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hello all, long time no see, I took the admision exam for college in March, I will know the results of it on April 6th, I don’t think I did too well, if I didn’t, I have to wait till next year to take it again :/ anyway, I’ve been relaxing since the exams, tons of new pretties thanks to new pictures that surfaced, I got really inspired today mostly. Also, I just discovered that, besides ALLLL the shit I have that stems from Spina Bifida, I have something called preauricular sinus, on BOTH ears (which only happens in like 25% of cases…yay me!), now for the most part is nothing, doesn’t bother, just sits there. But in MY case, because I have low immune system due to dialysis, is prone to start leaking, open up and get infected like every six months, it did get infected in one ear, really bad now, I had to go to the ER to get it drained which HURT, and been on antibiotics for a week now, so I’m making all arrangements to get the thing (fistula, I think it is) removed from both ears, I don’t know when it’ll happen, but some time in the next month, probably, I’ll let everyone know when I have a date for the surgery. Is not a complicated procedure, I’ll be sent home once it’s done and I’m not as high, doesn’t involve general anesthesia, just valium and local anesthetics. Anyway, I’m fucking annoyed that I need another uncomfortable procedure, but I’d rather just get it over with and not have it bother me on and off for the rest of my life.

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ULTIMATE FAIRY TALE MEME : [ ½ Non-Canon Romances ]
Baba Yaga and Koschei the Deathless

‘They say love is supposed to last forever, yet others say that over time it can fade. Though there are two who stand out amongst others – where the union of Zeus and Hera was plagued by Zeus’ infidelity, and Perun scattered children as easily as he could sow seeds – Baba Yaga and Koschei have endured, even when they were worlds apart.’


hello all! I decided to try and do a typography, made two versions using different techniques, experimenting, as I’ve never done it before, I’m not entirely satisfied with it though, it was fucking frustrating! Since today marks the third anniversary of Loki in SDCC, I decided to post it today since I used a pic from that event lol I also made a pretty Tom wall with a new pic that came out.

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fake movie meme: red riding hood

ashley greene as scarlet
tom hiddleston
 as richard wolf
isabel lucas as lily
maggie smith as gran

scarlet is a girl who isn’t entirely equipped to handle her own life. with bills and rent to pay and a sick grandmother she has to pay hospital bills for, scarlet gave up her minimum wage job to follow the ill advice of her friend lily and is now caught up in a situation she can’t handle now as a prostitute under the thumb of richard wolf – more commonly known as ‘the wolf’ – and he has no intentions of letting little red riding hood get away.