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This one-shot is slightly longer than the first, but it’s mostly dialogue (please ignore any spelling errors). Enjoy the first conversation Dipper and Mabel have with Greg and his big brother Wirt.


She loved it when he would scream. Not so much because he was easily spooked—Dipper did grow up in a town where monsters were an every day thing after all—but more or less because he apparently screamed like a kitten.

Even if he had never heard their own cat scream before.

Dipper grasped his cloak over his chest and breathed heavily while his twin sister laughed. Mabel had to let her book bag drop just to keep herself from tumbling over. “You’re so cute!” she said. “That twist you made while sending your notebook flying was just… so perfect! Figure skating Dipper!”

He glared at her, holding back his tongue. There were plenty of things he wanted to say to her, but they were all words he had heard his Grunkle Stan speak. And since he did love her, he made a vow never to repeat those insults to Mabel of all people.

It did not keep him from thinking them though.

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Happy 259th Birthday Connor!

     “Y/N where’s the cake?” Edward yelled from the living room.
     “Yeah! We’re hungry!” Ezio added.
      “Can I just have a peek?” Arno asked, trying to sneak into the kitchen but she hopped in front of him before he could get through.
      “No! You’re going to stick your fingers in it like you did last year!” She replied, pushing him back.
      “But we’re hungry!” Ezio and Arno both whined.
      Before she could do anything else the three of them began chanting “We want cake” over and over again.
      She rolled her eyes at them and groaned. “You all just ate! Go find Connor if that will keep you all busy.” She blurted before scurrying back into the kitchen to finished frosting.
      “I’ll do it.” Altair offered, heading up the stairs. Shay followed close behind.
      Suddenly, the living room got quiet… Too quiet and she slowly made her way to poke her head around the corner. The three boys were nowhere to be seen. It was like they had just upped and vanished, she never even heard the front door close. She stepped in the doorway, frowning as she looked around the room.
      “We found him Y/N. He was hiding on the roof.” Shay and Altair followed Connor down the stairs, Connor looking less than thrilled to have been caught. She giggled at the sight.
      Just as Connor stepped off the last step, the three hooligans who had disappeared, popped up screaming “Happy Birthday” as they all pelted the birthday boy with handfuls of whip cream. After they ran out of ammo, they dive bombed him and pinned him to the ground and began shoving cake in his face, the cake she had just finished frosting.
     She felt her anger begin to boil, those little thieves she thought to herself but seeing Connor completely covered head to toe in food quickly diminished. A smile began to twist at her lips, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t hide it. “Aren’t you supposed to put whip cream on the cake?” She asked, a laugh escaping her.
    “True.” Edward said, nodding and then shrugged. “Oh well.”
    Connor slowly stood up, a piece of cakes fell of his face and landed on the floor with a plop. His eyes met hers, and she could see her was fuming. She chuckled as she walked over to him. She scooped up some cake with her fingers and placed it in her mouth. “Mmm” She hummed, “I did a damn good job.” Connor sighed, “Oh stop it.” She beamed up at him, “Happy Birthday Connor.”

Daddy’s Lil Stark Pt 3

.A little shorter than usual, I’ve been super busy and hopefully my schedule will go back to normal this week. Sorry for the last chapter. I was having a little writer’s block. Hopefully this will make up for it. Expect several more pieces coming out this week. Please give me some feedback on how this story is doing, I’d love to interact with you guys. :)

pt 1 / pt 2 / part 4

Summary: (AU) After Maya dies Tony is shocked to find out she has a daughter product of that night 20 years ago. Alone and with no one else to go to, Victoria moves in with her newly found father, Tony Stark. How will the world and the avengers react to the a new Stark? Set after iron man 3.

Warnings : cussing

Words : 1135

Pairing : Steve Rogers x OC (eventually)

Originally posted by romvnov

Redness took over the majority of my face once I noticed everyone standing outside the window waiting. “Oh yeah, lets go.” I exclaimed a little louder than originally intended.

