my grubs

More than she knows

She is the moon as it rises, her smile shining in each star,
and she is the moon as it falls
slowly through the night sky,
turning ever so slightly yellow.

She is the sun’s rays caressing
the trees at dawn,
marking mountainous silhouettes across whispering fields of grass.
And she is the sun setting over a pink ocean
as day turns calmly to dusk.

me and my friend were talkin about this idea of signless being a young parent and not knowing what to do when raising karkat, but is working on it. hes a bit emotional and impatient at first but he really wants to raise him and be a good dad :U

Nell Shipman in “The Grub Stake”, 1923. Nell was one of the fiercely independant minded women in Hollywood. So much so, that she said goodbye to the Hollywood Studios, set up her own production company and headed north with a menagerie of abused animal actors. She set up a ranch, wrote and directed her own films from there, outside of the studio system.

oh so today i did a little bit of gardening, and of course i don’t really have anywhere that i keep my gloves, so they just sort of live out on the table in the back yard… and i haven’t used them in a little while.

so today i picked them up and clapped them together a lil bit, im like “okay so heres hoping bugs don’t live in here now”

so i put them on. glove one goes smoothly. i put glove two on.

one of my fingers presses into something slightly squishy. 

it takes me a brief moment to register the sensation, and the moment i do i make this pitiful noise and quickly take the glove off. my first thought was “GRUB/LARVAE/LARGE SQUISHY BUG” so of course i’m very concerned. i peek into the glove but i can’t see very well… when i get a glimpse of it. 

i’m like, “are you kidding me.”


i carefully wiggled him out of there, and he was a lil bit cold, so i put him out on one of the cinderblocks that sits out in the sun. fortunately, he was the only new tenant!! im glad i didnt hurt him when i clapped the gloves…(at least, he didn’t show any signs of injury or damage).