my greatest art piece


And here is winged Logan Sanders from one of @thatsthat24‘s Sanders sides with questionable posture and misplaced glasses

For Logan I gave him this wing design because his intelligence, attention to detail, and stubbornness kind of reminded me of a hawk 



do not repost artwork

@pinksweatergettingbetter submitted:

// hey i was digging thru my old folders and i came across this thing from… a long time ago. story goes that i was watching Mystery of Mamo and my player glitched out and i was so impressed by the resulting mess that i decided to redraw it myself. finding it now, i have the strange urge to send it to you, the coolest lup around. do with it… what you will.

// this… might actually be… the single most greatest piece of art i’ve ever laid my eyes on. simply gorgeous. i thank you for sending me this.