Once out of the car the beauty of the tower soaked in. Everything about the monument shouted luxury. The once Stark banner was replaced with a bright blue A adorning the top floors of the skyscraper.

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Will you be my date?

Originally posted by alldaya

This prompt was brought to you by @garc-i-a :) hope you like it!


“Hey babe.” Val shouted as he kicked the door with his foot closing them.

“I am in the kitchen.” Zendaya yelled back.

Val had his hands full of paper bags filled with food.

He walked into the kitchen and saw his girlfriend concentrating on the dish in the pan.

“Are you trying to cook again?” He asked arching his eyebrow.

Before he put bags away he walked up to her and kissed her temple.

“Val I am not that awful cook.” She said wrinkling her nose as she realized her dish was burning.

“Yeah that smell says something else.” Val laughed as he took out the food.

“It’s this oven. I think it doesn’t like me.” She put the spoon away and turned off the cooker.

“Come on I brought Thai, your favourite.” Val said reaching for his girl pulling her into his arms.

Zendaya smiled as she looked at him. She put her hands on his shoulders.

“Like always you didn’t believe I could cook.” 

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Some AUs to consider

- my brother/sister/cousin/niece/nephew/neighbor’s kid is obsessed with this child program and i always watch it with them b/c damn that one person who does story time is really hot and… they… look… familiar… IS THAT THE PERSON WHO JOGS IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE AT 6 EVERY MORNING???? AU

- okay, i know i keep coming into this apple store, but you keep insisting there is nothing wrong with my macbook but it craps out on me all the time and i think my iphone hates me but you’re the only one here who actually has the patience to show me how to find my deleted files AU

- you always stop by the ice cream shop where i work and order the same thing and sometimes we have sassy conversations and will you have my babies, please OH GOD DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD? AU

- you need this taxi. i need this taxi. i understand that we can share BUT IF YOU GET IN THAT TAXI I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL BITE OFF YOUR NOSE i’m so sorry i’m just having the worst day ever. (but you’re not getting this taxi) AU

- i’m a truck driver and i just drove for 36 hours without sleep so i’d appreciate it if you stopped murdering your cat. oh you were singing! ahahahaha well stop please or i will be forced to kill you and your cat. well maybe not your cat. AU

- i only come to this hair salon/barber shop/hair cut place because the hair stylist that works in the station right across from my barber is super cute and maybe i need a trim? oh what do you mean sally isn’t in today? I HAVE TO GET MY HAIR CUT BY YOU! AU

- sometimes i sneak into your backyard to pet your dog and leave him treats i’m not a burglar, i swear AU

- wow this is a super shitty wedding. wait, i thought jim was the best man? holy shit, i’m at the wrong wedding. oh crap how do i leave without seeming rude??? oh no the best man/maid of honor noticed me, i can’t leave now!! AU

- look you’re clearly new here but that’s my seat. i sit here every sunday at 9 and i order the french toast special and they make my bacon and sausages and eggs into smiley faces. and you cannot just sit in my spot. i don’t think you realize how serious this is AU

A succinct Blindspot jeller recap in 5 points:

  1. First episode back and starring front and centre, Mr Heart Eyes Weller. Welcome back. You’ve been missed
  2. I could write an academic thesis about the look on Kurt’s face after Jane says, “make it back” <insert internal scream>. They’re practically about to be gunned down at Heart Eyes Weller has time for some caszh smug.
  3. Hand holding in a plummeting vessel and I’m dead, literally going down with this ship aeroplane
  4. And just like that Zapata and Reade know what’s up. Kurt honey, you’re not even tryyyinnggg
  5. Kurt. Alone. Waiting
Strip to the Replay

“They played my song in a strip club?”


“Well that’s something new.”

“Z don’t make it worse and stop laughing!”

“I can’t, it’s too funny.”

“I don’t see anything comedic about this situation.”


“No, don’t even start.”

