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W I N T E R S H O C K || supernatural au
↳ witch!darcy lewis + werewolf!bucky barnes

He could smell nitrogen and ozone, windstorms and cloudbursts. “You a wind elemental?” he rumbled, and the girl’s eyes darkened as Steve looked at him in surprise.

“Stormwitch,” she corrected, and he damn near moaned. He could practically taste her power, wildness and freedom emanating from her like a halo, but when he tried to step forward he found himself unable to move.

“Wolves and witches don’t mix,” she said ruefully, and he could feel her magic drawing away from him, leaving the air around him cold and empty, save for the sparks keeping his feet planted to the floor. “You should know the rules.”

“Fuck the rules.” He bared his teeth, and smiled when she bit her lip, the tiniest whimper escaping her throat as she saw his canines. “All I have to do,” he murmured, “is catch you.”


ShieldShock Witch AU

for @mouseymightymarvellous

“So, you’re a witch.”


“Witches are real.”

“I think so… I mean, you should know how real I am. PLUS! Who needs a taser when you have blue lightning coming out of your fingers?!”

“What does this mean? Why are we running from whatever that is?”

“We’re running because I need to get my heart pumping and my magical fingers brewing.”


“It means that if, nay, WHEN we survive this evil foe, be sure to remind me to download this song. It’ll be perfect for my “Running for Your Life” treadmill mix!”


“I thought you wanted her to be normal?” Pepper asked. “Darcy as the valedictorian is completely normal,” Tony replied, “…to other people, yeah.”

“Oh right, you graduated at 16,” she rolled her eyes. “15, actually, but please let’s not talk about me. My daughter’s graduating.” Tony grinned.

                           - Another Stark One, Chapter 17. FF / Ao3

If someone had told Darcy a couple of years ago that she’d become close with a pair of former Russian assassins, she’d have asked what they were on and if she could have some. Despite regularly spending time with members of the Norse pantheon, some things are just too hard to believe. But once Bucky and Natasha put their minds to it, it doesn’t take long for them to become some of the best friends Darcy’s ever had– though why such an awesome couple would want to spend so much time with her, she just doesn’t understand. Still, it’s surprisingly easy to be around them, and everything is great– right up until the night they invite her into their bed.

As appealing as the offer is, Darcy hesitates, worried about what it might do to their friendship. Neither of them share her concerns, and their methods of persuasion are highly effective. They eventually win her over to their point of view. She should have trusted her instincts.

There’s nothing quite like waking up alone the morning after your first threesome.

Knowing she let herself get in too deep and trying to avoid an even more awkward time, Darcy flees, planning to make herself scarce until things blow over. It’s not their fault she can’t keep her feelings in check.

Sooner than she’d like Bucky and Natasha come looking for her, and what they have to say shocks her to the core.

The Age Of Darcy

Darcy Lewis  has miraculously remained a youthful 27 years of age for nearly eight decades, never allowing herself to get close to anyone lest they discover her secret. However, a chance encounter with a charismatic superhero named Steve Rogers reawakens Darcy’s long-suppressed passion for life and romance. When a weekend with Steve’s best friends threatens to expose the truth, Darcy makes a decision that changes her life forever.

or The Age Of Adaline AU where Darcy had a passionate relationship with Bucky before WWII, thought he was dead , falls in love with Steve who ignores she’s the real friend he knew in the 40s, had a son and it’s Erik Selvig, lies about her numerous identities but is tired of the charade, the CIA tried to study her but Peggy and Howard saved her life and helped her through the decades (something that Tony continues to do), is a languages buff and because she tried to learn as much as possible about her affliction had a medical phD.


“Hey! What are you doi…”


“Jane, it’s just some carolers… keep sciencing.”


“Steve! Steve! Wait!”


“Did you mean it? That you really think I’m perfect?”

“I meant every single word.”

“I don’t think you’re gonna have to wait for this time next year. I think you’re kind of perfect too. An ‘adorably awkward troll of epic proportions’ perfect, but that’s my perfect.”

“Darce, are you serious?”

“No. Not at all.”

“You’re my ‘ridiculously sarcastic and gorgeous dame’ and that’s my perfect.”

“I know.”

“Happy holidays, Darce.”

“Happy holidays, indeed, Steven Grant.”

Happy Holidays to the lovely @wahwahwaffles​ ! From your Steve/Darcy Gift Exchange® :)


AU: The Winter Soldier

Jane Foster struggles to embrace the 21st century world she’s been living in since they thawed her out two years ago. After the battle of New York, Jane agrees to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. under Director Nick Fury’s command along side Natasha Romanoff. During a mission, Jane discovers Natasha’s hidden agenda to extract information for Fury. She later learns that it is for Project Insight; helicarriers linked to spy satellites, designed to preemptively eliminate threats.

When a mysterious assassin attacks Nick Fury, he seeks refuge in Jane’s apartment. It was then that he warns her that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been compromised. He is soon gunned down when handing her a flash drive. Jane catches glimpse of the killer as she goes after the assassin. The unknown assailant was fast, strong, a woman, and most interestingly she had a metal arm. At the hospital, Foster joins Romanoff and informs the spy of her discovery; shocked by the description, Natasha realizes the assassin was the mysterious cutthroat known as the Winter Soldier. A killer known throughout time thought to be an urban legend.

Unwilling to exchange the reason as to why Fury was in her home, senior S.H.I.E.L.D. official Alexander Pierce brands them both as fugitives. Now hunted, Foster and Romanoff use the data in the flash drive. There they find files leading them to  a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base. After driving to the coordinates the two agents activate a supercomputer long hidden within a secret room on the base. They awaken the consciousness of Arnim Zola, revealing the chaotic role Hydra has had in history in hopes humanity will one day surrender their freedom.

