my guess is you haven't either


lookin straight through you seeing all the broken parts

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OMG! That last vid was so AWESOME! My cousin, brother, and I were trying to guess the amines too! Don't feel too bad, I haven't finished watching Naruto either.

Hahaha it’s a really fun video to participate in!!! I loved it!! And I’m so glad you all enjoyed it! We have a lot of anime to catch up on! Haha

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You're so good at these!!!! I honestly love every single one you've done! so of course I'm requesting another ;) --- "I'd really love to help you with your crisis right now but if you haven't noticed, I'm kind of naked." (maybe bellarke this time? but i wouldn't say no to minty either!)

Thaaaaaanks! Just for that you get both Minty and Bellarke. I’m gonna keep these in my inbox and just answer them when I feel like it so… always expect the unexpected i guess is the moral here

“I’d really love to help you with your crisis right now but if you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of naked.”

“Trust me,” Miller scoffs. “I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t having a code red meltdown. I’m trying really hard not to see anything I don’t want to.”

“You wish you could get with this,” Bellamy grumbles, sitting up and adjusting the sheet so it drapes sort of… not artfully, but not tellingly, at least. He rubs his face and puts his glasses on so he can properly see the circles his flatmate is pacing. “I don’t get why you’re having a nuclear meltdown today. You’ve been flirting with Monty for weeks.”

“Yeah, online. Via text message. Not– He wants to meet. In person.”

“And here I always thought you being the one with the crisis would be a fun change of pace,” Bellamy sighs. “You like him a lot, huh?”

Miller deflates and drops to Bellamy’s desk chair, spinning around and tipping his head back. “What if it’s different in person? What if it isn’t as good?”

“Then it’ll suck, but– you know him pretty well by now. If he’s not into you, or if you guys don’t hit it off, is he gonna be a dick about it?”

“I’m not convinced he’s capable of being a dick for longer than one or two quippy comebacks.” Miller’s eyes fall shut and Bellamy can’t tell if it’s embarrassment at having feelings, general fear and anxiety, or that Bellamy’s sheet isn’t as opaque as he hopes. “I really want this to work out.”

“I know,” Bellamy tells him, one hand pulling the comforter up over his lap as he reaches out with the other to clap Miller awkwardly on the shoulder. “If it makes you feel better, I think it’s going to.”

Miller snorts and Bellamy is distantly aware of the sound of the shower cutting off. “I appreciate the vote of confidence but I don’t know if we do genuine emotion often enough to call this ‘making me feel better.’”

Bellamy grins. “Maybe we should talk about our feelings more often.”

“Am I interrupting something? I can come back.”

Clarke is standing in the doorway in nothing but a towel, amusement written across her face. Bellamy can’t help the way his eyes trail down to the cleavage not well obscured by the towel, and down further to her bare legs. He sees her naked on a regular basis and still he can’t get over the sight of her.

“Not interrupting anything,” Miller says, staring pointedly at the ceiling. “I was just leaving.”

“The room or the apartment?” Clarke teases, stepping out of his way so he doesn’t have to look at her more than he has to. 

“Possibly the state.”

“Good talk,” Bellamy calls after him. Miller gives him the finger but shuts the door behind him, so Bellamy feels like it’s safe to wrap his arm around Clarke’s waist and drag her back down onto the bed. Her skin is damp and she smells fresh and sweet. Her laughter is even sweeter as he nuzzles her shoulder and neck, his stubble tickling her skin.

“I already showered,” she chastises, giving him a halfhearted shove. He flops onto his back, obliging, and grins goofily up at her.

“You know I can’t help myself when you’re standing there looking like that.”

“Mmm.” She rolls onto her side to kiss him, making an exasperated noise when he pulls at her towel, but letting him take it. “Lazy Saturday morning is a pretty good look for you too.”

He doesn’t check his phone until well after noon, but when he does he finds that Miller has sent him a picture. It’s him and a cute guy, cheek to cheek as they smile for the camera. 

Bellamy: Crisis averted?

Miller: Turns out, I saw your dick for nothing

Bellamy: So you’ve had a pretty great day
Glad it worked out for you, man

Miller: Yeah, me too

Favorite female characters in TV

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Choosing one lady per fictional universe: Charlie Bradbury, Parker, Amy Santiago, Ziva David, Isabelle Lightwood, Tulip O’Hare, Raven Reyes.
(I haven’t even started watching Shadowhunters but Izzy will always be one of my faves and the actress looks like she’s killing it)

tagging @cas-essence, @starsinursa, @tinkdw, @super-sootica, @magnificent-winged-beast, @casdean1967, @babybluecas, @bela-talbot, @saawek, @cornerbackcastiel, @rosemoonweaver and everyone else who wants to do this because I’m really curious about this:)

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Can you explain this witch craft stuff to me please? I recently just started coming across these blogs and I don't fully understand. Is this real magic? I don't really believe in real magic but I don't not believe in it either. I guess I haven't been given any evidence from either side of the argument. I would love it if you could provide me with some information. 😊

Thank you for your ask!

I would like to start off by saying that beliefs are very personal, and my beliefs do not necessarily mirror those of other witches. I am also a relatively new witch and thus do not consider myself a Pro Witch™ or an authority on these types of things by any means.

Witchcraft is a practice, not a religion. I don’t really believe in magick as a tangible and quantifiable thing, but rather as a tool that can help you focus your energy and achieve tangible results. In other words, you apply focus and will, and you make something happen.

A personal example: I wanted to pass my final exam so I made a spell jar. By making this jar I focused my energy on doing well on my test. In addition to this I studied my ass off and in the end I passed with a pretty good grade.