“Val relax I am just messing around with you.”

“Okay well let me just tell you something.”

“I am listening.”

“Just imagine a situation where you are a guy and you are in a club watching those beautiful very skilled ladies dancing and then your best friend’s song comes on and they start to strip and all I can think about is my freaking 18 years old best friend!”


“Come on laugh I know you want to laugh.”

“You know you can freely say I am 19 years old it’s just a month.”

“Not the point Z!” 

“Fine, fine I see your point I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Well you know you could imagine me stripping there.”

“Shut up! Fuck you are not helping jeez why you even said that.”

“To mess with you even more. Oh stop the groaning.”

“You frustrate me even being miles away.”

“That’s my charm.”


“Look grumpy pants it’s not my fault they played my song…wait which one was it?”


“Cool I can totally imagine them stripping to this song.”

“Yeah next thing you will tell me you tried doing this yourself.”


“You know I was joking?! You stripped to your own song!”

“I wouldn’t call it stripping.”

“God help me!”

“I think we should end a convo about me possible stripping and you thinking about me in a strip club I mean we are best friends right?”

“Yeah we are.”

“Why are you sighing.”

“No reason just tough day.”

“Well relax then, take a break.”

“Yeah I will.”

“And you know…maybe…”


“Avoid strip clubs for a while.”

“Stop laughing!”

[Elsanna Week] Day 6 - Sci Fi!AU

Genre: Romance

Rating: K+

Word Count: 2,314

Summary: She had many nicknames; Freckles, Red, Fiestypants. But she was looking forward to her eighteenth birthday, when she would get a name - and accordingly - her place in the world. Dystopian-ish!AU.

The sixth installment in a series of unrelated oneshots written for Elsanna Week.

For 4mation-is-1derful because late submissions are still submissions.

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anonymous asked:

Jealous fic (; the chmerkovskiy and Coleman going to the beach together. val&z are in a secret relationship. Claire brings a family friend's son to the beach too. Hoping that this guy and z will hit it off. Val gets jealous and gets annoyed by the other guy

“It’s so awesome you all could come to LA for the summer.” Zendaya whispered to Val as they were sitting next to each other on the beach while her parents his parents, Maks, Nicole, Alex, Dom and her mom were few feet away from them grilling.

“I know.” Val turned his head ans smiled at her. “When I told my parents that Colemans invited us to spend some time with them they were packing faster than lighting.” He laughed.

Zendaya giggled as she turned to see that everyone was pretty occupied with themselves. She turned back to Val and gave him quick peck. “I love your parents.” She put his hand on his shoulder.

“And I love you.” He whispered kissing the top of her head.

“Love birds!” Suddenly Nicole appeared in front of them.

They pulled away like they were on fire.

“I am just messing with you.” She winked at them. “The food is read come on.” She stood up and walked away.

Val and Zendaya exchanged meaningful look. If they wanted to keep their relationship in secret they had to cool down with public affections.

They have been seeing each other for few months and they haven’t tell anyone yet even their family’s and friends.

There wasn’t any big reason for that. Zendaya was 20 now sharing a flat with Dom and she was more than allowed to date but they both decided they wanted to make sure things would work out before they tell everyone because honestly their families and friends adore each other and the last thing they wanted to do was to break the bond they had with unsuccessful relationship.

With time Zendaya got scared because she knew they all would be mad at them for not saying anything so they stayed silent and the more time passed the more difficult it was.

“You know we have to tell them some day.” Val said as they stood up.

“I know.” She sighed biting her lip. “I am just…”

“Scared.” He finished for her smiling softly. “I know babe but they love you, they might get mad for a second but they will get over it.” He wanted to touch her, hug her, kiss her but he had to stop himself.

He went for a simple rub of her arm. “Come on.” He pointed at the rest standing nearby.

They walked to them hand in hand.

“Someone decided to join us finally.” Maks teased them.

He didn’t say anything but he was suspected something was going on between his little brother and their so cold lil sis just the thing is a sibling never looked at each other they way they did.

