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Hi everyone!

After my post about Seymour got popular the other day, I got a couple of asks about the dollhouse I built, so I thought I’d take you through it room by room! 

This is the top right room. I used this room as an attic for a long time so it’s been sort of neglected, but now that I’ve worked on it it might be my favorite! It’s painted with Valspar’s Periwinkle Ice and March Ice. The rug is just a piece of cross-stitch fabric that I freehanded a little pattern onto, and I built the ottoman and day bed from foam core and vintage scrap fabric. The dresser is wood and the drawers all open (there are little books inside) the books and the carousel are charms from the jewelry section in Hobby Lobby. I found the frames in scrapbooking and drew the little pictures with a white gellyroll pen on black cardstock. The lamp is a dowel cap and an LED, sealed with clear nail polish to make it look kind of antiquey. 

(Isn’t that Rei so sweet? The little kaiyodo figures are just the right size for 1:12 dollhouses!)

so… that’s the first room! Stay tuned for more soon! I took a lot of step-by-step photos too, so there’s a possibility of some tutorials in the future if people re interested!


Sorry for the upside-down pictures, but I post them from my phone.
So here they are, first pictures of the first floor of my dollhouse. It’s quite easy to build.
Now time for various measurements…
EDIT: seems the picture aren’t upside-down when posted, okay…


Another of the rooms from my dollhouse! It’s the middle right, right underneath Rei’s

I started working on this room almost two years ago now. Originally, it was going to be a lot more Victorian/Edwardian-looking, but after a while I gave up on that and just kind of went with… pink. 

The bed is made from foam core, balsa wood, and fabric scraps. The TV is mat board, and the bedside tables are made from napkin rings, cardboard, and scrapbook paper. The lace came from a set of napkins and placemats I found in a thrift store, and the other fabrics in the room are leftovers from various projects over the last few years. The chair at the sewing desk is foam core, and so is the cushion on the pink chair. 

The living rooms will be up next! Stay tuned!