my graphic:pa


This is my Pa.

He’s one of the sweetest men to have ever walked this earth.
He raised six kids.
He taught me songs around the campfire in the summers.
He took us to Cubs games even when they weren’t playing well.
He knew Sammy Sosa was my favorite.
He took me golfing and helped jimmy my golf club out of the tree branch I accidentally threw it in.
He started every morning with a glass of Vodka and a baseball game on mute so as not to wake my grandmother.
He had the best laugh.
He gave great hugs, and even better advice.
He let my mom teach him how to FaceTime a few days ago, so we could spend my birthday together.
He had the sweetest smile.

Pa didn’t wake up this morning.
He lived a good life as a great man.
I think he knew his time here was coming to an end.
But I also think he knew he’d done his job; he lived and loved and gave strength to others.
I think he knew we’d be alright. At least, I think he was certain that we will be alright soon.
There’s something about the twinkle in his eye.