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I decided that the chicken nugger post reeeeeally needed to be illustrated.This is my interpretation of it. Sorry for the long post. I hope everyone appreciates crude MS Paint drawings. Enjoy.

Please ignore the incorrect too in the second picture, it’s too much work to fix :I

Che Serà, Serà

I worked this out really quickly because there needs to be a fic of Marlow and Will like… now.


Warning: oral sex


Kit hums the phrase so softly it almost sounds like a prayer. But Will knows better than to think that he’s praying. Kit doesn’t really believe in anything, save for himself.

“What was that?” Will asks before he drinks from the goblet he’d filled.

He doesn’t know why he came there, doesn’t know why he sought him out after their last encounter in the room ended so… sourly. But between Anne and Alice and writing… well, he needed to clear his head. And Kit helps with that, as best he can.

“Che sarà, sarà,” Kit grins. “Do you know what that means, country bumpkin?”

“I fear my Latin is in far more disrepair than yours, but… ‘Whatever will be, will be?’” Will guesses, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Kit grins wolfishly and Will drowns the sudden flutter in his chest with another gulp of wine. “Another clever, educated line for one of your great plays?”

Will watches with hazy eyes as Kit lounges casually in a chair. “It shall be my greatest work,” he muses. “Far greater than Tamburlaine. It is about a man who desires everything, but finds himself dragged to the pits of hell because of his hubris.”

“Sounds like that old German tale,” Will replies. “Faust, or whatever.”

“That’s because it is,” Kit retorts. “But it will be better. Because it will be mine.” He gets to his feet and saunters over to where Will is perched on a table. The same table Kit had kissed him on some time ago. “Everything is better when it is mine, Will. That’s something I would have liked to show you, but you refused.” Will feels his face grow hot and he curses himself for being quick to blush.

“And… And now?” he inquires, at once lost for words as Kit cups his face in his hands.

“I once told you we would be richer than Croesus,” Kit murmurs softly as he tucks a stray curl behind Will’s ear. “And… we could still make that a reality. You. And me.” Will blames the alcohol for his sudden movement, how he welcomes Kit’s demanding kiss this time instead of recoiling like a proper man ought. He hears his father’s voice in the back of his head, calling him a sodomite as he moans when Kit unlaces his breeches and slips his hand down them, grasping his cock and stroking it until it quivers in his hand.

“Kit…” he pants. “We shouldn't… if people find out—“

“But they won’t find out, will they?” Kit teases. “Not when we’re the ones who write the stories, Will. We… We can rewrite history if we choose.”

Will’s head goes fuzzy as soon as he feels Kit’s tongue trail along the underside of his length. His hips rise off the table and he feels Kit hold him down as he focuses on the head of his cock, swirling his tongue around it ever so slowly until Will’s breathing is ragged and his jaw is slack. It shouldn’t feel as good as it does, but when Kit takes him into his mouth, Will swears his eyes rolled back into his skull.

“Dear God above,” he groans. Kit pulls back and stares up at him, his eyes dancing with mischief.

“Your God has forsaken you now, Will,” he hums before taking him back in his mouth. Will looks down at him, and watches Kit with his plump pink lips wrapped around his cock, his saliva slick and warm, and oh so sinful. Will winces when Kit digs his fingernails into his thighs, but moans in earnest as he quickens his pace. His fingers tangle into Kit’s hair and he thrusts his hips upward despite the other man’s protests, smirking slightly in triumph when Kit gags.

A few moments more and his seed spills down Kit’s throat, hot and thick. Will watches in slight amazement at the fact that he swallows it all, and licks him clean for good measure.

“That has been… enlightening,” Will manages as he makes himself decent.

Kit watches as he heads for the door, his brows furrowed in confusion and his cock straining against his breeches.

“You owe me, William Shakespeare!” he shouts.

“Che serà, serà, Christopher Marlowe,” Will bows to him before strolling out into the night.

My CINTIQ 13HD summary review

Since the very beginning of this year my life has been spinning like a crazy merry-go-round. One of the many elements that caused this was the decision to finally upgrade from my Cintiq 13HD Wacom tablet I’ve been using for almost four years. And since I’ve been using literally the hell out of it, I decided to share my opinion and give you a proper review about this great tool. In other words: why I genuinely recommend it despite new models being recently released and the fact that it’s currently the cheapest Cintiq tablet on the market. :>

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