing this has been one of the best experiences. 300k is longer than most books. I’m still surprised it took me that many words to get my point across, but every single one was important.  You guys have been so enthusiastic and I will fight anyone who says they have better readers than me. Thank for the constant feedback and support. I know this is just a fic, but I consider it practice for my future (hopefully!) career in writing.

I was gonna make you guys sweat it out, but don’t get sad just yet! There’s an epilogue. It will be posted next week. Until then, I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this journey and I would love to hear your thoughts! <3

Rated M for slightly mature content.

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sticky toffee pudding cupcake it on home; October 6, 2013

I woke up with the same smile on my face that I fell asleep with, a grin pulled so wide that all I could think to do was bury my face into my pillow and laugh. With every moment from last night fresh in my mind, the only thing that could have made this morning better was if Harry was in bed with me.

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