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“i want that you know the history of Cain and Abel, they was brothers… And one day Cain kill Abel , he pull out Abel heart… Oh but little boy you have to be careful or will you become Abel” 

Double Trouble

The Barebone twins.

Always up to something.

That’s what most people at Ilvermorny High said, most of the staff at least. Percival had been immune to gossip for much of his career, and that school wasn’t going to be the one to break him.

But it was certainly a bit of a shock when the two of them walked into his classroom, and took seats right beside each other, barely looking away until the bell rang, and they both gave him their proper attention.

Percival didn’t often stumble over his words, but he somehow managed to mangle his own name in the greeting announcement, as he caught one of the dark haired boy’s smirking at him.

To say the next four years would be torture was an understatement.

He did learn that although the twins might look completely identical, they couldn’t have been more different, even around each other.

Kevin, the older one by just a hair, was outspoken and brash, always had a clever thing to say, even if it wasn’t entirely appropriate, and tended to average a high C.

Credence, the younger one, was so quiet that Percival tended to call on him just to see what would happen, and hardly ever looked up from his desk, except to watch his brother when he was the one speaking. He always got perfect A’s.

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