my greatest work by far


I decided that the chicken nugger post reeeeeally needed to be illustrated.This is my interpretation of it. Sorry for the long post. I hope everyone appreciates crude MS Paint drawings. Enjoy.

Please ignore the incorrect too in the second picture, it’s too much work to fix :I

My CINTIQ 13HD summary review

Since the very beginning of this year my life has been spinning like a crazy merry-go-round. One of the many elements that caused this was the decision to finally upgrade from my Cintiq 13HD Wacom tablet I’ve been using for almost four years. And since I’ve been using literally the hell out of it, I decided to share my opinion and give you a proper review about this great tool. In other words: why I genuinely recommend it despite new models being recently released and the fact that it’s currently the cheapest Cintiq tablet on the market. :>

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probably my greatest moment of self restraint working at the aquarium so far has been holding my tongue when some hippie farmer’s market mom said that animals in captivity is immoral + she’s happy that at least some animals were “set free” during hurricane sandy and im just standing there like…animals died, Heather, the only thing they were set free from was this mortal coil + also if ur against wildlife conservation and rehabilitation, just a question, why are you here???????

Why I had to stop everything momentarily and focus on Soursalt

I’ll begin this with “Part 2 is completely prefilmed with the exception of in-the-moment videos for the ARG” which is rad.
Anyway here is why;

Everything is lining up to work out perfectly in my favor as long as I focus 100% on getting everything done asap. Certain locations are undergoing certain changes, certain people are undergoing changes, and as an adult, my variety of things I can now legally do is changing.

Short and simple: gotta film fast cuz life.

Slightly long and more personal: i have to put my all into this to make it my greatest work ever because the outcome of this being My Greatest Work Ever™ will open the door for what I have codenamed By-Far My Greatest Work Ever™. Also im moving. Also my friends are moving. And life is moving. So yee.

I’ll be back working on Arkn as soon as I can make sure Soursalt Part 2 is absolutely flawless. Which, as of now is looking to be soon! :D