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“ For a long time now, I’ve had shackles in my heart…And now those shackles and the ones on my legs are broken…It’s the first time I’ve felt like there’s a reason for me to be alive. I’m thankful…That I met you…And your friend, that little boy.”
                                                                                                  ——- Morgiana to Alibaba. Night 17


laurent, prince of vere ─ “ When laced into his clothing, Laurent’s dangerous grace lent him an almost androgynous quality. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that it was rare to associate Laurent with a physical body at all: you were always dealing with a  m i n d. ”


fresh little unpleasantness has arisen. but i’ve spoken to your superiors & now we’re all such good friends, they’ve kindly agreed to let me keep the team together. ` ❫

Do you ever just think about what a massive impact you’ve had on the world? Think of everything that wouldn’t be in the world if it weren’t for you. Your childhood drawings that are still probably still kept hidden in your parents bedside drawer, the beaded bracelets you used to make at Brownies, the countless Christmas decorations and crafts you used to make in school. 
Think of all the words you’ve put down; the hundreds of thousands of words you’ve spilled your imagination out in, all the school essays and revision notes and lists. All the notes you’ve scribbled to your friends in class, every thank you letter and birthday card you’ve ever written, signed with your very own unique signature. Think of all the hundreds of thousands smiles and laughs you’ve produced in your life. If it hadn’t been for you, the world would be down at least one thousand smiles. All the doodles that have found their way into the recycling bin, all the post-it notes with scribbled messages to your loved ones, all the chalk drawings on the garden path you drew as a child. The meals you’ve cooked, the recipes you just made up as you went along, the cupcakes you baked for all the bake sales.
So the next time you feel insignificant, think of it like this- you’ve filled up the world with traces and pieces of yourself hidden in every corner. How can you be insignificant when so much is here just because of you?


“Was Andrew really under the bee’s spell when he said Akko was bewitching in episode 10? It’s up to you to decide that, it’s a lot more fun that way - LWA_jp