my graphic: the pacific


[ songs that generally remind me of autumn & the pnw ]

out of the woods, taylor swift // chocolate, the 1975 // when it rains, paramore // never be what you want (acoustic), we are the in crowd // bring the rain, finish ticket // hazy, rosi golan // little do you know, alex & sierra // crosses, josé gonzáles // santa monica dream, angus and julia stone // fine on the outside, priscilla ahn // amsterdam, gregory alan isakov // settle down, the 1975 // blank space/style, louisa wendorff & devin dawson // fake it, bastille // mirror lake, angus macrae // wish that you were here, florence + the machine


Supernatural 06x19 // 08x05 // 11x04

Dean trying to name monsters, and the lukewarm reception he gets for all his trouble.

(Rowena isn’t the only one who sucks at naming things.)

(I’m just kidding, Dean, I love your monster names!)


Borderlands+Pacific Rim

We’ve tried going after the vault before, it never works. What’s changed?

This AU is so much fun. I don’t even know where to begin, so have this hot mess I made before I start rambling too much. 

Lots of photoshop and me spamming shazzaofdoom’s inbox ;v;/