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I’ve heard mentions of a Star Wars AU and I couldn’t help myself

featuring! Jedi knight Barry, mercenary smuggler Len, and vague attempts at costume design

Friendly reminder that Emperor Ublaz (a.k.a. Mad Eyes) painted his claws, wore color-coordinated outfits that varied by the day, and curled and perfumed his whiskers.

Jord said, ‘You coward, you left him to—’
The words were abruptly cut off as Nikandros took hold of Jord and slammed him back against the wagon.
‘You will not speak that way to our King.’
—  signed, sealed, delivered, aPPROVED AND SHIPPED

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A/N: So, there is smut BUT it’s not the best because I haven’t written any since I’ve been back from hiatus. So, give me a break please. This isn’t the last part either, there will be more. This is also very very long and I’m on mobile so I can’t add the little ‘keep reading’ thing. Sorry :p. And in true Nia fashion, I’m posting this without completely proof reading it so I can have it up tonight, since it was suppose to be up yesterday. Finally, I’m in the process of writing something else that I want to remain a surprise. Okay, I’m done talking ! Goodnight, love ya babez.

My stomach hurt.

I mean it really hurt.

I was doubled over, curled up in Stiles front seat and my stomach really hurt.

My laughter rang out again.

“Shut up!” Stiles called from the other side of his hood, but I could hear his grin.

“There’s no way that duct tape actually works!”

He was silent, but the sound of the tape being pulled and ripped echoed through the trees. I screamed in laughter once more.

We’d made it only a few miles when the splutters and spits of Stiles’s jeep forced us to pull over on an abandoned back road. When he reached over his seat to grab his “tools”, I’d expected a wrench, pliers, a screwdriver even. What he produced was a huge roll of heavy duty duct tape. Thus starting the stomach ache that was my laughter.

“If you think you can do better, than you come try!” He hollered out in frustration after another spell of laughter.

I mulled over his challenge. My father had taught me a few basics, but not enough to rebuild an engine or anything so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to help. On the other hand, Stiles had challenged me and I couldn’t back down.

I sat up right and wiped my eyes of the few stray tears that had escaped.

“Alright, Stilinski. You’re on.” I says smugly as I jumped out of the jeep.

He stepped aside as I assumed the spot he’d just had and looked under the hood. It’s was a mess: oil, duct tape, and some sort of black stuff cover the inside. I was almost convinced that his whole engine was made out of the stuff.

“Do you have a screwdriver?” I asked as I reached in and undid some of the tape.

Stiles disappeared and than returned with pilers.

“Here ya go.” He said with a satisfied smile.

I scoffed and shook my head.

Poor boy.

I took some more tape off and finally found the problem. Well, one of the problems. Because this whole thing was a disaster. A part of the engine was missing a pin that held it together. I searched my hair for a Bobby pin and successfully found one. I pulled it out and fit into the previously missing piece’s spot perfectly. I withdrew from underneath the hood and closed the heavy lid.

“Turn it over.” I commanded Stiles, nodding my head towards the jeep.

He rolled his eyes, but walked to the drivers side and turned the keys. The car started instantly, it’s head lights brightening with it. I couldn’t see Stiles beyond them but I smiled and gave him a not-so-innocent shrug anyways.

“I wouldn’t be too smug, dirty girl.” He shouted over the engine as he got out to meet in front of his jeep again.

His comment caught me off guard and my face reddened. I looked down at my hands to avoid looking at him when I noticed I was covered in grease and oil. If possible, my face burned hotter as I realised what his words actually meant.

Did I really think he was make a pass at me?

“Ughh, can you drop me by my house so I can change?” I asked all humour dissolved, doing a once over of my clothes and noting they were soiled as well.

“Yeah,” he smirked looking me over. “Do you want me to just take you home or do you want to hang out after still or…?”

There was an apprehension in his voice, though small amount.

“We can still hang out.” I answered slowly taken by his want to hang out with me. “If you want.” I added trying to sound casual.

“Oh yeah, I guess that’s cool.” He said quickly leaning on his jeep.

We looked at each other in the awkward silence.

“Do you wanna go now?” I asked with a small smile.

“Oh yeah, yeah. We can uh go. Sorry.” He answered fumbling to his side of the car.

I shook my head and walked to my side grabbing the handle and saw that my grease ridden hands where covering everything I touched with the stuff. Stiles looked at me through the window, raising his eyebrows and giving me a ‘what are you waiting for’ gesture. I raised my hands in explanation. He leaned over and opened the door for me, and awkwardly, I climbed in.

We rode in silence most of the way. I stole side glances of Stiles every now and again and he seemed deep in thought. I wanted to ask what he might be thinking about, but we weren’t that close and I felt weird asking the question.

