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hellooo all i am re-opening commissions on here for a Bunch of reasons, mainly due to my transition into a full-time college student in the fall

As stated, all payments will be directed towards my paypal, which will be given through email confirmation of the order.

thank you so much for reading!

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YA lit meme: 1 brotp

Aedion and Aelin Ashryver, Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

“She knew he meant it. He’d burn the library, the city or the whole world to ashes if she asked him. It was their bond, marked by blood and scent and something else she couldn’t place. A tether as strong as the one that bound her to her parents. Stronger, in some ways.”

“In a cool solitude where birds spin, his mind becomes at ease and he can feel new rhythms grow in his soul.”

kyungsoo requested by eunjingle