“Sorry I just missed my grumpy pants.” Zendaya smiled shyly.

Val put his hand around her shoulder and kissed her temple. It wasn’t something unusual so he allowed himself to stay like that.

They settle for some chatting and laughing when Claire yelled to someone.

“Liam here!” She waved her hand at some boy.

They all looked into the same same direction as Claire.

“Who is it?” Val asked Zendaya.

“I have no idea.” She shrugged. “Mom?” She asked.

“It’s Monica’s son he came here for vacation and I invited him, hope you don’t mind.” She looked at everyone.

No one made a disapproval noise so she smiled. “Alright.” 

Liam walked up to the. “Hey.” He waved his hand as he heard few heys and hellos.

“Liam it’s so good to see you.” Claire hugged him.

“You too Mrs. Coleman.” He said politely.

“You need to meet my daughter.” She turned around and asked Zendaya to come closer.

Young girl looked at Val a little bit surprised before she let go of him and walked to her mother.

“Zendaya Liam, Liam Zendaya.” Claire waved her hand back and forth. “Hunnie would you mind walking with Liam a little bit and showing him the beach?” She asked but knowing her mother Zendaya knew she was obligated to do that.

“Sure.” She smiled unsure as she looked at Val and mouthed ‘sorry’ to him.

He bit his lower lip and muffled the noise of disagreement.

“So you brought date for Zendaya?” Kazemebe asked raising his eyebrow.

“Oh come on not a date just a nice boy she could meet.” Claire said innocently. “I thought she would be dating the second she turns 18 but nothing so I decided to help a little bit.”

Kazembe shook his head but let go of it.

“Maybe Zendaya is not into boys?” Alex asked trying to lighten up the mood.

He earned few glares and few laughs from different members of their little family.

“She is into boys trust me.” Dom said winking at him.

“Maybe she just doesn’t want to date.” Val said and you could hear he was grumpier than before.

“Val she is 20 every girl her age want to date.” His mother told him.

“But shouldn’t she like choose a guy for herself?” He asked looking at Larissa and then at Claire.

Everyone looked at him when his eyes traveled on Zendaya who was standing with Liam close to the water as they talked and laughed.

He felt his muscles tense a little bit. He wasn’t a jealous guy but he definitely didn’t like seeing his girlfriend but another guy…so yeah he probably was jealous.

“I am just showing her options.” Claire looked at Val and shrugged.

“Maybe she already chose.” Val mumbled.

“What?” His father asked him.

“Nothing.” He said. “I will take a walk.” He looked down and walked away from everyone.

“What gotten into him?” Nicole asked looking at Alex and Maks.

“We will go after him.” Maks said and walked with Alex after his brother.

“Hey.” He said gently patting his shoulder. “What’s wrong.”

Val looked at his girlfriend and how Liam was teasing her to splash her with water. They met literally 2 minutes ago and they were already looking like a couple, it pissed him off more than it should because he trusted Zendaya but he didn’t trust any other guy around her.

“It’s nothing.” He said simply sulking a little bit.

“Come on Val you won’t fool us.” Alex said. “Best friend and brother.” he pointed between him and Maks.“ Remember?”

Val looked at them biting the inside of his cheek thinking what he should do. Zendaya wouldn’t appreciate him telling anything without her approval.

“He is jealous.” Maks said no waiting for his response.

“Jealous of our Zendaya?” Alex raised his eyebrow looking at Val.

“No Alex Zendaya isn’t ours Zendaya is Val’s and only his.” When his younger brother turned and looked at him a little bit shocked he smiled at him.

“Little brother.” He shook his head. “I know you like the back of my hand you can’t hide anything from me.” He put his hand around his shoulder. “So listen when I tell you Zendaya is head over heels in love with you and her mother can try and set up her as much as she wants but it won’t work.”

Val let out a deep breath there was no point of lying or trying to get out of this. “I just don’t like seeing her with someone else.” He said.

