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Any Tracer flirt drabbles you could write? I just love having some affectionate Tracer stuff.

Aboslutely! I hope headcanons are ok with you!!
Send me some prompts!

  • Man she’s such a big flirt in general. From the moment she meets you she’ll wink and poke at you until you’re blushing. Even after you’ve been with her for years she keeps childishly flirting with you and acts all innocent if you call her out on it
  • Also loves teasing you like… just harmless little jokes and play fighting. She’s very in tune to if something starts to get to be too much and she’s always so adorable when she apologizes that it’s hard to be mad at her
  • tickle fights
  • Loves to surprise you with little presents and definitely goes all out on your holiday/birthday
  • Texts you cheesy pickup lines and good morning/night texts
  • Likes to give you quick kisses and blink away before you can react

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McCree with a self-conscious reader about their weight?

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  • When you’re having a particularly bad day he loves to lay with you, sometimes on top of you so you can’t escape and he’ll run his hands all over you, kiss you all over and tell you how much he loves you until you’re a blushing mess
  • With any kind of body image issues, especially weight, shopping can be difficult. McCree would always offer to go with you and when you do he tries his best to help guide you and validate you and pull you away if it gets to be too much
  • If you’re trying to diet/exercise he will support you and give you gentle reminders, only to the point of making sure you’re still being healthy and not harmful to yourself
  • Loves to pick you up or pull you into his lap even if you insist you’re too heavy

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Reader who's had some really shitty partners in the past and has issues with sexual intimacy and genji?

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  • He’s very patient, and if anything gets to be too much he’ll back off immediately. If he doesn’t know the reason he’ll prod a little, but won’t push you very hard for the information. Really, it’ll be up to you to tell him
  • Sex isn’t a necessary part of a relationship for Genji now, so even if you don’t want anything to do with it, he’s completely fine with it. If you do want to get to the point of being comfortable around him, he’ll put in a lot of time to help you work through everything
  • If you’re not in a relationship with Genji but are just friends he still helps– deterring anyone that pushes you a little too hard, giving you an escape route, and listening to you talk about it whenever you need

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so last night i dreamed that i was with jason (this is the second time im dreaming about u what the hell) and like we wanted to meet marina and so we like?? went to the motel where she was staying and the door of her room was open when got there and we were like what the hell
anyway like jason went inside and then came back with marina and they acted like they knew each other and were bffs???

meanwhile i just. stood there, completly frozen and looking at her and then burst out crying omfg. annnnd she saw me, smiled and gave me a hug

( ; ▽ ; )