my graphics: anne hathaway

fake movie meme: return to neverland

anne hathaway as wendy darling
cj adams as james darling
geoffrey rush as captain james hook
lily cole as tinker bell
orlando bloom as petrus

a modern retelling, set fifteen years after wendy’s journey to neverland. in 2014, the storyteller has spent years in quiet disappointment as the visits from her childhood hero became fewer and far in between before ending altogether. now an english teacher, wendy’s world is thrown upside-down again when her son james is stolen from her in the streets of london by faces she had never expected to see again: the crew of the jolly roger. with no explanation of what to do an unable to go to the police without sounding crazy, matters only worsen when she returns home to find the lost boys who inform her that peter pan has gone missing and that they’ve come (with a little help from a reluctant fairy) to bring her back to the island before captain hook can use her son to draw out the lost pan and put an end to him before he can find a new one to whom he can pass on his title.