I looked down again at my hands trying to wipe some of the oil on my jeans with no luck. I groaned, but suddenly remembered I had make up wipes in my purse. I pulled my bag from the floor board by my feet to my lap. Tentatively, I opened it trying not to get sludge anywhere else. I explored my bag looking for the wipes, when I came across a folded piece of paper I hadn’t remembered putting in there. With just the tips of my fingers I opened it and my stomach immediately dropped.

“Fuck.” I blurted out, pressing a hand to my forehead.

“What?” Stiles asked lazily, not taking his eyes off the road.

“Shit!” I groaned.

“What?” He asked again catching on to my anguish and taking quick glance trying to pay attention to me and the road at the same time.

“We have to go to work, now!” I urged him.

“What? Why?”

I held up the paper “I was suppose to put this on Martha’s desk before I left this afternoon, but I was so excited about…” I trailed off recalling my not date.

“Stiles please! She’s going to freak if she comes in tomorrow and it’s not there!”

“Tomorrow’s Saturday. She won’t be in. No one will.” He reminded me.

“No! She going to New York for the Exec’s Only Meeting and this is her freaking itinerary!”

“Well you can’t give her that one. You’re smudgy fingerprints are all over it.”

I looked at the paper and groaned again.

“Please Stiles!” I implored him.

He tore his eyes from the road to inspect me.

“Fine. But if we get caught I’m blaming you.”

“Its 9:30 at night, why aren’t these doors locked?” Stiles whispered as we made it past the security door with our cards and walked deeper in to the barely lit building.

“I don’t know, janitors or something? Why are you questioning it? This could have been ten times harder.” I scolded him.

“I should have just stayed in the car.” He whined as we turned out of the long hallway and to our row of desks.

“Don’t be such a pansy!” I spotted my desk and rushed over to it fumbling to turn my computer on. It sleepily booted up and I stepped from foot to foot impatiently, willing it to hurry. I wasn’t sure where Stiles was but I couldn’t bother with what he was doing. I needed this document. Finally, the windows were live and searched through the files for the itinerary.

“Stiles, can you find me something to wipe my hands with?” I asked absentmindedly, as I clicked on a another folder.

After a minute, I realised there hadn’t been a response.

“Stiles!” I whispered harshly whipping around to find him.

He was standing not to far behind me and he was staring,

I mean shamelessly staring,

at my ass.

He jumped as I turned and made sure to only look directly at my face now. I pursed my lips, trying hard not to smile.

“Can you grab me something to wipe my hands off with?” I repeated.

He said nothing but nodded and walked to the bathrooms where he enter into the men’s room. Emerging, he now held what looked to be damp paper towels. I graciously took them from him and cleared my hands of the goop that covered them. I mutter a thanks to him and went back to my task.

“Ugh! Why won’t this print?” I cried several minutes later after successfully finding my prize.

Stiles walked over and looked over my shoulder standing behind me. He was so close that we were almost touching. I looked back at him seeing if he noticed but he ignored me keeping his focus only on the computer screen.

“Click print again.” He advised. I did and it didn’t work. I sunk my head in frustration and squeezed my eyes shut.

I felt Stiles move away from me and looked up to see where’d he gone. He was walking to the end of our isle, where the printer rested and halted at it. He searched around it for something I didn’t know what. He found what he was looking for and then smiled up at me. He jogged back over, the same attractive smile on his face.

Did I just say attractive?

“Well…?” I prompted.

“I have good news and bad news…” He began and for the umpteenth time that night I groaned.

“The good news is I got it to work.”

I brightened considerably.

“But it was off, so it’s going to take about 5 minutes before it starts printing again.”

I repressed another groan knowing I should just be grateful that the damn thing works.

“Thanks Stiles.” I said halfheartedly as I leaned against my desk. He mimicked my action sitting on the opposite desk.

Awkwardness and the clicks and clanks of the printer filled the space between us. But again I felt the need to ask him about Monday. I had to know, I couldn’t keep going on thinking the worst.

“Stiles.” My voice coming out as harsh whisper.

He’d been look down at the ground probably lost in thought, but perked up at his name. I didn’t say anything at first contemplating how to phrase the question. I cleared my throat this time before speaking.

“Tell me.”

He didn’t even pretend not to know what I was talking about. He just stared at me, hard, searching my face for something.

I smile shyly at him, wordlessly pushing to tell me. He sighed heavily and ran his finger through his messy hair.

“After you walked away…“ he started. I made a mental note to stay silent until he finished. I didn’t want him changing his mind about telling me.

“I was mad. Really mad. So, I followed you. When I finally caught up with you I realised you where pretty slammed, way more than me…

“Go away S-Stiles.” She slurred as she unsteadily walked in the direction of her apartment.

“No.” I said trying to sound authoritative, but not sure if I had.

“You’re mean and I don’t like you!” She whined sounding like a small child.

