my graphic:firefly

and what shall i say when i feel your head curl into the base of my neck?
that darling, you are my star,
decorating the night between my ears
with errant puffs of air from your moon-shy lungs.
and like a comet your fingers trail up my arms,
warm and sweet, leaving traces of dawn.
you sprinkle moondust on my temples,
landing satellites in my hair,
and all at once i feel the weight of you colliding with an atmosphere
that is all together gold:
you and i and me plus you, orbiting a love
too great to not be shouted from the tips of trees.
my lover, you are, too, the birds that nest there
and i wonder that you fear your lack of chirping,
when i marvel because you fly to me

my darling, my shooting star,
i feel your love always like rainfall
slowly at first, at first short collision,
until it suddenly feels that i am sweetly
and with your soft arms around me i am aquatic
my fingers
like fins.