Maks grinned. “That can be done.” He turned his head and whistled. “Zendaya come here!” He yelled after her.

She said something quickly to Liam and run towards them. “What’s up?” She asked.

“My brother needs a little persuasion from you.” He winked at her. “I am going to distract everyone and buy you some time.” He smiled at her.

“Come on Alex.” He dragged his really amused and speechless friend away with him.

“What is going on?” Zendaya asked arching her eyebrow.

“Are you having fun with Liam?” Val asked looking at her.

She knew that tone, she knew it perfectly because she used it too sometimes when she was jealous of come girls in his life.

“I am just trying to be friendly.” She crossed her arms.

“Not too friendly?” He wasn’t backing away.

“You are being ridiculous.” She snorted. “Wait a second…” A realization hit her. “Maks knows?” Her eyes widen.

“Zendaya he knows me like no one of course he realized I was boiling with jealousy he added one to one and…” He simply shrugged.

She just sighed closing her eyes for a second. “Babe you have nothing to be jealous of.” She stepped closer to him. She hoped Maks meant it when he said he would buy them some time.

“Well I can’t help it when you seem to have the time of your life.” He looked down.

Zendaya lift his head with his finger. “Yeah but I would rather have the time of my life with you…” She leaned to him. “Alone.” She whispered into his ear.

Val let out a shaky breath. He loved when she was so bold and sexual with him. He put his hands on her waist.

“Your mom is trying to set you up.” rubbed her sides with his thumbs.

“I know.” Zendaya laughed tilting her head to look at him.

“You don’t mind?” He asked surprised.

“Nope.” She shook her head as she put her hands around his neck. “Because I am already settled and I am happy with what I got.” She smiled at him.

He felt all the tension fade away from his body when she looked at him like that. And that sweet beautiful smile made him smile too. “I am sorry.” He said quietly rubbing her nose with his.

“It’s okay.” She whispered. “I would probably react the same if your parents brought someone for you.” She licked her lips. “But Val you need to know…”

He lift his eyes to look at her. 

“There is no one else better for me than you.” She leaned and kissed him slowly.

He kissed her back running his hands up to her back as he pulled her closer and deepened the kiss.

They pulled apart way too quickly for Val’s liking but they couldn’t risk get caught not like that.

“Come on.” She grabbed his hand.

“Where?” He asked as he followed her.

“I think it’s time to come clean.” She turned he head over the shoulder to look at him.

“Are you sure?” He squeezed her hand tighter.

“Positive.” She nodded as they reached the big group of people.

“Guys we need to tell you something.” Zendaya said still holding Val’s hand.

“What is it hun?” Her father asked.

She turned to look at Claire. “Mom I really appreciate you trying to set me up and Liam seems like a cool guy.” She gave him quick smile. “But I already have a boyfriend.”

She expected them to gaps or open their eyes wide or ask what? who? but instead they all just burst into loud laugh.

“Why are they laughing?” She looked at Val who was just as confused as her.

“We know Daya.” Her mother said when she calmed down.

“What do you mean you know?” She asked.

“About you and Val…we know.” She smiled at her.

The couple looked at each other not understanding what was going on.

“You thought you were smooth with hiding but its written all over your faces.” Sasha looked at them grinning.

“Why you didn’t say anything?” Val asked him.

“We were waiting for you guys to admit that.” Maks said for his father. “But Claire here got a little bit impatient so she set this little thing here.“ 

Zendaya and Val were too shocked to say anything, they have never expected anything like that.

"We approve by the way.” Kazembe said hugging his wife.

“And so do we.” Sasha said doing the same thing with Larissa.

It took Val few seconds to break into a full grin. He pulled Zendaya to him and kissed her and when they parted he saw happy tears in her eyes. 

“Finally!” Everyone cheered for them.

After all admitting everything to their families wasn’t nearly as bad as they expected but like they say life was full of surprises.