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  A Dream Come True

My first attempt at a RPF! I love Norman, but am nowhere near an expert on him, like I am with Jeffrey. 😜 So excuse my writing of him.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader x Norman Reedus

Word count ~ 3500

Warnings- a few swears, reader talks sex, nothing else in this part.

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 This was all new. A convention wasn’t anything I had ever experienced , especially one specifically for The Walking Dead, one of my all time favorite television shows. I always thought those conventions were for hardcore, borderline crazy, fans. Yet here I am, packing for my flight to Atlanta.

 I went all out, purchasing the most expensive “platinum” weekend tickets, I even booked the hotel that I had heard the celebrity guests were staying at. Only place I “skimped” on was buying only photo ops and autographs for my two guys, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus.

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Representation Matters

I was going to wait until tomorrow to write this, as I am so very tired right now but… I guess, I might as well type this up while I am thinking about it.

Dream Daddy is an amazing game and the best thing that has happened to me all year. This is not an understatement.

You see, my whole life I’ve grown up seeing gay men in media shunned, or only used as the villains, or the joke. We don’t get to see their romance, their struggles, their dramas, their stories in media. Because being a gay man is still seen as a joke, as something to hate, as something unnatural.

Yet, media has become increasingly more friendly towards lesbians/bi girls. Because they are the “safe” option. Because straight/bi men are into girls kissing each other and romancing each other, and lesbian relationships are seen as “girl power”, or hot, or just fetishy. I don’t agree with these thoughts of course, but they are there. You can’t deny it. Representation matters. I am happy Steven Universe is a thing, and that Tracer is a lesbian. But there is such an imbalance between healthy lesbian relationships to gay relationships that I became bitter and mostly, I realised I’d never get to see mlm that was portrayed as funny, cute, or normal.

And when I found out that I am a transman, I saw again, no support for anyone like me. I didn’t even know that transmen existed until I was around 19. Because you see the drag queens, the transwomen in the media. Of course, once again, their roles are stigmatised and are usually used for jokes, or villain stuff. I’m not ignoring the suffering and, still to this day, false representation of my trans sisters. 

This game was not a joke. It was not a “Hahaha look at these gross gays” game. It came from the heart and souls from people like me. People that wanted to write a funny game that doesn’t vilify or make fun of people for being gay or bi or straight. They even have a transman in the cast, which seriously makes me cry from happiness. There is a man like me, treated like any other dad. There’s no talks about his genitals or his dead name or birth gender. He is treated like any other man in the game. 

This is why representation matters. Truly, matters. No SJW BS. This is the real deal. This is why this game means so much to me. I can play this game with my nephews and they watched and found it funny. They asked why it was about gay men and I said, because it’s normal if a man wants to love another man. People are allowed to love who they want to love, as long as it is healthy.

My nephews are 9 and 10. They needed to know that, it’s OK to be gay. And this game helped me explain it to them. They could see that gay men are just like anyone else. They have likes, dislikes… They have hobbies, passions, just like any straight person. And they can be in healthy relationships. 

All I want to say is a personal thank you to Vernon and Leighton, and the rest of the team behind this wonderful game. You guys deserve your break, I can see all the time and work and love that was poured into this simple dating sim. And it matters. It really does. Thank you.

Diary of a Black Male: Entry #36

So, to cap off an already shitty weekend. I had to come home to a filthy ass apartment. Every single time I get home there is something else in the sink, there is something else on the counter, and the trash is piled up past maximum capacity. What pisses me off the most is the fact that every last pot, pan, plate, and bowl has been used. I would have to clean the entire kitchen just so that I can cook without the risk of contamination. Let me tell you how I do not have time for that.

I am hungry as hell, none of my roommates are home and I am ready to eat, but I am stubborn and I refuse to clean up after grown ass men. So I hit my boy up to see what he was doing. I called him or whatever and he’s just like “bruh I’m glad you called. I need to talk to you about something. I need your opinion. Better yet what you doing? You hungry, you trying to get something to eat.” I’m like hell yea I’m hungry as fuck and bet!