Did I pass because I threw a bunch of herbs in a jar? Probably not. But actually doing the ritual and knowing that I had a spell jar tucked away in my drawer did make me feel more focused and confident because I had a clear goal in mind. Magick is a tool, but you still have to put in the work.
Some people might write this off as a ‘placebo effect’ or a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ which is fine I guess, but I think it’s pretty magical. Being able to control your state of mind is powerful.

There is no 'argument’ imo, just people who experience and articulate things differently. If you’re thinking of practicing witchcraft, there are no set beliefs that you have to adhere to.
I practice witchcraft because it gives me a sense of control over myself and because I feel connected to the world around me in a whole new way.

TL;DR we don’t fly around on broomsticks but magick is real, albeit subjective.

Ideal Snow Scene
  • Bonnie and Kai step outside from the cabin and pause as they smile at the snowflakes dancing by. Both of them are absolutely enamored by the crystal snowflakes falling upon them.
  • Kai: It's kinda like watching sugar fall from the sky.
  • Bonnie: Yeah it kinda is. I'm guessing you've never seen snow before.
  • Kai: Afraid not, being isolated from the real world can do that to a person. But from the looks of it you haven't seen snow either.
  • Bonnie: No I haven't. (Bonnie glances up at the sky again, smiling. And Kai can't help but stare at her but in that hungry way he usually stares at her. He feels something else besides lust this time but can't exactly identify it.)
  • Kai: What's your excuse?
  • Bonnie: Well never really had the chance to travel considering my life is in constant jeopardy. And thanks to you up until a month ago I never thought I'd ever have the chance to see snow.
  • Bonnie glares at him.
  • Kai: Something's wrong. I feel weird inside.
  • Bonnie: Oh that weird thing you're feeling right now is called guilt.
  • Kai: Oh god it's a terrible feeling who decided that guilt should even be a feeling.
  • Bonnie rolls her eyes as Kai's tries to stomach his newfound guilt.
  • Bonnie: Look we have work to do, so lets get moving.
  • Kai: Bonnie, wait.
  • Kai reaches for Bonnie's wrist and she cringes in pain until she realizes he hadn't done anything to her. She quickly rips away from him and Kai sees the extent of the damage he has done to her and that weird feeling intensifies by a thousand.
  • Bonnie: Never touch me again.
  • Kai swallows: I didn't know.
  • Bonnie: You didn't know what? That inflicting pain on a person continuously, could scar them.
  • Kai: I...know what I did was bad but I saved you. I was dying and I still chose to save you.
  • Bonnie: Oh is this the part where I'm suppose to thank you. You do realize that if you never left me behind, that you would have never needed to save me.
  • Kai is left speechless while Bonnie's rage fueled itself.
  • Bonnie: Well this is a pleasant surprise, Kai Parker leader of the Gemini coven has absolutely nothing to say.
  • Kai at a loss for words: I'm...I'm..
  • Bonnie: I'm, I'm what! You know what gets me even more furious about you stabbing me that day is that for a split second I was stupid enough to believe you, stupid enough to trust you. Now I realize what an idiot I was and trust me I'll never make the same mistake again.
  • With tears in her eyes Bonnie marches away leaving Kai heartbroken as he was sure she was going to be his first friend in the real world especially after the hell he went through to save her.
  • Kai: I'm...sorry.
  • Kai said to himself as the snowflakes continued to fall all around him. As he realized that he had never said truer words.

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Another YoI question - I haven't watched it either but am thinking about it. Everyone I've seen has praised it overwhelmingly, which makes me think it will be a letdown. Do you have any critique that could give a more objective view? (haha or maybe it's literally perfect, idk). Thanks!

well, i honestly believe it’s one of the best TV shows of the year, but like anything it’s not to everyone’s tastes. my two caveats are these:

1. fat jokes, i guess? the main character is a professional athlete and he’s kind of shamed for gaining weight in the first few episodes. so while this feels authentic to the setting, i can definitely understand why some viewers might prefer to steer clear for that reason. it isn’t overly negative or unpleasant, but it’s definitely there. 

2. if you haven’t watched any anime before, there are some things that might feel somewhat inexplicable or OTT, especially re: victor’s role in the earlier eps. he seems unreasonably sexy at the beginning (ie he literally shows up naked in yuri’s hot tub despite them never meeting before), which could originally be explained away by the heightened/comedic tone of the show. but this also gets a more serious explanation later on, in a rly cool way that played with the expectations of the audience.

other than that, i rly don’t have any criticism haha. it’s an admirably well-written show, the setting is accessible while also showing an in-depth knowledge of figure skating, and the characterization is v thoughtful and complex. it’s also a great example of a positive, affirming queer romance incorporated into a well-rounded story.

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Semi urgent: So I'm seeing my boyfriend in a few days and it seem like we haven't hung out in forever so j was gonna give him a little some some like a be or he or something like that but I've never done either and I just wanted to know tips I guess? I wanna make sure it's good as it's a "gift"for him

A handjob is nothing more than moving up and down his erect penis with your hand. Be gentle, don’t scrape him with your nails. You can change speeds or twist your hand as you go up and down. The biggest thing is to use lube because a dry handjob probably won’t be comfortable for him. Here is a good guide for blowjobs-

Just remember everyone is different and communication is key! Asking what he likes and what feels good for him- and having him guide you is all v important.


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You know what's funny? I go to ManU. Graduate this year. And I have never, not once, seen Eleanor Calder. Not on campus, no in any of my classes, my friends haven't seen her in theirs, not at any faculty mixers, not at any parties, not in town, not at any of the local coffee shops, never at any clubs. She's technically in my year, we're graduating together, and I have NEVER seen her.

That is interesting, isn’t it?

Well, I guess we’ll know for sure one way or another in a couple of weeks time when she either is or isn’t listed for graduation.