my graphic:chuck

someday ..

I’m gonna meet my CHUCK.

the ever so loving Chuck Bartowski. A geek that loves to play with his video games and I know, he will stop playing when I call him.


My Chuck who is the best best friend of his best friend.

my chuck who will ask me for a real date.

 the man who will hug me when i needed to be hugged

and when it’s Christmas, we’ll stand under a mistletoe. not kissing each other but asking me, “do you want to dance?”

then if i’ll have another guy due to some issues, [which i know i won’t] who’ll be in danger. he’ll save him. then i’ll ask why is he doing this. he’ll simply say, “cause i know how much you care about him” then kiss me before he leaves and say he loves me. cause it feels fucking great to say it.

then when the guy i am talking about earlier went insane and tries to kill me, though he’s not good with the guns, he’ll save me. he’ll bring me in a room. talk about everything then i’ll just say, “shut up and kiss me”

then he’ll propose to me in the balcony. though he slipped the ring and i put it back in his pocket which he isn’t even aware i did.

then we will wake up in one bed, looking at each other. and you know what would be next.

lastly, i would marry him. i want to be with him whether he has the intersect or not in his head. 



LOVE! :)

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30 day SUPERNATURAL challenge

Day 14 - A scene that makes you happy
Is there a difference between happy scene and funny scene? Well, probably yes. So…
The first scenes with Chuck Shurley
Alright, why I choose Chuck? Just look at him, he was just a normal guy who had a great vision of being a writer and when the idea came, he wrote it. The idea of two brothers hunters who live an incredible life. But then everything twisted and he realized that all of the horror, monsters and celestial beings exist and he lives in the world he invented in his books. That’s why I like the scenes before Sam and Dean visited him, he was quite happy and easy-going.

Scenes including Bobby Singer talking about family or hugging Sam or Dean
Seriously, who wouldn’t be happy? Bobby is like a father to Winchester boys and well, they accept him as a dad. And I just have to smile when I see them together (bonus points if Bobby says a cool quote). 
Remember when a reaper came for Bobby and he went through his memories? What was the last? Oh right, Dean and Sam. And I am so damn happy to know it.

 I’d like to say that Sam and Dean Winchester are heroes because they were raised by Bobby. 
But for me, Bobby Singer is the biggest hero in the whole show.

  • Kyla: I still love you. And I'm still pregnant. And you're still the father.
  • Kimmie: Even though we just broke up.
  • Kyla: There are no breakups on the Bones. Or, the Bone.
  • Kimmie: Yeah, there is no S.
  • Kyla: The Bone. Kathy Reichs comes in and saves the day.
  • Kimmie: There's no erectile dysfunction.
  • Kyla: But depending on the state of Brennan's iguana there might be reptile dysfunction.
  • Kimmie: With ribbons!