So I get dressed and I meet him at the sports bar or whatever. It’s early and there isn’t that many people in there. So basically we get there order food and drinks and shit and it becomes a vent session basically. He starts telling me about how fucked up his week was and I told him how fucked up my week was. I’m like the big brother and shit, so I’m giving him advice and shit like that. I told about how things were going for me and he was just like, “boy you too nice.” He told me to cut that shit out and I need to just go off. I swear I don’t be trying to go off but I felt that though. With everything that was going on I defiantly need to zap just one good time!

So as we are talking about our lives and shit, basically, a woman walks up to us and started complementing us. She overheard our conversation and was like y'all don’t deserve that, there is more fish in the sea, there’s always better alternatives, y'all just need to be around good people, better people, etc.

So I look at her and I’m like so you good people? And she’s like yea and y'all seem like good people, then she hit up with the B.I.G “ tell your friends to get with my friends, and we can be friends.” We looked at each other and we started rolling! Then my boy was like where your friend at? She point to them and wave them over to where we were.

Tell me every last one of them was fine as hell. Like they we OD gorgeous. I’m thinking to myself this is a set up. Shit like this doesn’t happen, ever! So all of us get to talking. We end up switching tables to compensate for all of us. And we start just started vibing. I was picking up on who was feeling me, who I was feeling, who laugh the most and shit like that. Then my boys was just like was this is crazy. We had a shitty as week and now we sitting at a table full of beauty ass women. I’m like bruh I guess this is where humble gets up.

So we talking or whatever and one of the girls puts up on snapchat and IG. So we all start following each other and I’m the only person at the table with like 200 followers. Everybody over a thousand and shit. I’m just like y'all niggas popping huh. Bruh come to find out, one chick was a legit ass singer, and the other two hosted their own radio show. I was like damn. We are just college students. The one girl, the singer was actually in grad school– she was the one to approach us. So immediately we clicked and kind of veered to the side a little bit. While my boy kept the other two girls entertained.

So I’m talking to her or whatever and shorty is blunt as hell and she’s like, “ I’m not gone lie, we were tryna fuck but I think I like you though. But I’m still tryna smash.” And I burst into this ugly ass laugh and she grabs my arm and pulls me in close to whisper in my ear and she’s like, sorry I just thought you were cute. She said she’s usually the shy one but she had a little to drink. Then I was like it’s alright, I was surprised to approached us, I thought we were about to try to sell us some shit. She starts laughing and then she was like naa, maybe tryna throw it back but she said it in a whisper. I give my boy the look and he laughs out loud and was oh shit I know what that means and her girls looked over at her and was girl you better get in. At this point we all rolling. We probably in there scaring all the white but we didn’t two fucks.

Then she was like come with me to my car I need to go get something. She was like it’ll be real quick. Her girls like where the hell you think you going and she’s like he bought to help me with something and my boy is like “aaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeee" that nigga was turnt. I was like aye you better do your thing boy. I know he probably got both of their numbers. I think he pulled it off. But we walk outside and she’s like I just need help with something.

I’m at the drivers side of the car and she’s in the drivers seat. She takes out all of these pins out of her hair and puts it in a pony tail, then she takes off her heels and put on some flats. And I’m like I thought I’m supposed to be helping and she was like you right. So she’s like oops and slips her shoes off and was like can you put my shoes on for me. My niggas she had on a damn freakum dress talking about help her put on her shoes. She leans back in the car and hold her legs out like she’s Cinderella or some shit. I couldn’t move. I was just stuck, like damn! Then she was just like never mind. She get up turns around and starts fumbling around the passenger seat all while her ass was out. Then she looks back and was like, are you gone help? So I reach in the car and she’s pull up her dress and was like tell me how that feels. My nigga I palmed both ass cheeks and I was like baby they feel like clouds. I take one hand and put it up her dress placing my hand right above her crack and I took my other hand and slid them fingers up in her.

