my guess is you haven't either

shararrakesa asked:

Cassim, Zaynab, Hakuryuu :')

                                          This is so messed up!

                             Well obviously I can’t marry Zaynab since
                                      she already is to Hassan and with a child.
                                 Maybe a kiss, on the cheek or back of hand as
                          greeting once I visit Balbadd and my old friends again?

                   “ Guess the other two options go to Cassim and Hakuryuu
                          and it may differ. Ugh,…. guess if it came down to it I’d
                                       marry Hakuryuu and fuck Cassim. 

It irks me sometimes how discontent I am with so many aspects of my life and yet I have no power to do anything about it.

Like…I want to do what’s right and what makes me happy but what’s right and what makes me happy aren’t what pays the bills.

Guess life is always like that, in a way. You just have to learn to bear the consequences of your choices as best you can.

I guess. Or something. I don’t know. Maybe I’m missing the point.

/curls up in bed because I’m so tired but gdi I cant sleep…