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decisions, decisions

Sera + female inquisitor friendship ficlet, set after first dragon kill, 793 words

The inquisitor walked slowly away from Sera’s room, trying to tune out one of Maryden’s more creepy songs as she went. The war table beckoned with a thousand responsibilities, but she couldn’t quite shake her reluctance to return to it, even though Cullen’s patrol from the Frostbacks ought to be back soon. Maybe because it would be back soon.

Oh, Grey Warden, what have you done?

She blanched. Were they paying Maryden? If they were paying her, could they adjust her setlist at least? This was the last thing they needed—

“Hey!” Sera called from behind. The inquisitor turned. “Your Heraldiness. Forgot to ask you something.”

“What is it?” the inquisitor asked, trying not to sound too grateful for the delay. She leaned on the banister, and Sera took it for the invitation it was, leaning next to her.

“That big skull we lugged all the way back to camp. What are we doing with it?”

“The dragon skull?”

“No, the other one. Yes of course the dragon skull! What’s the plan for it? There must be one, right? Or do we get to keep it?”

It was still in the vault, but it would be shipping out soon. “Ah—Josephine wants it. Thinks she can inspire the Orlesian nobles to part with more of their coin if she puts it out at a party.”

Sera looked disappointed. Disappointed and thoughtful, and if the inquisitor didn’t say anything more this would be the end of the conversation. Sera would take her leave and maybe plan some havoc and the inquisitor would be back at the main keep mired in hard decisions for the day.

“Why?” the inquisitor asked, putting off the inevitable.

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Dragon Age: Origins + locations
∟ Brecilian Forest

The Brecilian Forest is a large forest in south-eastern Ferelden.
According to Sarel, the Dalish storyteller, there have been many wars and battles in the Brecilian Forest, many of which were between the elves and Tevinter mages. 
Its sinister air, and possessed flora, have led to many (and somewhat true) rumors and stories behind the ancient woods.