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“Well, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a sociopath.
I like being a sociopath. You know, I’m not burdened by things like guilt or love.
So then this merge happened with my brother Luke, and I won, which was great
because I absorbed his ability to do magic, but now I can’t stop thinking about how Luke died, how Liv’s life is ruined.
For some horrible reason, I can’t shake how badly I feel about it.
So when I absorbed Luke’s magic, I must have gotten some of his qualities or something, like empathy.”

Michael Malarkey & Ian Somerhalder @ Bloody Night Con Europe 2015

So about that story about Ian [Somerhalder] giving you a hickey… Did it create any mock jealousy on set? Was everyone all, ‘That’s not fair. How do we get in on this awesome squad?’

Michael Malarkey: The other actors? [Laughs] No, no. I honestly didn’t even mean for it to become such a wild story. Basically we were at a convention and, you know, messing around — he bit my neck and it left a mark. Then, the next day, I was doing an interview at iHeartRadio, and all of a sudden, the interviewer interrupts me and goes, ‘Is that a hickey on your neck?’[Laughs] I obviously had to explain it at that point because I was in Vegas and have a wife at home. And then it became this whole, big story — you know how it is. It’s such a weird life.There’s also this other picture of us — of Ian and myself — from when we traveled to Brussels. He’s kissing me on the cheek, yet it completely looks like he’s giving mouth to mouth. The angling is so random, and of course many people now include this in their Denzo tweets.


                                         from the morning when i rise from my bed
                                      till the evening, when i lay my head in slumber
                                           oh the loss of you does wreck my days
                                                 leaves me with a violent hunger

                                                                (❄ for alicia ❄)

caroline [12:08AM]: i’m pretending i’m texting someone but really there’s nobody to text bc everybodys at that party ive been lowkey stressing about going all week, but i woke up feeling alone again not remembering where i was the night before so thats why i’m eating ice-cream in bed rn. this is pathetic. maybe i should start journaling like elena, but what would i write about? i don’t remember anything, but i feel. everything.

(01) feist i feel it all — oh i’ll be the one who’ll break my heart, i’ll be the one to hold the gun 

(02) shawn mullins lullaby — and all her friends tell her she’s so pretty, she’s seen her share of devils in this angel town 

(03) st vincent cheerleader — i’ve had good times with some bad guys, i’ve told whole lies with a half smile 

(04) carla bruni quelqu'un m'a dit — i’ve been told that you still love me. well? is that possible? 

(05) daughter fossa — i said too much, i said the wrong thing 

(06) tegan and sara you wouldn’t like me   and i wash the windows outside in hopes that the glare will bring you around

(07) the killers when you were young — and sometimes you close your eyes and see the place where you used to live

(08) daughter alone/with you — i hate walking alone, i should get a dog or something

(09) the virgins fernando pando — lately i can tell that you’re scared, well we’re growing up. said maybe if you changed your hair, you’d be good enough.

(10) jem yellow —  i jumped across for you, of what a thing to do