I said nothing knowing she was right. I’d known her a day less even and had shown her little kindness. But I had my reasons.

“I’m just making sure you’re drunk ass gets home.” I said trailing behind her.

She stopped abruptly and spun around glaring.

“What do you care? You don’t like me anyways.” She pushing her index finger hard into my chest. “What do you care if I get raped or murder or whatever! Don’t try to be all noble now, Stili-Stilinpi- STILES!” She almost shouted the last part, her inebriation taking over and enabling her from speaking properly.

I felt a heat rise in me, starting at my chest and then radiate throughout my body. She doesn’t fucking know how I feel! What gives her the right to just, just fucking assume?

Um, you have kind of been a dick. The voice in my head reminds me.

I ran my hand through my hair squeezing my eye shut tightly. I couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t stand here and pretend her pretty smile and tight ass hadn’t been making me mentally undress her since the moment I saw her. My body acted before I did, launching at her as my hands cupped her face bringing my lips to hers. Surprisingly, she didn’t pull away but she’d move them either. I stayed there for a second her gloriously soft lips touching mine and just as I started to pull away her mouth began to move. Slowly at first, getting used to the flow of this kiss and than fervent all at once. I moved one hand to her lower back pushing her closer to me and I felt her arms twist around my neck. We stayed like that until the lack of oxygen became too much and we pulled part still wrapped in each other.

“…then I walked you back to your apartment, but you were still pretty gone and could barely take off your jacket let alone anything else. So, I-uh helped you-er…”

He didn’t need to say it. I pieced together what he did. My hands became clammy as awaited what I knew what was coming next.

"Don’t worry,” he said hurriedly “I didn’t- I mean we didn’t-” his words failed him again.

A wave a relief washed over me as my worst fear was refuted. But the interrogation wasn’t over, I still had other questions.

“But why did you undress me at all? And why where you half dress and in my bed?”

He sighed shifting his weight from one foot to the other, still leaning on the desk before me.

“After I took your jeans off, you…you…well you threw up, okay?”

The blood drained from my face. Are you serious? How could this be more embarrassing?

“I could only find another pair of…um underwear for you so after cleaning you up I just gave you my shirt.” He smirked a little remembering something he didn’t say aloud. “And I was only in my underwear because you threw up on my too!”

I thought I would die

actually die

from embarrassment. I groaned and covered my face with my hands, dipping my head. I regret ever wanting to know anything about any of it. But I couldn’t deny that it was a relief to know Stiles and I had only kissed. Though I do wish I remembered it.

Fuck. Did I just admit that?

Two hands were on mine prying them from my face, startling me. I looked up to meet Stiles’s amber eyes blazing into mine. He cradled one hand under my chin lifting it higher towards him. His close proximity made me lose all thought, like thinking was too hard to do. He brushed his thumb over my lips and I closed my eyes relishing the feel. He stood in front of me, but my legs made it had to get any closer as they were extended and I was still leaning on the desk. He released my chin then moved both of his hands to my face cupping it, and I swallowed hard still not opening my eyes. My breath quickened and heart raced as I felt his breath hit me. His scent was intoxicating, smelling of cigarettes and vanilla.

Without warning, his lips connected with mine sending electricity though my body. I grabbed his forearms just for something to hold while we kiss, feeling his soft lips move against mine. His mouth parted slightly and I could feel his tongue brush over my lips, instinctively I opened my mouth too giving him access. He delved in to my mouth, his tongue dancing with mine as our kiss deepened. His hands moved from my face down to my thighs, stirring a fire in my belly. He rounded his hands to the backs of my legs, lifting me up and pushing me further back so I was fully sitting on the desk now. My hands moved to tangle in his hair twisting and pulling at the soft curls. He hummed in my mouth as he positioned himself between my legs his warm hands trailing up my thighs, rounding behind my backside then giving my ass a squeeze, before slipping under my shirt and resting his long fingers on my lower back. I squirmed as another pang resonated within my belly.

The musical beepings of the printer behind us, was the only thing that pulled me out of our heated exchange. I looked over my shoulder at the printer and rolled my eyes to myself. Really printer? You couldn’t wait five more minutes?

Or ten?

I turned back to Stiles a shy smile of my face. “I better go get that.”

He blushed and muttered a ‘yeah’ before stepping, reluctantly I think, back. I slid off the desk and sashayed to the machine. Noting the several copies of the same thing from me trying to print it multiple times. I shook my head, but couldn’t help the goofy smile now permanent on my face. Stiles was next to me a second later looking over my shoulder at the papers. I closed my eyes trying to resist the urge to pounce on him right here, because we were technically still at work.

“Ugh, I need to put this in one of those big orange envelopes.” I said without looking at him.

