my groomsmen

  • Feyre: so what do we do now?
  • Rhysand: well, we could go see a priestess, make it more official if you like. I was thinking a Summer wedding, in the evening on top of the town house, wouldn't that be lovely, Feyre darling? Who would you want as your bridesmaids? I mean Cass and Az would be my groomsmen but do you want your sisters? Or Amren and Mor? I guess you could have all four, although the wedding party would be lopsided. I'm also thinking we have a sit down meal, not a buffet, those are so tacky. Do you want a band or a DJ? It's up to you. Also how do you feel about incorporating a dance routine into the ceremony?
  • Feyre: I meant about the King of Hybern lol
  • Rhysand: oh, kill him I guess?
  • Feyre: I love you :)
  • Rhysand: I love you more :)))

The problem with that ‘the Best Man used to be an armed swordsman’ factoid isn’t that now the best man in our wedding has to have a sword (this is the opposite of a problem) but now I kinda want my bridesmaids to also be armed, but should they also have swords…? Can I start a new tradition of the bridesmaids in a wedding to be a battalion of archers

I am determined to have a Fury Road themed wedding where my bridesmaids would dress up exactly like each of the Five Wives and my partner’s groomsmen would look like the War Boys. And rather than putting myself in a traditional wedding gown, I much prefer to shave off my long hair and style myself as Furiosa. It helps that my fiancee is super into the whole idea since he also wants to look like Max when we get married.

I had ordered a dress for my friend’s wedding from (you should try them out, they have really nice, affordable clothes) and it arrived the day before the wedding (I live in Jamaica so I have to use a shipping co). I tried on the dress the day of the wedding so of course I didn’t have enough time to buy another dress. I am very self conscious about my VBO (I only wear peplum and puffy detail clothing) and I’m not volumptuous (I don’t have hips or butt) and my spanx was not holding enough in.

So I swallowed everything and wore the dress (of course I was not going to miss my friend’s wedding). I got stares and chuckles of course. I stayed seated for most of the ceremony. I was even reluctant to take pictures. One of the groomsmen notice my anti social behaviour and came and ask me to dance, I declined, he insisted, I gave in. While dancing he whispered to me “you’re beautiful” and I got so emotional. 

I’m reading this back and to me it looks like I was so dependent on the opinion of others that day, whether it was the snickers from the ‘socially acceptable bodied’ females or the compliment from the groomsmen, and I hated that. So I’m writing this epistle to say “Love yourselves ladies and your confidence will outshine public opinion”