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Kai looked at the man with curiosity and asked:
 "Aren't you scared?"
The man got one step closer to him and said:
"I think i should be the one asking tha

o, you springtime rose! | a female vocalist mix for the lady ophelia, driven into the depths of madness. for a maiden lovely in life and lovelier in death, finding solace not in the arms of those who once loved her, but in a bed of rosemary, columbine, and rue, down in the depths of her own watery sanctuary.

falling from the light, rising into the dark.

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rio olympics 2016 : women’s football | finals | 19.08.2016


/ brazil 1-2 canada

/ sweden 1-2 germany


/ bronze medal - canada

/ silver medal - sweden

/ gold medal - germany


/ total goals for finals: 6

/ total goals of the tournament: 66

/ disciplinary count for finals: 6 yellows | 0 red

/ disciplinary count in total: 67 yellows | 3 reds