With that information they seek out the help of Sam Wilson, a former USAF para-rescue woman Foster had recently befriended, and her powered “Falcon” wing-pack. The trio force Jasper Sitwell, believing him to be a Hydra mole, to divulge Zola’s algorithm and to reveal to them who the organization is really targeting; anyone who might become threats to Hydra. Ambushed by the Winter Solider, the trio tries to defend themselves against her. 

Jane Foster and the Winter Soldier go against one another in fierce combat, but when Jane manages to tear off the assassin’s mask she recognizes her best friend, Darcy Lewis, standing before her. Shocked by Darcy’s appearance Jane questions if it’s really her but only received a steely, 

“Who the hell is Darcy?”

Tony didn’t like being handed things, that was a given. When the first invoice for a broken bed came to him, he let Pepper taking care of it, no biggie. When a second invoice came for a broken elevator panel, meh, he housed a bunch a supes, it could happen. When a third invoice came for a broken kitchen counter - well several apparently - Happy was weirdly keen on kitchen renovations in the tower so he was pissed - urgh, no judging because he kinda broke some a few months prior (don’t tell Pepper). But then, when an invoice for broken lab counters came in, THAT he couldn’t abide. Only HIM could do that!
“Are we being summoned? Is it you, summoning us, Tony?”
“Yes, princess, it is I, the iron sugar-daddy, asking the both of you why you are leaving a trail of destruction in my tower?”
Darcy looked at Bucky. He was reading the different invoices Tony had on his desk with a smile. He showed her the last one; the hole he punched on a wall.
“So? Why are you punching my walls, Barnes?” Asked Tony, clearly clueless.
“Mmh let’s just say our honeymoon phase isn’t over and Darcy is REALLY talented?” tried to reply Bucky.
“What he means is that I make hubby stupid with my mouth. Thanks for   sponsoring our adventurous sex life Tony!” She just laughed and took Bucky’s hand in hers, both running towards the elevator and leaving Tony with his mouth open.
“Those little fuckers!”

WinterShieldShock : Omegaverse!AU

Darcy Lewis always felt disconnected from her own body, like something wasn’t right since her birth. When she receives a mysterious box filled with a key and a map, she realizes that maybe, the family she never knew is full of wackos. How else to explain the two hot guys claiming she’s the long lost werewolf queen of North America who had her lupine heritage sealed from her by a curse? Now, the three of them are going on a trip to her family estate to reclaim her powers. Darcy Lewis is the ultimate Alpha (ah!). Once her true nature is finally coming to her, the need the claim as mates Omega Bucky and Beta Steve become too strong to ignore,  she realizes her two protectors don’t want her to. The triad will have to unite several packs together and fight pissed off witches along the way (totally normal stuff).

Day 1 of the FYDL Femslash Event // Lazy Sundays  

Pepper Potts may be a workaholic but Sundays were sacred. Darcy, her Avengers PR of a girlfriend made it that way and she was pretty happy about it. On Sundays there was lounging in bed while watching silly baby animals videos, muffins baking, buying second-hand books, visiting the aquarium (and stolen kisses in the dark). And teas, lots of tea drinking was done sitting in parks, living the good life. 

Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers Soulmates!AU

“I have many layers. Like a human-shaped onion.”

“Can I peel you off then?”


“Do you know how many people thought my soulmate was some kind of psychopath of the cannibal variety?”

“Don’t worry, my mom got me tested.”



Shieldshock AU*

“After years of living under the shadow of her overprotective father and completing several PhDs, Darcy Lewis-Stark is ready to take back her life. There’s only one problem – she’s a thirty-year-old virgin and embarrassed as hell about it. When her best friend Jane suggests hiring an escort to not only help rid her of her pesky virginity but teach her some moves in bed, Darcy swallows her pride and calls an escort agency. She books a date with the sexy and gorgeous Johnny Storm (yeah, the name looked a little bit porny but he had a great smile on his pictures).
Steve Rogers has been saving his identical twin brother’s butt for years. When Johnny calls, begging him to take his place with his latest ‘date’, Steve reluctantly agrees. Unprepared for his immediate attraction to the beautiful but complex woman, he’s rocked by Darcy’s request for him to take her virginity.
Determined to change her mind, he continues to impersonate his brother. But when Darcy’s warm kisses trigger a desire he’s never experienced before, will he convince her to wait for ‘Mr. Right’ or take the sweet gift she’s offering?“

*Read the summary of an ebook on amazon and I knew it would be a great prompt.

Prompt up for grabs, like seriously you don’t know how long this idea has been in my head so please, someone write it  ^^ 

past Darcy/Steve, Darcy/Bucky

Darcy and Steve were engaged and she was pregnant when it happened. Bucky was the one telling her the news “He’s not coming back.” 

Without Bucky to help her go through the rest of the pregnancy and later raising her daughter, she probably would have crumbled under the grief. 

Bucky took the Captain’s shield for a time but his heart never was in it, he preferred spending his days taking cooking classes and making his girls taste his sometimes hazardous culinary creations. He knew how far gone he was for Darcy but Steve’s shadow held him back.

Three years later, a new Avenger comes into the fold and sets his eyes on Darcy and Bucky is just confused, frustrated and protective. It takes Tony, of all people to show him that maybe it’s time to write a new chapter in his life and make a move (’because frankly it’s getting a little bit ridiculous, Bucko’ ). So he’ll do it right, he will woo Darcy her socks off and show her that little Millie had a daddy all along and it was him (Steve approves and he shows Darcy so many signs along the way she starts thinking she’s insane).