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hello all, today I’m sharing a few walls I made with the new photoshoot, I’m still waiting on the results from the admision test and tomorrow I got an appointment with anesthesiologist for the surgery, but today I got something nice…

(I’ve errased my surnames for obvious reasons :P) but YAY! I’ve been waiting for the official certificate since I took the exam in november, and I’ve waited for the moment to have it since 2005, I’m so happy!

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“If you were actually here,” Natasha says with her painfully familiar smile, “I might give you a kiss,” and she tosses the bottle’s stopper at Loki overhand.

He really wants to be here. He is not certain of much else, but out of the chaos and destruction of the last few days, he is certain of that… So he raises one hand, neatly catches the stopper and says: “I’m here.