“There some in the copy room on the supply shelf.” His tone low and raspy sending shivers down my spine. I abruptly turned and sauntered into the room almost directly behind us labeled ‘Copy Room’. I found the envelope on the middle shelf with an assortment of other envelopes of different shapes and sizes. I grabbed the one I needed and slid the paper into it. Out of my peripheral I saw Stiles, who I hadn’t noticed before. His back was to one of the copy machines. He stood there, in a heather grey shirt and medium wash jeans, and I couldn’t help but think how sexy he looked. His eyes darkened by lust, and a seductive smile playing on his lips.

That’s it.

That’s when I knew.

I wanted him.

I didn’t care if it was in the copy room of our work office at ten at night when we could be caught at anytime. All this hostility between us was just sexual tension. And honestly I needed the release. I started walking towards Stiles, still holding the envelope in my hands. The sultry expressions on my face mirrored in his eyes.

“I got it.” I smirked, stopping a few feet in front of him flashing him the orange packet.

“I see that.” He nodded towards it.

“So, I guess we can go now.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Is that what you want?”

I looked up him, biting my lip.

“That’s what I thought.” He smiled and pulled the envelope out of my hands, setting it on the copier behind him never taking his eyes off mine. We stared at one another for only a beat longer before our lips, almost simultaneously, crashed into each other. It was sloppy and vehement, our teeth hitting making a clinking sound. His lips moved down to my neck, sucking hard as his hands explored anywhere they could touch letting a groan pass through my lips. He grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head, immediately returning back to attack my neck. I felt for the button of his khakis, finding it then popping them open. I reached past the waistband of his boxers and grabbed his erection firmly. He let out a low growl from his chest as he bit down hard on my neck. I hissed from the surprisingly pleasurable sensation. I squeezed him tighter in my hand and he threw his head back. I bit my lip at the sight of him coming undone at my touch. He met my eyes again, they looked darker then before the lust distorting the amber almost completely.

“No more games.” He growled. In one swift moved he spun me around so my front was pressed against the copier and he was compressed behind me.

“Let me fuck you.” He whispered seductively in my ear as he reach around my front undoing the button and zipper of my jeans and pulling them down achingly slow taking my black panties with them. I moaned, leaning my head back into his shoulder.

“Please.” I breathed in to his neck.

He pulled them down only to my knees, before slowly pushing me back against the copy machine. I heard him wrestling to pull his own pants down and my core grew wetter with anticipation. He gripped my hips as he slipped his length pass my legs then between my folds of my core causing me to shutter.

“You want it?” He teased.

“Fuck me!” I whined sticking my ass out further into him.

“As you wish, princess.” And he slammed himself into me, entering me without warning. I cried out clinging awkwardly to parts of the copier for support.

“Ahhh,” he moaned. “You’re so wet, baby.”

It was a moment before he moved, but when he finally did he gave no quarter. He thrusted into me fast and hard directly hitting my g-spot as if attuned to it. My moans filled the small space, and this seemed to be fueling him. His fullness in me felt so good, and his pace ensured I wouldn’t last very long. He landed a hard blow to my ass, and I cried out. The sting coaxing the fire licking in my core.

“Harder!” I begged, and he granted my request as he fingers dug deeper into my flesh. I could already feel the bruises forming. His rough manner was unexpected and fucking arousing. He smack my ass again and my walls began to tighten around him, the fire now raging inside of me.

“Cum.” He demanded hitting me once more, and that was enough to send me over. The fire of my orgasm engulfed me causing my to let out unrecognisable versions of his name. Stiles’s rhythm became un-syncopated and needy his thrust helping me ride out the rest of my high. A few more thrust and he pulled out pumping his dick a couple of times before coming into his hand.

“Fuck.” He grunted out.

I peeled myself off the machine and turned, shakily trying to redress as I did so. Stiles reached over to the supply shelf and grabbed an already open box of tissues, then cleaned his hand off. I had redressed before him, so I grabbed the document off the printer and exited the room heading toward Martha’s office. My mind raced as I did. Where do we go from here? Stiles and I fucked. I don’t know if I want a relationship with him though. But I don’t mind doing what we just did again. I reached Martha’s office and opened the door. There was a basket on her desk labeled ‘inbox’ and I walked around her to set the envelope in it. As I was about to leave, I noticed a framed picture on her desk. It caught my attention, so much so that I did a double take. In the picture stood Martha, still with too much make up, Brielle, still with big boobs and still not pretty, and one other person,


He had his arm around Brielle’s shoulder and was kissing her cheek. My eyes widened and my pulse quickened. Just as I went to examine it for further investigation, Stiles appeared in the door way a smirk on his face.

“Round two in the bosses office?”

My brain told me to do a million different things: storm out, question him relentlessly, smack him. But my ever moistening core told me something else.

“You’re on Stilinski.”