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Just some matching Loki and Thor!Jane Foster headers & icons… for reasons (art by @russelldauterman) insp @zionqt 

There are just a few icons under the cut too.

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hello all! I decided to try and do a typography, made two versions using different techniques, experimenting, as I’ve never done it before, I’m not entirely satisfied with it though, it was fucking frustrating! Since today marks the third anniversary of Loki in SDCC, I decided to post it today since I used a pic from that event lol I also made a pretty Tom wall with a new pic that came out.

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Just a short little Steve/Loki ficlet for @veliseraptor - who deserves a better week than the one she was given.

Loki had woken up second and found the bed warm but empty.

The scent of freshly-brewed coffee bit the air, as did the chill radiating off the glass windows of the apartment. He ventured outside onto the balcony, his interest captured by the breathtaking colors of a Midgardian sunrise. The late autumn air was cold enough to freeze his breath.

Steve brought him a steaming mug, and they sat, shoulder to shoulder, enjoying each other’s company and the quiet of the morning.

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