Bruh, but tell me why like 2 minutes into playing in her pussy I hear somebody yell her name. It was a dudes voice, the next thing I know this random nigga shows up and starts turning the fuck up. Bruuhhhh I swear I jumped out the car so gotdamn fast. Son! This nigga told me to square up! This nigga was mad as hell! Come to find out she had just broken up with him like a whole ass month ago and this nigga was fucking psycho. I don’t know how the hell he knew where she was at but I was really about to swing on that nigga, not even because of the way he came at me but for the simple fact that nigga was blocking. But it didn’t take long before my boy seen what was going on. I guess when he seen that I wasn’t alone he backed off. Man, I’m still pissed the fuck off about that.

Literally no one asked but here are my thoughts on s2

-galra Keith!! Holy shit and it was so emotionally well done
-death of sheith
-but also the affectionate but not a shippy bonding between shiro and Keith. Wholesome. Good.
-the scenery? The backgrounds? As usual the cinematography was flawless
-the soundtrack, too, gorgeous
-overall development for the villians
-haggars Altean? Dude. Sick. I can’t wait to see where this goes.
-group of galra rebels! It makes sense. Like no race is entirely alike and this is coooooool
-Keith’s dad? Looks insanely like shiro. They’re related somehow I wanna know more
-just. Keith and shiro this season, their separate development
-klance pool + elevator. Nice. Excellent. My brand,
-Allura?? Being strong?? Constantly hoisting grown men???
-hunk beating up lance?? sorry lance but that was awesome. Also e2, lance and his apparently lifelong love of mermaids..pure
-lance insecurity!!! Setting stuff up for more development!!
-the final battle was well done, seriously. It felt like a whole new..thing but was still the same show. Gorgeous.
-shay, if only for a bit
-also that Allura wasn’t ready to immediately accept Keith as galra. I didn’t want her to be perfect and gracious and that was refreshing
-lance’s sniping, though it was too small an insecurity arc

-hunks character development almost …regressed. I saw more food jokes/references than s1 and less smart hunk examples (but there were a few!!)
-honestly…lance was like. Gone the whole season. Hunk who? Lance who?
-Keith and Allura like…interacting. Episode 6 where they ran off in the pod, and lance implied he was worried abt them being a thing (I like to think its bc he likes Keith but) like there were too many moments that could have been…shippy. ew
- where…,was the klance,, like we got the one scene but….., dude
- like 9 different times: “Allura ur gonna die” “we don’t have a choice” *allura recovers from near death just in time to save voltron*
-lance?? Too Hetero. Let him flirt with a boy…….. entire season….too Hetero. Dreamworks wyd
-lance kept acting stupid. the one time, with the alien time measurement, he was smart. But the rest of the season, for how little he heckin showed up, he made “dumb” decisions, etc
-did I mention? Where’s the gay? Where’s the klance.
-most of all they skipped so much with keith’s galra arc. When they switched from just Keith + Shiro knowing to everyone knowing the next ep, I legitimately thought I missed a whole episode like did they really cut out the initial reactions of team Voltron??? Apparently.
-combining the previous two. We don’t get to see lance’s reaction? Dreamworks. Dude

So this term has been floating around my particular circle for a while now, and it’s yet another thing that I’m just plain baffled by.

As a black girl who’s grown up around awesome black men (s/o to my cousin macrockstar and all my awesome male relatives), I really didn’t get to fully see the ‘bad’ side of Black men. Not until the internet did I start seeing things (not just hearing things) about black men that were…rude to say the least. 

So when I saw a term that referenced and just slandered (for lack of a better term) the sexual abuse that my ancestors went through being used so liberally, I thought to explain what a bad term it is. 

Like seriously, how do people turn a term assiociated with rape and them go like 'We’re going to use this to slam black women who don’t adhere to our whims!’?

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OLDER DOMESTIC TERUMOB where they are happily married and do every day things together ;;

*faints at the mental image of grown up men Teru and Shigeo* asfgshgjagdgf… oh my God, I need this like the air I breathe *w* 

those five kids grown up into men in front of my eyes and now they are all famous stars, the greatest boyband in the world. they reached the impossible and went beyond and all the memories and the tears and the laughs and the PAIN (oh god! THE PAIN!) 5 years since that first album and they are still the same kids, just a bit more worn-out and sleep-deprived than 5 years ago when all this started (like their own fans, after all) but still here. still here.